Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 5

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

The Dilemma

"It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are all defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same."

(Thomas Paine)

Eric and Evan stepped from the bedroom, allowing Jerry to rest, walked down the short hall to the kitchen/living room of the cabin where Jase, Tyler, Jessie, Mike, and, now joined by Patrick, were seated at the kitchen table. Rick was seated on the couch, Robbie, transported to the cabin when Patrick brought the requested food and supplies, was seated on Rick's lap, blanket hastily tossed across their laps, pants down around their ankles, literally joined ass to crotch.

Evan raised his eyebrows, looking in Rick and Robbie's direction.

"Are you two cold?"

Robbie bobbed his head up and down vigorously while slowly raising his body up and down.

"You'll probably be warmer if your pants weren't down around your ankles."

"Perhaps," conjected Eric, adding his two cents to the conversation, "exercise might be one way to warm up?"

"We have been," Robbie replied enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear, "we're just resting right now. Won't be long though, as stiff as he feels, we'll exercise some more."

Robbie was well and truly skewered on Rick's long, thick, throbbing cock and with the massaging of it with a combination of bowel contractions, sphincter muscles, and self-fucking on the stiff penis, managed to bring a satisfied moan from Rick. Robbie made a couple of more moves, his eyes widened as he stared at Eric, Rick's legs extended out in front of Robbie's as he pumped another creamy, thick cannonade of teen boy juice up into Robbie's chute.

Eric noted the ejaculatory discharge relief.

"Now that's taken care of, perhaps we can visit uninterrupted by moans and groans of ecstasy."

His remarks brought snickers from the rest of the assembled Pack members, knowing full well Robbie and Rick would join several times more before the day and night was over. The Pack knew there weren't two more horny members than those two; perhaps since it'd be a tossup after than whether it was Jase, Tyler, and Jessie; Mike and Chad; Diondre and Annie, or maybe Patrick and Michelle.

Eric, looking over the group of young men in front of him waiting expectantly for him to speak either on a course of action or words of advice or caution, pondered a moment what he'd wish to say. Patrick, even though a late arrival, was now fully aware of Jerry's true identity and what the situation was they faced, sat calmly, snowmobile suit unzipped, ready to return to The Pines to continue his duties as a shuttle according to his Alpha's wishes.

At any other time, any other place, by any other person, this gathering of young teen men would appear to be just that, a gathering of clean-cut, relaxed, and happy young human males. Eric sighed again, finally collected his thoughts and pulled up a chair.

"I know you all know what Jerry is facing and how important it is to keep his true identity confidential. Your ears hadn't quite quit twitching when Evan and I came down the hallway from the bedroom. You boys could hear a mouse squeak in Orr from here and Jessie would've known what it said when it squeaked. You have the distinct advantage over us mortals, but I'm happy you boys do."

"What's facing us, in our county and in your school, is a growing, debilitating destroyer of our people, young and old. You've seen it in the death of a couple of your schoolmates. The rest of us, if we're paying any attention at all, are seeing it in our communities; people dying, some being saved by injections of Narcan; money needed to sustain life and provide shelter and comfort for families shot into veins, sucked up into lungs, or ingested in stomachs all for a few moments of artificial pleasure and a certain path to death if it continues."

"I don't know exactly how to stop it, but stop it we must, by ridding our community of those in our midst who'd manufacture, import, distribute, and encourage the use of this horseshit plague. As your attorney, and I have served as each of your attorney at one time or another, although Jessie is my main client and am on his retainer, I cannot advise you to break the law if you decide to help out. My job will be to defend you if you do or are accused of doing so. As an officer of the court, I cannot know ahead of time what you might plan on doing if it might appear to be illegal. As I said, my job is to defend you. However, Evan is not an attorney."

"I can advise you to use your extraordinary senses; tune in to your fellow students and the world they inhabit since it is entirely different from yours. Let your eyesight notice those subtle changes or differences around you and in your schoolmates; become acquainted with the changes drug use brings about to your school mates; use your sense of smell to recognize not only the odors of the various drugs hanging faintly or heavily on their bodies, or wafting about the classroom and hallways, but the deadly scents of disease or lingering death brought on by the use of the illicit drugs. Use your ears to listen in on others, learning where, how, when and who buys, sells, distributes, or encourages the use; learn who the go-to-people are, where the parties are held, the costs, the locations where drugs are readily available, and, finally, who's being fucked and who's fucking who since their bodies will be a source of wealth, for a time being, for trade."

"Learn your schoolmate's secrets and use those special senses of yours to do good without anyone being the wiser. Keep no notes except in your mind. Relay all your information to Jessie. He can store it and synthesize it for you. Jase, Tyler, and he, along with your information and council can formulate a tentative plan to prepare for Jerry Haven to review."

"I think you have several tasks ahead of you, should you decide to help out beyond this weekend; protect Jerry while he recovers, decide if you want to help and how, and finally if you do decide to assist, think things through very, very well and take your time doing it. If you have questions concerning the legality, you may ask me and I'll give you my best opinion. You're all smart and have talents and skills humans don't have. Remember, a problem well defined is a problem solved. Do you all understand?"

The teens all nodded their understanding.

Eric and Evan pulled their coats on, readying themselves to leave.

"Oh, by the way," Eric added as they started out the door, "Evan and I bought a large parcel of forest land bordering Remote Lake. You can run from here through public forest land to get there. You now have more territory to roam without hindrance. We can talk more of it later."

The men waved goodbye and left for home.

"Okay, guys," Jase finally said, "Eric gave us the place to start."

"Monday morning," Tyler added, "we start- remember go softly, quietly, and be alert. We don't need any attention brought to our little pack of wolves, do we?"

Jerry's weekend at the cabin, recovering from his gunshot wound, was reflective, relaxing, informative, and introspective. His care was, without a doubt, far beyond anything he may have expected from a group of teen boys. They fed him well, made certain he had plenty of fluids, and was generally pampered by his caregivers. He did have to insist he was quite capable of using a portable urinal, until he was allowed to walk to the bathroom, even though Robbie was more than eager to handle his cock and stuff it in the opening of the handheld urinal.

Whether it was Rick and Robbie, Mike and Chad, Jessie, Jase, and Tyler, or Patrick, someone was always awake and on guard, watching, listening, and checking the air for warning scents around the cabin area. Jerry decided he'd miss the boys when Dr. Thomas gave him the okay to go home, hopefully on Monday.

He learned a great deal over the weekend about the young men and women in the Averill Creek Pack. They were bright, furiously loyal to each other, their Pack, and Alphas, notoriously closed-mouth around non-Pack members, spoke their own language not readily or interpreted by others, serious when needed to be, but jovial, happy, and enjoyed a good time. The young teens had strong, thriving libidos, exhibited in their concupiscence as mates interacted with each other, not passing up the opportunity to join in a lusty coupling. Yet, however wanton or lascivious it might appear, their love and devotion to their mates was exemplary and unapologetic, exhibited in many more ways than just prurience sex. Granted, Rick was generally erect and seeping whenever he was near Robbie, also erect and smiling a coy invitation to his mate, he would also snuggle, nuzzle, kiss, touch, and generally fawn over Robbie, giving him all of the loving, gentle attention he could muster.

The prime example, for the Pack, of love, were the actions by their Alphas for their mate, Jessie Sutton. Jase and Tyler, also not passing on an invitation or opportunity to engage in coitus with him, first one and then the other, were more concerned with pleasing Jessie than themselves. In addition to the sexual love they lavished on him, they also sought to comfort him, caress him with their touch, reassure him with their presence, kiss him, and protect him by quickly placing themselves between him and possible danger or harm.

The three of them showed no signs of jealousy or exclusiveness in their interaction. Jessie was their mate; he knew it, wanted it, and would have it no other way. They were not only mates and lovers, they were best friends.

Jase and Tyler were strong Alphas, leading this growing pack of werewolves, shepherding them through the obstacles they encountered as humans and as werewolves. Although there may seem to be a casualness in their leadership on appearance, Jerry knew better than to think there was weakness in the Pack or in leadership. He'd seen them muster the strength of the Pack when they fought not only to protect their territory, the Pack, and their Alphas, but to vanquish the evil thrust upon them.

The Pack Alphas didn't demand loyalty, trust, or commitment, but earned it from each and every Pack member through their own actions. Jase and Tyler were intensely loyal, trusting, and committed to each and every member, willing to sacrifice their all for them. Jessie Sutton, as mate to the Alphas, was the glue that welded the Pack as one. Through him, his Alphas and the Pack maintained their honor, dignity, and sense of purpose. His attention to their welfare, appreciation for all they did, respect for them as a Pack and individuals, his unabashed love for them, bound the entire Pack fiercely to him as well. Jase and Tyler were not the only ones who loved Jessie- the entire Pack would sacrifice everything for him.

Jerry came to the satisfying conclusion this small Pack would grow in numbers, strength, and influence over time.

He also wondered about the depth of the relationship Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman had with this group of young teens. He'd overheard Eric's admonition and advice to the boys as well as setting forth their mission. Clearly the two of them knew more about the Averill Creek Pack and its individual members than he'd realized. They also had more influence over the members than exhibited around others. Jerry watched the day Eric and Evan built the trap of silverware and other items to funnel the rogues into a killing field.

Jerry's time in the cabin also was a time for reflection on his career and his life going forward. He'd been offered a position with the Grand Council to direct the activities, recruitment, and operations of the growing cadre of Guardians, organizing it into a unit for the protection of all packs and enforcement of Grand Council rules and regulations. It'd pay much, much more, involve some travel, but he could live anywhere as long as there were secure communications facilities nearby.

The offer was tempting and Jerry knew he'd be fool to refuse it, so he wouldn't! There were, however, several problems to work out before he entered into the position. He wished to remain with the sheriff's department in his present position until he closed down the drug operation emanating from the small cabin in the woods. It'd be a small step in the grand scheme of things, but at least a start.

He'd also like to remain on staff long enough for Diondre to finish his education and training in law enforcement. There'd be an opening on the roster in the sheriff's deputy force about the time Diondre graduated and Jerry was pretty certain he could pull enough weight for Diondre to be hired. Diondre was bright and, according to his instructors, one of their best students. Married, with one child, Diondre wasn't eager to move from the area since Annie's family and his close friends all lived here. He and Anna were both members of the Averill Creek Pack as well. Diondre would make an excellent officer for the county and, with his own "special" talents, would do a fantastic job.

The final issue he was struggling with could be a little more complicated. Jerry was certain he finally found his mate, only he wasn't certain she knew it as well. He'd not revealed himself as a werewolf, but knew she was. Concealing it from her, to this point, was being deceitful, but hoped she'd forgive him once he did. Older than the young woman he desired by some eight or nine years, he figured it might take some serious wooing, courting her as both a human and a wolf, in order to win her heart.

The young lady was in her second year at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Jerry met her on several occasions in his duties as deputy and several times at social functions when out of uniform. She made no indication she felt the same way toward him as he felt toward her. Jerry believed, from talking to other mated pairs, each knew their mate when meeting for the first time. Oh, she batted her eyes shyly and coyly at him and quickly looked away, but he still wasn't certain. What he was certain of was he'd go hard as a fence post every time he caught her scent or saw her, wanting nothing less than to mount her and claim her as his own, seeding her with his baby-makers and living with her for as long as their lives remained. Jerry had never fallen in love before, wondering how he'd make the approach. As overt his personality appeared when dealing with the public, Jerry was basically a very shy individual.

The advantage of mating with her, other than his intense feelings for her and how he felt lost when not around her, was her father was a partner in Campbell and Associates. They had the best and most secure communications system he'd ever seen. Beth Campbell was the love of his life and he wanted her so bad!

Eric and Evan arrived Monday morning while winter's darkness still blanketed the cold, snowy land, relieving Mike and Chad of their duties and providing them with plenty of opportunity to prepare for a busy day at school. Patrick was already at the cabin, waiting to carry the two back to The Pines, conveying them in a sled pulled behind the snowmobile he'd been using as a shuttle service.

Evan thought it might have been easier and perhaps faster if the teens would've just shifted to wolf and run back. He changed his opinion when Chad joined Mike in the sled, sliding his body between Mike's outspread legs, leaned his head back against Mike's chest, and covered them both with a heavy blanket.

"Gives us both the chance to sleep while going home."

Jerry was awake and sitting at the kitchen table nursing a cup of coffee when Evan and Eric entered the cabin. Evan figured Jerry was hungry so fixed a breakfast of steak and eggs for him. He and Eric settled for coffee, toast, and a couple of slices of bacon. During the breakfast and during the rest of the morning, Jerry would try to steer the conversation toward the relationship Eric and Evan had with the Averill Creek Pack. He'd picked up enough by listening in on their conversation with the teens he knew there was a depth in the relationship beyond what he'd heard and witnessed.

All he was able to discover (something he already knew) Eric was Jessie's attorney and had been the Sutton Family attorney for many, many years. Evan would only say he was the one who sold the property where Campbell and Associates now was established. Beyond that, nothing else. By the time Dr. Thomas arrived late in the morning to release Jerry home and to work the next day, Jerry was somewhat frustrated, knowing no more than what he knew to start with.

His visit with Eric and Evan wasn't as informative as he'd hoped, yet he found it quite rewarding. It gave him a deeper depth of understanding and insight into the character and loyalty of the two men who held so much in trust concerning the teens in the Averill Creek Pack and the trust and loyalty the Pack had in them. The two were two humans Jerry Haven definitely wanted to befriend.

Jessie's day was more productive, at least in terms of planning. The ride to school on the bus, sitting in the back seat with Jase and Tyler, with Rick and Robbie in front of them in a seat and Mike and Chad across the aisle, gave a pleasant start to his day. The long ride to school gave them ample time to pleasure each other.

"Nice way to start the day, isn't it?" he said.

Jase agreed and Tyler only nodded, his head buried in Jessie's crotch, milking his fat cock and balls for all of the precious juice Jessie produced. Jessie for his part, completed fellatio on his mates just minute before, so the three of them would enter school relaxed and well sated.

During the day, Jessie arrived at a number of conclusions he intended to discuss with Jase and Tyler. First of all, he'd like to take a good, long, hard look at the cabin Jerry Haven staked out on before he was shot. There might be something there or in the surrounding area which could help in planning how to approach the problem it created. Conversation with Norm and Dana would tell him how to find it and Jase, Tyler, and he could run out and reconnoiter it.

He also wanted to make certain Pack members all could recognize the smell of marijuana and, since he had no idea as well, the smell of meth and learn whether someone on opioids exuded a different scent, such as someone eating garlic would. Perhaps Evan and Eric or Diondre or Jerry Haven could help with that.

The Pack member's eyes and ears, watching and listening at school, would provide additional information to sort out the problem of preparing a plan of attack- literally, he thought with a smile.

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