The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 13

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"Two of far nobler shape, erect
and tall,
God like erect, with native honor
In naked majesty seem'd lords
of all.

The threat, the promise thus revealed, David remained quiet, gently laying his head on Chase's upper chest, Chase's chin resting on his head. He felt Chase's lips seek his and raised his head higher, accepting those moist, welcoming lips as a continued expression of love.

Chase, releasing his kiss from David, looked deeply in his eyes, seeing the love David had for him, but concealing a story best told to relieve anxiety and build trust. Chase wasn't concerned how many experiences David had or with whom since he was now his and knew there'd be no others.

"Care to tell me about it?"

David shifted his weight in order to free his stiff cock from a sideways position so it was lying flat on Chase's abdomen. He wanted total contact with Chase's body, naked body against naked body, to seek reassurance and courage from his now lover and protector. David contracted his anal ring a couple of times eliciting gentle thrusts by Chase, continuing to remain erect and embedded.

"It's a long, long story," David began. "My grandfather is a rich son-of-a-bitch and a mean fucker on top of it all. Most of his wealth was inherited, including the lodge and property as well as other scattered properties in several states, along with Minnesota. But, he made a bundle over the years in less than honorable or legal ways. In other words, the old bastard is a crook of the first order and conceals the amount, how it was generated, and where he has it stored; quite well, I believe, in legitimate businesses. He's been investigated a number of times, but the firewall and bribery well spread and paid for, is too complex and difficult for law enforcement to penetrate or they are deep in his pockets."

Marcello's grandfather immigrated, along with his three older brothers, to the United States just prior to the Civil War and settled in Illinois. The brothers brought their ill-gained money with them and the knowhow to put together a business of crime and corruption, similar to the one they had in Italy. Two brothers remained in Italy continuing to operate the family business. Their father's instructions to the brothers in America was the same he used when running the business in Italy. "Keep one of you snowy white, clean, and although suspected cannot be arrested and imprisoned." One brother, Marcello's father, was the one chosen and proceeded to study accounting, but active in keeping the books, offering advice through clandestine meetings, and the actual brains of the enterprise.

The Civil War opened a treasure chest of opportunity for the brothers and they took advantage of it. Chicago and the area around it, was a perfect place to set up shop. It was a growing and budding city and already had a number of gangs operating within it. The Giordano's kept clear of the larger more powerful elements, concentrating on the smaller bands of thugs to intimidate or take over. No crime was off limits to them. By the turn of the century, the brothers' small empire was a force to deal with, but now there were two less brothers involved. As one of the survivors muttered over the casket of the second one killed, "Dumb fuck should have kept his cock in his pants and his real gun in his hand."

They weren't bashful about killing off rivals, police, politicians or people who refused to comply with their demands. Bribing or blackmail was used, coupled with the threat of violence if bribery or blackmail didn't work. As Marcello's father relayed to him, "I thought there was money to made here, and I was right."

The Remote Lake property and various other tracts of land were purchased during Prohibition by Marcello's father for a retreat, a hideaway, a place to discuss and plan things without interference from rivals or the authorities. It was a place for his wife and four sons, one being Marcello, to recreate during the summer or winter holidays. Marcello was chosen as the one to be "clean" and was sent off to college for an accounting degree and then a degree in law.

Prohibition offered opportunity to really stack up the cash and Marcello's father spread it equally among the brothers. It increased wealth through gambling, selling illegal booze, and provided opportunities into a business they'd not thought of before. With so many families without and destitute during the Depression, small children would be put to work to help provide for the families. Marcello's father loved the little girls, especially those not reaching puberty. There was a market, quite black, deep, and dispassionate to the victims' welfare, for the child prostitution of boys and girls. Smooth boys were just as profitable, if not more so, than girls. Marcello learned well and loved them as much, preferring to test the product before sale, although restricting his "testing" to the prepubescent girls!

After Marcello's father died and his own brothers met violent deaths, he became the sole beneficiary of the Giordano wealth and continued to invest the wealth in legitimate businesses, keeping him "squeaky clean," in the eyes of society and law enforcement. Of course, continuing to pay homage, in the form of quantities of cash, to politicians and law enforcement, kept him on the "clean" side of the "underworld." His investments at home and overseas paid him well and continued to do. Revenue coming from the less than legal side of his income stream, was well concealed and well laundered.

"Did the brothers have any children?" Chase asked.

"Not a fucking clue. As I understand it, they loved young girls Lindsey's age as well."

David didn't know if Marcello had any other children, at least none were ever mentioned.

Demarco loved the little ones just as much as Marcello, but married Maria Ricca and they had Marcus. Maria died when Marcus was seven. Demarco caught her fucking a young, black street kid, hung like a horse and buried balls deep in her when Demarco slit his throat and, while he was still bleeding out, slit Maria's as well. They were found in a burned out vehicle several days later. The coroner determined the deaths were accidental caused by inattentive driving.

The second time Demarco married, this time to Rebecca Flynn, she was young, but old enough to breed- barely! Rebecca was thirteen and barely legal to marry in her home state of Maine. She survived Demarco, who died on a business trip to Georgia, producing David, now sixteen and Lindsey, fourteen.

"I was fourteen when he died. The coroner ruled it was by a brain aneurism. Bullshit," commented David, "it was by a bullet in the brain."

"How does your grandfather get by with it all?

"Money talks and is a powerful persuader. Every time he gets investigated, he comes up being a wealthy businessman who has no gang connection. Of course he doesn't run a gang, but has lots of friends who do and owe him, big time!"

Marcello kept his business strictly on the up and up, at least that's what it appeared to be. His investment portfolio read like any other wealthy business man. He kept his family insulated from the criminal side of him, except for Marcus, who loved traveling with his grandfather.

David entered the world as a small, somewhat delicate baby, reflecting his mother's small stature and complexion. As he grew Demarco thought he was too effeminate, unlike Marcus, who was going to develop into a "real man," not some "fruity little shit."

Rebecca loved her son, embracing him, holding and cuddling him, protecting him from his father's vile mannerism and actions. Words, however, still hurt the young boy and as a result he gathered no lasting respect or love for his father. She encouraged David for his bright and inquisitive mind, providing him with every opportunity to learn and explore. At age five, he was a growing into a small, but extremely attractive young boy.

David loved to sing and often would help his mother with Lindsey after she was born, rocking her and singing lullabies to her. Marcus, seven years older, would tease him and call him "gay boy;" expressing his extreme dislike and possible jealousy. Fortunately for David, Marcus spent most of his days far from home at a private boy's academy where, according to Demarco and Marcello, "real men went to school and not a bunch of fruitcakes."

Lindsey and David had a nanny to help care for them. Demarco declared when David reached age six, the common age to start school, he'd be sent to private boys' academy as Marcus was. Rebecca insisted they not attend the same school, asking Demarco if it wouldn't be somewhat embarrassing to Marcus. Given that argument and Marcus throwing a fit-shit, David was sent to private academy in southern Wisconsin. It was attended by many young boys from the Chicago area and included a cross section of religious and ethnic males. The school had a fine athletic program and an excellent fine arts program as well as strong academic program.

Much to Demarco and Marcello's chagrin, David became involved in the music program, especially vocal and piano, and excelling in both as well as his academics. His mother would come visit and attend the programs, accompanied by Lindsey, if she was home from her school. Marcello's attitude toward David's academic and fine arts progress was simply, "out of sight, out of mind."

David excelled in the junior choir and later, as he grew older, in the intermediate choir. His clear soprano voice, later tenor when his voice changed, impressed instructors and fellow students. His extremely attractive facial features and slim body attracted others as well.

One afternoon, when David was eight, two of the intermediate choir boys, which practiced just before the junior choir, decided it was time to further David's education and experiences with male to male sex. David knew what went on in the dormitories at night. He heard whispered talk, watched more than one boy leave his own bed, crawl in with another boy, and spend the night under the covers, only to return before the resident, a senior boy assigned to each group of twenty boys, made the rounds to wake them. David also knew there were boys who spent the night with the resident, but not him. He also watched in the showers, when boys would sprout a woody, another boy, after casting furtive looks about for anyone who might snitch on them, would jackoff the other boy or suck him. It was all hush-hush, of course and not spoken of in public or near those in authority.

The two twelve year olds, their cocks in the process of maturing and balls of sufficient maturity to produce a thin, but adequate amount of semen, persuaded David to join them in a storeroom where they proceeded to join with him, first one and then the other, leaving his ass dripping with freshly acquired boy-cum. Rather than being upset, David found he really enjoyed it, establishing him as a "bottom boy." During one tryst with an older, senior boy, he discovered why most of them avoided him like the plague. The word was anybody caught fucking Marcello Giordano' s grandson would be in real deep shit and probably end up in the river with their balls cut off. There were those, at the intermediate and senior level who were extremely cautious and tight-mouthed, except when sucking on David's little boner.

So it was throughout his days at the academy, never complaining, always enjoying, and never speaking of the fantastic sex he was experiencing. He didn't have a boyfriend, but with each, it was just casual sex and no more. He discovered, by listening carefully and observing, his grandfather, father, and half-brother were extremely homophobic, although they felt fucking prepubescent, hairless girls was just fine and indulged in their pleasures at every opportunity. Once the girls reached puberty and beyond, they held no interest for the three of them.

David's safe place was with his mother and sister when he was home. His activities with other boys were confined to the academy and not near home. With the death of Demarco when David was fourteen, Marcello spent more time with Marcus, grooming him to take over the family business. Marcus was in a university, working on a business degree and Marcello took little interest in David. His grades were superior and there were no reports of any trouble in school, so he was ignored by his grandfather, and that suited him just fine. Marcus showed up during holidays and spent the time with his grandfather, gaining an education in those less than legal aspects of the business. Marcus developed into the same cold-hearted individual as his grandfather.

The shit hit the fan when David got careless, thinking they were paying absolutely no attention to him. During Christmas break this past year, after they returned from Remote Lake, he rendezvoused with a couple of other boys in the area who attended the same academy and had enjoyed each other's "special" talents on various occasions at school. The three of them enjoyed an afternoon of general fucking and sucking instead of attending a movie as announced. Unbeknownst to David and his friends, by chance, Marcus saw David and the two other boys he was with slip into a cheap motel. Marcus was just leaving after paying an exorbitant sum to cheery-pop an eleven year old girl. She screamed and bled while Marcus fucked her and her uncle collected the money.

Marcus bribed the desk clerk for an extra room key and headed for David's motel room. David and his friends were too intent on their activities to hear Marcus quietly open the door and see them in the midst of a three-way. David was on his belly, with a cock buried balls deep in his ass, while he was sucking on the rod of another. The boy on top was fucking the hell out of David while David moaned his pleasure.

Marcello blew his stack when Marcus informed him what he found in the motel room. When David returned later that day, Marcello confronted him. Before he could respond, his grandfather hit him several times and threw him onto a chair. Marcello tipped him from the chair onto to the floor and kicked him a couple of times. Rebecca called their physician to look at the boy. David was taken to the hospital where it was determined his "fall down the stairs," as attested to by "witnesses," his half-brother and grandfather, caused several broken ribs, various contusions on his body, and a broken left forearm.

He spent two days in the hospital and returning home, he was informed he'd go nowhere without Marcus or one of their employees with him. David returned to school after the Christmas break with a private room for himself and the young man hired by his grandfather to be his minder and report back to Marcello any transgressions.

The two teens with whom David had the assignation with didn't return to school. He later learned they both were caught in a supposed cross-fire of rival gangs on Chicago's south side and killed. David was furious and vowed revenge. There was no doubt in his mind who ordered the hit and why.

Easter break, David confronted his grandfather while he was working in his office in the lodge. Marcello denied it at first until David smirked, provokingly, "So was it the fact I loved being fucked up the ass by a black boy with fat cock or jealousy because it wasn't you being fucked or doing the fucking with you little, dinky dick?"

Marcello became instantly infuriated and came around his desk after David. As he did, David pulled a stiletto from its sheath tucked in his belt behind his back, held in front of him and said calmly, "Come any closer old man and I'll gut you like the sewer rat you are." Marcello hesitated, David turned and left the room.

Dinner was extremely quiet that evening. Marcello and Marcus sat on one side of the table and David, his mother, and sister on the other side. Half-way through the ribeye steak dinner cook fixed for them, Marcello announced at the end of this term David would be enrolled in a different private school in the fall and the entire family would move to the lodge on Remote Lake.

"It'll keep you, David," Marcello advised pointing his steak knife at the boy, "far enough back in the wilderness so I don't have to remove temptations from you. If you persist in fucking other boys, then I'll warn you. You do and I'll slit your mother's throat after I've let the security detail fuck her into unconsciousness and your little sister, sweet, hairless little sister will be fucked raw by Marcus and sold into sexual slavery. Got that, you little faggot"

David, calm as calm as could be on the outside, but fearful and furious on the inside, nodded his understanding. "Call it removal of temptation or whatever you wish, but murder is murder and my two friends are still fucking dead because of you," he responded.

"You goddamned right I had them killed! And I'd do it again and will if you go on fucking boys and men you want up your ass. There's no way I'll have your fagot ways in life while living with or working for me."

David listened patiently, with a determined and defiant look on his face, responded calmly, "You go near my mother or my sister, and some night, some time when you least expect it," waggling his steak knife at his grandfather and half-brother, "I'm going to butcher the two of you after I cut your cock and balls off and shove them up your asses. Not a threat, but a promise; understand? Live or die, either way you'll be minus your balls and cock. Try to fuck a little girl with a plastic tube and see how pleasurable that is!"

He stood, joined by his mother and sister, and left the dining room and returned to their quarters.

"So," Chase inquired, pulling David closer to his chest, "why a new school?"

"It's one of those special kind, private, located in Texas and specializes turning homos like me into heterosexual. They use all sorts of techniques including punishment if you get a hard-on looking at naked men."

"That's bullshit!"

"You got that right Chase, but the bull that shits lives in this house."

"What does your mom say about it?"

"So far, she's been pretty quiet. I think she's planning something, but I'm not sure."

"What do we do in the meantime, David?"

"I suppose we could fuck like minks and love each other as best we can. I know this, after tonight there's no way in hell I could live my life without you. Separation is not an option as far as I'm concerned. In addition, me being here prevents him from letting Marcus fuck his own half-sister and selling her to slavery and keeps my mom alive. I worry what'll happen if I leave here."

Chase nodded his head. "That sucks. I have to think about this."

"Chase, its almost three-thirty and the sun will soon be up. We gotta go."

"He's right you know," David said cautiously looking around for Henri.

"We gotta go," Chase said carefully moving David to the bed. "Think you can walk unaided?" he snickered.

"Yeah. When will you be back?"

"Tuesday night."

Naked, David followed Chase to the deck where Henri and Lindsey, just as naked, stood waiting for them. Henri gave her a quick hug, Chase kissed David saying, "We'll see you Tuesday night."

Henri and Chase made a quick visual check of their surroundings, paying close attention to the perimeters of the building, the dock, the surrounding woods, and the dock, before quietly scooting down the steps to the beach. Once on the beach, they gave a wave, and ran off, in the direction from which they arrived earlier in the evening. Their legs and arms pumping, strong, firm backs, solid yet pillowy butt cheeks flexing with each stride, gave license to the sexual yearning David and Lindsey felt as they watched the two well developed naked teens, erect penises still on display, disappear from sight.

"Have you ever seen such a sight?" sighed Lindsey.

David could but only nod his agreement. He was tired, happy, and well fucked. By the way Lindsey walked, he figured she was too.

"How are you feeling, Lindsey?"

"Great," she responded, "stretched though and a little sore. He's got a big cock. How about you?"

"Same! Didn't realize how big Chase is."

"Must run in the family. It took some wiggling and some time, but I got Henri in; several times in fact."

"Me too!"

Lindsey paused in her conversation, hesitant to mention what was on her mind, but still needing to say it.

"David, I hope you don't think I'm going crazy or anything, but maybe I am. I could have sworn I heard Henri speak to Chase while you two were in your bedroom. I was looking directly at him and his lips never moved; not even twitched! Then, I thought I heard Chase answer him."

Reluctantly, but with an understanding nod of his head, David answered, "I think I did too. I wonder what the fuck is going on?"

Neither had a good answer, but David's active and inquisitive mind was hard at work. There were several things concerning Chase and Henri catching his attention he was curious about. An idea was forming in his head; the very impossibility of it, yet the reality of what he observed, provided more than just an imaginary thought.

The next morning, David woke early and, still in his briefs, using an excuse of going swimming if anyone should be up and about and question him, walked down to the beach and followed Chase and Henri's footprints on the sandy beach to the place the two teens disappeared from sight during pre-dawn. He stopped when he saw the human footprints change over to wolf tracks; tracks made by two wolves. David looked long and hard at the tracks, looking ahead as they traversed down the beach toward the public landing. Instead of following the tracks he turned slowly until he was facing toward the lodge. From where he stood, if he hunkered down on all fours, he realized he wasn't visible from the lodge nor could he see it. If someone wanted to get close to the lodge, he or she could approach from this direction, getting fairly close, without detection, or, if she or he wanted to leave, he or she wouldn't be seen leaving, especially if someone swam to here before leaving the water and heading toward the landing.

"Interesting," he thought to himself, as he used a finger to trace the outline of one of the tracks. "Much bigger than the average wolf."

A small smile crept across David's face, he nodded his head, deciding he needed to do some more reading, especially some notes he'd taken when he heard a guest speaker a year previously at school. Ted Symthe, former conservation warden and now on the staff of a small university, opined there just might be a supernatural phenomenon known as the mythical werewolf prowling the woods of North America.

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