From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 6

October was a month of treading water, waiting until Jamie turned up for half term. He had successfully passed out at last. He had no trouble with the work, but he was his own worst enemy because of his extra periods of chastity and discipline, but finally even Jamie discovered what being a slave meant and that the system was bigger than him and so he buckled under in order to pass out. Then finally half term arrived and at eight o'clock on the first Friday Mr Timm and Jamie turned up on the Fourbois' doorstep.

There were hugs, hugs between Noah and Mr Timm, hugs between William and Jamie, but a slave would never hug another slave master. The boys had been ordered to wear their padlocks and hand over the keys and so it was a chaste hug. They were amazed, but not for long, how closely their slave masters worked together, even though they had not seen each other for ages.

Noah helped Mr Timm with his luggage down to the basement bedroom, but William's mind was elsewhere and so did not register any significance in the fact. William took Jamie off to his room. He had emptied some drawers and made space for him in the built-in wardrobes. Noah announced that dinner would be at eight-thirty and that the boys should banish any thoughts of fun time until after they had eaten, and of course received their keys back. William had prepared a stew in the slow cooker, knowing that it would not spoil, whatever the guests' time of arrival was.

Table chat was lively. The boys had a lot to catch up with since their parting on the train from Brighton. How much Noah and Eddy had seen of each other, unknown to their bondsmen, was about to become clear. The pudding dishes had been cleared away and William was just pouring the coffee. "Isn't it a bit late for coffee?" said Jamie. Mr Timm glared at his bondsman. Such insubordination from a slave should be unheard of. Noah defused the situation by saying no one expected to get much sleep that night and as tomorrow was Saturday they could lie in, but would have to work later to make up for it. As they were sipping their coffee, Noah tapped his wine glass with his teaspoon, asking for silence.

"Bondsmen," said Noah "I trust you will forgive our interrupting this social occasion, but we need to make a few housekeeping announcements. As you know, our first aim this week is to carry out some practical trade training as part of your apprenticeships, but we also look forward to opening the gym at the end of next week and, of course, to enjoy each other's company. And it is on the social side that Mr Timm… Eddy and I would like to make an announcement." The boys looked at one another. Mr Timm rose from his seat and walked round the table to join Noah. They held hands. They looked at one another. "Eddy and I have consented to dedicating our lives to each other in marriage."

"Wow!" said Jamie, all open mouthed.

"Bravo!" said William. It was a credit to the masters' discreet demeanour that this announcement came as a surprise, nay a shock, to both bondsmen. The bondsmen congratulated the two slave masters and gradually the excitement died down with many questions left unanswered, including when and where?

"Naturally we'd like you two young men to be part of the ceremony," said Mr Timm, "which means basically that nothing can happen until you have finished your apprenticeships and earnt your freedom, which will consequently change our relationships."

Noah and Mr Timm sat down to rapturous applause, if two people clapping can be termed applause, let alone rapturous. There was a hubble-bubble of conversation before Noah said, this time without standing, "This necessarily affects your relationship, boys. Mr Timm and I have discussed this. We won't go into detail and you can draw your own conclusions, and probably will quite correctly. Our domestic arrangements will… what shall I say? … metamorphose."

"Change?" said William.

"Alter?" said Jamie.

"To put it directly, guys," said Noah "we have always insisted that in the physical side of your relationship you must always use condoms. Now, with our engagement, you are free to fuck raw… bareback, providing it is just you two and no third party is involved when, of course, you will use protection. Do we make ourselves clear?" The boys nodded. It was clear who was going to wear the trousers in that marriage they said later in bed, and they both giggled.

Time was getting on and it had been a long day, especially for the two travellers. The dishwasher was stacked, everything else put away and the four went to bed. Noah went down to sleep in the basement bedroom with Eddy. Jamie climbed into William's bed and they had some pillow talk. "I think I understand what your master meant about the relationships changing, William. When your master shagged you, did you use jonnies?"


"Neither did master and me. From now on we do."

"That's right, Jamie. But let's forget all that for the time being and celebrate our first night of freedom from latex."



"Silicon. The rubbers we use are not made of rubber, but silicon."

"Whatever. All I want to feel now, Jamie, is your sphincter swallowing my skinless sausage and its ring."

Noah went and woke William and Jamie. They were not sleeping deeply. It was that light sleep that comes naturally, after William had taken Jamie for the second time that night. The room was foetid and Noah opened a window. A blast of cold autumn air blew away any wish to go on sleeping. The boys put the other's sweaty tee shirt from the previous day on over their naked bodies, washed their hands and appeared at the breakfast table thus. The sun was low at that time of year and glinted off the titanium ring each had through his frenulum. Mr Timm noticed the sparkle and re-arranged himself, and again after he had hugged his bondsman.

Breakfast over, the boys cleaned themselves up and got ready for the introduction to their future trade. They went down to the 'Gym', all four wearing light blue tanktops with a double male symbol in dark blue printed large across the chest and a smaller, more discreet rosebud printed above the left nipple, with matching sweats. "This," said Noah "is the basic or standard uniform. I say standard uniform as you will at some stage be involved in role play." William raised an eyebrow, Jamie looked puzzled.

"Come on, Jamie. You know. We used to do it in French lessons, like 'At the Café' or 'At the Information Bureau'." The penny dropped.

"The client may require you to dress up as a policeman or a doctor, or even as a maid, nurse or schoolgirl." Both boys grew extremely interested at this point.

"I wish I'd put my padlock on now," Jamie whispered to William.

"But that's advanced material that we'll discuss later in the course," said Noah. Noah had achieved his first goal – to attract the boys' attention.

"Now we have to do a bit of the dry stuff," he said, "the theory. As in any practical profession, you have to get the theoretical part under your belt before you're allowed anywhere near a client or a patient. So what do you understand by 'bondage'?"

"Getting tied up and flogged," answered Jamie without hesitation.

"And that's why we must go back to basics. Let's start with the initials BDSM."

"Bondage, domination, sadism and masochism," answered Jamie.

"Correct. But what do they mean?" William knew all this already from his chats with Noah and so he let Jamie answer.

"Bondage – getting tied up."

"Let me stop you there. We prefer the word 'restrained' or 'immobilised'. I don't like ropes. I find them unnecessarily cumbersome, unaesthetic, untidy and complicated."


"Not beautiful to look at. As you will find out before the day is out, there are plenty of other ways of restraining someone. Although we never use them, that includes pepper spray, or tear gas, or Tasers."

"Domination – one person forcing someone to do something."

"Or have done to him."

"Well done, Jamie. You're beginning to think."

"Sadism – inflicting pain for a kick, especially a sexual kick. Masochism – receiving pain for the same reason."

"Absolutely right. I don't know what your master has said to you about this or our future plans, but we personally don't do S&M at all. At present we don't do it as a business either, but we plan to change that and when we put you through the S&M module, we shall find a colleague to instruct in it and we will not be there." William and Jamie looked at one another.

"It will be the only part of the course that you won't be taking a practical in," said Mr Timm. "Unless you want to specialise at a later date and request it, of course."

"So, having kicked S&M firmly into touch, we can discuss B&D," said Noah. "Now you two have experienced domination as slaves. What do you think of your experiences?"

"It's been hard," said Jamie "particularly when it's interfered with my sex life, but it's also been an achievement getting through it, and perhaps sex apart, some of my mates at school ought to go through it. I mean the yobs and the slobs. Yeah, I feel I'm a better person for it."

"What about you, Will?"

"Like Jamie I've found it hard at times, particularly at the beginning and especially that sackcloth underwear, but do you know something? I've almost begun to enjoy it. It was a challenge, not only because of the discomfort, but because I've had to come to terms with looking terribly unfashionable."

"I think, Noah, we have found someone who would make a perfect sub in the gym, and maybe in a year's time in the dungeon."

"But that's not what we're in business for," replied Noah. "It's not part of our mission statement."

"But I see a business opportunity there and there is no reason why it couldn't be."

"It's all right, Will. If you decide to join the firm, we've got something better lined up for you." William's eyes opened wide. "I think it's time for a break. Will, show Jamie where all the coffee things are kept so that he can make it."

William and Jamie took their mugs of coffee off to William's room. "What's all this stuff about a dungeon, William?"

"Doesn't Mr Timm tell you anything?"

"He seems a lot stricter with me than your master is with you."

"Don't think so. It's just that I learnt the lesson about going with the flow earlier than you did. Okay, dungeon. I'll get Daddy to show it to you later. Not that there's much to see. Phase I of the business plan is to get the gym here up and running, then the gym at your place as Phase Ia. Phase II should come on stream in a year's time when we have completed our apprenticeships, but that's coincidence… I think… it's more a cash flow thing. Under the basement is another cellar. You can only get to it through a trapdoor and so it makes an ideal dungeon. While we were in Brighton, they cleared it out."

"Who's they?"

"I don't know, tosser, do I? I was in Brighton, wasn't I? Then I had to spend my time under discipline with Daddy, cleaning the cellar and painting on this waterproofing stuff and now we just have to keep it clean until there's enough money to get the men in to install the electric, water and aircon, followed by building it as a prison cell and ending up with an S&M suite complete with torture chamber."

"Wow, that's heavy."

"Not only that. It's going to be self-financing because both the dom and the sub will have to pay to use it."


"Come on, you two." That was Noah's voice. "Put your dicks away and back down to the gym."

"What are you wearing under your sweats, William?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out, Jamie." Jamie found out by putting his hand up between William's legs and gave him a long and probing feel.

"Mmm, I needn't have asked the question."

"You sod. You've given me a boner now."

"You fibber. You were starting to chub up before I even touched you. That's why I asked the question."

"You shouldn't even be looking, pervert. Anyway, not my fault. I'm just that sort of bloke. I can't help doing it whenever I see a cute boy."

"Come on, you two little sluts. It'll be lunchtime before we know it."

With them all seated back down in the gym, Noah led the discussion again. "We are going to talk about the philosophy behind B&D."

"Isn't that going to be boring?" said William.

"You can tell us that when we've finished, Will. Naturally I'm looking at this primarily from the business angle, but I can't deny a personal interest. Certain people, women as well as men, get extreme sexual satisfaction from being sexually abused. Some of them can only achieve it that way, so much so they are willing to pay. And that's where we come in. We'll forget the distaff side. An essential element for the clients' satisfaction is that they don't know what's going to happen to them. Low key fear is important, and it can be heightened. It is also important to know the health situation of the sub. We wouldn't, for example, accept an asthmatic, a type 1 diabetic or someone under treatment for an STD, among other things. Which reminds me. At some stage you will have to undergo a first aid course and be certified. We run our own because of the specialised nature of our work. And that brings me on to another detail, for security and legal reasons, dare I say?

"This operation is run as a private club. It is not a walk-in centre. You register at The Gay Door. You not only fill in an application form with all your personal details and preferences, photo, medical history, disclaimer, but you pay a fifty pound joining fee. We operate a payment system like hotels. You give us a mandate to charge your account which is automatically applied to your credit or debit card. I am certain we miss out on clientele that way, but we don't lose money and the system automatically excludes… what shall I say… undesirable clients. You book through The Gay Door and when you arrive here, you come down the steps at the side of the house and if the CCTV doesn't match your photo, you don't get let in. Simple as that. Total security and no cash changes hands, which also makes the taxman happy. The last thing we want in our kind of business is hassle from the taxman. He can shut you down quicker than the police."

"What's distaff side, Jamie?" William whispered.

"The female side of a family."


"I think that's enough for this morning," said Noah. "Are there any questions?"

"Daddy, Jamie would like to see the dungeon."

"Heavens, how remiss," said Noah. "He should have had the guided tour. I showed Mr Timm round last night. Eddy, could you go and rustle up something to eat? We'll go out tonight for our main meal." Mr Timm disappeared.

"Right, Jamie, as you know, you are in what we call the Gym, but what is in fact a bondage studio or bondage parlour. As explained this morning, strictly bondage, no S&M. Still some things to arrive before opening on Saturday and our first client is already booked in. I must tell your master that for professional reasons I'm sleeping in my own bed Friday night. Shower in the corner. Shackle points on the floor, in the wall and on the beam, and a pulley system for hoisting. Essential kit in the drawers, luxury articles to come later. We move on to the corridor. At the end the guest room, en suite . A bit cramped as you can see, but worth a hundred pounds a night from a punter including breakfast. Two changing cabins in the corridor. You don't want dom and sub meeting before the scene begins. Now you'll have to be patient, Jamie, while Will and I set up the lighting. Give us a hand to lift the trapdoor."

William plugged in and switched on the light bulb in its protective cage and Noah took it through the trap and down the steps. "You come down now, Jamie." William went first, followed by Jamie. "Wicked," he said as his eyes grew accustomed to the limited light.

"I think, Will, we'd better do something about this lighting. We can't wait a year for a proper man to come and do it."

"You can see there's a lot to be done, not only what I told you, but we need an emergency exit if we're to comply with planning permission," said William. "But at the moment you could die down here and nobody would ever know."

"Suffocate if you were here long enough with the trap closed," added Noah.

"We want the sort of prison cell you see at the sheriff's office in those old western films."

"There's plenty of room," commented Jamie.

"And I think we'll need a lavatory," said Noah "but that will bring problems of its own being so far underground. Come on, boys. My stomach's beginning to think my throat's been cut, and after lunch, if you want, you can have some private time together. We'll start again at three and go out at seven."

Wednesday and the module had reached the hands-on experience stage. When William and Jamie arrived in the Gym a couple of minutes early, Noah and Eddy were already at work unpacking a tea chest, putting the contents into plastic bags and tidying them away onto the shelves of a cupboard. Noah threw a bag each across to William and Eddy. "You can keep these, lads," said Noah. William took the contents out and immediately exclaimed "Yeuk! Daddy, when do you expect us to wear these?"

'These' turned out to be two old fashioned garments, a pair of black PT shorts and a white PT vest. "They must be at least fifty years old," said William.

"At least," said Noah.

"They're just like you see in those old black and white newsreel films of boys doing PT drills," said Jamie.

"That's right," said Noah. "If you look at the labels, you'll see they've got an arrow on them. That shows they were government property. We bought them as army surplus stock. Each garment must have cost at the most 5p, and you couldn't get them at Sports Direct for that money."

"No one would buy them, even at that price," said William disparagingly. "Who would want to wear those?"

"You, Will," answered Noah. "And you, Jamie, and our clients." William gave Noah a doubtful look. "Just keep them with you, boys, for this module. And if you want any more, help yourself from the cupboard."

"As if…" said William. He held up the black shorts. "Fit-all-sizes elastic waist, not even a proper waistband, plain black cotton, no pockets, no lining, baggy. No way would they show off your assets, back or front. The only plus point was that they were reasonably short."

"Okay," said Noah, "we're wasting time. Sit down. Basic equipment." He handed William and Jamie each something in black leather and asked them what they thought they were. They turned them over in their hands.

"Gloves?" said Jamie "or rather mittens without a thumb."

"Correct. Try them on. That's it."

"Ooh, I can't even bend my fingers." Noah did up the wrist straps.

"Now you can undo the strap with your free hand, but…" He took the mitt off William's hand and strapped it onto Jamie's free hand. "Try and take it off now."

"I can't," said Jamie.

"So you are now under bondage. If I want to restrict you more, then I just clip the D-rings together." He did so. "Stand up. If I clip your hands together behind you back, you are even more restricted. Will, give his balls a feel."

"Shit, Jamie, you've got a hard-on already, you mucky little so-and-so." Jamie grinned.

"I didn't think you would need asking twice, Will. I can give you slightly more freedom of movement, if I clip this chain between the mitts, but you still can't do very much."

Noah unclipped the mittens and took them off. "I like to start a scene with the mittens because it immediately renders the sub helpless."

"Like when you made me wear boxing gloves to stop me masturbating," said William.

"Effective, yes?"

"No! I just rubbed my dick between the pillows. Hurt a bit, but it made me come off," said William defiantly.

"Beware of hubris, bondsman. Now, another thing I think of with the mitts. Once the client has them on, he ceases being a client and is transformed into the sub or slave and is entirely under your domination until the gloves come off again. Do you want to try these mitts, Will?" He was only too keen.

"To heighten the experience," said Noah "the sub needs disorientating from his surroundings. We have two chief ways of doing that. The blindfold. Quite simple. Held on by velcro at the back of the head. And the other is the headphones. These are more sophisticated than ordinary ear defenders. They're Wi-Fi and controlled from the computer. Any music can be played, but repetitive tunes are more annoying, such as telephone 'on hold' music or something awful. Gorecski's Sorrowful Songs are pretty demoralising, but the ultimate is white noise."

"White noise?" said Jamie.

"It's that constant shushing sound. It destroys any sense of time the sub might have. Your turn, Will."

Jamie sat him in a chair and placed a blindfold over his eyes, then the phones over his ears. Then he went to the computer and played white noise to the point that William screamed for him to stop it.

"Okay, we've earned a coffee break," said Noah. "I think Mr Timm has already gone up to make it. I've got a couple of things to show you before lunch and then we might have a practical this afternoon. No nookie between now and the practical, boys. You're going need all your strength. Jamie, your turn to cook dinner tonight, okay?"

Morning coffee was a sociable affair that day because of the warning Noah had given. When they had finished, William cleaned up and cleared away and they all returned down to the gym.

"Now, boys, two more types of apparatus I need to show you before we let you loose on each other this afternoon. You will have noticed Will shouted out in desperation at the noise from the headphones. In a professionally run concern we don't want to entertain that sort of behaviour and so we have the gag. I cannot stress enough that this is the most risky part of a simple bondage scene. Why?

"Because of the risk of suffocation," said Jamie.

"Spot on. So before we discuss different types of gags, rule 1. A gagged sub must never, I repeat NEVER, be left alone. Before using a gag, you must be satisfied that he can breathe properly through his nose. We don't want slaves with coughs, colds and the snuffles anyway and they should be rebooked. That is usually taken care of at The Gay Door and they should never reach us… in theory.

"You will have seen on your porn sites subs gagged with scarves, bandannas and the like. Waste of time. They don't work. Socks are effective… and unpleasant… and unprofessional. Here are some gags we use. Firstly the ring gag. Like to try it, Will? Jamie, you put it on him. Try and talk, Will. You see, it impedes speech, but it doesn't silence him. You can, however, tease him with your tongue without getting bitten if he's having none of it. Give him a kiss, Jamie." Noah let them play at that for five minutes. The bulge in their sweats proved they were both having fun.

"Enough of that. Take the gag off him, Jamie. If you want to silence your sub, use this, the ball gag. We have two sorts, the solid ball with a breathing hole drilled through it and the ball with lots of holes. Try them on each other. What do you find?" Both boys uttered incomprehensible, but quiet noises. "Take the gags off first."

"It makes you dribble a lot," said William.

"Yes, you just have to get used to that. Finally we have a little luxury called the penis or pecker gag." Noah picked it up off the trolley and showed the boys. In the middle of a strap that buckled up behind the head was a miniature butt plug, likewise with a hole bored through it. Here's another one. Both try them." They both said it gave the tongue something to suck on, but they still dribbled.

"There are plenty of other gags, bit gags to name one which act like a horse's bit, or a panel gag, but they each have their downside and so we don't use them," said Noah. "Any questions?"

"Do we ever tape their mouths closed?" asked William.

"Tape has its uses and is very convenient, but as a gag it goes back to making sure the sub can breathe. I can, though, imagine the scene where a professional gag is not immediately accessible and you might want to silence a sub while you fetch one. But remember. The tape is in place for no longer than a minute, it hurts when you rip it off, it's not very effective on subs with facial hair, it hurts them even more when you take it off and you may find you've accidentally done a waxing job," said Noah. "By the way, we do offer a full waxing service at The Gay Door, body and pubic area. Not for widows and orphans, as the saying is often misused, but it gives a smoother finish than shaving. End of the commercials.

"Before we end this session, one more important thing. All this apparatus has be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected and I'll show you what has to be done. That's why we have a machine over the sink that dispenses boiling… and I mean boiling water." Noah went through the process and after a tidying session, they all went up to the kitchen where Mr Timm prepared a snack. On the way up the steps he whispered to Noah

"I think I learnt as much as the boys did this morning."

Over lunch Noah said "We didn't get as much done as I wanted to this morning and so I'm afraid it's more theory this afternoon with a little bit of hands on and we'll let you loose on each other tomorrow morning.

The afternoon session consisted in showing the boys wrist and ankle cuffs, yokes, the various shackling points and their use with chains, the pulley system and sling, the medical couch with its restraints, but the apparatus that Noah really wanted to show off was still in the workshop undergoing final adjustments and tests and it wouldn't be able available until after the official opening at the earliest. The boys tried out the various apparatus.

Over dinner that night they were told that they would experience their first scenes the next day. Each had to devise a programme without telling the other what it was. In the morning one would be the sub and the dom would carry out his programme. They were promised that the sub's programme would be used another time and not wasted.

On Thursday the boys had to put into practice what they had learnt the previous day. They were proud to be dressed in the Rosebud uniforms. When they gathered in the Gym with Noah and Mr Timm, Noah told them what was going to happen. He tossed a coin. "Call, Jamie."

"Tails." The coin rolled down the sloping tiled floor and narrowly avoided rolling down the plughole in the shower area, finally tipping over, heads up.

"You choose, Will."

"I'll be the sub," he said. "I feel really horny this morning 'cos Jamie could only do me once last night."

"That's it, William, tell them the secrets of the boudoir. It was only because I slept in late."

"Then you'd better go and climb into that kit you hate so much." William went off to one of the cabins and came back in the 1950s regulation kit.

"Don't they even give you a jockstrap with this lot?" said William as he stood in his shorts, his loose balls swinging to and fro and his dick threatening to pop a boner at any moment.

"You don't need one for this exercise," said Noah.

While William was changing, Jamie had been preparing his trolley and had covered it with a cloth. This would be a basic and conventional scene. He got the mitts over William's hands no trouble. What next? The blindfold. But when he put it on, William tried in vain to pull it off. "Ah," said Jamie and he took a six inch piece of dowelling with rings in the end and clipped it onto the mitts, but William was still trying to remove the blindfold. Then Jamie remembered the lesson, unclipped one end of the dowelling and forced William's hands behind his back before clipping the mitts together again. He gave William's balls a gentle squeezed to remind him who was in charge. He manœuvred him across the gym to one of the walls, where, using a carabiner, he joined the dowelling to a shackle ring in the wall. Now if William pulled away from it, it hurt his shoulders. He was still in defiant mood when Jamie tried to insert the ring gag, but a pinch of the nose soon sorted that. William then wanted to kick out, but realised he could lose his footing and cause himself considerable pain. Jamie shackled his ankles to the wall. That stopped all that nonsense. Just the headphones and William was prepared. Jamie went to the computer and selected one Ronan Parke track to be played on a loop. He uncovered his trolley and wheeled it across to William. "We'll leave him for a few minutes now," he said to Noah and Mr Timm.

After five minutes Mr Timm said "Jamie, don't you think you should do something?"

"I will… as soon as he gets rid of that hard-on he's been sporting ever since I put the mitts on." Jamie stripped off his Rosebud corporate uniform and donned the unfashionable army surplus sports kit. Noah and Mr Timm savoured his getting changed. Even he had a half stiffie. "I see what William meant about a jockstrap." Noah went to the cupboard and fetched one.

"Army surplus too, but American Army surplus. The British services' attitude in those days was always 'nothing under the shorts'."

"It's okay, Mr Fourbois, thanks. I don't need it for this scene. Just a bit of self-control." He looked across at William. "Okay, I think he's ready now."

Jamie went across to his sub and started to lick his lips. William poked his tongue through the ring gag, but whenever he did, Jamie withdrew and left him feeling frustrated. Finally he allowed their tongues to meet and perform a brief French kiss, long enough to leave William feeling even more frustrated, despite the fact that Jamie was giving William's balls a gentle, but thorough feel at the same time. Jamie fetched a pair of steps from the corner of the gym, climbed up them until his crotch was level with William's head. He pulled his shorts down over his butt and cluster and started to feed his half hard cock through the ring. William sucked on it avidly, full knowing whose cock it was from the ring through the frenulum, but as he strained forward, he found the shackles hurt him. Jamie was very much in charge and rationed his cock. The dom giveth and the dom taketh away. "Mr Fourbois, change places with me." Noah hesitated. He pulled down his sweats and didn't need to get hard. As William said later, he recognised the second cock immediately, as well. "Your turn now, master," said Jamie. He too hesitated for William was a new experience, but the hardness of his prick proved that Mr Timm was certainly not left unmoved by the sub. He, however, was the one who let the team down by giving William a facial. He claimed that it was an accident, a premature ejaculation, but from the piss-taking it was obvious no one believed him.

"Five minutes respite," said Jamie "then on to the next part.

After five minutes Jamie put his hand up William's shorts. "It's okay to carry on now." No one had taken the trouble to wipe William's face. From the ambient and the heat of his cheeks Mr Timm's DNA sample had dried naturally. Jamie picked up a large pair of scissors from the trolley, snipped the shoulder straps of William's PT vest, made a nick at the bottom and ripped it up the front until it just fell away and onto the floor. Now William understood the reason for this ghastly sportswear. Jamie spent little time addressing William's nipples and belly button. Time was passing quickly and he wanted to move on to the main feature.

He felt William's balls and cock through the material of the shorts. What had slackened off now tightened and stiffened nicely. It kept the sub interested. Jamie stroked his chest, his nipples, the inside of his thighs. He thought he could hear William purring. The little wiggles of his body proved his enjoyment of the situation. He lowered the shorts over his negligible butt and stroked, pinched and slapped his butt cheeks. He licked his nipples, then tried his armpits, but that was less successful because of the angle William was shackled at. Time had come for the climax. Jamie knelt in front of his sub and started to lick his pubic area. It was exhilarating to run his tongue across the designer stubble. He licked his scrotum, but William's erection had made his balls go tight. He did not have the time to let them slacken off again. By now his ardour had brought his frustration to breaking point and his impatience with the shorts snapped. So he took the large scissors and cut through them, letting them drop to the floor and kicking them out of the way.

He knelt before William working away at his cock with his lips and tongue until he took every single drop of ejaculate in his mouth, swallowing some to make way for the next spasm. "They've obviously done this before," observed Mr Timm. When William's lower body had stopped convulsing, Jamie stood up and pressed his spunk laden tongue through the ring of the gag. William took it greedily. This was the end of the scene. Noah and Mr Timm applauded enthusi astically.

Now it was after the Lord Mayor's Show. The general rule was to restore the sub in reverse order of the way he was prepared. With these two the procedure went smoothly, but the lesson to be learnt was that a sub might not be in the right mood and might lash out at his tormentor. It was rare, but always a possibility. When Jamie had finally removed the mitts, William took him in a hug and gave him a deep, semen flavoured French kiss. "I notice, Jamie," said Mr Timm "that you did not make yourself come off."

"I know, master. That was a bit of a bummer. Remember we had to postpone these sessions till today? I need to keep some reserves for this afternoon whereas with the original plan I could have built them up overnight. I had to keep edging myself."

"And we didn't know who was going first," added William.

William showered. He was used to being naked around Jamie and Noah, but it was a new experience for Mr Timm who, unsubtly, made it just too obvious that he was being consumed with lust. Not only did he put his hand down his sweats to re-arrange himself, but he shifted his undergarment, whatever that was, to one side to allow his equipment to hang free, not an apt description of his cock, which not only thrust against the material of his sweats, but also left a large and undeniable damp patch. That was just half of it. He had never seen a penis quite the shape of William's and his eyes were feasting on it.

The cabaret in the shower over, the other three set to and tidied the Gym, cleaned the floor with Jeyes Fluid and disinfected the apparatus they'd used. After lunch it would be William's turn to put on the show, but not until four. The boys needed a rest.

"How do feel, William?" said Jamie,

"All right. My shoulders ache. That was a wicked hold you had on me."

"Must confess that I hadn't thought it all through. I'd like to have given that neat little butt of yours a little more attention."

"Just wait until later and you'll find out how to do it," grinned William.

"Brontosaurus stuff, eh?"

"Maybe. You'll just have to wait and find out."

For lunch Noah sent out for pizzas. Talk about the morning's session was prohibited until William had given his presentation. Afterwards Jamie went to lie down to make up for the sleep he'd been denied overnight. William wanted to have a chat with Noah. He was too hyper to be able to rest.

"Daddy, I want to ask your advice."

"Go ahead, Will."

"Not here. Downstairs. It's about this afternoon."

They went down into the Gym. "Daddy, I know what I want to do, but I need a little help with the apparatus to make sure everything goes smoothly."

"Good thinking, Will. The seven Ps, eh?"

"Seven Ps?"

"Prior planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance." William giggled.

"I've never heard that before." He explained what he wanted to do and why. Noah pointed out the kit he would need and they laid it ready on the trolley."

"What are you going to wear, Will?"

"I want to wear my Rosebud lycra one piece. I don't get much chance to wear it and it makes me feel so horny."

"Do you think that's wise?"

"Why, Daddy?"

"Just think it through." William thought.

"No. Give me a clue."

"The word 'access'?" William thought again.

"Ooh! Difficult to get my dick out and as that's central to my scene…"


"I've just had a thought, Daddy. You gave me that special jockstrap you called a suspensorium. How about that?"

"This is the time to experiment."

At four o'clock the quartet gathered again in the Gym. William was wearing his corporate tight lycra Rosebud tanktop and Rosebud short shorts. He noticed Mr Timm was checking him out, more than checking him out, ogling him, leering at him, and he was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He put thoughts of Mr Timm out of his mind and got on with the presentation. In anticipation of what would happen, Jamie had arrived in army surplus kit.

Everyone, including Noah, had expected William to start off with the mitts, but no. He told Jamie to sit and take his trainers and socks off. This immediately undermined Jamie's confidence for he had been mentally preparing himself for what was to happen, and it didn't. William took the socks, quickly put them over Jamie's hands and tightly strapped on wrist cuffs so that the socks would not slip off, then clipped them together in front of his body. He added the ankle cuffs with a spacer bar. Jamie was too surprised to offer any resistance or to speak. He was expecting the blindfold, gag and headphones. He just had the headphones – white noise. William walked him across the gym so that he stood under the beam. He let down the pulley chain and attached it to the mitts, then raised it so that Jamie was standing comfortably on the floor with his arms in the air. He had considered making him stand on tiptoe, but he kept that in reserve in case he became awkward. He was, after all, his boyfriend and he didn't want to cause any damage. So far Jamie appeared to be enjoying himself, but isn't that what the slave submits himself to? Enjoyment. Now for a little titillation.

It was nothing extraordinary or way out – a little French kissing, granting or denying the sub pleasure, a gentle playtime with his genitals. It was here that William noticed he was wearing a jock. 'We'll soon put paid to that,' he thought and took the scissors, slid them up the back of Jamie's shorts and cut the straps across his butt. The pouch and his balls hung loosely; his dick didn't. William brought his boyfriend to the edge. He gave him a couple of minutes' respite.

It was the turn of Jamie's nipples and belly button to receive attention which they did at first through the vest, then snip, snip, nick, rip, the vest fell away. William picked it up and put it on one side. The nipple and navel work did not last long. Again some deft snipping and ripping and the shorts fell off. Just another snip through the waistband of the jockstrap and Jamie was completely naked.

William stepped back and looked at his friend. They smiled at one another. "Mmm, don't like that," said William. He took the electric trimmer and with the guard set on nought ploughed though his pubic hair. Now Jamie started to complain, not at being shaved, but in clumsy hands those razors can nick the skin and make it bleed. William took the discarded vest, cut and ripped a strip of material, rolled it up and popped it into Jamie's mouth. "I'll finish that off with a wet shave tonight." Jamie spat it out onto the floor. William wagged his finger, picked it up and replaced it. It tasted of Jeyes Fluid. Jamie defiantly spat it out again. Against advice, but not against the rules, William replaced it and stuck an eight inch strip of duct tape across Jamie's mouth, then ripped off the duct tape, took the gag out and replaced it on a 'voluntary' basis.

Act two was about to begin. William took a bottle of body lube, dribble some over Jamie's body and his own hands and started to massage it in. Jamie could not keep still – pleasure and pain at the same time. He paid particular attention to his cluster and his butthole, both of which gave Jamie intense pleasure. He was still not allowed to come off. Now it was time to work up to the finale.

William washed his hands to get rid of the oil. He then took two pieces of sticking plaster he had cut out earlier and stuck them over Jamie's closed eyes. He lowered another pulley, took off the ankle spacer bar, attached the pulley to the left ankle cuff and pulled up the pulley, leaving Jamie standing on one leg with the raised one giving improved access to his genitals and hole. He used the grease gun to lubricate his hole beyond the sphincter, took a six inch butt plug, rolled a condom over it and eased it past his rosebud tattoo. This was obviously giving Jamie a great deal of pleasure. William played gently with Jamie's tackle, fully lubing it and his own hands, coaxing Jamie to near orgasm and back until he allowed him to release his ejaculate in his mouth and disposed of it in the time honoured way of oral sharing. The final climax just remained. William dropped his shorts, revealing his suspensorium. His cock sprang from half hard to hard, now fully visible as it poked through the dick hole of the suspensorium. Mr Timm's attention was fully on William's 'inverted' cock.

He removed the plug and eased his released erection along Jamie's crevice, slowly probing for his hole. It was funny feeling having his balls fully supported while his cock was on the job. He penetrated the sphincter, starting slowly, but gradually speeding up until he reached orgasm. He left his cock inside Jamie for as long as possible, while excess semen was trickling out of Jamie's hole and dribbling down onto William's suspensorium, but nature took its course and it slipped out.

William received acclamation, took a bow and extended the approval to his sub, although he could neither see nor hear it. William lowered Jamie's leg and let him rest for five minutes before releasing him. William didn't put his clothing back on. If Mr Timm wanted to stare at his cock, let him.

While Jamie was showering, the others cleared and tidied up, swabbed the floor with Jeyes Fluid once he had finished showering and when all was shipshape and Bristol fashion, they went up to the kitchen for a late cup of tea and a post mortem. Both apprentices were assured that they had passed their trade tests and that they needed to think about what they would do the next day.

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