Emo Boi Finds Love

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 44

This chapter is dedicated to the memory of the old gypsy woman who used to live across the lake from me. She assumed room temperature recently after a week in the hospital following a heart attack. As cranky, ornery and generally despicable as she was, I for one will miss her. Rest in peace, Almarita and may whatever God(s) you believed in bless you.

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While Kevin and Luke were cleaning, they had also kept their eyes peeled for any other of the little black boxes with the flashing red lights on them like they had seen outside by the patio. There were none anywhere that they were able to see. They were especially observant in the master bedroom – fearful that there may have been cameras there capturing their even more intimate moments over the weekend. To their relief, they found no sign of any cameras inside the house.

They finished cleaning up the house in record time. They had washed all the dishes by hand rather than waiting for the dishwasher. Luke even mopped the kitchen floor, which sort of shamed Kevin into running the vacuum cleaner in the living room, not that it really needed it. The only problem was how long it was going to take to wash and dry the sheets they had stripped from the bed in Thomas' room. That being the only thing they were waiting for to be able to finish cleaning up, Kevin and Luke were sitting together on the overstuffed leather sofa in the living room watching TV after they finished cleaning. Kevin kept getting up and going to check the dryer in the garage every few minutes as if that might make it finish faster – sort of like how some people will continually press an elevator call button expecting that will make the elevator get to their floor so much faster.

Kevin was dressed in an old green t-shirt, cut off so that it showed his stomach. The sleeves had been ripped off and the side seams were slit almost to the bottom of the shirt. His dark blue gym shorts were a synthetic mesh material that had a satiny feel; they reached almost halfway down his thighs. The holes in the mesh were about a sixteenth of an inch diameter – large enough to tell that he had nothing underneath, but small enough that all the details of what was beneath still remained just barely hidden.

Luke wore an oversized bright yellow t-shirt that came down to just about the same point on his legs that Kevin's shorts did. The shoulders were just as proportionally out of balance to his slight build, so the sleeves extended down to his elbows. He had on cut-off blue jean shorts underneath it, but they were cut so short that they weren't visible beneath the shirt and if he wore anything beneath them, there couldn't have been much to whatever it may have been.

Thomas and Tyler returned with dinner about halfway through the dryer's cycle. The washer and dryer were located in the garage, so it was obvious to them that the dryer was running as they unloaded the food they'd picked up from the car. Thomas paused for a moment to open the dryer and look inside. He shook his head and mumbled something Tyler couldn't make out as he shut the dryer door and turned the knob to restart the cycle. Tyler asked what he'd said.

"Just what I expected – the sheets from my bedroom," Thomas replied as he retrieved the box containing the ribs from the backseat of the car. Tyler was carrying plastic bags with containers of corn on the cob and potato salad.

Shakespeare greeted them excitedly as they came in from the garage with the food. Rather than putting someone on their ass as he would usually try to do, the huge puppy trotted alongside Thomas looking up expectantly at the box he was carrying. Food was more important to the puppy than fun. Thomas looked down at the dog and told him "No, this is people food," as he set the box down on a kitchen counter. "You can gnaw on the bones later." The dog seemed to understand and went to lie down at the edge of the kitchen, but continued to keep a close eye on the box containing the ribs.

Thomas directed Tyler to where the plates and flatware were kept as he started to unpack the food. Tyler set the table while Thomas piled the racks of ribs on one platter; the ears of corn on another then set them in the middle of the kitchen table. The tubs of potato salad went onto the table alongside them. Kevin and Luke remained sitting quite close to each other on the sofa, looking nervous while Thomas and Tyler set the table for dinner. They remained very quiet even after they were called out to the table and sat down to eat.

Thomas was still in the kitchen standing by the refrigerator when the three boys took their seats at the table. "I'm going to have a hard cider," he announced. "What would y'all like?"

Tyler replied that he'd like one as well, as did Kevin. Luke looked around the table at the two other boys, but mainly at Kevin before he said that he would too. Thomas eyed Luke suspiciously. "I know how old the two of them are, but how old are you?" he asked.

"Sixteen," he replied, looking a little embarrassed.

"That's a little younger than I normally allow to consume 'adult' beverages in my home, but since I happen to know already that you two were raiding my liquor cabinet all weekend anyway, I suppose it'll be alright this time," Thomas replied as he raised an eye toward the part of the table where Kevin and Luke were seated. Luke and Kevin both blushed. Tyler grinned.

Thomas poured the bottles of cider into chilled glasses and brought them to the table two at a time, serving Kevin and Luke first. They dug into the food and not a word was spoken until Luke had finished a slab of ribs and an ear of corn and was just pushing the last couple forkfuls of potato salad around his plate. "So," he asked nervously, "are there cameras inside the house too?"

Thomas kept his head angled down, but looked up with his eyes as if over a pair of glasses as he gnawed on a rib. The suspense was almost more than any of the boys, including Tyler could bear and Thomas savored the moment. Finally he set the bone down on his plate and studiously licked the barbecue sauce from his fingers. It was only when he had opened a wet-wipe napkin and started to remove the remaining sauce from each of his fingers one at a time that he finally answered. "Yes there are, they just aren't as easy to spot as the ones outside…" he started before letting the answer draw out with a dramatic pause. Luke and Kevin both blushed even more deeply and looked very worried. Tyler kept his gaze moving around the table and noticed that Thomas seemed to be getting a certain amount of amusement from their discomfort.

Finally Thomas finished his answer, "Not in any place you should really need to worry about though. I certainly don't have any in my own bedroom."

Kevin started to open his mouth to lie and tell Thomas that they hadn't used his bedroom over the weekend while he had been gone, but thought better of the idea, especially since the original sheets from Thomas' bed were still in the dryer, but also because Thomas seemed to somehow have known everything they had done so far. What came out was something entirely different…

"Um, listen, I know I've really fucked up and did a bunch of shit that I wasn't supposed to this weekend, but I really need to ask you a big favor." Kevin barely paused before continuing, "Can me and Luke stay over one more night please?"

"That's one more thing you've gotten wrong," Thomas answered. "That should have been 'May Luke and I stay over'," accentuating the errors in Kevin's grammar as he spoke.

Kevin gave him an irritated look. "Okay then… May Luke and I stay over again tonight please?" he corrected, adding emphasis to the same words Thomas had just done in addition to his plea for Thomas to agree with the request. "It's really important," he added this time without really meaning to.

Thomas picked up on that immediately, as well as the uncomfortable look on Luke's face from the corner of his eye. "Why don't you tell me why it's so important?" he asked as he pulled another rib from the rack on his plate. This was one question Thomas didn't already know the answer to and Luke's reaction to what Kevin had just said intrigued him. There was obviously something more going on that Kevin and Luke hadn't yet disclosed.

Kevin and Luke looked at each other across the table. The only communication between them was Kevin giving a questioning shrug. Luke finished gnawing on the ribs he had in his hands at the time, set the bone down and started wiping his fingers, one at a time with a napkin. He was obviously stalling.

Finally, Luke spoke. "I just don't want to go home right now…" There was the hint of a tear in his eye as he finally admitted this.

Thomas had been paying close attention to the interaction between Kevin and Luke. He could tell that Kevin knew why Luke had said this – or most of the reason anyway. 'There must be something very wrong at his home,' Thomas thought. He felt that he needed to know more about what was really going on before agreeing to the request.

"Tell me what's really going on then or no deal," Thomas finally spoke.

Luke exchanged a nervous look with Kevin before speaking. He told them the story of his evil stepfather, the mental abuse he inflicted and the looks he got from the man which caused him to fear eventual sexual abuse.

Thomas considered what he'd been told and sipped his cider while he assumed a thoughtful expression. He had no way other than intuition to tell whether or not the boy was telling the truth. He seemed sincere, but Thomas had met many accomplished liars in his time. Taking note of the look in the boy's eyes, and the fact that he was able to meet Thomas' gaze as he told his story, Thomas took a moment to consider what the boy had said and decided to believe him. "Okay, you can stay the night," he agreed.

Kevin and Luke both breathed a sigh of relief.

After dinner was finished Luke volunteered that he and Kevin would clean up. Thomas and Tyler went into the living room and sat down. Thomas turned on the television and tuned in a repeat episode of "The Closer." Tyler resumed his texting with Jayson, telling him about the house he was now living in. Texting eventually turned into Facetime, so Tyler plugged in his headphones and stepped out onto the back patio for privacy.

Tyler gave Jayson a virtual tour of the backyard as they talked. Jayson was impressed by the layout of the pool, hot tub, outdoor bar and backyard that sloped down to the lake. Without thinking twice, Tyler asked him if he wanted to see it in person. Jayson told him that he would, but would have to check with his Gram before setting a date.

When Tyler came back inside after he finished his call with Jayson, Thomas asked how his new boyfriend was doing. "He's good, and he's not my boyfriend… yet," Tyler responded. "But, I um, sort of invited him to come visit sometime soon, I hope that's okay."

Thomas smiled at him. "Of course it's okay, you do live here too now, right?" Thomas noted that Tyler's protestations that Jayson was his new boyfriend were diminishing, but said nothing about it.

"Yeah, but it is your house. I should have checked first."

"As long as you're living here, it's your house too, Duckling."

Tyler smiled back then looked around. "Where are Kevin and Luke?" he asked, finally realizing they were missing.

"Upstairs finishing their cleaning," Thomas told him. "They needed to finish doing the laundry they started earlier – I'm not letting them off without folding the sheets and putting them away."

"You're a cruel taskmaster," Tyler joked.

"You don't know the half of it. Just wait until you leave a glass or dish in the sink instead of rinsing it and putting it in the dishwasher."

"I'll try to remember that," Tyler stated sincerely, then giggled a little not believing someone might be so anal retentive.

"Don't laugh," Thomas warned. "That's one thing I'm very serious about. Nothing stays in the sink – I even insist that it's wiped out with a sponge so water drops aren't left in it."

"Okay, I believe you," Tyler replied, still laughing a little, but not really thinking it could be true.

Kevin and Luke reappeared a few minutes later and settled on the sofa together. Luke sat back and leaned into Kevin; Kevin wrapped his arms around his friend, pulling him closer. "We put all our stuff into one of the guest rooms," Kevin reported. Tyler had taken his bags up to claim his bedroom by then, but had not yet fully unpacked. He'd claimed the spare room that looked out over the backyard and pool for his own. That had left Kevin and Luke two rooms to choose from. They had taken the spare room on the front side of the house which connected through a bathroom with Tyler's. The other spare bedroom connected through a bathroom to the computer room in a similar fashion.

While they were upstairs folding and putting away the sheets, Luke had removed the oversized t-shirt he had been wearing, so his body was now adorned only by the tiny cut-off jean shorts. Tyler had seen the boy's naked ass up close and personal when he cannon-balled into the pool earlier to knock the other boys off their floats and he had seen the boy full frontal in pictures transmitted from Thomas' security system, but the quality of those – especially when viewed on the tiny screen of a smart phone – weren't exactly great. So, since Luke was now more or less flaunting his body in front of them, Tyler considered it almost his duty to try to get a better look. He was not exactly inconspicuous as he watched Luke while the boy squirmed around on the leather sofa across from Tyler's chair trying to find a comfortable position next to Kevin.

The legs had been cut off the pants to turn them into shorts so that all that was left was a little strip that ran between his legs that was at most three quarters of an inch wide. As it ran across his perineum for a couple inches nothing more remained than just the quarter inch wide seam that held the fabric together as a pair of shorts. Seeing this convinced Tyler that if Luke was wearing anything underneath that it could be nothing more than a thong; even that seemed unlikely.

Luke seemed to find it necessary to continually adjust the positioning of his equipment. This caused the lower part of his balls to come into view on either side of the seam. From Tyler's vantage point, there wasn't a hair in sight.

Thomas had been watching Tyler's blatant attempts to get a better look at Luke's package with casual interest. He grinned slightly at Tyler's reaction once some of the forbidden skin came into view, despite how little of it was actually showing. This was apparently not particularly comfortable for Luke as he almost immediately squirmed around again, finally sticking his hand down into the waistband of the shorts to pull his equipment back up and into a more comfortable position. The look of intense interest on Tyler's face changed suddenly to one of utter disappointment.

Tyler's playing the voyeur may have completely escaped Luke's notice, but like Thomas, Kevin was not oblivious to it. Kevin exchanged a look with Thomas as if to say 'Don't you see what's going on here?' Thomas just shrugged in reply as if to say it wasn't anything that either he or Kevin was doing, so what was either of them supposed to do about it?

Kevin leaned forward a little and pulled Luke back into him a little tighter. He whispered something into Luke's ear. Luke jumped up a moment later and scampered up the stairs. While he was gone, Tyler took drink orders and left to get them some refreshments; Kevin told Tyler what to bring for Luke.

Luke returned a few minutes later, once again wearing the oversized shirt. He ran down the stairs and leapt over the last five, nearly stumbling as he made his landing at the bottom. Luke resumed his position on the sofa, but sitting now with his legs crossed in front of him. The long shirt was tucked under his knees, forming a sort of a tent. "More comfy now?" Kevin asked him quietly, intending for only him to hear as he hugged the boy up closer to him.

"Mm hmm," Luke nodded his head that he was.

Despite Kevin's best intentions, Thomas managed to make out what the question was, which only served to reinforce the notion Thomas had when Luke first came back downstairs. Thomas grinned as Tyler came back into the room with a tray – there were three tall glasses and one short one on the tray. Tyler set it down on the table in front of the sofa and then handed Thomas the short glass – "Jack and Coke, very little ice for you, good sir," he stated, giving an exaggerated bow. Thomas took the glass and thanked him. Tyler turned and handed Kevin and Luke each one of the taller glasses and took the last for himself. He raised his glass to the other boys; "And Captain Morgan and Coke for the rest of us!"

The boys all toasted each other. Thomas smiled, happy that they seemed to be getting along, but excused himself telling them that he was going to his office to take care of a few things so that he would have less catching up to do with his work when he was due to be back from his brief vacation. Tyler plopped back down in the chair across from the sofa where he had been sitting previously. He took note, just a little disappointed that Luke had put his shirt back on. He'd enjoyed the amount of skin the younger boy had been showing off earlier.

They sat and talked, Tyler sipping at his drink; Kevin and Luke drinking theirs far more quickly. On his third trip to refill the glasses for Kevin and Luke while he had not yet even finished his first drink, Tyler returned with an ice bucket, the bottle of Captain Morgan and a couple cans of Coke on the tray in addition to the already mixed drinks for Kevin and Luke. "I'm sick of playing waiter, so you guys can make your own drinks from now on," he told them, grinning as he placed the tray on the table between the sofa they were on and his chair.

Luke craned his head a little to look back at Kevin. "Aw, no more cute waiter."

Kevin gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Maybe for you, but I still have a cute waiter," he grinned. "You're sitting in front, now hand me my drink."

Luke tried to lean forward to reach their drinks, but the table was just a little too far away and there was nothing close enough to use to brace himself. When Luke realized there was no way to reach the glasses without losing his balance and falling, he started to lean back to a seated position so he could kick his legs out in front of himself to get up properly. He leaned back just as Kevin started to reach up to goose him on the butt.

The two maneuvers; Luke's aborted one meeting Kevin's not quite executed one caught them both slightly off guard. Kevin was far more ready for the premature contact than Luke since he at least partly planned it. Regardless, Kevin achieved his intended result – Luke jumped up at the contact. Luke's standing rather abruptly caused him to stumble a little, but the table being placed farther away worked to his favor this time and he was able to use it to catch himself instead of falling over it.

Trying to catch himself, Luke spun around, but despite his best effort he stayed off balance. He ended up sitting on the table next to the tray holding the drinks. He checked the table around him. He had sat on the back of the long t-shirt he was wearing, stretching the back tightly against his skin as he leaned back on the table, supporting himself with his arms. Amazingly, nothing had spilled when he hit the table. He looked directly at Kevin, "I can't believe you did that! I swear, sometimes you're more annoying than a pimple on my scrotum."

Tyler couldn't help himself when he heard that comment. First he laughed, then he couldn't help but ask, "Dude, you've got zits on your nuts? Don't you ever wash down there?" Of course he meant it as a joke, but Luke didn't see it quite that way.

Kevin found Tyler's remark extremely funny and he burst out laughing. When Kevin was finally able to stop his laughter he stuck up for his boyfriend. "It's just an expression," he told Tyler. "He doesn't really have zits on his nuts."

Luke did not look amused at the jokes being made at his expense. He leaned back on the table, his arms straight out behind him to support his seated position. Despite his irritation, he had unconsciously spread his legs apart just a little as he faced Kevin. The long t-shirt he was wearing had managed to keep his 'private parts' private – something he wasn't even thinking about just then.

The expression on Tyler's face was impossible for Kevin to read, especially given the amount of alcohol in his system – both factors in his next action. He slid off the couch into a kneeling position between the sofa and the table where Luke sat. He put his hand on Luke's chest and gently pushed him back so he was lying on the table. He then pulled the t-shirt back exposing Luke's genitals. "C'mere, look. No zits," Kevin said as the cupped Luke's balls in his other hand.

Tyler did think Luke was very cute and had to admit to himself that he did want to see Luke's package up close and personal, but something about this situation just didn't seem right to him. Still, he edged forward just a little. Luke's pubic mound was very freshly shaved. That much was apparent even without a close examination.

Kevin used the hand that was holding Luke's shirt up to raise it even further. "C'mon, pull it off," he urged Tyler, extending the hem of the shirt to him as if an offer.

Something in the back of Tyler's mind was telling him it wasn't right, but he downed the rest of his drink and did as Kevin had asked. Luke extended his arms in a cooperative move to assist and a moment later he was completely naked in front of the other boys.

"See, no zits," Kevin repeated.

"Yeah, I believe you," Tyler assured him as he fixed his second drink before sitting back in his chair.

Kevin began massaging Luke's balls with one hand and slowly rubbing his dick with the other. Luke's head went from looking up at Kevin to resting back on the table. As Kevin manipulated him, Luke began to grow hard and his legs spread just a little further apart. Kevin took this as a sign that he should proceed. He extended his tongue, making it a dramatic display for Tyler, who continued to watch as he dropped his head between Luke's legs.

Kevin kept his head down for a little less than a minute, during which time Luke began to writhe just a little. His motions seemed to be held in abeyance of what they might otherwise have been by the grip Kevin maintained on Luke's rapidly stiffening rod. Tyler watched as Kevin's head moved both up and down and side to side. He thought it was very much like watching a porn video, but in person. Unconsciously he began rubbing his crotch.

When Kevin took a break after that first minute; he stood and pulled off the half shirt he was wearing. He looked right at Tyler. "Why don't you join us?" he asked. Tyler wasn't quite sure what exactly that invitation entailed, but he took a sip of his drink and decided, 'What the Hell?' and stripped off his shirt as well. His assumption was that Kevin just wanted him to take off his shirt; maybe get completely naked. He wouldn't have a problem with either; to him nudity wasn't that big a deal as he was more than a bit of an exhibitionist anyway.

Kevin then did something that Tyler didn't quite expect – at least not yet – he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and slid them down his legs as well, then stepped out of them. Almost instinctively, Tyler's eyes dropped to Kevin's mid-section. Kevin wasn't completely shaved as Luke was now, but his pubic hair was definitely well manicured. His cock was about half hard.

"C'mon, all the way," Kevin urged, looking directly into Tyler's eyes.

Tyler took a long pull from his drink and considered for just a second what Kevin was urging to do. He looked down at Luke, whose head was craned back, looking at him with what would have been an upside-down view. It was hard to tell, but Tyler thought the look on Luke's face was somewhat expectant.

Tyler took another large swig of his drink. 'What the Hell?' he thought and finished stripping off his clothes. Tyler sat back in the chair with his legs spread slightly apart and rested his hands on his thighs. Kevin and Luke both took a long look, drinking in all of Tyler's body for the first time.

Kevin picked up his glass and took a large gulp, downing nearly half of it. As he swallowed, he choked a little from the strength of the rum to Coke mixture. He set the glass down and knelt once more between Luke's legs. His plan was to entice Tyler to join them and so far seemed to be working. Just as he took Luke's dick and balls back into his hands Thomas came back into the room.

Thomas quickly surveyed the scene in his living room and shook his head. 'Looks almost like I've opened a home for wayward boys,' he thought. Instead of going directly upstairs after rinsing his glass in the kitchen sink and placing it on the top rack in the washer, Thomas strayed over near the sofa to make a comment. "I'm heading to bed. Don't break anything and clean up after yourselves." After saying that Thomas turned and went up the stairs without waiting for a response.

Tyler was the only one who even noticed Thomas' interruption. Kevin's face had already been buried once again into Luke's crotch by the time Thomas made his statement so his and Luke's attention were quite distracted from anything other than their present activity. Tyler looked up and watched Thomas as he turned and walked away. His attention then returned to the show on the table in front of him.

Kevin's head lifted slightly to come off Luke's dick before dropping down, his tongue extended to trace its way down Luke's stiff dick and balls as he moved even lower still. His eyes were locked onto Tyler's, who was returning his gaze.

They continued to stare into each other's eyes as Kevin backed away for a moment so Tyler could see him completely extend and roll up his tongue. There was little doubt what Kevin had in mind when he did that, and what little there may have been dissipated immediately when Kevin lifted Luke's legs to provide him easier access.

Tyler began stroking himself again as he watched Kevin begin to work his tongue into Luke's hole. Tyler finally broke the gaze he had been holding with Kevin and looked down at Luke's face. He had an expression that seemed to say he was in a state of pure ecstasy even with his head craned back as it was over the edge of the table so that he could watch Tyler.

Luke extended his arms as far as he could toward where Tyler was sitting. He hooked his fingers behind Tyler's legs. Luke pulled at Tyler's legs, urging him to slide further forward until he was finally at the edge of the seat in front of him. Tyler continued to rub himself as he eased up in the chair and watched the activity in front of him, gradually stiffening as he did. As he reached the very edge of the chair's seat cushion, his penis resembled an inverted banana approaching Luke's anxious gaze; starting up, but not quite stiff enough so it curved back down pointing toward the floor.

To Luke's dismay, it was still out of range of his lips, but in its only partially inflated state, the head was positioned almost perfectly. Luke started to try to wiggle a little to edge up on the wooden tabletop to gain the last couple of inches he needed. While he was actually pulling away from Kevin's tongue, Kevin continued pressing forward and Luke's squirming worked to his advantage. When Luke's lips met their prize, his butt was positioned almost perfectly at the other edge of the table.

Tyler had been having reservations about getting involved with these two, but had progressively worn down during the show the boys had been putting on for him; combined with the effects of the alcohol lowering his inhibitions. It had been a long time since Tyler had had sex – with anyone but himself – so when Luke took the tip of his dick into his mouth, that was all it took to drive him completely over the edge.

Tyler leaned forward allowing Luke to take more of him. A moment later, Tyler was using his hands to brace himself on the table as he lowered his groin to further penetrate Luke's willing mouth. Luke's hands now grasped Tyler's butt, urging him to go even further and Tyler readily complied. Tyler gradually lowered his body, closed his eyes and took Luke's dick into his mouth. From the smoothness of Luke's pubic mound as his chin rubbed against it, Tyler realized just how very freshly shaved it was.

Tyler was concentrating on returning the same pleasure that Luke was giving to him when he felt an odd pressure at the top of his head. He opened his eyes to find that Kevin's stomach was pressing against his head as he started to work his shaft into Luke's hole, backing off and then pushing back in again as he began to establish a rhythm. The cocktail table, sturdy though it had initially seemed, was starting to wobble beneath their activities. Because of the interruption caused by Kevin's change of position, Tyler suddenly became aware of this and recalled Thomas' warning.

As he pulled away, Luke's teeth raked along the top of his now throbbing dick. His exclamation of the resulting pain drew the attention of Luke and Kevin, who halted his nearly completed invasion of Luke's behind.

It was Kevin who asked; "What's wrong?"

"The table was starting to wobble," he answered. "We'd better move somewhere else."

Rather reluctantly they agreed to momentarily suspend what they were doing; separated and Kevin beckoned the other two boys toward the stairs. "A bedroom will probably be more comfortable anyway," he suggested.

He turned and went up the stairs, Tyler and Luke following behind.

Kevin led them into the room it was intended for him and Luke to share and stood by the bed. Continuing to resume charge of the situation, Kevin directed them to the bed and to resume their original positions from the table downstairs. Luke hopped up on the bed with only a quick glance of askance at Tyler, who only shrugged in reply, but remembered Thomas' warning that the dog had wanderlust during the night so he closed the door tightly behind them.

Kevin lifted Luke's legs, putting his ankles over his shoulders and pushed and tugged until he felt he had Luke positioned properly at the edge of the bed. He looked over at Tyler, still standing at the foot of the bed. "Well?" he quipped. "It was your idea to come up here, aren't you getting back into the mix?"

Tyler said nothing but went to the opposite side of the bed, climbed up and crawled over Luke to resume the sixty-nine position they had been in downstairs. As Tyler moved into position he saw Kevin reach for a tube of KY from the nightstand next to the bed. His attention was diverted when Luke once again took him into his mouth. Tyler sighed and returned the favor.

It seemed to Tyler as if they had been going forever, but in reality it was only a few minutes when he felt Kevin's hands on his cheeks, urging him to lift his head away from Luke's dick. Tyler lifted his head and saw that Kevin had already disengaged from Luke. "Switch," Kevin whispered. Tyler gave him a confused look. "Change places," Kevin elaborated.

Luke wasn't exactly experienced, sexually; but he did have an undeniable natural talent and was certainly enthusiastic. This made Tyler reluctant to move. Kevin continued to coax, and finally Tyler extracted himself from Luke's mouth.

Kevin climbed up on the bed to take his place and immediately took Luke into his mouth, but at first he denied Luke when he tried to return the favor, instead teasing him by holding his throbbing hard dick and keeping it just out of tongue's reach, but still rubbing the head against Luke's face.

Tyler watched this as he took the lube from the nightstand and rubbed a liberal amount not only on his own cock but also around and just inside Luke's hole. Tyler worked some of the lube around inside Luke, not even thinking that Kevin had already given him a thorough pounding back there. Tyler's fingers, first one and then two; working the lubricant into him caused Luke to writhe on the bed had his mouth not been obstructed, he certainly would have been moaning. Finally Tyler started to push the tip of his dick against Luke's anal ring. Luke pressed back against him, eager to accept the penetration.

It had been readily apparent to Tyler that Luke was very enthusiastic when it came to sex, but it was even more so now. Luke was writhing on the bed, clearly in ecstasy. It seemed as if Luke didn't even notice when Kevin rolled away to sit back on the bed and watch him and Tyler. When Tyler looked over at Kevin it appeared that the wheels were spinning in his mind – he was clearing giving something else some consideration. This caused Tyler to slow down and back off some, but not stop altogether.

"Why don't you get up on the bed on your back and have Luke sit back on you?" Kevin suggested. Tyler's first thought was that this would be more comfortable – plus he was getting a little tired from standing for the current escapade. Luke seemed not to hear.

It was only when Tyler withdrew and climbed onto the bed that Luke paid attention to the other two boys. "Why are y'all stopping?" he asked. "We aren't finished yet."

"He's gonna lay back on the bed and you get on top," Kevin instructed. "Then I'll come in from the back."

"You mean you want both of you to fuck me at the same time?" Luke questioned, astonished at the suggestion. "I'm not doing that!"

"I'm not either," Tyler said. "That's likely to hurt him."

"Aw, c'mon," Kevin pleaded. "It's something I want to try."

Luke looked like he was considering it, but Tyler answered him; "Then why don't you be the one that gets double-stuffed?"

"That wasn't exactly my fantasy," Kevin answered.

"Doesn't look to me like it's exactly Luke's either," Tyler retorted. He didn't like the idea of what Kevin had suggested and was starting to like Kevin less and less.

Luke plopped down on the bed, lying on the opposite side of Tyler from Kevin. "Fuck it," he said. "It's late, let's just go to sleep."

There was no denying the mood had been killed by Kevin's suggestion. Tyler thought Luke was right – it was time to get some sleep. He started to get up but Luke put a hand on his arm. Tyler looked over at him, and while Luke didn't say anything, the expression on his face told Tyler that Luke didn't want to be left alone right then with Kevin.

Tyler pulled the covers over the three of them and told Luke to turn out the lamp next to him. In large part due to their earlier alcohol intake, it didn't take long before they were all asleep.

When Tyler woke in the morning, Kevin was lying on his side with his back to him and Luke. Luke was snuggled up next to him on the other side with one arm over his chest. Tyler had morning wood and a definite need to pee. He didn't think it was going to be easy to get out of bed without waking the others, but it turned out to be easy enough to move Luke's arm, stand and walk off the end of the bed so he didn't have to climb over either of them. Once out of the bed, he did pause to readjust the covers over the other two boys.

Tyler went to his bathroom to pee and wash up. Strangely he wasn't tired, so after he brushed his teeth, he went ahead and showered. When Tyler got out of the shower he finished up in the bathroom and walked into what was now his bedroom. 'Kind of bland,' he thought. 'I'm going to have to make some definite decorating improvements to make this livable.'

Tyler was still surveying the room when the smell of breakfast cooking wafted up to him from the kitchen. He pulled on a pair of boxers and went downstairs. The first thing he noticed as he got to the bottom of the stairs was the state in which he, Kevin and Luke had left the living room the night before. He had to admit, it was quite a mess.

Tyler walked into the kitchen. Thomas had sausage cooking on the stove behind him as he stood at the center island slicing up fruit and tossing the pieces into a large bowl as he worked through each piece. He looked up as Tyler walked into the kitchen. "Hungry?" he asked.

"I could eat," Tyler answered as he grabbed an orange slice and popped it into his mouth.

Thomas sliced a wedge of cantaloupe and handed it to Tyler before starting to slice the rest of the melon to add to the fruit salad. "So did you guys have fun last night?" Thomas asked.

Tyler didn't answer for a moment; he was busy gnawing the melon away from the rind on the slice Thomas had just handed to him. Thomas could tell from the look on Tyler's face that he was pondering what his reply would be. Tyler took his time munching on the last couple bites trying to figure out exactly what the right words would be to describe his impression of what had happened in the bedroom, but without going into too much detail.

"It started pretty good, but it got a little weird at the end," he finally admitted. "Kevin got a little freaky. It was sort of like he was trying to use Luke in some sort of weird game and he wanted to pull me into it too."

Naturally Thomas was curious what Tyler meant by that, but he decided that rather than ask him questions about something that so obviously made him uneasy, he would let Tyler tell him however much he wanted to in his own way and time. Thomas didn't expect Tyler to open up about it right away, but he continued to tell Thomas about what had happened after they went to the bedroom. It seemed that once he started, he just couldn't stop until he got to waking up this morning with Luke cuddled up next to him.

Thomas just listened as Tyler told him about what had happened, not interjecting any questions. He was proud of Tyler; looking out for Luke's best interest as he had done. It seemed to Thomas that at least subconsciously Luke appreciated it too – or at least trusted Tyler. Then again, who can explain what people do when they are asleep or why?

Thomas and Tyler sat down at the table and ate breakfast, not waiting to see if Kevin and Luke were going to join them. "From the amount you told me they had to drink, I'm sure it will be a while before they make an appearance. Hell, they may not want food right away when they do anyway," Thomas explained when Tyler asked why they weren't waiting.

After breakfast Tyler went to the living room and cleaned up the mess that he, Luke and Kevin had left there in the wee hours of the morning. Tyler took his clothes and tossed them into his room, then he took the garments they had discarded and peeked into the room where he had left them a little while earlier. They were both still asleep just as he'd left them so Tyler just tossed their things inside and pulled the door shut.

About one in the afternoon, Tyler was lounging by the pool getting some sun, taking full advantage of the high privacy fence to get an all-over tan when Kevin and Luke finally made their appearance. They were both wearing board shorts with bright patterns printed on them. Kevin picked up Tyler's drink from the small table between the lounge Tyler was reclining on and the one where they had sat down side by side. He took a gulp and screwed up his face. "What is that? It's awful!" he exclaimed.

"Pink lemonade," Tyler answered concisely. "There's a pitcher of it over on the tiki bar if you want some," he added, nodding toward the poolside bar.

"It could use some vodka," Kevin commented.

"Did you eat anything yet?" Tyler asked.

"No, I thought a little hair of the dog would be better to start with," Kevin answered for them both. "You know, avoid hangovers; stay drunk." He chuckled at little at his own joke.

Tyler shook his head almost imperceptibly. Luke caught it, but Kevin didn't. "I'm sure there's probably some of that over there too," Tyler muttered. "After all it is a bar."

Kevin slapped Luke's leg lightly with the back of his hand. "Come on, let's get something to drink."

Luke got up to follow him stating, "I don't want any vodka in mine."

Kevin grabbed two of the plastic pool glasses from under the bar, filled them a little more than half full with ice cubes and then poured a couple shots of vodka into each. "I said I didn't want vodka," Luke reminded him.

"Nonsense," Kevin stated. "You definitely want some. It will help get the juices flowing again." He topped the glasses off with the lemonade stirred them with a glass swizzle stick from the bar and handed one to Luke. "Drink up," he said as Luke took the drink from him and Kevin took a big gulp. Luke took a small sip and followed Luke back to where Tyler was still lounging by the pool. Kevin sat back down on the lounge next to Tyler's; Luke pulled a chair over and sat on the opposite side of Tyler's lounge.

Tyler hadn't been trying to listen to what they had said to each other when they went to get their drinks, but he couldn't help but hear. He made a mental note to say something to Luke about it when they were alone; he didn't want to bring it up in front of Kevin. Tyler was growing increasingly less fond of the way Kevin wanted to be so controlling.

Kevin took another healthy pull from his drink, and suggested that they get into the pool. Luke merely shrugged in reply and looked to Tyler for his answer. Tyler agreed that it sounded like a good idea; it was getting hot and he thought it was time to cool off a little. Kevin stood and tugged at the drawstring on his shorts to release the knot, pulled the Velcro fly open and let them drop to the ground. Kevin gulped down the rest of his drink, set the glass on a small table between the lounges and stepped toward the pool. He stopped and looked back. Neither Tyler nor Luke had yet made a move to follow him. "Coming?" he asked.

Tyler finally got up and took a couple steps toward the pool. Luke stood, but didn't move forward; he was looking across the lake. The privacy fence around the back yard went almost to the lake's edge. It ended in a stone column on each side, then a stone wall that rose about four feet above the water line extended into the lake and ended in another stone column, nothing ran across the waterline between the two side fences so there was a clear view across the lake.

When Luke didn't move to join them, Kevin asked why. Luke pointed across the lake. Someone was sitting on a small dock on the other side fishing. "There's someone over there. They could see us."

"Nah, whoever it is, they're too far away," Kevin replied. "We can barely see them; there's no way they can see us." It was true, they couldn't make out any real details of the person fishing on the dock other than it was probably an older woman. Then he turned, took the final couple steps toward the pool and dove in. Tyler looked at Luke, shrugged and followed Kevin into the water. Luke took a sip of his drink, slowly placed the glass on the table and took a step toward the pool. He paused, considering whether or not to follow suit and drop his shorts. In the end, his modesty won out because of the unknown person on the other side of the lake and he dove in, still wearing his board shorts.

Kevin found this wasn't to his liking. He attempted to enlist Tyler's aid to trap Luke and remove his shorts, but Tyler wouldn't agree. "If he wants to leave them on, let him," Tyler replied. Tyler didn't like the way Kevin kept trying to impose his own will whenever someone else – and from what Tyler could see, this was usually Luke – didn't go along with whatever he wanted them to do.

Before Tyler was able to give Luke any warning what was about to happen, Kevin ducked under the water and pushed off from the edge of the pool. All Tyler was able to get out of his mouth was Luke's name before Kevin had reached him and was yanking his shorts down under the water. Luke was caught off guard and off balance. A moment later Kevin had surfaced and was tossing the shorts onto the pool deck several feet from the edge of the pool.

Luke was pissed and finally wasn't shy about letting it be known. "You little fucking BITCH!" he shouted at Kevin. "You always have to have your own way. You always have to think you know everything and you're always right. Well, FUCK YOU, you aren't!"

Neither Kevin nor Tyler expected this reaction, nor did they expect what came next. Luke shot out of the pool, grabbed a towel to wrap around himself, picked up his shorts from the pool deck and stormed into the house. Tyler looked over at Kevin, expecting him to follow Luke inside. When that didn't happen, Tyler went after him instead.

Tyler grabbed a towel on his way into the house, quickly wiped as much water off as he could and was still rubbing the water out of his hair as he went in through the sliding glass door Luke had left open behind him as he went into the house. As Tyler entered he wrapped the towel around his waist and looked around. Thomas was sitting in one of the recliners, reading. He looked up at Tyler and motioned up the stairs, correctly guessing that he was looking for where Luke had gone. Tyler muttered a thank you before following up after Luke.

Tyler found Luke sitting on the bed in the room where they had slept the night before, sobbing into his hands with the towel wrapped around his waist. His wet shorts had been dropped onto the floor beside him. Tyler wasn't sure what to do so he just let his instincts guide him. He sat down on the bed next to Luke and placed a hand on his thigh – not meant as a sexual gesture, but a comforting one.

Tyler knew he needed to say something, but the words just weren't coming to him. Luke turned to him and hugged him. "Why does he do this shit?" he sobbed into Tyler's shoulder. That didn't help Tyler's loss for words.

Finally Tyler admitted that, "Luke, I really don't know what to tell you. But you seem like a great kid, er… guy."

Tyler and Luke ended up lying down on the bed, just hugging each other, Tyler stroking his hand through Luke's hair and trying to comfort him.

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