Westcott Family Farm

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 20

"The sweetest roamer is a boys young heart."

( George Edward Woodberry)

Looking at the assembled group of boys seated at the dinner table, garnering a nod from a grinning Andy, knowing full well the reason behind the question, I cautioned, "There had to be some adjustments in the rules, considering it's not just our family participating."

Eyes widened in anticipation and concern over what the "adjustments in rules" might consist of either allowing or forbidding something connected with the question. The question was a simple one; "if we invite someone to come swimming with us, why can't we skinny-dip?"

"The lake is here for all of us to enjoy and enjoy it we have! I expect the Alverez family would enjoy it as well. Yet, they're not all boys, there is one girl."

Six heads nodded, understanding there was one girl.

"S-s-s-so?" Mattie asked, quite innocently.

"Duh!" responded David, disgusted to think anyone might ogle the girl he now claimed as his.

"Jealous?" smirked Eddie.


"Calm down guys," I admonished, interrupting the exchange. "It means when Mrs. Boyer, Mrs. Alverez, or Carisa are present, there'll be no skinny-dipping. That means you will wear a swim suit or shorts when you swim."

Eddie, frowned in thought; "How about when they're not here?"

"I 'pose," Jamie, aka Mr. Sickles, "you all can prance about all nudie and x-posed, with your manly parts a danglin', wobblin', and bounce'n, unless you gets a stiffy and it pints up so it don't dangle! Worse yet, young'uns, if'n you all is in the water, you'll get drowneded by a tidal wave as all them gawkin' girls dash into the water for a better look and a bit of happiness jest for feelin' one of them sausages," and collapsed in his chair holding his sides as he chortled at his own remarks!

Mattie's naivety sometimes amazes me! In his mind, it was normal for all of us, and him, to swim naked, so why not others as well? Why might they object? Before I could respond, Eddie said, cautiously with eyes on David ready to duck and cover or hasten his sweet ass a distance from his older brother,

"What if Carisa had no objection and decides to go nudie herself?"

David just growled, but made no advances toward his brother. I thought he really looked and acted as though he wasn't averse to the idea at all.

Moving the discussion along, I felt I needed to clarify for Mattie, and perhaps the others although they were pretty savvy as it is, considering their deceased mother's previous method of supporting them. In Mattie's world, there'd be no problem, but in reality or our world, there would be, a large one.

"Mattie, there are many peopled who disagree with our life style here on the farm, including skinny-dipping and," wink," other activities and, if it was known, would show extreme disfavor of skinny-dipping in mixed company and proceed to summon the county sheriff and arresting us for indecent exposure or being Uncle Andy and me being labeled child molesters. It makes more sense and is better to go along to get along and keep our mouths shut. You know we believe in keeping what happens here, stays here, right?"

All six nodded in agreement, nothing different from when their Mom was alive. More than one social worker knocked on the door, the family reported by well-meaning others. The boys were great for covering everything and, in all apparent innocence, lie their way out of any unpleasantness. Of course, they'd move shortly thereafter. Robbie and David were good at organizing and packing for a quick exit when their Mom came home. Yet, they were happy and acted well-adjusted or at least understanding the realities of life.

Ground rules established, only time would produce the request to invite the Alverez siblings over for a swim, with Mrs. Alverez's approval of course, and if I asked her instead of the boys. I did and she agreed, providing an adult would be present. Mrs. Jensen, working only a couple of mornings per week assisting Belle with the books, happened to be in the office when I asked Belle about the swimming party, and assured her the swimming was always well supervised. It wasn't unusual for summer help, mainly high school and college age teens, to take a dip in the lake at the end of a hot work day.

I didn't feel it necessary to mention, since most times the teens were skinny-dipping, there were other things dipped, deeply in various orifices as well. No sense offending anyone's sense of decency by announcing there were some times there was a whole lot of fucking going on.

Mattie and David suddenly became interested in the weather forecasts, not for being interested in becoming meteorologists, but on finding the right weather for the right day for the right time for a swim. Mattie even interrupted his usual two hours of piano practice if the weather happened to be on.

The interest they exhibited lasted only a day since the "play date" or swim was only two days later, one day after Jamie's unfortunate fall into the hog lot. Andy and I discovered, day by day, raising our nephews was a day-to-day learning experience for them and for us. We weren't surprised the boys were probably as horny as their mother and Uncle Jacob at their age as well. Andy mentioned my horniness hadn't seemed to dimmish with age however.

The day of the swim party, the first of many to come, I came to realize, was a bright, sunny, and warm afternoon, for which I was thankful. The boys made certain the Alverez Family and the Boyer boys were invited. Robbie really couldn't be separated from Paul, Davey from Carisa, Mattie from Luis, and from what I could see, Jamie from Vinnie. It didn't take long for everyone to become acquainted and comfortable.

I smiled to myself, noticing the exceeding beauty of my nephews as they gathered at the beach with their friends. My nephews, clad in very skimpy bikini swim suits, complimenting their slim waists, lithe frames, and manly parts (even the prepubescent ones), were a beautiful sight to behold. Their guests, by contrast, were clad in shorts, either swim trunks or just plain shorts. I wondered, as they entered the water and begin their play, how Mattie, playing in the water with Luis and Mark Boyer, how in hell did he keep his cock contained in that skimpy bikini? Luis and he made no apologies for their affection for each other, not hesitating to hug, touch, or in their words; nothing overtly sexual, just a very comfortable, trusting, and loving relationship. Mark accepted it as did the others in the group joining them.

Luis and Mattie were friends and not prone to jealously when the others joined them. They enjoyed each other's company, their personalities meshed and complimented the other's, and their acceptance of others plainly seen and appreciated. No one seemed to be excluded from their group. I also noticed, only because I was aware of it from home, the circle of protection his brothers seemed to place about him, albeit subtly, in this new group of people.

Robbie, even though primarily with Paul, would cast a glance toward Mattie as did Davey, occupied with Carisa, and Jamie, now playing with Vinnie. Eddie and Scotty were part of the group with Mattie so they were close by.

I could see the development of natural leadership evolving in Mattie. Others were willing to accept his quiet helpfulness, his example, even tempered demeanor, and non-threatening personality. One couldn't help but like the guy and be willing to assist him or do whatever he thought needed done. He also was a great one for listening to others and utilizing their suggestions, always giving credit to others.

Scottie was our science and outdoor guy, able and willing to assist his brothers with their projects, school work, and tagging after Andy, interested in all things medical and scientific. Davey was our office, managerial type nephew, loving the book work and office work. Robbie would be the field operations manager, I thought, since he loved being outdoors and working the crops. Eddie and James's future were yet to be determined.

I nodded my approval, knowing their mother Janet, would as well. Our boys were bright, relatively well-adjusted, given the circumstances they arrived in, a mix of straight, gay, and probably bi-sexual, and well settled as Wescott Farms as their home.


"Yes, Jake?" he replied as I pulled out of him. It was after midnight and Andy was finished with his shift at the hospital, snuggled up to my front, both of us well satisfied sexually. For once, it seemed, we'd not experienced "coitus interruptus" with a melee of boys clambering into our bed.

"I've been thinking, after the swim party the other day, about Mrs. Boyer and her grandsons. I hate to think of her driving back and forth all winter long to fix our meals. She leaves her house before five in the morning to get here and doesn't get home until after seven. Her grandsons are left to get ready for school, either come home without her there or go to her relatives. We need to do something about it and I have an idea."

Wescott Farms was experiencing an extremely successful and profitable year. Yes, we'd had some heartache, but we all were recovering and adjusting. In fact, we'd been so successful financially I felt we needed to make some capital additions to take advantage of short-term and long-term tax advantages in the forms of depreciations. We could use the MACRS or modified accelerated cost recovery system in our tax filings and balance sheet, notwithstanding sales or retirement of old capital assets. The Higgins Farm would be one, but I was considering another.

"Okay, Jake; what's on your mind?"

"I thought about making some housing available here, you know, maybe a mobile home either single wide or double wide. If Mrs. Boyer would go along with it."

Andy thought a moment, shifted his body so he was facing me, nodded his approval, and said, "Not a bad idea! I know a guy who owns a dealership in double-wide's and manufactured homes. I'll talk to him."

I decided to hold off talking to Mrs. Boyer until I could ascertain what the costs and other problems or considerations we might face.

Two days later I was dickering with the dealer over a three-year old demo "manufactured" three-bedroom home. It was in two parts and could be trucked to our site, once it was prepared for it. The price was more than right since he wanted to get it off of his lot and put newer models in. All the appliances were included, but no furniture. We came to an agreement, if Mrs. Boyer would approve. That afternoon, after explaining my motives for making the purchase, she enthusiastically approved. Four days later, I confirmed the sale with the dealer, contacted a contractor to prepare the site with a slab, utility connections (to our existing water, sewer, and electric), insulations underneath the home setting on a cement-block skirting or foundation. I applied for the necessary permits and received them.

My announcement at supper that evening was met with enthusiasm and excitement, to say the least, from our boys. Once construction started, there seemed to at least one or more boys, after school, "supervising." Scotty and Mattie seemed to be the most obvious in attendance.

Building the additional residence to the farm added to the busy Fall activities. We had field corn to harvest, squash, pumpkins, and potatoes to harvest as well. Our "pick-your-own" pumpkin patch opened before Halloween and would close right after, as well as selling wholesale to local stores. Our potato crop, custom harvested, was sold to a company we've dealt with for years. The "culls" or irregulars are bagged and returned to us so we could sell them through a couple of trucks operated by our retiree seasonal employees. The fifty-pound bags would sell out in about three weekends. I set aside several bags for the food pantries, a hundred pounds each for Boyers and for the Alverez families as well as two hundred pounds for us. They were stored in our warehouse.

Hogs and feeder cattle were sold, mostly as "farm to consumer or direct market" sales. We took orders for live weight and the consumer arranged for butchering and processing. Those sales were generally concluded before December first, giving us the opportunity to allow the livestock to "glean" the crop fields. One hog and one beef I set aside for splitting between the Boyer's and the Alverez families and two hogs and two beefs for us. It meant adding another large freezer (which I placed in the office warehouse, but our boys did have healthy appetites, yet seemed not to put on any "chubby" fat.

Equipment was cleaned up, repaired, oiled, and made ready for another year before storage in the sheds. It was then I would put the farm to "sleep," until late winter when I'd open up the greenhouses and begin preparation for another crop year.

Our "season" usually closed with a party and presentation of bonuses to all employees. This year was no different even though there were some personal challenges for us. The buffet dinner was catered, as usual, the attendance great and enthusiastic, and the bonuses greatly appreciated. The entertainment, however, was different. In the past, we really didn't have any. This year it was opened by Paul Boyer at the piano with a nice selection from Gershwin, followed by Vinnie and Luis with a medley of Mexican guitar music, Mattie with a classical selection from Debussy, and the finale, much to my surprise and pleasure was the joined talents of Mattie and Luis on piano and guitar, singing several Christmas carols.

I was very proud and surprised hearing Mattie's strong high tenor voice join with Luis' as they sang. Mattie was stutter free while he sang, giving credence to the therapy he had and the notion stutters do not stutter when singing, especially with someone else. He was doing so well, learning how to accept, adapt, and gain confidence as he moved from totally non-willing to speak, now to singing, visiting, and conversing with strangers while learning to control his stuttering. Granted, he still stuttered, albeit not as bad, but the key was, it didn't bother him like it used to! I'm certain he still had concerns, but was doing his damnedest to overcome those concerns. I was and am so proud of him!

Winter descended and with it snow and cold bringing with it the extra work removing snow and also pleasures. Robbie and Davey learned how to move snow using a tractor and the snow thrower on the garden tractor. All of the boys learned how to ice skate on the rink I plowed on the lake near the swimming beach. Ice fishing, once I showed them how, became another highlight in their activities and added to a variety in our diet. Scottie thought it was the greatest thing ever and spent considerable time fishing when he had free time. He was often joined by the Boyer's and Alvarez boys on the weekends. Scottie is a real out-of-doors person.

That first winter seemed to slip by so quickly. Soon we were in the green houses sorting through seed orders we'd received, preparing the seed beds, planting, and eventually transplanting the seedlings. Late winter and early spring are the times I line up our summer help and other temporary help to take care of early and late harvest, such as the asparagus crop and the pumpkins. I also contact all of my vendors for purchasing and those businesses I sell wholesale to. Everything has to be in place when the weather permits us to be in the field.

I increased the size of our cattle and swine herds to meet the demands in our direct sales to customers. The market for specialty beef and pork direct from farm to home increased. We sold the animal "on the hoof" leaving it up to the customer to get it butchered and processed. We'd haul it to the meat processor/locker plant for them but out responsibility would end there. Sorting out hogs and beef cattle in the fall for our use, given the now size of our farm "inhabitants" called for an increase as well. I didn't want to grow the commercial market a great deal since we really used the animals to glean the field and provide nutrients for the soil. No way did I want to become a feed lot! I didn't have the equipment or the knowledge to do so.

The boys were doing great, always anxious to begin another year. Andy and I couldn't have asked for a better family. Having Mrs. Boyer and her grandsons close was a good move on our part. Belle Alvarez was a great bookkeeper and office manager. She was doing a phenomenal job. Her boys, as well as the Boyer boys, were eager to work and help out on the farm and earn some extra money. Nothing like have a bunch of eager, happy boys, either working, playing, or doing school work. School activities were many, Andy and I attended all we could, and were so proud of our boys in all they did.

The past three years were financially successful and as a family we grew in love, confidence, and trust. Oh, there were a few bumps in the road, as any family has. Vinnie discovered girls, so Eddie got his buddy Jamie, back; for a while Andy and I thought. Dave and Carisa were just as thick as ever, but Andy made certain no unwanted child would develop by writing the prescription for birth control pills for Caris when her mother requested it. At the time he mentioned to me "if you don't think he's been burying that big dick of his in her every chance they got, then you're not a Westcott."

Robbie and Paul were inseparable and Mattie and Luis as well. Those two would be best friends and lovers until time stopped. They were so fun to be with and around. Both comfortable in their relationship and their public persona. Mattie and Luis were gay, loved each other, and enjoyed life.

My reverie was interrupted with Mattie squirmed around on my front, trying to "get just right" with his nakedness on mine, raised his sleepy head, scooted up to place his head next to mine, and said softly,

"I love you Uncle Jake!"

"And I love you, Mattie," I responded just as softly, and to myself, "and all of your brothers, my nephews, and our sons."

The End

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