Westcott Family Farm

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 2

"What hath night to do with sleeping?"

(John Milton)

I was brought back to the present from my reminiscing by the persistent jabbing of Mattie's finger in my side as he reached around Eddie and Jamie, hearing him whisper excitedly, "B-b-better get ready, Robbie's n-n-next!"

Andy and I hosted Robbie's graduation party at the farm the weekend after graduation. The three of us decided it'd be better to have it then rather than on the weekend of graduation since so many others had parties then. Robbie was a popular lad, with many friends, and Andy I were also well known and liked in the area. There were many friends and loyal customers to the Farm we wished to invite, but wanted to make the day centered on Robbie.

It was a great party, professionally catered by a friend of ours; the food was fantastic, the fellowship beyond description, and Robbie's joy unequaled. The caterer cleaned up late that evening and everything seemed to return to normal by the time Andy and I decided to turn in and go to bed. The boys, along with Robbie's steady boyfriend of four years, Paul Boyer, a lithe, well-proportioned but slim, extremely attractive young man, were still in the family room visiting when Andy and I told them goodnight and retired to our own bedroom and the huge, king sized bed we loved so well. Andy would often say, "the bed was big enough, Jacob could root me clear to the core on a trip from Bemidji to the Twin Cities and never travel the same territory twice." Well, that wasn't exactly true; probably as far south as Mora and maybe a little farther.

We stripped naked, crawled into bed, and I, pulling Andy closer to him, so my stiffening cock made contact with Andy's butt crack, asked softly, "Did you ever think, years ago, we'd have a house full of boys, one graduating from high school and attending college in the fall, and still be so damned happy and in love with each other?"

"No," answered Andy softly as he reached around and began fondling my stiff cock.

"Man, you Westcott's have huge cocks and big balls. The boys are no different as they mature, just as fat and long and horny besides! I often wonder if all you guys think about is fucking some other guy up the ass?"

"Wrong!" I whispered seductively.

"What then?"

"We all like to suck cock as well," I answered with satisfaction. "You love it and you know you do," I giggled and began seeking entrance to one of my favorite places to exercise and rest for the night or day or lunchtime, anytime actually.

The bedroom door opened slowly and a head poked in, then another, and finally five naked boys scampered into the bedroom and began burrowing into bed with Andy and me. I quickly removed my cock from Andy's butthole and muttered, "Some things never change!"

"We couldn't sleep!" said Davey, now sixteen years old, well hung, and leading the expedition.

"God," exclaimed an exasperated Andy as Davey slithered up next to him and then stretched his naked body on top of Andy's, "you're right, Jacob, some things never change!"

"Tell me why you couldn't sleep?" I asked in frustration, my romantic interlude with my very willing and sexy spouse interrupted by our adopted sons.

Mattie, now thirteen and hung like the proverbial horse, easily more than any of his older siblings and me as well, and not yet having reached his final length and girth, wedged his smooth, naked torso in between my legs, resting his body in such a way that my now erect penis rested against Mattie's own developing, sparsely thatched pubes, and said, "You're h-h-hard, Uncle J-J-J-Jake," before answering with very definitively and expressively, "Robbie's got that b-b-big, fat c-c-c-cock of his b-b-buried balls deep in Paul's ass m-m-making him m-m-m-moan and groan. Every time Robbie f-f-f-fucks it into him they b-b-both squeal and whimper some m-m-more. We c-c-c-can hear them even in our room."

I wrapped his arms around Mattie, pulled him closer, ran my hands softly, gently over Mattie's smooth, soft warm butt cheeks, up his back, down again, repeating the motions, giving him the feelings of security and love Mattie relished, felt him wiggle and squirm with delight, and kissed him. Mattie purred with pleasure, softly humming a score of music he was currently practicing on the piano, memorizing it, and correcting mentally any mistakes he made in practice.

"Paul should be happy it's not you fucking his ass; he'd be howling in pain and not pleasure," I declared with a chuckle.

If I was currently into young boys, which I'm not, having preferred older males around college age or older before marrying, Mattie would be the most desirable. As Mattie continued to grow and develop, it'd be up to Andy and me to help him make choices which would do him no harm, yet allow him to live life with whom he chose, as best as possible. Mattie was gay, almost from day one. He'd started spurting his boy-juice about six months earlier, the quantity and quality growing abundantly since.

With giggles and laughs, the five boys settled down, relaxed, in their favored positions, and fell asleep.

"Perhaps another time," I whispered to Andy, clearly disappointed.

"Don't count on it," Andy whispered back not wanting to wake the boys. "From the first day they arrived, they've been part and parcel of every aspect of our life and I don't think it'll change soon."

"Yeah, but we love it and them don't we?"

"Yep, and I wouldn't change it for the world!"

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