All the Queen's Men

by N Fourbois

Part 4

They reached Tippett just as the bell was ringing for Prayers. As they were gathering in the common room, Oscar spotted Huw Fortinbrass. "Did you have a good afternoon?"

"Yeah, fine."

"Mind you, that Jackman's a bit rough."

"I know, but I like a bit of rough trade. Anyway, how do you know about that?"

"Well, you weren't exactly discreet when you were trying to hurry me out of the changing room."

"Mmm, s'pose not." Toby was listening and grinning.

"Hey, you two," came the familiar voice of Dominic "don't disappear after Prayers. I've got something to say to you." When Prayers were over, Oscar and Toby followed him up to Isherwood.

"You know this is Saturday, don't you? Not Sunday night mentoring." Dominic looked at Oscar and smiled sadly. Once in his room Dominic said

"Look, you two, I'm sleeping in Nik's room tonight. If you want some privacy, you can spend the night in here." Oscar and Toby looked at each other and with a grin nodded their agreement.

"What's the deal?" said Toby.

"We wait until everything's quiet in the house, say about half past eleven, and I go along to his study, do the necessary and return before dawn. You come up when everybody's asleep in your dorm and we take it from there." The joy on Oscar's and Toby's faces would have been sufficient to light up the room.

"Wodge ya think, Tobes?"

"No brainer, really."

"Gee, thanks, Dom. We accept."

"Just one thing, guys. Bring a large towel each. I'm quite capable of covering my own sheets with wank stains without any help from others."

"Who said we're going to be wanking?" said Toby and grinned knowingly.

It was always late to bed on a Saturday. Oscar and Toby joined their dorm mates back in Alexander. After the usual chit chat they got ready for bed, not forgetting their good night hug before they put their night clothes on. David and Chris wore pyjamas, Marcus shorts, Oscar a tee shirt and shorts and Toby nothing. "I like my tackle to be able to move freely when I'm in bed, know wh…"

"Yes, we know what you mean," screamed four voices in unison.

Much as the friends wanted to stay up late on Saturdays, they never could as they were usually exhausted from a week's school, prep and games, and they were soon in bed and asleep, except that Oscar and Toby were too excited to sleep. They lay on their beds, virtually counting the seconds. When it reached a quarter past eleven, Toby got up and shook Oscar. "It's all right, Tobes. I'm still awake," he whispered. With the light from the fire alarm high up on the ceiling they looked around. The Squalor had climbed into bed with the Busker and they had fallen asleep in each other's arms. Marcus had forgotten to draw his curtain and his duvet had fallen onto the floor. His boner tenting his shorts was for all to see.

"Hang on, Oscar. Watch what I'm doing." At that Toby re-arranged his bedclothes and in the near dark it looked as if he were lying there peacefully asleep. "Let's do the same with yours."

"Except draw the curtains this time because we both normally do. That's what aroused my suspicions last time, but there was no time to check."

The boys took their towels, as instructed, disappeared silently through the door, padded their way along the passage to the bathroom, took a slash, washed their cocks afterwards and quietly arrived outside Isherwood. It would be easy to explain their presence outside the dorm if they were caught on their own floor, but up one, that would require ingenuity. On the other hand it had been an unofficial, but established tradition since the foundation of Tippett that at night up to half of the rooms could be found empty, particularly on a Saturday night. This was, when all is said and done, the gay house. Each member had grown up in the school with this fact which scarcely raised an eyebrow and while it could never be officially condoned, it formed sufficient reason for turning a blind eye. The number of boys at present boarding in the house who had never slept with another member could be counted on fingers. The light from Isherwood could be seen glowing under the door. Oscar knocked lightly, pushed the door and went in. Dominic welcomed them and said he was off to Wilde, Nik Ogen's room.

"That's my mentor," said Toby.

"I know," said Oscar.

"He's great," said Dominic "and if you've never made love with a black man, do. But not mine. I suppose you haven't…" he trailed off as an afterthought.

"Yet," chorused Oscar and Toby.

"Have fun you two. I don't know what you're planning, but I've left out some K-Y and some Jimmy hats."

"Jimmy hats?"

"Condoms, jonnies, rubbers, French letters, scumbags, flunkies, sheaths. You do surprise me at times, Oscar," said Dom. "I can see I still have a lot left to teach you." At that he disappeared out of the door.

It felt odd for Oscar and Toby to be alone finally. They sat on the bed holding hands in silence. They looked at each other. "Well, what do we do now?" said Toby.

"My sister says you always start off with petting and let nature guide you from there."


"Snogging. With tongues." They kissed. "Let's get rid of these." They stood up and let their dressing gowns fall to the floor. Toby was naked, Oscar still in his tee shirt and shorts which were beginning to tent. Oscar stood there admiring Toby's dick and balls. "Largest in the house, if not the school, and still only in the third form," murmured Oscar.

"And the thickest prick."

"You said it, Tobes. Not me," and they both fell about.

Toby was definitely a show-er, Oscar a grower. They both grew hard. Oscar's dick was clearly longer than Toby's, and his balls hung loose. "Get your shorts off, Oscar."

"I can't until I go soft again." His boner was towering through the fly of his shorts.

"Mmm, nice length."

"Yeah, that's so it'll reach the parts other dicks can't." Oscar burst into giggles at his own joke.

"Tut, the things I have to put up with for love."

"Do you really love me, Toby?" Toby thought for a moment.

"You know, I think I really do." He paused. "It's not the moments we're together. It's the moments we're apart that I notice it, even if you might only be in a different lesson, or you're playing rugby away while I'm at home."

"Earlier in the term I did enjoy watching you play, Tobes. It's as if you're transformed, as if you're a different creature in a different world, so fluid, everywhere the ball goes, you're up with it. You make rugby an art form."

Toby looked at his watch. "Oscar, it's nearly half past twelve. We'd better settle down or we'll find it's dawn and we haven't done anything. Look. It's gone limp now. Get 'em off quick before I wave my wand and you stiffen up again.

There was a beeping sound and our two boys woke entangled in each other's arms and legs. Light was just showing behind the curtains. Obviously Dominic had set his alarm so that he wouldn't surprise them on his return at dawn. Oscar and Toby looked each other in the face and smiled. They kissed then got out of bed and put their slippers and dressing gowns on. Oscar stuffed his shorts and tee shirt into his pockets. He opened the door, saw that it was all clear and beckoned Toby. They arrived back safe and sound at Alexander. "Where have you two been?" Marcus was awake.

"Mind your own business," grinned Toby.

"Having a pee, if you really want to know," said Oscar. He and Toby climbed into their own beds. All three immediately went to sleep. David and Chris were stirring in Chris's bed. In the morning Marcus was in a mood because he was the only one that night who had to make do with Madam Palm and her five sons.

"We can always fix you up with a date with Jackman," threatened Toby.

"Piss off!"

That Sunday was a catch up day, mainly with prep. Domestic chores had to be done: changing beds, putting all dirty clothes into the laundry baskets, collecting a week's supply of clean clothes, cleaning shoes ready for inspection by the prefects. Midmorning Oscar took a stroll in the school grounds and sat down on a bench. It was time to phone home. First Gran and Gramps. "Yes, it's all arranged this end. Toby's coming home with me."

«We're borrowing a camp bed from next door,» said Grandma.

"Don't worry about that, Gran. He's bringing his sleeping bag. He can sleep on my bed or on the floor. It'll save you work."

«What time do we pick you up on Friday?»

"Half past four, please, Gramps. Visitors' car park. And you know when you bring us back, you can come to Chapel with us?"

«Perhaps we will, when the lighter evenings return.»

"Tell Alison I'll ring her in five. Just in case she's in the middle of putting her war paint on. See ya Friday, Gran and Gramps. Luv ya."

Oscar gave it a few minutes before he hit the speed-dial button for Alison's number. "Hi, Ali."

«Hi, Oscar, and I was not putting my war paint on, thank very much. Got any news?»

"Yes. Have you got any news?"

«Yes. You go first, Oscar. Dirt before the broom.»

"Pearls before swine. Okay, we did it last night." There was a squeal of excitement at the other end of the line.

«My baby brother's getting more than I am. Life's a bitch.»

"And at the end if it you die."

«Was this with Toby?»

"Uh, huh."

«I can't wait to meet him again.»

"Hands off, sis. He's mine. And he doesn't do girls, anyway."

«A girl can look and she can dream.»

"Anyway, what's your news?"

«I finally cracked it. Last night I went on a date with Rock and he wants me to call him Ricky, even though everyone at school calls him Rock.»

"Any good?"

«Yes, except I let myself down a bit. I don't know whether he'll want to come out with me again.»

"What was that?"

«Well, we got a bit passionate in the cinema and he got my juices going and I wet myself.»

"Whoops. Me and Toby can get like that at times, but it's not so bad for boys 'cos there's not so much of it. Did he do the dirty deed?"

«Not in the cinema!»

"I hope you took your paracetamol before you went out."

«Oscar Daintree, just you wait until I get you home next weekend. You'll be sorry.»

"I think not. I don't think you'll want Gran and Gramps to overhear the conversation, and with a guest in the house you can't do much anyway, especially as you want to create a good impression. Before I go, sis, I've got a big ask. Toby and me have got a lot of catching up to do."

«Okay, yeah, I catch your drift.» Oscar winced.

"When you go shopping with Gran and Gramps, can you make sure they don't come home before twelve? That's when we've got to go into town for our hair appointments. But we want a bit of us-time and I've already discovered that Toby's a fantastic lover and he doesn't think I'm bad, either."

«Okay. One good turn deserves another. Can I ask Jimmy Butterfield over to meet him in the afternoon?»

"Yeah, sure, providing he's not expecting a threesome. Gotta go. Tippett House is on first lunch today. See ya next Friday. Cheers, sis."

«Bye, Oscar. Luv ya… Sometimes.» The phones clicked off.

From his bench he saw Toby walking across the grass towards him. "Hi, Tobes."

"Hi, Oscar. I'm not interrupting anything?"

"No, duty calls home, that's all. Arranging next weekend."

"Anything I need to know?"

"Bring a sleeping bag. You won't need it, but it will keep the grans happy. We've got hair appointments at midday and my sister's going make sure we have the house to ourselves until twelve. In the afternoon Jimmy Butterfield wants to meet you."

"Who's Jimmy Butterfield?"

"He's gay and Alison's his fag hag. They've known each other for years since first school. I told her okay, but definitely no threesome. I'm not in a sharing mood. Then we've got to make up our minds about what we're doing in the evening. On Sunday morning we'll have a lie-in while Alison and the grans go to church. Sunday lunch and you won't find a better Sunday roast anywhere in the land, and that includes my mother's, but don't tell her that. Sunday afternoon we usually go for a family walk. Partly tradition, partly because the grans would like a chance to talk to us. Also I think Alison will be at home with her new beloved. Sunday tea and then it'll be time to come back here and that's another exeat gone."

"Sounds good to me. Hey, Oscar, are you all right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I thought I thought I saw you limping."

"Anyone would be limping after taking that kidney-wiper of yours up the back entrance."

"It only gets better."

"I'm going to make sure it does," replied Oscar.

"Look, Toby, I've got to go into town this afternoon to do some shopping. Coming with me?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm up to date with prep and I'd only be watching television or something equally inane. What have you got to get?"

"It struck me last night how unprepared we were. Fine, Dom left us some condoms out. I know we didn't use them, the lube we did and I suppose we owe him."

"We owe him big time anyway. I'm happy to do it bareback, if you are," said Toby.

"I am too, if it's just with you, but what if we get involved in a threesome, or a gangbang even?"

"You've been watching too many porno films, Oscar."

"Don't need to anymore. I've got the real thing," and he put his arm round Toby and pulled him in."

"Faggots!" They looked up and who should be strolling past but Oliver Salmon.

"That's rich coming from you, Salmon," said Toby "now you're one of Jackman's bumboys. At least we're honest about it."

"Fuck off!"

"… said the master of wit and repartee," added Oscar. Oscar and Toby made their way towards the dining hall, holding hands and swinging their arms in an exaggerated manner until Olly Salmon was out of sight.

After lunch they completed their mission in town, taking in a milkshake on the way, and returned to Tippett. Toby went and sat in a deep armchair and watched the inane TV. Oscar went off to practise his reading for Chapel.

Half an hour before supper Oscar skyped his parents in Canada and all was well there. They were looking forward to seeing him for Christmas, now about a month away.

Oscar went back to Alexander and found Toby and Marcus there. Chris and David had already gone to the chapel to practise for the service. The three boys changed into their school uniforms and made for the dining hall for supper, after which they went off to chapel. "I'm going up into the gallery," said Marcus. "It's great for doing a spot of boywatching. I feel I'm lagging behind you guys in the fun time stakes."

"I can't," said Oscar. "I'm reading the second lesson."

"I'll stick with Oscar," said Toby.

Oscar read the lesson very well. The only hitch was that his usual deep, mellow voice decided to go up an octave for one word, one of the hazards of adolescence. As they left the chapel both the Headmaster and the Chaplain told Oscar how well he had read and the Headmaster stopped Toby to congratulate him on the try he'd scored the previous day to seal the match for Queen's. Both boys felt proud and appreciated and after nearly three months integrated, accepted and valued members of the School.

Oscar and Toby were among the first out. They decided to take the scenic route back to Tippett so that they could canoodle on the way. They were passing Jackman's holly bush when they heard groans and moans of passion. They both had Mini Maglite® torches in their pockets and decided to do a pincer movement. And what did they discover? Jackman with his cock and balls sticking through his flies and Oliver Salmon on his knees licking and sucking for all he was worth. "Faggots!" said Toby.

"Cutting chapel," said Oscar. "Hanging offence." Jackmann couldn't care less and Olly had his mouth full which prevented any riposte. Our two boys went off chortling to themselves and only stopped when Oscar planted a smacker of a kiss on Toby's lips.

"I enjoyed that," said Toby. "The only problem is I've now got one hell of a stiffie and in these light trousers. I'll have to get rid of it before going into the house."

After Prayers it was mentoring time. Toby went up to Wilde to see Nik Ogen, Oscar to Isherwood with Dominic. After Oscar Nik was the boy in the house that Toby found most attractive. He found it hard to believe he was not yet fifteen. Tonight Nik had changed into a tight, white running vest and short white gym shorts. He could see the outline of his jockstrap through the shorts and the whole black and white contrast was stunning. Nik had that black skin which was matt and as black as it could get. He had a pink tongue and Toby pondered that he probably had a pink glans under his black foreskin, but he didn't dare ask. He had a noble face and didn't do body hair. Toby could smell his natural odour. The pheromones acted as an aphrodisiac (should that be afrodisiac?) and he felt himself hardening up again in the trouser department. "I see you're pleased to see me, Toby," said Nik.

"Is it that obvious?" he grinned. "You can feel it if you want." Nik gently place his hand between Toby's legs and after let Toby do the same to him, except that Toby's hand missed his shorts and landed straight on his jock. "We'd better leave it there. I don't want to be unfaithful to Oscar."

"You love that boy, don't you?" Toby nodded while re-arranging his trousers.

Meanwhile in Isherwood: "I've got something for you, Dom. It's from Toby and me." He handed Dom a small paper bag. Dom looked inside and took out a tube of K-Y gel.

"Thanks a lot, but you didn't have to."

"You did us a favour big time. We didn't think of anything like that."

"I see you didn't use any jonnies."

"No. Toby and me have decided we don't want anything coming between us when we're making love, though we've now got a supply in case we get involved in a threesome or something like that."

"Pleasure to help. By the way, remind me later to tell you how to get them free."

"Wot? How to get them out of the foil?" said Oscar with a mischievous grin on his face.

"No, you prat. How to get them without paying for them.

"If there's anything I can do for you…"

"Well, there is one thing," replied Dom. "Let me feel your bollocks."

"Sure. It will be my pleasure."

"I'm sure it will," said Dominic with a grin. After making the most of putting his hand up between Oscar's legs, he said "Now do it to me." Oscar pulled down Dom's zip and put his hand inside, and with a little less expertise jiggled his balls, but both boys gained the utmost pleasure.

"Better stop there. I have a boyfriend I must remain faithful to," said Oscar.

"Are you going to tell me anything about last night?"

"Not a lot. Just that it was a tremendous fuck, our first proper one, and if it's true what they say about it can only get better, well, I'm looking forward to the next time."

"Have you got next weekend sorted?"

"Yeah. Toby's coming home with me. We've got it all planned." After that, it was general gossip, particularly about Jackman's various activities over the weekend, not forgetting Oliver Salmon and Huw Fortinbrass. Just before nine Oscar left to return to Alexander. When he went in, Marcus, Chris and David were there getting ready for bed. "Great music in chapel tonight, Chris." David fell about. "Wot?"

"It wasn't me playing this week," said Chris.

"Whoops!" exclaimed Oscar. "Sorree!" At that Toby came in.

"Hi, guys. Great music in chapel tonight, Chris."

"We've been through that already," said Marcus. "It wasn't Chris playing."

"Duh!" exclaimed Toby.

Rarely did anything exciting happen during the week. Too much work, too much to do. Fortunately this one passed quickly and at four-thirty on Friday Oscar and Toby were in the visitors' car park with two weekend bags and one sleeping bag. "You two gayboys won't need that sleeping bag this weekend," came a voice from behind. They turned round to see Oliver Salmon walking through the car park. Toby flipped him the finger; Oscar gave him two fingers.

At that moment Gramps drove into the car park and drew up beside the two boys. "Hi, Gramps," called out Oscar. "This is Toby." They shook hands.

"It's kind of you to let me stay with you over the weekend, Mr Daintree…"

"Whoops," said Oscar. "Wrong grandfather. My fault. I should have told you. This is Mr Hounslow, my mother's father, but I'm sure he won't mind if you call him Gramps… will you, Gramps?"

"No, we want you to feel one of the family while you're staying with us." As Gramps and Oscar put the luggage into the boot, he whispered

"You never know, Gramps, he might be one day," then gave that Oscar type smile which exuded an innate charm which people, male and female, found hard to resist.

When they reached home, the boys took their luggage out of the boot, went indoors and Toby met Oscar's grandmother. It wasn't long before there was a clatter on the stairs and Alison appeared. "You must be Toby. I'm Alison. We met at the Open Day. Do you remember?"

"Alison, put your tongue away," said Oscar in a stage whisper. "He's a hundred percent gay. You're wasting your time." Gran cleared her throat loudly. That was sufficient to end that topic of conversation.

"Oscar, would you like to show Toby where he's sleeping? Alison, could you give a hand laying the table. I'm sure your homework will keep until after tea." When no one else was looking, Oscar stuck his tongue out at his sister for they both knew that she was going to receive some 'advice' on how to behave in front of guests.

The two boys took their stuff upstairs. Once in the spare room Oscar said "That, Tobes, is where you're sleeping," pointing at the double bed. "That, Tobes, is where you are not sleeping," he added pointing at the camp bed set up on the other side of the room."

"Where are you sleeping?" asked Toby facetiously.

"I haven't made my mind up yet. I don't think I shall be sleeping at all. I think I shall be spending the whole night ravishing that scrumptious body of yours."

"Are you going to leave me time to ravish yours?"

"By the time I've finished you, my cute little lover boy, you won't have any strength left to ravish me and you'll be glad to get back to school on Monday morning for a rest."

"Ooh, Oscar, I love it when you talk dirty."

"You'll love it even more when I act dirty. Right, I'd better show you where the bathroom is." At that moment Grandma's voice called up the stairs.

"Tea in five minutes, boys. Go and wash your hands."

Alison did not look particularly chastened as the five of them sat down to tea, but she had to sit on the other side of the table, diagonally opposite Toby and next to Grandma. "Have you two boys got much homework this weekend?"

"No, Gran," said Oscar. "They cancel it for the third form on exeat weekends, but next term when we're allowed to choose our exeat, we'll have to do homework."

"I won't be able to choose," said Toby, "because I'll have to go away on the two weekends when there are no school matches. I've got a sports bursary, you see."

"You'll be welcome to stay here, even if Oscar chooses a different weekend. He tells me you live quite a distance away."

"That's right."

"That is just not going to happen, Grandma!" exclaimed Oscar in mock protest. "Have four weekends during term time away from each other?" Alison was quietly giggling to herself throughout this conversation. While all this was happening, Toby was egging Oscar on by stroking the inside of his thigh under the table.

With tea over Alison and Oscar were expected to perform the chores. Strangely Gramps was giving them a hand, but all became clear when Oscar realised that Toby was being entertained by Grandma in the front room. She would soon have extracted his complete CV. After that the grandparents and the boys sat in the front room watching television while Alison finished off her homework. Then she invited the two boys up to her room and they could get chatting about what interested them.

For all their big talk earlier, when Oscar and Toby said goodnight and went up to bed, they were so tired that they fell asleep straightaway. They did not even wake when Gran put her head round the door to see if they were all right. In the dim light she made out two blond heads on one pillow. Did she realise that there were two naked bodies under one duvet?

The two boys slept through until gone eight o'clock. Alison knocked on the bedroom door, put her head round and said "Wake up, you two. Gran says if you want a cooked breakfast you'd better get down within five minutes because we're off shopping."

"Thanks, sis." yawned Oscar. He and Toby were in that annoying position where they both had wood about as hard as it gets, but could do nothing about it because it was a pisshard and breakfast was even more urgent.

They put their dressing gowns on over their naked bodies, paid a quick visit to the bathroom and went downstairs. Grandma was not putting on a special show for Oscar's guest; this was her standard cooked weekend breakfast. It probably only lacked black pudding, just too unhealthy to gain Grandma's approval. The boys tucked in. Silence reigned in the kitchen. Gramps was doing the checks on the car. Grandma was upstairs getting ready to go shopping. Suddenly there was a scream and the crashing sound of a mug of tea hitting the stone tiles of the kitchen floor. "OMG," Alison screeched in a giggly way, but it was not because of the mess spreading across the kitchen floor. While he was assuaging his hunger and reaching across for another piece of toast, Toby's dressing gown cord had come undone allowing his dressing gown to gape wide open and gave an unrestricted view of Toby's generous 'portion of'.

Oscar had to clear up the mess, for as experienced as she was, Alison had never seen anything so… well, um… huge, and the whole affair rendered her incapable. Toby re-arranged his dressing gown and continued eating his breakfast as if nothing had happened, apart from the grin on his face that is. When Grandma came into the kitchen, Alison confessed to breaking the mug, but understandably could not bring herself to state the real cause of her dropping it.

Alison and the grandparents duly left for their shopping trip, but the price of privacy was that the boys had to clear away the breakfast things and stack the dishwasher. After that, upstairs for a quick shower which they took separately to avoid any temptation, for they were quite used to the boarding house showers being the common meeting place of those of a like mind.

"Mmm, you do smell nice," said Oscar as he climbed under the duvet with Toby. He placed a gentle kiss on Toby's lips and things went on from there. Since they were still in the exploratory stage of their relationship, it was Oscar's turn to top. That was supposed to have happened last night. They called themselves versatile, but it was early days and they were still working out their preferences.

Oscar's mobile alerted him to a text. It was from Alison to say they were on their way home, but then the safety net came in – his alarm rang. "Come on, Tobes, we've got to get moving." This time they did shower together, but it was to save time. They were due in town for their hair appointments at half past twelve.

It was fortunate that they did have appointments and could go straight into their chairs. They were immediately aware, on walking in, that they were the centre of attention, but rather than being alarmed, they knew they were safe and they enjoyed every moment of scrutiny, joining in the banter. Oscar had his roots done and hair set. "If you're going to keep this style, Master Oscar, you'll need a full perm next time."

"Okay, Marcel. My perm lasts about three months, then? I've got two days between boarding school and flying out to stay with my parents for Christmas."

"You'd better have a word with Jules at reception and he'll fit you up."

"Will he make an appointment at the same time?"

"Ooh, Master Oscar, you are bold. You'll be the death of." ( sic )

Meanwhile Toby was getting on well with James in the other chair. He was no longer the spiky haired blond whom Oscar had met at the Open Day and who arrived at Queen's before the beginning of term. More through lack of opportunity than design his hair was longer and he didn't want the short cut now that winter was approaching. "I'll leave it in your skilled hands, James."

"Very wise, Master Toby. I may call you Toby?" He continued without giving him an opportunity to answer. "And I must say what wonderful hair you have. Ooh, the texture. I can do things with this, and natural blond, too. Not like some, eh?" and he pouted as he looked across at Marcel and Oscar.

After the boys had left the hairdresser's, Toby said "Wow, I've never been to a barber's like that before."

"They're quite duckie, aren't they?"

"Is Marcel his real name?"

"No, course not. It's Sid. Did James rub his dick against your elbows?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"Oh, it's all part of the service. Did you tuck your elbows in?"

"Certainly not. I took him on. They were hidden under the gown anyway and it's surprising how sensitive the tips of your elbows are. I could certainly feel him stiffen up." Meanwhile they had arrived home just as Grandma was ready to serve lunch.

"Good timing, boys. My, Toby, your hair looks nice."

"And mine, Gran?"

"Darling, your hair always looks nice. Dying and having that perm was the best thing you could ever have done with it. Would you like your next perm as a Christmas present? I know they're not cheap."

"What a wonderful idea, Gran. I've got an appointment at the end of term before we fly out to Canada."

"I'm not sure that your mum and dad fully approve."

"I wondered, when they first saw it on skype."

"But don't you get your hair cut at school?"

"Oh, yes," said Toby. "The school employs a barber, but a lot of us, the ones that value their hair and like it cut rather than pulled out, and that particularly means most of the Tippett boys as you can imagine, go along when it's our turn and just tick our name off on the list.

At that moment Alison came tripping down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Like it?" She was wearing the new outfit she had bought that morning to impress Ricky.

"Sure, sis. I think you're onto a winner there."

"By the way, guys, change of plan for this afternoon. Jimmy wants us to go across to his place."

"Oh, all right," said Oscar and shrugged his shoulders. When Grandma had disappeared, he added "Okay, sis, what's this all about?"

"Oh, nothing. You know it's Gran's baking afternoon on a Saturday and I thought we'd get out from under her feet and then she doesn't have to bother about providing us with snacks or anything. You know…"

"Yes, I know, and?"

"Well, there's no 'and' really." Oscar continued to stare his sister out. "Oh, I nearly forget. He did mention that we might like to… er, do some stuff together." Oscar broke his gaze and looked across at Toby.

"Some stuff?" At last Alison had the grace to blush."

"Well, you know what you boys get up to."

"Exactly, us boys and so who is 'we'? And it means exactly that – us boys ."

"Well, I could always go and change my library book." At that moment Gran came back in the kitchen. "I like your hair, Toby. It really suits you."

"Conference, Toby," said Oscar and they both went upstairs.

"What's got into those two?" enquired Grandma.

"Oh, just a change of plan, Gran. We're going to Jimmy's this afternoon instead of him coming over here."

"Thanks for letting me know in good time, Alison."

"So what do you think, Tobes?" said Oscar when they'd reach his room. Toby shrugged his shoulders. "It's your shout."

"What sort of stuff is he talking about?"


"I got that far, dork. What sort of sex? I don't want to do anything that spoils our night together."

"That leaves two options which should allow us to save our strength for later. Jerk him off or give him a BJ and not let him touch us."

"Okay, I'll drink to that, but how can we stop him?"

"Leave that to me. I'll tell you after lunch. Let's get back downstairs. I'm starving and that's definitely one thing you're not allowed to do at Grandma's, starve." They clattered down the stairs. "Okay, sis, you're on, but don't forget to take your library book to change."

"But you know the library's closed on a Saturday afternoon, don't you, Alison?" said Grandma.

After lunch, and the compulsory sitting down in the front room to allow the food to go down, Alison was in a hurry to get going. "We've got to get changed first," said Oscar. Once they were in his room, he rummaged through his drawers and threw some things onto the bed. "Okay, Tobes, put those on." Toby took his trousers off. "And your pants. Jock first. Now slip the box in. I suppose you'd better use my XL one. I'll squeeze into the 'large'."

"Who are you kidding? Small youth's is your size."

"Ho, ho, ho! Now 501s. If he tries anything on, he'll have to get the buttons undone first."

"The opposite scenario as in the cinema?"

"Yeah, that's right, and after that he's in for a surprise. I think we're ready to go."

"See you later, Gran, Gramps," shouted Oscar when the three were ready and they went out through the back door. "How long have you known Jimmy Butterworth?" asked Toby.

"Years," said Alison. "We've gone up through school together."

"I know him from my old school," said Oscar, although we've never been particular friends, even when I was coming out. I've never found him what you would call sexy, either in the cute or the hot departments."

"He's a very good friend," said Alison defending him. "I can tell him all my secrets."

It was a fifteen minute walk to Jimmy's house. Alison rang the bell, the door opened and Jimmy appeared. Then something happened. Toby froze. He could not even bring himself to put a foot across the threshold. At that moment Alison and Jimmy were too busy talking at one another to notice that anything could be wrong. "I don't know what it is, Oscar, but I don't want to go anywhere near that guy, let alone touch him."

"Come on, you guys," Alison over her shoulder.

"It's okay," replied Oscar. "I've got some dogshit on my trainer. We're sorting it. Won't be a minute."

"Trust you, mucky boy," laughed Alison.

"Ooh, stinky pooh!" cried Jimmy in a camp voice. Jimmy and Alison went upstairs to his room.

"Okay, Tobes, we've won ourselves a couple of minutes. What's the problem?"

"I don't know, Oscar. It's as if my gaydar has gone into overdrive. I've never felt like this about anyone before. Places, yes. people no. I feel that if I went anywhere near him, I'd puke up."

"Right, we'll get you out of here. Have you ever had an asthma attack?"

"No, course not. I wouldn't have got my sport bursary if I had."

"Well, you have now and by the time I've got you home, it'll be something else, when I can think of it. You okay with that?"

Oscar went into the house, having taken his trainers off, and shouted out. "We're in the kitchen," came the reply.

"Look, Toby's started wheezing. I think he's going to have an asthma attack and he hasn't got an inhaler. I'm going to take him home."

"Anything I can do to help?" said his sister.

"No, it's okay. I can manage." Oscar dashed off before Alison could say any more, slipped his trainers back on without undoing the laces, put his arm round Toby's shoulder and ushered him down the street. Once he had got him round the corner, they relaxed and looked at each other, relieved. "So what's this all about, Tobes?"

"I don't know. I don't know what came over me. It was as if…" Toby paused to gather his thoughts. He sat on a wall. "Let me go back a bit in time.

"Do you remember on Open Day when we first met?" Oscar nodded. "We were both out. We were both sure we were gay. That was the start of our relationship, although you may not have been aware of it. I, on the other hand, was. You see, on that day I had the same kind of reaction as I had with Jimmy Butterfield, except with you it was positive. With Jimmy it was negative. Both feelings were equally strong. Call it gaydar, even if it is not the usual manifestation of it. That's one point I want to make. The other is that after all these weeks together, neither of us knows much about the other before we met."

"Yes, that's true. I just hadn't thought about it," interjected Oscar.

"And I think that if our relationship is to flourish we have to talk, and do a lot of talking. Sorry, Oscar, that sounds very girlie."

"I agree about the girlie bit, but I still think it's important and has to be done."

"As I said, I used to get… still get these negative feelings about a place, a person even. I refused to go in. I would then be picked up and carried in, but when I was sick or my breathing went haywire, my parents started to take it seriously. They took me to the doctor's. I had tests, I had counselling, but it still happened and was never satisfactorily explained. Luckily it didn't happen very often and Mum and Dad continued to take me seriously. There's nothing so convincing as throwing up over your parents' best clothes." Toby gave an evil grin. "No one ever took into account the positive side, like when we met for the first time."

By now Toby was back to normal. "Are you okay to go home, or do you want a walk in the park?"

"I'm back to normal now. It was once we got away from Jimmy. Let's go and sit on the bench in the park and boywatch. Not because I feel odd, but because I just want to sit next to you with your arm around me and talk."

There were not many people in the park. The light was beginning to fade and so they easily found a bench by the lake. "Hold on a mo, Tobes. I'm just going to report in." Oscar took out his mobile and pressed the speed dial button. "We're in luck. Gramps picked up. Hi, Gramps. It's me, Oscar. Just ringing to say me and Toby are in the park. We didn't stay at Jimmy's long and left Alison there. We'll be back before it gets dark."

«Okay, Oscar, thanks for letting us know. Alison thought Toby wasn't feeling very well, but you had your phone switched off.»

"Nothing to worry about, Gramps. You know how Alison exaggerates."

«I'll let Gran know. You know how she worries. Laters.»

"Gramps! You know you're not supposed to say 'laters'. It's only us kids that say that. Laters," and Oscar switched his mobile off.

"So, Toby, as we're getting to know each other, tell me about when you came out. And how you managed to stay a virgin for so long."

"Are you sitting comfortably?"

"I am now," Oscar said as he moved Toby's arm down from around his shoulders to around his waist.

"Before I came to Queen's, I played rugby for my old school, and on Sundays for my club. It was an established, traditional club where the men played on Saturdays and the boys on Sundays, and being traditional, it didn't have showers. It had the big communal bath and we were expected to jump in there naked. So I was not only used to being naked around other boys, but I also enjoyed it. I saw all sorts of things happen there that you wouldn't do at school and things you wouldn't tell your parents about. I used to be fascinated by what the older boys got up to and thought 'Mmm, I wouldn't mind doing that.' At first I couldn't join in because the equipment hadn't arrived, but my weenie got hard when I watched."

"I can't imagine you with a weenie."

"Naturally I was a bit shy about it and hid in the corner of the bath with the water up to my neck. Even when the equipment started to arrive and I was trying it out at home, I was too bashful to do anything in public, however much I wanted to do what the big boys were doing.

"What were they doing?"

Jerk offs and BJs mainly, but once I did see one lad poke his dick into another's hole, but they didn't go all the way. It was the result of a dare."

"Were you worried about being called gay?"

"Funny thing that. Once I'd discovered that I really was gay, it didn't worry me any longer. I was more scared of being called chicken. The other funny thing was that the kids who did this were straight. I don't think one of them was ever accused of being gay. Also, because I was small and because I scored the occasional try, the others would always watch my back and protect me. I had to leave the club last spring because I knew I was going to boarding school and it was really between then and August that I had my growth spurt. Oscar! You laughed!"

"Sorry, Tobes. I didn't mean to," said Oscar and continued laughing.

"I had my growth spurt and I also grew what I am now most famous for in the school."

"How did you manage coming out?"

"It was pretty certain early on, but at my last school we had a fantastic PHSE department. They dealt very well with things, both in class and privately. They had a master there who specialised in gay matters. I now know he is gay himself. When I was ready, he talked to my parents and so when I officially came out they were pretty cool about it and said and did all the right things. He was also the one that recommended I went to Queen's even though it was such a long way away. He knew the school because he's taught here. He knew its strengths and he knew all about Tippett House. Anyway, that's how me being gay was dealt with, how I came out. I am so happy at Queen's and doubly happy now I've met you and life couldn't be better – interesting work, as much sport as I want, good friends, an even better lover, and I am so pleased now that I didn't have sex before I met you." In the half light Toby kissed Oscar on the cheek and Oscar osculated in return.

"Now tell me about yourself."

"Toby, do you know how to keep an idiot in suspense?"


"I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Ooh, Oscar Daintree, you have such an acid tongue."

"Sorry, Tobes, I couldn't resist it. But I promise. I will tell you tomorrow after we have made mad passionate love while the grans and sis are in church."

"Don't we have to go to church?"

"They would never force any of us to go, especially a guest, and they're quite happy that we have to go to chapel when we get back to school. They've always taught us, and they say this applies just as much to atheists and agnostics, it's not so much that we give an hour a week to God, but that we dedicate an hour when we're not thinking of ourselves.

"Come on, Tobes. We'd better go or Gran'll start worrying." He pulled his mobile out of his pocket. "There you go. There's a text from her already."

"Aren't you going to read it?"

"Nah, we'll soon be home."

Approaching the front gate, they saw Grandma talking to her next door neighbour and caught a snatch of conversation.

"… Yes, my two grandchildren are going through that period when they're both heavily into boys too. What makes life interesting is that one of them is my grandson."

"Hi, Gran," cried Oscar.

"Hallo, boys. Everything all right now?"

"Yes, thanks," answered Toby.

"This is Mrs Micheldever, our neighbour."

"Hallo, Mrs Micheldever," replied both boys.

"Must go, Marina, and find out what they've been up to."

After Grandma had been persuaded that no harm had befallen Toby and Oscar was assured that Alison hadn't arrived home yet, they sat round the kitchen table, enjoying a mug of tea. "May we have one of your freshly baked scones, please, Gran?"

"No. They're for tea and they'll only spoil your appetite if you have one now. Now tell me all about what happened at Jimmy Butterworth's.

Five minutes before teatime Alison came in all flustered, more about getting ready for her date than being late for tea. The boys were upstairs removing their body armour.

Sitting round the tea table, they chatted about the afternoon and Alison was updated on a need to know basis. She was not exactly satisfied, but as she wouldn't be able to get Oscar alone for sufficient time to grill him before the end of term, she had to make do with what she had been told. "Just so that I have got this clear in my mind, what are you three up to this evening?' enquired Grandma.

"I'm going to the cinema with Ricky," said Alison.

Have we met him before?" asked Grandma.

"No, but you will when he comes to pick me up. He is the most fabulous hunk a girl could wish to go out with."

"And the film?"

"Don't know. I'll make up his mind when we get to the multiplex. He wants to see this action adventure film and I want to see the romantic comedy."

"So you won't need Gramps's cabbie services?"

"No, thanks."

"And what about you two boys?"

"We thought we'd go ten pin bowling," replied Toby.

"Transport?" said Gramps.

"Shanks's," said Oscar. "We won't be late. This exeat is the last chance to recover our strength before the end of term."

"Why are you young people always so tired?" asked Gramps.

"Probably because in olden days you did school from nine till four five days a week and you were free the rest of the time to climb trees and catch newts and slow worms."

"Cheeky little rascal," said Gramps.

"Even if we went to day school we would still have activities and far more organised sport than you had."

"I take your point, Oscar."

After tea, which included those delicious freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, the young people went off to get ready for the evening. Fortunately they were still there when Ricky called to collect Alison and, admittedly, he certainly got Toby and Oscar's juices flowing, if not as much as Alison's. If he hadn't had Toby, Oscar might just have been a tad envious. The good news was that it did get their juices flowing early and they had a romantic walk in the dark to and from the bowl. They were home well before nine. They didn't want to hang around since they would be wasting valuable fun time.

On Sunday morning it was a repeat of the Saturday routine. Oscar had already committed the dirty deed on Toby by the time Alison knocked the door, and without coming in, she announced that breakfast was being cooked. Only this time Toby wore a pair of sweats under his dressing gown. While Grandma and Gramps were upstairs getting ready for church, Alison started regaling the boys with her exploits from the previous evening.

"When Ricky came to pick me up, he said that the house was empty at home that evening. Did I want to go to the cinema or have a quiet evening in?"

"And what did you say, sis?"

"When the hunkiest boy in the school says that to you, you don't worry about some silly old film that you can catch up with later on DVD." Oscar and Toby looked at one another.

"I don't think so," said Oscar. "When the hunkiest boy in our school says that, we manage to see the film as well. Don't we, Tobes?" he added with both boys grinning at each other like Cheshire cats.

"And do you know what?" said Alison. "He's the first circumcised boy I've had."

"You'll see plenty of them about when we get to Canada, sis."

"Oscar, do we know any cut boys?"

"Can't think of any. That's our project for the rest of term, Tobes."

"Wot? Hunt the cute boy without an E."

"Stop taking the piss, you two, or I won't tell you anything else."

"We're not, sis. It's something we've never thought about before and it sounds interesting."

"I wonder how they jerk off," said Toby.

"Oh, just like an uncut boy, but their hand is farther down the…" Alison blushed. "Whoops, I think I've let the cat out of the bag. Bit too much knowledge."

"So you didn't get a shag after all, sis?"

"Oh, yes. It was quite a long film we didn't see."

"So are you going to see him next weekend?"

"Not sure. It's Eve's curse next weekend. Why does it have to happen to me over the weekend, for goodness' sake?" They heard footfall on the stairs.

The three left for church, leaving Oscar and Toby to finish off their breakfast. The boys agreed that making love was a game of two halves and Toby gave Oscar a bit of what he had received from him… or rather a lot. After their orgasms Toby reminded Oscar that he was going to tell all about his coming out. "I will, I promise, but not while I'm holding the only boy in my life in my arms naked," and before Toby could protest, Oscar covered his lips with his own.

They took a long shower together and still found the stamina for a mutual jerk off, all in the knowledge that if their luck ran out, this could be the last sex they might have together until after the Christmas holidays. They were dressed by the time the grans and Alison returned. "Good service, sis?"

"All right, I s'pose. The sermon was on the parable of the wise virgins. Couldn't quite see how that connected with me. Two new servers you might have liked."

Grandma had everything prepared for lunch. She just had to light the oven and, when she had changed, pop the roast in. "What are you boys doing this afternoon?"

"We're going for a walk in the park. It'll be our last chance of spending time alone together and there are things we want to talk about," said Oscar. Alison pricked up her ears.

"When do you have to be back at school?"

"Half past six at the latest. That gives us time to change into school uniform before going to chapel."

After a sumptuous lunch Oscar and Toby needed to go out to walk it down. Also it got dark shortly after four which curtailed their time together. They found their bench by the lake and sat down. A chilly wind had sprung up. "Okay, Tobes, how did I discover I was gay and how did I come out? First of all, I've got a confession to make. You're not the first boy I kissed."

"I thought so the first time we kissed properly. Not that I was particularly worried."

"You are the second. The first time was when I was in a school play. I had to take a girl's part for some reason. It was a mixed school, after all. For five performances I had to kiss the leading boy. Now I know Crispin was queer, but also he was quite dishy. The director excused us from kissing in the rehearsals, providing we promised to do it properly in the performances. And how we kept that promise. I was apprehensive on the first night. When the kissing scene came up, Crispin took me in his arms, pressed his lips against mine, opened my lips with his and stuck in his tongue. I was in seventh heaven. There were whistles and catcalls from the audience, but we were oblivious to them. All I was concerned with was the tingle in my body, the desire to eat him, as it were, and the instant erection. It was all right for me. Mine was hidden under a dress. Crispin was wearing tights which displayed everything, and I think that is really what all the applause was about. Having got the first night over, I looked forward to the next four. Crispin did wear a jockstrap under his tights the following night, but it wasn't that much help. So it was Crispin who taught me how to kiss, with a few hints from Alison after the first night.

"Time moved on. I think those kisses unlocked my hormones and puberty quickly set in. Not only that, but I began looking at boys in a different light. What would it be like to get my tongue down his throat? Would he get a boner like me and Crispin? What was his tackle like? That is if we weren't in the same class for gym or games. It was odd because I was never afraid of being gay. In fact, I enjoyed it, still do. If I had my life again, I wouldn't ask to be straight. I did want everyone else to know, but it just wasn't the done thing, to get up on the stage in school assembly and talk into the microphone and come out.

"They say it is better to be born lucky than rich. Even if you have not heard the actual word used, you will have gathered by now that I have an older sister who is a self-confessed nymphomaniac." Toby did not look surprised, nor did he make a comment. From his face you could tell he was listening intently and sympathetically. "And so she and our parents had this to deal with. It became less of a problem when she turned sixteen. The 'rents were very good. First they were sensible and their attitude applied to both of us. 'We created these children the way they are and therefore we have to accept them as they are,' and neither of us can say we are not loved. Second, despite my age, they kept me briefed on what was going on in the family, and so when the time came for me to come out, they were in a state where nothing could shock them any more. We kept it in the family and I never came out at my last school, although after the school play I don't think anyone was in any doubt. I never got teased, I never got bullied and never got abused or exploited. Of course, while all this was going on, my father was negotiating his future at work and I knew if he accepted the posting abroad, my future would become uncertain. Or to put it another way, until he accepted or declined, my future was uncertain anyway. Alison was going to stay at her school here, whatever, but the grans couldn't look after both of us full time.

"Why I am telling you all this is that whatever was about to happen, at that time there was no point forming any relationships and that should answer the question why I was still a virgin when I arrived at Queen's. Also I am no satyromaniac."


"The male equivalent of a nymphomaniac. As you have gathered, the decision was made that I should become a boarder at Queen's, all paid for by my father's company, and by the time his five year contract ends, I will have finished my A-levels, and who knows after that? I am proud of the fact that it was my research which discovered the school's gay-friendly ethos. I am pleased and proud to be there, and I am so happy to have met you. I couldn't have dreamt of anything better."

"You don't mind telling me all this, Oscar?"

"Why should I? God dammit, I am so in love with you, Toby. I have never felt this way about anybody before, the 'rents, my sister, the grans, the other grans. It's a different kind of love. I know we're family in the camp sense, but in addition we are blood brothers. That ritual made a very deep impression on me. Through the IC we can trust each other with our deepest and darkest thoughts and secrets. I don't mind if you know that I like wanking off at gay porn. Not that I have seen much lately. Perhaps I don't need to any more. And one day maybe we can merge our two souls while they still exist in two bodies."

"That's called marriage, Oscar."

"So it is, I suppose. I've never put a word to it before."

Oscar released his hold on Toby, leant back on the bench and slowly exhaled. "I'm done, Toby, in every sense of the word. It's almost dark." He looked up and down the path. "Give me a kiss and then let's get back for some of Gran's scones."

They walked back to the grans' house, little fingers entwined, which meant more to them than holding hands properly. "Toby, I want to ask you a favour. I want to introduce you to my parents."

"But they're in British Columbia."

"I know. I usually skype them on Saturday, but couldn't yesterday. One of my personal rules for exeat is that I don't touch a computer, in the way I don't when on holiday. So I want to introduce you tonight after Prayers."

"Oscar, you are so sweet."

"I'll take that as a yes."

It was a great feeling having the family sitting round the tea table in a warm kitchen, especially with Toby knowing he was now part of that 'family'. Oscar was excused chores as he had to get ready for school. He and Toby came downstairs with their weekend bags packed. "Boys," said Grandma "I've made you each a goodie bag for your tuck boxes. In the tin are some scones, home made jam and whipped cream. When you get back to Tippett, put the cream in the fridge – I think you've got a communal fridge – and use it by tomorrow night, even if you have to put in your coffee or cocoa." While Gramps was getting the car out, Grandma kissed Oscar goodbye, hugged Toby and said "Remember what I said, young man. You're welcome to come here whenever you want." Alison hugged both boys who then said their thank yous and went out to the car. In the school car park the good byes were quick and painless and in no time Oscar and Toby were back in Alexander with only Marcus there. The Squalor and the Busker had gone on ahead to warm up the organ in chapel.

"Marcus," said Toby "it's about time you found yourself a nice boy and settled down."

"Yeah," said Oscar, "we don't want you having to toss yourself off all the time while the four of us are paired up."

"It's kind of you to think of me," replied Marcus. We never did find out whether that was a genuine or a sarcastic reply.

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