Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 15

"In the end it is how you fight, as much as why you fight, that makes your cause good or bad."

(Freeman Dyson)

Preparations shifted into high gear in the wake of Prewitt's announcement. There was no haste, no panicky response, or visible over-concern. The initial planning was complete, details were worked out meticulously, allies secured, and the accoutrements of battle in place, including attack and defense, or immediately at hand. Boiling oil or catapults, such as used in days of yore, weren't at hand, but more modern and wizardly means of attack and defense were planned to be of use. It now was the time to hunker down, begin the charade to deceive and destroy. Just before the battle was the longest and sometimes most difficult time.

Eric, visiting with Evan, agreed, if all went as planned, the encounter would be short-lived, but, according to Eric, the best laid plans can go awry.

"The only way to win this particular fight is to give no quarter, show no mercy, and prepare to be gruesome in overkill. Take no chances, accept any losses, and fight harder in order to honor those who have fallen."

Ted arrived with Andy and Troy, prepared to spend the night, anticipating the encounter the next day. The night would be long with an arduous wait, anticipating the morning engagement. Chase suggested, in the dark of the evening before they bedded down, to review the battle plan in order to bring Troy and Andy up to date.

"You," pointing toward Andy and Troy, "have to understand your responsibility will be to this house and its inhabitants. In addition to your role, Troy, you and Andy will have to protect Bruce, impersonating Gaige, the true Prince. Should the attackers get past Eric, Evan, and Ted, you have to stop them or at the very least, beat a retreat with Bruce and keep him safe."

"I don't think they will," Evan reassured Chase, "but we'll be ready for anything. Our little friends," tipping his head toward two boy fairies, hovering nearby, "will give us warning and carry messages back and forth."

Prewitt and Dusty arranged for two friends of theirs, Wood Fairies from the area, to be with Eric and Evan and assist. Evan couldn't pronounce their names, but just referred to the two as "One" and "Two." They'd been at the house for a couple of days and were great fun to have around. Evan was a bit disconcerted at first, when they appeared in the bathroom when he showered and insisted on getting a closer look at his genitals.

They seemed to stand directly in front of him, at the height of a small five or six-year-old boy, wings sort of flapping gently, starring at his low sagging balls and dangling uncircumcised penis, One remarked, "You're all wrinkled."

"It's because I'm wet," growled Evan.

"I didn't know water made humans wrinkle up like that. Those I've seen didn't have wrinkles and the skin was tight and smooth, rather gorgeous looking! Does yours ever get stiff like Chase and David's? Prewitt and Dusty introduced us to them the other night and I think we surprised them since Chase's was big, and he's really big down there," pointing at Evan's penis, "and busy trying to stuff himself totally up David's butt."

Evan sort of snorted, but made no comment.

"Perhaps," suggested Two, "rubbing some of that wrinkle cream old people who want to look young, smear under their eyes to remove the bags there might help take some of the crinkles out of it and shrink everything up tight."

"I wouldn't want you to do that," One tittered, "your bag hangs about right now."

"But," he added thoughtfully, "you might think about using that hemorrhoid stuff I hear some people use to shrink wrinkles."

"That's for assholes!" rumbled Evan growing ever impatient and angry with the two young fairies.

"Well, you don't have to get in such a snit about it!" Two huffed. "We're just trying to be helpful!"

"Thanks, but no thanks!" Evan sighed apologetically, realizing he really had no reason to be angry. The two fairies were probably just as nervous as he was concerning the upcoming battle.

"Do you suppose, Two," One asked thoughtfully, "that hemorrhoid stuff smooths out the wrinkles around a human's butthole?"

"Don't know," responded One, eyebrows furrowed, curious. "We'll just have to have a look someday."

Both fairies looked up into Evan's eyes.

"NO!" Evan commanded emphatically.

"One and Two will keep watch," Chase continued, "during the night and alert us if and when the house is under observation and in daylight, the appearance of those who'll do you harm."

The plan of battle and defense was predicated on the Red Wolf splitting his force into two units, one attacking from the north, where the lane led down to the property into the clearing where the shelter and party was to be held, and the other attacking from the East with heavy forest concealing their movement until the last possible moment. If the attack was successful, the Averill Creek Pack would be pressed back to the lakeshore leaving them little option for escape.

The Red Wolf's forces would be met, initially, by Jessie, Jase, Tyler, Rick, Mike, Chad, and Robbie. Chase, Henri, and Jacques, after their arrival, would have surreptitiously moved Jacques to the Lodge and Chase and Henri to a position allowing them to counter-attack from the north, at the rear of that particular attacking force. Their objective would be to kill the Red Wolf and hence destroy the leadership!

Counter-attacking from the West or the Lodge side of the battlefield, would be Flynn, Stephen, and Franklin. They'd be well concealed by the thick, but not lengthy copse of willow. The three were well trained as Guardians and fierce fighters. This counter-attack should push the Red Wolf's forces to the East where a counter-attack would be mounted behind that force by Scott Campbell, Ray Hayes (Enforcer from the Kabetogama Pack), and Gene Turner, sent by Art Campbell to "help out Franklin."

Safe in the Lodge and bunker would be Mark, Jacques, Alicia, Jennifer, David, Lindsey, Patrick, Gaige, and Becca and her son William. Alicia, Jennifer, David, Lindsey, and Patrick would serve as the last defense to protect Becca, William, Gaige and Jacques, allowing them to escape to the bunker and eventually out through the forest exit.

All of this would be aided by a cadre of Fairies and Brownies recruited by Prewitt and Dusty. They'd act as scouts, sentinels, and provide warnings as well as allowing the Brownies do what they do best, harass and torment the attackers!

"Did Jessie indicate what his plans were in addition to this?" Chase asked.

"No," responded Eric with a chuckle, "if I know him, and I think I do, it'll be something to shock, surprise, and probably kill. He's not one to mess with once he gets his dander up."

One and Two, keeping watch during the night, flitted through the house to check on everyone. Andy and Troy were just bedding down in the hide-a-bed down in the basement recreation room. Troy was on his hands and knees with his butt up in the air inviting Andy to mount and Andy, his long, hard, throbbing phallus pointing out and down somewhat, was prepared to oblige him.

"Now," a gob-smacked One gasped, "that's BIG!"

"No," countered Two, "it's gargantuan! It'll never fit!"

Hovering nearby for several minutes, One announced, "You lose!"

"Psst," One hissed softly to Chase, "wake up. We have company!"

Chase sat up, instantly awake. "How many and where?"

Henri woke, hearing Chase's voice, and sat up, attentive to the conversation.

"Three," advised Two. "They arrived just a few minutes ago. One rests in the forest on the east side of the house and the other two are prowling around checking us out. They arrived by car and it's parked on a logging road about five of your miles away."

"Go wake Andy and Troy," instructed Chase. "Have them go directly to Bruce and Jacques to protect them in case these characters decide to make an early move. Henri and I will wake Eric and Evan and alert them to our company."

Chase and Henri moved down the stairs quietly toward Eric's and Evan's room. They were surprised to find Ted, already dressed, gun belt strapped to his hip, standing in the dark looking out toward the front of the house.

"Stay back at least ten to fifteen foot," he advised. "My pistol is loaded with silver."

Contact with the deadly metal was the last thing the two Lycans desired. They could feel the burning, repellent, debilitating action of the precious metal so, wisely, decided to keep their distance.

The door to Eric and Evan's bedroom was open, both men in bathrobes sitting in easy chairs, looking out through the windows of the closed French doors leading to the deck, toward the lawn and the lake beyond.

"Don't come any closer," Eric cautioned, speaking softly, "We're carrying weapons loaded with silver ammunition."

"My god," thought Chase, "where in the hell did they get all of these weapons, the silver ammunition, and keep it secure so it wouldn't affect the rest of us?"

Evan, commenting quietly, "One and Two woke us the minute the three interlopers were spotted."

"Yeah," Eric added with a slight smirk and lilt to his voice, "Two tickled Evan's balls and he thought it was me."

"Quite a disappointment, I might add," countered Evan.

"It gave us time to retrieve our weaponry from the lead-lined cabinet in our closet," explained Eric.

"And time to cover our nakedness," Evan noted sardonically, "wouldn't want the three jackals to flee in shame at the sight of our manly, impressive parts."

"We were still asleep," Henri commented, "so there was no danger in them seeing us and fleeing."

Evan only snorted his response.

"The party's about to begin," Eric announced, "best be alert, although I doubt they'll attack until the battle at Remote Lake is enjoined."

So began the wait until dawn, the mid-morning leave-taking as Chase, Henri, and Jacques drove off in Chase's SUV to Remote Lake in order to prepare for the "surprise" birthday party. They arrived at Remote Lake, stepped from the vehicle, stripped themselves naked, and joined the others gathered at the shelter. Gaily colored balloons and a big sign proclaiming, "Happy Birthday, Gaige" festooned the shelter house.

Mike and Chad were busy hanging colored ribbons on the uprights of the shelter, while Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were busy arranging insulated food containers on a table near the lake side of the shelter. Rick and Robbie were near the lake, Rick mounted over Robbie's back, fucking the hell out of him Robbie later explained their behavior from instructions from Jessie "to act normally," so they did.

Chase approached the shelter and Prewitt whizzed by him heading toward Jessie. Dusty, usually close behind Prewitt or embedded in the other fairy's butt, paused a moment near the Landry Brothers.

"Must you all prance around naked" he breathed erotically frustrated, "with all your beautiful dangly bits distracting me and others?"

Jacques giggled but made no other reply as Dusty fluttered off to join Prewitt.

"Those two are still laying in the woods to the east," reported Prewitt to Jessie. "They haven't moved since before dawn."

"Let me know when they leave. Although, now the Landry's are here, it should be soon."

Dusty and Prewitt zoomed off to continue their vigil. To most, they appeared to be a speck of dust or small leaf drifting on a slight breeze, successfully concealing their identity and presence.

"Handy to be able to shrink so small," quipped Jase as he watched the two leave.

"You don't have to on my part," Jessie rejoined, "I'm quite pleased with your size now."

Not five minutes passed before the two fairies returned. "They're gone," announced an excited Prewitt, "and moving fast toward Clark Lake."

Jessie, turning his attention to Chase, Henri, and Jacques, said, "Take your places. Prewitt, notify the Lodge Jacques is on his way and for Franklin, Stephen, and Flynn to get into position. After that, locate Scott and relay the message to him so they can get in position. We'll have plenty of notice from our friends the Ravens when the bastards begin to approach us."

Swiftly, confidently everyone moved to positions to wait for the enemy to approach. Gathered at the shelter with Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were Rick, Robbie, Mike, and Chad; seven young adult males, Lycans in human form, perceived to be inexperienced, non-aggressive, and vulnerable even in their wolf shapes by the Red Wolf. He was wrong! He also thought the Landry's would be present with the others as reported by his scouts, who didn't see them slip away. He wouldn't have time to realize his mistakes until too late.

A half hour later, on the far end of Remote Lake, a flock of Ravens began their raucous cries, cawing out warnings of danger and strangers in the forest. They'd spotted the Red Wolf and his Pack on the prowl and heading toward the shelter area. The flock of birds, in addition to their vocal warnings, began doing what birds do when spotting an enemy; they swooped, pecked at, squawked at, and generally harassed the marauders. This activity continued for several minutes before the larger pack separated into two parts and the woods became silent.

"They've separated now," Jessie announced quietly. "Dusty, Prewitt, let us know when the two groups are in what we hope will be their attack positions."

To those gathered with him in the shelter, "Stay naked, don't shift until I give the word. Act as if we really were preparing for a surprise party. Don't react at what you see, okay?"

"Yeah," Mike said, with a knowing grin, "a real surprise for somebody."

The Ravens, having completed their tasks, glided silently to the trees bordering the clearing where the shelter was located, giving them a clear view of the action once it commenced.

The Red Wolf, moving his group to the woods on the north side of the clearing, where he intended to attack when the east pack began their attack, was highly irritated by the squawking, harassing flock of Ravens pestering them as they moved through the woods, and was relieved when the birds abandoned their pursuit of the Lycans. He was more disturbed at the report of several of his pack getting little sleep, complaining of biting insects pestering them. Of those complaining, all but one had vicious insect bites to their balls, swelling them, and slowing down their movement through the woods. The urge to stop, scratch, or lick the affected spots was strong, but they didn't give in to the need, but just continued to bear it. They assured their Alpha the discomfort wouldn't hinder them a bit in battle or ability to kill the pack of young Lycans.

Warren Floyd would lead the attack from the north, assisted by a mercenary wolf. Tailing the attacking force would be the Red Wolf, his previous injuries slowing him to the point of not taking a major role in the battle.

The Beta of the Red Wolf Pack, Mautin, would lead the flanking attack from the east. The pincer movement of the north part of the pack and the east would make the smaller wolf pack fight on two fronts and be highly vulnerable. The Red Wolf expected the fight to last a very short time.

"They've settled in, waiting for the order to attack," Prewitt and Dusty informed Jessie.

"Thank you. Both groups?"

"Yep, except for the north group," giggled Prewitt, "they're having a difficult time staying motionless and concealed what with scratching or licking their balls."

"Well," Jessie remarked with a smirk as he waved his hands toward the eastern trees, "let's unsettle them, shall we?"

Immediately, there erupted from the trees on the east, the yips and howls of critters, specifically wolves, in pain, distress, or torment. Snapping at the air, at their own bodies, swapping ends in frustration trying to rid themselves of discomfort, the eastern attack pack of the Red Wolf's Pack spilled out into the clearing. From the shelter, it appeared they were fighting an invisible foe.

"Ground Hornets," Jessie announced, "nasty little buggers. The Pixies suggested it. The Hornets should keep this group occupied for a few minutes."

The northern portion of the pack, led by Warren Floyd, hearing all of the noise, assumed the battle was enjoined and tore out of the forest, racing toward the shelter, bent on attacking and destroying, according to plans.

Warren Floyd, eyes focused on the very naked figure of Jessie Sutton standing in front of the shelter, headed for him, intent on seeking his pleasures of fucking the young man before killing him!

Jessie watched Floyd racing toward him, leading the tightly grouped pack of Lycanthropes. As the distance closed to half, he extended his right arm, pointed a finger at Floyd, and fired a bolt of electricity of such brilliance, bright as the sun or lightning on stormy night, and of such burning intensity and snapping, crackling with violent, deadly force, striking Floyd directly in the face, racing through him, out his tail, causing it to smolder, before Floyd dropped to the ground, dead!

The manner of Floyd's death, the violence of it, and unexplicit manner, tossed the rest of the pack into panic and confusion. The loss of their leader and witnessing his death sent the attack into disarray.

Jessie raised both hands in the air, extending them out over the killing field, and shouted, "Cave' Canem (Beware the dog)" before ordering Cerberus, the Three Headed Dog of Greek Mythology, "Cerberus, reveal yourself, protect us, and send these evil doers to your former home."

Rising from the earth, the Three-headed, multi-eyed dog, the fiercest dog of all, the child of Typhon and Echidna, former guardian of Hades until Hercules captured him, several times the size of the Lycanthropes, with all three heads snarling, gnashing sharp teeth, teeth used for tearing ripping, and killing, drooling in anticipation of the havoc it'd wreck, attacked!

Dispatching many of the attackers from east, killing, snarling, lusting in the blood of the slain, Cerberus drove the remainder back into the trees where they sought refuge, giving Scott, Ray, and Gene the opportunity to kill those who entered the trees, believing the threat to their lives came from the front. Cerberus continued its assault on the northern pack, again killing a number before forcing the few remaining into the jaws of Franklin, Stephen, and Flynn where they were promptly dispatched.

The Red Wolf, hearing the sounds of the battle, the loud clap of the lightning, and the snarling, growling of a strange beast, and the gathering silence of defeat, turned to flee the battle ground. Instead of escape he saw the Cajun Wolf Alpha, young, ready for battle and revenge and his Beta, his brother with the same intent, waiting to kill him!

"Just received a message from Jessie," Eric announced. "I can't believe it's true, but David just confirmed it from the Lodge," incredulously noting the content of the second message. "It's all over at Remote Lake. Franklin," referring to a message coming in, "says, finish them off!"

"It's showtime folks, let's end this bullshit!"

"Bruce," Troy said, motioning the boy over. "Let Eric and Evan go out first. Wait inside until the leader of the three wolves, probably the oldest one, asks where you are. He'll be the only one, I'd guess, who'll shift to human form. The other two will be ready to attack at his command or maybe if they see something suspicious. Strip yourself naked, except for the ring around your neck, and when Evan or Eric calls for you, walk out through the door and move slowly to your left. Andy and I will be concealed around the corner of the house on that side. Ted's going to surprise them and step out through the door shortly after you go out. He's going to be asking some questions, so be patient. If the human looks at you, and I know he will, smile shyly, flip your pecker up and down, play with your balls, anything to tease and make the asshole want you! It's important he's distracted by your nakedness and inviting behavior."

Bruce did as Troy instructed, stripping naked, revealing his smooth, hairless prepubescent body, and four-inch, uncircumcised penis, small balls tucked up tight underneath, but very visible.

Eric and Evan walked out on the porch, giving every indication they were in no danger and merely preparing to leave the house, ostensibly for the surprise party at Remote Lake. Eric leaned on his walker, small attached bag wobbling as he moved, and Evan used his two canes to maintain the balance an old man would find difficult to manage sometimes.

Their appearance brought the three wolves racing from the tree line, where they'd been concealed, to a position directly in front of the steps leading down from the porch, effectively blocking Eric and Evan from going anywhere but back inside, should they choose to. Hackles raised and teeth bared on the three wolves threatened and warned the two older gentlemen not to attempt to flee or make any move.

"My, my!" Eric remarked nonchalantly, "What do we have here?"

In response, the wolf in the center, shifted to human shape. Transforming from wolf to human, the naked man stood between the two other wolves. Clearly, this older man, this now human, was the leader of the group.

"Whatever it is," Evan remarked with a whistle, "certainly has an impressive part of him," casting his eyes down at the human's large phallus.

"Where's the boy?" the human demanded loudly.

"We're not deaf, you know," Eric snapped back. "Just because we're old doesn't mean we can't see or hear. Now, why do you wish to know?"

"None of your fucking business! I want him NOW!"

Eric shrugged, "I don't think so!"

"Makes no difference to me old man," the stranger commented with a shrug, "You can either hand him over while you're alive or I'll take him after you're dead. Your choice!"

"It's okay, Uncle Eric," a soft soprano, prepubescent boy's voice answered from the doorway, "I'm right here," and Bruce stepped out through the front door and walked to the left, his hips gently swaying just a bit, displaying not only his young, firm, smooth, bubble butt, but causing his equally smooth pecker to bounce up and down as well. Bruce stopped about half-way between Eric and Evan and the corner of the porch where Troy and Andy were hidden.

He looked out at the naked human, made eye contact, and moved his inspection down the man's torso, stopping and focused his attention on the large, long cock hanging pendulously from the man's crotch. Bruce smiled, licked his lips, began tugging gently a couple of times on his own small penis before skinning back the foreskin, revealing the young pink head of his cock.

The man's large cock twitched and began to engorge with blood, lengthening and swelling it to a half-erect state.

"Maybe," the man said, "I'll have to take some pleasures with you, young fella, before I kill you," reaching down to give his own cock a couple of strokes.

"I don't think so, Dr. Steele," Ted announced as he stepped through the doorway and, without taking his eyes off of Steele and the other two wolves and moved to the right of Eric and Evan.

Shocked, astonished, temporarily speechless at the sight of Ted Symthe, Steele soon recovered to sputter, "What the fuck you doing here?"

"Didn't you send me up here, Dr. Steele, to do your dirty work?" Ted asked rhetorically. Changing the subject, he asked, "It was all a lie, wasn't it, Steele? Something you concocted many years ago to find someone who'd, unwittingly, help you in locating the true Prince and reaching your goal of domination, right? Even the article in the magazine and picture of the wolf print, right? Damned clever of you, Steele, damned clever."

Ted, noticed Steele straighten up just a trifle, his chest swell, and his demeanor change somewhat from an immediate aggressive attack attitude to one more inclined to react to praise and, perhaps, bragging, willing to discuss how it got it all done.

"Of all the young people, mostly male, who responded over the years to that particular article, you, Symthe, was the only one who had any real proof and intense desire to research and find the giant wolf. You see, Symthe, I'd been following your career and inquiry for some time, so, I decided to reply to your blog and invite you to Maine. I'd hoped for a fuck or two, but alas, handsome yes, but inclined to my sexual persuasion, no!"

"How about the silver bracelet and all of the silver dinner ware around the doors and windows? Fake as well?"

"Hell, yes," Steele grinned and noted the bracelet Symthe wore. "If that's the same kind I had you wear at my house, it'll give you about as much protection as pissing into a forest fire to put it out."

"How in the hell did you figure out it was me?" Steele questioned, wanting to know how the discovery was made.

Ted ignored his question. There was no way he was going to reveal all of the actions Troy had taken or that both of him recognized his voice when they heard him speak while the Red Wolf's computer was being hacked.

"I suppose," Ted continued, "the story about the two wolves fighting over the female was not true either?"

"Yeah, sort of helps set the stage, hoping to help convince someone to believe and ask for more."

"The kids at the beach?"

"Never happened," Steele laughed. "If it would've, I'd have fucked the boys and killed the girl."

Steele looked over at Bruce, who was bent over inspecting something on his foot, his butt, displaying his small, puckered anus, pointed at Steele. Steele wiped his lips, swallowed hard, and his cock began its upward journey again.

"How in the world did you keep your secret from the others? I would think your scent would give you away, although I did notice it had a different smell and still does, even from this distance."

"Clever, right?" Steele bragged. "Wish I was the inventor, but it comes from ancient Europe and is concocted by an old herbalist over there, at a high cost, I might add. I know there's some expensive men's cologne in it as well as human semen, exotic herbs and spices, ground up human prostate glands and testicles, and for volume, large amounts of horse semen."

"I thought I recognized a faint odor of something familiar, the semen. I suppose, the wolf who told me to go to Louisiana, never really spoke to me, correct? It was you wasn't it?"

"Yeah; he's an older cousin of the young one I was fucking that night. It did give me the opportunity to steer you in the direction I wanted you to go for me."

"You've fooled a great many people, including me, over the years," Ted commented, casually leaning back against the wall of the porch, "especially young boys and men."

"Sure have, you being one of the few exceptions," Steele said, glancing over at Bruce who was rubbing his lower abdomen and balls in quite the enticing and erotic manner. Steel was hard as fence post, anticipating driving his big cock up the young boy's little asshole.

Licking his lips, reaching down to give his erection a couple of tugs, Steele continued, "And I've fucked most of them, giving me a delightful interlude and entertainment temporarily satisfying my need to breed."

"Also, a great source of information weren't they?" Ted conjectured and deciding to take a chance, "especially the one who led you to the Saulnier's in Louisiana, right?"

Steele frowned, uncertain whether or not Symthe actually had knowledge and if so, who gave him the information.

"The young man," Ted continued noting Steele didn't deny or affirm the statement, taking this an invitation to continue his fishing expedition, determined to try to bluff Steele into revealing his sources, "was high enough, let's say close enough, to the powers that be to have limited access to information but more than willing to ferret it out for you as long as you kept his ass full with your big cock. You must be some magnificent fucker to cause him to dig out such a secret."

"By god!" Steele exclaimed, "you are one hell of a researcher, Symthe. I wish now I'd found you sooner. It would've saved me time."

"But you'd have had less fucking," Ted reminded him.

"So right you are!" Steele thought a moment before continuing. "May as well tell you; you're all" waving his hand at the group on the porch, "going to die anyway."

Steele, a descendent of the revolutionary force which overthrew the rightful Lord of the Lycans many, many years ago in Europe and drove the survivors, including the Crown Prince, into exile in North America, was approached by other descendants who desired seeing the exiled royal family destroyed and putting an end to the lineage of the Saulnier Royal Family. He was able to track the Saulnier's to Maine from Canada, specifically to the Eagle Lake area. After that, their path became sketchy and the resident Lycans were reluctant to discuss the family at all.

Steele built his home there and used it as a base for his operation, hoping someday, one of the Saulnier's would return to the area and reveal the location of the rest of the family. In addition, the house's remote location and obvious advantage of the Bio-culture of a forest, allowed him to invite young men and boys to the place. In the process of their visit, he was able to satisfy his lust, fucking them as he was wont to do.

A few years back, he chanced upon a young administrative assistant to one of the members of the Grand Council who loved to bend over and take it up the ass, as often as he could. This proved to be a god-send to Steele since he was not only able to satisfy both of their needs and wants, but was able to cultivate the young man to a point of divulging pertinent information valuable to Steele's search. The young man could not only well-satisfy Steele with his talented mouth and rectal muscles, but keep secrets as well.

From him, Steele learned the family was living in the New Orleans area of Louisiana. Enlisting Warren Floyd and his small group of mercenaries, Steele arranged for the tragic accident killing the young Prince and his wife. Steele was aware they had a young son, but Floyd was unable to locate the boy. It took some time, but he learned the child was living with his great-uncle Jean Le Compte in the Bayou Parish Pack.

Steele paid a great deal of money for La Rue and his Red Wolf Pack, along with Warren Floyd's small pack, to attack the Bayou Parish Pack, weakened by the Vampires Steele paid lure them into a trap.

The attack on the Bayou Parish Pack wiped it out or so thought Steele. Floyd, returning to report, indicated they were very few children present and surviving the attack. Steele became suspicious, wondering if the young boy, the heir apparent to the throne, somehow escaped and was hiding somewhere with another werewolf pack. Steele's fuck-boy discovered the boy was alive and had been sent somewhere to hide, along with other children.

Ted listened quite attentively as Steele described his quest to seek the whereabouts of the True Prince, from Maine to Louisiana, to the arranged death of Gaige's parents, living with his Great-uncle Jean Le Compte and the raid on the Bayou Parish Pack. He now understood why, at Steele's house in Maine, the story was so plausible, smoothly delivered, and convincing. Steele was the perpetrator of the plot and provided its financial support. He'd failed to find Gaige after the massacre in Louisiana. Hence the need for a researcher such as himself.

"Here I'd been looking for the boy in Lycan families, not realizing Marie Le Compte was related to humans. I figured giving you the documents in my original research would turn up something. You didn't even look for him there. Yet, you found him!"

"How the hell did you find me up here?" Ted asked.

"Small GPS tracker attached to your vehicle. Isn't technology wonderful?"

Ted ignored his remarks, asking instead, "How in the world did you finance all of this? It must have cost a fortune."

"I've no worry about money," Steele answered proudly.

Indeed, he didn't need to worry. His wealth came from inherited wealth from overseas and from the estate of his wealthy father, investments, and other sources, most of which he indicated Ted probably wouldn't approve of.

"I intend to add significantly to that wealth when I ascend to the throne as well as make those who have supported me quite a bit richer besides. You see, I've plenty."

"Not anymore, Dr. Steele," Troy said stepping around the corner of the building.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Steele mused, eyeing the teen lasciviously remembering his experiences with him. "Stop by for a quick fuck? You'll have to wait, I just don't have the time right now."

"Steele," Troy announced icily, "you only knew me for a year and not since age thirteen as you said that night in Maine."

"Oh, so sorry!" Steele snapped sarcastically. He hesitated before asking, puzzled by Troy's remarks, "What did you mean when you said, 'not anymore'?"

Ted interjected himself into the conversation. "What you don't know about Troy, Dr. Steele, is he's a wizard at computer hacking. One of the best we've seen!"

"Yep!" Troy grinned. "I emptied your offshore accounts about an hour ago. You're like a ten year old girl, Steele, flat-busted! Isn't technology wonderful?" he said sarcastically, mocking Steele's earlier comment.

"And," Bruce piped up, "The ring I'm wearing is a fake and I'm not the boy you want, so there!"

With a wickedly vengeful smile, Bruce gave Steele the finger and dodged around the corner of the house.

Steele roared his fury at the deceptions and shouted "Kill them all, NOW!" and started to shift. He didn't make it! Felled by two loads of sliver buckshot fired from Ted's .410/45 cal. pistol, one to the head and the other to the chest. Evan lifted one of his canes, flipped out the hidden trigger and dropped the wolf on Steele's right with a shotgun blast of silver buckshot to the head, while Eric dispatched the other one with two loads of pellets from the pistol he'd concealed in the tote bag.

As they watched the wolves' slowly morph back into human shape, Bruce poked his head around the corner of the house, where he'd taken refuge with Andy for protection, asked with faux innocence, "Do we still have time to go to the party?"

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