by N Fourbois

The boys of Year 9 in Lord Admiral Nelson School piled into the lecture theatre to be briefed on their SATs. It was July and with school examinations behind them the fourteen year olds were just biding their time until school broke up and allowed them the freedom of six weeks of holidays.

These SATs were conducted by a medical team. Once the course leader had gained their attention and greeted them, he said "During your time at school you will have grown used to SATs, Standard Attainment Tasks, but you will have been taught in your PHSE course that at fourteen you undergo Sexual Attainment Tasks for which the sports hall and the music department's practice rooms have been put at our disposal. What I am going to tell you now is on a minimum 'need to know' basis. At fourteen you are developing fast, particularly as sexual beings. You can look in the mirror and expect to see a boy looking back at you. When you repeat these tests in twelve months' time, you will see a young man in the mirror. In the Year 9 tests, or Key Stage 2, we are particularly interested in your sexuality, that is whether you are straight or gay." The doctor paused for he knew that statement would cause a reaction and he wasn't disappointed. "Forewarned is forearmed. Many of you will protest." Again he paused. "You are the boys we are particularly interested in because those that protest loudest usually have the most to hide." That statement enforced an embarrassed, but thoughtful silence. "Those that remained silent in the first instance will be the thoughtful ones, the open minded ones, the ones that have already acknowledged that they are gay."

One of those was Robin.

"Of the one hundred and twenty boys in this room I'll guarantee that on a scale of 10 fully homosexual… 'gay' to those boys talking amongst themselves at the back…" Everybody turned round to stare at them. "… and 1 fully heterosexual, straight, twelve of you at least will be well above 5, that is confirmed homosexuals." Another pause for the boys to absorb that piece of information. "It may well be more. It will not be fewer." Pause. "And a good number will be going through what is called an 'adolescent phase' and register 4 to 7. You have been, are or will be someone who is randomly and temporarily attracted to another boy. It may not even be sexual attraction." The doctor looked round the room and saw the colour of many faces turn, some red, some white, some pupils turning round and staring at particular fellows.

"We are going to ask you some questions during the day, some oral, most written. We earnestly request you to answer them honestly, or there is no point. The individual answers are confidential. You don't even need to put your names on the sheets. However, my first question is open and to all of you. Put up your hand if you have never looked another boy's genitals, that is looked at his penis or his scrotum or both." There was a delay and eventually half a dozen hands went up and they obviously did not meet with the approbation of the year group and four of them went down. "Thank you, boys. I think I have proved my point."

Robin was among the first group. He was ambivalent about what lay ahead for them on that day. He might be straight-acting, but he didn't need testing. He knew the answer already. His schoolmates, though, didn't. He only wished they did. For him, if any good was to come from Keystage 2, it was that he might come out… come out safely. In the midst of a hundred and twenty boys he felt so alone. He had friends. Would they still be his friends when, or if, he came out? If he came out, he might be able to find a like-minded friend, a best friend, a boyfriend.

The boys had their photos taken, mug shots front and side, and after personal information had been fed in to a computer, it produced stickers with a barcode. They were directed first to the lavatories. "It might be some time until you're free to go again, boys." And then to the changing rooms and instructed to take all their clothes off, fold them neatly and put in what were the old servicemen's canvas kit bags, which were then locked with a plastic seal. The July day was proving to be warm, thank goodness. The researchers wanted to gather a full picture. The showers were supervised, but then they were after games and PE lessons and so no big deal there apart from the detailed instructions on where to wash and shower gel was provided. As they left the shower, the boys were handed an orange bath towel and when they were dry, they were provided with overalls, orange overalls and helped the put them on. Orange was evidently the corporate colour.

"Why orange?" Robin asked his supervisor, who had introduced himself as Julian.

"Primarily to stop them being nicked," he answered "and to make the examinees stand out from the crowd. In white, grey or black you could be anyone. Red or yellow, that would be fine. Blue, pink and lavender have certain connotations which might prejudice the results. So we went for orange. Now pay attention to how you put them on. They're not normal overalls. We call them zip suits. You'll soon see why."

Julian held them while Robin put his legs in. "Now sit on the bench and put your socks and trainers on before we zip it up."

"What are these D-rings on the ankles for?"

"To hang them up to dry after they've been laundered," answered Julian glibly. He liked the zip suit. It was made of soft but stout cotton. The zips were like the ones on quality anoraks, large for easy manœuvrability and with a zipper at each end.

"They must have cost a bomb," he said.

"I don't know," said Julian, "but they serve our purpose well. They're so easy to use."

Robin tried to get the top over his shoulders. "Hold on a minute, Robin. We need to get your arms in next." Robin was concentrating so much on his own zip suit that he forgot to look around and see how his mates were getting on. Julian helped him feed his arms into the sleeves, pulled the top of the suit over his shoulders and zipped the front right up to his neck. Meanwhile Robin's hands had reached the bottom of his sleeves only to find that they were not open, but had a pair of thick leather mittens integrally attached. His hands fitted in them nicely, but there was one disadvantage. He was unable to grasp anything, particularly the zippers.

"What's the idea of these?" Robin asked, rather surprised. "I can't move the zips."

"You've answered the question in asking it," replied Julian.

"So I'm trapped?"

"Technically yes, though we prefer the terms 'immobilised' or 'restrained'. We don't want you playing with yourself," he said "or with the other students," and he grinned evilly. "These tests can make you quite horny and we don't know how you'll react."

"I feel quite horny already and I've got a stiffie."

"Mmm, so you have," said Julian after taking a good look and putting his hand up between Robin's legs to check. "I think we'd better put this on."

Robin wondered what 'this' was going to be, thinking it might be a jockstrap without thinking the practicalities through, but it turned out to be an eighteen inch long pole with a ring and a clip at each end. He was to mesmerised to resist as Julian clipped it onto the D-ring on one mitt and attached it behind his back to the D-ring on the other one. While he was standing behind Robin, he closed the zip covering his butt crack. "There you go, Robin. Try not to think about it and it will soon go down." Julian knew from experience that it would have the opposite effect. "Okay, let's finish you off." Robin immediately thought, after being touched up, that Julian was going to jerk him off and he couldn't do a thing about it. But did he want to?

He felt good as Julian manhandled him. He set the overalls aright around Robin's neck, straightening the collar and pulling out the hood and letting it hang down his back. "Right, you're almost ready now, Robin." Julian took a couple of sticky labels and attached them to the left breast of his overalls. He zapped the bar code and Robin's personal details came up on the screen of the computer. "Read those through and confirm they are correct." Once Robin had been processed, he was told he could relax until the examiners were ready. He looked around the changing room at his classmates, all similarly attired and noticeably all similarly restrained, hands behind back, or in front, some with spacer bars, others with mitts directly attached to each other, but without realising it, all equally helpless. He couldn't stop himself checking his fellows out.

The coveralls were a loose fit, but that didn't prevent the obvious signs of a boner, endorsed on one boy with a large damp patch as the cotton overall wicked precum from his leaking erection. Robin noted his name. It appeared that not one boy was sexually unaffected by his present situation. He longed to do what Julian had just done to him, and maybe more. He now appreciated the necessity of the mitts and the restraints.

Sitting was becoming uncomfortable. Robin was seated on an ordinary upright chair, but he had to dangle his arms over the back. After a few minutes he was called forward. "The doctor will see you now, Robin," said Julian, "but first of all we have to put the hood up. It's important that the researchers only see what they need to see."

"Why's that?" said Robin, growing bolder.

"Do you know what gaydar is?"


"It's the ability to tell whether a person is gay or not by looking at him, and we don't want to prejudice the results. So the doctors just see what they need to see."

The hood was odd. It was in two parts, a back half and a front half. Julian pulled up the back piece followed by the half that covered his face. It made Robin pop another boner. Oh, how Robin longed to give himself some relief, but that was impossible, even though Julian had now taken the spacer bar off his mitts. Julian adjusted the zip which went from ear to ear and Robin was completely masked, though there were openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Being restrained made him feel hornier than he had ever felt in his life. 'I wonder if they'll let us keep the overalls after the tests,' he thought. 'No. Julian's already said they wash them and use them again.'

"Okay, room six," said Julian and led him there, leaving him at the door.

Robin knocked and went in. The doctor was cleaning his hands with antiseptic gel. "You don't find many music practice rooms with running water," he said. Seeing the doctor, Robin was none the wiser. He was dressed, he assumed, in a suit and was wearing a white coat with the obligatory stethoscope round his neck, surgical mask and a surgical hat. The doctor zapped the bar code above Robin's left nipple and his details flashed up on the computer screen. "I'm Dr Mendle, by the way. I won't shake hands or I'll have to clean them again, and I don't think it will be too easy for you, either." Robin wondered where he had heard the name before. "Now I know it's tedious, but we have to do these checks each time. Name?"

"Robin Banks."

"Date of birth?" Robin told him and his address. "Stand on the scales." The doctor typed his weight into the computer. He measured his height, waist, blood pressure. "I don't know why we bother with blood pressure. Our patients are always so hyped up that it's never accurate. Now we get on to the more interesting stuff." He reach out and closed the zips over the eyeholes and mouth. "Have you had a medical before?" Robin answered yes. "So you know what a 'cough and drop' is?" Robin said yes again.

Robin heard the snap of the latex surgical gloves. "You're not allergic to latex?"

"No, doctor."

"We have to ask." What Robin could not see, though, was that this was all it was, the snap of the gloves. Dr Mendle left them lying on his trolley. He unzipped the orange suit from the top. Robin could feel his chest being sounded by a stethoscope and being thumped. He couldn't work out why the doctor was playing with his nipples. He could feel that they were erect whereas his were normally flush with his body. It was giving him all sorts of sensations he had never felt before. The doctor zipped up to the top and then unzipped from the bottom. "Turn your head to one side, Robin." He felt the doctor take a gentle hold of his testicles in his soft warm hand. It did not occur to Robin that the doctor was not wearing surgical gloves. "Now cough." Robin obliged. The doctor unzipped the mouth slit. When this had happened in the past, the doctor had taken his hand away quickly, but Mendle's lingered and if Robin had been not been so naïve and if his brain had been working properly that day, he would have realised that the doctor was having a good feel of his burgeoning manhood.

"Why do doctors do that?" Robin was so bold to ask.

"It's a test for hernia and also to see whether you have any lumps on your testicles which might be a sign of cancer." 'And also it feels good,' Robin added in his mind without actually saying it. Whether it was gaydar or not, he had made up his mind that the doctor was bent, but then so was he. 'No,' thought Robin, 'the doctor is bent, but I am gay.' "That's something you could, and should, do for yourself. And while you have got an erection, we may as well measure it."

All this was happening to Robin without his being able to see what was going on. He felt the doctor slowly draw back his foreskin and he went weak at the knees and gave out a little groan that was muffled by the hood. He could feel the tape measure both length and girth. His cock felt so tight, he thought it could explode. "We'll just wait for you to get rid of that and we'll measure again. Just try and behave yourself so that we get a accurate reading." Robin was wondering if it would be equally as exciting if he could see. He heard the measurements being tapped into the computer, but the doctor didn't tell him what they were.

"Now, Robin, I want you to lie on the camp bed on your left side." Mendle zipped up the front of the overalls and unzipped one eye until Robin was comfortable on the bed and then the eye slit was closed again. "This is to test your prostate gland." Robin had heard about the prostate test, but never undergone one before. It hurt.

The doctor unzipped the back zip which gave him full access to butt cheeks and crevice. Robin thought he had at last got over his bout of stiffies, but no. As he felt the doctor run his bare hand over his buns, the little man at the front misbehaved and without any restriction became a big man again. The doctor paused and the next thing he felt was the doctor rubbing something cold along his crevice. He jumped. "It's only K-Y gel, Robin."

"What's that?"

"It's a water based lubricant that helps me get my finger inside without hurting you." Robin tried to lie back, relax and think of England, but everything the doctor did stimulated him and heightened the pleasure he was experiencing. Finally Mendle's finger slip painlessly and effortlessly through his sphincter and he felt the doctor feeling around. It felt so good. After some minutes – Robin had no idea how long – the doctor withdrew his finger and his hand forced its way through his legs and gave his balls an exhilarating feel. Robin automatically gave the doctor full access. He felt as if he wanted to ejaculate, but these bloody mitts… "Not long now, Robin." The doctor's hand pulled his foreskin back and forth half a dozen times. "Nice bit of natural lubricant there." He took his hand off Robin's erection and pushed his finger into his hole. Again it went hunting around inside. It was so pleasurable until suddenly Mendle touched something and Robin completely lost control. He screamed. It was muffled by the hood and Robin now knew why they used soundproof music practice rooms. "That's your prostate gland, Robin." He shot his load inside the orange overalls. He had never experienced an orgasm like it. "And it's in perfect working order, perfectly healthy as I would expect in a young lad your age. Relax and enjoy. Then we'll get you cleaned up."

Dr Mendle closed the back zip and Robin lay on his back, waiting for his heartbeat to return to normal. After five minutes the doctor told him the stand up. He undid the front zip from the bottom, took a sample of Robin's spilt seed and put it into a specimen dish, then took some on the end of his finger and sucked it. Of course, Robin was unable to see this. The doctor took some moist wipes and cleaned the boy's groin and lower abdomen. "I bet you're glad we shaved your pubic hair off now." He couldn't hear Robin's muffled answer and so he unzipped the mouth slit. "I just want to take your blood pressure again."

Robin was allowed to remain lying on the camp bed. Mendle cleaned his hands with disinfecting gel. He asked Robin questions, mainly about his masturbation and particularly what he thought about when he was doing it. His answer was his classmates and certain boys in films and on TV. All this was fed into the computer. "Okay, young man. We're very near the end now. I have one more test. Then Julian will take you to shower and change. You then have the questionnaire to fill in and then you are free to go. You've have been a most co-operative patient and a pleasure to treat. I trust you won't forget today."

The doctor got Robin to stand. He zipped up the mouth slit and pulled up the zip from his crotch to his innie belly button. "I'm going to put a metal ring round your genitals. It might give you an erection, but that will help. Then we'll wait for it to go down." He did as he said. "Now I'm going to insert a penis plug into your urethra. It won't hurt." That done, he attached and electrode to the ring and the penis plug, partially closed the zip, unzipped the eyeholes and sat Robin on a chair. "Relax, Robin. I'm going to show you a video. It will last ten minutes and all you have to do is watch it attentively. The little box you're attached to will do the rest.

The film consisted of various pictures, stills and movies in no particular order. They consisted of men and women in various states of dress and undress, some solo, some together of mixed gender or the same gender. When the boys came on, Robin found himself licking his lips. At the end Dr Mendle unclipped the electrodes and removed the cock ring and the penis plug, closed the front zip and the two over the eyes. The doctor went to the door and called Julian. "He's all yours. Goodbye, Robin,"

"How was it, Robin?" asked Julian.

"Not what I expected. I don't know what to make of it."

"You can write your impressions down at the end of the questionnaire." They had reached the showers. Julian helped Robin off with the overalls and took them. He started to look for something. He found it. It was the patch above the crotch that had soak up Robin's semen. Julian put it to his nose and took a long sniff. "Mmm, you smell nice."

When Robin was clean, dry and dressed in his school uniform, Julian stuck a bar code on him and took him to a table where he was given the questionnaire. At the end under comments he wrote 'A fantastic day. I don't think I shall need to wait for the results. I learnt a lot.'

When he was finished, Julian took it from him. "It usually takes about a week for the reports to be collated and you should get yours just in time for the school holidays.

When it finally arrived in the post, Robin impatiently tore open the envelope. Of course, he would read the whole report, but he went to the bit he was particularly interested in. "Yesss! Fantastic," he shouted loud and punched the air. In the final analysis 1 – 10 he had been awarded a grade 9 homosexual.

© N Fourbois 2015

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