The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things."
(Niccolo Machiavelli)
(The Prince)

The decisions made by Gaige and the Landry Brothers brought Eric to re-read his instructions in order make certain he was doing exactly as required. He didn't, however, read the very confidential letter concerning Gaige. He decided to save it until a later time when things would, perhaps, calm down some. At the present, he and Evan were almost overwhelmed with the events of the morning. They'd gone from just the two of them rattling around in their home, with little interference or responsibilities to anyone other than each other, to having a trio of pre-teen and teen boys; unusual boys since they were "shifters," werewolves and distant cousins to the fourth of their retinue, Gaige Saulnier. It wasn't going to be easy introducing them to the community and convincing others he and Evan were physically fit to care for them. He was certain others just might even question their mental state as well.

Evan sighed, "And it's not even lunch time," commenting on their current circumstances, drinking another cup of coffee. "Well," he said, straightening up, "we can handle it, Eric; we've been in worse situations before. Think back on the Peterson case and then the episode with the Rogue Wolf, and finally the drug dealers."

"Well, my Love," Eric reminded him, "we were younger then."

"Yeah, about a couple of years younger or so," Evan snorted. "Speaking of lunch time, I've got to get something going for our boys."

It felt good to Evan to say "our boys" and it sounded great to Eric. "Fire up the grill, thaw out some steaks, put one of those package lettuce salads out we bought the other day, do a baked potato in the microwave, and we've got some garlic bread in the freezer."

"I'm glad I thought of that," teased Evan. "Suppose Chase and Henri will want their steaks rare and the younger ones, pink like we like ours."

He thought a moment, suggesting, "Should we fence off part of the yard so we can pasture a couple of steers? Three or four growing boys, depending on how many we have at a time, given their nature and appetite, can go through a lot of red meat."

"You got that right," agreed Eric. "We'll just have to ask what they normally had at home."

Evan hustled about in the kitchen while Eric, note pad and papers at the ready, walked to the small office space they'd created just off of the living room, sat at the desk, and tapped the phone number into the cell phone he'd been provided. It rang but twice before a dispassionate recorded voice requested him to supply the appropriate pass code by using the touch pad of the phone. He carefully entered the combination of letters and numbers provided in the letter, pushed the pound sign, and waited.

A male voice answered. "Good morning, Mr. Trempealeau. Are you ready to begin?"


"Please verify your e-mail so I can send you the news release concerning the deaths of Jean and Marie Le Compte and Herbert and Sarah Landry. You will notice they perished in an auto accident some two weeks ago."

The voice then went on to explain there was no mention of any surviving relatives, just the basic facts of the accident and the bodies buried at sea as the decedents requested in their wills. The news article would be essential, along with the last wills and testaments and guardianship papers, in explaining how the Landry Boys became his wards and Gaige Saulnier as well. The guardianship on Gaige would be invalid when Jessie adopted Gaige, until then Eric would be his guardian.

"Mr. Trempealeau, have you read through all of the documents?"

"All except the one marked personal and confidential."

"No problem. That can be read at any time, at your leisure. Do you have any questions concerning the other documents?"

"Yes. I noticed the documents for Chase, Henri, and Jacques are dated some four years ago. Am I to date my signature the same date as well? Will someone in your office notarize, do the filing, and court appearances on my behalf?"

"No and yes. Please give the current date since you'd only assume guardianship upon notification of the deaths. To all intents and purposes, you agreed, four years ago to take that responsibility when we contacted you then, understand? Yes, we will handle everything once the documents reach our office. Have you signed them?"

"Yes, I have. Jessie Sutton has agreed to adopt Gaige. Do I still sign the guardianship papers? The adoption papers were drawn, according to the date, about one year ago and signed by Jean and Marie, naming Jessie Sutton. Should he backdate or sign current date?"

"Again, have him sign current date. The will provides, if he is willing and able, for him to adopt Gaige as per Gaige's adopted parents/grandparents wishes. If he is not, then you will retain guardianship and eventual adoption."

Once all of the documents are signed, Eric was instructed to make copies of them for his own reference, enclose the originals in the self-addressed and delivery fee pre-paid Fed-Ex shipping box, and send it off. He was further instructed, once he was notified the documents were received, to destroy the copies. Jessie and he'd receive official copies of the documents within a month. There were other items Eric needed to be aware of. If there was any problems, concerns, or just plain questions, he was to call this same number, use the same pass code, and the same phone.

He was further informed all four boys would receive new Chrome books, i-phones, new e-mail addresses, and debit cards linked to accounts in a New York bank. The electronic devices were all configured so location of use would always show up as from a place in New York. Eric wasn't certain how that was done, but was reassured it was possible and would be done, again to protect the actual location of all four boys, especially Gaige. A financial fiduciary firm would be handling all of their portfolios and bank accounts. Monthly statements would come to the Landry Boys care of him and Gaige's to Jessie.

"You and Jessie will receive certified copies of the death certificates for Jean and Marie and Herbert and Sarah, copies of the boys' birth certificates, social security cards, valid passports medical records including all vaccinations, and school records. Before you ask, no, the boys do not need vaccinations but schools demand records of them before school admission. We'd rather fake the documents then try to explain to humans werewolves don't get sick. Mr. Sutton will be notified you have the information and retrieve Gaige's from you. Also, be informed most communication concerning young Gaige from us will go through you in the future to protect, as best we can, the exact location of Gaige."

After several other minor items were discussed, Eric was asked to have Jessie call the number as soon as possible so the process could begin for him to finalize the adoption of Gaige. The call was concluded by the voice on the phone inviting Eric to or Jessie to call anytime if he had any concerns or questions.

Eric made the appropriate copies, set aside the papers for Jessie to sign, and prepared a file for each of the boys to place in his steel filing cabinet. The birth certificates and other official documents would reside in their fire proof floor safe in the office closet. If the boys had anything else of value, there was room in the safe for that as well.

He heard Evan give a shout lunch was ready, followed by the pounding of feet coming down the stairs. It was a different sound for their previously quiet home, but a welcome and warming one. Eric felt their home was more alive than ever.

The boys literally wolfed down the steak, potatoes, garlic bread, and salad, along with large glasses of milk.

Evan sort of raised his eyebrows in Eric's direction. "Looks like we'll have to increase our grocery allowance."

"No problem, Uncle Evan," Chase spoke up between bites, "Momma told me you're supposed to get some sort of monies for our care put into your bank account," pausing, slowing chewing a piece of steak, "or maybe a debit card for you to use. I just can't remember right now, it was pretty hectic the night we left," swallowing, "Could you pass the garlic bread please?"

"Funny," commented a puzzled Eric, "the guy on the phone didn't mention it."

"Maybe he forgot," sniggered Jacques. "I forget sometimes; I suppose adults do too."

"He'll call back pretty soon, I bet," smiled Gaige.

"Maybe; who knows?" Henri said, short stopping the bread on the way to Chase and helping himself to a piece.

Eric, full as a tick, leaned back in his chair, smiled at Evan, just as full since neither of them ate as much as a growing boy; "Nice isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is!" Evan was just as pleased and happy as Eric. Both knew when they became a couple, they'd never have a family other than each other, but Jessie made up for it as he grew and became attached to them. Jessie was still their "son" but now they'd have "sons" living in their house, growing up, sharing and living their everyday lives with them. What more could they ask, especially at their age. It was going to be fun and, if they wished to admit it, somewhat stressful. The stress was all part of being parents and went with the territory, as did sadness, happiness, tears, laughter, school, and the multitude of other events and emotions of a family. Their family however, was different than most. Their boys had powers and abilities beyond human and it must be kept secret from the outside world. Eric and Evan could do that, after all hadn't they kept Jessie's secret?

Eric felt the flip-phone vibrate in his pocket and emit a soft "beep" indicating a text message was received. Opening the phone, reading the text, commenting aloud, "You were right, Jacques, the man in New York forgot."

Casting a glance at Gaige, smiling slightly, Eric wondered how the lad knew it was forthcoming or was it merely coincidental.

There was a general hustling, when lunch was complete, as the four boys cleaned up the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and, after asking where the detergent was, started it up. Chase explained, to the astonished Eric and Evan, at home he and his brothers were expected to pitch in and do their part, including helping with meals, cleaning their rooms and general housekeeping, make their beds, and the laundry. Gaige acknowledged the same was true at his home with "Tante" and "Oncle." Eric and Evan didn't know, but were more than pleased the boys would help out. It certainly would make life easier all the way around.

"We can see you boys had excellent parents and grandparents," Eric said in admiration.

The house was pretty quiet for a minute or so, the four lads sadly remembering it was only four days or so ago their lives were shattered and now they were trying to put together new lives in a new place.

Evan broke the silence. "Speaking of lunch," no one had except in passing, "Uncle Eric and I are at a loss what you're used to eating, so we need some help in menu planning. A major shopping trip will have to be made this week to International Falls for groceries and, we assume most of your clothing is for warmer climes, so for some duds better suited to the north woods."

Eric retrieved paper and a pencil from his desk, sat at the kitchen table, with the boys gathered around, and prepared a grocery list. It really wasn't much different from what they were used to eating themselves, with some minor changes. The boys did enjoy more red meat, but burger and cheaper cuts in the form of roasts, ribs, shank, blade steaks were just fine. When it came to some of the dishes found in Southern Louisiana, Eric conceded he'd need some help with that in terms of purchasing and cooking. Chase assured him it'd be no problem and added some things to the list.

"Don't know if they'll have okra or not," Eric questioned, looking over some of the other items. "They'll have shrimp, probably not crayfish, but we can get those from one of the smaller lakes I know that has a healthy population."

"We only had steak on special occasions," Chase explained, "although if we shifted and went on a night hunt for wild game, if we could kill it, it became supper, except for the younger ones. They had dinner prepared at home."

"I like biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast," Henri confessed. "In fact, we all do."

"Yeah, me too," admitted Jacques enthusiastically, "we eat almost anything."

"And almost all of it," Evan commented wryly.

List complete, Eric suggested the boys finish unloading the SUV and put things away in their bedrooms.

"I don't think I'll have to," Gaige said shyly, face sort of scrunched up in thought.

"Why is that?" questioned Eric.

"I think Papa Jessie and Uncle Jase and Uncle Tyler will be here soon to take me home with them."

"How do you know?" an inquisitive and curious Chase asked.

Gaige sort of shrugged. "Like I knew when the Red Wolfe was coming and I woke Tante and Oncle to warn them."

Jacques was about to pursue the actual "how" when Chase pressed a finger to his own lips, indicating Jacques should ask no more.

"So you were the one who warned the Pack of the attack?" Chase asked.

Gaige just nodded his head.

"Anybody home?" shouted Jessie, bounding through the front door, interrupting the conversation.

Gaige scrambled from the kitchen, raced to the living room, and catapulted himself into Jessie's arms, hugging his tightly, and kissing his cheek. Dropping down, he quickly repeated his performance with Tyler and Jase.

"You're here!" he exclaimed.

"Yep, and we're going to take you home with us as soon as Papa Jessie signs the papers Uncle Eric has for him to sign," laughed Jase.

Jessie accompanied Eric to the home office while Jase and Tyler, with Gaige balanced somewhat precariously on Tyler's shoulders, headed upstairs to gather what few items Gaige carried to the bedroom previously.

"Don't forget my backpack," Chase, walking out the door with Henri and Jacques, heard Gaige exclaim.

Chase looked over what remained in the SUV, deciding there really wasn't that much to take in. Each had a piece of large soft-sided luggage stuffed absolutely full and a backpack stuffed just as full. Each also had a gym bag with personal items in it, such as deodorant, cologne, and other items. Additionally, their mother placed a large cardboard box, well-sealed with tape, in the back of the vehicle as well.

Chase set it on his bed and opened it. His heart ached with loss and deep sadness at the contents. She'd enclosed family picture albums, three separate framed copies of the two of them and a family portrait so each of their sons would have pictures for each of their rooms. There were also three framed pictures of their grandparents and a series of pictures Grandma Le Compte included for Gaige. Those included his baby pictures, pictures of them with Gaige, and pictures of his parents before they died, one of them holding him as a baby and another as a small child. There was an assortment of memorabilia special to their family and Gaige's. He closed up the box, deciding once Gaige was settled, he'd send his keepsakes to him, but decided to save showing his brothers the contents of the box until a time they were alone and had time to sort through and share their memories.

He'd just started to unpack his clothes and putting them away when Gaige ran in, excited and almost breathless.

"Chase," he sputtered, "we get to go swimming. Come on, let's go!"

"I don't have a swim suit."

"Neither do I. We're going to swim bare naked," waggling his sparkling eyes suggestively at the very naughty, he thought, thing they were going to do, before dashing to Henri's room to announce to him what they were going to do.

"We're going to do what?" he heard Henri ask.

"We're going skinny dipping."

"You mean bare-assed naked?" Jacques squealed. "Nude with our junk flopping around?" He hesitated a moment. "Well, at least Chase's will, mine will just sort of bounce."

"Not for long, little brother," Henri commented in reassurance. "Then you'll get a stiffy and we'll all have to duck when you walk by so we don't get stabbed in the eye."

"Then don't look so close," Jacques snickered.

Chase looked out of his bedroom door and witnessed three bare butts going down the stairs.

"Oh, well," he decided aloud, "one more cock on display won't make much difference."

Swimming bare-assed naked was just something not done in his family before. The waters in the territory of the Bateau Parish Pack was home to some rather nasty creatures who like to bite, munch, or swallow whole any flesh, big or little. Most of their recreational swimming was done in public pools or beaches where covering up your cocks and cunts was required. He'd seen his parents, other adults, and other young shifters nude when shifting, but never wandering around the house or swimming or just for the hell of it. Certainly, not fucking in the presence of others such as he'd seen Rick poking his long cock up Robbie's butt and pumping until he shot his wad. Nope, this new life would be different for him. He wondered how difficult it'd be to keep from getting a hard on? He resolved that walking down the stairs, deciding it probably made no difference since Jessie and the Pack probably was witness to each other's stiffies on a regular basis, so again, what's one more cock on display.

His long, thick cock waggled to and fro like the pendulum on a grandfather clock and his low hanging, rather generous sized balls in their smooth sack wobbled from front to back, as he walked through the kitchen. Eric, standing with Evan, looking out the back door to the lake, handed him a towel as he walked past. He smiled and voiced his thanks and heard a soft whistle of approval by Evan before asking if they were going to join them.

"Evan and I might," Eric answered, "but the water's still a little chilly this time of the year. If it's too cold, I'd have to poke my finger up my ass and shout SNAKE to make certain I still had a pecker."

Chase stepped out onto the deck, the sun bright and warm, and wondered how the lake could be so cold as to shrink a man's cock to a nubbin. Shrugging off the vision of a barely visible, wrinkled, stubby cock poking out from under a thick bush of hair over two aged balls contained in an equally wrinkled, shriveled sack, shuddering some at the thought, he continued across the yard to the sandy beach. Henri and Jacques were jumping off of the dock, while Jase was romping through the water with Gaige high on his shoulder shouting gleefully. Tyler and Jessie stood waist deep in the lake, Tyler behind Jessie resting his head on his shoulder, kissing him on the neck, arms wrapped around Jessie pulling him tightly, as the water rippled slightly around them. Chase felt his own cock begin to chub realizing what they were doing.

Entering the water, his brothers spotted him and made a beeline for him, water flying in all directions. Out of the corner of his eye he also saw Tyler back up, give Jessie a kiss and receive one in return. There was no need to worry about getting pregnant, Chase mused to himself, they already had one son, albeit by adoption- soon.

His brothers attacked, splashing water all over him, the coldness bringing a halt to his growing erection. Chase attacked back with false anger and soon the melee began. He forgot about the cold water and the horrific events a few days before as the horseplay continued. It was fun just being a big brother playing innocently with his younger ones and they were enjoying it as well.

Stopping to catch his breath, an arm around Jacques, he looked over toward Jessie, Jase, and Tyler. Tyler now had Gaige in his arms, supporting him under his chest and stomach, encouraging him to kick and move his arms, teaching him how to swim. Gaige was trying, giggling and wiggling, causing Tyler to smile in encouragement. Jase, in the meantime, was in the same position Tyler was in previously and doing the same thing. Jessie was grinning, pushing back into Jase, while Jase pumped his hips. Chase saw them both shiver in orgasm, willed his own cock to shrink, which it didn't, and resumed his horseplay with is brothers.

Clearly, Jase and Tyler loved Jessie and he loved them. From what Chase could observe, the love bond between Gaige and his new "Papa'" was growing as well. Wishfully, he hoped he could find someone to love as much as his new friends loved each other. The closeness, the affection, the willingness to sacrifice for the other was so evident, it couldn't help but telegraph to viewers the deepness of their love.

Gaige was tiring, left Tyler, and walked slowly through the water to Jessie. Nearing him, Gaige held up his arms, Jessie stepped forward, lifted the lad, allowing him to rest his head on his shoulder, and held him close.

"I'm tired, Papa Jessie," Chase heard Gaige say. It was at that point he noticed the chain and ring were no longer on Gaige's neck. Panicking, he rushed toward Jessie.

"Gaige lost his necklace!" he exclaimed.

"Nah, we took it off and put it away for safe keeping," Jessie responded. "He won't need it for some time and we didn't want to lose it, did we, Button?"

His question was answered with a soft, little boy snore; Gaige was sound asleep.

Jessie carried Gaige to the house, lay him on the couch, gently dried the sleeping boy with a soft towel as he woke, hugged him, kissed him, and dressed him. Jase picked Gaige up, who immediately snuggled into him, while Jessie gathered together their clothes and important papers, and, with a wave to the others, the four of them left.

Chase watched all of this, a longing in his heart and an ache in his loins. He so much wanted someday what Jessie, Jase, and Tyler had; not necessarily multiple husbands, but just one. He'd miss the company of Gaige, but was consoled knowing he'd be where Grandmother Le Compte wanted him to be and close enough for them to see him on a regular basis.

His revere was interrupted as Eric, entering the living room with Evan, Henri, and Jacques requested, "Before you and Henri dress, could we please see your wolf?"

Eric and Evan sat on the couch, anticipating the shift of Henri and Chase. Jacques, still naked, stepped up, and shuffled his body between the two older men. Chase and Henri shifted into two very magnificent, young wolves, grey, white, some black, but tinged with a light tan revealing their Cajun heritage. Their eyes changed from the dark black of their human forms to a soft yellow speckled with black spots, sparkling from the outside reflected sunlight. As with other werewolves, they were approximately one and half times the size or more than regular Grey Wolves or Timberwolf, but Chase and Henri's wolves had not yet reached their mature size or weight.

The two wolves stepped closer to the couch, allowing Eric and Evan to touch and stroke their soft fur. The two men reached out, touching first one wolf and then the other.

"So soft," Eric commented, as he ran his hand over their backs, across their chests, and down their sides.

"Aren't they just beautiful Uncle Eric?" Jacques said, admiring his two older brothers.

"Yes, they are and you will be too since you are a very handsome lad now." Eric looked down at the bare crotch of the young man sitting between Evan and him; "soon I'd say by the very looks of you."

Jacques giggled, looked down proudly at the couple of black hairs starting to sprout at the base of his maturing cock and balls. His face became serious as he asked, "But who will help me when I shift? Mom and Dad are gone."

"Why, we will!" remarked Evan confidently. "You don't think we'd let you do this alone do you and miss all of the celebration? We're just as excited as you are! You won't be the first or the last we help shift, believe me."

"And," Eric added reassuringly, "you'll have Chase and Henri along with the Averill Creek Pack with you as well. We'll have one hell of a celebration won't we?"

Jacques responded by giving each of his new uncles a hug in gratitude as Chase and Henri shifted back to human.

Chase's concern over a grand celebration was relieved.

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