The Rip

by Mark Peters

Chapter 9

After finishing in the kitchen, I headed into the bathroom to clean my teeth, while Justin headed for the toilet.

Even at this early stage, it felt good to be sharing my life with someone once more. I had someone to talk to, and to talk back to me, and that closeness gave me a new spring in my step.

It was while I was thinking about this and scrubbing my teeth that I suddenly felt a warm hand on my arse, which was quickly followed by those same warm hands working their way around my torso and hugging me, while I could also feel Justin's body lying against my back.

'Whoa there, pardner,' I quickly said to him, while splattering toothpaste against the vanity mirror. 'Gimme a minute there will ya?'

'What's wrong? Don't ya want me?' Justin mocked.

'More than anything I've ever wanted before,' I said to him, once I'd managed to spit out the toothpaste and rinse my mouth out.

'I reckoned you would give in eventually,' he said, while fondling the stone pendant that I wore around my neck.

'Mate, it was only going to be a matter of time,' I replied, while placing one hand behind his head, at the base of his neck and pulling his smiling face towards mine.

When our lips met, tentatively at first, the passion soon took over and we started grinding into each other, it was more than I had hoped it would be. Our mouths opened and our tongues eagerly explored each other, while our hands started exploring our bodies.

I felt myself harden at the warm touch of his hands, and when I reached for him, I felt him react in exactly the same way, feeling his manhood firming quickly in my grasp. I felt like I was a teenager again, experiencing that for the very first time.

'Oh God, how I've been waiting for this,' he whispered.

'You and me both, my friend.'

With one hand he started caressing my nipples, first one, then the other. First gently, then a little more forcefully.

He knew what he was doing, I thought. But then I couldn't help but wonder just where this may lead us, as we cast aside all previous inhibitions and desires, intent on our first time being perfect.

My body was aching for Justin. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to be inside him.

This was going to be that moment!

'Can we go to your room?' Justin whispered to me.

'Hell, I thought you'd never ask,' I replied, then kissed him again and again.

It was just then that our little party was interrupted, when we heard a knock at the door.

'Bloody hell!' I spat.

Cautiously, Justin stuck his head around the corner to check if he could see who it was, then came back to me and said, 'Fuck me! It's the olds!'

'Well, I've been trying to, mate, and I really want to, but it could be a bit crowded with them in here too!' I replied.

'Smartarse,' he whispered back. 'You want to pretend that we're not here or something?'

'No, Jay. We better get out there. Particularly you!'

'Damn it! That's what I thought you'd say!'

By the time I made it out there a few minutes later, after letting things settle back down, Justin had his parents seated in the lounge room, with his father looking curiously at the unmade sofabed.

I stifled a smile when I noticed this but said nothing.

Justin looked up at me as I came through the doorway and gave me a wink.

'Good morning, Peter, Jenny,' I said to them, greeting them warmly. 'Thanks very much for dinner last night. It was lovely.'

'You're most welcome, Scott,' Jenny replied.

'So, you're heading back then?' I said to them, after noticing their family car parked out in front of the reception area, and Scott's own luggage sitting just outside the sliding glass doors that led out onto the verandah.

'Well, we thought we'd try and make an early start,' Peter said. 'We just wanted to say goodbye and drop off the boy's stuff, then hit the road. I think it's best we get out of here and let him settle in. He won't want us hanging around forever.'

Glancing up at Justin I saw him roll his eyes skyward and once more I found myself having to smother a laugh.

'Oh, well, we'll try and get my old bedroom cleaned out today and get him settled in there. At least he won't be sleeping on the sofa anymore. After that he can start earning his keep around here! There's always work to be done!' I said to him.

'Now that's the type of talk I've been wanting to hear! Maybe this place will do him the world of good after all,' Peter replied.

'Well, we'll see what happens,' I said, while trying not to smile. 'If he causes too much trouble though, I suppose I'll just have to put him on the first bus back to the city!'

'And if he does, then you make sure you do just that!' Peter replied.

'Oh, I will,' I promised.

I glanced at Justin a few times during this little exchange, and noted with some amusement that he was taking all this quite seriously. I would have to put his mind at ease just as soon as his folks were out of earshot.

'So, what are you going to do about all your things from home then?' Jenny asked him.

'I'll come down soon and pack up anything I reckon I'll need. Is that okay?' he replied.

'Of course it is, darling,' Jenny says.

'Don't worry, Jenny. I'll drive him down in a week or so,' I said to them both. 'I could do with a few days away from here.'

'Will you?' Justin asked, sounding just a little surprised.

'Yeah, of course. Besides, if there's anything big that you need, we'll have plenty of room for it on the truck, won't we?'

'That'd be great. Thanks,' he said to me.

'You're welcome, mate,' I replied, then turning to his parents I asked, 'So, would you folks like a cuppa or anything then, before you hit the road?'

'Thanks, but no, I think we'll head off,' Peter replied. 'Like I said, Justin won't want us hanging around here forever.'

'I'm sure that he doesn't want to be rid of you that quickly.'

'No, of course not,' Justin offered.

'Thanks, but all the same, I think we should hit the road,' Peter replied, while getting to his feet and starting to make his way back towards the door and out onto the verandah, pushing his wife in that direction also.

'No, but maybe they couldn't wait to be rid of me?' I heard Justin whisper once his parents were out through the door.

'Don't think that!' I said to him. 'Otherwise you'll be back feeling like you were a week ago.'

'No, mate, I won't ever be feeling like that again,' he whispered. 'At least, not while ever you're around anyway!'

I ruffled his hair and pushed him towards the door. 'At least say goodbye to them properly,' I said.

'Yeah. I will.'

Justin walked out and picked up his bags and brought them back inside the door, then rejoined us.

'Well, Scott, you just remember what I said about this lad,' Peter said to me. 'The first sign of trouble, just pack him up and send him home, alright?'

'I'm sure I won't need to do anything like that, Peter. But I'll keep that in mind, thanks.'

I shook his hand and he nodded to me, then turned his attention to his son.

'You behave yourself now, boy,' he said.

'Of course I will,' Justin replied.

It was strange seeing this kind of interaction between father and son. Even though Peter had pleaded with me to try and help the boy, and told me how much he loved him, there was just nothing there between them. No warmth. Not even a hint of friendship that I could see.

They were just two different souls, linked together purely through genetics.

When I thought about it, I didn't suppose that it was all that much different from my relationship with my own father - although we could at least communicate, when we tried.

I wished that there was something that could be done to change the situation between Justin and Peter, to bring them closer together. Maybe with time, I thought.

While they were staring each other down, Jenny came over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss.

'You'll take care of him for me now, Scott, won't you?' she said, while placing a hand over mine.

'As if he were my own,' I replied.

'Yes. I know you will, Scott. And thank you. Thank you for everything!'

'You're most welcome, Jenny.'

She then turned to her son and gave him a hug also.

'If you ever need anything, Jay, or need to talk about anything, you just call me, alright?' she said to Justin.

'I will, mum. I promise,' he replied.

I smiled to myself at her calling him by that name. It was the first time I had ever heard anyone else use the pet name I had given him.

Was it some sort of sign, I wondered?

'Come on then, woman!' Peter scolded. 'We'll never get home at this rate!'

He was already halfway down the steps and looking impatient.

'Keep your shirt on, dad!' Justin said to him. 'She's allowed to say goodbye, ain't she?'

Peter just frowned, while Jenny and I allowed each other a wry grin.

'I'm coming, dear,' she said to him, then gave Justin another quick kiss and left us.

'I'll be home again soon,' Justin said to them, as we followed them down the path towards the gate, stopping at the gate as Peter and Jenny walked to their car.

'We look forward to seeing you, dear. Both of you, in fact!' Jenny said. 'Just don't make it too long before you come.'

'We won't. And call us when you get home, alright?' Justin replied.

'I will. Goodbye, darling,' she said.

We watched as they both got into the car and Peter started it up, then, with a final wave from both of them, the car started moving off down the roadway towards the park entrance, pausing only briefly at the gates, then turning out onto the main road.

They were gone. It was just the two of us now.

We walked back up onto the verandah and back inside, with Justin saying not a single word.

'Are you alright, mate?' I asked him.

'Yeah, I think so,' he said. 'A part of me is a bit sad that mum has left, I guess.'

'I suppose that's understandable.'

'On the other hand, a part of me wants to race out into the street and shout out "I'm free", or something like that.'

'Well, not entirely you aren't,' I said to him with a chuckle. 'You've still got me to ride your arse whenever you put a foot out of line!'

'Hmmm… remind me to be a bad boy then, won't you?'

'Something tells me that you won't need much reminding of that, mate.'

We were standing in the lounge room, simply looking at each other, each of us knowing where we wanted to go from here, but not quite sure if this was the time or the place.

I think that Justin decided for himself that it was time however, by walking over to me and placing both hands on my chest and giving me a gentle shove.

'How bad do you want me to be?' he asked softly after he had pushed me back a step, his face a picture of youthful innocence with his fluttering eyelids and cherubic smile.

'You sure you want to go down this road?' I asked.

'Yeah, pretty sure,' he replied, while giving me another gentle shove, then another, which forced me almost to the hallway entrance.

Of course, I wasn't resisting.

A few more steps down the hall was the doorway to my bedroom, and it wasn't long before we were standing right there.

'Now, where were we before we were interrupted earlier?' he asked, while placing his hands on my chest and backing me into my own room.

'I'm not too sure,' I answered. 'Maybe we'll just have to start over?'

'That sounds like fun,' he whispered, while taking hold of my shirt and pulling me to him.

I was looking into his eyes now, almost seeing into his soul. What I saw there both scared and excited me, but if this was a road that Justin was keen to walk down, then I was keen to hold his hand all the way.

Placing one hand behind my neck, he slowly pulled me towards him, his lips inching closer to mine, while one hand slid down my abdomen, settling on the growing bulge in my shorts.

'It feels like someone is getting excited,' Justin whispered, but I couldn't answer him as his lips were soon covering mine, grinding into me with a pent-up passion that quickly ignited my own.

Putting my arms around him and embracing him, I turned him around and started dancing him backwards, towards my bed. It was an awkward waltz, which soon came to a halt when his legs came up against the mattress.

I didn't stop there though, I pushed him and he fell back onto the bed, taking me with him, while never once did our lips part.

'You like playing rough, huh?' he finally managed to ask, but I didn't answer him.

Sliding back down his body and hooking my thumbs in his shorts as I went, I dropped to my knees on the floor, seeing his hard cock spring upwards, pointing to the ceiling.

I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel his firmness in my mouth.

While he watched, his face etched from ear to ear with a ridiculous grin, I leant forward and licked the bulging head of his erection, sending a shiver through him that I could feel.

For a few minutes I just teased him, licking up and down the length of his shaft, rolling his nuts over with my tongue, then licking him once more, while constant groans of pleasure passed from his lips.

'Oh, man, this was worth waiting for,' he whispered, then without even responding I opened my mouth and slid his cock inside me.

It was just then that the customer bell in the reception area, which just happened to be linked to another bell directly outside my bedroom door, went crazy!

'Fuck it!' I almost yelled, slamming a fist into the mattress. 'Aren't we ever gonna get to do this?'

'Patience, my lovely,' Justin replied. 'At least we are getting closer!'

By the time that I had finally got rid of the customer, at least Sally had arrived for work, finding Justin and me both in the office and giving us both a cheery good-morning greeting that was all smiles.

I know that she meant well, but I couldn't help but be just a little suspicious of her when she was in one of these 'all light and cheery' moods of hers. It usually meant she was up to something, or wanted something, so I figured the best thing we could do today would be to get the hell out.

'Good morning, Sally,' I said to her after she had stowed her bag beneath the counter.

'So, you're going to be staying with us for a while then, Justin?' she asked.

'Yeah,' he answered. 'We'll see how things work out.'

He was looking at me when he said the last bit and while I couldn't be sure, I could have almost sworn that he'd given me a wink as he said it.

'Well, I really do hope that things work out for you bo… well, I just hope things work out for you, Justin. It'll be a change to have a new face around here, instead of just this snarly old bastard!'

I frowned at her when she made her slight slip up, but to be honest, I did have a bit of a chuckle inside.

'So, Sally, do you think you'll be able to hold down the fort here for a while today?' I asked her, before she had the chance to say anything else. 'Justin and I need to slip into Macquarie Harbour this morning and pick up some stuff.'

'Sure thing,' she answered. 'Take all the time in the world.'

'You better be careful what you say there, girlie. We might just do that!'

Both she and Justin laughed at the comment, but before they had even stopped I was dragging Jay out of there just as quickly as I could, leaving her standing there looking slightly bewildered.

'What stuff have we got to pick up?' Jay asked, once we were back in the relative safety of the house.

'Did I say we had to pick something up? I must be slipping in my old age. I meant to say that we wanted to go down to the beach and get out of here for the day.'

'Now that idea, I like!'

'Good. I'll go grab us a couple of towels.'

We left there a few minutes later, with Sally waving to us from the office window as we drove past in the truck, to which we both waved back.

'So, where are we heading?' Justin asked, once we were out on the main road.

'Oh, just this quiet little beach I know,' I answered with a grin. 'It's a little way out of town, and not too many people go there. I think you'll like it.'

'Oh, I'm sure that I will.'

I pointed the nose of the old Ford towards the outskirts of the town, then once we had passed the sign at the edge of the town limits, I turned the radio on and put the pedal to the floor.

A Beach Boys song was playing… 'Good Vibrations' . Somehow it felt just right.

I know that the old truck wasn't some fancy convertible or anything, but with the windows down, the music blaring and the wind in our hair… well, as much as we could have at least, it felt good to be out on the road, having some fun and with someone great beside me.

This was going to be a perfect day, I thought. And nothing was going to stop that from happening.

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