Rescue in the Dark

by Merkin

" Ohmygod, Jere, first we're swarmed by a mall full of creepy people in weird costumes and now the power's out and it's pitch dark in here." Sam walked into Jeremy's backside. "Oof! Sorry." They could hear screaming and parents yelling for their kids. Jeremy could tell that Sam was close to panic.

"Relax, Sam. You're safe with me," Jeremy said. Sam gripped his boyfriend's shoulders. "I'll get us out of this. I know the mall like the back of my hand."

"I guess you do, don't you? Where are we now?"

" Just at the escalator. Be very careful—it could start up again any minute."

Slowly they felt their way downward. Suddenly Jeremy stopped.


In the darkness ahead they heard soft sobbing.

" Someone's fallen on the escalator!" Carefully Jeremy worked his way alongside a small form. "Can I help?"

A faint voice said, "I fell down."

"Are you hurt?"

"I'm scared. Who are you?"

" I'm Jeremy, and this is Sam." Jeremy realized this was a young boy. "Can you get up?"

With Jeremy's help the boy slowly got to his feet. "I have to find my mom!"

"Where is she?"

" I was supposed to meet her in the food court so we could go pick up my costume at the Hallowe'en store. Then the lights went out and I fell. I was afraid to move."

" What's your name?" asked Jeremy.


"OK, Arthur, you're safe now with us."

The boy sniffled and grabbed Jeremy's arm. Jeremy carefully led Arthur and Sam off the escalator and onto the main floor of the darkened mall.

"There's mom!" the boy cried, while simultaneously Sam shouted "The lights are on!" and the mall's sound system began to blare out "Monster Mash" again. Behind them the escalator ground into movement.

" Oh, sweetie, I was so worried!" the woman rushed toward them and hugged Arthur. "How did you get back here in the dark?"

" Jeremy did it," sobbed Arthur. "He found me and led us down."

" Thank you so much!" Arthur's mother exclaimed, turning to Jeremy and putting out her hand. Puzzled, she saw Jeremy was looking over her shoulder.

" He's blind, ma'am." said Sam.

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