Constantine's Awakening

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 2

Day two at the church camp started with a bang. Well, more like a crash or a clang I suppose. The counselors had split into two pairs, one pair coming down each side of the field where the tents were set up, one of each of them beating on a metal trash can lid and the other throwing up the flaps on our tents and shining a flashlight inside. It was just barely getting light outside, so the flashlights were necessary as they made their way through the meadow waking us up. It was Milo and Wyatt that came down the side of the camp where the tent Leo and I had been assigned was located. Milo was beating on the trash can lid and Wyatt was shining the flashlight inside the tents, at the same time both of themwere yelling at us to wake up. Fortunately, they made so much noise that we heard them coming and were already up and stirring before the flap to our tent was thrown open. It could have proved embarrassing for us if they caught us spooning as we slept.

One thing we didn't think about was that the sleeping bags were still folded over double and on top of each other. When Wyatt saw that, he grinned, gave us a knowing look and a wink, but all he said was, "Go up to the showers and get cleaned up. Breakfast is in thirty minutes."

Leo and I got to the shower room a few minutes later. There were sixteen boys at camp for The Awakening this year, but the shower building only had ten sinks and showers, so some of us were going to have to wait every day. Leo and I were among the first to arrive, so we were able to brush our teeth and shower without waiting this time. Most of the guys seemed to have gotten over their shyness and weren't keeping their hands in front of them anymore. There were two pairs of tent-mates who hadn't quite gotten there yet, but it is sort of hard to brush your teeth and shower while keeping your junk covered, the same with going through the serving line to get breakfast. That definitely required both hands. Their faces were flushed with embarrassment.

After breakfast, we all dumped our paper plates and plastic utensils in a big garbage can. A couple guys were picked to help the counselors clean up the kitchen and wash the pots and pans. About thirty minutes later, the counselors gathered us back together at the picnic tables to have the morning Bible lesson. I can't really tell you what the subject was, something from Genesis, but I wasn't really paying attention to what the counselors were saying. Leo's leg was constantly rubbing up and down, back and forth against mine, which proved to be quite a distraction. It wasn't long before the reaction my dick was having to what Leo was doing became something even bigger to worry about. Sorry for the bad pun, but when I say bigger, I mean that I was starting to get pretty stiff.

I nudged him with my elbow to try to get him to stop, I trying moving my leg away from his to get him to stop, but his leg followed right along. At one point, he even put his leg over mine and looped his foot around my calf to hold it so I couldn't move it away. It seemed like I couldn't win. This wasn't like getting a stiffy in school where all you had to do was make a subtle little adjustment in your pants and you could cover up that embarrassing moment that so often afflicts teenage boys. I glanced over at him. He had a wide grin on his face – he was doing this to me on purpose!

I glanced down so I could see both our laps for a moment. At least he was in the same predicament that I was, but he seemed to be enjoying it rather than being horrified like I was. I wanted to just scream at him to stop, but I couldn't do that; it would cause way too much attention. I really couldn't even say anything quietly without attracting attention.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the Bible lesson ended and we were released for free time. The moment of truth had arrived; we couldn't really stay at the table after we were dismissed and I didn't really think Leo would have let me get away with that, even if I tried. When the entire group got up to leave the tables, there was a little snickering from some of the boys who noticed the condition we were in and pointed around the rest of the group as they got their giggles. There were a couple others with exactly the same problem Leo and I had (even though Leo didn't seem to view it as problem) and a few that were about halfway erect. I guess that made it a little less embarrassing for me. But only a little.

As we walked through the meadow on the way back to our tent, I punched Leo in the arm. "What was the big idea?" I asked. "I know you got me hard on purpose." I was keeping my voice low so none of the other campers could hear.

Leo kept his voice down too. "Just trying to break the ice for some of the shy boys. And you saw some of the other guys were hard too…" We walked a little farther without speaking. I was just considering what he'd said. I didn't really understand what he was getting at. I just nodded and didn't press the issue. When we got back to the tent, I asked Leo what he wanted to do for our free time. He looked over and said, "I just sort of figured we'd grab the beach towels and go down to the lake. I don't want to leave here with a tan line."

I could have cared less about the tan line, but with the summer heat and humidity in South Georgia, going swimming in that lake sure sounded good. I suggested that maybe we could take one of the canoes over to a little island we could see in the middle of the lake. It might even allow us a little private time together. I really liked Leo and thought that maybe a chance to talk without other people around would be nice. I had liked Leo as a friend for a long time, but things seemed to be changing now; the feelings I had for him seemed to be getting more intense. It was like feelings I never had before were starting to surface, and they were for a boy, not a girl like the church kept telling us is the way the scripture said it should be.

Now here is where another question hit my mind about this whole church camp trip bothered me. This was supposed to be sort of a replication of the Garden of Eden – at least that was the logic they used to justify us having to be naked. But there it was just Adam and Eve, at least at first. Here they had separated the girls and boys into separate camps. That didn't make a whole lot of sense to me where the Garden of Eden thing was concerned, but I didn't really care so much since I had begun to realize that girls weren't what I was interested in anyway. Still, it was an incongruity with what they claimed to be trying to teach us, especially when you add that I swear the preacher tried to stick his finger in my butt in front of the whole congregation, not that I think they could really tell that's what he was doing. I'm sure I wasn't the only one he'd tried that with either. I decided to ask some of the other guys, starting with Leo.

When we got back to our tent to get our beach towels I pulled the tent flap down for a moment of privacy. Okay, it wasn't like we had to change or anything, but I wanted a couple minutes of private conversation with Leo. He was bending over at the waist picking up our towels when I turned around after pulling the tent flap down. I have to admit it, Leo sure had a cute butt. Better yet, I could see his junk hanging down between his legs to complete the picture. If only they hadn't taken our cell phones so I could have snapped a real picture of that to keep! Memories can eventually fade; JPGs last forever.

When Leo straightened up and turned back to face me, I must have had some goofy look on my face, because he asked me what was wrong. "Nothing," I told him, "just admiring the view."

Leo responded by gyrating his hips around, causing his dick to twirl like a propeller. Then he threw my beach towel at me. "C'mon, let's get down to the lake," he said.

"Wait a minute," I stopped him. "There's something I want to ask you about first."

He stood there looking at me for a moment waiting for me to say something before finally asking, "Well, what?"

This was such a personal question; I really didn't know exactly how to start. "Um, well… This might sound kinda strange, but after you stripped at the church, did the preacher try to do anything, um, weird to you when he was doing that blessing thing?"

Leo let out a small laugh. "You mean like sticking his finger in my butt?"

I guess that meant he did do the same thing to Leo, but Leo was acting like it didn't bother him. "Um, yeah… Actually, that's exactly what I mean. So, he did?"

"Yeah, and he got it in up to about the second knuckle I guess. Then he wiggled it around a little. There was a little spot in there that really tingled and felt good when his finger touched it. I started to get hard right there in front of everyone. If he hadn't stopped when he did I would have really popped a woody and maybe even squirted. How far did he get it into you?"

Leo seemed totally unconcerned by all this, as if it was completely normal. I couldn't understand how he could be so casual about it. "I clenched up my butt-cheeks as tight as I could. I wasn't about to let him stick his finger in there," I replied truthfully.

Leo sort of shrugged a little and said "You should have, it actually feels pretty good."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. That felt good? The whole idea still just seemed gross and sick to me. Well, I guess maybe it intrigued me a little what it might feel like, but I wasn't going to let some old pervert jam his finger into my butt. Maybe if Leo wanted to try doing that… After all, he was my age, he was cute and his fingers weren't nearly the size of the preacher's.

"Alright, let's get down to the lake," I finally said after a couple moments pause. "Let's leave the tent flaps open so it can air out… It's smelling a little funky in here." Leo opened the back flaps while I opened the front. We walked close to each other as we went down to the lake, close enough that our arms would touch from time to time on the way. I liked that, the simple feeling of Leo's skin brushing against mine. I guess this is when I made another realization this weekend. I had already realized that I'm gay and now it seemed that I was in love, or at least I seemed to be falling in love with Leo.

Some of the other guys were already at the lake by the time we got there. Some were swimming, a couple others just lying on the little beach and two were paddling a canoe around in the lake. Leo and I spread our towels next to each other and lay facing each other, propped up on one elbow. "So what do you want to do?" I asked.

"I dunno," he started. "Just get a little sun I guess and maybe some swimming later to cool off."

"What about going out in one of the canoes?" I suggested. There's a little island over in the middle of the lake we can explore."

"Yeah, maybe later. And the girl's camp is supposed to be on this lake somewhere too. Maybe we could find that."

I wasn't really too keen on looking for the girl's camp, but instead of saying that, I just didn't answer. I just dropped off my elbow to lie down, still facing Leo. He said nothing else for the moment either, but mimicked my movement. We lay there together for a while, just sort of staring into each other's eyes. Leo's eyes were a sort of light brown and when the light hit them just right, they looked like they had little flakes of gold in them that really made them twinkle.

We just lay there for a little while. We did turn every once in a while, to get sun more evenly, so we weren't facing each other the entire time, but I remember thinking that I could have stared into those eyes forever. I rolled back to a position facing Leo, but his back was to me just at that moment. I took advantage to admire the view; his body seemed perfectly sculpted: His neck, his shoulders, his back, those two round globes of his butt and his legs. I had focused my attention on the seemingly chiseled globes of his ass, but all I could think was how beautiful his entire body was. Then he rolled back to face me. I had been staring at his ass when he turned, so I was now looking straight at his dick.

It was as perfect as the rest of him and I couldn't take my eyes from it. It was only slightly different from my own I guess, a tiny bit larger and had that little bit of hair he had started growing just above his that I was finally just beginning to get, though you could barely see it unless you looked very closely. So far only I, and now Leo had been close enough to see them. I didn't shift my gaze at all when he rolled back to face me, despite my fascination with his eyes and a desire to gaze into them.

I heard Leo quietly utter "You're staring, and you're starting to get stiff. You better stop before someone notices."

"I can't help it," was my reply.

"Then we better go for a swim, I'm sure the water in the lake is cold enough to calm you down."

I have to admit that going for a swim sounded good. I was pretty hot from lying in the sun anyway, not to mention getting hot for Leo. We got up and ran into the lake until we were up to our knees, then dove into the water. We swam and splashed around for a little while, until I started getting tired. I swam over to the floating dock, the top of which was only about a foot above the water. I crossed my arms on the top of the dock and rested my chin on them, leaving my lower body in the water from about the middle of my back down. Leo came up next to me, mimicking my position.

We chatted idly for a few minutes about nothing in particular before Milo came down into the meadow and called for all of us to come up to the pavilion for lunch. This of course would be followed by another Bible lesson. Somehow, I didn't understand their plan. Every time we filled our bellies, which would get us sleepy anyway, they bored us with another one of these lessons. It seems to me like it would have made more sense to do the lesson before the meal as the prospect of food might help keep us awake, then after the meal we could do some activity to burn off the calories and stay awake. Then again, it wouldn't be too surprising if Leo gave me a little help staying awake during the next Bible lesson just as he had during the last one. I just hoped that if he did, it would be a little less embarrassing.

The counselors had made us cold cut sandwiches for lunch accompanied by bags of assorted chips and grape Wyler's. Looking back now, I guess that is what convinced me later that the "church" my parents had us in was really a cult. There's an expression "drink the Kool-Aid" to describe the people who blindly follow someone doing idiotic things – this from a couple cults who committed mass suicide, the most notable being Jonestown and Jim Jones. The fact is that they all actually used grape flavored Wyler's. If I'd realized that at the time, I would have demanded a Coke, I think.

Of course, Leo and I sat together again for this meal. He started by looping his right leg around my left, holding it by putting his foot behind my ankle. Unless you were behind us, able to see under the bench we were sitting on at the picnic table, you wouldn't have been able to tell he was doing it. Otherwise, it would just look like we were sitting close together. There wasn't anything too weird about that, right? I got a surprise when lunch was over; there wasn't a Bible lesson after all. This time it was a group activity – volleyball. It was supposed to be a "team building" exercise of sorts as well as physical activity. Apparently, there would be at least one of these things every day of one kind or another while we were at the camp.

The thing is, I hated volleyball. I didn't like any sports really, but this game seemed especially dumb to me. The counselors explained that we were expected to do our best during the game. Yeah, right. Then during the game, I noticed that while Milo and Wyatt were finishing the after lunch clean up, Colin and Avery were capturing the game with video cameras. For me, this made things even worse; here I was being forced to jump around, playing a game I hated, jumping around with my junk flopping everywhere, and now on top of that, it was being captured on video. I know it is just my imagination, because they were capturing all of us on video, but it seemed like every time I looked, it seemed like at least one of the cameras pointed at me.

At least Leo couldn't do anything to get me aroused during this, but here's where it got even stranger… Just knowing that the cameras were capturing everything and that they seemed to point right at me so much was starting to have the same effect. That got me more into the game I suppose; if I concentrated on that, I wouldn't notice anything else so much and reduce the excitement flowing into my groin because of the video being recorded. To make a long story short, it didn't work. It wasn't long before I was stiff as a board. On the other hand, this was a great incentive to play the game the best I could and get it over with as soon as possible. I have to confess that despite my distaste for it, I did quite well and we won easily by eight points, a few even scored by me, one by jumping for a spike against the other team.

As soon as the game was declared over, I grabbed Leo's hand and ran for the lake once more, stopping only long enough to grab our beach towels from our tent. I figured that the cold water would bring this damn stiffy down. Why did they have to have those cameras? I'm sure I wouldn't be having this problem if it wasn't for that. I didn't think of it until much later, but I wonder to this day what was done with the videos and pictures that were taken during this week's events. I never saw any of them turn up anywhere, but there's no telling what that lecherous old bastard of a preacher may have done with them. He obviously didn't have any compunction about fondling and trying to diddle young boys. I must admit I am curious if he did similar things with the girls.

Leo and I waded out into the lake and stood side by side chest deep in the water. I suppose my hard-on would have gone down from the cold water, but Leo reached over and began to gently stroke it. He wasn't being obvious in what he was doing as we stood in the water and talked; this is a good thing since several of the other boys and a couple of the counselors had also come down to the lake. Occasionally he would let his fingers drift down to gently tickle under my balls. This would have been more pleasurable if we were out in the warm, open air than standing in a cold lake, since the temperature of the water had my nuts drawn up about as tight as they could be. On the other hand, if we weren't standing in the lake, it would be obvious to everyone else what was going on. I'm comfortable with that now, but at thirteen, there was still a stigma associated with it that I didn't think I could handle at the time.

Then his hand was gone and he was turning to face the shore. I followed suit and turned just after him. The other boys on the shore were not paying too much attention to us, but the counselors who had joined us at the lake, Milo and Wyatt, seemed to be paying more attention in our direction than they were to any of the others. It was during a period where they had looked away to some of the other campers that I felt Leo's hand on my ass and what must have been his middle finger probe at me right in the center where my asshole was located.

I was glad the counselors were turned away, because I know I jumped a little. I had certainly not expected this and was caught very much off guard. I turned my head to look at him and asked "What the fuck was that?"

"My finger," he replied, grinning. "You should have seen your face. I thought you were going to jump out of the water."

"I knew it was your finger, duh!" I retorted. "I meant why did you do it?"

"Just to loosen you up a little," he answered, grinning. Then he jumped up to dive under the water and swam toward the dock. Milo and Wyatt were sitting on the end of the dock with their legs hanging down into the water. They were sitting close, resting back on their arms. Of necessity because of how close they were, each had a hand planted on the dock where the arm had to be behind the other's back. Oh, just to complete the picture, they were both semi-erect.

Leo surfaced right in front of them. He turned to look at me as if to say 'come on over', so I dove under as he had and swam over next to him. By the time I got there, he had moved to the edge of the dock and was resting on his crossed arms between Milo and Wyatt, one elbow on each of their legs. This meant that they had to separate a bit from how close they were sitting before, but it seemed to imply much more intimacy between the three of them somehow.

I surfaced right behind Leo and looped my arms around his neck. I suppose my dick was just above his crack because of the way I had my arms around his neck, I could feel it pressing into his back even though it was mostly soft just then. Then he started to wiggle around and move up and down. It was sort of like he was trying to get me to get it down lower and into his crack. It just didn't seem to make sense, but it worked.

I felt myself starting to stiffen up, so I released my grip and went back to swimming around between the dock and the beach. It would have just been too embarrassing to get a real full blown hard-on, even though I think that is exactly what Leo was trying to make me do. After a few minutes, the cold water had quelled my excitement, and believe me, I was not only quite flaccid, but I think my balls were shrinking up inside me. I came out of the water to lay on my towel on the small, sandy beach to dry off and warm back up.

Leo joined me a few minutes later. I couldn't help but look over his body as he walked across the sand and lay down facing me. He wasn't hard, but he sure as Hell wasn't soft either. He caught me looking and reached over to take hold of my dick. I flinched a little when he did that. "Stop it, someone will see you doing that," I told him.

"No one is paying any attention to us. There are just a couple guys swimming in the lake and Milo and Wyatt are sitting on the dock watching the guys in the lake," he replied.

"But someone could look, or come down from the camp, they'd see what we're doing," I protested. I meant 'what you're doing', but I guess I used the plural because I was enjoying the feel of his fingers down there, where no one else had ever touched me like this before Leo. His touch was very light; it was just his fingertips gently tickling my dick and balls. He was alternating between them, and it was definitely having the effect he was again (or still) looking for.

I guess we hadn't paid a lot of attention to time passing because it wasn't long before we heard the bell ringing to call us to dinner. Leo was semi-erect and I don't think I had ever been quite so stiff in my life. There wasn't much to do though – Milo and Wyatt were making everyone leave the lake area and head up the hill to dinner. They hadn't seemed to see what Leo had been doing, but they did nudge each other and grin at the condition our dicks were in; we could tell exactly what they were looking at. What short comments they whispered back and forth to each other, we couldn't hear.

As we got up and gathered our towels, Leo made an observation; "You're leaking." I looked down, and he was right. There was a huge glob of pre-cum on the tip of my dick. It was easy to see because my dick was pointed straight up. Leo reached out with a corner of his towel and wiped it away. He grinned at me and it looked for a moment as if he might lean in to kiss me.

I looked around and Milo and Wyatt were still there watching us. I could have sworn that when I looked over at them that they quickly released each other's hands. Wyatt smiled and told us to hurry up and get to the pavilion for dinner. I threw my towel over my shoulder and adjusted it in a way that it would help over my raging hard-on. I knew I was going to have to leave it at the tent on the way to dinner; I just hoped that I would at least soften up some before we were together with all the other guys for dinner.

Leo and I got to our tent and hung up our towels to air and dry. While we were inside, Leo once again reached out and grabbed my penis, even though the tent flaps remained open and anyone passing by could have seen what he was doing. This wasn't going to help me be less any stiff, and we had to leave the tent almost immediately to go meet the others for dinner. He was gently stroking the shaft, which is really not what I wanted him to be doing right now, but as much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to tell him to stop. "Come on," he finally said. "We better get to dinner."

I would say he was leaving me hanging, but that would really be the wrong expression. As stiff as I was, and my balls being drawn up close to cumming, 'hanging' wasn't exactly the right word for anything. Then Leo extended his index finger, wiped another drop of pre-cum that had leaked from the tip of my dick and put the finger to his tongue to lick it off. He smiled and grabbed my hand to pull me out of the tent to go to dinner. Great, just what I needed; a dick hard enough to cut diamonds and now Leo is dragging me up the hill to join everyone else.

It would have been best if we had been able to just sit down right away at the table. That way, there would be something to hide my "condition." But at a camp like this, you don't sit down and get served like at a restaurant or at home – you stand in line you get your food. Of course, at a restaurant or at home, you'd be wearing clothes, so it wouldn't matter if you had a stiffy; adjust a little and no one would be able to tell. When we got up to the pavilion, Colin and Avery had long aprons on that had a strap that looped around the necks and extended down to their knees. I guess since they were cooked barbecued chicken on the grills that this made sense. It looked like Colin's apron was being pushed out a little bit by something "down there". Milo and Wyatt were helping serve the vegetables and salads, so they wore no aprons. Neither was hard, but they certainly weren't completely soft either. Looking around, a few of the other guys there for The Awakening were stiff like I was, so it was a little less embarrassing.

After dinner, we had the obligatory Bible lesson of course. I can't really tell you what this one was about; I paid no attention at all. I was thinking more about what Leo had in mind to tease and potentially embarrass me again. The strange thing is, I was sort of beginning to enjoy his teasing. This time he teased me by not teasing me. Granted, this didn't get me hard, and I was sort of happy to have gone flaccid again for a little while, but somehow I knew that he was sure to think of something soon.

When the Bible lesson was done, the counselors led us in a prayer, again I wasn't really paying attention, so I couldn't tell you what they were praying for. I'm sure it wasn't the same thing I was. Once that was done, we were free to do whatever we wanted until evening vespers, which would occur just before mandatory bedtime. Leo and I joined a group for a game of touch-football in the meadow. Football has never been a game I have enjoyed very much. I've never been particularly good at it and I'm still not. I don't even care about watching it on TV. The team Leo and I were on lost, but it didn't really make a difference to me. At least the game was no opportunity for a continuation of Leo's teasing.

The running around in the meadow for the game did cause us all to work up a sweat, I guess that shouldn't have surprised me too much. I'm not positive who suggested it, but someone brought up the idea of taking showers before evening vespers, which would be starting soon. It seemed like a good idea, so all of us who had been playing retrieved our bath towels from our tents and went to the shower room.

I normally like a hot shower, but this evening I thought something more cool or lukewarm would be better. Leo and I were among the first to get back up to the shower room. We entered as a group, and when we did there were a couple other guys in there already. They were facing each other and were just a little too close together for only taking a shower, if you know what I mean. When the football group entered the communal shower area, they sure backed away from each other pretty quick. Both had stiffies, so even though no one saw them really doing anything, their hardness and the way they were acting sure gave the impression that they had been up to something.

While we showered, a couple of the other guys had their tent-mates wash their backs for them. Leo tilted his head toward a couple guys who were doing that and raised his eyebrows as if to ask, 'Why don't we do that too?' I nodded slightly to indicate agreement and turned my back to Leo. He started with my neck and shoulders, working his way down my back. His touch was gentle, and in a way felt sort of sensuous to me – but in a kind, loving way rather than a sexual one. Once he was done, I put my back to the spray from the shower and returned the favor for Leo.

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