Seed Brothers

by Michael Stevens

Chapter 5

Alex and Jonathan cleaned themselves up and agreed to meet again. It would take some time for both of them to process what they had just done. The Brothers of the Seed were a guiding force in their lives, and most of it had just been exposed as a scam for the Pastor to play with the boys he invited into his circle. Some, like Jonathan and Alex, were quite willing, of course, and Jonathan hoped that Andy would be too. Before he left, Jonathan and Alex agreed that they should keep this to themselves, and that they should continue the Brotherhood's activities as usual.

On the drive home, Jonathan decided that he would speak to Pastor about Andy and tried to figure out a way to keep himself between the two of them. Jonathan thought back to the counseling session where his mentor had first explained and then demonstrated the process of collecting the seed. It had been one of the sessions that Pastor had measured Jonathan, and this time he had been particularly thorough. It had started out as an ordinary conversation, but when Jonathan told Pastor about the dream he had had last weekend, the tone seemed to change.

In the dream, Jonathan explained, he had been wrestling with a friend in the basement rec room of the church when suddenly they were both naked. They kept on wrestling and grabbing at each other but then the location changed to Jonathan's bedroom. "Then suddenly" Jonathan said, "it felt like an explosion in my penis. It felt sooo good! Then I woke up and my penis was hard and kinda sticky." Pastor leaned forward with excitement and he clapped Jonathan on the shoulders.

"Jonathan! You have reached an important landmark in your growth and development. We must document this carefully. Take off your clothes so we can get an accurate weight and height. There are a few other things we have to do as well, but first just take everything off." Jonathan was accustomed to the height and weight, but usually he got to keep his underwear on. There had been a few times, though, when Pastor had told him to take everything off, so he assumed it was just one of those more careful evaluations. All that and more, it was Jonathan's introduction to collecting the seed. When traffic interrupted Jonathan's reverie, he was brought back to the present.

So, at the next counseling session he would ask "Pastor, may I start counseling Andy? I think he is interested in the Brotherhood, and he needs a mentor. His father is long absent. You have taken such good care of me, and I would like to pay it forward." Jonathan's plan was to flatter Pastor and persuade him that he was using the counseling techniques that he had learned from him. He hoped that he could prevent any private sessions between Pastor and Andy by always being with him. "Especially that first seed gathering," thought Jonathan, "what crap." He would also have to teach Andy the reality of the brotherhood. At the same time, though, he would be grooming Andy to be his boy, the way he was for Alex. It was going to be a busy summer!

Jonathan knew how much Pastor liked bringing boys in, and he wasn't sure he would give up Andy. Maybe the best plan was to just skip Pastor altogether. Tell him that Andy wasn't interested or ready, but start working with him in private. There were risks there, though. This was a small community, and if word got around that Jonathan was bypassing Pastor, that would be the end of him. Jonathan finally decided that he would seek Pastor's permission and try to protect Andy from his intrusions. And as he counseled the boy about the powerful brotherhood, he would also show him the ways it was a fraud. He would bring the eager young man under his protection and into his bed.

When Jonathan got home he sent Pastor an email asking about counseling Andy. They had already spoken about it right after his showing, when Jonathan had seen Andy's rapt attention on his erection. This way he could start up his relationship with Andy right away, not waiting for approval. Thinking of his own showing led to the recollection of Andy standing naked, imitating his showing pose. The images in his head collided with each other in a montage of memories. Andy standing naked, Alex slowly penetrating him, his own showing with his huge erection. Coach filling his mouth with seed as he licked his penis. Jonathan sagged down onto his bed and just lay back trying to sort it all out.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of his crotch, penis, testicles, all of it, well most of it. Through the soft fabric of his briefs, he could feel some hardness growing there. It would be his third erection of the day, and if he followed Pastor's rules, his third donation. He couldn't imagine that there was any seed left, but an "erection should not be wasted" so he shucked off his clothes and started stroking. He focused on his experience with Andy earlier, the way the boy's mouth had felt as his penis had entered it, and the happy discovery he had made that he could take Andy's erection and testicles into his own mouth all at the same time. There was a thought lurking at the back of his mind, but he couldn't quite catch it. It did not delay he onset of his third donation of the day, though, and to his amazement there was some seed shooting up onto his belly.

As he lay in the afterglow, the hidden thought surfaced. What he had done with Andy today would happen again for sure, and it would be the jumping off point for many other things. All he needed was time with him, there was no need to involve Pastor. He didn't need the disguise of "counseling" to pull Andy into his bed, the wonderful boy would crawl in happily! At the same time, though, Andy might be more comfortable with the "cover" of the brotherhood. So, he finally decided, he would just improvise and do whatever seems the most effective in building a relationship with Andy.

The first decision Jonathan made was to make sure that he went by Andy's mom's classroom as often as possible. Nothing outward, just a pass-by so that he might have a chance to bump into her. It was a question of taking the long way around to some of his classes. On Wednesday, his plan worked perfectly. "Jonathan!" he heard in the hallway. "Just the person I need to see. Can you hang out with Andy tomorrow afternoon? I have a meeting downtown that I can't get out of. I will pay you this time, regular sitter's rates $7.50 per hour."

"Yes, I can do that Mrs Weston, but no you don't need to pay me. It will be fun."

"I insist, Jonathan. It can't be a favor." He tried to protest, but of course he lost.

"My mom will probably let me drive to school so I'll have the car. I'll just go right over after school."

Jonathan, you are a lifesaver!"

"It will be my pleasure" he replied, and maybe some for Andy, too, he thought.

Thursday could not go fast enough for Jonathan. He had a boner all day, and he was glad to have worn a baggy shirt. Underneath he'd worn his snug undershirt and instead of briefs, he'd slipped into his favorite nylon jock. He was sorry that his Andrew Christian order hadn't come yet, but there would be more chances to wear it for Andy. The bell rang and he got to his car in a testosterone haze and somehow managed to drive to Andy's without killing himself. He sat on the front steps waiting for the school bus to arrive. When it did, Andy flew out the door and up the walk, practically knocking Jonathan over at the top of the stairs. He tried to wait until the bus had pulled away before giving the boy a warm hug, and waited until he was inside the house before he gave Andy's penis and testicles a friendly squeeze. "For the seed" he said."That's how the brothers greet each other in private. Andy was dumbstruck and his mouth went dry.

"Am I in the Brotherhood?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"Well, not exactly yet, but Pastor is thinking it over, and I thought it would be fun to get you started right away."

"That sounds good to me." Andy replied, and he reached over to Jonathan and gave his equipment a good grab. "For the seed" he intoned seriously, but he did not remove his hand right away. His fingers probed the contents of Jonathan's bulging crotch, and in his serious voice he said "There's something unusually big in here, Jonathan."

"I know." said the older boy, "I've had an erection all day. Can we go upstairs?" Not one to wait around, Andy turned and bounded up the stairs, and by the time Jonathan got to his bedroom, he was just slipping out of his shorts. He turned to face his mentor, and Jonathan was happy to see that there was something tenting out the front of his briefs. "There's something big in there, too" he said.

As he entered the room, Jonathan closed the door quietly behind him. He turned to face the younger boy, eager to touch him but concerned he might overwhelm him. He decided to let Andy set the pace, so he just untucked his shirt partway and gave him another hug. Andy returned the hug and circled Jonathan's waist with his young arms. He finished the untucking and ran his hands up inside so he could feel Jonathan's warm smooth skin under his fingers. He reached up to Jonathan's armpits feeling their warm dampness and then slid his fingertips down to the edge of his jeans. They were snug, and there was no getting in without some work.

The path of Andy's fingertips down his sides made him shiver and raised goosebumps of excitement down his arms and tightened his nipples. He hugged Andy closer, pulling the boy's head against his chest. "Andy, I just want to make sure that this is what you want." He wasn't quite sure what this was, but Jonathan needed to make sure he wasn't talking advantage of Andy. The boy pulled away so that he could look up at Jonathan, and then nudged him back a bit so that Jonathan was sitting on the edge of Andy's bed. Now they were exactly face to face, and they were looking exactly eye to eye.

"Is this what you want Jonathan?"

"Andy, the first time you saw me naked, at my Second Showing, it was part of a serious ceremony that brought me into the Brotherhood of the Seed. It was a big deal. We have traditions. We have rules. What we did together last time was not traditional and it broke a lot of rules."

"Was it the first time you broke the rules, Jonathan?" Andy's question was sincere, and Jonathan could see the concerned look in his eyes; he was afraid that Jonathan was pulling away.

"No" Jonathan barely whispered.

"Are you afraid to break them with me?"

"Andy, I want you more than anything, I just need you to know that we are going to be on our own. The Brotherhood and Pastor will not support this."

"Then I guess we just won't tell them." Andy smiled and began to unbutton the rest of Jonathan's shirt. He spread the shirt apart, revealing Jonathan's light brush of chest hair and his two hard nipples. Leaning forward, Andy lightly kissed one nipple and then the other, and finally met Jonathan's lips with his own. Andy ended the short kiss when he stood up and said "Now what?" Jonathan batted at Andy's tented briefs like a cat playing with a toy.

"Well, you are poking out almost free, and I'm trapped in these jeans. I gotta get naked. My dick has been hard all day." He stood up and Andy was quick to unbutton and unzip and slide the jeans down, but Jonathan had to sit back down to get them off. Andy grabbed them at the cuffs and pulled while Jonathan wiggled his legs to help free them. He stood up again and showed Andy his bulge from a couple of angles. He saw himself in Andy's practice mirror and went over to it, striking the famous pose. The worn pouch of Jonathan's jock strap barely had any elastic left to it and the arc of his swollen penis easily pushed it out. Andy could see the ridge of Jonathan's glans through a hole, a hint of his dark pubic hair through another.

"Almost perfect" said Andy. He came over and ran his fingers around the inside edge of the jockstrap's waistband and then down under the leg straps. His fingers edged between the twin mounds of Jonathan's ass and he pulled himself in for another hug. "Almost" he repeated.Jonathan hooked his thumbs on either side of the waistband and pushed down. Andy's hands went to the top of the pouch and pulled it out and down, setting Jonathan's massive erection free. The jock quickly fell to the floor and Jonathan kicked it aside. His liberated erection stood out from his body pulsing with his heartbeat. "Now you're perfect" sighed Andy and he sank to his knees as if to worship at Jonathan's feet.

Andy did, in fact, bend down towards the floor, but it was to lightly kiss each of Jonathan's feet. Then, moving up he cradled each of Jonathan's knees and kissed them too. The touch of Andy's fingers on the back of his legs shot a wave of pleasure through Jonathan, and as the boy straightened up, he faced Jonathan's pulsing erection. The tip of his tongue reached out to the jewel of pre-seed, then a kiss, then a surround of the whole head by the boy's gentle lips. Jonathan urged him into his mouth, but as Andy started to go down the shaft again, Jonathan pulled him away. Andy looked up, his eyes asking why? Jonathan pulled him to his feet and answered the question. "Andy, if you keep doing that, I'll be done in about a minute. My first brotherly lesson is Don't be in a hurry. We have time, let's take it." And then he kissed him. It was a long gentle kiss, just a meeting of lips.

"I've don't think I've ever kissed like that before" said Andy. "I mean on someone's lips."

"Oh that's nothing" smiled Jonathan. And he kissed Andy again, but this time his tongue stroked the boy's lips, and when his mouth opened a bit in surprise, Jonathan pushed further. Inside Andy, the two tongues touched; it was a shy meeting. Jonathan pulled back. "Hello Andy!" he said.

"Oh!" said Andy. "I know I've never kissed like that before." And he returned his lips to Jonathan's, this time open and eager to receive. Jonathan was careful not to overwhelm his new friend. He touched his tongue to Andy's lips again and then circled in. This time, Andy met him and they dueled for the space. When Jonathan retreated, Andy followed, pushing his lips hard against the older boy's and pushing his tongue hard inside. Jonathan parried the probe and went deep into Andy before pulling back again. Jonathan was surprised and not unhappy with the eagerness that Andy brought to their kissing. "I like this" said the younger boy. "Me too" said the older, "but why are we standing up?"

As they had the first time, they could have just lay down on the floor and continued what they were doing. But instead, Jonathan took Andy's hand and led him over to the bed. He lay on his back and motioned for Andy to lie on top of him, and when he was settled, they kissed again. Gravity pressed them together, and Andy writhed with pleasure as his erection was sandwiched between them. His hips pushed it up against Jonathan's belly and the friction was maddening! He was starting to find a rhythm when Jonathan realized that his own erection was poking between Andy's cheeks. He used his hand to push it in closer to Andy's hole, hoping to stroke his swollen head there. When Andy felt the intrusion, he rested all his bodyweight on Jonathan and reached back to pull his cheeks apart. Jonathan found the hole with his finger and stroked a little, but quickly replaced it with his penis. He poked at it but it was tight shut. Jonathan knew that penetration would take some practice. For his part, the stroking was nearly enough and he started pushing up against Jonathan's belly with some urgency, but that was not how Jonathan wanted Andy to finish.

He held Andy's body and rolled over so that now he was on top. Then, kneeling between the boys open legs, he took Andy's erection into his mouth and copied the rhythm that had been building before. His breath was coming in gasps,, and his hips were pushing his erection wildly into Jonathan's mouth. Finally, Jonathan was able to ease a finger towards Andy's hole, but this time he did not just rub over it. He pushed, and waited. In a moment Andy's sphincter loosened just a little, and he was in! When it closed again, it gripped around Jonathan's finger. Andy came instantly. there was no time, or any need, for him to say that he was close. Jonathan was already in place to receive his seed, and he did so eagerly, relishing the warm boy taste of it.

While Andy's erection faded and his breathing had returned to normal, Jonathan kept his finger in place. During his orgasm, Andy had clenched it tightly, but now it had relaxed, and Jonathan massaged it gently. "Do you like this?" he asks.

"Oh yes, more than anything. Well almost." Andy smiled. "Jonathan, you really make me shoot hard. How do you do that?

"I just do to you what I like. I'm glad you like it too."

"Does someone touch you like that?"

"Yes" Jonathan whispered. He had never admitted his time with Alex to anyone before. And he didn't want to tell Andy that there was a lot more to it than just touching there. Not yet anyway. Finally it was time for Andy to move, and he pulled away from Jonathan just far enough to turn around then lay on his belly, propped up by his elbows, just in front of Jonathan's erection. Jonathan sat up, watching Andy's investigation of his penis. He examined it closely, like an old lady selecting the best zuccini. He looked at the wrinkles of skin, the veins and colors, and the curious velvet texture of the head. Jonathan's erection had faded only a little, but under Andy's scrutiny, it had rebounded, and when he reached out and tested its weight, as that old lady would with the zuccini, it sprung to full attention.

"Jonathan, I haven't seen many erections, well actually, any erections, but I think this must be a really good one." Jonathan was aching for Andy to do something, anything, so that he could shoot soon. All he could say was a quiet "Thank you" as his erection twitched with excitement. As a drop formed at the tip, Andy asked "Does this have a name?" and he touched it with his fingertip. He brought it to his tongue and tasted it thoughtfully. "It tingles" he said. "I like it."

"It's called pre-seed because it comes out first. It gets the penis ready. It only happens when you are really hard and ready." Jonathan was struggling to talk while Andy was teasing him.

"Oh! So you are really ready Jonathan? What are you ready for?" Andy was smiling. He caught the growing drop just before it fell. "Something like this?" And his tongue reached out again, this time a sloppy lick that spread the pre-seed on the underside of Jonathan's penis. The older boy moaned. "Or this, Jonathan?" and the boy took Jonathan's velvet glans into his mouth and surrounded it with his warm, moist tongue. Jonathan's voice trembled. "Anything! Please!" he said weakly when Andy pulled back.

"OK, my friend." Andy said, "No more talk." With that, Andy put Jonathan's penis back in his mouth and Jonathan collapsed flat on the bed. Without releasing him, Andy crawled between Jonathan's outspread legs and slid his penis as far into his mouth as he could. Jonathan groaned when Andy began steadily going up and down on his erection; he was not far from exploding! Andy sat up and started stroking. He liked being able to use his whole fist on Jonathan, it was so much better than the little grip he could have on himself.

Jonathan's hips were pushing up off the bed, trying to get more stroke form Andy's fist. When he bent his knees up for better leverage, Andy realized that he had a clear shot at Jonathan's hole. Still stroking with one hand, he eased the other in between Jonathan's cheeks and found the target. It was clenching in synch with the hip thrusts and as Andy tried to massage his way in, Jonathan moaned and gasped for breath. One! Two! Three shots of thick seed arced up to Jonathan's chest. His hips bucked once more as a fourth spurt landed on his belly. Panting for breath, his legs fell back onto the bed while Andy sat back to survey what he had wrought. He smiled a wicked smile.

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