Goats and Bugs

by Nick Brady

Chapter 7

Bobby and George stripped to their underwear, picked out a clean pair and walked across the hall to the bathroom. Bobby filled the tub with warm water and dropped his shorts. He stepped into the tub and looked at George. "You coming?"

George checked to see that the door was latched, dropped his briefs and stepped into the bathtub with Bobby. They sat on the edge of the tub with their feet in the water. "How do we do this?" George asked quietly. "There's not a lot of room in there."

"I thought we might share the water. Like, you could wash my back, I could wash yours," Bobby suggested.

"Sure. That would be nice,: George agreed. He could not take his eyes off of Bobby's cock,

"What you looking at," Bobby asked with a smile.

"Oh, sorry. It's just that I guess I never saw a dick with the skin still on it."

Bobby looked down at himself. "It's always been like that. I was born like this. What happened to yours?"

George took his cock in his hand and flopped it up and down. "I was circumcised when I was a baby. I don't remember it, but most boys are like this."

Bobby nodded, "I got to keep mine. I kind of like it."

"Me too. I wish I had mine. I think it looks cool." George began to swell.

"I never thought a lot about it. You like it this way?" Bobby took his foreskin in his fingertips and stretched it out.

George shivered. "Yes, a lot." He reached over and took Bobby in his hand. "It feels soft. I mean, the skin is soft." As he tested the uncut cock in his hand, it began to grow as did his own. He pulled the skin down, exposing the pink cock head, then pulled it back up. "That's neat."

By now, both boys were erect. Bobby took George in his hand and tested the skin on it. It would not cover the head as he moved his hand up and down. George sighed at the touch. "You like that" Bobby asked.

"Oh yeah," George sighed as they began to masturbate each other.

Bobby closed his eyes. "That feels good. Your hand feels better than mine."

"Feel my balls," George asked in a whisper. Bobby took George's nuts in his hand and lifted them up, rolling them around with his fingers. Without waiting to be asked, George felt of Bobby's testicles, then ran his fingers through the bush of red hair above. "Everything about you is beautiful."

"You look good too," Bobby assured him. " I think yours is longer than mine."

"Is it? Yours is fatter," George observed.

They stroked each other for several minutes, relishing the sensation.

Suddenly, Bobby pulled back. "I'm going to make a mess if you keep that up," he said, and sat down in the water. He poured warm water over himself with the plastic bowl and took the bar of soap to lather his hair and body. He leaned over and handed the soap to George. "Wash my back, OK?"

George took the soap and dutifully rubbed it over Bobby's back and shoulders, then used his hands to spread the soap around. The muscular back felt good under his hand. He moved his hands down over Bobby's butt and washed it too. "How's that?" he asked.

Bobby straightened up then leaned back against the foot of the tub. "You could wash my front too, if you like." He was still erect, and his cock rose above the water like a pink and white periscope.

George willingly obliged, and ran his soapy hands over Bobby's chest and stomach. He did not neglect the periscope and the loose sack beneath it. It made Bobby smile. "That's nice," he said softly.

When George began to stroke him, Bobby straightened up and rinsed himself with the plastic bowl. "Your turn," he said, then stood and took a towel to dry himself. He sat on the edge of the bathtub and George took his place.

Bobby ran a little more hot water into the tub, then took the soap and lathered George's hair. He pushed George forward and soaped his shoulders, back and ass. "Like that?"

"Oh yeah," George whispered. After a minute, Bobby urged him onto his back and started to wash his chest and belly. George had not lost his erection and Bobby washed it carefully. When George began to tense up, Bobby stopped and rinsed him off.

Handing George the towel, Bobby said, "We should get to bed before it's too late. We've been in here awhile."

They put on their clean underwear and went across the hall to the bedroom. Bobby closed the door behind them, turned off the ceiling light and switched on the small lamp by the bed. "Let's get in bed," he said, dropped his briefs and slipped under the covers.

George quickly followed his lead, and moved close enough so that they were touching. "That was the best bath I can remember."

"You never got your back washed before?"

"Not like that. Um, do we have some unfinished business?"

"You fixing to make another mess?"

"What's a little mess between friends?" George asked. "Besides, I brought the towel from the bathroom."

Without answering, Bobby pushed the covers down to expose them both. The erections were still there. He held his cock at the base and waggled it back and forth. "Hi there," he said.

George wagged back at him. "Howdy," he laughed, and took Bobby in his hand, pulling the foreskin down and examining it carefully. Then he slid it back up and repeated the maneuver several times.

"Careful there. You might get your hand wet," Bobby chuckled and took George in his fist and gave it a squeeze. "Yours is definitely longer."

"Um. That feels nice. Do you jerk off a lot?"

"No. Usually not more than twice a day," Bobby assured him. "Don't want to wear it out. I never did it with anybody else, though. Have you?"

George decided to be honest. "There was this boy I knew from first to the sixth grade. We did it a few times, but that's all we did."

"You jerk each other, like we are?"

"Yeah, but we were too young to spurt. It felt kind of good but nothing came out." George admitted. "Have you? I mean, for real?"

"Nope. You're the first. I might have if I lived in town, but there isn't anybody to do it with out here. I never thought about it really. I like doing it with you though."

George turned on his side and put his other hand under Bobbys balls and bounced them around while he stroked him. "I like your red hair, and your freckles. You're sexy."

Bobby snorted, "You're the first person who ever told me that."

"Really? You're beautiful. I guess I should say handsome. You ever think about girls? I mean, you know? They would fight over you."

"Not really. I don't think about boys either,"

"What do you think about when you jerk off?

"How good it feels, mostly."

George moved his foreskin up and down over the head. "That feel good?"

"Uh huh. Does that?" Bobby stroked George with a firm grip.

"Oh yeah. Better than when I do it."

"I'm gonna make a mess if you keep that up."

"Want me to quit?"

"Didn't say that. Do it faster."

By now they were getting close to the edge and the pace grew faster. Almost at the same time they both climaxed and the sperm erupted mostly onto Bobby's stomach. Their sounds of pleasure were somewhat restrained by the knowledge that Ely was sleeping in the next room. It took a minute for them to catch their breath.

"Man! That was intense," Bobby gasped. "You do good work, George."

"So do you. I'm not sure I can move."

Bobby looked down at his stomach. "We made a mess."

"Here's the towel," George began to mop up Bobby's midsection. "It's still damp from the bath."

"It'll have to do. I'm not going anywhere," Bobby sighed.

George dropped the towel on the floor, put his head on Bobby's shoulder, and wrapped his arm around his waist. Bobby put his arm around George and they held each other in a loose embrace. When they began to doze off, Bobby pulled the covers up and turned off the lamp. They made no other sound.

Despite the activity of the night before, Bobby was up at his usual time in the morning. George opened his eyes to see his friend pulling on his clothes. "Hang on," he said. "You aren't leaving without me."

"Wouldn't think of it. You ready?"

Pepper led them out to the barn where the hens and cows were waiting. The chores complete they went back to the house to find Ely cooking eggs.

"Good morning boys. I hope you're hungry enough to eat my cooking."

"You're a fine cook Ely. I can eat your breakfast anytime," George assured him.

"What do you have for us to do today, Dad?"

"I don't have that much for you," Ely sad. "I think Mr. Snyder is bringing those goats over today. You need to build a pen and get them settled. There's a roll of wire in the shed that you can use. George needs to look for some of those insects. We have a lot of them. Why don't you and George take care of your 4-H projects today?"

"Sounds like we have our work cut out for us today," Bobby said to George. "Let's make a pen for the goats first. That needs to be ready for when they get here."

Buried under a collection of junk to valuable to throw away, was a roll of 2 x 4 inch fencing wire in the shed next to the barn. "Here's the wire and a half dozen steel fence posts. This will work," Bobby carried them into the barn.

Where are you going to put this?" George asked as he followed Bobby with the posts.

"If I put it outside I'll need to make a roof to keep out the rain. I'll find a place in the barn so they'll be inside," Bobby explained. He looked around and decided there was enough room in the corner next to the milking stalls. "This will be a good spot. If we clear the junk away, the barn will make two sides of the pen. I can bring it out about eight feet on each side and make a gate in the outside corner."

As George helped Bobby clear away the boxes and stacks of empty feed sacks, a variety of insects began to scamper from their hiding places. They scooped up as many as they were able and put them in an old gallon pickle jar. "What are all these creatures?" George wondered.

"I don't know, but you can figure that out later," Bobby laughed. "As soon as we get this raked clean we can set the fence posts."

"How will you set up the posts?"

"It's a dirt floor, George. It'll be easy."

"Oh, OK. Can I help?"

"You can hold the post while I drive it with a sledge hammer," Bobby said. "I want to place them four feet apart. You game for that?"

George thought for a moment then decided he would trust his friend. "Put them where you want and I'll hold them for you."

Bobby placed the first post where the outside corner would be, handed it to George then picked up the heavy sledge hammer and tapped the post into place. When he raised the big hammer high over the post, George stepped back.

"You aren't going to miss, are you?"

"I won't miss," Bobby assured him. "Hold it about half way down."

George closed his eyes and hoped for the best. After a series of strikes the post was secure. In a few more minutes all the posts were set. George sustained no damage.

They tied the fencing wire to the posts and Bobby fashioned a gate on the outside corner. It looked tight, hopefully goat tight. A bale of straw was broken up and scattered over the bottom, a wooden box for food and an old washtub for water made it a suitable habitat for the new arrivals.

"I'm not sure when they'll get here, but I think we're ready," Bobby said as he looked it over. As they started walking back to the house a truck drove in from the road. "We're just in time. I think that's Mr. Snyder."

A short stocky man jumped down from the pickup truck and waved at the boys. "Where do you want these critters?" he called to them.

"Hello, Mr. Snyder. I've made a pen for them in the barn," Bobby told him.

"They're pretty small. Why don't you boys carry them in so I don't have to put a on halter them," the man suggested.

In the back of the truck were a pair of brown and white baby goats with drooping ears and short twitching tails. "Oh! They are so cute!" George exclaimed. "What kind are they?"

These are Kinders,"Mr. Snyder said. They're a cross between Nubian and Pygmy goats and are good for both milk and meat. They're gentle little fellers too and easy to raise."

"I plan to raise them to show for 4-H," Bobby told him.

"They'll be perfect for that. I brought you a male and a female from different bloodlines so you can breed them if you want to," Mr. Snyder nodded in a knowing way.

"Yeah. I might do that," Bobby agreed. The boys carried the baby goats into the barn and put them into the new pen. They scurried around as if inspecting their new quarters. Bobby poured some food into the box and they sniffed it with curiosity then quickly ate it with enthusiasm

They're hungry!" George said. "I bet they grow like weeds."

I expect so," Mr. Snyder said. "They're healthy little fellows. Good luck with them."

Bobby thanked him and they shook hands. "I'll take good care of your babies."

The man walked down to the field where Ely was working and waved at his old friend. Ely stopped the tractor and they were seen to be talking and laughing.

Bobby and George stood next to the pen and observed the new goats. They polished off the feed and drank deeply from the pan of water. Bobby took an apple from his pocket, cut it in half with his pocket knife and offered it to each of them. They gobbled them up and nuzzled Bobby for more.

"Oh man! They are so cute!" George exclaimed. "Surely you are going to give them names."

"Yeah, I guess I should. What do you think we should name them?"

"I don't know. They're your goats."

"Right, but you're as excited about them as I am. What would you name them?" Bobby asked.

George watched them for a few minutes then smiled," How about Bonnie and Clyde?"

Bobby leaned his head back and laughed. "Bonnie and Clyde would be perfect. Works for me."

George was pleased by Bobby's approval. "Hi Bonnie. Hi Clyde. How do we tell them apart?"

Bobby looked them over. "Well, Bonnie has more white on her shoulders and Clyde has that little hangey down thing on his belly. Did you notice that?"

"Right. I think I call tell them apart. So, what do we do next?"

"I imagine they can take care of themselves for a little while. I'll come back and give them some more feed this afternoon."

"How much should you feed them?"George wondered.

"There is a set of guidelines in the literature I got from the County Agent. I think while they are this small you just give them as much as they want. If they start to get too fat I'll cut it back a little. They like hay too," Bobby said and threw part ofa bale of alfalfa hay in the feed box.

"Kind of like little kids, right?

"They call baby goats 'kids'. I guess there's a reason for that," Bobby chuckled.

They stood and watched their babies play for several minutes then Bobby suggested that they might look for some insects for George's collection. Reluctantly they left the goats behind and walked to the house for the then insect equipment.

They spent the next several hours scouring the area around the house and barn and found a variety of beetles and other insects. They went into the killing jar and were stashed in a plastic bag to be mounted later. They got on the tractor and started across the fields towards the pond. On the way through the pasture they found several kinds of grasshoppers, butterflies and other flying insects. George was elated.

"We can find some different things down at the pond," Bobby assured him. They parked the tractor next to the stand of pines and dismounted to circle the pond. There they found dragon flies, damsel flies and water bugs that skimmed across the surface of the pond.

"Wow! This is great. I would never find these in town," George exclaimed.

"You might, but it would take you quite awhile. Look over by the willows," Bobby suggested.

When they did, George discovered a praying mantis and a walking stick. "These things look like aliens!"

"Yeah. They're cool aren't they?" Bobby agreed. "Look at the mantis. They can grab things with their hands and swivel their heads all around. I like them."

They admired their specimens then dropped them into the jar to be sent to bug heaven. By now they were tired and sweaty and sat down on the flat rock at water's edge.

"That water looks nice, but I guess it's too cool to go swimming," George said.

"It's not that cold," Bobby suggested. "We could jump in and wash the sweat off."

"You think so?"

Bobby stood, piled his clothing on the rock and gave a mighty leap. "Dare you!"

George could not let that pass. He dropped his clothes next to Bobby's and jumped in behind him. "Hey! The water's not that cold."

Bobby came up spitting. "The water holds the temperature for a long time. It's no colder now than a week ago. Race you to the other side!"

George swam hard and caught up with Bobby when they touched the opposite bank of the pond. The feeling of the water sliding over his bare skin was delightful. Skinny dipping was the only way to go. The air was cool but the water felt nice. When they turned to head back to the rock, George reached it first. "I beat you!"

Bobby came up behind him and admitted, "You're a good swimmer."

"Maybe there's something I'm better at than you," George laughed.

"You're better at dominoes too," Bobby admitted. George was pleased. They splashed around for a few minutes then Bobby got out of the water and sat on the rock. George sat beside him. The warm sun dried them off.

Bobby looked thoughtful then observed, "It was nice of your mother to let you come out again this weekend. You didn't think she'd go for that."

"No I didn't. She surprised me. I mean, she gave me an argument about it but caved in pretty quick."

"Maybe she was glad to be rid of you," Bobby said half joking.

"I don't know. Maybe. She did say it was nice and quiet with me gone."

"Whatever. I'm glad she let you come. Maybe you can come out every weekend."

"That would be nice, but I doubt it. I got a lot of insects though. I think My Spencer will help me with them. I'm supposed to go see him again on Wednesday."

"What's he like?" Bobby asked.

"He's a very nice man. He did an insect collection for 4-H when he was a kid and got the bug, as he said. He's got a million things in his collection. You should see it."

"It's nice that he'll keep on coaching you. My goat guy just brought them over and wished me luck."

"Is there something wrong with that?" George wondered.

Bobby shook his head. "No. Maybe he is just a nice guy and you got lucky."

"Well, making an insect collection is pretty complicated. I have to learn how to mount and display them. Then George shivered. "I think I need to put my clothes on. I'm getting cold."

"Me too and we need to get back to do chores. Then I got to see about something for supper."

They dressed quickly and went back to the barn. In addition to the eggs and milk, they now had some goats to feed. "Can I feed them?" George asked.

"Sure. Scoop up some feed out of that bag with this coffee can and put it in their box. They need water too," Bobby pointed to a large bag of feed. "Those are alfalfa pellets. They are kind of like cows in what they eat. As soon as they get a little bigger we can just feed them hay. Not straw, but good green hay. When the doe is pregnant we can give her some grain too."

"How do you know so much about goats?"

"Same way you know about bugs. I can read."

"Oh. OK. Dumb question," George said.

"Not dumb. We're both learning something new. When you get them fed you can go after the eggs while I milk."

When the chores were done they went up to the house. Ely was sitting in the kitchen looking pleased with himself. "What's for dinner, Bobby?"

"Uh, give me a little time and I'll come up with something," Bobby stammered. "We just got in from the barn."

"Well then, can you heat up frozen pizza? I bought a couple of extra large supremes at the Walmart."

"You bet! That sounds great," Bobby grinned. "George can make us a salad."

"That's my specialty!" George said.

As they sat at the kitchen table, Ely asked, "What do you think about those goats?"

"You mean Bonnie and Clyde?" Bobby grinned.

"Oh, it's Bonnie and Clyde is it?" Ely laughed heartily. "I like that!"

"We built them a pen in the barn and they look right at home there."

"Ely looked first at Bobby then at George. "Is this a joint project?"

"Bobby is helping me with my insect collection. I can help a little with his goats," George said. "Besides, they're really cute."

"George named them," Bobby nudged George.

"Now, now. I think it's nice that you boys are working together," Ely grinned. "You boys make a pretty good team."

"Yeah. I think so," Bobby agreed.

George listened to all this with interest, then stifled a yawn. "I like the goats, but I getting sleepy."

"Right. We got to get up early in the morning. Lets clean up and get to bed. The chickens will be waiting," Bobby took the hint.

"And so will Bonnie and Clyde. I'll help clean up. Let's go Bobby."

Ely took his comfortable chair in the living room and left the boys to their work. The dishes put away, they headed for Bobby's bedroom.

George sat down on the bed. "This has been a wonderful day."

"And it's not over yet," Bobby grinned.

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