Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

The Action Begins

"But virtue, as it never will be mov'd,
Though lewdness court it in a shape of heaven,
So lust, though a radiant angel link'd,
Will sate itself in a celestial bed,
And prey on garbage."
(William Shakespeare, Hamlet, I v l.53)

Jerry's stomach churned with anxiety, twitching spasmodically with nervous apprehension as his pickup truck approached the crest of Thompson Hill, coasted past the rest area, and he looked out over the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. The harbor and as far out as he could see into Lake Superior was ice covered, frozen in, stilled of all shipping until the shipping season, closed in mid-January, opened again after the spring breakup and winter loosed it's icy grip on the two cities. Until that time, any ore freighters or cargo ships in the harbor would stay there, skeleton crews maintaining them while waiting for duty to begin plying the Great Lakes.

The lift bridge to Minnesota Point, accessed via Lake Avenue through Canal Park, across the canal leading into St. Louis Bay, was lowered and would remain so until the shipping season began. The two suspension bridges, the Richard I. Bong Bridge carrying Highway 2 traffic to the west and the Blatnik Bridge carrying Interstate 535into and out of the city, provided permanent access to Superior from Minnesota and access to Duluth from Wisconsin. If someone wanted to avoid some of the downtown traffic heading west, they used the Bong Bridge; otherwise the Blatnik Bridge would take them downtown and, if so desired, north up along the North Shore.

Jerry could've cut north on Midway, west of Duluth, through Hermantown to Arrowhead, and arrived at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, but decided to take I35/U.S. 61 north through the downtown to 21 st and follow it to the University. Beth Campbell agreed to meet him outside the dormitory where she lived; from there they'd go out to eat and perhaps to a dance somewhere afterward. Both Duluth and Superior, University and college communities, hosted many supper clubs, bars, and other establishments featuring bands on Friday and Saturday nights. He'd rather remain in Duluth since the city is in St. Louis County.

Although he was officially off-duty, he still wore his sidearm and attached a badge to his belt, ready to respond should the need arise. He hoped it wouldn't cast a shadow on his date with Beth by either intimidating her or any of her friends they should encounter. This was his first official date with Beth and was pleasantly surprised when she quickly agreed to an evening out with him.

Pulling into the visitor parking area, he spotted Beth coming down the walk toward his pickup truck.

"I wonder how she knew I was here?" he pondered to himself. Smacking his forehead with one hand, responded, "Duh, she's a wolf, like me."

He certainly didn't have to wonder about his attraction for her. Stepping from the truck, he caught a whiff of her scent and was instantly hard, his member stretching down the right leg of his dress pants.

"Hope she doesn't mind riding in a truck, the gun on my hip, or the rod in my pants," he worried to himself.

"I don't!" came a reply.

Plans made, teens at the ready all in place, save two, Rick and Robbie began their short cross-country skiing expeditionary ruse from the logging road toward the cabin, hoping they could either gain entrance or at least some information which might be useful to Jerry Haven should he seek a warrant. Jase, Tyler, and Jessie were at work since it was a Saturday afternoon, but Tyler made it very clear there'd be a back-up team available and ready to assist should it become necessary.

Patrick's wolf was still laying, sheltered and concealed by the overhanging branches of a pine tree, where he'd taken up post earlier in the morning, waiting to see if two of the men left shortly after lunch as they'd done on previous weekends. Almost on a time schedule, they climbed in the SUV and drove off.

"The two men left in the SUV and the guard just stepped out on the porch. I think he's going to take a leak."

Standing near the pickup truck, Mike and Chad quickly shed their clothes and shifted, beginning their own journey toward the cabin, intending to settle in next to Patrick, concealed and ready for action if need be. They settled in just as Rick and Robbie, Robbie complaining loudly, Rick snarling back in a human sort of way, swished into the clearing approaching the cabin.

Hearing them first, then seeing the two teens skiing into the clearing from the forest, the guard first readied himself, flipped open his coat in order to access the pistol tucked in his belt, then gripped the rifle in both hands, as he scrutinized the intruders. The closer they came, the better he was able to distinguish their features and determined they were no danger or threat to their operation.

"Boys," he muttered satisfactorily, "two very fuckable, suckable boys."

His rifle dropped to a non-threatening position while his cock stiffened and rose to a ready position behind his zippered pants.

Rick and Robbie stopped, acting somewhat exasperated, in front of the cabin and looked the man over.

"What'cha need boys?" he asked.

"Directions," Rick answered, frustration and disgust in his voice. "We're fucking lost; cock-for-a-brain here," thumbing at Robbie, "thought he knew the way, but we got off of the trail somewhere and ended up here."

"I do too know the way," argued Robbie, "you were the one more interested in my ass than the trail and missed the sign."

"Never mind," Rick snorted back, turned his attention to the man on the porch. "We're hunting for the road that leads back to Sutton's."

"That where you're staying?"

"Yeah, we're up here until the Sunday after tomorrow. So, do you know where the road is?

"Just take our lane," the man said pointing at the lane leading away from the cabin, "you'll come to a county road, take a left and Sutton's about ten miles away."

"Well, we better get going; that's a ways and our folks will be worried if we don't get back before dark," Rick announced.

"Hey, I gotta piss first," complained Robbie.

"Just what I was fixing to do myself," the man said as he leaned his rifle up against a chair on the porch.

The two teens unzipped their pants and fished their thick, long, uncut, and smooth cocks out into the air, making certain the man had a clear and unobstructed view.

"Nice," he said, licking his lips, stepped between them, and undid his own fly, allowing his stiff cock to pop out.

Both boys zeroed in on it, supposedly fixed on its stiffness. It didn't go unnoticed by the man.

"Mind if I hold your cocks for you?" he asked. Receiving no answer he took it as approval, letting his own point out, took a teen cock in each hand. Holding them while they flowed out the contents of their bladders, he shook each one gently, before beginning to gently fondle and squeeze each one.

As they started to stiffen, Rick quickly brought the action to a halt, stammering excitedly, "We better get going!"

"How about I give you a blowjob before you leave?"

"I don't know," Rick stuttered.

"I do!" Robbie giggled. "Never pass up an opportunity to have someone swing on my dick!"

The size of Robbie's cock compared to the rest of his body, sent the man quickly to his knees in front of Robbie, and his mouth around the fat teen cock. In less than two minutes, Robbie spurted his load into the man's mouth.

"That should get us an invitation back," Robbie announced to Rick and the others listening in.

"Thanks mister, that was great, but we really do have to leave now."

"How about coming back again?"


"Nah, better make it next Saturday in the afternoon."

"How do we know you'll still be here?" Robbie asked suspiciously.

"I'm here for two more weeks!"

The guard, face scrunched tight with effort, eyes glazed as his mind replayed what he recently saw and held in his hands, one hand cupping his balls while the other circled his cock, arm pumping up and down, was jacking off as the two teens headed down the lane toward the road.

Jessie met Eric and Evan at breakfast in the Pelican before the bus arrived for the trip to school on Monday and delivered a full report on what Robbie, Rick, Patrick, Mike, and Chad discovered on their latest visit, specifically the planned encounter by Robbie and Rick with the guard. He didn't include all of the details of the blow-job but revealed enough information, the two older gentlemen chuckled aloud with how easy it was for Robb to seduce the guy.

"I guess he was more than just fascinated with their cocks; he invited them back next weekend, Saturday afternoon."

"And well he should," chortled Evan, "you boys are all well blessed," and winked knowingly at Jessie.

Jessie just grinned his acknowledgement back at him.

Eric was concerned over the statement the man made about only being around for a couple of more weeks.

"If he's serious, and I have no doubt he is, they're going to move their operation to a different location to keep from drawing attention to themselves. It means Jerry will have to act right after this coming weekend, if Rick and Robb can get some damning evidence to seek search warrant."

"I've been thinking about that," Jessie countered. "I think I know how we can."

Jessie didn't have long until the bus would arrive and he'd have to leave for school. Sipping the last of his hot chocolate and downing the donut, he outlined his plan for the two men.

"Think it will work?" queried Eric.

"That's why I'm running it by you. See if there's any legal loopholes the snakes can slither through and let me know," and "Oh, would it be possible for me to read any of the notes concerning the properties Grandpa Sutton made, if you have them? He kept journals at home and I'm going to read through them," and headed out the door to catch his bus.

"You know, Eric," Evan posited, "Robb and Rick will have to be able to swear before a judge how they obtained the information."

"Yeah, but they don't have to tell everything; only give the bare essentials and answer the questions only as they're asked, if they're asked at all. I'll be present for it all so we can control some of it. Hard to say what the district attorney will want to know, though."

The two men watched as Jessie trotted out to the main road where the school bus would stop. Jase, Tyler, and the rest of the Averill Creek Pack, along with the other school-age people at The Pines, would be riding the bus. Jase and Tyler would save a seat for him. They rarely drove during the winter, although at times it would've been more convenient, but driving to school was a long haul and when the weather was bad or the roads slippery, downright dangerous. Of course, this wouldn't make any difference to the young werewolves since they'd heal fast, but it'd be hard to explain it to his folks if he wrecked his truck and didn't get hurt.

"Think it will work, Eric?"

Eric thought momentarily before he replied. "I don't know but I hope so. Either way it'll be fun watching how it all plays out."

"Do you think we should alert Jerry Haven about what's going to happen?"

Eric shook his head slowly from side to side. "I don't think so; he has to be unaware as the others once the boys contact them. If he is pre-warned, there might be some complications such as him being placed under oath to testify. Can't have our deputy sheriff perjuring himself can we? Let's just sit back and enjoy the show and if we need to, speed the plot along."

They both wondered what else Jessie had up his sleeve when he asked about reviewing the notes Eric took when first talking to George Sutton, referring to some journals Jessie remembered his grandfather kept.

Jerry Haven was feeling pretty good. His date with Beth Campbell was more than just pleasant, it was downright fun; a dinner out and dancing. Neither she nor her friends were bothered by the fact he was off-duty and armed. In fact, they seemed somewhat relieved, at times, he was with them.

He was somewhat taken aback when he realized she was able to "speak" to him since he'd not revealed his "wolf" to her. He was able to successfully conceal it from others, except for Jessie Sutton who was just "too damned smart" in his estimation, but he wasn't about to underestimate the teen's abilities or powers. Jerry was even more surprised Beth claimed she knew it from the first time she met him. She also admitted her attraction to him and how she felt around him, knowing they were destined to be mates. She was only waiting for him to discover it as well. Beth hadn't discussed it with anyone or would she.

Jerry figured, correctly, since Beth was his mate, although not official yet by the conjugal act and bite, he had few secrets from her. All the more reason to retire from field service with the Grand Council and take a desk job, and, hopefully, from law enforcement when Diondre graduated from training at the community college. Jerry visited with Art Campbell on Monday and received his permission to court Beth and seek her as a mate. At the time Art hinted there might be an opportunity to work for Campbell and Associates in security if something with the Grand Council didn't work out.

Now, however, Jerry needed to concentrate on his driving. Snow was now falling at an increasing rate. He and the other deputy on his task force in the passenger seat still had several miles to go before they both were back at the small district office, get into their own vehicles, and drive to their homes. Jerry figured the night shift would have their hands full with accidents, slide-offs, and other mishaps brought on by the inclement weather. No matter how many times it snowed during the winter season, there were still those who never learned to drive in it.

The windshield wipers slapped back and forth as the snow fell harder and hit the windshield. The other deputy broke the otherwise silent ride.

"You know, all along we thought the shit was coming in from the ports or across the border, but surprise, surprise; according to the DEA agents we met with today, that's not the case."

The DEA had several informants out and about in the state and according to what they learned and relayed to Jerry's task force and the other ones the Sheriff established, the illegal drugs were coming up from the south; perhaps Chicago, St. Louis; who knew for certain. What they did know, the dope traffic conduit was through Twin Cities and distributed to smaller regional drug houses for sale and distribution. They thought there were a number of them throughout the State, especially in the forested areas where they'd draw little attention if the dealers used seasonal cottages or cabins. As a result, Jerry's and the other county task forces were to pay attention to remote places and alert patrol officers as well.

St. Louis, Lake, Cook, Koochichiag, Carlton, Itasca, and Aitken Counties all had representatives of the Sheriff's department attending, as well as Tribal Police. Considering the number of agencies involved, the number of individuals present wasn't that great. They'd go back to their own agencies and brief those who needed to know.

Jerry already knew where one base of operation was located, but he had to wait until he had something other than his personal observations. He knew, if the DEA personnel were correct, these dealers moved every so often and he was fearful the ones he'd been observing would break camp before he could get a warrant. He thought about using some of the members of the Averill Creek Pack to keep tabs on the cabin, but he quickly dismissed it from his mind, not really wanting to get the teens involved. He'd seen what they did to Peters and to the Rogue and his pack and knew they could be very effective – and deadly!

The hot chocolate and donuts Jessie consumed, relished this time of day, as he enjoyed the company of his "uncles" Eric and Evan Saturday morning in the Pelican Café. Their conversation was guarded, muted with voices low so other diners couldn't overhear, yet not so guarded as to draw special attention to themselves.

"When you finish your hot chocolate," Eric advised, "we'll go out to the car and get those items you requested we pick up in Duluth, okay?"

Jessie nodded his understanding, smiling slightly, knowing what those items were to be used for and with whom.

"If you decide not to use them," Evan added, somewhat in jest, but not entirely, "don't toss them away. They look rather fun."

Jessie finished his hot chocolate, swallowed the last crumb of donut, and followed the two men outside to their car. Eric handed a backpack over to Jessie and cautioned him to be very careful.

"I don't know how I'd explain to your folks you were hurt in a sexcapade sting with a criminal."

"Especially if you were found with your cock flopping about in the breeze," snickered Evan bringing a laugh from Jessie.

"I don't think it'd be flopping, Uncle Evan! Besides, I'll be just fine. Some of the other Pack members will be close by to jump in and help if we need them. Dad already figures I'm up to something since I told him I might be late to work, but Jase and Tyler would cover for me until I arrived."

The fresh snow earlier in the week provided, this bright Saturday afternoon, a substantial, fluffy base to the snow pack already in place from earlier winter snows, as Rick, Rob, and Jessie swooshed, skis gliding nicely, poles providing solid grips, their body actions smooth and practiced, out into the clearing when the drug dealers cabin stood.

"Everything is in place," Jessie thought confidently as they reached the front of the cabin, knowing Mike, Chad, and Patrick lay, in wolf form, concealed under a large snow covered pine, watching their every move, ears and minds alert for any call for help or instructions, ready to do whatever was required to keep their pack-mates safe. Jessie really only hoped what he planned would be successful, although deep down, he had no doubt it would. Eric and Evan agreed with him, but he had to do everything he discussed with them in order for it to be the triumph they hoped for.

Rifle raised to waist level, held at the ready, the man guarding the cabin stepped out on the porch, wary of Jessie's presence since he'd only expected the two boys he'd invited back for a visit the week before. Looking Jessie over as the three boys approached, he had to admit the newcomer was a stunner, medium height, lean, extremely good looking, and from the bulge in his ski pants, well hung.

"A very delicious fuckable addition to our little party," he mused to himself, his cock stiffening in his own pants, sans underwear, hoping for quick and frequent action.

Jessie, Rick, and Rob sensed his wariness, noting the man's stance, but their sensitive noses also picked up the musky odor of sexual desire and their eyes noted the stiff cock extending down and pooking out the left leg of the man's jeans.

"I hope he waits until we get our clothes off before he begins to fuck us," snorted Rob. "Be mighty uncomfortable with our ski pants stuffed up our assholes."

"Who's the stranger? I thought only the two of you were going to come."

"Oh, we'll come, alright," Rob giggled, "only I think you'll really like Luke. He loves to be fucked, sucks like a vacuum sweeper on hyper-power, and has a cock most horses would give both balls for."

"That I gotta see!" the man harrumphed, before reaching down, loosening his zipper, and hauling out his own stiff man-piece. "What's the rest of your names? Mine's John and that's all you need to know. Would like to know the names of those I'll be fucking!"

"I'm Matthew," answered Rick and pointing to Rob, "he's Mark. You've already met Luke." Adding, "Nice cock by the way."

Jessie smiled seductively, unzipped his own pants, exposing, but not revealing in its entirety, his thick, long uncut cock. John never noticed Rob taking a picture of him, cock stiff and pointing up from his zipper, as he ogled Jessie.

"Park your skis and come in! I'm ready for some action! Even got some special treats for you boys to make our fun a little more exciting."

"He has no idea what type of fun he's in for!" Jessie said to his pack mates.

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