Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

Is the Battle Won?

"Evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our table"

(Wyston Hugh Auden)

Jerry wished the raid on the drug dealer's cabin would've produced better outcomes and would have if the premature gunshot hadn't forewarned the suspects of an impending assault. He still hadn't determined, although he had a pretty good idea, who fired the shot. After much contemplation, he decided not to pursue it, at least publicly. It didn't mean he'd forget the incident however. There were some things a person just held silently, using the knowledge when it was worth more and rewarding either in fact or in mind. Time would bring all things to conclusion, of that he was certain.

The team gathered enough evidence from the two SUV's to enable state drug agents, working with them, to roll up seventeen individuals in the Northeast part of the State involved in drug trafficking. It was a significant bust for this area and had taken some time. Progress was slow taking the investigation to the point of arrest and charges filed, but was well worth the effort. Although agents still hadn't gathered enough information to lead them to the head of the traffickers and cut off the head of the snake, so to speak, they were successful in closing down some very significant cells, slowing the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in the area. Jerry knew this was only a temporary fix since others would soon fill the void and the money would flow again to the drug lords.

There were other things occupying Jerry's mind, particularly those concerning his private life. Beth Campbell and he decided to marry at the end of June. After their first formal date, they knew they were mates, decided on a date to make if official, then set about making frequent anticipation of their human marriage vows. Both were willing and quite fertile.

High school graduation was not far in the distant future and the anticipatory excitement was growing every day. Jessie, Tyler, Jase, Rick, Mike, and Chad (all members of the Averill Creek Pack) were graduating. Additionally, their friends, Dana Thomas and Norm Haas would be joining them walking across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Graduation parties were being planned throughout the school district by excited parents of graduating seniors. In some cases, the student finishing school and leaving home would be a relief; in many others, it wouldn't be the case. There'd be joy for the graduate, yet sadness or nostalgia on the part of the parents and other adults. A new and different life would be starting for all of them; teenagers leaving home and adjusting to life without the security of the home place and parents adjusting to life without their child, ready to protect him or her whenever the need arose. Parent who had older children knew very well when they returned home, the adult child returning was not the child they raised.

Jessie was the last of the Sutton's children and Jim and Evelyn wanted to give him just as fine a party as they'd given their other children. The Resort was booked full the two weeks before graduation and until past the first of August. It was shaping up as an extremely busy season. Jim was very reluctant to shut down the Birchwood Supper Club for a graduation party. Jessie really wanted to include Jase and Tyler Campbell as part of it. The guest list would be very large and a private dining room would be out of the question. It just wouldn't hold them all.

In addition, Jim and Evelyn would send invitations to family and friends, neighbors, business associates, and some guests who returned year after year. Jessie acknowledged there'd be classmates who'd want to drop by as well. Jim agreed, but saw no real solution to the problem.

The dilemma was solved when Eric Trempealeau suggested the event be held in the Lodge at the Pines, Campbell and Associates place of business and residence. Suttons could cater it and Art Campbell provide the facility. There was a kitchen there, adequate space, plenty of tables and chairs, and an excellent view of the lake. Since most of the guests of honor were children of the partners in the business, it made sense. The facility was large enough, with enough parking, to handle those invited by the Suttons, the Campbell's, Hayes', Bowers, and Chad Coleman's sister and brother-in-law Gene and Mary Turner.

"There'd even be enough room so Dana and Norm could have their party with us; if their parents agreed," offered an excited Jessie. "If it's not too cold, kids could swim there as well," he suggested. Plus, he thought, the bedrooms are not far if we needed a quickie while we changed or even in the water.

It'd be costly, considering several hundred people might show up, but the concern was blunted when Eric pointed out Jessie's education trust or another account could be used to pay for it, if Jessie agreed. Of course Jessie agreed; he was almost over the moon with excitement. In addition, he wasn't certain if Norm's parents had a great deal of extra cash to spend on a lavish graduation party so it'd be a perfect solution all the way around.

It would be an opportunity for the Averill Creek Pack to celebrate and no one (humans that is) would be the wiser.

The families were all in agreement once Jim Sutton contacted them, so arrangements were made for the party to be held the Saturday after graduation at the Pines and invitations were sent out.

Diondre was graduating from Vermillion Community College in Ely with his degree in law enforcement. Much to Jerry's and everyone else's delight, he was hired as a county deputy sheriff (well recommended by Jerry and various others including a district judge), effective when he completed his training and orientation. Jim Sutton planned a graduation reception at The Birchwood later in June after the large party for the high school graduates. The guest list would be smaller, but would include everyone at the Pines as well since Annie (Bowers) Carlson was married to Diondre. Diondre and Annie were expecting their second child and with one already toddling around, a smaller, familial crowd would be better.

Graduation day, after the ceremony, the Averill Creek Pack met at Jessie's cabin for steaks, a night run through the woods, and convivial company.

Jase, Jessie, and Tyler, intertwined in their bed at the cabin, Jessie squeezed between his lover Jase's fat, long cock slowly pumping the vestiges of his orgasm into Jessie's love chute, sort of snorted when Jessie remarked on Diondre and Annie expecting another baby.

"He's such a horn dog," Jessie commented with a laugh.

"Any you're not? Jase questioned, tongue in cheek, giving one last deep thrust forward, pressing one last shot home.

"Yeah," added Tyler, switching places with his twin as Jase removed his still stiff prod and Jessie turned to accept Tyler's identical cock. "Who likes to fuck more than you?"

"You two," Jessie giggled as he felt Tyler's curly pubic bush brush up against his butt cheeks and pushing back to seat him well deep.

Eric and Evan promised the graduates and the Averill Creek Pack, a pleasant surprise if they came to Jessie's cabin after the graduation ceremonies were over for a steak cookout and meal. Dana and Norm, not members of the Averill Creek Pack since they were white wolves and belonged to no pack, were invited, but they declined. The Haas Family was having a private family gathering to celebrate Norm's graduation. He was the youngest and his parents wanted something special for him. Norm wouldn't go think of celebrating without Dana so they both were occupied. Patrick, as a member of the Pack, asked permission to invite Michele and it was granted. She would be a member of the Pack soon, evidenced by the way they coupled given any opportunity.

Diondre and Annie opted out given their little one (although they needed to begin acquainting him with the Pack and Pack hierarchy) and with another one on the way. They were more than just a little busy getting relocated back at the Pines where they decided to live in one of the apartments until Diondre's patrol district was assigned by the sheriff.

Brent Hayes was home for the summer bringing his very gorgeous and by her appearance, very pregnant mate with him. They'd be living at The Pines as well in another of the apartments. They'd decided to forego the formalities of a human marriage ceremony by mating, committing a life together as werewolves. Both would be employed at Campbell and Associates, at least until she gave birth. Brent declined attending reasoning to Jase and Tyler, his mate needed to become familiar with his family and new surroundings. Being pregnant seemed to be putting a strain on both of them. He also confessed to Jessie, when pressed, he wasn't certain how his mate would accept a very open, sexually active, Pack containing so many gay teens.

"We still have some issues to work out!"

It didn't sound all that promising to Jessie.

The Pack was already gathered at the cabin when Eric and Evan arrived, vehicle loaded with large, thick sirloin steaks, side dishes, and plastic and foam dinner ware. All that was needed at the cabin was cutlery and a gas grill, both present and at the ready for their arrival.

The Pack was excited and happy, especially those members who'd graduated high school, having shifted and were cavorting around the clearing when Eric and Evan arrived. Well, Michele and Patrick weren't exactly cavorting, more like copulating vigorously, with Patrick hunched over Michele's back, front legs locked around her middle, his furry head resting against hers, pumping his knotted cock's copious semen deep, spritzing her vagina with his juice.

It didn't take Evan and Eric long to fire up the gas grill and began placing the steaks on for a quick searing. The teens quickly shifted from their wolf shapes and back into humans, all except Michele and Patrick who had to wait until Patrick's knot subsided and they could separate.

Naked teen boys, large, long cocks and hefty balls swinging in low hanging fleshy sacks, wobbling and flopping as they walked, scurried around helping unload the condiments and dinnerware from the vehicle, set up tables and chairs on the porch. They knew it wouldn't be long before the steaks were cooked, just like they preferred, bloody and rare!

Eric and Evan's preference for steak didn't compare to the teens however; they wanted their steaks cooked to medium, so left theirs on the grill longer. Rather than cause the others to wait, they waved the teens to the table and dished up the meat, telling them to help themselves to the side dishes and other items.

The table chatter was cheerful, laced with stories of school, hunting in the forests, swimming in the lakes, expectations of summer fun, fall adventures in college or tech schools, and, of course, sex. There was general teasing of Michele and Patrick, who took it good naturedly, returning the banter with playful jabs at Rick and Rob for their overall general horniness. This group of young people was as close to a family of their own, Eric and Evan would ever have they were so, so proud of them all!

The meal, close to being utterly and totally devoured (teens are known for being prodigious and continuous eaters), was appreciated by occasional belches and spoken words of thanks. Eric asked Jessie to take charge of the cleanup while he and Evan got some things ready for a "little surprise" afterwards. When Jessie asked what it might be, all he got for an answer was a smile and "it's sort of a graduation present."

Curiosity piqued, there was a hasty effort on all of the teens' part to clean up and put things away. The cutlery was stowed in the dishwasher inside the cabin to be cleaned later. The dinner plates and other containers quickly found their way into garbage bags, tables were folded up and chairs put away.

The teens gathered around as Eric and Evan opened a canvas, zippered portfolio and extracted several papers.

"As you might remember," Eric began, "Evan and I purchased six hundred and forty acres of forest land with frontage on Remote Lake earlier. We assume you've used the property to enjoy a run or hunt occasionally throughout the winter since you can access it from here through public forest land, or perhaps you haven't. Be that as it may, it really makes no difference since we know how busy this school year has been for you – in addition to your school work."

"Eric and I have arranged for a land surveyor to do an updated survey on the property. It's not been done for many years. We have little doubt the original survey, the one currently used to describe the property, is correct, but we want to make certain the property lines are adequately marked and well defined. There's one other property owner adjoining this parcel and we've not met them so we have no idea what type of people they might be. We do know it is owned by a corporation and used for sporadic company meetings, outings, weekend visits, and some summer occupancy."

"The reason for all of this," Evan went on to explain, taking over the narrative, to the now extremely curious young men and woman, "is simply this; Eric and I won't live forever, as much as we'd like to think we could sometimes, or enjoy the longevity you will all have as Lycanthropes. Therefore, we wanted to make certain this new property can be used by you once we're gone. As a result, when we bought this property, we added three owners other than ourselves. This is joint ownership with right of survivorship. Jessie Sutton, Jason Campbell, and Tyler Campbell are the other three owners. The property is yours when we die, they you will own it outright. We did it this way, rather than include all of you," waving his hand at the assembled teens, "because Jessie is Eric's God-son and our quasi-nephew and Jase and Tyler, his mates, are your Alpha's."

The teens were dumb-struck into silence with the revelation the Remote Lake property was theirs to use, to enjoy, and own as a Pack. Human legal papers in the form of wills, sales, gifts, and other agreements would ensure the property would remain in the hands of some Pack member as long as the Pack existed and beyond.

Jessie was the first to stand up, tears of gratitude, mixed with tears of sadness knowing his two "uncles" wouldn't be with him forever. He'd never really given it much thought before, Eric and Evan were always there for him for as long as he could remember.

Hugging his Uncle Eric, Jessie murmured, "How can I ever thank you for all you've done for me?"

Evan reached around, embraced Jessie and Eric, as Eric said simply and comfortingly, "Just love us in life and remember us in death."

Jessie raised his head from Eric's shoulder, looking him in the eye, offered pleadingly, "I could turn you and you'd both have a long, long time with us then."

"We talked about it, my sweet boy, and decided against it. Not only would it raise so many red flags in the community where we are so well known, but would draw undue attention to those most precious to us. You and the Averill Creek Pack are our family, to love, to watch, and be proud of. Uncle Evan and I have lived long, happy lives with each other and now sharing it with you and your Pack of friends. Look at the fun we've had, the adventures, and the sharing of our lives and secrets. What more can we ask? Besides, we intend on sticking around until you graduate from law school. Someone has to keep an eye on your properties, your trusts and accounts, and act as your attorney and land agent until you're licensed to do it yourself."

"You always said, Uncle Eric, an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client."

"You're no fool, Jessie, nor are all of the rest of you," Eric said sweeping his hand over the others seated on the porch.

Something unexpected and remarkable occurred at moment. Rather by command or spontaneously, the collected teens shifted, including Jessie, Jase, and Tyler, into wolf form, ran out into the clearing in front of the cabin, and began howling, something ordinarily heard most often at night and rarely during the day. The howls, of various cadence, strength, and timbre were joyful howls, often reminiscent of a pack's successful hunt, a welcoming home, or the celebration of a new member to the pack. A vocal pledge was reaffirmed and a spiritually bond renewed and strengthened; these two men would be protected and respected by all Pack members until they were with them no more and then, not forgotten.

Jessie woke, needing to go to the bathroom, not only to urinate since he really had to piss like a full racehorse, but to rid himself of the several loads of thick, voluminous amounts of semen Jase and Tyler injected into him with several energetic, sexually satisfying, and definitely loving couplings since they returned to their cabin bedroom when the partying was done and most of the guests left. Eric and Evan begged lateness of the hour and age to leave, while all except two members of the Pack departed as well.

Completing his task in the bathroom, he wandered back down the hall toward the living room, passing by one of the bedrooms, now being occupied by Chad and Mike, noticing they were now engaged in a quiet, but sensual, bit of yum-yum, with Mike stretched up the length of Chad's body, his face next to Chad's breathing soft words of encouragement and desire into his lover's ears, cock buried balls deep in Chad's nice, inviting, soft, bubble butt. To say Mike loved shagging Chad and to say Chad couldn't get enough of Mike's long, stiff todger, burrowing inside like a large, fat, puppy seeking a warm place to rest, buried deep, thrusting, massaging, and stretching his inner tunnel, were understatements. Mike's cock was at home and more than welcome.

He'd seen Chad and Mike's cocks and, although impressive, were well short of the prodigious endowments his mates carried, swinging, pendulously, and inviting between their legs. Jessie was always amused, delighted, and stimulated by Jase and Tyler's shivers of excitement, desire, and moans of pleasure when they were erect and ready for him when he would cup their monstrous goose-egg sized gonads in one hand and, using the other, run a fingertip delicately, slowly, tickling, stimulating the thick swollen stout man-sex up to that special space separating the thick head of their cocks, bringing the entire cock to throb and jump before slowly sliding his finger gently over the oozing, weeping slit of the thick, plum shaped cock-head spewing out tasty volumes of precum, inviting him to lick and slurp up its sweetness. While he was doing one, the twin would be pleading, begging to fuck him, so roused by the sight of his brother's delight.

Jessie continued walking out to the living room. He couldn't help but laugh to himself. Rick and Mike just felt duty bound to their Alphas and their mate to make certain one or the other of them was nearby at all times. Tonight it was Mike's turn to keep watch over Jase, Tyler, and Jessie- as if he could with his head either buried on Chad's cock, snogging him senseless, or fucking him bringing them both to orgasm. Jessie wondered what Mike and Rick would do in the fall when Jessie, Jase, and Tyler were in college.

They would enter their college years married. A ceremony was planned for mid-summer, after Jerry and Beth were married. Although having two mates was unusual in the were-wolf world, it wasn't really forbidden. After all, there were such things as an "Omega" wolf who offered his or her body to whoever wanted it, just to keep peace in a pack. However, in the human world, polygamy and polyandry was illegal. So, Jessie would marry only one of the twins to satisfy the human world, but would actually be mated to both in their world. Since Jase was the oldest by a minute and a half, he would be the one whose name would be on the marriage license and the certificate.

Jessie pondered the puzzle working its way through his mind. Eric and Evan's announcement concerning the Remote Lake property, viewing the satellite photo, and an aerial photograph of it and surrounding property, prompted a faint recollection of something he'd read in his Grandfather Sutton's journals. He just couldn't put a finger on it, continuing to gaze out over the clearing in front of the cabin, hoping something would prod his memory.

It wasn't memory being prodded- something warm, stiff, smooth, and long was nudging his rear entrance. He slumped a little, pushed back his hips and squatted slightly to allow the thick shaft to enter and settle deeply home.

"Hey, Jase," Jessie murmured happily, loving the cock now twitching inside him. Jessie could tell by the feel and the way the cock wiggled inside him which of his mates was now beginning to fuck him.

Jessie closed his eyes, leaned his head back against Jason's chest, and prepared himself for a real knee-trembler. A warm, moist mouth with an inquisitive, exploring, and eager tongue enclosed his cock, and began a slow, sucking movement.

"So much for 'prodding' my mind," he thought to himself.

Tyler brought Jessie to orgasm at the same time Jase spewed his cum into Jessie's accustomed inner receptacle. Tyler quickly switched places with his twin, slipped his hard cock into Jessie's dripping rectum and added an equally large load.

Resting, all three standing looking out toward the clearing, Jessie explained, when asked why he was up and wandering around, he felt there was some connection between the owners of the Remote Lake property, the cabin where the drug dealers operated from before it burned and they died, and the owners of several other properties in the area, including the large parcel next to the Remote Lake property they were now part owners of. He thought he'd visit with Eric and Evan in the morning at breakfast about it.

"If you two horny guys can give me a chance to rest," he laughed.

They didn't, at least twice before he fell asleep.

Jessie headed toward the Pelican on Sunday morning hoping to meet with Eric and Evan there for breakfast. He wasn't certain they'd be there since it'd been a busy day the day before, but if he didn't it made no difference. School was out for him, as a graduated senior, so he had time all summer to see them. His days and evenings would be taken up with resort work or waiting tables in the evenings. The resort was heavily booked for this summer so hopefully he and his mates would earn plenty in tips, as if Jessie really needed the money but he was never averse to increasing his wealth.

Eric and Evan waved him over to their table when he walked in, quickly summoned a waitress to order some hot chocolate and donuts for Jessie. Jessie was fairly quiet as he began sipping his chocolate and nibbling on his donuts. Something was on his mind and neither man was going to let him stay silent until he'd "spilled it."

Coughing slightly to get Jessie's attention, Eric asked, "What's on your mind?"

"Uncle Evan," Jessie asked, "who owned the Remote Lake property before you bought it?"

"A roommate from my college years long ago by the name of Dave Cox. Why?"

"I suppose for no particular reason, other than my own curiosity, but I recalled, from reading Grandpa Sutton's journals, a mention of Remote Lake and some property there. The man who bought it, according to Grandpa, was named Cox. Evidently he frequented the restaurant after Grandpa opened it whenever he was in the area. Nothing was mentioned of a close friendship, only he was one of the older property owners in the area."

"Grandpa Sutton also mentioned the renovation of an old hunting lodge on Remote Lake next to the Cox property. Whoever was doing it evidently owned the property before Grandpa came to the area. No mention was made in the journal of the owner's name, only the lodge was being remodeled and the owner also owned several other properties in the area. If I figured it out right, the drug dealers cabin was one of them at one time. The only reference to an owner was it was a person or group from out of state. As you know, the lease on the property expired and no one bothered to check on it. I thought you might recall who had the original lease."

"I wouldn't fuss too much about it, Jessie," Eric said. "The cabin burned down, the dealers dead, the Feds have taken back possession of the property. We've heard nothing unusual concerning the neighbor to our Remote Lake property. We've not met the owners or their representative. It's unlikely we will since it's owned by some sort of conglomerate or corporation. You'll be off to college in about three months and have other things to concern yourself with, including your new husbands."

The surveyor called Evan in mid-June announcing he was going to begin to work at the Remote Lake property and he should be done within two to three weeks depending on the weather.

Eric and Evan decided it was time to meet the neighbors, so to speak, and let them know they'd have surveyors working on the property. They drove out to the Lake, approached the entrance to their neighbor's property at the end of the town road, noticed the gate to the property was open, and started to drive in. They were waved to a stop by two men stepping from a small gate house near the entrance.

The men, approaching their car, were congenial, non-threatening, and pleasant to talk to, although making it very clear they were on private property and visitors weren't allowed.

"No problem," Evan responded from behind the steering wheel, "we, along with our nephews, own the property," motioning to his left with his hand, "next to this one and we just wanted the owners of this parcel there'll be surveyors around setting out our property lines."

He continued to identify himself and Eric to the two men. One of the men thanked him, without identifying himself, his companion, or the owners of the property, only telling them he'd notify the owners of the surveyors. As they talked, a UTV rumbled down the drive leading to the large lodge on the lakeshore. Driving it was a young man, perhaps Jessie's age or a year or two older, and an older, white-haired gentleman sitting next to him. Eric thought the man was about Evan's age. The two sat in the UTV for a moment, the older man said something to the younger one, and he turned the machine around, and they drove back toward the lodge.

Evan thanked the two gate-keepers, turned their vehicle around, and started back on the town road toward home. Eric couldn't help but notice how quiet Evan was.

"Something vexing thee?" he asked.

Evan nodded. "You know the two guys in the UTV?"


"The older gentleman looked a great deal like someone I knew in college, only older now. The younger guy, though, was almost the spitting image of him when he was younger."

"What was his name?"

"For the life of me, I can't remember. I only remember he was quiet, deadly quiet; sort of any ornery bastard, you know, churlish, someone you really didn't want to fuck with. Only lived with us a short time."

"Think they'll give us or the boys any trouble?"

Evan shrugged, warily uncertain. "Only time will tell."

The End

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