All the Queen's Men

by N Fourbois

Part 10

Easter Holidays in Vancouver

The two families met at Heathrow the following day. Once together the adults supervised their charges as they checked in and said their goodbyes before they went through security. They were on their own now until Mr and Mrs Daintree met them in Canada. Security was simple for Alison and she went through the new screening equipment which showed everything, yes everything. However, when the boys went through they were subjected to a thorough examination which started with a frisking, but it was standing at the X-ray machine which lasted an inordinate length of time. The operative even called a colleague over as if he were seeking a second opinion. When the boys were finally properly dressed again after replacing their belts, shoes and anoraks, Toby exclaimed "Bloody cheek!" indignantly.

"What's up, Tobes?" asked Oscar with Alison standing by.

"You realise those two operatives were gay, don't you?"


"Don't you ever use your gaydar?"

"Even I saw that," interjected Alison.

"And you know those are the modern machines that show absolutely everything in full Technicolor®?"


"They were not so much checking us," said Toby "as checking us out!"

"Oh, I felt his hand close to my bollocks, but I thought it was all part of the service. The same thing happened to me at Christmas," replied Oscar, still rather unperturbed.

"Close!? He had a good jiggle of mine."

"Now that is out of order," said Oscar. "I'm the only person allowed to do that. I suppose it's the price you have to pay, Tobes, for being so fantastically sexy and good looking."

"Yeu-kee!" exclaimed Alison. "You can be so nauseous at times, Oscar. Pass me the bucket. Thought he might at least have taken a look at my tits," she moaned.

"What's up, sis? Withdrawal symptons?"

"Withdrawal from what, may I ask?" she snapped.

"The withdrawal of Rick's dick last Saturday night," said Oscar and he grew hard and moist in his trousers at the thought of that little experience he and Toby had enjoyed with Rick's circumcised cock all those weeks ago.

Toby's indignant attitude soon evaporated as he giggled at the little exchange between brother and sister. If all girls were like her, he was glad that he was gay. They continued through to the departure hall and decided to devour a pizza in lieu of lunch. They would be fed during the nine hour flight anyway, twice. Until their flight was called, they were quite content to sit there, the boys boywatching and Alison manwatching. Since Alison was over sixteen, she was theoretically in charge of the two lads. Finally they boarded the aircraft and turned left into the executive class. Toby, who had been warned to turn up in jacket and tie, had been upgraded so that he would not be separated from the others.

Both boys found the flight interesting, while Alison played the lady and allowed herself to be pampered, although she was vexed because the cabin crew would not serve her with alcohol. Oscar and Toby looked out of the window. Oscar's Christmas flight had been entirely in the dark, but now the sun was in the northern hemisphere. They watched as they flew north over Scotland, Iceland, Greenland and finally Canada, although it tested their comprehension of the vastness of the country when they started to cross Hudson Bay and two hours later they were still crossing Hudson Bay. An hour and a half later in local time, but over nine hours in real time, they landed punctually at Vancouver airport.

It took time for them to pass through immigration. Emerging from the customs hall, Oscar and Alison looked around for their parents and finally spotted them behind the hordes of placard waving meeters and greeters. Alison ran and hugged her mother and father and could not hold back a little tear, so happy was she to see them again. Oscar walked, holding Toby's hand, more for guidance through the crowds than out of romance, until they reached his parents. He kissed his mother and shook his father's hand. "Mum, Dad, I want you to meet Toby," and they could immediately spot the affection between them from the gentle and caring way he was making Toby his priority and he ushered him up to his parents.

"Toby, it's great to meet you at last," said Mr Daintree, "after just seeing you on the flat screen." They shook hands heartily. "I'm Art and this is my wife Sue, Oscar's mother." She shook hands, having been trained not to kiss Oscar's gay friends. "Okay, let's get home and we can get to know you properly there."

"I expect you're tired after such a long day," said Sue "and want nothing more than a shower and to get into bed." Suddenly she realised what she had said and blushed. Toby looked at his watch and saw that it was just gone five o'clock in the afternoon.

"It's okay, Tobes," whispered Oscar as they looked at each other. "She didn't mean it like that."

"Your mother might be right all the same," answered Toby, still capable of a wicked grin.

Art drove back to the flat… sorry, apartment in downtown Vancouver. In the second row of seats mother and daughter were having a long chat oblivious of the others, while in the third row Oscar and Toby were keen to look out of the window at everything that surrounded them. Finally they drove down a ramp into a large underground garage. They collected the luggage and took the lift… sorry, rode the elevator up to the apartment. Toby's first impression was how large the flat was.

Alison took her stuff to her room. Oscar helped Toby take his luggage to his room where they were going to share. "We're planning eat at seven," said Sue Daintree. "Can you boys manage a meal or would you prefer a snack?" They both plumped for a meal. "Tomorrow's Sunday. You can sleep in as long as you want. We'll do a little city orientation, if you're up to it, in the afternoon. Monday's a public holiday like Easter Monday at home, but then otherwise you're on your own Monday to Friday because Arthur and I have to work, but I expect with boarding school you have learnt to be independent and cope. Alison's there as back up, but don't worry. If I know her, she'll be doing her own thing." The boys had ensuite facilities, which suited them, especially as Toby hadn't packed a dressing gown in order to keep down his luggage, but he did have pyjamas, but they were destined to return home in the pristine condition they arrived. He considered it courtesy to pack them if he was staying in someone else's home. The boys showered, got the excess water off their bellies in anticipation of something greater later, and appeared at the meal table for seven o'clock. "We won't wait for Alison," said Sue. "She's fast asleep and we don't expect to hear anything from her until the morning."

The boys had woken up a little and Mr and MrsDaintree used it as an opportunity to get to know Toby. They had to admit to themselves that he was a fine looking boy and if their son had to have a 'boyfriend', he couldn't have had a better one. "Sue's parents have told us a lot about you, Toby," said Art. "They enjoy it when you come and spend the weekend. It livens up the house for them." However, after the flight fatigue soon set in again with the boys, and Sue suggested they went off to bed to reset the body clock just as it was getting dark.

Oscar and Toby slept through the night and didn't wake until Sue Daintree knocked on the door and brought in a morning cup of tea. "That's something we don't get at Queen's," said Oscar. "Thanks, Mum." They sat up in bed and noticed a couple of Easter eggs on the tray.

"Oh, of course, it's Easter," said Toby. "With all the travelling I'd forgotten that. Happy Easter, Oscar," and with that he planted an Easter kiss on his lips. By that time Sue had disappeared back to the kitchen.

"I must get up and get rid of this pisshard," said Oscar. When he came back to bed, he said "You know what we forgot to do last night, don't you?"

"Have a shag," said Toby.

"I was going to say 'make love'," grinned Oscar.

"Do you want to do it now?"

"Yes, but I think it would be better to wait 'cos Mum and Dad are up and about and you're such a noisy bugger."

"Moi? Who is it that screams the house down when he gets an anal orgasm?"

"Yeah, but at least I can put my dick in you without making the whole house shake," countered Oscar. "Anyway, we'll have nearly four weeks alone in the apartment."

"What about Alison?"

"I shouldn't worry about her. She'll be getting laid somewhere or the other. I told you she's only got two weeks holiday, didn't I?"


"She's got to go back to England then by herself. She's a bit pissed about it."

"Shame," grinned Toby.

"Do you feel like a quick snog?"

"Yeah. Let me get up and empty my bladder first and clean my teeth."

"Wash your dick too. I think I'm going to end up sucking you."

After a late breakfast Art Daintree said "How do you boys feel about a city tour."

"Great," said Toby.

"It'll last two days," said Art.

"Yeah, well, what else is there to do?" said Oscar.

"On foot?" said Art. "There's no point riding around in the car. You won't see anything."

"That's fine with us," said Toby. "One thing Queen's does is keep you fit. Walking between school and the boarding house is enough to do that, not to mention all the organised sport we do."

"We'll leave in half an hour," said Sue "and take an anorak. Vancouver's by the temperate rain forest which means it rains rather a lot. Are you coming with us, Alison?"

"No, Mum," she replied. "I'm washing my hair."

"That means she going on a manhunt," Oscar whispered to Toby.

"Oscar! I heard that."

"Sorry, Mum."

"I think we'll eat out," Sue continued. "There won't be a lot of time for cooking. One thing is you'll never starve in Vancouver."

And so started and continued two intensive days of sight seeing: Chinatown, a boat ride to North Vancouver, then a cable car ride, Granville Park with its entertainers. "Do you eat Chinese, Toby?" asked Sue. He said yes. Then that's what we'll do for our dinner. Toby was fascinated by the complete change of ambience in Chinatown. You wouldn't have known that you were in a western country, let alone North America.

"Why are there so many Chinese here?" he asked.

"When they built the railway across Canada in the nineteenth century they worked from east to west and used a lot of Chinese labourers. With the railway finished they didn't return to China, but settled on the Pacific coast and here are their descendants," answered Art.

"So what do you think of what you've seen so far?" asked Sue.

"It might sound a bit nerdy, but it's those driverless trains."

"What, the sky trains?" she said. Toby nodded.

"Now, that is nerdy," said Oscar.

Tuesday came and Oscar and Toby were left to their own devices. About ten o'clock there was a ring at the door. Oscar went and opened. "Hi, you must be Oscar. I'm Cody. I live in the flat below you. I wondered if you'd like to come and drink a can of soda."

"Yeah, er… sure," he hesitated. "Hey, Toby," he called out. "We've been invited to have some soda."

"Wot? Soda water? Yeuk! It doesn't taste of anything."

"No, not soda water, you dipstick. Soda is American for lemonade, fizzy drink, you know, Coke."

"Oh." Toby arrived.

"This is my b… my friend Toby. He's on holiday from England. This our neighbour Cody."

"Hi, Cody."

Oscar made sure he had his keys, shut the door and the two went down to Cody's apartment. They settled down with cans of Pepsi. "Hey, I guess you two guys are an item."

"What makes you say that?"

"My big brother is dating your sister. Alison, is it? Or rather she seems to be dating him."

"Sounds like my sister."

"And she said her brother's got his boyfriend staying with him."

"So much for family secrets," said Oscar.

"Don't worry, Oscar," said Cody. "I'm gay too, and out. That's why I was keen to meet you guys. I guess you're about fourteen?" Our two boys nodded. "So am I. I haven't got a regular boyfriend. Put it another way. I haven't got a boyfriend, though it's not too difficult to get a blowjob… well, not at school, but we're on spring break at the moment."

"Are you looking?" asked Toby.

"Yeah, I'm working on it. There's this gorgeous kid at school. He's in my grade, but not in my class, and so I have to be a sneaky so that I can hang around with him. I thought I was getting somewhere and then spring break comes along and I don't know where he lives."

"How do you know he's gay?" asked Oscar.

"I don't for sure, but he's gaining a reputation 'cos he keeps getting hard in the showers after gym. Also I gather I'm not his only admirer and so there's a bit of competition."

"Do you know who the competition is?" said Toby.

"No, but I don't think he does, either. He's in the acting group and I'm going to sign up when school starts again. So you guys go to boarding school?"

"Yeah, that's how we met," said Oscar.

"Love at first sight," added Toby.

"So do you guys do stuff together?"

"Sure," said Oscar. "That's what being in love is all about."

"And do you…" Cody hesitated here for he knew he was treading on perilous ground. He even lowered his voice even though nobody else was around. "And do you fuck butt?"

"Of course," said Oscar and Toby in unison.

"Is it good?"

"When you're in love with someone and you're kind and considerate, it's very good, specially if you can hit the P-spot."


"Prostate gland. It's just inside the arse…"

"Hey, a-a-rse. I love that English accent. Ass!"

"It's just inside your a-a-arse," repeated Oscar in an exaggerated tone "and if you massage it with your dick you can make your boyfriend come without his dick even being touched."

"If it's really good, it'll make you shout out as well," added Toby.

The CD that was playing finished. "That was Justin Bieber," said Cody. "He's our top singer in Canada. Do you guys in England know him?"

"Yes," said Oscar. "Not particularly fond of his music, but he used to be damn good wank material."

"Specially all those pictures of him with a boner," said Toby, "but he's outgrown the attractive stage…"

"And become a bit of a yob."

"All that was before Oscar and me met by the way."

"So you jerk off over porn?"

"Sometimes," replied Oscar, "but not much these days 'cos we've got the real thing."

"And also at school they've got this parental control thing working on the wi-fi and so we can't visit it there."

"Do you want to watch a porno video?" said Cody.

"Only if it's gay," said Oscar.

"We don't want to watch some bloke sliding his prick between some bird's big tits."

"Or doing tongue and groove with her fanny. That's barf material."

"What about a guy licking another guy's fanny?" Oscar and Toby looked blank, then suddenly Oscar saw the light.

"Uh, uh! Language barrier. When you say 'fanny', Cody, you mean?"

"Ass. Sorry, a-arse."

"When we say 'fanny', we mean vagina."

"You're safe, guys. Strictly twinks only. We'd better move across to my room in case my brother comes home."

The three boys went through to Cody's room. Again our boys were amazed at the size. Beside the bed and inbuilt wardrobe – read closet when Cody is speaking – it was also furnished as a study or office and a sitting-room. On the wall was a large flat screen television set. Cody set the vid up on his computer and played it through the large screen. He locked his door.

The three boys sat on the couch and the movie started. "Lasts about twenty minutes," said Cody. Usual plot: twink 1 turns up at twink 2's place, they chat, snog, undress, suck, rim and shag, end of vid." Nothing new there, although our boys had seen too few pornos to realise that yet. It took until the snogging scene before they started to bone up. Without further thought Oscar and Toby did what they always did in the cinema. Their hands went across and stroked each other's crotches. Cody was rubbing himself. Our boys kept one eye on the screen and one on what Cody was doing. Imagine their surprise when quite unashamedly he pulled his sweats down to his ankles and lugged out his cock which he started to jerk. Oscar and Toby looked at one another.

"Hey, Cody, we're not letting you get away with that," said Toby.

"Stay cool, guys," said Cody. "If you don't like it, I'll put it away."

"You will not," said Oscar and at that Toby knelt between Cody's legs, pulled his trainers and sweats right off and, with difficulty because his hard nob was poking though the fly, removed his boxers. By this time Oscar had his tongue in Cody's mouth, licking his tonsils, and Toby was licking and sucking his loose, smooth balls prior to running his tongue up the shaft and taking his cut cock into his mouth. Cody was powerless to resist, not that he wanted to, and as if at an inaudible or invisible signal Oscar and Toby swapped places and continued the job.

Cody couldn't give an audible warning that he was coming, but Oscar recognised the signs and deftly took the load in his mouth, not a drop spilt on the fitted carpet, nor on his lips or face, then he swallowed. "Hey, Oscar! Skill. How did you manage that?"

"Let's just say put it down to experience."

"Take your top off."

"What for?" replied Cody.

"We're not amateurs," said Toby. "We want to check out the job we've done." Oscar took out his smartphone and took pictures. Both boys felt the lust rising in them as they admired their quarry. The vid had long finished.

"Was that good?" said Oscar.

"Or was that good?" added Toby.

"Wow, fantastic!" said Cody. "I've never had one like that before."

"You are dealing with the A-Team," said Oscar. "No rubbish here."

"Yours is only the second cut cock we've ever had," said Toby.

"Really? Well, you're in the right place then. You'll find it difficult to find a foreskin round here."

"Barbaric," muttered Oscar.

"So what's next?" said Toby.

"How do you mean?"

"Well, you're not some kind of prick teaser, are you, Cody?"

"You work us up," said Oscar. "The least you can do is finish us off, even if it's only a hand job."

"Okay, guys, get your kit off."

"No. You get our kit off. We won't fight you, promise." A minute later both boys were standing there, butt naked, and from the number of times 'wow!' emanated from Cody's lips he wasn't unimpressed.

"Hey, guys, not only a foreskin, but two, and shaved pubic hair. Makes you tackle really stand out, but why do you do it."

"We don't like having our teeth flossed when we're blowing each other," answered Oscar in a matter of fact tone.

Having given and received satisfaction, the boys got dressed and went back into the family sitting room. At that moment the front door opened and in came Cody's brother with Alison in tow. "This is my brother Rory," said Cody. I believe you've already met this young lady."

"Hi, Rory. Hi, sis," said Oscar. Toby greeted them as well.

"You boys look like the cat that got the cream," said Alison.

"I don't know about the cat," replied Oscar, "but we certainly got the cream." and all three boys burst into an uncontrollable fit of the giggles. Alison rolled her eyes.

"It's all right, Rory," said Cody. "We're going out in ten minutes. You can have the place to yourself this afternoon."

"Thanks, bro. I'll do the same for you when you get a girlfriend,"

"As if…"

"Guys, I'm going to show you where to eat the best burgers in Canada."

"I didn't realise they had a branch of Burger Star in Vancouver," said Toby drily. Our boys quickly popped upstairs to get their anoraks and leave a note so that the 'rents knew where they were going.

"Actually, this is going to be the second best burger in Canada, in North America even. The best one ever in the history of the world you will only get at the restaurant on the railroad station at Lake Louise."

"Where's that?" asked Toby.

"In Alberta. That's right the other side of British Columbia."

They reached the burger bar. "Let me order, guys," said Cody. "Then you'll get the right thing." When the burgers arrived, they were at least six inches high with layers of Aberdeen Angus beef, cheese, bacon and all the vegetable trimmings. The most difficult thing was deciding how to eat it.

"Okay, we're impressed," said Toby as they left the burger bar. "What are we going to do now…?"

"Since we're obviously not going back to the flat," said Oscar.

"Do you two always finish of one another's sentences?"

"Only since we became an item," answered Toby.

"You sound like a vintage couple at times. Have you been to Granville Park?"

"Yeah, we went with my parents over the weekend," said Oscar.

"We'll head down there anyway. I think I can show you parts your parents might not know about. 'Cos it's Easter week it could be a bit lively."

Later in the afternoon they were sitting on a low wall watching the buskers, and when they were not watching the buskers, they were watching the boys. Suddenly Cody exclaimed "OMG!"

"What's up?" said Toby.

"It's him."

"Who?" said Oscar.

"The guy I was telling you about."

"You've told us about a lot of guys," said Toby.

"The boy of my dreams, the one I want to date."

"Then it's your lucky day," said Oscar.

"I can't. He'll think I'm some pervert trying to pick him up off the street."

"You are, aren't you?" said Toby.

"I never thought of it that way before."

"Okay, let's go." At that Oscar and Toby put their hands under Cody's armpits, lifted him off the wall and frogmarched him towards the teen hunk standing about twenty yards away with his skateboard.

"You all are right," said Toby. "He is gay."

"How do you know?"

"Gaydar at two hundred yards."

"And I don't think any straight kid would want to display a package like that in his lycras," said Oscar. They marched Cody towards this unsuspecting beauty.

"Okay, Cody," said Toby. "Play it cool. You'll have to start the conversation because we don't know him, but we'll give you full back up."

"You do know his name, don't you?"

"Sure," said Cody. "Brent."

"What's his Christian name?" asked Oscar, wanting to get it right.

"That is his Christian name. Brent Wood." By this time they had reached Brent and Cody had formed his game plan. "Hey, Brent, good to see you. What are you doing here?"

"Just hanging out, Cody. I'm bored with spring break already. None of my buddies live anywhere near me."

"Talking of buddies, I want you to meet my two buddies from England, Toby and Oscar."

"I'm Toby…"

"… and I'm Oscar." Oscar hi-fived. Toby shook his hand.

"Yeah, he's passed the test."

"You see, Brent, Toby and Oscar are an item."

"Yeah, we're out of the closet," said Oscar.

"And we don't care who knows," added Toby.

"So what are you guys doing in Canada?"

"My parents are here on a five year assignment with Dad's company. We go to boarding school and Toby's come out to spend the Easter holidays here."

"Are you in a hurry, Brent?" said Toby.

"Not me. I'm killing time before I go back home and get on with my school assignments."

"Let's go and find ourselves some pop," said Toby, deliberately using an old fashioned English term.

"Pop? Is that some kind of narcotic?"

"No," said Oscar. "He means soda. He's only winding you up."

"Our treat," said Toby.

The four of them sat outside the café and just chatted. Cody and Brent were impressed that Oscar and Toby nearly always said 'we' rather than 'I'. They were so inclusive of each other. "Are there any good films on at the moment?" said Toby.

"Any good movies?" repeated Cody, deliberately translating.

"There's The Imitation Game ," said Brent, "about this British intelligence man who saved the country in the war and was then locked up in prison for being gay."

"Yeah, we wanted to see that in England, but never got round to it," said Oscar.

"Hey, that's it," said Toby. "Why don't we make up a foursome and go and see it one evening?"

"That's brilliant," said Brent. "I might have a transport problem getting back home."

"You can sleep over with us," said Cody. "My folks won't mind… providing I remember to ask first."

"If there's a problem, I can get my father to give you a lift." The two Canadians looked at one another.

"Give you a ride home," said Cody.

"How are you fixed Thursday?" said Oscar. "I won't tell my sister or she'll want to come along." They all agreed on Thursday evening and started a session of tapping each other's phone numbers into their cell phones.

"Give me your address, Brent," said Cody. The Canadian boys exchanged addresses.

"I'd better get off home," said Brent. The English boys gave him a hug and Cody thought he'd better do the same.

When he'd gone, Oscar said "How easy was that?"

"Win-win situation, Cody," said Toby. "You got an introduction, a phone number, an address, a date and possibly a sleep over. You couldn't ask for anything more."

"And he is gay," said Oscar. "He was chubbing up when we did hugs."

"I owe you guys," said Cody.

"You probably do," said Oscar and Toby in unison, giving each other a wicked look.

"And that's something we ought to buy with the summer coming on – lycra shorts."

"Yeah, Brent looked great in them."

The three boys made their way back to the apartment block. "See ya Thursday, if not before," said Cody.

"If you want some fun, you know where we live," said Oscar.

"Come up and see us some time," said Toby.

Thursday arrived and after tea Oscar and Toby changed to go out on their first Canadian date.

"How about a little corporate identity tonight?" said Oscar.

"I was just going to suggest that." The boys changed into skinny jeans, red checked shirt and Queen's School hoodie in pale blue. Alison naturally wanted to know what was happening and why she hadn't been included, but was firmly told it was boys only and how would she like it one of them came along on her date with Rick or Rory, or whoever the flavour of the month was. This brought on the inevitable sulk and as Sue Daintree had been out of the room during that particular conversation, she wondered what the family had done to deserve such a moody atmosphere all evening, compounded by the fact that Rory was attending football training that night. Naturally Alison couldn't discuss the cause of her resentment. Oscar and Toby picked up Cody on the way out. They walked the fifteen minutes to the cinema and met Brent outside.

"Hey, guys," said Brent and they all hi-fived. "Wow! You guys look cool dressed the same."

"Where's your skateboard?" said Toby.

"At home. Why?"

"I thought that was the transport home."

"He said he had a problem with it," said Oscar. "Don't you remember?"

"Wot? No lights on it?" replied Toby straight faced. The Canadians just looked blank, absolutely fazed by the English humour.

"Why would anyone want to put lights on a skateboard?" said Brent, which just gave Oscar and Toby a fit of the giggles.

"Everyone for popcorn?" asked Cody.

"Not for me thanks," said Oscar. "I prefer to have something to suck." The Canadians did laugh at that.

"I forgot to tell you," said Cody. "Brent is sleeping over tonight."

"Where's your sleeping bag, Brent?" said Oscar.

"With my skateboard," riposted Brent, warming to the company.

"It's okay," said Cody. "Mom said we could lend him one."

"And where's your overnight bag?" asked Toby. Brent pulled out a toothbrush from his inside pocket.

"We don't want to offend you fellows," said Oscar, "but you won't mind if we have a smooch during the film, will you?"

"And, Brent, sit next to me in case you need any advice or encouragement," said Toby.

"Over my dead body," said Cody.

The four boys came out of the cinema in high spirits. The film had so drawn their attention that very little of a carnal nature had occurred during it. That didn't matter as they had the whole night before them. They called in for a soda and a snack before making their way back to the apartment block. They said good night and agreed what a great evening it had been. By now the four boys were firm friends and by the morning Cody and Brent were even better friends.

At nine o'clock Oscar and Toby were woken by the telephone. Oscar answered. "Good morning, buddy. Cody here. We're just serving breakfast. Come down and join us. Come as you are."

"We're on our way, but we'd better put bathrobes on first. We don't want to frighten the other residents." They hurried down to Cody's apartment and found the door ajar. He and Brent were there just in their Joe Boxers.

All the breakfast things were on the table and it was just a matter of helping oneself to what you wanted. "Did you sleep well last night?" asked Cody.

"Nah, not really," said Toby, lying through his teeth. "The trouble is that Oscar is so demanding that he won't leave me alone. He's a complete and utter animal in bed. As soon as he's finished, he's ready for another session. We'll have to get single beds soon, I think, or I'll spend half the daytime sleeping."

They say that the Americans don't do irony. They were only a few miles north of the forty-ninth parallel and it looked as if lack of irony had crossed the frontier to Vancouver. Cody and Brent were listening intently, taking in and believing every word. Oscar sat there preening himself as he listened to this imaginative account of his sexual prowess. "How about you two?" he said. Cody and Brent looked at each other coyly, Brent even blushed, as if to say 'what are we going to tell them and who's going to say it?'.

"Weell," said Brent, "you guys have got to remember that it was our first date and so to begin with there was a lot of getting to know one another."

"Although he's done stuff before, it was the first time that Brent actually slept the night with someone."

"How about you, Cody?" said Toby.

"Yeah, well, yeah, mine too, but that wasn't supposed to be part of the story." He grinned. Brent carried on.

"And so the first thing we did was kiss. Cody said that boys don't do that and I answered that Toby and Oscar did during the movie and so we now know that boys do do that," and they both giggled.

"Don't you remember they did it in that vid we watched?" said Oscar."

"Oh, shut up, Oscar, you big girl's blouse," cried Toby. "Don't you realise they're telling us a story. I bet they were shagging away like rabbits, if truth be known."

"Something like that," mumbled Cody. "Would anyone like some fresh coffee?" While he was making it, Brent continued cautiously.

"So we undressed each other. And we liked what we saw. And we whacked off and just fell asleep."

"Then this morning it was funny waking up next to a naked boy and we did it again, except this time we jerked each other off. Which was more fun really. Wasn't it Brent?"

"Sure. And we want to do it again as soon as possible." He paused. "We decided we want to become best friends and if we like being best friends and get on together, we'll become boyfriends like you guys."

"I think that deserves hugs," said Oscar. So everyone hugged everybody else. Oscar's bathrobe fell open, hiding nothing and showing everything. "Oh, what the hell!" and he slipped it off and hung it over the back of his chair.

"Oh, what the hell!" repeated Toby and did the same. When Brent and Cody saw Toby, there was a sharp intake of breath.

"It's okay," said Toby. "I'm used to people admiring my body. You can touch it if you like. They can touch me, can't they, Oscar?" he uttered as an aside and a point of courtesy. Cody and Brent could no longer feign lack of interest as their stiffies poked through the slit in their boxers.

"I think, Brent, we'd better do the same," said Cody "or they're going to call us chicken." They struggled to get their boxers off over their boners, but managed it finally. Like everyone else Cody and Brent wanted to know why Oscar and Toby shaved their pubic hair. They had seen Cody's equipment before and so their attention was directed more to Brent. They could see why he wore his lycras so well. He had large tight balls that made his prick jut out as it lay across them. It was cut, of course, not so fat as Toby's. The glans was dark red and reflected the light and the whole had a small canopy of jet black pubic hair.

"Nice one," said Oscar.

"Wouldn't mind running my tongue over that," said Toby.

"Well, you ain't going to," said Cody, going all possessive.

"C'mon, lads," said Oscar. "We've only ever done two cut cocks. That's not very much for men of our calibre."

"You could do with a haircut, Cody," said Toby. Toby had a huge unruly bush of brown hair. When his dick was soft, it was almost hidden by hair, though his hairy balls hung below his bush."

"Speak to us nicely," said Oscar and we'll not only groom it for you, but teach Brent how to do it in future."

"It's easier than doing it yourself." Cody looked at Brent, they both looked at Oscar and Toby, they looked at each other again. Brent gave a slight nod and Cody said

"Okay, I'll go for it."

"When we've finished breakfast, come up to our flat…" The Canadians looked quizzically at one another.

"… apartment," said Toby drily.

"… and we'll do it for you," continued Oscar.

"Okay," said Cody, "we'll shower first and be right with you."

"No, don't do that," Oscar.

"Your natural odours make us feel all horny," said Toby.

"And you'll need to shower afterwards anyway."

"You mean you like body odour?" said Brent amazed.

"Depends on the BO," said Oscar. "The smell of my sister during her period is a real turn off, the scent she uses to cover it even more so."

"Remember we go to boarding school," said Toby "and sleep in a dormitory with three other horny gayboys. We thrive on dried spunk and miss it when we're not there."

Breakfast done and over with, Oscar and Toby returned upstairs. A quarter of an hour later Cody and Brent arrived, dressed in bathrobes and armed with bath towels. "Hi, Alison," they said.

"Hi, guys," she replied. "And what are you four macho boys up to?"

"We're going to shave off Cody's pubic hair."

"Oh, that's all right, then. I thought you meaty lads were going to have a foursome gangbang."

"No, that's organised for tomorrow, sis," answered Oscar sarcastically. Then the penny dropped.

"You are going to do what?" she screamed.

"We're going to shave Cody's pubes off," replied Toby to reinforce what Oscar had said.

"Oh, that's all right then," said Alison. "I thought you said you were going to shave off Cody's pubic hair." The Canadians looked absolutely baffled at the banter between the English trio. "It's okay. I'm going to meet Rory downtown during his lunchbreak." She paused. "I don't suppose you could do the same for him, could you? Sometimes it's like eating straw."

"He only has to say the word and make an appointment," replied Oscar. "Toby and I do each other. So we're quite experienced."

"You don't!? I never knew that."

"We do have some secrets, sis."

The four boys disappeared into Oscar's room and locked the door. He wouldn't put it past his nympho sister to burst in just to ogle at some naked boys, even if they were gay. Oscar pulled off the duvet. "I see you two guys have been having a good time," said Cody, staring at the undersheet.

"Yeah, we'd better get that into the washing machine before Mum sees it. Spread your towels out. Ready, Cody?" Oscar took a picture on his iphone. Toby took an electric trimmer from the dressing table, set it on number one and zipped through Cody's pubic area and groin. Oscar collected as much of the loose hair as possible.

"Hey, that's great," and Cody started to get off the bed."

"Wait," said Oscar. "We're not halfway through yet." He lay back again. "Okay, during the next bit you must keep perfectly still."

"Trust us," said Toby.

Oscar and Toby went into the ensuite bathroom, drew off some hot water and returned with various bits and pieces. Oscar brushed in the shaving cream and Toby proceeded to remove it with a safety razor. Oscar washed and dried Cody's equipment, then took another photo. "Can I take a look?" said Cody.

"Not yet,: said Oscar. "We just need to check something. Roll over. Ah, just as I thought. You've got a hairy arse."

"Ass!" corrected Cody.

"Assume the doggy position. That's it." Oscar took a photograph of his crack and rosebud. Toby applied the shaving cream; Oscar applied the razor. Toby washed and dried Cody's crevice. Oscar took a photo.

"Okay," said Oscar, "you can take a look now." Cody got up off the bed and viewed himself in the full length mirror on the closet door.

"Hey, smart. And it makes my dick look bigger. What do you think, Brent."

"Yeah, man, I love it. Dig those low hangers. I think we can do something with those now."

"Turn round," said Toby.

"The pics will be on your mobile…"

"… cell phone," said Toby.

"… by the time you get downstairs. You can shower now."

"Both of you, if you want."

Cody and Brent went into the shower. Oscar and Toby tidied everything away. They looked at each other and grinned when they heard a loud groan coming from the bathroom. Five minutes later the boys came out towelling each other down. "One more thing to do," said Oscar. "Lie on your towel, Cody." He shivered because it was cold and damp. Oscar sprinkled talcum powder over his groin and spread it around with his hand, giving Cody such a good feel that he popped a bone despite what had happened in the shower. "This will soak up the sweat and make you feel more comfortable. You'll soon get used to the shaved feeling and wonder why you didn't do it before."

"Doggy position," said Toby. Cody knelt on the bed while Toby sprinkled talcum onto his crack, spread it round and used it as an excuse to finger his rosebud and gently push it in, making Cody groan again. Suddenly Toby shouted out. "Aaagh!" Cody's sphincter had clamped round his finger. The other three burst out into guffaws. "You might well laugh now, but wait till it happens while your cock's in there."

"All done," said Oscar after Toby had freed his courting finger. "You can get dressed now."

At that the party broke up. Brent had to go home. Cody had his chores to do and Oscar and Toby had to change the bed, put the stuff in the washing machine and then they could have some us-time which they decided to use riding the sky train. As it was Friday, they came home early and went to their room for a little love-making, since there would be little opportunity over the weekend. As they emerged from their room to make a cup of tea, Toby remarked "We should have waited till now before changing the bed."

The weekend was for family things. During the following week they hung out with Cody and Brent and listened eagerly to the progress they were making in their love life. The following Monday spring break would end and they'd be back at school. They said that they were going on a special date on the Saturday to celebrate the end of the holidays and the fact that Brent would be sleeping over and they had come to the decision to lose their cherries that night. Did Oscar and Toby have any tips? "Personal hygiene," said Toby.

"Decide whether you're going to use rubbers or not," said Oscar.

"Plenty of lube," said Toby.

"Be gentle with one another and don't rush it," said Oscar.

"The first time is not necessarily the best experience," said Toby. "Build on it. It gets better every time."

"Use plenty of finger until he's ready to take your cock. It'll probably hurt for about five seconds when it goes in," said Oscar. "Then you'll wonder why you didn't do it before."

"Have you sorted out who's the top and who's the bottom yet?" asked Toby.

"No," said Brent. "We just want to see how it goes first."

"Doggy fashion is probably easiest for beginners," said Oscar. "You can try the others when you're more used to one another."

"What do you two use most?" asked Cody. Oscar and Toby looked at one another.

"Missionary position, I suppose," said Toby. Oscar agreed.

"We don't get on with 'bottom on top'," said Oscar.

"Secrets of the marriage bed," said Toby, "but when we can't decide who's going to do what, we have a nude wrestling match and the one that sticks his prick in first is the top for that session."

"Does the same person always win?" asked Brent.

"Course not," said Oscar "or there wouldn't be any point in doing it. Toby is so tight your dick might get as far as his rosebud, but that's no guarantee you'll be able to push it in."

"That's true," said Toby.

"But once you do, he's the most fantastic and incredible fuck."

"Mind you, having said that, we've got nothing to compare with because we've never shagged anybody else," said Oscar.

"But then we don't need anyone else," said Toby. Oscar and Toby looked at one another and kissed chastely on the lips.

"Don't your parents object to this going on?" said Brent.

"It's the advantage of being the second sibling. Alison was the pathfinder, she had all the arguments and the jip. When I was over at Christmas, my dad took me out of town in the car and while we were walking, he asked the questions and gave the advice."

"Which was what?"

"He and Mum accepted I was gay. They loved me as I was. They talked about the problems with Alison and that they wanted to avoid the same problems with me. They could see how fond of Toby I was, even though they had only met him on skype and finally that we were to care for one another. They knew that whatever they said, as with Alison, we would do stuff and that it was private and they would rather not know about it."

"How about you, Toby?" said Cody.

"Again Dad had the 'talk' with me. I was out at home. Mum and Dad knew I would meet a lot of gayboys at the school they were sending me too. They were pleased Oscar and I paired up. They liked him immediately when they met him and they thought if I had a proper boyfriend, whatever we did, it would be better than ending up a slut doing tacky things in the bogs."

"So tell us about this English public school you go to," said Brent.

"To begin with," said Toby " it is the opposite of what you understand as a public school. It is fee-paying, but I have a scholarship and so they pay me to go there."

"It is a school with an enlightened reputation for looking after gay pupils," continued Oscar. "We live in a house where everybody is gay except the housemaster and his family and we support one another."

"Otherwise it's like any other boys' boarding school."

This seemed to satisfy our two Canadian friends.

Meanwhile the second Friday had come and it was time for Alison to return to England. There were tears when the family saw her off at the airport. She took the midnight flight and arrived back at five o'clock on Saturday afternoon to be met by the grans.

Oscar and Toby had a lot of time – and the apartment – to themselves in the week. Needless to say they spent most mornings improving their love life, went out sightseeing and often met Cody and Brent after school or in the evenings and hung out when their home assignments were not too pressing. Cody, of course, was always 'on tap' in the apartment below.

On the Monday they met at the outdoor café in Granville Park for a soda. "So how did your extra special date on Saturday go?" asked Toby.

"Great," said Cody.

"We're now fully paid up members of the gay club," said Brent.

"It cost us two cherries," laughed Cody.

"And so are you both versatile?" asked Oscar.

"We tried it both ways," said Brent.

"But it looks as if Brent's going to be a bottom and I'll be the top." As if to emphasise the point Cody stuck his courting finger into Brent's crack.

All good things must come to an end and so the Daintrees took Oscar and Toby to the airport, accompanied by Cody and Brett. They were worried about their baggage allowance because they had been on a clothes buying spree, but when it came to the weigh-in they were well inside the limit. Before they disappeared through security, Cody and Brett said their goodbyes to Oscar and Toby, hoping that they had enjoyed their vacation in Vancouver and that they might see them again. "You'll definitely see me again," said Oscar, "as Dad's job here has got another four years to run."

"And we'd definitely like to see Toby here again," said Sue Daintree. "He's become like second son to us, hasn't he, Art?" Oscar and Toby looked at one another knowingly.

"Sure thing," said Arthur Daintree without the slightest hesitation. When the 'rents' attention was on something else, Cody slipped Oscar and Toby a small padded envelope.

"Don't open that until you're by yourselves," said Cody. "It's a flash drive with a powerpoint presentation of the photos you mailed us with some additions you may not have seen. Know what I mean?"

As they were travelling business class, with Toby on an upgrade, they wore jackets and ties. Again they took the midnight flight and after a couple of hours they had crossed the Arctic Circle and so were in daylight until they landed late afternoon on Saturday in London. The grans had made the journey to the airport to meet them. Surprisingly they didn't feel tired, having slept intermittently during the flight, but after a car journey of two or three hours they were ready for a quick snack, a shower and bed when they reached the grans' house. There was no nookie that night. They were so weary that it didn't even register with Oscar that his sister was home on a Saturday night.

The sun shining through the curtains woke Oscar and Toby and they went downstairs to say that they were awake. Gran and Gramps had just returned home from the early service. They knew there was a lot to do to turn the boys round and make them ready for school. They had to report back Monday evening before Prayers. "Hallo, boys. Did you sleep well?"

"Like a top," said Toby. Oscar suppressed a snigger.

"I woke up once when Toby was lying on my arm and giving me pins and needles," said Oscar. "Where's Alison?"

"She'll be with us in a moment," said Gramps.

"Go easy on her," said Gran. "She's in a bit of a mood. In fact she's been in a huge mood since she got back from Canada."

"I don't think it helped that you two had an extra fortnight's holiday."

"But it's got worse," said Gran, "but I'm sure she'll tell you all about it." At that moment Alison came in, scarcely able to say good morning to the boys. "I'll get breakfast for all of us and if you two boys want to go back to bed, you can." That gained them a scowl.

After a full English breakfast Oscar and Toby went back up to their room. They were no longer tired, but they realised that their opportunities to make love were rapidly dwindling, and they had been spoilt over the last month. The boys retired and re-appeared after eleven. "Tobes, can you find something to do while I sort Alison out?'

"Sure. I'll go and help Gramps in the garden."

Oscar went up and with some trepidation knocked on his sister's bedroom door. "COME IN!" Not an auspicious start, thought Oscar. He went in and Alison was texting. "Oh, it's you."

"Oh, welcome home, bro. How nice it is to see you."


"Okay, sis, what's this all about? You know you're the granddaughter from hell as far as the grans are concerned?" Oscar had learnt long ago not to give his sister any quarter. She would seize on any apparent weakness.

"It's all those bitches at school."

"And what have those bitches at school done to upset you?"

"They only told Rick that I was two-timing him in Vancouver, and now he's dumped me."

"And you're surprised?"

"No, not at being dumped. I'm only surprised that he found out and the way he did it."

"Okay, we'll start with the way he did it." Alison's face was full of reproach.

"Of all things he sexted me."

"And what did he sext you with?"

"Only a picture of his erect penis and he said 'Since you only want me for my cock, here's a picture of it you can keep. Consider yourself dumped. I'm sure your Canadian friend Rory will be able to replace it from five thousand miles away.'"

"So how did he find out?"

"My so called girl friends told him,"

"And how did they find out?"

"I texted them." Oscar shrugged his shoulders in rather a Gallic manner. "But I told them it's got to remain the biggest secret in the world and they mustn't breathe a word of it to anyone"

"Good, reliable friends, then," at which Alison shouted

"For God's sake shut up, Oscar. What fucking use are you as a brother? You can't even get a girlfriend." That last remark cut Oscar to the quick, but he came back."

"But at least I have a regular boyfriend, a steady relationship and I don't two-time him." At that Alison dissolved into tears. Oscar knew the storm had blown itself out. He got her to sit on the bed and he put his arm round her shoulders to comfort her. He just hoped that his harsh words had brought the lesson home to her. Then she could mend. She cried herself to sleep.

Oscar went down to the kitchen. "Gran, can I have a word?" She dried her hands on her pinafore and sat down at the table. "What has Alison told you?"

"Very little."

"Basically Rick has dumped her."

"We gathered that. She hasn't been out with him since she's been back."

"She found herself a boyfriend in Vancouver. You know Cody that I've been telling you about? It was his big brother, Rory, and instead of keeping quiet about it, she went and told her friends 'all in the strictest confidence', and they gossiped. Even worse they started taking the mick out of Rick."

"Your sister's not the easiest person in the world to deal with."

"I think she might have learnt her lesson."

"Thank you, Oscar, for sorting her out. Give your old grandmother a hug."

"I wouldn't call it sorted yet."

"Pity. Rick was such a nice boy. Your Gramps and I liked him a lot."

"Probably still is. Toby and I both think he's hot."

"Hot, dear?"

"Attractive, dishy, good-looking, Grandmama."

At that moment Toby and Gramps came in from the garden, wondering when lunch would be.

In the afternoon the family went for a walk to get some exercise after lunch. It was a good sign that Alison chose to join them. Obviously Oscar had had some success. She clearly missed her mother, who usually sorted Alison out. It went unspoken that Oscar's ability was founded on the fact he was gay and so impervious to her feminine charms and demands. Oscar felt that the remark about his not having a girlfriend was under the belt, but his riposte was robust and let him in nicely to tell Alison exactly what she needed to hear.

At one point Alison held Oscar back while Toby and the grans went on ahead happily chatting. "Thank you, Oscar, for listening to me this morning. You and Mum are the only people who understand."

"Gran does her best, you know."

"I know, but she finds it hard."

"It's not just the generation gap, it's a double generation gap for her.

"OMG, Oscar, you are so lucky," Alison suddenly exclaimed.

"Yes, I know I am, but what's made you think so this minute?"

"Well, just look at that butt in those tight jeans," said Alison, pointing ahead at Toby. "It's got my juices flowing already, and his package is to die for. What's it really like?"

"Fantastic," said Oscar.

"Aren't you going to tell me about it?"

"No, except his cock is very thick and there's no mistaking when you've got it inside you. 'Is it in yet?' just does not enter the conversation."

"To change the subject, Jimmy Butterfield wants to see Michael again?"


"That's right."

"He might be disappointed,"


"He's had a medical make over. The word on the street is that he has injections to stop him getting aroused and he's got to have them until he leaves Queen's, otherwise he gets kicked out."

"Be a dear, Oscar, and try and fix up a date."

Gran felt that she still had to pamper her grandson and 'grandson-in-law' before they returned to the rigours and deprivations of boarding school. Despite the traditional English roast for lunch, a proper English tea awaited them when they had returned home and that meant homemade scones with butter or clotted cream with jam. The boys knew that there would be some set aside for their tuck boxes back at school. After watching television for an hour with very little interest, the boys made excuses that they still needed to do one or two things before school and went upstairs to make out on the bed. Alison was out at a friend's, which was a positive sign. "I don't know how I'm going to be able to cope at school," said Oscar "without being able to smooch whenever we want to."

"I'm sure we'll find a way," said Toby. "There will always be Saturday night and remember Fortinbrass owes us a favour. He might let us use one of his hidey-holes. Hey, Oscar, don't forget we've still got Cody and Brett's flash drive to look at."

"Pity we left our laptops locked up at school," said Oscar.

On Monday the boys had to be businesslike. Alison was safely tucked up at school, probably plotting dire revenge on one of her best friends and avoiding any sighting of Rick. The priority of the morning was a visit to the hairdresser's where Marcel and his crew were ready to cut and style the boys' hair. Monday was never a busy day and so both boys submitted to the full attention of the staff. Master Toby was made particularly welcome and he lost count of the number of times he felt a half hard cock pressed against one or the other elbow, and not always the same one at that, as Marcel, James and Jules competed to share some part of his coiffure. Naturally, if Toby hadn't left his elbows sticking out over the armrests, the three hairdressers couldn't have put him and themselves in that situation. Both Oscar and Toby knew the game and were as willing as ever to play it.

All good things come to an end and so after tea Oscar and Toby gathered their belongings together, said goodbye to Gran and Alison and were driven by Gramps back to school. They had mixed feelings. For them it had been a great four weeks in every conceivable way, but they now felt a yearning for the serious side of life and a need to make further progress through adolescence, through life and then achieve. Some will call this the Protestant work ethic without knowing why: justification by works as opposed to justification by grace. They thought they had grown, not only in stature as they could also see in their contemporaries at school, but also in experience and worldliness, and also, although they would be the last to use the word, in wisdom. How many gay boys were in a deep and loving relationship at the age of fourteen? How many straight boys, if it came to that? Of course, there were other genuine, profound and loving relationships in Tippett, but small in number. The majority of boy items were transient couplings of convenience, some destined to be over by the end of the new term, others to be driven apart by the arrival of new talent in the next Michaelmas term, many unlikely to survive the harsh parting at eighteen after A-levels, those subject to lust rather than love.

The boys' private and public worlds faded seamlessly from one to another as they arrived back in Tippett in general and Alexander in particular. They were pleased to see Marcus and Chris and David, to see Dom and Nik. There was no formal supper that night, a snack available for those who had to make long journeys, and so the term effectively began with Prayers. In the Trinity term they were held an hour later to take advantage of the extended daylight. Bedtimes were half an hour later.

So after saying hallo to their mentors and a short chat, Oscar and Toby climbed the stairs to the library with Oscar's laptop and the flash drive they had received from Cody and Brent previously to leaving Canada. They seated themselves facing the door so that they could see immediately if someone came in and that someone could not see the screen. But there was little chance of that. It was, after all, the library. Oscar booted up his laptop and inserted the memory stick. The Powerpoint program opened up and ran itself. It started with their photos, but then went on to some of themselves which they hadn't realised had been taken and then concluded with those of Cody and Brett, some poses, some doing stuff. The boys drooled as they watched until the presentation came to an end. The final shot was a group of the four boys in full frontal nudity, two cut, two uncut, two with completely shaven pubes, two with designer stubble and all four extremely handsome youths.

Oscar closed down the presentation, removed the memory stick and put it back into its padded envelope. "We'd better keep this locked up with our valuables," he said. "Just time to skype the 'rents." Toby sat by Oscar in front of the screen. It was now inconceivable that one or the other could be left out of family contacts. Once connected, they talked about the flight, the weekend at the grans' and Oscar gave an expurgated account of Alison and her boy trouble.

«We knew something was wrong,» said Sue Daintree, «but she really is her own worst enemy.» At the end of the conversation Oscar closed down and the pair went off to Alexander to get ready for bed. The other three were there gaily chatting away about the boys they met or didn't meet during the holidays. Marcus the Slut hadn't managed to keep his trousers zipped up the whole time, but his school time boyfriend Olly didn't mind because he couldn't either. David the Scholar had met a couple of gayboys at a Mensa meeting he attended, but nothing happened, and Chris the Busker was pleased to get back to school because after having had someone to do it for him, solo masturbation didn't prove to be satisfying any longer. They turned in early so that they would be at their best for the first day of term. Chris would be playing at the Beginning of Term service.

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