What You Do to Me

by Nicholas Hall

"Oh, hot diggity, dog diggity
Boom, what you do to me
It's so new to me
What you do to me.
Oh, hot diggity, dog diggity
Boom, what your do to me
When you're holding me tight."

(Al Hoffman, Dick Manny- Emmanuel Chabnier)

Wrinkling my nose, twisting my face in reaction to the overwhelming odor permeating the air and penetrating my olfactory nerves, and hoping my reactions would at least reduce the smell. They didn't! There's something about the pungent smell, seemingly omnipresent at the end of hot, early September day in a high school boys locker room, filled with naked, sweaty teens after a vigorous workout outside in the dust and dirt, in the last hour of the school day physical education class which just cannot be duplicated, as if anyone would want to.

The odor was one not unfamiliar to me and is not difficult to describe, if need be, unless you've never experienced the same in a boy's locker room in any size school, large or small. They're pretty much the same, yet, I think in a large high school such as the one I was attending, there's a larger "pool" of individuals contributing their scent into the atmosphere in a confined, windowless room or rooms. The smell is a pungent mixture of stale sweat, sour armpits, unwashed body parts, and an occasional fart, mixed with the hot steam of showers pouring out of multiple shower heads in the shower room! Disturbingly offsetting, isn't it? Disconcerting at the very least!

One could say it resembles the smell very much akin as when you flip open the door to the refrigerator seeking a snack or just something to nibble on and realize either there's something in there which should've been tossed out the week before and is now growing or something quite dead awaiting burial! Kills your appetite in a single sniff! I guess not really, since it takes little effort to toss the offending rotten whatever into the garbage so you can resume your foraging, sorting through those items which might be on the verge of joining the first or at least somewhat palatable.

No, I'd venture, in viewing the naked bodies, the butts jiggling and dinks dancing as owners walked, considering the mixture of boys, it's more like several dirty, badly in need of a vigorous scrubbing butt cracks with a brush and disinfectant soap type of odor!

It was my third day in a new school, one of several I'd attended in my fifteen almost sixteen years, in a new home, living in a town I was familiar with since it was my mother's hometown, but I didn't know a soul other than my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and some cousins. Well, I really didn't KNOW them if you comprehend what I mean. Sure, I'd visited with some of them over the several times we visited, usually about once or twice a year, but I really didn't have that much in common with them, yet!

The high school was my mother's Alma Mater even though it wasn't in her (now my) hometown. The high school is large, in a fairly good-sized neighboring city, with students bussed in from several smaller rural, adjoining communities. There was a grade school in each one of the small towns, but junior high and high school students were bussed into the city for attendance.

This was my third day of school, as I mentioned previously, and second day in physical education and my last class of the day. The first day, in physical education, the teacher just spent time talking to us about the importance of personal hygiene, sportsmanship, and how we just needed to do our best. This was the first day of active sports. We played soccer on a dusty, dry grass, no shade field, hot September afternoon!

I scanned the locker room hoping to see someone I might know. Don't know why, they were the same ones that attended the first class and the same ones on the field just minutes before and I didn't know anyone then either. With communal showers, I had to be careful my eyes didn't linger too long, focused on a body part which, if I was caught, could cause me some grief.

Perhaps, if I'd ridden the bus the first two days instead of driving to school, with Mom in the passenger seat since I only had a permit, I'd know someone from the bus. Today, when I boarded, there was no one I recognized or very many empty seats so I sat behind the driver. So much for trying to meet new friends! I really wasn't much of a mixer, sort of the shy type, I guess! Besides, I was still nervous about attending a new school!

I'm not a very athletic type, although I'm not real wimpy either, about average height, light-weight, slim waist, trim hips, sort of coltish legs (so I've been told), and average in looks and all other departments. The other forty or so teens in the locker room, heading toward the showers as they became available, were an assorted group from skinny, short, tall, chubby, and in all stages of physical and sexual development. What an assortment of --- you know (hint, hint)!

There was a bit of a dustup occurring near the entrance to the shower room. A larger lad, fairly husky with a bit of a pot belly, still clad in his white briefs, was tormenting a younger, smaller, and quite naked teen. I'd guess the tormented one was maybe a freshman. The other one, I had no clue!

I can't abide a bully and was just going to step over and say something, no matter the consequences, when I sensed HIM! Feeling the heat of his body so close to me, part of his anatomy, not a finger mind you, but something much softer and tubular the size of a hot dog, brushed my left butt cheek and stopped there, and a hand was placed on my right hip and another hand snaked around my mid-rift and rested just a tad below my belly button, announced I had company of the male kind; a very naked male kind!

Goosebumps began to prickle my skin, but I really gave a slight shiver, as a head moved to my left shoulder and rested with chin on it! Oh, my god, what the hell is happening? I swallowed back a shriek; fearful it'd sound like a fair damsel in distress in a locker room full of naked boys all leering at the afternoon treats!

He didn't stink! Amazing! In fact, his distinctive body aroma made more than just my olfactory nerves react. The guy, whoever he was, acted so nonchalant and comfortable with what he was doing, acting as if we were the best of buds and it was a natural thing for him to touch me so softly, so intimately, and cause such sensations.

"He's nothing but a fucking bully," the breaths of his soft voice as he whispered into my ear moved the small hairs there, tickling me and bringing about a deep inhalation of air on my part. His lips, as he leaned his head even closer, just brushed the outside cartilage, making my ear twitch, my body shudder, and another part of me chub up, just a little, mind you. Not enough to be noticeable, intimidating, or threatening in any way (as if it could be), but just a little!

Unable to speak, so overcome was I with his closeness, I could only nod and then, slowly! I knew if I uttered a word, it'd come out all scrambled and squeaky!

"Should I make him stop?" he asked me, again using that same soft, tantalizing, seductive voice.

Again, I only nodded! I so much wanted to twist my head and see the face the voice on my shoulder was coming from, but I feared if I did, we'd be nose to nose and I'd have to look at him cross-eyed!

"Hey, Frogman!" he shouted above the din of giggling, jostling lads, "Back off and leave Peanut alone or I'll have to come over there and do something."

I couldn't believe the reaction! The bully (Frogman) muttered something under his breath and wandered away.

I finally turned my head so I could at least see my close companion, nestled up against me and threatening a boy much bigger than he was, as close as I could ascertain from my limited perspective. As I turned, my nose encountered his upper lip and I stopped, stymied and thwarted in my feeble attempt at identification.

You know what he did?

He stuck his tongue out and made a swipe across my lips!

I swallowed, nervously, really, really hard, trying to keep from collapsing! Instead of returning tit for tat, I squealed my surprise as I stared cross-eyed at a nicely tanned blue-eyed, rather good-looking teen male. He pressed his lower extremity a little tighter against my buttocks in an effort to give me a better angle to see him with and, I think, to add to his own pleasures.

"I think he's bigger than you!" I said, finally gathering some of my wits and my voice.

"Nah, he's scared of me," was his response as Frogman walked away.

"So," I asked, while tilting my head affording me a better look. "Why would he be afraid of you?"

"'Cause I bit him!"

"Where?" I gasped at his answer, wondering what would cause someone to BITE someone rather than take a poke at him.

"At the city park when I was in second grade and he was in third. It was the end of the school year picnic."

Well, that was all well and good, but what I wanted to know wasn't a geography or history lesson, but an anatomy lesson!

"Where," I responded sighing softly, trying to disguise my frustration, "on his body did you bite him?"

I regretted, momentarily, asking the question considering what was resting up against my left butt cheek and where his hands were resting, but I refrained from withdrawing the question, perhaps fearful he'd step back and withdraw himself.

"Well, it was a hot day and we both had shorts on," he began as he slowly slid his left hand down from my belly button to my lower abdomen until it rested just where my short, curlies began. I felt my butt cheeks clench even tighter, wondering where his hand was going next, fearful, but welcoming!

"I was sitting in a swing and he wanted it, so he pushed me out of it! Couldn't stand for that now, could I?"

"So, I punched him in his fat gut! Didn't like that very much, did he? Nope, so he tossed me to the ground and put one of those scissor type holds on me; you know, one of those where you wrap your legs around the other guy's body, holding him tight so you can punch the hell out of his face? Well, he didn't hold me tight enough!"

"Couldn't let him get by with that, now, could I? So, I twisted around, shoved my face up into his crotch, found some bare skin, and chomped down!"

"Oh, dear!" I groaned, suffering a slight bout of sympathetic, vicarious pain for Frogman, although I was distracted feeling the hand resting below my belly button move down until it was resting lightly on top of my cock and balls!

"Where," I gulped, swallowing hard somewhat fearfully, hoping he didn't make a eunuch out of Frogman or bring my own little soldier to full attention, "did you chomp down?"

"He was wearing boxer shorts under his outer shorts. I wasn't wearing any underwear, found them a little bit of a nuisance," he offered by way of explanation, as he moved his hand across my lower abdomen, and with the backside of his index finger, touched a spot on the inside of my right thigh right up near where my leg joined the rest of me, that crevice between leg and cock so to speak. Of course, using the backside of his finger meant the rest of his hand could sort of cup my balls, which he did, just a little; enough to make my heart pitter-patter just a little harder.

"I think it was about here," as he sort of twirled his finger around a spot, causing his hand to close ever so slightly.

"Oh, my!" I answered softly and with a shiver; the sensation was beyond belief! No one ever did this to me before! Cautioning him, reminding him he was placing his hands and fingers in places others ordinarily didn't do in public.

"Someone might see us and misinterpret what we're doing; you know, just showing me where you bit Frogman."

"Nah," he scoffed playfully and reassuringly, "they're all watching Johnny Simons wash that horse cock of his! Now, where was I?"

I was tempted to reach down, give his hand a squeeze, tightening it on my ball sack, but refrained.

"I think maybe it was down further," sliding the finger slowly and lightly down the inner side of my thigh to a spot half way to my knee! The feathery, sliding of the finger down my thigh did more than just pop goosebumps on my skin. It caused me to shiver in delight and my cock began to harden.

"Nope," he continued, "it was higher; about here," and moved his hand up where the tip of my penis would ordinarily rest against my leg. Unfortunately, it was now extending slightly, not quite an erection but a semi, out from there.

"Yep, right here!"

"Bet that hurt!" My breath catching as the sensation of his touch was really, really affecting me.

"Nah, it really feels quite nice!" he answered, again slightly cupping my ball sac and ever so gently rolled the contents around a couple of time.

"I meant when you bit Frogman!"

"He howled like a three-year old. He let me go, jumped up, ran bleeding to his mama, pulled down his pants, and showed her. She was a bit displeased, to say the least."

"So, what happened to you?" I was more than just curious since he was the one attacked and defending himself.

"Got my butt spanked, but it was worth it."


"He started wearing white briefs after that. Now, every time I look at him, he breaks out in a sweat."

Frogman wasn't the only one who he could cause to break out into a sweat! Much more and I'd be dripping like a jug of ice-cold water on a hot, humid summer day.

He stepped back, losing most contact with me, except for the hand in my front which he now moved to my tummy. Looking at me, a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, as he announced,

"I think we both need a shower, preferably a cold one. Oh, and by the way, I'm Ted Miller; actually Edward, but I go by Ted."

"Ethan Thomas," I smiling back with an equally as bright of smile.

As we walked to the now fairly empty shower room, since Johnny Simons left, Ted kept his hand on my back just above my butt crack.

"You're living in the Potter Place, aren't you?"

Indeed, we were, Mother and I! Dad bought the place, ten acres and big house on the edge of town, two years previously intending it as a place of retirement and a permanent home for us. In doing so, he'd be re-uniting Mother with her family and re-acquainting me with my cousins in the area. Dad was twenty-five years older than Mom and would do anything to please her. Their love was intense and a good example for me to witness the belief you marry who you love.

"Yeah!" I replied, hesitating just a moment, swallowing hard, not from being nakedly exposed to such a handsome guy as Ted, but from suppressed grief!

"Dad bought it," I added hastily, "had my uncles do some of the renovation work needed, so we could move in when we were ready. We intended to move back soon, but it came sooner than expected."

"I heard," Ted answered sympathetically, placing a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry as shit for you."

My Dad, Colonel Jerome Thomas, United States Army Corps of Engineers, died of a heart attack in Mid-April while we were stationed on the West Coast. Rather than be buried at a National Cemetery, Mother and he decided several years before they'd rather be buried together close to her family. They could've opted for burial at the National Cemetery at the Rock Island Arsenal, since there'd be a space next to him for mother, but chose not to. He'd been married before and, personally, I don't think he wished to have his previous wife near him. The divorce wasn't what one could say was amicable. There were three children, two boys and one girl, older than me, hence step-brothers and step-sister. They raised no objections after he died, so his last wishes were honored.

"We moved back here," I continued, "after I finished the school year, sometime around mid-June as I remember. We had to vacate base housing and the Army moved us here when the house was ready."

"Hey, enough for now! If we don't hustle our asses, we'll miss the bus. I'll save you a seat!" His announcement caused me to take notice of the passing time and agree with his assessment of the situation.

I clambered aboard the big, yellow school bus, spotted Ted's smiling, welcoming face in the back of the bus, and scooted down the aisle to join him. I felt my heart go a bit pitter-patter with excitement as I sat down. God, we acted as though we hadn't seen each other not fifteen minutes before. I just knew, from that moment on, I had a friend for life and suspected, he thought so too.

"You talk kind of funny," Ted commented, not unkindly, but inquisitively. "You kind of say 'aboot' instead of 'about,' and other words too. So, where do you come from?"

I laughed; it was a comment I'd heard many times before! True, I had an accent, but it was quite diminished in the past few years.

"That's because I was born in Canada, Stephenville, Newfoundland, when Dad was stationed there assigned to work on the new military and air base being built during the War. I started school there. I have citizenship in both the United States and Canada because I had U.S. parents but was born in Canada."

By the time we reached my house and I got off the bus, I learned Ted lived on the two-hundred forty-acre Pepper Creek Family Farm, had two older sisters and four older brothers, with three brothers and one sister still at home, a total of nine in the family. The two younger brothers, age thirteen and fourteen, shared a bedroom while Ted shared a bedroom with an eighteen-year-old brother. One sister would be moving out when she married at the end of October.

The family enterprise included a farm and a large truck garden. Working the farm with their folks were three of the brothers with only two working the farm and other family businesses full-time while one brother worked another job and worked part-time and the eighteen-year-old went to the community college and worked part-time. Ted and his two younger brothers worked the farm, the big truck garden, and helped an uncle, on his dad's side, with his commercial fishing business. It provided some cash, but an abundance of fish for the family to consume.

The family also kept a couple of milk cows, several beef cattle, a few hogs, and poultry (chickens, ducks, and geese). Extra eggs were sold while the ducks, geese, and young chickens, not raised for laying eggs, were table fare or sold, dressed and delivered to whomever wanted them.

I thought it sounded like a mighty good business with some good returns, but was reminded it takes a lot to feed, clothe, and generally raise nine kids. Taxes on the property, equipment purchase and repair, seeds, utilities, and other items seemed to eat up the profits, according to Ted. His dad added the truck garden as the family grew.

At home, I could do nothing but chatter to Mom about my new friend. She smiled and commented how happy she was I made a new friend in "Teddy" Miller.

"The Millers are good people," she said, "and hard workers. They're not the wealthiest, but really one of the happiest and compassionate families in the area. They don't hesitate to help out or share with others in need, especially older people."

After that first day, where you found Ted, you found me and vice-versa. We were the best of buds and everyone knew it. Ted got his driver's license the end of September (he'd been driving since he was fourteen on a school permit) and I got mine in October. The licenses only pulled us closer together since we could spend time on weekends and go to school activities together. If I went out to Ted's and he had chores to do, I helped and loved it!

His family, mother, dad, and siblings, were a happy lot, enjoying each other and life in general. They really didn't have much in the way of wealth, the farm was marginal ground with some river bottom timber and about one hundred-sixty acres cultivatable, the house was a large two-story four-bedroom structure, and the barn and outbuildings weren't the newest, but well maintained as was the house. As his dad put it,

"If we have enough to eat, pay the bills, and keep a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs, what else can we ask for, except good friends and loving each other."

Their attitude toward each other and towards me certainly changed my outlook on life and made my dad's death easier to accept. Instead of dreading a new school year, in a new town, I now looked forward to every day, in school or out, since I'd be with my best friend! On days, such as a Friday when we planned on going to some school activity such as a ball game or dance, I'd ride home on the bus with Ted, get off at his house, and help him with his chores.

Now, understand, I was a city boy and not a country boy so it was a new experience for me. I must confess, learning how to milk a cow was almost an erotic experience for me, if I compared it to jackin' off! There were times I envisioned my hands on someone else's something else when I squeezed a cow's tit, but it just didn't happen! I wondered if Ted felt the same way I did. We often touched each other, walking down the hall at school, gave each other a gentle hug when first greeting or leaving each other, along with a handshake which made the hug seem acceptable to others. Remember this was the 1950's and being labeled "queer" could cause others to shun you for life, so we thought at the time! Talk about "zero" tolerance! Nada, none, forget it!

While with Ted, I learned how to hunt pheasants, rabbits, quail, and squirrels, and even rode along in the boat when Ted was needed to help in a "seine haul" by his fisherman brothers to ease the work load on their uncle. I had no idea a long net, set the night before in the river, and anchored with one end on shore and a weight on the other end, when pulled ashore, would form a huge pocket, capturing fish in it. Those fish, when the net began growing smaller and smaller, would be scooped up and dumped into waiting trucks to be hauled away. All game fish were tossed back in since it was illegal to keep them (unless sneaked away for the Miller family to enjoy deep-fried with a side of hush-puppies) but carp, buffalo fish, and sheepshead were saved and sold!

I also learned pig shit can really stink, especially if you step in it!

"Never dreamed anybody
Could kiss that a way
Bring me bliss that a way

What a kiss that a way"

(Al Hoffman, Dick Manny- Emmanuel Chabnier)

I've heard people say "this or that event really changed my life." I don't doubt it one bit, although for me, there were several. All of those added up to who I am, what I am, and where I am.

Moving to the United States from Newfoundland was a change, but I was young and adapted easily; admitting to myself I was queer was another. I was and am a boy who likes other boys, and not just in a friendship sort of way, but kept it hidden from the public. Not only was it against the law, but society could be more than just a little cruel, especially when you're a young teen! I knew from talking to Mom and Dad there were others, but was told to be really, really cautious in my friendships.

The death of my daddy rattled me to the core! His loss deprived me of my hero, the man who caused me to be born, the one who loved me beyond all other's (the exception being his love for momma who he absolutely worshipped), and my protector! I was pretty much adrift, living in a fog, dissolute until I met Ted! My life changed and so did his.

Ted would say something, touch me, or just smile and my heart would warm and skip with happiness!

The event which opened my heart, changed my life, and moved me in the direction I was intended to move, was high school homecoming the fall I moved back here. The day, and the week for that matter, was filled with fun and activities. Now, this wasn't the first high school homecoming I'd ever experienced, but it was the first one with Ted. The parade was probably no different from the multitudes of others held around the country with the football team riding on fire engines, the Prom Queen and King and court all dressed up and riding in convertibles, and the homecoming floats created by the classes and school organizations.

Ted picked me up in his pickup truck, actually an older one designated for his use and anyone else who needed it. He'd put his "dibs" on it two weeks previous for use homecoming night. We drove to the game with the intent of staying for the dance and going for pizza afterward. Ted was going to spend the night at my house after pizza. Man, I was so excited! This was the first time we were spend the night together. I shared my bedroom with no one, compared to Ted's house where it seemed his younger brothers or older brother were always around, usually about bed time.

Our school won the game, barely, I might add. A field goal saved our ass! Ted smirked as we headed toward the gym for the dance,

"Well, the losers go home and the winners stay and fuck the Homecoming Queen."

Neither of us had any desire to do that, but we did laugh and joke about doing the Homecoming King since he wasn't bad looking, if you wanted risk you dick in a burly full-back with butt muscles like truck tires. We decided to pass on that as well!

We each paid our own way into the dance since we couldn't get the one-dollar fee reduction for being a couple since "couples" weren't two boys, but only a boy and a girl. Hey, it's the fifties! The grand march happened, everyone clapped and cheered, we watched a couple of dances, and we were both bored, not unlike our attendance at the "Fall Mixer" when we just stood and visited.

Ted gave me a poke in the ribs.

"Hey," he asked, wan'ta' go to a real party?"


"It's a surprise! Dancing, food, and fun. You'll love it!"

Ted hesitated, frowned at me briefly, before asking, "You do dance, don't you?"

I just grinned, responding, "Guess you'll just have to wait and see!"

Ted headed toward the north end of the city. I had no idea where we were going or to what! I only knew I trusted him and if he said it was going to be fun with dancing and food, I knew it would be.

We stopped at a large building with three entrances; one leading to a pizza parlor ("Mama Mia's" so the lighted sign over the door informed the public and me); another leading to a restaurant named "The Rendezvous" and; the third with a simple sign reading "Club 6530- Private- Members Only."

"What's this place?" I asked as Ted parked his pickup truck in the large parking lot across the street.

"Club 6530."

"Duh! I can read! What I meant is, what is this place really?"

He explained the club's name came from the street address. The public portions of it were the pizza parlor, the Rendezvous restaurant, and "around the corner on the backside is a bowling alley." Since he didn't bowl, he only heard there were six or eight lanes in it.

"The food's fantastic!" Ted said with a grin.

"How about the part marked 'Club 6530- Private- Members Only."

As Ted explained it, the entire complex is owned by members of the Club, people who use it as a private club with the public facilities helping to pay the bills. Members pay a fairly substantial upfront fee when joining and are assessed a relatively modest yearly dues. The private part of the facility is rented for special occasions and several public dances and performances a year. Members get special discounts when dining or attending events with no cover charges.

"It all adds up," he noted, "and all one thousand or so members benefit."

With that, we ascended the cement stairs up to the entrance of "Club 6530." I sure hoped he knew what he was doing because I certainly wasn't a member and I doubted, with the Miller financial situation, they were either. I checked around to make certain I'd land safely without harming myself greatly when some big, rawboned bouncer tossed our asses out the front door!

Sure enough, we were met by a rather large man who looked the part of a bouncer, only better dressed than any I'd seen or imagined. He was dressed in black pants, white dinner jacket, white shirt, and black bowtie. The doorman, instead of grabbing us by our shirts and giving us the heave-ho, welcomed us with a smile and,

"Good evening, Ted. Your Aunt Hat said you'd might be here this evening with a handsome young man as your guest. She was right, of course!"

Gesturing us in and toward another door, "The ladies will be pleased."

"Oh, oh," I thought, so I whispered to Ted "What ladies? What have you gotten me into? I sure as hell hope it's not a hoochy-koochy show!"

"Just wait," he cautioned with a giggle as we walked toward the indicated door.

Music, easy listening type, the kind the older generation seemed to enjoy listening to and dancing to, rolled out like a morning mist, but not damp or confining, from the darkness beyond the doorway. It wasn't from a jukebox or a disc jockey spinning 45's or 33's, perhaps instead from a combo, drifting, floating, beguiling, beckoning, seducing, enticing a young lad such as myself to enter through the gates of pleasure and entertainment.

The large room we entered, was relatively dark, illuminated by some soft lights, placed at intervals, from sconces on the walls and either candles or electric lamps on the white tablecloth covered tables arranged around the large wooden dance floor. The room was a buzz with low talk and loud talk, a five-piece combo currently playing a waltz, and several mixed couples on the dance floor enjoying the music and dancing to it. I might note, there were several male/female couples and several female/female couples, all enjoying the music and the dancing itself.

Off to one side was a small bar, with bartender, and several members of the waiter staff. From a quick glance from me, it appeared the bar was well stocked, clean, and in use, since the bartender was busy mixing drinks and the waiters were hustling them off to customers.

The tables, around three sides of the dance floor, leaving the fourth for the combo to occupy while they played, were generally filled, except for those now vacated by the dancers, with older adults enjoying conversation, light meals, or beverages. It was an atmosphere of conviviality and comradeship, the ambiance was perfect, and quite unexpected as far as I was concerned.

When Ted invited me to go dancing, I didn't expect this!

Ted motioned for me to follow him as we rambled around the periphery of the dance floor toward a table off to one side, back near the wall and somewhat back from the dance floor.

We approached the table and I discovered it offered the occupants some degree of privacy as if, from the chatter and laughter coming from the five older women seated at the table, it was needed or desired. Sipping drinks, nibbling on a large tray of appetizers centered on the table, the five clearly were enjoying themselves.

From my perspective, they were old enough to be elderly aunts or the age of my grandparents. As we drew closer, I could see they had just a bit of "the old nick" in them since one of the stories they were laughing at, if I heard the ending correctly, was a "bit" bawdy. Bawdy, hell, it was downright dirty! Something about a man's "appendage" and the length of it and how it fit!

They turned their attention in our direction as we approached. Broad, welcoming smiles beamed across their faces and their eyes twinkled in enjoyment and, as I later learned, with anticipation.

"Teddy, honey," one lady called out joyously. "I told the girls you'd be here this evening. Trot your cute, little butt over here and give your Aunt Hat a hug!" and held out her arms.

Bodacious! You bet, age not withstanding! I thought at the time it was like the hurricane said to the coconut palm tree, "Hold on to your nuts, this is going to be one hell-of-a blow job!"

Ted grinned like a dog eating shit, leaned forward into those welcoming arms, and received her hug, giving one in return.

"How's my favorite nephew?"

"Fine, Aunt Hat. I've looked forward to this all week!"

"You're not the only one," piped up one of the other ladies.

As he straightened up, Aunt Hat, with a large grin and a quick scrutiny of me from one end to the other as if appraising my worthiness, general looks, or breeding ability, proclaimed, "So, Teddy this is the cute, well developed, young man you fell in love with from day one, I might add, when he moved into the Potter Place."

Ted, blushed, sort of put his head down in embarrassment, nodded as he turned to me, and said, "Aunt Hat and ladies, this is my best friend ever, Ethan Thomas," and turning to me, "This is my Great-aunt Hattie, Aunt Hat to most who know her. She is my mother's aunt on her side of the family, my grandmother's sister," and giving a wave and a big grin to the other ladies, "and this group of vivacious, lovely ladies are her dearest friends. I'll let each introduce themselves as the evening progresses. You'll have plenty of opportunity to meet and dance with each one, if I know them!"

Evidently, having met Aunt Hat's muster, I stepped forward when she proclaimed, "Come here, you handsome, young stud, and give Aunt Hat a hug."

I did so willingly, enjoying myself immensely and not a bit shy. Giving me a big hug, she declared, "What do you think, girls? Is he a keeper and an adequate lover of my favorite nephew?"

"Depends" one of the ladies declared with a throaty laugh, "if he has enough equipment to take care of our Teddy!" Or, she added, "whether Teddy has the stamina and lead in his pencil."

"Doesn't need lead," another added, "I think he has an Ever-sharp!"

Of course, all five howled in laughter, while Ted and I just blushed; at least I did! I think Ted was used to it.

Oh, my god! What an evening this was going to be!

"A waltz!" one of the ladies exclaimed as the music began anew, pointed at me and announced, "You, sweet cheeks, are going to dance with me. That is, if you dance and I assume you do?"

"Yep!" I replied, extended my hand to offer it to her.

"My, my such a gentleman," she said with a shy, exaggerated giggle.

"Be gentle with him, Vi!" another lady joked.

"Had you wanted someone other than a gentleman?" I answered back to her chiding her gently on her comment.

"Now, you better watch it, Vi!" another lady proclaimed with a guff-off.

"When younger," my dance partner said with a hearty, committed, but teasing laugh, "but now, we'll just dance, standing up that is!"

Before we hit the dance floor, she proclaimed, "Call me Aunt Vi!" and we stepped on to the dance floor

After a couple of measures and easy spins, she said, "By God, young man, you can dance!"

I noticed over her shoulder Ted was dancing with his Aunt Hat and smiled. He could dance as well, quite well in fact.

I danced with each of the five ladies several time during the evening as did Ted. We were treated with sodas, shrimp cocktails, Pizza, and chicken wings. Didn't cost us a dime, just our company and enjoying the dancing.

I learned the five ladies hosting us were all widows, great friends from high school on, and met at the "Club 65" once a month to enjoy each other's company, the meal, and the opportunity to enjoy the music, and, if available, the opportunity to dance.

God, they were a fun bunch of ladies! Such a time Ted and I had, not only that evening, but monthly thereafter during our high school years. The ladies were gracious and generous in each and every time. They commenced to fawn over us and spoil us rotten! It was with them I tasted my first whiskey highball, Champaign, and Cabernet Sauvignon. They didn't give a rip what anybody thought or said! I loved it and so did they. We respected them so much and valued their advice and support. It was great! Could two guys in love ask for any more support than that?

Ted, that particular night, just didn't seem to be able to do enough for me! I had plenty of food, drink, and whatever. He was bent on pampering me, trying to show me how much he really cared for me. Ted really didn't have to, I already knew, just by the way he looked at me and smiled.

As the evening wore on, it was apparent there'd be a time we'd have to leave for home.

Aunt Hat, after looking around at the diminishing group of people in the room, motioned Ted and me over to her.

"We decided," she said, waving her hand around, indicating the other ladies, "you two need to dance together, with each other that is," she clarified.

"You're both excellent dancers and it's so obvious to us, you care deeply for each other. Find a quiet, darkish corner, take each other in your arms, and enjoy a nice, lazy, romantic dance!"

The band began playing a waltz and Aunt Hat said, with an impish grin, "Now, please? Teddy take your boyfriend into your arms, hold him tight, and enjoy yourselves."

As I said, they didn't care what anybody might think and woe be to anyone who would comment on two teen boys dancing together. They were formidable and highly protective of Ted and me.

Ted reached over, held out a hand to me, which I accepted, and we walked out onto the dance floor, strolled to a quiet dark corner, and began to dance. Oh, Ted could dance! So light on his feet, so careful, leading me gently and assuredly, causing me to feel as though I was the one he'd been waiting for and wanted to spend the rest of his life with! I know, because I felt the same way.

The second number we danced to was a slow, "hold me tight" type; the type young lovers snuggle close to each other when dancing, the "what you do to me" type dance where every sensation, from erotic to comfort is sent forth throughout your body, even to the nether regions. Ted's special fragrance flooded my olfactory nerves as we danced. He'd speak softly or sing softly into my ear as our bodies swayed with the music, almost whispering breathily, causing the hair on my neck and those little, developing hairs in my ear wiggle and tickle me.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world," he said with great emotion and sincerity, "dancing with the most beautiful boy in the world," and kissed me lightly on my cheek.

I raised my head from his shoulder, he slipped two fingers under my chin, tilted my chin up so I could look directly into his eyes; eyes filled with desire for me and seeking my permission to advance his affections.

With ever so slight a nod and smile, I granted it!

Closing the small gap between our faces, he engaged my lips with his, my mouth with his, pulling me even closer, moving his face and lips on mine. My first real kiss, a kiss from a boy! I kissed back, luxuriating in the warmth, the contact, and his warmth. Pulling me even closer to really seal our kisses, our bodies inseparable, close enough our crotches were pressed hard to each other where the bulge in his trousers encountered the bulge in mine!

I couldn't resist but to slip my hand down and gently cup that decent erection of his! He moaned softly in my mouth when I did, broke our kiss momentarily, and whispered,

"Do that too much and I'll cum in my pants."

"Wouldn't want that, would we?" I answered just as softly.

"Nope, would rather do it someplace else!"

Didn't take a nuclear scientist to figure out where now did it?

It's hard to adequately describe what I felt other than absolute, unconditional, complete love for Ted Miller! I'd never felt that way before, so loved by someone other than family, by someone I so much wanted to love in return and be loved by.

"Oh, my god!" I murmured, "what you do to me!"

"Never knew that my heart
Could go zoom that a way
Ting-a-ling that a way
Make me sing that a way
Said goodbye to my troubles
They went that a way
Ever since you came
Into my life"

(Al Hoffman, Dick Manny- Emmanuel Chabnier)

Our time at Club 6530 was soon over and time for us to depart. I couldn't thank the ladies enough for such a delightful and relaxing evening filled with dancing, food, and conviviality. Aunt Hat hugged me, saying with affection and pleasure,

"I just knew you two were meant for each other. Love my nephew, Ethan, take care of him, since he is yours forever and you are his."

At my home, bedroom door locked, we undressed each other, then slid our naked bodies excitedly into bed, and wrapped our arms around each other relishing in our deep, affectionate kisses, and the scintillating, erotic, warmth and softness of our nakedness. I just shivered with delight and anticipation, as did Ted, as we rubbed up against each other, our hips thrusting slightly, our cock tips touching, and our mutual sighs of pleasure floated out into the night air.

We woke, the next morning, with our experiences and pleasures broadened, adding to our own previous singular self-satisfaction to a whole new world of different ways two boys could love and pleasure each other. Ted was secured to my back, still embedded, but slowly softening, my head was turned back toward my shoulder, and Ted was gripping me around the chest, while leaning his head and face forward over my shoulder to accept and devour my kiss! Our first night as lovers was unforgettable and had so many firsts in it, each gratifying and begging for seconds and thirds.

One of his hands slipped down from my chest to my nether regions and cupped my growing tumescence, ever so softly, ever so gently, as if my nuggets and staff were crown jewels and a precious staff of royalty. He slowly withdrew from me, his hardness popping out, and rolled me over on my back where he then rolled over on top of me, settled between my outstretched legs and widened the space between. Face to face, chest and belly in firm contact with my own erection pressing up against his naked flesh, while his sought entrance to, and attained, where we wanted him to be. It didn't seem as though our erections ever subsided at all during the night!

"Did I hurt you the first time?" Ted asked, concern in his voice and on his face that his entry into me caused me pain or harm.

"No," I replied confidently, "not even when we did it in the position we're in now, you know, face to face!"

Ted was quiet after my reply, his head resting against mine.

"You know," he said quietly, "what we did was wrong in the eyes of the law and even if it wasn't, there are those people who'd think it wrong anyway!"

I turned my head so we faced each other, kissed him, replying,

"I don't care and neither do you! How can something so beautiful happening between two people in love be wrong?"

Ted smiled, agreeing with me, and hugged me tight enough so it felt like the entire fronts of our bodies were joined, inseparable!

"I can feel your heart beat," Ted murmured tenderly as he relaxed up against me, his chest resting on mine, "It's like, you know, beating inside my own body and we are one. Like, your heart is mine and mine is yours."

I could feel what he felt, as though our two hearts were one, beating together, sending nourishment and life to each of us, he slipped his hardness back into the warm, moist, constricting, flexing, inner part of me we both enjoyed, consummating (again) our union, the welding of two young hearts, linked together physically, emotionally, and forever!

"It is," I answered, choking slightly with emotion, "until time is no more!"

There's a cute little cottage
For two that a way
Skies are blue that a way
Dreams come true that a way
If you say I can share it
With you that a way
I'll be happy the rest of my life

(Al Hoffman, Dick Manny- Emmanuel Chabnier)

The church held more than either Ted or I imagined, given her age, it would. Of course, Aunt Hat raised four children and they'd been proliferate in producing grandchildren and the grandchildren were just as rambunctious in the procreation of young as well. Aunt Hat said one time, "they're all more active in copulating then rabbits."

There were quite a few community members there as well, since she was greatly respected for all of her community endeavors and involvement. Friends in attendance were few and far between since most preceded her in the journey to the great beyond. She was the last of those five lovely ladies who introduced me to the enjoyment of the company of someone you love, no matter what others might approve or disapprove.

Aunt Vi (Violet Somers, widow of Fred Somers) was the first to go. She and Fred had no children and, she sort of adopted Ted and me as her surrogate children, inviting us to live with her after high school and while we attended community college. We helped her keep house, made certain she ate properly, maintained the lawn and general maintenance on the property, and was so happy to do it for her! She was gracious to us and a pleasure to live with. She was so pleased with "her boys" and took every opportunity to praise us to others. The twinkle in her eyes stayed until the very end.

Thankfully, when her time in this life was over, it ended up in her own home with two people she knew loved her nearby and would miss her dearly when she died. Bless her heart, she bequeathed the bulk of her estate, including the house we now live in, to Ted and me, with generous bequests to charities she'd supported while alive.

Club 6530 was no longer in existence. A large fire caused considerable damage one cold, January night, and brought it to an end. The grand times enjoyed there by many over the years, was over. There are those who still speak nostalgically of the good time, the great food, and strong friendships enjoyed at Club 6530.

Like all of us, I'm certain Aunt Hat was sad to see her sunsets begin to fade away. Our lovely ladies just didn't seem to be bothered by it when it occurred to each of them, stepping not eagerly into the gathering shadows, but not denying the inevitable either, thankful for every sunrise and sunset they'd enjoyed during their long lives!

The End

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