Beyond Salvation

by Mark Peters

Chapter 14

The short drive from our school to Dallas' house that afternoon was really the first chance we'd had to be alone since that morning, which had me on edge. There was so many things I wanted to say, or wanted to do with him, but I knew that I needed to show some restraint, no matter how much I wanted to tell him exactly what it was that I wanted to do with him.

I knew that whatever was happening between us was totally new for him. I was the one with all the experience… some might even go so far as to call me a slut – I know I've even thought of myself in that way at times – but that was all in the past now. That was the old me, not the new me. I just hoped that Dallas would understand that, and wouldn't think of me in that way when the time eventually came to let him know the details of my past… and that would eventually happen, because if we were to have a solid relationship then full disclosure would be required.

When I glanced across at him, just before we reached his house, I found him studying me. He smiled, then reached across and placed a hand on my thigh.

'You feeling frisky or something?' I asked him.

'Not really. I'm just glad that we're together now. It has been a long and frustrating day, just looking at you across the classroom, or the school gardens or whatever and knowing I couldn't talk to you the way I wanted to, or touch you, or do anything with you.'

'Yeah. It was a long day, wasn't it?' I replied with a chuckle.

'And made all the worse by Baker and his mates being their usual asshole selves, at least until I told them to shut their fucking mouths.'

'What happened then?' I asked, as I looked at him sharply.

'They backed off a bit, but I heard them mumbling to themselves a few times throughout the day,' he said with a sigh. 'I think Baker caught me staring at you a couple of times.'

'He's going to be a problem for us, isn't he?'

'I think you might be right there, but that's a problem for next week. Right now I just want to hold you and feel you in my arms.'

'And is that all?'

'For now, yes. Is that okay with you? I mean, even though we were close to going further yesterday… we have a lot to deal with and I'm just not sure if I'm ready to do too much more just yet.'

'Whatever you want is fine by me… as much as I might want to rip your clothes off right now, it's enough just being with you. If we're going to be in this for the long haul then we need to respect what each of us wants, and be totally honest with each other.'

I could see him studying me carefully as I put the indicator on and pulled into their driveway, then pulling to a stop to one side as directed.

'So, anything exciting happen in your day?' he asked.

I was tempted to mention the two guys I almost caught in the toilets just before we left the school, but thought better of it. Even though I recognised them I still felt that they deserved their privacy. If it was anything more than just a one-off, or if they ever made it known they were an item, then I would gladly be supportive. Either way, it was kind of good to know that I wasn't the only gay in the village.

'You mean apart from seeing you get read the riot act by Merry?'

'Yeah, that was kind of funny actually. And poor old Pete, he just didn't know which way to turn.'

'He's got it bad for that girl,' I said as I opened the car door to climb out.

'And I hear he has you to thank for that,' Dallas replied.

I walked around to the passenger side as Dallas opened his door and swung his foot to the ground, before swinging his crutches around also. He handed me his backpack and then stood up and juggled his crutches until they were in place. He seemed to be moving around much better and I wondered if he still really needed the two of them now.

'When we were down at Salvation I told him he should go for it. We'd been talking about all sorts of stuff and it was obvious to me he was sweet on her.'

'Well, it seems to have worked out well for them,' he said.

'I think things have worked out well for both of us, in fact.'

Dallas flashed a smile at me. 'And all thanks to Salvation, eh?'

'Yeah. Even if you and me did have a rough path to tread there for a while.'

'And we're still treading it.'

'Maybe, but we're almost at the end now… I can feel it.'

'So can I,' Dallas replied, as he placed a hand around my waist and drew me towards him. I wanted so bad to kiss him right now, right out here in the open, but instead I felt myself tense slightly then nervously look around, hoping that there was nobody nearby who could see us.

Dallas sensed my reluctance to be pulled against him and shot me a quizzical glance, but then I saw the realisation of what my actions meant dawn on his face.

'Maybe when we're inside then?'

'No maybe about it. I'm gonna kiss you so hard your eyes will pop.'

'That sounds like fun,' he said with a smirk.

Once inside the house Dallas took his backpack from me and dropped it on the floor just inside the back door, before we moved to the kitchen, where he soon produced two cans of soft drink from the refrigerator, along with some biscuits from a cupboard. We sat at the island bench where we drank and ate and continued to talk about our day, about our relationship and trying to keep that a secret from all but our closest friends, and about what the future might hold.

Moving forward we both knew that it wasn't going to be easy to keep a lid on things, but with the end of the school year and the Christmas holidays fast approaching, we knew we only needed to make it to the end of term, then we would have some breathing space, and some time to prepare for our final year at school.

It was just as we were finishing our drinks that we heard the back door of the house open and close, before moments later Dallas' father stepped into the kitchen. Immediately we both stood up and backed away from the island bench where we had been sitting, Dallas holding the one crutch he was using in his hand, as if ready to defend us.

His old man was looking haggard, as if he hadn't slept or showered or changed his clothes in the past twenty-four hours, but didn't look shocked to see us there. I guess he would have seen my car out the front.

He looked us up and down, his face expressionless.

'You don't have to worry. I'm just here for a few things,' he said to us, before he turned and disappeared down the hallway.

'C'mon, let's wait outside for him to go,' Dallas whispered, then taking my hand he led me outside into the afternoon sun, where we then sat on a garden bench in the shade as we waited for his father to leave.

'Are you okay?' I asked as we sat there, continuing to hold hands.

'I… I don't really know,' he replied. 'It's hard to know how to feel when your father treats you like a total stranger after loving each other for so long.'

'He's bound to mellow a little after a while. He'll come around,' I offered.

'Maybe. All I keep seeing is that hatred that was in his eyes when he found us yesterday, and especially the hatred that he was sending your way… as if this was all your fault…'

'Maybe he thinks it is. Maybe what happened between us before was what he thinks happened again. Or maybe he knows more about me than either of us know?'

'What do you mean by that?'

'Well, let's face it, I'm no angel. I have… shall we say… some history, when it comes to gay sex. Maybe he's heard something… like when Timmy busted me at the shopping centre a while back. It only takes a few words being said in the wrong place, or heard by the wrong person, for the news to spread.'

'I guess.'

'So… while we're on that subject…'


'Well, I just wanted to know how you feel about that? About how you feel about me being… more experienced.'

'Oh, you mean about you being a sex maniac?'

'What?' I yelped.

'Don't worry. That's not how I think of you… that's Timmy's term, not mine,' he said, while smiling at me. 'I just don't care about your, ummm… history.'

'Fuck! He's probably right though… and I guess there are plenty of others who would call me that.'

'So what?' Dallas replied. 'It was probably me who drove you to go in that direction in the first place…'

'C'mon, Dallas. You can't blame yourself for that. One way or another I was eventually going to seek out guys for sex. You were just the first of many knockbacks I've received over the years.'

'Really. Those others must have been mad… or so closeted they weren't game.'

'Probably a bit of both,' I replied, with a laugh.

'So I guess if you've had all that experience, you'll be able to teach me a few things then?'

'Anytime you're ready,' I said, just as we heard the back door to the house open and Dallas' father step outside holding a suitcase.

He looked at us, and he would have seen us holding hands. This time we didn't move. This time we could be ourselves.

It was his father who flinched first, eventually looking away and then shaking his head, obviously unable to deal with the two perverts in his back yard. But then he looked back at us, his eyes looking as if they were brimming with tears.

'I'm… I'm sorry boys,' was all he said, then he turned and walked away, before moments later we heard his car start.

I squeezed Dallas' hand. 'Are you okay, babe?'

He looked at me, his own eyes almost ready to spill tears. I reached up and cupped his cheek in one of my hands, then leaned across and kissed him, first on one eye, then the other, before moving to his mouth.

This time we didn't care if anyone was watching. We just kissed, and kissed, and kissed, until finally I broke away and stood up, taking a hold of one of his hands and helping him to his feet as he steadied himself on his crutch. Leading him back inside, with not a word being spoken between us, we went directly to his bedroom.

It was growing dark when I awoke, lying on Dallas' bed and tangled in his arms and legs. We were both still fully clothed and Dallas was breathing heavily, in the depths of his sleep. I wasn't sure what had made me wake up and I fruitlessly looked around the bedroom, before finally my eyes settled on the doorway, where a shadowy figure stood watching us.

It only took me a moment to realise that it was Dallas' mother and when I recognised her I noticed her wipe a tear from her eyes using the back of her hand. Our eyes locked and she gave me a sad smile, before turning and walking away.

Slowly I managed to extricate myself from Dallas' hold without waking him and once on my feet I wandered out to the kitchen, where I found her standing at the sink, gazing out into the falling darkness and sipping a glass of water.

'Oh, JJ. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you boys,' she said when she noticed me there.

'It's fine, Mrs P,' I replied. 'Dallas was feeling a bit wrung out… his father was here this afternoon.'

'Yes, he called me… said he wanted to pick up some things. Did anything happen?'

'No, when he came we just waited outside, then he left. The only thing he said was that he was sorry. That was it. Dallas and I came back inside, then we ended up cuddling on his bed… nothing else happened, I promise!'

'Oh, JJ… I wasn't thinking anything about that. Honestly. I couldn't be happier that the two of you have sorted things out and have each other now. We all need friends, particularly special friends, like the two of you obviously are.'

As she was saying this I noticed Dallas appear in the doorway behind her. He smiled at me, then came forward and hugged his mother from behind, kissing her on the cheek as he did so.'

'Thanks, ma,' he said, before letting her go and coming to me, hugging me also and kissing me.

'So, how was your father?' she asked Dallas.

'Quiet,' he replied. 'We did our best to stay clear of him.'

'Things will settle down,' his mother replied.

'We'll see.'

'So, how about school? How are things there?'

'What do you mean?' Dallas asked.

'I mean, about the two of you being… together. Has there been any trouble?'

'Apart from two of my close friends, and one teacher, nobody else knows yet,' I answered. 'We've decided to keep things as quiet as possible, for as long as possible.'

Before his mother could say anything Dallas added, 'Things might be rough when some of my friends find out though, so we just want to make it to the end of the year first. After that we'll see what happens.'

'Let me guess, you're wary about that Baker boy?'

Dallas and I looked at each other sharply.

'Why would you say that?' he asked.

'Because his father and your father know each other, and there have been some… grumblings. I think that's partly why your father has been so upset about all this lately.'

I felt as if I'd just been punched in the guts. Suddenly it all made sense. Why Dallas' father had suddenly gone so cold towards me. It was Baker who caught me in the toilets at the shopping centre not so long ago, so he must have told his father, who has then told everybody he knew. So now it's not just an issue between a couple of school kids. Anyone in the city could potentially know about what I had been up to. Anyone.

Dallas' hand reached out and found mine. I could feel myself shaking as he pulled me towards him and hugged me tight. It felt strange that while I was totally comfortable with my sexuality, every now and then something would happen that could shake me to the core. This was one of those moments.

'Are you alright, JJ?' Mrs P asked.

'Yes, I'm fine, thanks. Timmy Baker has given me a bit of grief, that's all.'

'And that ends now,' Dallas said, through gritted teeth.

'You boys just be careful. I know that school can be a hard time in life for many kids, especially for kids who might be… different. This is probably something you already know, but don't let them bait you, or pick on you. Just ignore anything they throw at you, as best you can anyway.'

'We know, ma. But it can be hard sometimes,' Dallas said. 'I'd like to think that I've never treated JJ like that, even after we broke off our friendship that time, but people like Timmy Baker, every now and then, they deserve to be sat on their arse!'

Dallas' mother frowned at him. 'I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do, Dallas, but like I said, please just be careful. Both of you.'

'We will, ma. We will.'

'Good. Now, are you staying for dinner, JJ? I'm thinking takeaway from the Chinese place on Queen Street.'

'Thank you. I'd love to, Mrs P,' I replied. 'I better just give my folks a call and let them know.'

Dallas and I headed back to his room, while his mother went searching for the phone number of the restaurant.

I pulled my phone out and gave my parents a call.

'Are you staying over?' my mother asked.

'Knowing what you know now, would have any issues if I did?' I asked, as I glanced Dallas' way. His eyebrows shot up questioningly.

'No, honey. Not at all. Just… if you do… be careful.'

'I will. And thank you,' I replied, chuckling as I did so, before disconnecting.

'Everything okay?' Dallas asked.

'Mum wanted to know if I was going to stay over,' I replied. 'Then told me to be careful.'

Dallas grinned at me.

'I have a busted-up ankle and broken ribs,' he replied. 'I don't know about you, but I can't be anything but careful.'

It had been several years since I'd had a sleepover at Dallas' house and so much had changed since that time. Back then there had been two single beds in his bedroom. There had been posters of TV and movie stars, shelves filled with model aircraft and boats, along with numerous sporting trophies.

Most of that was gone now, apart from some recent sporting trophies. The walls were adorned with some posters of sports stars. And now there was a double bed, which was the biggest difference.

Waking up in that strange bed with another person beside me would be a totally new experience for me, yet one that I was excited about.

After we had eaten last night we had watched some television with Dallas' mother, before eventually getting to our feet with a view of retreating to the bedroom. Mrs P got to her feet as well, before bidding us a good night. The expression on her face was a wistful one, I felt. Her boy was growing up and if there had been hopes and dreams of grandchildren, as most parents have for their kids, then after tonight there was every chance that those dreams may be extinguished.

'Before you go, boys,' she said, stopping us at the doorway before we could leave her. 'This may sound strange, and I hope that you don't take this the wrong way, but if you are going to sleep together for the first time…'

'Mum, do you have to?' Dallas pleaded, as he leaned heavily on the one crutch he was using.

'Just hear me out,' she said. 'I just wanted to say that I'm glad that you are doing it here, rather than in the back seat of a car, or some other equally horrid place. I love you… both of you… and I want you to know that. I'm here for you, for you both, just as I know that your family is also behind you both, Joel. We all care about you boys very much and are pleased that you are together again.'

Dallas held out his arms for her and she came to him. They embraced, then dragged me into it also.

'Sweet dreams, my boys,' she said. 'And please be careful.'

Leaving her we made our way to the bedroom, hand in hand and grinning sideways at each other.

Once the bedroom door was closed Dallas turned to me and held me close.

'She thinks we're going to fuck,' he whispered. 'How do you feel about that?'

'I guess that's what people would expect, but we don't have to do anything other than what you want us to do,' I replied. 'I'm happy just being with you, so I have no expectations.'

'Let's just see what happens, okay? No expectations. No promises made.'

'That works for me, babe,' I replied, before reaching up and cupping a cheek in my hand, then leaning in and kissing him.

As we kissed he tossed his crutch aside and then started to undo the buttons of my shirt, so I returned the favour, fumbling at them, just as he was also doing. I slid a hand over his shoulder and beneath the fabric, pushing the shirt off one shoulder, before then doing the same with the other shoulder, his shirt soon dropping to the floor behind him.

My own shirt soon found the floor behind me, and soon we were fumbling with our belts, the fasteners of our pants and then our zippers.

Dallas sat back on his bed as I removed his shoes and socks, then struggled with his pants to remove them over the plaster on his leg, before I quickly removed my shoes and socks, pants and underwear. Then lifting his hips he shimmied down those dark blue boxer briefs, before allowing me to fully remove them.

Before I tossed them aside I couldn't resist taking a quick sniff of them, deeply inhaling the heady scent of him, which only caused him to laugh.

Holding a hand out to me he said, 'Help me up,' so I did as I was asked and pulled him to his feet, before I found myself spun around, only to find myself wrapped up in his arms, the front of his body pressed against the back of mine. We suddenly found ourselves staring into a reflection of ourselves coming from the floor to ceiling sized mirrors that adorned the front of the sliding doors of his built in wardrobes.

'Take a look at yourself. You're the most beautiful person I've ever gazed upon,' he whispered into my ear.

'I'm not the one with the body of Adonis,' I replied. 'I know your game, mister. You just want to get into my pants.'

'Well, I've already got you out of them,' he said while chuckling softly, then kissing my ear before I turned my attention back to the images in front of us.

Staring back at me was a completely different person to the one I had seen in my own bathroom mirror just this morning. With the new haircut and minus the punk clothes, I was just another naked teen, with a face that was youthful and surprisingly clear. My smooth, almost hairless body, a little too pale for my liking, could maybe do with a little more weight or muscle. My uncircumcised cock, which I was rather fond of by the way, was nestled in a cluster of neatly trimmed, dark pubes, hanging loose over balls that were weighty and full and in need of attention. My legs were lithe and almost hairless and my feet were just… feet.

I guess the only thing that set me apart from most other seventeen-year-old guys was the metal that my body was currently adorned with… a stud in one ear, rings through both nipples, another stud in my navel, and several pieces hidden along the underside of my cock. Apart from that I didn't think that there was much about me that was special, but Dallas – he with the body of a Greek God – seemed to think otherwise.

I could feel his hardness between our bodies, pushing against the small of my back, as the fingers of one hand were running circles around my navel, lightly, barely touching my skin and sending shivers through me. His hand moved up to my nipples, gently playing with one, then the other.

'So, which one of these is going to be mine?' he asked.

'We'll talk about that tomorrow, when we go see the guy I got them off and find out what we have to do to remove it and give it to you. All I want to keep is the one nipple ring and the navel stud, if that's okay with you.'


'Yeah, babe. Seriously.'

'You are just so beautiful,' he whispered once more, before kissing my neck. 'Let's go to bed and see how far we can go on our first night together. Show me what you know, teach me, but let's just take it slow.'

'Your wish is my command, my love.'

Once more I woke beside Dallas, only this time we were both naked, tangled in each other's arms and legs, cocks hard and poking at other body parts. It also wasn't dark this time, the morning sun was streaming in through his bedroom window. I quickly looked at the door, which was thankfully closed. His mother wasn't standing there at the doorway looking down upon us this time.

I shifted slightly and looked at his face, which bore a dreamy expression. His eyelids were fluttering slightly. I wondered if he was dreaming about me.

Resting my head back on the pillow I stared at the ceiling and recounted the events of our first night together. We hadn't fucked; that would be for another time. But we did explore each other's bodies, with our hands, our lips and our tongues. We did bring each other to climax – at least twice for each of us – and we loved each other until the early hours of this morning. It was the first time we had gone this far with each other and we weren't to be disappointed, despite Dallas' obvious disadvantage because of his slowly healing injuries.

Glancing back at Dallas' face I found his eyes were now open and he was staring at me.

'Hey,' he said. 'You're awake.'

'Hey yourself,' I replied.

'Thank you. Thank you for everything last night. It was beautiful.'

'So were you,' I replied as I leaned over and kissed him. The taste of cum still lingered on his luscious lips.

'I had no idea that what we did could feel so good.'

'We've barely started, babe. But when you're all patched up we can take it up a notch, then you'll be wondering why you didn't come back to me long before his.'

For a moment he looked shocked by what I had said, and I instantly regretted having said it, but then he smiled at me and reached forward to return my kiss.

'I have no doubt that you're the right man to set me straight on all this.'

'Straight? That's not quite what I had in mind.'

'What? Oh… ha! You're not just a beautiful man, but you're a funny man too!'

'And you'll find I'm a whole lot more than that as well, if you'll just give me the chance to show you.'

'How could I resist an offer like that?'

'So, first things first… I think we both need a shower.'

'Together?' he asked.

'Of course. Will your mum mind us doing that?'

'No, she's cool with everything. After we got home from your place the night you and me sorted things out, we sat down and talked about what might happen moving forward, now that dad didn't get to have a say in anything… at least for now.'

'Fuck. That's intense.'

'Actually, no, it wasn't. She said that she was cool with the whole gay thing… I'm not quite sure exactly why yet, but I suspect that she knows someone who is gay and she has already talked things through with them. She said she had suspected this day would come eventually, so wanted to be prepared. She understands what we'll likely be getting up to, and provided we are careful and ask for help if it's needed, then we're all good.'

'Fucking amazing.'

'Yeah. It is. We talked about relationships and sex and what it would all mean. And like she said to us both last night, she just wanted us to be safe, so if that meant us doing it here, rather than some other dingy place, then that's what she would prefer us to do. And she has also spoken with your folks, and they are on board also.'

I could only shake my head in amazement at what he was telling me. I know my own parents had largely let me plot my own course through life as I negotiated my way through discovering and exploring my sexuality and had no issues with whom I had become, much to my surprise at times, but Dallas' mother had really surprised me with her acceptance of what had transpired these past few days.

'So, about that shower,' Dallas said, as he disentangled himself from my limbs and rolled onto his back. 'It's a bit tricky for me because of this,' he said, while lifting his plastered leg a foot or so into the air.

'How do you usually manage to do it?'

'I have a covering that I put over it,' he replied. 'But I still have to be careful.'

'Well, let's go and be careful together,' I replied, as I got to my feet and then reached out and helped him up.

There was a shared bathroom between the two bedrooms at this end of the house, and as the second bedroom didn't get used as such, with Dallas being an only child, it was effectively just his bathroom. We entered the bathroom just as we were, naked, and Dallas picked up a plastic device, which looked like a heavy duty plastic bag with an odd attachment at the top, then sat on the edge of the bath tub and pulled it over his plastered foot. The attachment at the top of the bag-like contraption created a seal around his leg, which effectively kept the plaster dry.

'That's it?' I asked.

'Yup. Sometimes it leaks a little, but not usually enough to be a problem.'

'So, we going to put it to the test then?'

'Of course,' came his reply, as he leaned into the shower stall and turned on the water. After giving it a few moments and then adjusting the temperature he stepped under the steady stream, then held a hand out for me. I took it and stepped in beside him, then he pulled the curtain across.

'I've been wanting to do this for ages,' I said to him as I ran my hands over his muscular chest.

'And what else have you been wanting to do?'

'Lots of things, but first things first, Romeo. We need to clean up,' I said, as I moved to pick up a cake of soap from the holder.

'No, this first,' he said, as he instead picked up a small pump-container with liquid soap and squirted some onto his hands, then spread it over my chest and under my arms. It smelt lovely. My cock quickly rose to its full seven inches at his touch, then after another squirt from the pump-pack he then wrapped his hand around my erection and began to gently stroke it, taking extreme care with the stainless steel adornments on the underside of my shaft, before then running his hands down around my balls and then between my legs. His fingers ran along my taint and were soon playing with my hole, as I trembled in his embrace. When one digit was pushed inside my hole I groaned.

'You like that, huh?'

'You better believe it.'

'Will you do it to me?'

'Of course,' I replied, before picking up the pump-pack, squeezing some liquid out onto my hand and then repeating the process he had performed on me.

'Make me cum,' he groaned as I slicked up his massive, uncut cock and pumped it a few times. I had seen cocks that were similar in size, but those were on older guys, in their sexual prime, who I had jacked off or blown in what I was now thinking were my 'slut years', but this was the biggest cock I had seen on someone the same age as me. It was longer than mine, and thicker. The tips of my fingers couldn't even touch when I wrapped my hand around it fully, but that only excited me. I couldn't wait until the moment I would have it inside me.

With another squirt of soap I ran my hand between his legs once more and along his taint, just as he had done for me. There was a sharp intake of breath when I found his hole and ran a finger over the sensitive flesh. I massaged the area around it, while with my other hand I continued to stroke his hardness.

'I'm going to make you cum so hard,' I promised him, as I dropped to my knees. Opening my mouth I rested the angry tip of his cock on my tongue, while I still stroked him. Then with the hand that was teasing his puckered hole I started using my fingers to push against the pink ring, before eventually pushing my index finger inside him.

There was another gasp from him as I did this, so after a few moments of in and out activity with that finger I pushed a second inside him.

'Holy fuck!' he groaned.

With my tongue flicking at his piss slit I also continued to stroke him, while there were now three fingers inserted inside him.

Looking up I could see him holding onto the glass shower surrounding, his head tilted downwards, but with his eyes closed. It was then that I felt his legs start to tremble. He was right on the cusp now, so I went harder, tightening my grip on his cock, then I went deeper, my fingers going inside him as far as I could get them to go.

'Hmmfff… guhhh… arrghhh…' he grunted, and then the moment had come.

His cock expanded in my hand. His ring clamped down tight on my fingers. Then he erupted, flooding my mouth with his precious juices. There was so much that I couldn't swallow it all, it began running down my chin and then dripping onto the floor below me.

When he finally stopped and I had squeezed out the last available drops I pulled my fingers from his arse then leaned back and looked up at him, showing him my open mouth, still half-filled with cream.

He was breathing hard, but managed to grin at me as I stood up, then before he could react I put a hand around the back of his neck and pulled his face to mine, clamping my lips over his, forcing my tongue into his mouth. We wrestled for a few moments, swapping cum back and forth, before we finally parted.

'Holy fuck. I've never experienced anything like that… ever!' he said, while trying to catch his breath.

'I did warn you,' I said with a chuckle, as I licked an errant drop of cum from his chin. 'And trust me, it gets even better than that,' I added.

'It does?'

'Just wait until I fuck you,' I said.

His eyes widened at that thought, and for a moment he even seemed to appear scared.

'Don't worry, babe. Nothing will happen unless you want it to happen, I promise you that, but judging by your reaction today, my guess is sooner or later you'll be begging for me to fuck you. That first time, chances are you'll blow your load without even having your cock touched,' I said to him, in a hoarse whisper.

'No way!' he said, sounding surprised.

'Oh, yes way,' I chuckled. 'Now we better finish cleaning ourselves up, before your mother comes looking for us.'

When we entered the kitchen a short while later, with Dallas hobbling along without any crutches at all this time, each of us wearing only a pair of Dallas' satin boxer shorts – mine being yellow with Simpson's characters adorning them – we found his mother sitting at the bench sipping coffee, with some toast on a plate in front of her. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was heading for nine o'clock.

'Good morning, boys,' she said to us. 'Sleep well?'

Dallas and I looked at each other, not quite sure what we should say.

'It's okay,' she said, with a wry smile. 'I don't need details of your first night together.'

'It wasn't like that, mum,' Dallas groaned. 'We didn't… I mean… you know…'

Mrs P then looked at me, before then letting her gaze drift down my body and take in my metal. Her eyebrows raising slightly.

'Honest, we didn't,' I said to her. 'At least, we didn't do… that.'

'Well, if you are taking it slow, that's a good thing. I'm proud of you both. It's shows maturity,' she replied, before getting to her feet and coming to us. She hugged us both and then kissed us, before picking up her plate and mug and placing them on the sink.

It felt weird to be hugged by someone other than my mother while standing there half naked, but I guess we're about as close to family now as we could ever be. She had been like a second mother to me for a large portion of my early life anyhow, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine her as something more.

She left us after that, saying she needed to get ready before going out to run some errands, so Dallas pulled two mugs from a cupboard.

'Coffee?' he asked.

'Please,' I replied, as I watched him fill the kettle and switch it on, then add instant coffee, sugar and milk to the mugs while we waited for the water to boil.

'So, you're really going to talk to the people about all that metal you're carrying around?' he asked while we waited.

'Yeah. I promised you I would. It's that tattoo parlour over at the Eastside Shopping Centre. One of the guys there does it all.'

'And those bits down…' he said, while wriggling a finger in the general direction of my groin.

'Yes, those bits too. I'll ask what we need to do to remove them. I don't know if he can do it straight away, but I guess we'll soon find out.'

'Fuck, when you make your mind up about something you sure go all out!'

'Let's just say it's the new me,' I replied as Dallas stepped up to me and placed his hands on my hips.

'I really like this new you,' he whispered, before leaning in and kissing me, which lasted until the kettle switched itself off.

Dallas tore himself away from me and filled the mugs with boiling water, stirring the contents before passing one to me. We sat at the kitchen bench, side by side, our shoulders and thighs rubbing together, stealing glances at each other between sips from our mugs, grinning at each other as if we were… as if we were what? Two teenagers in love?

I was liking the sound of that.

'So when do you want to go over to Eastside?' he asked me.

'How about as soon as we finish these and get dressed?' I suggested. 'I might need to borrow a shirt, if that's okay with you. I only have my school clothes.'

'You can borrow anything you like, babe. If I'm going to be seen downtown with you I want you looking smart you know.'

'You sure you want to be seen in public with me?'

'I'll risk it,' he answered, with a devilish grin on his face.

An hour later we were in the car and heading across town on our own errand. Dallas said he'd never been in a place like a tattoo parlour, and the thought of having body parts pierced frightened him. It was the whole needle thing that scared him the most, he said.

'Yeah, I can understand that,' I replied. 'It can hurt like a bitch.'

'Thanks, I really needed to know that!'

I reached across and placed one hand over his on the seat between us.

'Have you ever thought about getting a tat?' he asked.

'I've been tempted, but my folks would kill me,' I answered. 'But maybe one day I might get one… just a really small one and in a very discreet place…'

'So you folks won't see it?'

'Not necessarily. More like as a present for someone I love. Something only my lover would ever see, or appreciate and understand.'

'Like a secret message or something?'

'Something like that.'

'Nice. And like what?'

'I have no idea. I guess I'll know it when I see it, if I ever decide to do it.'

'And what if your lover liked it and said he wanted one too?'

'Then I'd love him even more,' I answered, as I looked across at him and smiled.

Moments later I was pulling into the car park at Eastside and found a parking space not too far from the end of the row of shops where we needed to go, so that Dallas didn't have to walk too far. We got out and Dallas steadied himself on a single crutch, leaving the second one in the car, then I locked up and we headed for the last shop in the long row of shops facing the car park.

The glass front of Ink Spots showed a bright and clean environment, with walls filled with prints of ink designs. There was a reception desk just inside the front door, behind which were several rooms where they worked their magic.

As we walked in I noticed the owner, Justin, whom I had gotten to know over the past year or so, was sitting behind the desk, his eyes glued to a computer screen. He looked up when he saw us and came around the counter to meet us.

'Hey, JJ,' he said, as he held out his hand, before giving Dallas a good look up and down.

Yes, Justin was gay. And no, we had never played… unless you count the time he shoved needles through the skin of my dick… which did not exactly count as being pleasurable.

'Have you brought me a new customer?' he asked.

'Not really,' I replied, before introducing him to Dallas.

They shook hands and I could see he was impressed by my boyfriend.

'I wanted to ask you some questions about what I already have,' I said to him.

'How so?'

'I want to lose these,' I replied, while grabbing my junk and giving it a jiggle. 'I want to keep the navel stud and one nipple ring, but I want to take out the other one, then…'

'Then what?'

'I want Dallas to have it. Can we do that? How difficult is all that to do?'

'Piece of cake,' Justin replied. 'It can all come out easily, though it will take a little time for things to heal up, of course.'

'I get that.'

'The genital piercings you have are easy to remove. We could do them today if you wanted to. Same with the nipple ring, though if it's to be reused it will need sterilization and stuff beforehand. But I can sort that for you guys and then Dallas can have it inserted next week if he wants.'

'Sweet,' I replied, as I looked at Dallas. 'You still keen?'

'What the hell. Yeah, I'm keen,' he said to me.

'Okay then, it's a quiet morning,' Justin said. 'Why don't you head on back to room one. Dallas can go too, if he wants to watch.'

'You want to do that, babe?'

'Of course. I think I need to know exactly what I'm getting myself into.'

Just then a woman came in and started looking at the images of tattoo's that were on display everywhere.

'I'll be with you guys in a few minutes,' Justin said to us.

I grinned at Dallas and then led him past the reception desk and through a doorway that was draped with a red curtain across it, which I was familiar with, before we entered room number one.

The room was clean and tidy, with several office chairs and a work bench, along with a rather large chair, kind of similar to a dentist's chair in the middle of the room. To one side a trolley containing various pieces of equipment sat, while along the wall there stood various cupboards and shelves. It was all very practical and workmanlike, though I hadn't ever seen any tattooing being done while I've been in here.

Dallas sat down on one of the chairs, to take some pressure off his ankle. A few moments later Justin joined us, then closing the door behind him.

'I've put the "Unattended" sign on the door, so we can get you all sorted,' he said to me. 'Are you okay with getting your gear off in front of your mate?'

'Ain't nothing he hasn't seen before,' I replied.

'Is that so?' he said, grinning at us both.

I pulled off the t-shirt I was wearing, leaving the shorts in place for the moment, then sat on the big chair, just as I had done previously when these had been inserted. Justin started prepping what he needed, setting out bottles of liquid for cleaning and sterilizing the areas to be attended to, along with a packet of wipes.

'So, what's behind all this then?' Justin asked me as he pulled on a face mask and some disposable gloves.

'Just cleaning up my act,' I replied. 'New boyfriend, new haircut, new me… but it's on the down low, if you know what I mean?'

'Of course… and good for you. For both of you, you lucky bastards.'

I glanced at Dallas as I said the word 'boyfriend', though I wasn't sure what to expect. He simply grinned at me, so maybe he was warming to the idea of people knowing about us.

'Okay then, which one of these babies are you keeping?' Justin asked me.

'The left one.'

'Too easy,' he replied as he poured some liquid onto one of the wipes, then started thoroughly wiping around my right nipple. When he was satisfied he dropped that wipe into the rubbish and retrieved another, then wiping my nipple again with the dry wipe.

The nipple ring wasn't actually a ring, it was a stainless steel bar with a round knob on either end. One of those knobs actually screwed onto the bar, so the process would be to undo that part, then pull the bar out of the nipple.

Justin's next move was to try moving the nipple ring in its location, to make sure it was moving freely, then, when once again satisfied, he picked up two small pairs of what looked to be pliers and cleaned these thoroughly with another damp wipe.

'Okay, you ready to undo this sucker?'

'Go for it,' I said, before he gave a nod and then squeezed each knob on the ends of the bar.

He twisted the pliers in opposite directions and despite some initial resistance the knob on one end moved. He twisted them a little more, before putting the pliers down, then continued to undo the knob until it came clear.

'Right, that's step one,' he said. 'Next, I need to pull the bar out of your nipple. There may be some resistance, but it shouldn't be too bad.'

'Okay,' I said, before looking in Dallas' direction. He was leaning forward and watching Justin's every move.

Justin placed another wipe over my nipple and held it in place with one hand, then started to slowly pull the bar through my nipple. I could feel it moving. Slightly uncomfortable, but it wasn't hurting, at least not until it seemed to snag.

'Holy fuck!' I hissed through gritted teeth.

'That'll be the thread catching on the edge of the hole. Just let me wriggle that a little and it'll come free,' he said, before starting to move the bar around ever so slightly.

'It's uncomfortable, but not hurting too much,' I said, then before I had even finished speaking he pulled his hand back and help up the bar for me to inspect.

'All done,' Justin said, before dropping the two pieces into a small plastic jar containing some clear liquid. He was still holding the wipe in place over my nipple and took a quick look beneath the wipe to check for bleeding. I was watching as he did this and saw only a small spot of blood on the white material before he put the wipe back in place and asked me to hold it for a moment.

I did as I was asked, while Justin screwed the lid onto the plastic container holding the two pieces of the nipple ring, the pulled out an adhesive dressing about two inches square, peeled off the backing and then moved my hand and took the wipe from me, before sticking the dressing directly over my nipple.

'Right, that's the first one,' he cheerfully said. 'Want to drop your shorts and underwear for me now?' I could see Dallas smirking at me when he said this, before Justin added, 'You can help this time if you want. He's your boyfriend so it better be you who helps him chub up a little.'

'What?' Dallas squeaked.

'The process is exactly the same, but it'll just be easier if JJ's not totally soft, if you know what I mean.'

I chuckled as I pulled down both the shorts and boxers to below my knees and waved my cock at Dallas using one hand.

'Yeah, babe. You want to help me out here?'

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