Blood Moon; Blood Lust

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

"The man who believes that the secrets of the world are forever hidden lives in mystery and fear. Superstition will drag him down. The rain will erode the deeds of his life. But the man who sets himself the task of singling out the thread of order from the Tapestry will by decision alone have taken charge of the world and it is only by such taking charge that he will affect a way to dictate the terms of his own fate."

(Cormac McCarthy)

"SON-OF-A-BITCH!" Ted screeched, jumping up from his chair in surprise, abandoning his laptop and the image he'd been carefully scrutinizing, engrossed in the picture he viewed, ready to face and fight the unknown intruder who, by his or her presence, startled and frightened him since he was under the impression he was all alone in a locked motel room!

"Bet I surprised you, right?" came the joyous, mischievous, youthful, and giggly voice.

Unable to verbally reply at the moment, visibly dumbstruck by the sight before him, Ted could only slowly nod his head as he viewed, with disbelief and a great deal of skepticism, the young boy in the photo on his laptop now standing before him, now in real life. Actually, not in real life, more like a wispy, ghostly apparition, mysteriously only found, in Ted's previous life until he met and visited with werewolves in Maine, in Fairy tales and movies.

"What the fuck!" he muttered, "if I can see werewolves, why not this as well?"

The young lad, angelic smile adorning the most beautiful face Ted ever saw, was approximately four foot tall if he was standing but he wasn't. In fact, as Ted looked closely, he was sort of hovering a foot or so off of the floor. Large, white, transparent, gossamer wings protruding widely from the lad's back, and he certainly was a boy evidenced by the relatively above average, hairless uncircumcised penis and testicles exposed, even with his body clad, except for his wings, with a translucent, see-through, white, robe, quite open at the front, revealing not only his sex, but a perfect, slim, trim, prepubescent body, hairless, and innocent appearing. The lad was elfin, shimmering in a soft, iridescent, fluorescent, white glow.

"Actually," the boy stated softly as he turned slightly to the side and lifting his cloak to reveal his pert, nicely rounded, petite buttocks, "some people think this is my better side," cocking his head coyly, smiling, and winking surreptitiously at Ted.

"Oh, shit!" moaned Ted. "What the hell are you?"

"A Feufollet garcon," snickered the boy with a delightfully happy smile.

"And I'm an Almond Joy®," Ted retorted. "I have no idea what the hell a Feufollet garcon is."

"You're silly!" came the twittered response. "I'm a Cajun boy fairy!"

"So, Cajun boy Fairy, what might be your name; how are you called?"

"Prewitt! It means 'brave little one' in French, so I understand."

Prewitt smiled again, fluttered his wings, moving him closer to Ted, before asking, "Do you find me pretty?" and sort of sashayed his hips.

Ted swallowed hard, "Yes, I do, you are a very handsome young fairy, but what do I owe the pleasure of your company in my room?"

"I'm here to help you find the Prince," Prewitt answered seriously. "He left and I don't know where he is."

Ted shook his head slowly, not in objection or refusal, but resigned to what he could imagine was going to happen and he didn't know how he'd prevent it. Either he had to get control the situation or commit himself to the nearest insane asylum and he had no desire to do that. It'd prove more than embarrassing trying to describe what he'd seen in the past two weeks and definitely would incarcerate him for the rest of his natural life, if there was such a thing anymore.

"Why should I help you find this prince?'

Pouting sadly, Prewitt, sighed, "Because he's my friend."

Ted raised his eyebrows and frowned in speculation.

"And," Prewitt stated quickly, "he's in danger and I must warn him."

"Why," Ted asked cautiously, "is your friend and prince in danger?"

"Because, he will be Lord of the Lycons someday and there are those who don't want him to be," Prewitt stated emphatically and apparently knowledgeably.

"And the prince's name would be…..?" Ted asked, leaving the sentence unfinished, hoping Prewitt would fill in the blanks and add more to the conversation.

"His Royal Highness Prince Gaige Wyatt Saulnier and I'm so afraid for him," Prewitt answered with a catch in his voice as a clear, but fully formed, tear from each of his eyes slid slowly down his cheeks. Sniffing, his lower lip protruding in a sad pout, Prewitt continued, threatening in an almost inaudible voice, "If you don't, I'll sic the Pixies on you."

"Pixies?" snorted Ted. "Are they tough, invisible, or even exist?"

"Oh, they do," Prewitt replied, nodding his head vigorously, eyes wide, face full, "and they can be really nasty sometimes! But," he sighed, "I guess I wouldn't do that to you. I like you!"

"Thank you, Prewitt. I like you as well," Ted responded somewhat relieved. How could one not like such an adorable, childlike boy even if part of the supernatural world of wee folk and others, that world of strange and fantastic creatures, curtained off from mortals who were generally band from seeing or privileged to participate in? "However, I don't know where to start this search."

"You already did! You were in his bedroom today and saw his initials carved into the door frame inside his closet. The Red Wolf and his pack never noticed it when they killed Jean and Marie Le Compte, but you did!"

"Ah, hah," Ted thought to himself, "now we're getting to the nitty-gritty why the lone wolf wanted me to come here."

"He did?" asked Prewitt. "What's a nitty-gritty and what lone wolf?"

"Stop right there!" commanded Ted, raising his hand. "Can you read my mind?"

"Sort of," Prewitt sheepishly answered. "But not everybody's," he hastily added.

"Oh, boy," Ted sputtered, "I'll have to be careful."

"Only if you want to be, otherwise, I don't mind," the almost naked fairy stated and with another little giggle, "I don't mind and I don't tell."

"Right," Ted said sarcastically, "and I won't cum in your mouth and the moneys on the dresser."

Prewitt's eyes opened in temporary shock at Ted's remarks, and suppressed a giggle.

"I didn't think there were any surviving relatives of the Le Compte's or the Landry's," Ted stated, "at least according to the printed obituaries, news articles, and the information I received from Dr. Steele."

"But there were," Prewitt stated emphatically. "They got away!"


Sadly, with heavy heart, the Feufollet garcon, the Cajun boy fairy, told what he saw and knew of the battle between the Bayou Pack and the Red Wolf Pack and the aftermath. It wasn't much since Prewitt's Fairy Queen ordered her subjects to stay clear and not get involved. It was only after the fight when the Red Wolf won, was Prewitt allowed to return to the area he'd called home for many, many years. Lonely and desolate, he wandered around seeking his friend Prince Saulnier. He was nowhere to be found or any evidence he'd been killed.

Recently, within the last two weeks, he happened upon a meeting, in front of the now deserted, Le Compte house, between the Red Wolf, in human form, AKA Alfred La Rue, and another, well-dressed, stranger to the bayou country, man discussing they finally found a way to the locate Prince Saulnier and were going to put together an expedition of werewolves to discover his exact location and kill him so the stranger could become the Lord of the Lycans.

"But," Prewitt confirmed, "they have no idea what he looks like or his exact age, only that he's young. I do, but they don't!"

"Did they say, Prewitt, where this place is they're going to begin to look?"


"Couldn't you read their minds?"

"No, I was blocked; something Lycans can do sometimes."

Pondering his thoughts aloud, Ted frowned, "I wonder where he went?"

"He left with the Landry brothers," Prewitt announced. "Before the battle and before he left, he told me his Auntie, a very wise wolf with second sight some said, arranged for them to live with a distant relative of hers, but didn't know the name when he told me."

"How," Ted asked to no one in particular, "do I find out the name."

"Look through all of that paper stuff you've been so interested in again. Maybe we missed something."


"Well, I sort of read over your shoulder sometimes."

Ted repositioned himself at the motel desk, opened the file folder containing the information on the Le Compte Family he'd received from Steele and began carefully reading each paper document carefully, seeking something he may've missed in his previous perusals. Prewitt reduced himself to the size of a parrot, perched on Ted's shoulder, and read each document along with Ted, occasionally asking him to slow down. "I'm not a speed reader, you know," he scolded once but decided not to do it again when he received, what he perceived was a threatening look from Ted. Ted knew Prewitt was there, but there was no weight indicating the nearly naked boy fairy was resting there.

In jest, Ted noticing Prewitt was close to his ear so he could rest his hands on Ted's head and his cock was about level with his ear, playfully admonished, "Now don't go poking that monster of your' in my ear, understand?"

Prewitt, giggling his boyish laugh, responded, "It'd have to be hard to do that," and said no more.

Halfway through the stack of documents, Prewitt noticed something Ted overlooked each time he'd gone through the file.

"Looks like two are stuck together," he noted quietly.

Ted looked closely, commenting, "You're right! Good job, Prewitt!" and carefully separated the two pieces of paper. The second paper was a copy of Jean and Marie Le Compte's marriage license. Marie's maiden name was listed as "Trempealeau."

"Now that's a name that is familiar," Ted remarked.

"Say no more," Prewitt commanded, cautioning Ted. "Don't even think about it anymore, at least don't concentrate on it. Lock the paper up in your suitcase, and in the morning, take us where you think we should go."


"Of course," responded Prewitt, "I'm going with you!"

"Why, Prewitt, should I not say anything now?"

"Well," the boy fairy replied conspiratorially, "Humans think they're alone when they can see no one else about, but most of the time they're not, if you know what I mean," and pointed at himself, reminding Ted of his own appearance.

Ted nodded, understanding what the fairy was telling him. He was all too aware of the presence of the unknown and unseen since he was privy to some aspects of the nether-world within the past couple of weeks.

"You mean," he said softly, "like fairies and werewolves?"

"And Pixies, Brownies, and Nymphs," Prewitt responded, eyes wide acknowledging there could be some around, giving a tilt of his head toward a corner of the room.

"Right," Ted agreed, as he put the file, with the document, in his briefcase and spun the dial of the combination lock securing it.

"Now," he declared, "I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow could be a long day."

Stripping to his boxer shorts, Ted walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, dropped his shorts, and happened to look toward the mirrored vanity, spotting Prewitt, still parrot sized, sitting on the counter top, feet and legs dangling over the side. Prewitt appeared to be scrutinizing Ted's naked body, sort of "checking him out."

"Do you have to accompany me everywhere?" he scolded lightly, casting a glare at the boy fairy.

"No," replied a pensive and hurt Prewitt. "You said you liked me, so if you don't, I'll just leave. I'm sorry Ted," he continued, "but I just want to be near you."

Ted took a deep breath, shook his head in resignation. "That's okay, Prewitt, you don't have to leave. I guess I don't mind you sticking so close to me. It must be pretty lonely with your friend gone?"

"It is, but we're going to find him." He snickered a little, "besides," wagging his eyebrows, "you're pretty fit for a human. You even have a nice penis!"

"You can call it cock, if you want, but understand, I'm a bit above average in endowment."

"You know, Prewitt," Ted continued, "having a creature from the nether-world such as yourself, a creature I can't touch, but can see and hear, who can float around in the air, fly through walls, and who knows what else, watching me shower or anything else I might do, is a bit unnerving but I guess I can handle it."

Prewitt simple giggled his approval and fluttered down from his perch, hovered at crotch level just in front of Ted, tipped his head to one side and then the other, moved closer for a closer look, and with a puff of his cheeks, blew a soft wafting of air across the glans of Ted's circumcised cock. The organ twitched, beyond the control of Ted it seemed, and began to chub up.

"Stop that!" Ted commanded.

"I just wanted to see what it looked like all stiff and such!" the boy fairy responded showing a slight pout.

"I don't care, you needn't be playing with my dick, understand?"

"You're rather possessive, aren't you?" Prewitt fired back.


Prewitt sighed and flapped his way back to the countertop as Ted stepped into the shower. The closed shower curtain didn't stop Prewitt from joining him by sitting on the shower curtain rod. Ted decided to ignore him and began shampooing his hair.

"Make certain you close your eyes," Prewitt advised, "Gaige says the soap burns like the very devil if you don't."

"Thanks, Prewitt! I'll remember that."

Ted rinsed his head, picked up a washcloth, wet it, and then soaped it up so he could scrub his body.

"I've seen some guys," Prewitt said knowingly, hoping to impart some new information to Ted, "not use the cloth, but soap up with the hands."

"They do?" Ted responded, hoping his new friend would move on to something else.

"You know what else they do?" Prewitt commented, fluttering down just outside the cascading water, but looking Ted right in the face. Prewitt's eyes were wide with knowledge of something evidently spectacular to him and perhaps just a bit naughty.


"They really soap up their cocks and flog away on it until they poke their hips out, close their eyes, raise up on their toes, and great big globs of white, sticky stuff shoots out! That's what some do!" satisfied he'd broadened Ted's education.

"That's just wonderful!"

"And that's not all, Ted; sometimes two of them shower together and you know what they do?"

"Let me guess, Prewitt."

"You don't have to 'cause I'm going to tell you! One stands behind the other, pushes the other guy forward a little so he's sort of bent over, and sticks his cock in the other guy's butt, and breeds him!"


"They don't have babies though," Prewitt said thoughtfully, pondering why. "Some guys with big, humongous bellies hanging out sometimes have a real tough time reaching around to play with their cocks."

"How sad!"

"And you know what else?" evidently pleased he'd found an audience. "Once in a while, two guys will turn the water off and one will kneel in front of the other and suck on his cock."

By this time Ted was drying himself. He looked over at Prewitt, now back on the countertop.

"You're quite the chatty-Cathy, aren't you?'

The boy fairy hovered above the countertop for a moment, deep in thought, responding slowly, "No, not a Cathy since I'm a boy, but more of a prattling Prewitt," he smirked with a wink.

"You're probably right," Ted said. "Now, I'm going to bed. We have long days ahead of us."

Ted crawled in, naked as usual, pulled up the covers, and turned off the lamp on the table by the bed. Prewitt's pale glow still cast some light as he moved closer to the bed. Enlarging himself to boy size, he stood starting at Ted.

The silence was broken by Prewitt asking, "Ted?"

"Yes, Prewitt."

"Could I just sort of rest on the other pillow next to you?"

"Yes, you may, Prewitt, but remember I have to sleep."

Prewitt shifted back to about six inches high and settled back down on the pillow. All was quiet for a couple of minutes.



"I really, really like you!"

"Thank you, Prewitt, I like you too, but now we have to rest, okay?"

Ted heard a soft sigh happily, turned, and saw him settled on the pillow, his glow dimmer, indicating the Feufollet garcon was resting as well.

He woke the next morning quite rested! He hoped Prewitt rested as well. Although he had no idea i f Fairies slept at all. He thought he'd have to ask Prewitt. Crawling out of bed, Ted's hard-on was quite evident, so he headed to the bathroom to piss and perhaps relieve the pressure on his stomach and reduce his erection.

"Well, that's impressive," Prewitt declared, suddenly appearing in his ghostly, wispy boy form, wings gently fanning the air, keeping him afloat.

"It's a little bit more than normal in size, Prewitt so don't get your wings twisted or your buns burnished, okay?"

Prewitt sort of harrumphed; "I know I've seen more than one naked human with a stiff cock, but yours points up quite rigidly in fact, but it has a pronounced banana curve to it."

"I guess I'm just lucky!"

Once relieved of both of his immediate human problems, Ted dress and announced he was going to the lobby to help himself to the buffet breakfast the motel provided.

Inviting Prewitt to partake or join him as well, he said, "You're welcome to come along, Prewitt, if you eat human food. If not, would you stay here, please and watch our stuff?"

"I don't and I will!" Prewitt answered proudly. "If anyone or anything tries to get in, I'll come and get you."

Ted closed and locked the room door and walked to the lobby and the breakfast room. When he entered, he noticed two younger men, probably mid-twenties, get up suddenly, dump their unfinished breakfasts, look at him carefully, and leave the room. He glanced at his wrist and the visible silver bracelet, thinking if they were shifters, it worked. It was the only thing he could imagine which would cause their hasty departure.

He said little to Prewitt concerning the pair, instead, closed up his suitcase, grabbed his briefcase, checked the room to make certain he'd left nothing behind, and stepped out of the room. Approaching his truck he asked Prewitt to check it out to make certain they had no "unwanted guests" as passengers. After the all clear was given by his traveling companion, Ted climbed in, started the truck, secured his seat belt, and looked over at Prewitt, now boy-sized, smiling at back at him.

"Suppose it'd be senseless to tell you to buckle up wouldn't it?"

Prewitt just gurgled his little boy laugh and nodded his head.

As he drove north out of the city, he mentioned his encounter with the two young men in the breakfast room. "I think," he concluded, "they were Lycans the way they vacated the room."

"There's a bunch of them around here," Prewitt responded. "There's a couple of small packs and the Red Wolf's really big one. There's also plenty of vampires here as well. I think," he said pondering aloud, "they're allergic to silver too."

Ted just nodded, but Prewitt's remarks did cause him to begin checking his rearview mirrors more frequently to see if anyone was "dogging" him. He was thankful, again, for the training in law enforcement he'd received. It helped him discern normal traffic from someone determined to tail him, even if they should switch off with others. There were patterns even the most experienced could hardly shake off when tailing another person.

Prewitt was fairly quiet, other than answering an occasional question from Ted. Ted was beginning to grow concerned for his normally chatty new friend.

"Ted?" Prewitt probed.


"I've never been out of the Bayou Country."


"I'm scared!"

"Why is that, Prewitt?"

"I don't know, just maybe because it'll be so far away from the Bayou and I won't know anybody. What if they, the ones who live where we're going, don't like me?"

"Well, Prewitt, I can't speak for others since one never really knows, but who wouldn't love such a handsome, personable, and delightful young Feuillet garcon such as you and not want you as a friend? I know I enjoy having you as a friend."

Prewitt sort of shrugged his shoulders!

"You'll have Prince Saulnier as a friend right?"

"What if he forgot me?"

"I doubt he would," Ted responded trying to bring Prewitt out of his slump. Besides you have me and I promise, Prewitt, if you're not happy or haven't found other boy fairies like yourself, I'll personally take you back to the Bayou Country, okay?"

"You will?"

"I promise!"

"Thanks, Ted," Prewitt answered with a satisfied, comforted expression on his face.

David's soft lips and tongue tantalizing the fat head of Chase's most prodigious prick, caused the plum-shaped head to swell even more, glistening from saliva and Cowper's fluid, the clear, sticky, slick precursor to sexual penetration, which in this case would be David's small, but vigorously twitching with anticipation, orifice between his butt cheeks.

"Enough," gasped Chase, his hard, long cock throbbing. "I really need to fuck you!"

"And I really want you to," David snickered, wiggling his butt, and quickly falling to his back, spreading his legs, and raising them to make his ass more available.

Chase slipped easily between the legs of his smaller lover, legs which would grasp his hips as they made love, pulling him in deeper and deeper, hitching the two of them together like a train engine to the rest of the train, into the tight, hot, moist, and familiar tunnel of love. They would stay coupled like this until both unloaded and achieved their release.

Nudging his rampant tool at the gateway to paradise, Chase positioned the fat head at the small, wrinkled aperture, pushed as he leaned forward, watching the satisfied look on David's face as his cock began stretching the opening and insides for the long journey into this most erogenous place for him and David, this hot furnace of satisfaction! Bringing his arms around David, naked body to naked body, he sealed his lips to David's and began a slow, sensual thrusting, stroking, tickling David's prostate on each pass. David, in response, thrust his hips up, meeting each of Chase's while using his inner muscles to massage and grip Chase's cock.

"This is awesome!" Chase declared, breaking their kiss and began fucking only as lovers can.

"You got that right!" David responded.

Their actions grew in intensity and rapidity until Chase groaned, "God, I'm cumming, Davey," and began gushing long, thick, copious amounts of semen into his mate's bowels."

"Me too," squealed David, almost breathless as strong spurts of cum spouted out his smaller cock onto their stomachs.

Chase rolled over onto his back, so David rested on top of him, still embedded ass to balls on Chase's cock. Chase had no intendent on only fucking David once and David not only knew it, but looked forward to it. Chase wouldn't soften much and could deliver just as large a load the second time as the first.

Cradling David in his arms, one hand tenderly holding his head, Chase, referring to the "start of summer party at his house," actually, his Uncle Eric's and Uncle Evan's, asked, "What time you coming tomorrow?"

"Depends what time you start to fuck me," chortled David, wiggling down a little seeking a better insertion as he also squeezed his anal muscles around Chase's stiff cock. "Got anything special on the menu other than what's now lodged inside me?"

"I think there's going to be a big platter of Russian Beef Tartar and Jessi, Jase, and Tyler are bringing an assortment of steaks."

"Big crowd?"

"Most of the Averill Creek Pack and a few others, I think. You could come early and help light the fires."

"Your fire is lighted almost all of the time now, but, yeah, I will. Could also stay the night and help you clean up," he snickered.

"Here's your cleanup," Chase responded, pushing in deep into David's ass and beginning to fuck.

Tyler, Jase, and Jessie just returned from the bedroom and stepped onto the porch, after Jase and Tyler double-teamed Jessie while Gaige was napping.

"I'm always amazed," Jase was saying, "how much you stretch to take both of us up your chute at once. Not that I'm complaining, you understand."

Before Jessie could reply, Gaige came wandering out from his bedroom, sleepy-eyed, interrupting their discussion. Adopted son of all three, Gaige wiggled up between Jase and Jessie, scrunched around a little before deciding where he really wanted to be was on "Poppa" Jessie's lap.

"What're you doing up from your nap, Button?" Jessie asked, although he did think maybe Gaige was getting too old for one, but the lad did plead tiredness after lunch. With school out, he'd been playing hard with his friends in the Campbell compound and this morning, they'd been swimming. He was just plum tuckered!

"I was, but Robbie and Rick woke me with the noise they were making from their sex play."

"They do tend to be quite vocal," Jessie admitted giving Gaige a hug, "especially as they near the end of it."

"And during," Tyler added perfunctorily with a sigh.

Robbie loved to be fucked, especially by the Averill Creek Enforcer, Rick Hayes and Rick loved to fuck, especially and only Robbie Bowers. Seeming uninhibited by the presence of other pack members, Robbie was just as likely to drop his drawers when in human shape and present his ass to a very willing Rick and take his very well developed penis up his poop chute with little hesitation or discomfort. When in wolf form, they'd often interrupt their run in the night several times to copulate.

"Anyway, Poppa Jessie," Gaige continued, ignoring Poppa Tyler's remarks, but smiling at it anyway, "that's not what I have to tell you. I think it might be important."

"Oh, why do you think your Poppa should know?"

Gaige sort of scrunched up his face, organizing his thoughts. "While I was asleep, I had one of those dreams, you know the kind Tanty Marie called visions. We're going to have visitors, I think, in a day or so."

All three of his Poppa's came instantly alert. Gaige Saulnier was gifted, the same as his Great-aunt Marie, with "second sight". It was his second sight which warned the Bayou Pack of the impending invasion by the Red Wolf and subsequent fight leading to the destruction of the Bayou Pack and his escape with his cousins, the Landry Brothers.

Remaining calm, hopefully so not to upset young Gaige, Jessie asked, "How many visitors are we expecting and do they mean to do you harm?"

"Two, actually one human and one from the spirit world," Gaige answered, nodding his head as if to confirm he was correct.

"A shifter?" Tyler asked.

"No, but I couldn't really see. It did feel really familiar to me like I should know. The human, I don't know, but something tells me you guys do. It didn't upset me, so I figure they're friendly, I hope!"

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?" Changing the subject, Jessie asked, "Did Christopher say he'd be at our beginning of summer party at Uncle Eric's tomorrow?"

Christopher Campbell, son of Scott Campbell and grandson of Art Campbell, Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack and Gaige became fast, almost inseparable friends when Jessie, Jase, and Tyler decided to include him in the homeschool program the Campbell's had for some of their younger children. Consultation with Eric and Evan, along with Art Campbell, convinced them it would be safer for Gaige to be homeschooled there since, not only was Christopher the same age as Gaige, but Gaige would be under constant supervision and guard by either a member of the Kabetogama Pack or the Averill Creek Pack.

When Jase, Jessie, or Tyler were attending one of their college classes, a member of the Averill Creek Pack would escort Gaige to the Campbell's and pick him up. If no others were available, Eric or Evan would do it. Since they were human, they came armed with a couple of 45/410 chambered revolvers loaded with shot shells loaded with silver BB shot. These, they kept in lead lined carrying cases, but always handy and at the ready. A couple of those fired into a Lycanthrope would be sufficient to render him or her incapacitated or dead.

Jessie scooted Gaige from his lap, gave him a gentle swat on the bottom and asked him to send Rick out to the porch so Poppa Tyler could talk to him. Gaige scampered willing to the task, shouting over his shoulder, "Can I have a soda?"


Rick, Robbie following behind, made a quick appearance before his two Alpha's, Jase and Tyler. Jase explained the situation to him and asked him to send out the word the Pack needed to be on heightened alert and awareness and ready for anything.

Ted drove as far as Duluth and announced to Prewitt he was just "too damned tired" to continue, pulled off of I-35 to State 33, found a motel and called it quits.

Prewitt settled in his usual place on the extra pillow next to Ted. "Instead of going to International Falls in the morning, Prewitt," Ted explained, "I'm going directly to Eric Trempealeau's house. I know the area well and if I time it right, we should arrive there around noon or so. Both of the men are retired, pretty much, and I'm betting they'll be home having lunch."

The next day, Ted turned down the Trempealeau drive around 12:15 and immediately took notice of the number of vehicles, mostly 4WD pickup trucks, parked in the large parking area in front of the house.

"Looks like a party, doesn't it?" Prewitt remarked. "A really big party!"

"Suppose I should take off my silver bracelet in case, you know, your friend Gaige is here? I wouldn't want him to be harmed by it if he is."

Prewitt was non-committal, but was decidedly uneasy about the situation.

Undaunted, Ted, with Prewitt riding on his shoulder, walked up the short sidewalk to the porch, mounted the short steps, stepped up to the front door of the house, and rang the doorbell.

Eric Trempealeau answered the door, exclaiming, "Ted Symthe, it's been quite a while since we've seen you in these parts! What can I do for you?"

"I wonder, Mr. Trempealeau, if you have a few minutes to visit with me?"

Evan Troutman joined Eric as he visited with Ted. Neither man made any effort to invite Ted inside or really make him feel welcome.

"We're actually quite busy," Eric explained. "My godson, Jessie, and my wards have some of their friends over for our 'start of the summer' party."

"I'm really sorry to interrupt it," Ted apologized, "but it won't take a moment of your time."

Not waiting for any response from the two men, Ted continued, "I understand you're a distant cousin of the late Marie Le Compte. I'm seeking information on the whereabouts of Gaige Wyatt Saulnier, who I understand was sent here to live with you."

"Oh,oh," Ted heard Prewitt say.

"Oh, oh, what?" Ted whispered so softly the others couldn't hear him.

"This house is full of Lycans, Ted; lots of them and here they come!"

Ted looked quickly over the shoulders of Eric and Evan and could see a number of very naked, well fit, teens and young adult males, looks of aggression and determination on their faces, converging on them from the lake side of the house.

"We're fucked, Prewitt!"

"Pretty much!"

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