Goats and Bugs

by Nick Brady

Chapter 18

Now that school was out for the summer, George and Bobby had time to work on the new goat house. George looked on the internet and found plans that were better than the one Mr. Snyder gave them. It was simple, but could easily be expanded if they needed more room. They made support posts out of some old fence posts, enclosed three sides, and left the front open for ventilation. Used wood pallets were laid down for a floor, and they broke up several bales of hay to spread over them. For a roof, they used some rusty sheets of corrugated iron. It was not a thing of beauty but would shelter several dozen goats, and made use of some existing materials.

They drove steel fence posts and hung wire fencing to enclose a large enough area in the barnyard to allow the goats to run free. They could forage for whatever they could find without wandering off and getting into trouble. Pepper sniffed around as they worked and seemed to approve of the project. She would soon have many more goats to protect.

By the middle of June, the habitat for the goats was ready, and Ely began to negotiate with Mr. Snyder for additions to the flock. Until that time, the boys had the luxury of some free time. They spent part of that time exploring the internet after supper and before bedtime.

Google was amazing. You could ask any question, and the answer was out there somewhere. George was more familiar with some of the darker corners of the web and pulled up a site that contained a wide selection of adult videos for every taste and perversion.

When he pulled up some gay porn, Bobby was taken aback. "That's rude!" he exclaimed as a buff pair of young men displayed a variety of positions for anal sex.

"I think it's hot," George disagreed. "I used to get off to this stuff all the time. That was before I met you, of course." Bobby seemed not to be interested, and little was made of it, although the images remained in his mind.

They filled their time with the usual chores and tried to clean up the barn and yard to prepare for the arrival of the new livestock. After some rain, it turned warm and dry. Summer was finally here.

"It's getting hot again," George observed as they finished the morning chores.

"Yep. I guess we could go swimming," Bobby said.

"The water in the pond will still be cold," George warned.

"The pond is shallow enough that it won't be bad," Bobby said. "Let's grab a towel, and check it out."

That was all the encouragement required. They soon were at the pond and stood on the flat rock to look down at the water.

"I'm going in," Bobby declared and started to strip.

George waited until Bobby was naked, then took off his own clothing. As was their custom, the bathing suit was the one they were born with.

Both boys had grown since the last summer. Bobby was a little taller but even more muscular. His white skin was stretched tight over the well-defined chest and shoulders. There were freckles across his shoulders which would spread and darken as the summer progressed. The red hair under his arms was thicker, and his uncut cock looked longer. His curly hair was orange as it was lit up in the sunlight. The cheeks of his ass were tight as he squatted down to test the temperature of the waster with his hand. From the rear, his balls dangled between his legs in a delicious way. It was a nice view, and George could feel himself begin to rise. He waited until Bobby jumped into the water with a mighty splash. He never tired of seeing Bobby naked.

George had also grown since they first met. He was still taller than his red-headed friend, and his lean frame was now more muscular, his chest deeper, his shoulders rounder, and with the beginnings of a six-pack of his own. The wispy hair under his arms had grown out and his thick black pubic bush now extended over his balls. Farm life was agreeing with him.

Bobby turned in the water to look back at his friend and brother. "Come on, George. It's not that bad," he shouted.

George stood on the edge of the stone and jumped high, oblivious of his cock at half-mast. By now they had no secrets from each other, and no trace of false modesty. He hit the water and swam next to Bobby. "Whoa! It's cold enough!"

"We'll get used to it," Bobby laughed and made a grab for George's dick.

George jerked back, and a wrestling match began. They struggled for advantage in a joyous game of grab-ass which ended when they held each other together tightly, their bare bellies pressed together and their erections, mashed between them. George looked at Bobby from close range then impulsively kissed him on the mouth. Bobby did not resist.

George moved away just far enough so he could test Bobby's cock with his hand. He grinned then ducked down under the water and took the length of it in his mouth. The contrast between the cold water and George's warm mouth caused Bobby to inhale sharply. When George came up for air, Bobby laughed and kissed him again.

"I like playing with you," Bobby admitted.

"I love you," George said quietly.

Bobby smiled. "I know," he said and hugged George, but did not say more. Like his father, Bobby was not inclined to express affection with words. He pushed his face into the crook of George's neck and nuzzled him by way of response.

They paddled around in the water for a few more minutes then began to feel chilled. "I'm getting out," Bobby said, and George followed. They shared the towel to dry themselves off, then stretched out on the rock to warm themselves in the sun. Their dicks stood above them, and George took Bobby's in his hand and idly began to play with his foreskin and tease the red hair around his cock.

"I think you're beautiful," George said quietly.

Bobby turned to his side and ran his hand over George's chest, stomach and around his cock, lifted his balls and tugged at the dark hair that grew from them. "You look pretty good yourself," Bobby said.

George raised his head and pulled Bobby's arm under it to serve as a pillow. The lay relaxed for several minutes, feeling the early summer sun on their bare skin. "Does Dad know we play like this?" George wondered.

"I don't know. Probably," Bobby replied. "Dad's no dummy."

"Has he ever said anything about it?"

"Not to me. I guess he figures that's our business."

"Mom caught me jerking off one time and told me it was nasty," George admitted. "Did Ely ever do that?"

"Nope. He came in my bedroom one time when I was stroking myself. He just stepped out, closed the door and never said anything," Bobby said. "I don't think he's ever shamed me for anything."

"You're lucky," George said. "I guess now I'm lucky too."

"You like it here, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah. I don't ever want to leave."

"What would you do if your mother said you had to come up to Kansas with her?" Bobby asked. "I guess you'd have to go."

"I don't know what I'd do. I don't think I'd go" George reflected.

"Make good grades and stay out of trouble," Bobby suggested.

"I don't plan to give her a reason for calling me back."

"I'd miss you," Bobby admitted.

"I would more than miss you," George said. "It'd be like I died."

"Don't talk about dying," Bobby said softly.

"I'm not saying I'd kill myself or anything. I just don't think I'd go. This is where I belong."

"She's having a good time up there with Ron," Bobby chuckled. "She's probably glad to be rid of you."

"You might be right. I don't think she enjoyed being a single mother."

"Ely would hate to see you go," Bobby said.

"Would he really? I still can't believe he loves me. I mean he likes me OK, but he doesn't love me like a son or anything."

"I don't know. He likes you a lot. You can never be real sure what Dad is thinking, but I think he loves you. He said he did, and that's a lot for him."

"I'm still trying to get used to having a father and a brother," George admitted. "This's all new to me, and I keep thinking it won't last. Maybe I'll do something that pisses off your father, and he'll lose interest in me."

"It doesn't work that way, at least not with Dad. If he's your father, he's in this for the long haul. I know I screw up and disappoint him sometimes, but he's never yelled at me or anything like that. If I know anything for sure, it's that my Dad will never give up on me. He'll never stop loving me whether he says it out loud or not. If he says he'll be a father to you, then he will. That's the way he is," Bobby turned and looked at George. "Dad's right about one thing. You need to have more confidence in yourself. You're OK, George. You're a good guy. Relax about that."

George lay back and sighed, but didn't say anything. He wanted what Bobby said to be true.

Bobby turned on his side and lay the palm of his hand on George's stomach. "Here I was thinking we were going to play around a little, and you go and get all serious on me."

George looked up at his smiling face. "I'm sorry."

Bobby just smiled and continued to rub George's belly, which produced the desired effect. George relaxed, and his penis responded by standing at attention.

George sighed. "Maybe I worry too much."

Bobby's hand went south to fondle the erect cock. When George looked down at his friend, he could see there was now a pair of cocks standing in the warm sunlight. George took his friend in hand and pulled at the long foreskin.

"You like playing with that thing, don't you?" Bobby observed.

"I do. I think everything about you is beautiful," George whispered and leaned forward to stick his tongue inside the tube of flesh and licked at the head inside.

"Hmm. That's nice," Bobby said. "I can't do that for myself."

George looked up at him with a surprised expression. "Have you tried?"

"Well, sure. Haven't you? I'm guessing every boy has tried to suck himself."

George laughed. "I can get the head in my mouth, but it's really uncomfortable."

Bobby looked interested. "Let me see you try."

George sat up. Put his hands under his thighs and bent over. After several attempts. He first licked at the head, then briefly took the head of his cock in his mouth. After a few seconds, he straightened up with a grunt. "I can't breathe when I do that."

Bobby laughed loudly. "That's better than I can do."

George leaned back. "It works better if you do it."

"Yeah? I guess I could help you with that," Bobby smiled, stretched out on his belly to give him good access, then sucked George into his mouth.

George ran his fingers through Bobby's orange hair and pulled him in closer. "I like that. You do it better."

Thus encouraged, Bobby took George's penis down his throat, stuck his nose in George's pubic hair, and swallowed. George gasped and threw his head back. "Oh! That feels good!"

"Umm?" Bobby mumbled and continued to ease George's dick in and out of his mouth.

George began to shudder. "Stop, or I'll shoot," he said suddenly.

"I don't care," Bobby admitted.

"I want to do something else," George said, pushed Bobby over on his back and encouraged him to lift his knees to provide access to his ass. From that position, George proceeded to lick and suck at Bobby's hole, causing him to groan. Now that the area was slick with slobber, George rubbed it with the head of his dick.

"Easy, now," Bobby murmured.

"You'd like it if you tried it," George assured him.

"I don't know about that."

"You'll never know until you try," George began to push, and Bobby didn't stop him.

The rubbing felt nice, but when George began to push harder, Bobby tightened up.

"Relax," George instructed. "Push out like you're taking a crap. It'll feel good once I'm in there."

Bobby did as he was asked and then flinched when the head popped inside him. "Ouch! Easy with that."

George stopped and held his position. "Just relax. I'll stop if it hurts you."

Bobby took a deep breath and tried to comply, but wasn't convinced that he was going to enjoy this as much as George did. "OK, but go slow."

George leaned over and dropped a gob of spit on his partly inserted cock then pushed again. He began to slide inside. "The head is the big part. It's easy from now on."

Bobby opened his eyes wide and inhaled as George went deeper. "I don't know about this."

Determined both to acquaint Bobby with the joys of anal sex and to satisfy his own curiosity, George gently pushed a little deeper, pulling out a fraction then going again until he was in as far as he could go. When he hit bottom, he stopped. "You OK?"

"It's not as bad as I expected, but it still hurts," Bobby complained.

Now deep inside, George began to ease himself in and out as gently as he could. This was George's first time on the giving end of this sort of thing, and he decided that he liked it. At the same time, he didn't want to hurt his friend and was trying to be as careful as possible. When Bobby tensed up, he held his position and whispered into his ear, "Relax. Just relax."

Bobby was not convinced that he was going to enjoy being on the receiving end of anal sex but felt that he at least should try it, as much out of a sense of fairness as anything. "OK, but go slow."

George started to move again, going in and out very slowly as he nuzzled Bobby's neck and breathed hot air over his chest. George definitely liked this. The feeling was intense, and he quickly felt his spunk begin to rise.

"I'm gonna cum," he gasped, and almost immediately let lose a flood of semen which coated Bobby's prostate.

George went rigid, Bobby squeezed tight, and threw his head back from the intensity of the sensation. It was over in a moment. They both lay still to catch their breath.

When George felt himself start to go limp, he slowly withdrew, letting a dribble of cum run down on the rock. "I can see why you like that. How are you?"

"OK, I guess. It felt kind of good right there at the end, but I can't say I liked it," Bobby said. "I think I like it better the other way."

"I guess I like it either way," George admitted. "But at least you tried it. I know you weren't crazy about that, but I appreciate you letting me finish. That was my first time, you know?"

Bobby sighed and smiled. "We've done a lot of things for the first time."

George looked down to see that Bobby had gone soft. "I need to take care of you," he said, and took Bobby's soft cock in his mouth, working the lose foreskin back and forth as he moved up and down. It got hard rather quickly.

Bobby spread his legs wide. "I like that a lot," he smiled.

George pulled at Bobby's balls with one hand and squeezed his nipples with the other. Bobby closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride. After several minutes he arched his back and unloaded in George's mouth with a grunt.

Bobby opened his eyes and smiled. "You do good work."

George returned the smile then leaned down and kissed Bobby very gently. "You know I love you, don't you?"

"Yeah. I know," Bobby sighed. "I love you too."

George was touched by the rare admission and wrapped his arms around Bobby. Here was his friend, his lover, and now his brother. They lay still like that for a time, surrounded by the scent of pines, and warmed by the sun.

"We need to get back," Bobby said, breaking the spell. "There's always stuff we need to do."

They retrieved their clothes from the pile where they tossed them and started towards the house. Each somewhat lost in their own thoughts. George was filled with gratitude for the new situation he found himself in. Bobby was reflecting on a new understanding of his sexual orientation. He had never considered that he might be gay, but now he had to acknowledge the possibility. With that understanding, he realized that what he said about his father's attitude applied equally to his own. He had to accept himself as he was. He found himself struggling with the idea.

Now that school was out, Bobby had time to consider the repertoire of dishes he cooked for the family. He began to go through the old cookbook that had belonged to his mother. He wondered what recipes might be his father's favorites. He guessed at what they might be by selecting the ones which were thumb-worn and most spattered by stains.

He provided Ely with lists of ingredients to bring home from town. New things began to appear on the menu: Lasagna, pork roast, and his father's beloved meatloaf. They generally turned out well, although the diners were charitable. His greatest success was a peach cobbler made from canned peaches with a double crust; crisp and flaky on top, and chewy on the bottom.

"This cobbler is fine!" Ely enthused. "Your mother used to make this for me."

Bobby smiled proudly.

New devices for milking the goats and a separate refrigerated tank were obtained from the distributor and installed. This done, Ely arranged for 32 fresh does to be delivered, and activity picked up considerably.

They elected to milk the cows first, as this procedure was more familiar to them. Next came the goats. This procedure was not familiar, either for the boys or the goats, and the process of corralling them into the stalls and hooking the milkers to them was somewhat chaotic. For one thing, Pepper was a bit too helpful which resulted in goats being scattered around the barn. Pepper was restrained, and things went smoother.

The technique of hooking the modified milkers to the goat while getting it to hold still long enough to be milked was a process of trial and error. By the time the last one was finished, they had derived the beginnings of a workable system. It took longer to milk the goats than to milk the cows, but that should go better with practice.

The chickens were another matter. The boxes had been relocated, and the hens were satisfied with them, but the process of gathering eggs by hand was time-consuming. If they were to expand their egg business, a better system was needed. With the increased number of cows and goats, the egg project was temporarily put on hold.

That night after supper, Bobby and George sat down to explore the possibilities for semi-automating the egg business. What they found looked promising. There was a device that consisted of a metal box with a trap at the bottom. The box enclosed several laying areas, and when a lever was pulled, the eggs from those areas were gently rolled out into a tray at the front where they could be easily picked up and carried away. The boxes could be stacked two high. Since the chickens could easily launch themselves high enough to access both levels, it would allow more hens to be accommodated in a given area. The old boxes would have to be removed, but the framing could be re-used, and the lumber from the old boxes re-purposed.

"With these, we can have a hundred or more laying hens where we only had thirty before," Bobby said.

"And we won't get pecked trying to get under the hens," George added. "Are these things expensive?"

"Yeah, they are," Bobby frowned. "They might pay for themselves over time, but we'd have to put out quite a bit of money up front."

"I bet we could make something ourselves if we knew how," George said. "I can't tell from the catalog photo just how these things work. Let's look around some more." A few clicks later he thought he had found something. "Look here."

George had found detailed plans for a system of boxes that they could make themselves. Bobby looked over George's shoulder as he scrolled through a series of photographs showing how the system worked.

George explained the system as he understood it. "The frame is a like a set of big cubbyholes made out of plywood. Then a sloped floor is laid in each one and covered with a cushioning material, like carpeting or AstroTurf. This lets the eggs roll down the ramp and into a padded holding area. This shows the baffles that keep the hens near the back of the thing and out of the way of the eggs. They enter on the other side, see?"

Bobby was not sure he understood how it worked until George went over it again. "I see now. Yeah, that would work. How many of these things would we need?"

George read a little more. "There is a discussion about that. I guess the hens take turns using the boxes. It says you only need one box for every ten chickens. Would that be right?"

"Yeah, pretty close. We have thirty hens using six boxes. They could get by with fewer. They do take turns. If a hen wants to camp out in the box, another will push her out so she can get in to lay. Ten to one might work."

"So if you want to have a hundred laying hens, ten boxes would be enough?" George asked.

"I think we could build ten of these. One of the sketches shows an eight box setup; four across and two high. Why not five across and two high? They're kind of deep to have room for the hen at the back, and the ramp and holding tray at the front. We need to figure out how much plywood we'll need. Or, we might rig something cheaper with the used lumber we already have," Bobby was thinking out loud. "What do you think?" he asked George.

George thought a minute before answering. "I think we should do it right the first time. If we slap something together to save a few dollars, we might figure out we did it wrong. If we follow this plan, we'll be pretty sure the finished product will work. Besides, you want it to last. This thing looks sturdy. The big expense will be the plywood. I'd use AstroTurf for the ramp because it won't rot. You'll want to hose it out every week or so to keep it clean. Want me to figure out what we need and ask Dad about it?"

"Yeah. Let's do that," Bobby smiled. George was good at this sort of thing.

George sketched out some diagrams, translated the dimensions into four by eight-foot sheets of plywood, screws, bracing and a length of AstroTurf. He looked up prices from the website of a building supply outfit and tallied up an estimated cost of materials. The labor would be supplied by boy power.

They discussed their plan, thought of a few more things, then went into the living room to talk to Ely. They took turns pitching the project, explaining the cost and describing how they would go about building the contraption.

Ely listened patiently, asked a few questions and then smiled. "I always knew you boys were a good team. Whenever you're ready, we'll go into town and get what you need. Looks like you boys have a new project."

"All we'll need are a bunch of new chickens," Bobby said. "That's up to you, Dad."

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