The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

Copyright© 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"Nature teaches beasts to know their friends."
(William Shakespeare, II, i, l. 6, Coriolanus)

Eric felt young Chase tense up, his muscles stiffening, his head raising up, not from the closeness of the contact, as he held the teenager, but as if the lad was anticipating some danger or threat. From the corner of his eye, Eric saw Henri stand up from the couch, turn toward the front door, and motion Jacques and Gaige to get behind him. Two of his new wards were preparing for a fight, a fight to defend the little ones first, ready to sacrifice their own lives in doing so. It'd be nasty, Eric quickly thought, should this continue to escalate. He heard Evan say from the doorway to the kitchen, "I texted Jessie; perhaps I shouldn't have?"

Eric clenched Chase tighter to his chest, sternly commanding, "Don't shift!"

He repeated it louder so Henri would hear the command as well and have no doubt concerning his demand or question his authority. A full-out teeth baring, slashing, canine fight was the last thing he needed, especially in his living room. He'd never get the carpet clean!

"They won't, Uncle Eric," Jessie responded from the front door as Jase, Tyler, and he calmly strode in, behaving as if this was just a morning walk to the kitchen.

Jessie walked through the room, effusing self-confidence and poise, smiling, with a very non-aggressive and casual stride, headed toward Eric and Chase with Jase and Tyler several steps behind him. His demeanor alone, deescalated the situation. Eric released his grip on Chase to greet his god-son and his husbands. Jessie gave him a kiss on the cheek and waved at his Uncle Evan, grinning with pride, standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

Chase stepped back away from Eric, moving toward Henri, Jacques, and Gaige, taking up a somewhat defensive position alongside Henri. Chase didn't feel an immediate threat now he'd seen who the newcomers were and how they reacted to Eric and Evan, but he was going to take no chances. Gaige immediately moved behind Chase while Jacques remained behind Henri. Chase observed carefully with increased interest, the interaction between the older man and the handsome, naked, younger man who was perhaps two to three years older, perhaps more, than himself. The strong scent of Lycan permeated the air and this stranger was part of it. If he wasn't an Alpha, then there was one very, very close. Yet by the strength of the dominant smell, it was almost as if there were two Alphas, something unheard of in his limited experience.

He noted Eric Trempealeau was clearly comfortable in the presence of the young man and the two identical young men accompanying him. Evidently they had frequent interaction and seemed to be very comfortable and relaxed in the company of humans; humans who knew who they were, accepted it, and enjoyed being with them. He heard the one speaking refer to Eric as his "Uncle Eric," causing him to speculate if this wolf was a distant relative as well .Watching their reactions closely, he didn't feel the three were any threat to him or the ones he was charged with guarding, but he still would remain cautious until he was better able to discern what their intentions were.

"God, I wish you'd put some clothes on when you come to visit, Jessie," Eric sputtered.

"And spoil Uncle Evan's chance to view his favorite eye candy?" Jessie giggled wagging his hips from side to side causing his long, thick cock to flop back and forth and his large, low-hanging balls to wobble to and fro as well.

"Oh, god!" Evan moaned from the doorway and shook his head. Granted the sight was great to behold, but this was Jessie and his husbands, and, looking toward the front door, Evan saw more naked boys walking in, a good portion of the Averill Creek Pack.

Michael Bowers, Beta of the Pack, and his mate Chad Coleman, and Rick Hayes, Enforcer of the Pack and his mate Robbie Bowers strolled in and stood back, but not far from Jessie, Tyler, and Jase. Their stance was non-threatening, but clearly they'd leap to the defense of the three in front of them. Chase and Henri tensed a little more, noting the exceedingly strong scent of wolves in the room, yet they didn't detect any scent which would indicate there was danger from this young pack of werewolves.

Chase continued to cautiously look the newcomers over, along with the three previous arrivals, assessing their physical strengths and attributes as well as their reactions to them, the four newcomers from Louisiana. All of the young men were naked, well-developed physically; young men either in young adulthood or the cusp of adulthood, handsome, and well-endowed. Of the first three, the somewhat smaller one, the one Eric called "Jessie" was the most handsome, trim waist, delicate features, non-threatening on the surface, but gave an aura of extreme intelligence and an undefined, but clearly felt, power of some sort. Chase decided, Jessie was the peacemaker, the negotiator, the one with insight, the intellectual one who found solutions, the object of protection by the twins and others in the pack, and from their actions, this Jessie seemed to be the very reason for the Pack's formation and existence. There was also no doubt, even given first impressions, this "Jessie" could and would be a fearsome, deadly fighter.

"You know, Uncle Eric," Jessie chided, "it's easier and less expensive to strip before shifting. Besides I would've had to explain to Mom and Dad why my clothes were being ripped to shreds all the time and you know that wouldn't have been a good thing to do, would it?"

Eric nodded, agreeing with him. "I don't know how they'd handle knowing their youngest son was a werewolf. But, now you're married and living in your own place, it's got to be easier."

"Easier, yes, but we still can't let our guard down."

As Chase scanned all seven of the naked teens in front of him, he thought he might just change his own nickname from "Mr. Big" to "Mr. Above Average."

When he thought it, he noticed Jessie quickly shift his eyes to him and smile, as if he actually could read his mind. "Coincidental," he thought, again watching Jessie smile and waggle his head in contradiction.

"Uncle Evan texted me indicating you might need some help in sorting something out. Having a problem of some sort?"

"Perhaps we acted in haste, our old age, and from the tiredness catching up with us, not to mention the great party we enjoyed at your house Saturday night and morning after your wedding. After reading their letter of introduction, I'm quite satisfied who my guests are and why they're here."

Looking at the three of them, he added, "I'm surprised the three of you can even walk this morning, especially you, Jessie."

All seven of the naked teens laughed and giggled, knowing full well hearing, during what'd been left of the night, the sounds of copulation emanating from Jessie's bedroom and from the active and vigorous mounting of Jessie in the yard, in the house, in the woods, and whenever they stopped for a break. It was one of the few times, Jessie, Tyler, and Jase out-fucked Rick and Robbie- and there wasn't a member of the Pack hornier than Robbie. The others wondered how Rick was able to get it up and keep it up as often as Robbie backed up to him.

"So, Uncle Eric," Jessie asked, changing the subject, somewhat embarrassed, "who are your house guests?"

"How rude of me?" Eric exclaimed, clearly embarrassed. "I get so confused and distracted with all of these naked handsome males on display. It's worse than a French Museum of Greek statues."

"Nonsense," Jessie chortled, "You had your mind on that bundle of papers in your hands. You've seen me naked since I was born."

"Ah, so, right, I have."

Pointing to Chase Landry, "This is Lowell Cashon Landry, age sixteen and is referred to as Chase, next his brother, Henri, age fourteen, and their youngest brother," indicating Jacques, "Jacques, age twelve. The cute guy with them is Gaige Wyatt Saulnier, age eight and a cousin or Uncle, depending. Eric, Henri, and Jacques are grandsons of my cousin and Gaige is the adopted son of my cousin. By their accent, you can tell they're from Louisiana. She has given them to me for my care due to deaths in the family."

Jessie immediately offered his condolences, those of his husbands, and the others. In the process he introduced Jase and Tyler as his husbands and Alpha's of the Averill Creek Pack. Chase and Henri immediately bared their necks in submission and acknowledgement of the dominance of the two Alpha's.

"No need for that," Jase said immediately. "You'll find us an unusual Pack. Although my brother and I are the Alphas, the Pack understands the hierarchy and we don't expect it to be acknowledged each time we meet. In fact, we rarely do. However, when a final decision or order is made, the Averill Creek Pack responds. You'll also notice we are unusual in another sense."

Chase immediately thought it was the large pieces of manhood hanging down from their crotches, but was corrected as Tyler explained.

"We're a mixture of gay and straight," Tyler said picking up where his twin stopped. "We accept and celebrate all sexual orientation and we, while in our Pack, are relatively open about it. If you haven't notice, Jessie is mated to my brother and me. We make no bones about it. In the human world we don't hide it either. The party Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan referred to was our wedding party. Although the license contains only one of our names, my brother and I are married and mated to Jessie."

"If you look around, you'll notice," Jessie said, pointing at each as he named them, "Michael Bowers, Beta of the Pack, and his mate Chad Coleman, and Rick Hayes, Enforcer of the Pack and his mate Robbie Bowers. You already know Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan are lovers and have been for years and now are married as well."

"You'll also notice, Chase," Eric said dryly, "this group is not the least inhibited either," flicking a finger toward Rick, sort of stooped behind Robbie who'd backed up to him and was now being fucked, slowly and barely imperceptible by others with just gentle, slight motions of Rick's pelvis.

Chase breathed a barely visible sigh of relief, something that didn't go unnoticed by Eric Trempealeau and Jessie, while a tiny, soft, giggle erupted from Gaige, trying to suppress a laugh. He'd been watching the copulating couple since they started their activities wondering how soon anyone would notice or comment.

Jessie, curious about Uncle Eric's new wards, other than knowing there was some sort of death in the family, asked, "Chase, so, you're from Louisiana, but your southern accent has another little twist or dialect to it. It just sounds different."

"Yeah," admitted Chase, "we don't notice it at home, but it's different from the others in Louisiana. We're from the Delta country, the bayous, home of Zydeco and Cajun music. It a dialect of French going back to when France ruled the area and especially prevalent since the Acadians came south and settled there."

"So you're a Cajun Wolf, right?"

Chase just grinned and nodded his head.

"Why don't we get comfortable and sit," Jessie said, "and perhaps," asking cautiously, "if it's not being too rude or poor manners, you might tell us why you're here in the land of winter ice and snow?"

"Looks like a couple of you are pretty comfortable already," joked Evan, flipping his head toward the now satiated couple previously locked in coital connection.

Again, a tiny, soft giggle popped out of Gaige, who quickly covered his mouth with his hand.

Jessie sat on the floor and was flanked by Jase and Tyler. The others gathered on the floor as well. Gaige remained on the floor in front of the couch where Chase, Henri, and Jacques now sat.

Chase looked to Eric for approval to relate his story, received a nod of the head, and proceeded.

"It's a long story, but still a short and sad one. The four of us are orphans, as perhaps you've surmised, as a result of a terrible battle. My Grandmother, cousin to Eric, grew concerned some time ago for our safety. Many thought she had 'second sight' and could see the future. I think now, she did or it was just a grand coming together of circumstances, which I doubt. We were unaware of her concerns or the plans my parents and she made. My mother was her daughter and they were very close, as we were to them. The plans came to light several days ago when our Pack was attacked by the Red Wolf and his Pack. They're a rival pack and really have been wanting to take us on for a long time."

He related how a young girl pack member of theirs was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a coven of Vampires from New Orleans area. The Bateau Parish Pack, the pack led by his father who was Alpha, put together an attack force, located the offending Vampires, and exacted justice on them for the murder of the young girl and her brother. Unfortunately, the battle left the Bateau Pack weakened and ripe for attack and take over.

"Sounds as if it may have been a set up," Tyler speculated.

"I'm beginning to think the same," acknowledged Chase.

"Henri and I wanted to stay and join in the defense of the Pack, but my mother and grandmother wouldn't allow it. They said it was our duty to survive, and my duty to protect my brothers and Gaige. They'd evidently thought this whole through and laid plans some time before. There was a new SUV, maps, directions, and instructions needed for travel available, and paperwork making Cousin Eric our guardian."

"We didn't know we had any cousins, much less human ones. When we left, the Red Wolf was in the process of finishing off all of the males and adults. The young girls were being raped and taken captive. My dad and grandfather Jean were dead by then so the only thing standing between us and them were Mom and Grandma Marie. They fought to hold them off until we were able to escape. They're dead now too, that I do know."

He finished, sobbing, tears streaming down his face. Henri and Jacques cried aloud visibly expressing their loss, their grief, and uncertainty concerning their lives ahead of them. Gaige sat, tears dribbling down is face, lips in a sad pout, looking and feeling alone. In the telling, Chase carefully omitted revealing the cash and financial resources available to them as a result of their parent's death. It was better to be safe than sorry, he thought, even though the Averill Creek Pack presented no threat to him or his brothers.

The room was quiet, a quietness found often in a house of worship or a funeral parlor while the gathered family and friends mourned the loss of their love one; a gathering also mourning for the survivors, wishing to take on their burden and spare them from grief and despair. Alas, grief cannot be handed off like a trinket at a fair or prize for a game of pinning the tail on the donkey or special readings from a book, for it is too personal, too direct, too all encompassing, attached to the heart and soul; it can be shared through expressions of gratefulness and in stories of the beloved departed, but the loss can never be replaced. It is permanent, reminiscent of the words of the poet, Alfred Housman;

We now to peace and darkness
and to thee restore
thy creature that thou madest
and wilt cast forth no more.

Death of a beloved one is eventually accepted, remembered, and honored by living and living is what Chase intended to do and bring his brothers and Gaige with him. The opportunity was here and his grandmother made it possible.

Jase first broke the silence. "Chase, Henri, Jacques, and Gaige, from this day forward you are under the protection of the Averill Creek Pack and by way of our relationship with the Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack, their protection as well. You are a member of our Pack and we celebrate your arrival."

Chase acknowledged what was granted to all of them and behalf of his brothers and Gaige, pledged their loyalty and recognized Jase and Tyler as the Alphas of the Pack.

Eric quickly interrupted, "No howling or shifting in the house; do it later, please."

His intervention and request evoked laughter from all. They knew it's what was done when a newcomer joined the Pack.

Off to the side Gaige didn't join in the laughter; small, looking so forlorn, eyes welled with tears, lower lip still quivering, sat, so lost, so alone, and so sad sitting off to the side, part of but not part of the family group. Oh, they were family, but there was no one to hug him, hold him on their lap, console him, tell him how much they loved him, and all would be well someday as "Tante" and "Oncle" would often do. Their deaths was the second great traumatic experience he experience in his young life. The loss of his parents was well remembered by him, but living with Tante and Oncle eased the suffering and brought happiness back to his life. Now they were gone and he was alone. He'd been promised by Tante a very powerful wolf would come into his life and he'd just have to wait until then.

His eyes were downcast, tear drops slowly gliding down his smooth boy cheeks, spattering on the carpeted living room floor. In the very depths of his sorrow he thought he heard Tante Marie call his name and tell him to look up. Raising his head, he saw not her, knowing it just couldn't be possible since she was dead, but Jessie, the kind one, the warm comforting one, arms wide open, beckoning him welcome, inviting him to step forth into those accepting arms.

Gaige did something unusual, something garnering the attention of the entire group, bringing all activity and conversation to a halt, focusing all eyes on him; he slowly began stripping off his clothes, as if he were a mature wolf ready to shift or a newborn babe entering the world for the first time, until he was naked except for the gold chain holding the jeweled signet ring around his neck.

Picking up his backpack, focusing his eyes on Jessie's, he began walking toward him.

There was no doubt in Jessie's mind this is what he was to do, open his arms to this youngster, offer him his protection, his strength, his knowledge, and his love. Something had been niggling at the back of his mind for some time; something unexplainable, yet life changing, that much he knew, and it wasn't nervous jitters about a wedding. The minute he saw young Gaige in the house, the niggling left. Jessie knew this orphan boy was destined to be with him and he would be with Gaige.

Gaige stood in front of Jessie, lowered his back pack to Jessie's side, and crawled up on his lap, where Jessie's arms enfolded him and held him tight, naked body against naked body, the bonding of a child to his parent.

"You are my new papa," Gaige said with a satisfied sigh. "Tante Marie said it would be so."

Jase and Tyler, watching this, leaned in, wrapped their arms around Jessie and Gaige, signifying their approval, accepting the additional responsibilities.

"Well, this certainly is a different turn of events," Eric sputtered, somewhat taken aback by sight in front of him. "Let's see if there's anything in the backpack, Gaige, which might give me some insight or at least instructions on how to proceed."

Chase, Henri, and Jacques were just as surprised! Chase knew from overhearing part of the conversation between Gaige and Grandmother Marie, Gaige would seek out a very powerful wolf and be part of that wolf's family, but he didn't expect it to be this soon or Jessie Sutton. Jessie really didn't look all that powerful by his physical build.

"Take Uncle Eric what you think he needs from your backpack," Jessie offered softly in the ear of the naked boy resting on his lap.

Chase watched carefully, curious to see if Gaige would do as he was instructed from an almost total stranger. "Well, I'll be damned," he thought as he watched Gaige peer into the backpack and extract several envelopes and a cellphone. The phone was a flip-phone, with prepaid service, and almost untraceable.

Leaving the warmth and protection of his "new papa," Gaige walked cautiously toward Eric.

"Don't be frightened of me," Eric said with a gentleness of an elder reassuring the young of his good nature and intentions. "I have known your 'new papa' for many years, even before he was your age. So come to me and let me see what you have."

Gaige smiled back, comfortable and feeling safe in the man's presence. After all, if his "new papa" was confident and trusting of the man, so should he be. Besides, his "new papa" and his mates would protect him. He handed over the bundle of envelopes before walking back and settling himself again in Jessie's lap, snuggling in more for contact and comfort than warmth.

Eric opened the first envelope, the one with his name on it and read it carefully before commenting.

"I know," he said speaking to the assembled group, "all of you and especially you, Chase, since you have been the bearer and protector of all this precious cargo," using his hand to indicate those who arrived with him, "are curious what is in this letter."

"This letter introduces Gaige to me, the same as the other letter introduced you, Chase, and your brothers. It includes a phone number for me to use, using the cellphone, to call to verify your save arrival and to receive further instructions."

His remarks only confirmed, in Chase's mind, the prior preparation and arrangements his grandmother made concerning their exodus from Louisiana and arrival here. It also convinced him of the trust she had in a cousin she'd not seen for many years. Chase concluded she must've researched and vetted him thoroughly. Someone, he thought, had easy and quick access to the information concerning Eric, probably at the local level and obtained through the Grand Council.

Eric set the first letter aside, noting he'd make the necessary call later.

Chase looked over again at the handsome, lithe Jessie Campbell-Sutton, imagining having the cute, delightfully erotic cherub-appearing, young Gaige sitting on his own lap, with his fat prick lodged up the boys' bum. Shaking the thought from his head deciding Gaige was too skinny to be a cherub and knowing it just couldn't be for any number of reasons, he turned his attention to Jessie and to the young wolf introduced as "Robbie," wondering what it'd feel like giving one or the other a "right proper fucking." His own cock continued to grow in the confines of his jeans, but started to deflate as he concluded it'd be disastrous to even attempt such an act. They were mated and he really didn't feel up to a fight to the death at this time in his life. He'd just have to bide his time hoping at some point, someone for him would turn up. In the meantime he'd just have to make good use of his hand.

Opening the second, large envelope, Eric discovered another letter addressed to him, an envelope addressed to Jessie, and a set of guardian and adoption papers. His eyebrows raised as he noted the name on the adoption papers. Instead of handing the envelope to Jessie, he decided to read his letter first, in case there were instructions in it concerning Jessie.

Marie's letter was pretty straight-forward. She stated how Gaige came to be with them and adopted by them and, most surprising, her desire Gaige be adopted quickly by Jessie Sutton. Her reasoning was based on, Eric's relationship with Jessie, Jessie's being turned by the Campbell Twins, his part in the Peterson Pedophile murder case, the Rogue Wolf incident, and Jessie's role, as well as Eric and Evan's, in it, and Jessie's very unique and mysterious abilities and powers. All of this information was authenticated by "sources unnamed," but well informed and connected. She also included a copy of the newspaper story concerning Jessie's role in the Peterson case.

Marie also provided Eric, as well as Jessie, the argument to use publicly if questions concerning Gaige's adoption arose.

"Insist it was my last wish and I based it on recommendations from you and my personal research I had completed by private investigators. I decided I wanted Gaige to grow up in the company of a young, bright man who'd be able to provide for him intellectually and financially."

She concluded her letter by writing, "Gaige is very special and I foresaw him meeting a very powerful wolf who'd have him as his own son and provide and protect him as he grew and matured. I see Jessie Sutton as that very powerful wolf. Gaige must be protected at all costs."

Evan looked expectantly at Eric, as Eric put the letter down, deep in thought and concentration. Eric looked up, saw Evan looking at him and shook his head "no" forestalling any questions from him.

Eric handed Jessie the envelope with his name on it. "Open this later," he advised as he re-folded his letter, placing it with the one marked "Personal and Confidential" included in the packet he'd received from Gaige.

Raising his hand to get the attention of the others, looking at the naked group assembled waiting for some word from him, he said simply, "Jessie, Jason, Tyler, and I have much to discuss and I'm not prepared to share anything with you at this time."

Jason gave a flick of his head, telling the Pack members to shift, return to the house, dress, and resume a normal day, informing them Jessie, Tyler, and he'd return later on in the morning. The Alpha spoke and the Pack members obeyed!

With the Landry Brothers, Gaige, Jessie, Jason, and Tyler remaining, Eric instructed Jessie to read through the letter in the sealed envelope and discuss it with Jase and Tyler.

"Once you've done that, I'll call the phone number provided and give them your decision. My cousin wishes are very simple, you are to become Gaige's new papa."

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