The Boy With the Golden Eyes

by London Lampy

Chapter 14

Jack was once again sweeping the yard, he had another two weeks of extra chores and writing assignments to go, but as he had hoped in all the fuss about Elodie the caning had been forgotten, and he wasn't about to remind anyone. He wouldn't miss the sweeping when the punishment ended, the yard was cold, it was frequently rainy and the ancient broom gave him splinters in his hands, but the evenings spent in the classroom with Exit were another matter. They had worked out if they timed it right they could both get their work completed and spend a reasonable time kissing between Sister Oakley's periodic visits to check up on them, but since the evening they had spent in the attic that had earned them the punishment in the first place they had gone no further. The nuns had been extra vigilant since then, more on account of Elodie than them, but this meant that they couldn't even slip away to the book cupboard and it was causing Jack no end of frustration. The whole thing was only compounded by the small tin that he had been carrying around in his pocket for a couple of days, ever since Fletcher had discreetly handed him the Dr Lumen's at breakfast one morning. He simply couldn't work out how they could get to spend any time alone together, no matter that they desperately they wanted to. He sighed and adjusted his trousers, thinking about it wasn't helping any, just making him even more frustrated so he tried to turn his thoughts to the other issue that was bothering him, the recent strange behaviour of his sisters.

He had barely seen them, and hadn't spoken to them since the conversation they had had a couple of days previously on the subject of him kissing boys. It seemed that they were avoiding him, or at least Dana was, and making Jane follow suite. Three times now he had observed Jane heading toward him purposefully, then Dana grabbing her arm and dragging her away, he really couldn't work out quite what was going on and with almost every minute of his day accounted for he hadn't had a chance to find them himself.

Dana hadn't seemed at all shocked by their conversation, just curious about exactly why he preferred boys, which was pretty much the reaction he would have expected from her, while Jane had at the time seemed more bothered by the whole thing. So why exactly was the older girl now so keen to stay away, and keep their younger sister away from him too? Without speaking to either of them he didn't want to jump to any conclusions about their actions, but he did want to get to the bottom of it.

The bell chimed and he replaced the hated broom in the musty shed then headed over to the kitchens for his afternoons work.

"Not the potatoes again." He grumbled at Ward who was assigning him his jobs for the afternoon. "It's all I ever seem to do."

"You shouldn't be so good at it then." Ward said without humour. "Unfortunately for you you're the only boy who can peel two sacks in a row, and the one time I let you do any actual cooking you managed to burn the mince." Jack had to concede that this was true, and he reluctantly set to work on the spuds.

He had been going for about forty minutes, his fingers already numb from the cold water, when he was surprised to see Jane across the other side of the kitchen, her arms full of freshly laundered tea towels. She deposited the bundle into a store cupboard, then looking around to presumably check for the presence of any of the nuns she walked over to him.

"Hi Jane." He smiled at her, trying to gauge her reaction. "Doesn't Felicity normally do the laundry deliveries?"

"I swapped with her." She replied. "I needed to see you."

"Yeah." He said carefully. "What's going on with you and Dana? I could swear she keeps pulling you away every time I see the pair of you."

"She doesn't want me to talk to you." Jane's blue eyes were very wide, and Jack could swear she was nervous.

"Why?" He asked softly.

"Because she thinks Father Frederick is wrong, says that he's talking bullpoo, but he's not, he's a priest and how can she know more than him? She doesn't want me to warn you."

"Warn me about what?" He frowned, not liking where this was going, or the fact that Father Frederick's name had been mentioned.

"About hell." She wound a strand of strawberry blond hair around her finger. "About..." She moved closer and spoke directly into his ear. "How if you don't want to be damned you have to stop kissing boys."

He stopped and absorbed what she had just told him. "What have you told Father Frederick about me?" He said eventually, the hint if anger in his voice making her take a step back.

"Nothing, I just asked him about...that subject in general, and he said doing...that was a pathway to hell."

"And you think that's true?"

"Why would he say it if he wasn't? Please Jack." She sounded desperate. "I don't want you to go to hell."

"Jane, Dana's right, he is talking bullpoo." He felt a growing anger at the man for filling an impressionable girl's head with nonsense. "He's a fucking idiot."

"You can't say that!" She looked around the room as if Father Frederick was about to appear. "Please, don't ignore this."

Jack took a deep breath, trying to still his temper. "Jane, I think you'd better get back to the laundry room, we've both got work to do."

"But Jack..." She protested.

"Jane, go away." He growled at her, she turned and fled, and Jack was left with the answer to his mystery, and a whole new problem.

He was almost finished with the second sack of potatoes when he saw his other sister walking through the room straight toward him, she didn't seem to be carrying anything, or pretending to be on an errand. She nodded to him, turned and empty bucket over and sat down on it beside him.

"I haven't got much time, I told Sister Mackintosh that I was getting my period and I needed to go and fetch a towel from the dorm, but she'll notice if I'm gone too long." Jack felt that he didn't need to know quite that level of detail, but he appreciated the effort she'd gone to.

"I'm really sorry about Jane, I've been trying to keep her away from you until I could get her to see sense, but she got sneaky and traded jobs with Felicity, and I didn't find out until she got back."

"It's all right, I didn't like what she had to say but I'm kind of glad I know what's going on now, I was beginning to think neither of you were ever going to speak to me again."

"Sorry." Dana picked up a peeled potato from the heap and looked at it. "I didn't know what else to do."

"Don't even think about eating that raw." He glanced at his sister. "It'll make you sick."

"I know." She threw it back and wiped her hands on her grey dress. "I'd like to feed one to Father Frederick though, he deserves to get sick."

Jack let out a mirthless laugh. "We can't stop her visiting him can we."

"I could sit on he all evening, pin her down." Dana suggested.

"That wouldn't work, she's bigger than you."

"I could get some of the other girls to help, without Elodie around they need a leader, I think they'd listen to me." Jack wasn't entirely sure she was joking. "I've got to go." She stood up. "I need you to know, I don't care who you kiss, so long as it's not Mother Hardigan." They both laughed at this. "And the only person who deserves to go to hell is that bloody priest."

"Thanks Dana." He gave her a small smile as she turned to leave.

"Mmm, you need to stop doing that." Jack reluctantly removed Exit's hand from between his legs. "She'll be back soon."

"Sorry." The other boy grinned at Jack, not in the least bit repentant. "I couldn't resist."

The sound of the door opening sent Exit shooting off Jack's lap and back onto his own chair, fortunately it was Fletcher who entered the room, not the elderly nun.

"Fuck me, the pair of you look guilty as sin, and I think I can guess what you were up to." The dark haired boy entered the classroom and sat down at the desk in front of them, sitting backwards so he could talk to them.

"Fletch, not that it's not good to see you, but Sister Oakley's due back to check on us soon." Jack said, glancing at the door.

"Nah, she's not." He raised his eyebrows. "Not for a bit anyway, she just caught a group of the younger boys filling one of the bogs up with paper, the gods know why, and she's marching them down to Mother Hardigan's office as we speak, so I thought I'd come visit seeing as I was passing."

"You could do a bit of writing of you wanted." Jack suggested, as Fletcher peered at the books in front of them.

"Bloody hell Shithouse, is that your handwriting, or did a spider fall in the inkwell and crawl across the page?"

"I think it took a walk across his fingers too." Exit added.

Jack looked at his hands frowning, then put them under the desk out of sight. "I'm not built for classroom stuff, and I always get the leaky pen." He said defensively, the other two laughed.

"How much longer have you two got to do this for?" Fletcher asked.

"Another two weeks." Exit replied, blotting Jack's work for him clearly in the hope of improving its appearance, it didn't.

"All 'cos you wanted a bit of..." The blocky boy cleared his throat meaningfully. "...alone time."

"As far as everyone else is concerned we were stealing food from the kitchens, remember?" Jack stressed, wondering if telling the other boy the truth about that night had been such a good idea.

"I know, I know." He waved his hands. "You should have just waited until after the nuns had turned in for the night, then you wouldn't have got caught."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked.

"You don't think they stay up all night checking up on us do you? They do a bed check just after lights out, another one about an hour later, then they go to bed. The next time they count us after that is at morning prayers."

Jack and Exit looked at one another. "Are you sure?" Exit asked.

"For the gods sake, you've been here your whole life, haven't you ever worked that out?" Fletcher shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Jack though about it, when he had been unable to sleep the night Jane had found Elodie he had sat on the floor between his and the echoback boy's bed for what felt like hours, and no one had come into the dorm in all that time. "I think he's right." He said slowly.

"Of course I fucking well am, knowledge is power." Fletcher bridled.

"But you sleep in the other dorm." Exit pointed out, frowning in thought.

"Come on mate, the dorms are only one corridor apart, do you think they check yours more than mine?"

"No, I suppose not." The pair looked at one another again.

"But if by any chance the two of you do happen to decide to go sneaking off together in the middle of the night and somehow get caught, don't go blaming me, will you?"

The climb up to the attic was just as unpleasant as Jack remembered from last time, but the purpose for the climb was more than reason enough to brave it, and by the time he awkwardly lowered himself through the skylight his heart was beating as much from anticipation as from anything else. He stood and watched Exit easily climb up and shut the window behind him, even through the gloom he couldn't help admire the graceful fluid way he moved. Exit also found and lit half a dozen candles that were placed around the room. "There was only one last time." Jack commented, as the multiple flames caused flickering shadows around the walls.

"I brought some more up in case you ever came in here with me again." The echoback boy said with a small smile. "I also got these." He bent down and picked up a small stack of blankets that Jack hadn't noticed and began to spread them on the floor. "I thought they would be more comfortable than just the rug."

"Good thinking." Jack replied, he'd only brought one thing up to the attic, and now he was here he felt rather unsure about how to proceed. Whilst he had been fantasising about being inside Exit pretty much since he first saw him, he had never actually discussed the possibility of them having full sex with him. He wasn't even sure if the smaller boy knew it was possible to have sex that way, Jack himself had been rather surprised the first time Sam suggested it, although he had been proposing that Jack be the one to do the penetrating as Sam had bottomed before, and it hadn't taken much for Jack to come around to the idea. If Sam had been suggesting that Jack be on the receiving end that first time he wasn't sure he'd have been nearly so keen. After that they had done it the other way round several times, but Jack did much prefer to be the one doing the fucking. He really wasn't quite sure how to broach the subject, especially without scaring the other boy, after all as Fletcher had pointed out he was quite large.

Once Exit had finished with the blankets he sat down on them and Jack joined him, sitting behind him so the smaller boy was snugly encased between his legs. Jack slid his hand inside Exit's shirt from the bottom and stroked his stomach briefly, then unbuttoned his trousers and eased his swelling cock into his hand, gently stroking it until it was fully hard.

He took a deep breath. "Have you ever had sex?" He asked.

"With a girl?" Came the reply after a pause.

"No, with another boy...hang on, have you had sex with a girl?"

"No, I haven't had sex with anyone, I've only ever done what we did before...not with a girl though."

Jack kissed his jaw, feeling rather glad that he hadn't done it with anyone else, despite the difficulty of having to explain what he wanted to do.

"I really want to have sex with you, in here." He patted Exit's bottom with his free hand. "Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes...I think so." Came the reply. "You want to fuck me in the ass."

"Um, yes." Jack said, surprised at the turn of phrase.

"Kyle told me about it, but we never tried it." He replied. "You stopped moving your hand." Exit then complained, wriggling.

"Sorry." Jack started to stroke him again. "Do you want to try it, with me?"

"I think so, but I don't see how your cock would fit in there, it's huge."

"It'll fit." He said confidently. "We just need to take our time, and use lots of this." He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the tin Fletcher had procured for him and showed it to Exit.

"Dr Lumen's Balm of a Thousand Uses." The smaller boy read off the side of the tin. "What are we going to do with that?"

Jack removed the lid one handed. "Feel it." He urged, and Exit rubbed a small amount between his thumb and forefinger.

"It's really...slippery." He said after a moment.

"Yep, I need to kind of put a whole lot of that inside of you and onto me."

"Ah." Exit wiped his hand on Jack's leg. "Does it really have a thousand uses?"

"No, just the one, I think it's kind of a joke, or maybe it's to make it less embarrassing when you buy it."

"Mmm, feels good." Jack had scooped some of the lube out and was using it on Exit's erection. "Wait...where did you get it from?"

"Erm...Fletcher got it for me."

The only sound in the room for a few moments was that of a lube assisted hand job.

"That means Fletcher knows what you're planning to do, and who with!" Exit jumped to his feet holding his trousers up, glaring at Jack.

"Sorry." He hoped he hadn't blown his chance. "But look, Fletcher can get hold of stuff, I've no idea how, and he already knows about us. It was either that or...I don't know, steal some butter from the kitchens of something."

"Hmm." Exit frowned at him, and Jack had to resist telling him that he looked pretty when he frowned.

"Please, come and sit down again." The smaller boy did so, this time facing Jack.

"You really want to do this don't you?" He asked, lightly running his fingers over Jack's cheek.

"Yes." Came the quiet reply. "But not if you don't want to."

"Is it going to hurt?"

Jack looked into his eyes, the gold was nothing more than a tiny border around very dilated black pupils. He wasn't about to lie. "Yes, a bit at first. The more you relax the better it'll feel, then it'll start to feel really good." At least he hoped that would be the case, it always was with Sam.

Exit knelt up and kissed him softly on the mouth. "All right, lets try."

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