The Rip

by Mark Peters

Chapter 11

It came as a huge relief when we finally found ourselves on the same wave, our fingers just feet apart, then inches apart, before finally touching.

As I had drawn closer to him I could hear his desperate pleas for my help, which simply spurred me on. I know that if I'd have lost him now, I think I would have more than likely let the sea take me as well.

'I'm here now, mate,' I said to him as I clutched at his outstretched hands, then grasped him and held him close.

'Oh, Scott,' he gasped. 'I don't want to die.'

'You're not going to. I'm here for you. Just don't fight it,' I said to him. 'Try and relax for a few seconds.'

'What?' he almost screamed.

'Just do what I tell you to do and we'll both get out of here. I promise you. First you have to catch your breath, then we'll be alright. I promise.'

We were still being swept further and further away from the beach, and the longer we were out here for, the weaker that I knew we would both become. The good news was that we seemed to be drifting parallel with the shoreline and not necessarily further away from it. We still had to get out of this rip though, to where the seas were calmer, and the only way I knew to do that was to try and go sideways, across the current.

It took a few moments, but gradually Jay calmed down and we both managed to catch our breath, while we paddled as quietly as we could, wanting to stay afloat and that was all.

'We have to go sideways,' I said to him, as we both spat out mouthfuls of salt water. 'Let the current drag us along and we just crab sideways as we're going, until we're out of the strongest part of it.'

'You sure?'

'Yes, mate. Just trust me, okay?'

He nodded, but judging by the look on his face I reckon he was having some serious doubts about my plan.

Together we started trying to swim across the rip, trying to expend as small an amount of energy as possible. It wasn't easy, as the current was tearing at us this way and that, and a couple of times I thought that both of us were about to get dragged under, but somehow we both managed to stay on the surface and keep going.

'We're only getting dragged further and further away,' he said to me.

He was right of course, but the current didn't seem quite as strong now, and so I told him so.

'Yeah, I suppose you're right.'

'Just keep going. We'll be in calmer waters soon,' I replied.

'I… bloody… hope so!'

I was thankful that despite his initial panic attack, Justin had managed to stay relatively calm, and we were now making some progress. The further we went, the easier it was becoming, and it was only a few minutes later that we miraculously found ourselves paddling in calm waters, rising and falling on a gentle swell, while sucking in huge lungfuls of air.

'Well, that's better!' I said to him, once we'd both managed to calm back down.

'How can you be so bloody calm?' Justin asked me.

'Experience,' I answered. 'Now, are you ready to keep going? Let's head for the southern headland over there. It's the nearest point to us.'

'Okay,' he replied.

When we finally dragged our exhausted bodies from the water and slumped ourselves down on the sand, two surfer-type guys wearing fluoro board shorts came running down the beach towards us carrying towels, which they quickly wrapped around our shoulders and started making a fuss over us.

We managed to mumble our thanks, but the older looking one said not to talk, just to sit there and catch our breath. So that's what we tried to do.

'Man, that's a fuckin' miracle!' the younger one said. 'We watched it all from up on the dunes! I ain't never seen anything like that!'

'Are you guys alright?' the older guy asked us, dropping onto one knee in front of us and looking concerned. 'We've called the cops and the rescue people anyway… you know, just in case! I suppose we should phone them back and call off the reinforcements? Or do you still need a doctor or someone?'

'No, thanks. I think we're both fine,' I answered. 'But thanks anyway.'

He nodded, then turned to his friend and said, 'Run up and grab the phone will you, Shawn? We better call in again and tell them everything is alright now.'

'Sure thing, dude,' he replied, before setting off at a run back up the beach towards the car park.

'Was that your car we saw up there earlier?' I asked.

'Yeah,' he answered. 'We were… ummmm… off in the dunes when you arrived. The kid didn't want to come out of hiding until he was sure he couldn't be seen.'

'That sounds familiar,' I said, while glancing across at Justin and giving him a wry smile, to which he seemed to blush, then a frown creased his brow.

'Does that mean that you two are… ummm… gay?' he asked.

'What's wrong, Jay? Didn't I tell you that this was the unofficial 'gay' nudist beach?' I replied.

'Errr… no you didn't,' he answered with a grin.

'Yeah, anyway, when we did come out, we noticed you down on the beach, so we watched for a while. That was quite a little show you guys put on!'

Justin's blush suddenly went about five shades deeper.

'I'm Ian, by the way,' our good Samaritan added, offering his hand.

'Scott,' I replied, while shaking his hand. 'And this is Justin.'

'Well, looks like you guys just had a lucky escape then?'

'Tell us about it!' Justin said. 'And if it wasn't for Scott keeping his cool out there, I reckon we'd both be in a fair bit of trouble about now.'

'I'd agree with that, young fella,' Ian replied. 'You both sure you're alright though?'

'Yeah. I'm fine thanks. Totally buggered. But okay,' I replied, while Jay nodded beside me.

'That's good then,' Ian said, while getting back to his feet.

I got to my feet also, reaching a hand out for Justin and pulling him up as well, just as Shawn came running back down the beach towards us, handing the mobile phone to Ian when he reached us.

'I think the cavalry is on its way,' he said to us. 'I could hear a siren when I was up at the car, although it's still a long way off yet, I think.'

'We better get you guys back up to your vehicle then, so you can pull some clothes on or something!' Ian said to us.

'Good idea,' I replied.

Ian didn't bother to call off the emergency, seeing that the emergency services were within earshot anyhow, and so we wrapped the towels around us and headed up towards the car park, with Justin and me being flanked by our two new friends.

We chatted amongst ourselves as we went, finding out that they both lived in Macquarie Harbour and came out here regularly to swim and surf and fool around, or whatever took their fancy. We also told them where they could find us, and they promised to come up and see us soon.

As we walked up the dunes we could hear a siren drawing closer and we arrived at my truck just in time to pull our shorts back on before a police car and an ambulance came screaming in through the entrance, then moments later coming to a stop amidst a swirl of dust, just metres away from us. Two police men and two ambulance officers soon piled out of the vehicles.

'So, where's the emergency?' a young policeman asked.

'Seems it was a false alarm, officer,' Ian said to him, then pointing towards Justin he added, 'I called it in, this young guy got caught in the rip, but his friend managed to get him out okay. We were going to call back and let you know, but you guys were almost here anyway – we could hear your sirens!'

Judging by the look on all four faces I don't think he was believed.

'It's true, officer,' Justin said to him, which I have to admit really surprised me. 'I was swimming and went out too far. If Scott hadn't been there, I would have been taken right out to sea.'

'I see. And just how old are you, son?' the policeman said, looking Justin up and down, before then turning his attention to me.

'He's old enough to be here,' I answered.

'I'm eighteen,' Justin added.

'I see,' said the second policeman. 'You guys got any ID on you? I think that maybe we better write up a report on this.'

'What for?' Ian asked.

'Standard practice, sir,' he replied.

'Well then,' one of the ambulance officers said. 'If you're going to keep them here long enough to get everyone's details and write up their statements, we'd best check this young guy over. Is that okay with you?'

It was almost an hour later before we were allowed to leave, and that was only after Justin and I were both checked over by the ambulance officers and all four of us were made to give our names and addresses to the police, along with our version of events.

I can honestly say that it was the first time that I'd ever been treated like I was a criminal just because of who I was and where I was. I think it was hardest on Justin though, mainly because he had never experienced anything like that, or at least not when he'd actually been innocent of any wrongdoing!

It was obvious to us all that our friendly neighbourhood police officers were not impressed about being called out to a gay nudist beach in the first place, but to find that it was a false alarm anyway, well, that only served to get us off onto the wrong foot with them right from the start. What followed then was our day being topped right off by our being given a lecture about causing public mischief and what the penalties for it were!

So much for my idea of having a nice day and a bit of fun at the beach with Justin!

On the way home, after saying our farewells to Ian and Shawn, Jay was particularly quiet.

'Are you alright, mate?' I asked him once we got back out onto the open road.

'Yeah, I guess so,' he answered. 'I'm sorry that I totally fucked up your day. I know you just wanted us to have a good time.'

'Hey! You have nothing to be sorry for! It's not your fault those cops were arseholes, and you remember that!'

'Maybe,' he replied. 'But it's not just them, it's everything. I mean, if I hadn't got myself into trouble in the first place, they wouldn't have been called anyhow!'

'Mate, that's beside the point. I'm serious about what I said though. I don't want you getting all down in the mouth about what happened today. Just try and forget about it, alright? Chalk it up to experience.'

'Yeah, I'll try.'

'Good! Now there's something else I have to tell you!'

'Yeah? What's that?'

'Man, you're gonna have to stop doing that to me, you know? I don't know how many more times I can do this Superman thing!'

He looked across at me, his face etched with concern, but when he saw me grinning at him he realised I was only kidding, then he smiled and said, 'Sorry, babe. I guess I'll just have to stick to the baby pool from now on, hey?'

'Let's not be rash now,' I replied. 'I reckon I might just have to keep a closer eye on you, that's all. You know, like not let you out of my sight for a while!'

'I think I'd like that,' he remarked, before then sliding his hand across the seat and onto my bare leg, which was where it stayed until we pulled into the carport at the caravan park about fifteen minutes later.

'So, how was your day?' Sally asked us as we climbed the steps up onto the verandah, where she met us.

'Uneventful,' I said to her, while lying through my teeth. 'How was yours?'

'Pretty much the same,' she replied. 'A couple of travellers booked in for the night, that's about it.'

'Uh, huh.'

'Did you get everything you needed in town then?' she asked me, without even trying to mask the sarcasm in her voice.

'Nope,' I replied flatly. 'We'll have to go back later in the week.'

'Alright then. Well, seeing as you guys are back, I might head off then, if that's alright with you?'

'Yeah, sure,' I answered. 'And hey… thanks for keeping an eye on things.'

'No problem, Scott. I'll see you guys tomorrow then, huh?'

'Sure,' I replied, as Sally turned and headed back inside, leaving us standing there and watching her retreating back.

'She's figured us out already, hasn't she?' Justin asked after she was gone.

'Most likely,' I replied. 'Why? Does that worry you?'

He simply shook his head, then said, 'No, not anymore, I don't think.'

'She's bound to put two and two together, mate. I mean, despite her wisecracks the other morning and then me telling her that there was nothing to tell, she's not stupid. She already knows that I'm gay, and now I have a hot eighteen-year-old going to be living with me. It's not hard to do the maths.'

'Yeah, I suppose you're right.'

'I wouldn't let it worry you, though. Even if she has figured it out, she knows it's more than her job is worth to go gossiping to anyone. For all her faults, that's one thing she won't do.'

'It feels strange, you know, knowing that someone else actually knows that about me… but I guess I'll get used to it.'

'You will, mate. In fact, you'll have to, because as you go through life you'll find that more and more people will find out, or figure it out for themselves.'

'I guess you're right.'

'Just don't let it worry you, okay? In fact, just don't think about it. It's got nothing to do with anyone else but you.'

'And you,' he added.

'That's true… but it won't be worrying me.'

What was left of the rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I spent part of it doing the menial jobs that always needed to be done around the caravan park, while Justin spent some time indoors, mainly unpacking his suitcase and putting his clothes into the cupboards in the spare room.

We discussed what our living arrangements would be, for the time being at least, and we both thought that setting up the spare room with his stuff would be the best thing to do, just in case there was a surprise visit from anyone who we didn't want to find out just what was going on just yet.

Justin seemed fairly quiet for most of the afternoon, which was understandable I suppose, considering the day that we had both had. I just hoped that he wouldn't prove to be one of those people that ended up spending too much time dwelling on every little thing that went wrong. I didn't think that was the sort of person he was, but you never can tell. I figured I would just have to try and make sure that somehow I was always there for him, no matter what may happen, especially during these first few weeks.

At sunset we sat on the verandah and watched the world go by, while simply chatting and enjoying a beer, which proved to be a more than pleasant experience.

I found that the more we talked the more I could relate to some of the things that had happened in his life, which only made me feel closer to him.

When the sun had gone down, leaving a crimson sky that glowed brightly beyond the mountains to the east of town, we finished our beers and then headed inside, before we found ourselves being eaten alive by mosquitoes and sandflies.

'Are you very hungry?' I asked him once we were safely inside.

'Not overly,' he answered. 'Do you want me to cook you something for dinner?'

'No, it's alright mate. I was just thinking about being lazy and grabbing us a pizza or something.'

'I'll get it then,' he remarked.

'No, that's alright, I'll go. You better wait here, just in case your folks call. They should be getting close to home by now.'

'Yeah, I suppose I should.'

'I'll order it and head in and pick it up, then we might have an early night, eh?'

'Alright then,' he replied. 'That sounds good.'

After looking up the number I dialled the local pizza place and placed an order.

'Do you want to try calling home and see if they got there okay?' I asked Justin.

'Yeah, good idea,' he replied.

'Alright then. The pizza will be ready in fifteen minutes, so I'll grab some cash and get going. I'll be back soon,' I said to him.

'Okay then.'

'You sure you're alright, mate?' I enquired.

'Yeah, of course. Just go and pick up the fucking pizza will you?'

Yeah. He was alright, I reckoned.

I picked the keys to the truck up off the table, gave Justin a quick kiss, then walked out to the truck and climbed in.

He waved to me from the open doorway as I backed out and so I waved back, then pointed the truck towards downtown Thompsonville.

When I arrived back at the house about twenty minutes later, the lights were on, but the sliding glass door, which opened out onto the verandah, was open.

Slightly irritated, because the house would by now most likely be filled with mosquitoes, I walked inside and closed it behind me then put the pizza box and the truck keys down on the table.

'Are you there, Jay? I'm back,' I called out.

There was no answer.

Now somewhat perplexed, I headed down the hall and checked the bedrooms and bathroom, calling out to him once more, but finding no sign of him there.

The worst kind of thoughts immediately started flashing through my mind. Had he run off? Had he headed back to the beach? Had he headed back to the pub for a quick score?

All of a sudden, I realised that I hadn't done what, that very day, I had promised him I would do. I had left him. I wasn't keeping a close eye on him.

With my heart starting to race I ran back down the hall and picked up the keys to the truck, then raced for the door, yanking it open and rushing outside, just as Justin was climbing the steps onto the verandah.

'What's wrong? You forget the garlic bread or something?' he said to me, stopping me in my tracks.

'You weren't…'


'I… I couldn't find you,' I said to him, suddenly feeling foolish.

'I was only changing a light bulb for old Mrs Richards,' he said to me. 'She came up to the house just after you left. What? You didn't think I'd done a runner or something did you?'

'I… I…'

A huge grin broke over his face.

'Hey, man, you've had your chance to get rid of me! You're stuck with me now!' he chirped.

'And thank Christ for that!' I replied, while walking straight over to him and hugging him, and not caring who may be watching.

'Now, did you get that pizza?' he asked when we parted. 'I'm bloody starving!'

'Yeah, mate, let's eat,' I replied, while stepping aside to let him pass, then following him in through the glass door, one arm draped across his shoulders.

While he went to the bathroom and washed, I grabbed a couple of plates and glasses from the cupboard and set them on the table, then flipped open the pizza box.

He had been right, he was starving and ended up demolishing almost the entire pizza on his own, while all I could do was just pick, having lost my appetite a short while earlier - at about the same time I felt the butterflies in my stomach while racing up the hall.

I didn't mind though. I was happy just to sit and watch him. Happy that he was here. That was all that mattered to me.

It was some time later when I switched off the light and walked over to my bed, standing directly in front of Justin where he was sitting on its edge.

Instinctively he reached out and wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me tightly and not letting go.

'Hey, what's this?' I asked softly, while rubbing his back gently with my hands.

'I can't believe how lucky I am to have you,' he whispered into the darkness.

'And I can't believe how lucky I am that you are here,' I replied.

'But if it wasn't for you, well, I wouldn't be here, would I? I wouldn't be anywhere right now!'

'Hey, stop thinking about that!' I ordered him, while dropping down onto my knees to be at eye level with him. 'We're both safe, and that's all that matters.'

'But today…'

'Ssshhhhh! No buts!' I said, cutting him short by placing a finger over his lips. 'It's nobody's fault. It was just one of those things that can happen. It could have happened to anyone, and it could have happened on any beach. All that matters now is that we're both here, and we still have each other.'

'You don't think I'm a stupid little twat, then?'

'No, mate. I'd never think that! And I don't want you thinking that,' I replied. 'Don't forget that you've just come out of one period of darkness. I don't want you falling back into another one!'

'I won't,' he whispered.

'That's good,' I said to him, before hugging him to me, with his face snuggled into the base of my neck.

It felt good to be holding him in my arms. It felt natural.

There was a time, which wasn't all that long ago, when doing this would still feel foreign to me, as if it were wrong. But now, with Justin in my arms, for the first time that I could remember everything felt perfect. Everything was as it should be.

I felt Justin shift in my arms, and I felt the touch of his lips on my bare neck, which sent a delightful shiver through my body. He was going slowly, gently caressing me with each soft kiss, and stirring emotions deep within me that I knew would be hard to control once awoken.

Tentatively I kissed him on the neck also, before both of us tilted our heads back and gazed into each other's eyes, each seeing little in the darkness, but at the same time each seeing deep into the soul of the other.

'No more interruptions,' he whispered.

'Not tonight, babe,' I replied.

I sensed, more than saw, his smile, but that was soon forgotten as his lips met mine and he sucked the hot breath from me, leaving me feeling slightly lightheaded.

Eagerly I kissed him back. This was the moment we had both been waiting for, and we both knew that nothing was going to prevent what it was that we both wanted to happen.

Placing my hands under his elbows, I started to rise, gently lifting him up with me and allowing our mouths to stay locked together. We were standing now, still kissing each other, but now allowing our hands to roam, firstly onto each other's abdomen, before simultaneously we both reached for the other's waist.

We were both nervous about what it was that was coming, and we were both clumsy, trembling as I fumbled with the waistband of Justin's shorts, trying to hook my thumbs into it, as he struggled with the zipper of mine.

Nothing was said between us as we undressed each other. We both knew instinctively what the other wanted. We both knew that we had made it this far before. Now we would be going further.

When we were both standing naked in front of each other, feeling each other's breath on our skin, feeling the soft touch of each other's hands, we knew we were entering new territory in this new relationship.

Slowly I turned Justin so that his back was to the bed, then kissing him lightly and with one hand in the small of his back, I pushed him backwards, going down with him and laying him on the bed.

My hands ran down his body and I felt his firmness, his youthful body, smooth and inviting.

Gradually I let my lips wander from his, first kissing his neck, then his chest, my tongue lingering on each of his nipples and teasing him.

I traced the firm contours of his stomach and kissed the shallow hollow of his navel, before moving further south and finding his throbbing manhood, inviting and welcoming.

I could taste also the remnants of the sea on his skin, as neither of us had showered since returning from the beach earlier that day, while the heady scent of sea salt and sweat sent my senses into overdrive.

As I had done before, I worked slowly on his erection, teasing first one side, then the other, while listening to Justin's soft moans. I rolled his balls over in my hand as I did so, gently pulling his scrotum away from his groin then releasing him.

'Oh, man, that feels so good. Let me do it to you too, will you?' I heard him say, and so I shifted my body around to where he could go to work on me also.

I don't know for how long it lasted, but together we worked on each other's bodies, with first me trying something on Justin, then Justin repeating the same manoeuver on me.

When I gently probed at his tender hole with my fingers for the first time, I felt his entire body flinch, but within seconds he was probing at me too. He was being shown how to pleasure someone and then he was trying out his newfound techniques. This was new territory for both student and teacher, yet they were lessons that would be remembered for a long while to come.

'Scott, I can't take this much more,' I eventually heard him giggle. 'I'm going to explode here in a minute.'

'Well, if that's the case, we'd best do it right then,' I replied.

'What do you mean?'

Letting go of him altogether, I sat up on the bed and reached for the top drawer beside my pillow, pulling from it several small packets, along with a small tube.

'What are you doing?' Justin asked me, now sitting upright as well and unable to see much in the darkness.

When he heard the foil packet being opened I heard him say, 'What's that,' which was followed by, 'Oh,' when I rolled the condom over his erection.

'Are you sure you want me to?' he whispered.

'I've never been more sure of anything,' I replied. 'Just do a little exploring first and then take your time. I'll be helping you.'


'Just trust me, alright?'

'Yeah, whatever you say.'

Taking the lid off the tube of lubricant, I smeared some over myself, then over Justin, before lying face down on the bed, spreading my legs apart and allowing easy access.

'Are you ready?' he asked.

'I'm going to die of old age if you don't hurry up,' I replied, which resulted in yet another giggle, but then I felt his warm touch as he placed a hand on my arse, letting his fingers slowly feel their way towards their destination.

'Nice and easy,' I whispered as I felt him start to probe, first one finger, then another.

'How's that?' he asked me.

'Perfect so far,' I replied. 'Why don't you try another finger?'

He did just that, pushing another inside me and stretching me.

'Is that okay?'

'Oh, yeah,' I moaned, enjoying everything about his touch.

'Now what?'

'Just work things around a little,' I said, so that was what he did, with me raising my hips slowly off the bed and rocking back towards him.

'Are you ready then?'

'Oh yeah, mate. Just position yourself and I'll come up to meet you. Then when I say so, you'll be able to push forward, alright?'

'Uh, huh,' he replied, sounding a little nervous.

I felt the head of his cock push against me, and I hardly had to move at all for him.

'That's perfect,' I said to him.

'You sure?'

'Positive! Now just push gently, alright?'


I could hardly believe that this was happening this way. It was almost like we were the perfect fit for each other, for as I rose up to meet him, Justin slowly pushed forward.

I felt myself resist him, then I felt myself be stretched by him. I had dreamed and imagined this moment many times before, and when he entered me for the very first time, all those images and illusions of Justin that I had previously conjured up in my imagination were soon banished.

This was the real thing now. I could feel it. I could feel him. And as our bodies rocked back and forth in the darkness, working as one, each discovering the other in a way that we had only previously known in our dreams, I knew that I had finally found the person I would love for the rest of my days.

~ The End ~

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