Goats and Bugs

by Nick Brady

Chapter 10

The next day, George got his old bicycle out of the storage shed assigned to the apartment and looked it over. It was dirty and a little rusty, but otherwise still in working order. He aired up the tires and squirted oil on the crank and sprocket, then wiped it clean with an old rag. Taking it out of the shed, he rode it around the parking lot several times. He seldom rode it anymore, but now had a purpose for it. After a few adjustments, it was serviceable.

Phyllis came home from work at the usual time and fixed supper for them. She was not particularly chatty, but pleasant enough, and acted as if nothing was unusual. George was careful not to say anything that would upset her. At what appeared to be an opportune moment, he mentioned Bobby's goats and Pepper's adventure with the coyotes. She nodded as if she did not recall being told the story before.

"I would really like to see how the little goats are doing and check on Pepper. I can look for some more insects while I am out there. Would it be alright if I went home with him again this weekend?" George asked as politely as he knew how.

"Again? For the third weekend in a row?" Phyllis frowned.

"Bobby has a lot of chores to do, and it makes things go faster if I help him. I feed the goats and gather up the eggs while he milks the cows. Besides, it's nice for Bobby, because there aren't any other kids near him and he gets lonely. His father said I could come out anytime. Please, Mom?" George pled his case.

"You and Bobby are getting to be quite the pair," Phyllis said suspiciously.

"Bobby is the best friend I ever had. He's really a neat guy. If you knew him better you would like him," George tried to explain. "Besides, with me out of the house, you can have more free time for yourself."

"I see. So you're just being considerate? Is that it?"

George looked his mother in the eye. "I'm just saying that it might be nice for both of us. That's all."

Phyllis looked thoughtful. "I don't know, maybe. Ask me again in the morning."

George wanted very much to ask about a cell phone, so he wouldn't have to call Bobby on the wall phone in the kitchen, but decided not to push his luck. He had looked up Herb's address in the phone book and decided it was reachable on a bicycle so had a plan for the next week. The discussion of a phone could wait.

After supper, he knocked out his homework and put the mounting board on his desk and looked in the pickle jar full of dead bugs. He took out a grasshopper, a large beetle, and a butterfly and thought he would try mounting them. Looking in the book that Herb had given him, he looked at some pictures and did his best. When he finished, the board was covered with pins, but the specimens looked promising. It was a start. He put the rest of the bugs in a Tupperware container to save for another time, and to free up the pickle jar for whatever the weekend might produce.

George took a shower and got into bed, hopeful that the morning would bring his mother's permission for another visit to Bobby's farm. He thought about Bobby and felt himself rise a bit. He took himself in hand and was trying to imagine that it was Bobby's hand that stroked him when he heard his mother's voice through the bedroom wall. She was talking on her cell phone to someone. He couldn't make out what was said, but the conversation was punctuated with laughter and had a tone of enthusiasm. He was hopeful that she was making plans for a weekend of freedom.

In the morning Phyllis was cheerful and had made pancakes for breakfast. This was a good sign. After complimenting her on the cakes, George asked hopefully, "Have you thought about this weekend? My going out to see Bobby I mean?"

"I've thought about it, George. I'm afraid you'll make a pest of yourself to Bobby's father."

"Ely, that is, Bobby's dad, is really a nice man. He told us both that we made a good team and I could come out anytime I could. Every weekend is what he said. I really think he likes it when I'm there. Honestly, Mom, he doesn't mind at all."

Phyllis smiled slightly. "I suppose it might be alright, but surely not every weekend. I do have a few things I would like to do tomorrow. You may go, but if there is any problem, it will be the last time."

"Thanks, Mom. There won't be any problem, I promise. Thank you, thank you!" George was excited.

"You really like this boy, don't you?" She raised her eyebrows.

George realized that he might appear a little too enthusiastic. "I do, Mom. They are very nice people."

"I know how you are, George. See that you behave yourself," Phyllis said cooly.

George already had his bag packed with extra clothes, Ely's box contained his mounting board and the pickle jar for any new discoveries. He was ready.

He waited in front of the school to look for Bobby's bus when it pulled in. "I can come!" he told Bobby when he stepped off the bus.

"I knew you could," Bobby grinned. "We'll have fun this weekend."

"How is Pepper?" George asked as they walked into the school.

"She's doing good. Her cuts are healing up, and she's back to her old self."

"I can't wait to see Bonnie and Clyde."

"They've been asking about you," Bobby winked at him.

They parted at the lockers where George stashed his gear. "See you in English class," he said.

English came and went, and then was lunch. When they found a table, Bobby asked, "How's your mom? Did she give you any static about coming out?"

"Not as much as I expected. Mom said she had plans for Saturday, so it was OK. I think she sort of liked the idea that I would be out of her hair."

"That's what I figured," Bobby nodded his head. "Was there any discussion about her gentleman friend?"

"No, and I sure wasn't going to bring it up. But she was sort of suspicious about us."

"Why is that?"

"Because I talk about you so much, I guess," George said.

"Maybe you shouldn't talk about me," Bobby suggested. "Why should she be suspicious?"

"It's probably not lost on her that I never talk about girls."

Bobby nodded without comment.

"I've got my bug stuff in my locker," George said. "I think I should leave the net at your place if that's OK. It's a pain to carry that around."

"Don't you want to have it during the week?"

"I still have the one I made out of a broomstick. It will do if I need something at home. There are more bugs at your place."

"OK then. See you on the bus," Bobby tossed his trash and went to his next class. As George followed him out of the caféteria, he noticed some older boys looking at them and pointing.

George met Bobby at the bus line, carrying his box and butterfly net. They settled into one of the seats. The older boys from the caféteria were watching as they boarded the bus. George pointed at them and asked Bobby, "Do you know those guys?"

"Not really. They're a couple of thugs, I think, Why?"

"They were sort of looking at us in the caféteria at lunch," George said. "Not in a nice way." Bobby just shrugged.

Pepper was waiting for them when they got off the bus at Bobby's farm and led them down the road to the house. "Hi, Pepper. How are you doing girl?" George asked as she greeted them. "She looks like her old self, except for the marks on her neck."

"She's fine. The fur will grow back on those cuts, and she'll be good as new," Bobby predicted.

It was nice to be on the farm again. As they approached the barn, George could smell hay and the sweet smell of cow manure. Looking down over the pasture, he could see the pond with its stand of tall pines where the tree house looked out over the valley. It felt more like home to him than his apartment in town.

Ely was in the kitchen and looked up as they entered, "Hello, George. Here's the weekend hand. Nice to see you."

"I'm glad to see you too," George replied." Thank you for letting me come out again."

"We're glad to have you. It's nice to have a little extra help," Ely smiled.

"Let me get the chores out of the way, and I'll see about supper," Bobby told him.

When they got to the barn, Pepper greeted them again, and the cats assembled for their squirt of milk. It was a pleasant routine. The goats bounced up and down waiting for their treat. George could swear that they had grown since the last weekend. He fed them and gathered the eggs while Bobby and Pepper ran the cows through the milking stall. While George waited for the milking to be done, he stuck his hand through the wire around the goat pen and let them nibble on his fingers.

When they returned to the house and put things away, Bobby looked in the refrigerator and examined its contents to see what was edible. In addition to the last rooster was a pound of ground beef. He took it out and tossed it in a frying pan to crumble and brown. There was a package of mac and cheese in the cabinet, and he started a pot of water for that. "Do the salad," he instructed George and opened a can of peas. When the macaroni was tender, he drained it, added the ground beef, powdered cheese, and the can of peas and dubbed it dinner. "It'll taste better than it looks," he promised.

Ely came up from the tractor and stepped into the kitchen. "Smells good in here. What's for dinner?"

"You're easy to please, Dad," Bobby laughed.

They sat down to eat their humble supper. Ely said to George, "It's very nice to have you with us, George. How are things with you?"

"I'm fine. I appreciate your hospitality. My mother is afraid I will be a pest."

"Oh, no," Ely assured him. "I look forward to your being with us, and I know that Bobby likes to have you here. You're a good hand and a friend to us both. You certainly are not a pest."

"Thank you, sir," George smiled. "I'll pass that along to my mother."

Mothers are always protective of their children," Ely said. "I'm sure she has your best interests at heart."

Bobby and George exchanged glances. "It's nice to see Pepper looking better," George changed the subject.

"That dog is a good hand too," Ely said. "That was quite an adventure we had last weekend."

"If George weren't here to help me, those coyotes would still be on the prowl," Bobby reminded his father. "He made that possible."

"Yes, yes. You are earning your keep," Ely smiled.

George and Bobby did the supper cleanup and let Ely go to his comfortable chair in the living room. "We need to get ready for bed," Bobby said, "Goodnight Dad."

George tossed his bag on the floor and sat down on the bed next to Bobby. "Your father is sure a nice man," George said.

"He's OK," Bobby agreed. "He likes you, you know."

"He seems to. I'm not sure why, though. I'm not like you."

"He likes you because you are a good guy. Why do you always sell yourself short?"

George shrugged. "I wish my mother saw me that way."

"Not that it's any of my business, but what's going on with your mom?"

"I don't know. A couple of things, maybe. She is seeing this guy. I think I know who he is but I don't know his name. She doesn't want to talk about it which makes me think she doesn't want me to know about him."

"I think you're right about that. What else is bothering you?" Bobby asked. "You said a couple of things."

George sighed, "I think maybe she is wondering about us."

"What do you mean?"

"It's kind of hard to talk about. One time William spent the night with me, and Mom caught us doing stuff in my bed."

"What kind of stuff?"

"We were sitting on the bed with our pants down kind of checking each other out."

"That's not a big deal," Bobby said. "Isn't that sort of like normal curiosity?"

"Maybe. But I was probably more curious than I should have been. Anyway, she really freaked out and called me a little fag."

"So she figures we are doing stuff."

"I guess so," George hung his head.

"Well, she's right, but I don't see that it's any of her business," Bobby said stiffly.

George hesitated. "Does Ely know? I mean does he know we mess around?"

Bobby shrugged, "I don't know what my father knows. But if he does, he figures it's my business."

"He doesn't think he needs to protect you? From somebody like me?"

"You didn't talk me into doing anything I didn't want to do. Don't worry about that. Besides, I know my father loves me. He doesn't put any conditions on that."

George let that sink in. "So if it turns out that you like guys instead of girls he would be OK with that?"

Bobby nodded slowly. "It probably wouldn't be his first choice for me, but if that's the way I was, I think he would accept it."

"Is that the way you are?" George said slowly.

Bobby glanced away. "I don't know, George. I never thought much about it until you came along. Now I'm not sure how to answer that."

"Are you sorry I came along?"

"No. Not sorry at all," Bobby looked back at George. "I like you a lot."

"I like you too. I never met anybody like you before."

"Not even William?"

"No," George frowned. "Not William. He was just, you know."

Bobby smiled gently. "I know."

Bobby placed his hand on George's face then stood and undressed. "You ready for bed?"

George smiled, took off his clothing and lay down beside his friend. Bobby pulled the covers over their naked bodies. They turned and wrapped their arms around each other and pressed their cheeks together. "Oh," George sighed. "I like you better than anybody."

Bobby pulled back for a moment and looked at George's face, then gently kissed him. They pressed their hips together and enjoyed the feeling of closeness. They did this for several minutes, and George ran his hands down Bobby's back and over his firm ass cheeks. Bobby held George tighter.

George pulled his face back for a moment and whispered, "I want to do things with you. Things we haven't done before." Bobby returned his gaze. George ran his fingers into the crack of Bobby's ass and touched his hole.

"I'm not ready for that," Bobby said abruptly. "Not yet." George removed his hand and hesitated.

Bobby took George's cock in his hand and noted that it was very hard. He pushed George over on his back and brought his face down to look at it closer. Then he licked the head, and slowly took it in his mouth.

George caught his breath and placed his hands on Bobby's face. "Oh! That's so nice," he whispered. Bobby continued to work him deeper in his throat while George arched his back and thrust himself into Bobby's throat.

"I like that so much," George said softly.

Bobby paused and replied gently, "So do I. I never thought I would, but I like it too. I like giving you pleasure." Then he continued to suck George's cock until George stiffened and warned him that he was about to cum. Bobby stopped and lay back on the bed. "What if you did? You let me do it to you."

"But you're not like me," George whispered. "You aren't gay."

Bobby smiled. "Maybe you're wrong. Maybe I am. Maybe I'd like it just like you did. I tasted you on my fingers. What's the difference?"

George did not reply.

"Would you think less of me? Would it disappoint you if I liked it as much as you do?"

George looked away. "I, no, I don't know."

"Would make me bad? Do you think you are you less than me somehow? Who are you, George?"

George pressed his face in Bobby's shoulder. "I don't know who I am."

Bobby pushed him back so that he could look him in the face. "Who am I? Am I a good person or a bad person?"

"You're the best person I know," George replied sincerely.

"I'm just like you, George. No better, no worse. I guess that means you're a good person too. I don't care what your mother says. I think you're OK."

"I wish that were true," George said sadly. "But I'm not like you."

"Of course you're not. We're different people. It would be pretty boring if we were just alike. I like you the way you are."|


"Well, you do have one bad habit that bugs me."

"What's that?"

"Every time we start to have some fun, you go off on this guilt trip and try to spoil it. Maybe you should just go with the flow."

"You're serious, aren't you?" George asked.

"Yes, I am. I'd just as soon we didn't have this conversation again. I don't like to see you put yourself down."

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I guess I don't like myself very much."

"Why on earth not?"

George sighed, "I think if people knew what I'm really like, they would hate me."

"Because you're gay?"

"Well, yes. Isn't that enough of a reason?"

"And who's business is it?" Bobby asked bluntly.

"I don't want anybody to know. I'm not proud of it."

"When did you decide you wanted to be gay?"

George hesitated, "I never wanted to be gay. I mean, I tried not to be, but I just am."

"Why are you that way? Have you always been that way?"

"For as long as I can remember being anything."

"Can you change the way you are?"

"I don't think so."

"Well then, Maybe you should go with it," Bobby smiled.

"You wouldn't say that if you were gay."

"I think I would."

George looked surprised. "Are you saying you're gay? I thought you never thought about that sort of thing either way."

"I never did until you came along. Now I can't wait for the weekend. I want you to be here all the time," Bobby shrugged. "Maybe you corrupted me."

"I think I've always been this way. Have you?"

"Probably," Bobby nodded. "Does that make you feel better about this?"

George broke out in a smile. "It does if you really mean it."

"Cross my heart," Bobby said. "Now where were we?"

George looked down at himself. "I'm afraid I've wilted."

"I think I can help with that," Bobby told him. "And this time, keep your mouth shut."

"Yes, sir," George replied and leaned back to give Bobby full access. Resurrection happened quickly.

"Are you enjoying this?" George asked.

"Um-hum," Bobby replied with a mouthful of cock.

It had never occurred to Bobby that sucking another boy's dick would be that enjoyable. Being the suckee, yes, but not being the sucker. George's long cock fit perfectly in his mouth and Bobby liked the feeling of being connected so intimately. He could feel the ridge of George's cockhead as it passed over his tongue. His lips and nose pushed into George's pubic bush when he took all of the cock in his mouth. One hand fondled George's balls and the other passed over his chest and stomach. It felt good to them both. Bobby was enjoying this. Who knew?

George on the other hand was ecstatic. This handsome red-headed boy he admired so much was sucking him eagerly. Somewhat freed from his nagging sense of guilt, he relaxed and enjoyed the moment. This was his greatest fantasy exceeded. He held Bobby's head in his hands, his fingers stuck into the curly red hair. He looked down to see his muscular friend swallowing his cock, squeezing his balls, rubbing his hand over his belly – it was too much.

"Oh shit! I'm cumming!" George gasped and Bobby held on, sucking him even deeper until George shot down his throat. Bobby did not stop, but put his hand over George's mouth to muffle his cry. George quickly remembered that Ely was sleeping in the next room and stifled a moan.

George looked down to see Bobby milking the last drops of sperm from his throbbing cock and laughed. This was perfect. Surely there could never be a sexual thrill like this one. George felt light-headed and his hips were raised up from the bed as he emptied himself into Bobby's mouth. A feeling like guilt flashed briefly through his mind then disappeared as Bobby's smiling eyes met his.

Bobby came off of George's cock and laughed, "How was that?"

George was momentarily speechless. Then he croaked, "That was amazing!"

"Glad you liked it," Bobby grinned.

"I shot in your mouth. Were you OK with that?"

"No mess. That's the way to do it,"

"Now it's my turn," George said.

Bobby rolled over on his back. "Be my guest."

George took Bobby's hard cock in his hand. There was no need to bring him to a full erection. The eroticism of getting George off had accomplished that already. George first played with the lose foreskin that so fascinated him, pulling the skin up over the head and pulling it back down. It was such a marvelous toy. He pulled the skin forward, put it in his mouth, then pulled down on the base, exposing Bobby's cockhead to his warm mouth by degrees.

Bobby shuddered. "Oh yeah," he sighed.

Moving up and down on Bobby's fat dick, working his tongue on the shaft, George gave the best he had and loved the feel of a dick in his mouth. This was to be something that they both enjoyed, no matter whose turn it was. Bobby wrapped his hands around the back of George's neck and encouraged him to go as deep as possible. When George's nose was pressed firmly into Bobby's orange bush he moved his face from side to side and swallowed so that Bobby felt George's throat constrict around his cock.

Bobby was already leaking pre-cum from the excitement of servicing George and his release came quickly. He shot so deep into George's throat that George scarcely tasted his cum. Pulling off a little, he massaged Bobby's cock with his lips savoring the fluid that oozed into his mouth. George liked the flavor of Bobby's juice.

When George looked up he saw Bobby's smiling face. "Good job," Bobby whispered.

They kissed, realizing that the cum they tasted was their own. A milestone had been passed. From now on, the sex play that they shared would come naturally and without hesitation. They understood each other.

Bobby was right. When they played like this, there was no mess to wipe up. They held each other in their arms and quickly fell asleep.

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