Westcott Family Farm

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves."

(Lydia Maria Child)

The ride to Bemidji in one of the Farm's nine passenger vans wasn't exactly a quiet one. No, it was filled with excited boy chatter; chatter concerning shopping, a lake they drove by wondering if it was as big as the lake at Uncle Jacob's, an ugly dog standing by the road pissing on a sign post, and sundry other things which might capture a boy's attention, imagination, or cause a complete collapse in laughter.

The chatter subsided as we pulled into the large parking lot of a national big box store in one of the malls in the city and parked the van not far from the entrance.

"So we don't have far to carry all of our packages," I explained.

"Can't we just use a big shopping cart?" asked Jamie. "There's a whole row of them in the shopping cart thingy."

"Or use one of those in some of the parking places where lazy people left them, rather than push them into the shopping cart thingy," groused Eddie.

"Cool it guys," cautioned Robbie.

"We're cooling it," explained Eddie. "I could've said, 'left there by some lazy fat bastard."


"Well, it could've," Jamie said in defense of his brother.

"Better watch it you two!"

"At least he didn't say 'some fat fuck" like you do Robbie," countered Jamie.

I decided it was time to stop the banter, opened the van door, announcing, "Anyone who wants to go shopping climb out; those who wish to further discuss the shopping cart situation, can wait in the van."

Conversation over!

Gathered around their uncle, I explained I planned on each of them getting three pair of jeans, six pair of underwear ("your choice" chorused by "boxers"), six pair of socks, three pair of shorts, six tee shirts, three polo shirts for nice wear, a cap, six handkerchiefs, two pair of tennis shoes (one for every day and the other for special occasions), couple of light sweat shirts, a light jacket, and a belt.

"Anything else?"

"How about a swim suit," Scott asked hesitantly. "Or we can just go skinny dipping and let the fish chew on Robbie's worm," receiving a poke in the arm from his older brother.

"How about something for Momma?" Robbie suggested.

Mattie made a motion with his finger toward his mouth indicating eating and smiled.

"Chocolate!" Davey said. "Momma loves chocolate."

"Yeah," added Scotty, "Maybe one of those boxes with all kinds of filling in them. You know, the ones you don't know what's in it until you bite and then give it to Mattie, if you don't like it!"

I gathered at that moment Mattie loved chocolate as well- any type of filling. His love of chocolate seemed to come natural to him since I loved it as well.

"Maybe some new clothes for Momma would be better," Robbie suggested. "She needs a new nightie and maybe a robe."

"Yeah," Jamie piped up. "She always buys us our stuff first saying hers is just fine."

"Why don't we let her pick out some things for herself?" I said, adding to the discussion. "She and Uncle Andy are coming to town to see a doctor and if she feels up to it, he can take her shopping?"

Before my nephews could comment, I quickly texted Andy telling him to not only buy some nighties, underwear, robe, and slippers, but some around the house clothes as well as a couple of new dresses, knowing full well my sister would be buried in one.

Message received, I herded the boys in through the front door and headed them toward the men and boys clothing section of the store. Standing amidst the assorted racks of clothing, I came to the realization I failed to bring anything with which to measure the boy's sizes. My dilemma was apparently solved when a sales associate, between the ages of twenty-five and thirty I thought, inquired, "May I help you?"

"I need to outfit my nephews with clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a tape measure with me."

"No problem; I have a couple here we can use," reaching in a pocket and bringing forth two. "If I help, we can fill your needs much more quickly since it seems you have a large group of young men to purchase clothes for. Why don't I take the older ones and you do the younger ones? We'll use a couple of changing rooms for them to try things on, okay?"

With that he motioned to Robbie, Davey, and Scottie to follow him toward one of the rooms. "I'll start with you first," pointing at Robbie, "get you measured for pants and you can try them on."

"Do me last," Robbie insisted, "and I can help you with my brothers. They may not want someone strange measuring them for pants and stuff."

I thought nothing of it at the time since, in the short time my nephews were with me, Robbie was quick to help or defend his younger brothers. Robbie, however, was stepping forward for a completely different reason, I was later to find out, a reason he and Davey observed when the young sales associate approached them.

Outfitting Eddie and Jamie didn't take long since I was able to pick out age appropriate shirts, measure quickly for waist size and pants length and choose accordingly from racks of pants and shorts, try on a couple of pair of shoes before choosing the size that fit, socks according to shoe size, underwear by size and age, and tee-shirts. They tried on sweat shirts, a light jacket, and a couple of polo shirts. Although the boys were small, the selections were more than adequate, even belts.

Mattie was a slightly different problem. He was growing and built somewhat differently from his brothers; slim, narrow, long waist, long coltish legs one would associate with a distance runner, and yet not tall for his age group. I figured he wouldn't grow to more than five foot eight or so, but would remain a very svelte, lithe young man. The pants and shorts had to be small enough through the waist to stay up, with a belt of course, yet not short or tight. The same with underwear, without a belt of course.

It took longer than I thought it might. When I finished and asked Mattie to begin picking out clothes, Mattie gave a flick of his head toward the changing room his older brothers were using. I looked up and saw Scottie standing outside, a pair of pants in his hand. Scottie gave a nod to Mattie and Mattie tapped me on the arm and pointed toward his older brother. Something was up and Mattie was signaling me to check on it.

Walking toward the booth, I saw Davey step out, a pair of jeans over each arm and his fly still open. Davey gave a jerk of his thumb toward the door causing me to announce rather loudly, loud enough for anyone inside to hear me, "Good job Davey, now I'll help Robbie," opened the changing room door, and stepped in.

Robbie stood near the small bench used for a seat and the associate, face red and speech somewhat flustered, stumbled toward the door. "He's been a great help. I'll turn him over to you for now," and left the changing room to Robbie's voice, "Hi, Uncle Jacob. Maybe you can help me now," grinning a most triumphant grin.

"You bet; your brothers are good to go and it's your turn."

Robbie slipped out of his old jeans and into the new ones, pronouncing them a good fit, peeled them off, and put his old jeans back on before leaving the changing room. The associate was nowhere to be seen.

The one shopping cart was full and Scottie fetched another one, almost filling it as well.

"Now for the box of chocolate," I announced encouragingly with Robbie pushing one cart and Davey the other.

"What's up?" I asked Robbie quietly.

"Not much now."


"Tell you later."

The choosing of a box of chocolates proved more daunting then the selection of clothing. Apparently, I thought, it had to be just the right box of chocolates and it appeared Mattie had the last say on the matter. It finally boiled down to a choice between two and was easily solved by me declaring we'd purchase both, much to the surprise and complete happiness of my nephews, especially Mattie.

The lady at the checkout counter rolled her eyes in dismay (or noting they failed to go to another line) as the boys and I wheeled the two full carts into the line.

"All on one?" she enquired.

I nodded and tilted MY head toward my nephews. "Start unloading, but give her time to run things through the scanner and bag them."

The clerk gave a wave to a supervisor to come over and give a hand. The checker already decided a purchase of this size would take a supervisor's approval anyway, so why not make him help? Those type of decisions were far above her paygrade.

The scanner dinged and beeped time after time after time as items passed over it and into plastic bags. I tried to maintain my cool, relaxed manner, acting unperturbed by the increasing amount on the register. I swallowed hard when the total was finally visible on the register and all of the bags were loaded back into the two carts.

"The credit card is going to take a beating," I decided scanning the card through the scanner and entering my PIN number. Luckily, the credit limit on this particular card was quite high and could take the hit. It wasn't going to be inexpensive raising six nephews.

"Lunch time," I announced after the van was loaded and the boys belted in their seats. I drove them to a burger place down the road and herded them inside. The bill there wasn't as steep as the clothing bill, but it still topped fifty bucks.

"Yep," I thought, smiling to myself, "going to be expensive, but well worth it. We often thought of having a family, but never realized a ready-made family of my own family blood would drive up the lane and move in. I was beginning to contemplate, in my mind as I watched the boys eat, how I'd increase the vegetable gardens to include extra for our own family to freeze and can; ordering extra fruit for the same purpose; revitalizing the chicken yard and coop to provide meat and eggs; and finally increasing the number of cattle, specifically adding a couple of Holstein steers for beef (they were larger and would provide more volume) and several more pigs for sausage, bacon, ham, steaks and roasts.

While I contemplated the changes Andy and I would have to make, including hiring a full-time housekeeper and a nurse for Janet's last days, Robbie was rolling over in his mind their encounter with the "sales associate" at the store and how much he should tell his Uncle Jacob concerning it. He'd deliberately told Davey to leave his fly unzipped when he exited the changing booth, sending a silent signal to his brothers there was something amiss.

The "sales associate's" offer to assist caused warning bells to ring in Robbie's mind, bringing him to an immediate distrustful, spinning shivering, defensive mode! Not on the outside, visible to the man, but inside triggering his "fight or flight" mechanism. It was a gut feeling that not all was on the up and up. The man was far too eager to help when his eyes, quickly scanning the young boy clothed boy flesh arrayed in front of him; boy flesh he hoped to see, touch, fondle, and perhaps enjoy in the raw – sans underwear, and volunteer to "fit" the older boys.

He seemed to quickly dismiss the younger ones in favor of Robbie and his two oldest brothers. His eyes locked on Robbie, a small smile began appearing on the man's face. As his eyes moved downward, he appeared to be mentally undressing him until settling on Robbie's crotch, licking his lips in anticipation of what he figured was a prize indeed.

Robbie shuddered as he continued to munch his French fries remembering how he'd quickly announced he'd be last to be measured and would assist with his brothers to "save time," especially after he saw the increasing bulge in the crotch of the "associate's" pants. There was no doubt in Robbie's mind what the man wanted and would try to get. He concluded the guy wanted to suck their pricks for lunch and stuff his cock up their ass for dessert. If he guessed right, the guy was homing in on him and would pass on his brothers, given the right moves on Robbie's part.

Real alarms went off when the "associate" asked Scottie to remove his pants so he could be measured "more accurately." Giving Scottie the nod, Scottie proceeded to remove them. When the man measured, from crotch to ankle, he rubbed the back of his hand up against Scottie's underwear covered cock and balls. Scottie already figured out what the perv wanted, but allowed him to cop a feel anyway, then waited while the "associate" went out to find a pair of pants that would fit.

"Put'em on quick when he brings them in," Robbie instructed, "then put your old ones on and send Davey in. Tell him not to waste any time getting here; don't want my cock well lathered with tongue."

The same procedure was followed with Davey, only this time, getting the signal from Robbie, let the guy sort of "brush" him several times, while Robbie got a good look at the "associates" identification badge. It was a fake; a damned good one, but a fake!

He was there to pick up young boys to fuck! How he did it, no idea, but he was there and he had a hard cock, clearly outlined in his trousers, announcing his intentions. Before Davey left, Robbie turned him from the man, facing him, zipped down his fly, and told him to leave. The "associate" damned near creamed on the spot thinking he was alone with his prize.

"No way was that goin' to happen," Robbie muttered half under his breath just before he bit into his burger.

"I beg your pardon?" I asked, wondering if Robbie was talking to me.

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