Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 9

"Be secret and exult, because of all things known that is the most difficult"

(William Butler Yeats)

"Well," Eric said emphatically, "that certainly sets a deadline for us, doesn't it?"

He thought for a moment, contemplating how things might progress. "You know, they'll start snooping around any day now, trying to learn what they can about us. The sooner we do our due diligence the sooner we'll be able to plan for their destruction. Flynn and Stephen, make haste for Louisiana. We'll cover your expenses, right, Chase and Jessie?"

They nodded, although Chase was aware of the wealth available to him from his parents and grandparents, he wouldn't object to Jessie sharing part of the cost. From what little he knew of Jessie's financial situation, he could well afford it.

The group started to disperse and as they did, Becca invited David and Lindsey to stay. There were a few things she wished to discuss with them and not necessarily the entire group. Franklin had to leave to return to work at Campbell and Associates, so, whispering something in her ear, and with an encouraging word from her, left.

His manner of leaving and confidential words to their mother, left David and Lindsey curious and mildly unsettled. Evidently, she wanted to discuss something with them only she and Franklin were aware of and really didn't want others to know.

Becca, young William resting comfortably on her hip, bade the two of them to wait a moment while she put him down for a nap. Returning from the bedroom, she motioned them to accompany her, and led them through the house until arriving at her deceased father-in-law's office. Entering, walking toward the desk toward the back of the small room, she was pleased knowing she'd removed all of the trappings and materials Marcello Giordano used in his business affairs. She'd replaced all of the books on the wall shelves, added several comfortable chairs, a small couch, and a couple of small tables. Not only was it an office, but a library where one could read, study, or just relax. Since it was an inside room, she added several large landscape pictures to the walls. Franklin and she used it as an office so there were several filing cabinets and a computer server, screen, keyboard, and printer on the desk.

There were two entrances to the room, the one they came in, and the other opening into a hall with a bedroom, formerly Marcello's and now a guest room, just across the hall. The bedroom had also been renovated and redecorated to remove all vestiges of the former occupant. The windows were replaced with stronger, bullet resistant glazing, although the need for such probably wasn't necessary anymore. Still, one never knew.

"This room," Becca noted, "has seen it's share of discussions and decisions involving business deals, bribery, robbery, deceit, thievery, and death sentences. All of those decisions were done in secret, but recorded, fortunately, in the records stored in the walk-in safe behind the desk. The room also is possessed of another secret so great, I'd ask you to please not mention it to anyone outside our family. I'd even ask you keep it from Chase and Henri temporarily until Franklin and I have had the opportunity to discuss it some more."

She reached over to a light switch located between the door to the safe and a wall bookcase and pressed down on it. One row of ceiling lights turned off when she did. Continuing to hold down the switch, David and Lindsey heard a loud CLICK, causing them to become immediately alert. Becca noticed their reaction and, in an attempt to alleviate any concerns they might have, informed them the large lock bolts securing both doors to the room were now in place. She continued to hold the switch down and a second row of lights were extinguished while the large book case slid to the side revealing an open doorway.

Their mother released the switch and motioned them to follow her inside. Inside she flipped another switch and the book case slid shut, concealing their presence. A concrete tunnel led them some fifty feet or so to another doorway, open but could be closed by a heavy, counterbalanced, door. Stepping through the doorway, a relatively large concrete reinforced room was revealed. Becca told them the room could be closed off and secured by manually closing the door and securing by slipping the heavy, metal bolt locks into place.

"This room," she explained, "is almost twenty feet underground, equipped with a small bathroom, small kitchen area," pointing out each feature as she mentioned them, "three sets of bunk beds, a table and chairs, and supply cabinets."

"It will comfortably hold six people with enough water and supplies for two weeks if necessary. Electric and water are provided from a source independent of the main power grid and a filtered air supply provides the air needed to survive. It's a hidey-hole built like a bomb shelter but intended to conceal and provide an escape for those who didn't wish the law or opposing gang members to find them and kill them. You'll notice," waving a hand toward another interior door, "there's an escape tunnel leading to an exit some two hundred yards from the Lodge. It is well concealed and almost impossible to find from the outside."

"Amazing!" exclaimed David. "How did you ever find it?"

"By accident," she explained. "I was cleaning your grandfather's stuff out of the office with the intent of purging any remnants of his business operations and life here and flipped the light switch on. Something must've distracted me because I held it down. You've seen what I found as a result."

"If what I heard today is correct," Becca said solemnly, "there's going to be one heck of a fight coming. It'll be a fight with killing and injury. As I listened today, I thought of this place as a safe place for our family to ride it out."

David said little, but let his eyes and mind absorb the size of the room and the possibilities of its use. He kept his thoughts to himself, but decided the room could easily shelter more than six, if necessary.

Becca motioned for them to follow her out, explaining and demonstrating how to close off the hidden sanctuary by just completing the operations in reverse of those used to reveal it. She settled herself on one of the office sofa's and invited David and Lindsey to make themselves comfortable as well.

"There is one more thing I need to talk to you about."

Addressing Lindsey, she asked, "David told me of the conversation you had with Henri when he asked you to stay out of the upcoming fight and in a safe place. Is it correct you told him only if he put a babe in you?"

"Yep," Lindsey responded, "and unless he agreed to it, there'd be no more love-making until the fight was over."

"Don't you think that's rather drastic?"

Lindsey was pissed at her brother for telling their mother, but understood why he did. It was quite a restraint on Henri and thought it might be just as traumatic for his sister.

"No, not really! I love Henri with all my heart. If something should happen to him, I'd have nothing left unless he put a babe in me. I don't know how I could carry on without my mate unless there was part of him still with me."

"Do you think he'll agree?"

"Yeah!" Lindsey smiled. "He loves me just as much as I love him, but he really enjoys our love-making."

Becca nodded, fully aware of the sexual activities of her son and daughter. "You're pretty young, Lindsey. Maybe he's worried having a baby would do you harm."

"I don't think so. Mom, you've seen his penis soft, but when he's hard and erect, it's really big. I figure if something that big can go in, then a small baby will certainly be able to pop out without doing much damage."

Becca took a deep breath before continuing. "Therein lies the rest of the story I have to tell you. When I was your age, perhaps just a bit younger, Lindsey, during that particular summer, I met a young man, nineteen years old, and a stranger to our area. There's a small lake not far from where I lived where we used to go swimming on hot days or just for fun."

The young man was standing at the small beach when Becca emerged from the woods via the path leading to her house. She noticed, not only was he nude and very male, but he was slim, narrow-hipped, lithe, and extremely handsome. To her, he appeared to be the most beautiful creature ever placed on the earth. She was dressed only in a t-shirt and a pair of her brothers shorts.

She should've turned around and left, but the young man's naked body and the size of his flaccid member, much larger than her brothers she noticed, dangling down over two rather large balls, seemed to entice her to come closer, inviting her to touch and sample it. Close to the young man, her eyes alternating between gawking at his cock and his beautiful, almost feminine facial features, she allowed him to slowly remove her shirt and slip off her shorts until she was just as naked as he.

His cock became erect, she reached down to stroke it, and noticed a red birth mark the size of a strawberry on the left side of his belly button and down somewhat toward his left hip. It was the only flaw he appeared to have on his body. He murmured into her ear how beautiful she was before picking her up, lifting her, and then lowering her until the large, rounded head of his cock nudged her young, but recently pubescent woman-hood. Smiling at her, he pushed down, spearing his cock deep and breaking through her maiden barrier. Wincing at the temporary pain, Becca stretched and widened, accepting him until her sparse bush rested against his crotch, his cock buried to the length inside her. It didn't take him long to bring both her and him to a climax and flood her inside with a prodigious amount of semen.

The young man never softened as he walked, holding her in place, to a patch of grass, where over the next two hours, he proceeded to fuck her three more times, each time spewing a copious load inside of her.

"I never knew his name," she confessed, "only he was visiting friends over near Eagle Lake. Not the town, but the actual lake. After our encounter, I never saw him again. He impregnated me and my father was furious! At first he blamed my brothers, but I confessed I'd had the liaison, telling him what I knew of the young man. He never said another word. I should've known he'd be planning something. Sure enough, when the babe was born, a boy, I only held him and nursed him one day and a night before my father took him from me. I never saw the baby again. He was such a beautiful, delicate thing with a birthmark in the same location his father had. So, you two have a half-brother somewhere, I hope, living the life he desires."

Small tears crept down her cheeks as she finished. "I guess I've no right to be critical of your desire to have a child, knowing full well no harm will come to you, but you did need to know I'd been where you're going and understand your desire to keep something of your mate with you. I feel the same way about Franklin. He got me pregnant almost as soon as we met. As you know and can see, I'm pregnant again and would have as many as we can. There's no way, I'll let anyone take them away or do them harm."

David and Lindsey felt the emotional hurt their mother had and reacted by choking back tears, hugging her, holding her close, and helping her to express her sorrow to them and theirs to her. Knowing her past didn't widen any gulf, if one ever existed, but strengthened the mother/child bond between them.

"Ted said they were near Cook about an hour ago, so they should be arriving any time," Eric announced to the small welcoming committee gathered at his house awaiting Ted and Jacques' arrival with their new house guests.

They'd left the day before, as they desired, traveled to Upper Michigan to retrieve the Lejeune Family offspring and bring them to Kabetogama. Evidently all went well, except for Ted's mentioned having to rent a small U-Haul® trailer to haul those things they were unable to put inside the SUV.

"Tell you all about it when we arrive," Ted explained, evidently too busy to say more and anxious to be on the road.

Chase, Henri, David, Lindsey, Jessie, Gaige, Patrick, Evan, and Eric sat on the porch, while Prewitt and Dustin flitted about busy checking out their surroundings and keeping an eye on Gaige. Gaige had no idea who it was they were going to meet, only knowing it'd be a surprise and he'd be happy with it. He was being more than patient enjoying being at "Uncle Eric's" and with Chase and Henri. Patrick was his ever present companion, doing his duty as Jessie had so ordered when hearing of an impending attack on the young prince. Patrick would sacrifice his life for the young man he was guarding. He wasn't the only one, since the Landry's, Jessie, Jase, and Tyler would as well.

"If we have to wait much longer," Evan whispered to Eric, "young Gaige will grow restless. He's already hinting it'd be fun to go swimming."

The words barely left his mouth, when he noticed all of the human Lycan's became alert, sitting up straighter in their chairs, ears seeming to focusing in on some sound their hyper-sensitive netherworld hearing picked up, while their eyes scanned the surrounding woods. Something or someone was nearing the residence and they were preparing for it.

In less than four minutes, Chase's SUV, with Ted at the wheel and a two wheel small cargo trailer attached to it, rolled down the lane and came to a halt in front of the house. Ted exited the driver's door, an average height, but lanky, slim, handsome young man climbed out of the front passenger side, followed, as the rear doors opened, by a cute, young girl, with Jacques almost attached it seemed, behind her adjusting his fly, another young teen girl, and finally two prepubescent boys, one younger than the other.

Gaige squealed, "Bruce, Mark!" and bounded from the porch heading toward the two young lads.

"Apparently," mused Evan, tongue in cheek, "Gaige is acquainted with those two."

"By the splotch of cock snot on Jacques' britches, Gaige is not the only one who is acquainted with one of the Lejeune's," Eric said perceptively.

Chase stepped forward to the young teen male, extended his hand, saying, "Welcome to Kabetogama, Andy."

Andy Lejeune smiled as he accepted the hand, tilted his head, baring his throat, responding, "It's good to be here among friends."

Eric and Evan both noticed, as Chase made his way through the group, greeting them, each tilted their head, baring their throats in obsequiousness to the now Alpha of the Bayou Parish Pack. The act of submission didn't go unnoticed by Jessie either.

Chase introduced the gathered welcoming party, including Prewitt and Dustin, both of whom just had to ogle the handsome young man standing with the newcomers, and noted Eric and Evan as their hosts.

"Uncle Eric, as we call him," he stated, "is really a cousin through my Grandmother Le Compte and our legal guardian. Evan Troutman or Uncle Evan, is his spouse. So you are aware, Uncle Evan, Uncle Eric, and Ted are the only humans who know of the nature of our dual existence. Jessie Sutton is, along with his husbands, the adopted father to Gaige. I know it sounds complicated, but after a bit, you'll get the hang of it all."

When Chase introduced David as his mate, Andy Lejeune, sort of smiled, taking note of the same sex couple, realizing there were several in this group of Lycans and humans. The younger and older members of the Bayou Pack suspected for a long time Chase might be gay, but he never seemed to act on it. Evidently, now he could.

"Introduce your family to the rest of us," Chase invited Andy. "My brothers and I are familiar with all of you except for one so please do so."

Andy proceeded to introduce his sister Alicia, age fourteen, his younger brothers, Bruce age ten and Mark, age eight. "I don't think you've met, perhaps you have, our cousin Jennifer Fournier, age fifteen. She couldn't tolerate the family she was with and wanted to come with us. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course we don't," Eric interjected. "We have a big house, but before we get into living arrangements, why don't we just relax and enjoy the steak's we're going to cook. We can unload everything after we eat. Lunch will give us time to visit and become better acquainted. Jessie and Chase will want to explain the predicament facing us. You may change your mind about staying."

"We already heard much of it from Ted and Jacques," Andy responded, "and right now we don't want to change our minds. There are three more of us who've shifted and are fighters. We owe the Red Wolf an ass kicking and plan to see our families avenged – in blood!"

Chase, Henri, David, and Lindsey hustled around getting tables set up and food out while Eric and Evan grilled steaks. Andy stood with them while the men did the cooking.

"You'll be living with us temporarily," Eric informed Andy, "until Ted's new home can be furnished and livable. How long you live there depends on how things go and what other arrangements you may want to make. Just to clue you in, if you haven't already gathered it, Eric and I have a long relationship with your world and are secret keepers. There is a large gathering of Lycanthropes in the area and you all hide in plain sight. For example, Jessie Sutton's family are all human and don't have a clue he's been turned."

"Let's eat first," Eric announced. "You can get your gear unloaded and into the bedrooms after lunch. We can continue our conversation later. The young ladies will occupy Jacques's room, the young men in Henri's room, and Henri and Jacques will share Chase's room with him. If you wish, you'll have time for a swim before lunch is ready."

Jacques's cock twitched at the sleeping arrangement, realizing he'd have unfettered access to the tight, young portal he'd dipped into several times on the drive home. Alicia rode comfortably on his lap with his cock anchoring her in place, drilled in deep and hard, reacting to every little bump in the road.

Patrick's attention was riveted on Jennifer. He'd watched her carefully from the time she climbed out of the SUV. He felt his groin tighten and a giddy feeling raced through his body when Andy Lejeune introduced her. She caught him staring at him, smiling in response, almost inviting him to step near. Walking toward her, intending on making his own introduction, her scent hammered into him like a spike into a board, turning his cock into a hard, throbbing instrument of pleasure. He wanted to fuck her so bad, he almost unloaded his sweet, sticky syrup into his shorts.

It took well over an hour for the crew to haul in their gear, sort out rooms, drawer space, closet space, and sleeping arrangements. As a group, they were ready for a swim when done. Naked bodies bounded down the stairs, through the house out onto the deck, and heading for the lake. Gaige and the other young boys led the way, their round, firm little butts flexing as they ran, followed by Alicia and Jacques, Patrick and Jennifer, and, following them, Henri and Lindsey. To say Jacques and Patrick were erect wouldn't be an idle statement. Patrick tried to maneuver his body so his cock would come in contact with Jennifer, but she was coy, avoiding it most times. Her budding breasts, sparse patch of hair above her virginal female opening was driving him nuts, so intense was his desire for her.

Chase and David, walking with Andy, took their time going to the lake. Chase and Andy had much to discuss and were deep in conversation. Eric, Evan, Ted, and Jessie remained on the deck visiting and watching the group. Andy walked by, half turned to them, smiled, and turned back to listen to something Chase asked.

"My god, man!" Evan exclaimed. "That boy is really hung!"

Eric nodded in agreement. "More so than you, Jessie," tilting his head in Jessie's direction, "and, no disrespect intended, more than your husbands."

"Suppose it's just an anomaly or genetics?" Eric continued, asking no one in particular.

"Don't know," pondered Evan.

"Got to be burdensome," Ted murmured, "carrying all of that weight around."

"I'm surprised he can even walk normally," Jessie remarked, as one who was well acquainted with large, long, thick penises.

The group of young people swam, visited, and generally enjoyed each other's company for a couple of hours. Ted, Eric, Evan, and Jessie prepared burgers for the grill and had them ready when the swimmers decided to call it quits. Instead of remaining naked, they all trooped upstairs, dressed, and returned to the deck.

Evan, speaking softly to Patrick, after noticing his very erect penis when he walked by to go upstairs, said, "Better stroke off a load or you'll never get your britches on."

"Plan on it," Patrick replied, grinning as he continued into the house.

The conversation over burgers was mainly small talk, sorting out who was who, what packs there were in the area, the relationship of Eric, Evan, and Ted to the Lycanthropes in the area, the availability of medical service through the White Wolves, and the extra-ordinary cautions they took to keep the existence of Lycans from the human community, including the large numbers of visitors in the Kabetogama area during the summer. The discussion finally evolved to why the Lejeune's and Jennifer decided to leave the packs they were with.

"We were treated as domestic servants," Andy confessed, "and not like pack members. I knew, if I wanted my brothers and my sister to grow into proper Lycanthropes, we needed to be reunited with our own people. When Alicia and Jacques started contacting each other, I saw this as our chance."

"I decided to join them," Jennifer added, "when I talked to Alicia about what they were planning to do. The small pack I was with treated me the same, only there was one guy who decided I was meant to be bred and I was less than a month being mated with him."

According to Jennifer, the man said once he fucked her, she'd be his to do with what he wished and he'd share her with others to use as they wanted. Having this threat made, she escaped, joined the Lejeune's less than forty-eight hours ago. She doubted the other pack would waste their time hunting for her.

Time seemed to move quickly. Evening approached with dusk beginning to overtake daylight and Jessie announced it was time for Gaige and him to leave. Patrick headed to join them, loyal to his duty to Gaige, but Jessie waved him off.

"Stay here, take our new friends for a run later, and show them part of our territory."

Patrick was pleasantly surprised and delighted he'd have more time to spend courting Jennifer, for it was apparent she wanted to be courted and wouldn't turn down his advances.

At full dark, the Landry's, the Lejeune's, and Jennifer, led by Patrick, left on a run. Bruce and Mark, young and not able to shift, stayed with Eric and Evan. Ted left for the motel, decidedly tired, and needing some time to continue to absorb all he'd heard and seen.

Eric and Evan helped Bruce and Mark with their pajamas and in doing so, helping the boys step into their pajama bottoms, got a close up look at their hairless crotches and prepubescent uncut penises and testicles.

"Definitely genes!" Eric murmured to Evan.

"And what big, healthy genes they are!" he responded.

The boys, after being plied with ice cream and cookies, snuggled up on the couch. Bruce was settled in Eric's arms and Mark in Evan's. It didn't take long until both boys were sound asleep.

"Tired little pups, aren't they?" Evan commented.

Eric nodded, adding, "You know, Love, every little boy and girl needs a grandma and a grandpa or just a grandpa. These two cuties need a grandpa more than many others, considering what they've been through. They have no one except their older brother, a sister, and a cousin."

"We always can add on to the house," Evan offered. "Be nice to have little ones around again. Haven't had any around since Jessie was little and even then he was at the Resort."

Eric said nothing, but both men knew what direction they would go once the current fracas was settled.

Bruce shifted slightly on Eric's lap at the sound of their voices.

"Have you noticed, Evan, other than one major difference in appendages, how similar in weight, height, and hair color Bruce is to Gaige?"

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