The Boy With the Golden Eyes

by London Lampy

Chapter 6

It was still dark when Jack woke up and for a few disoriented moments he thought that he was back on the couch at Nanny's, and he couldn't understand why his feet were not pushed up against the arm but hanging in space. Then it all returned to him, Nanny was dead and he was in an orphanage, and his heart sank at the realisation of where he actually was.

He had no idea of the time, but none of the other inhabitants of the dorm was awake, indeed several of them appeared to be snoring in harmony with one another. He rolled onto his side and realised something else, he was hard. It was fairly normal for him to wake up in the mornings with an erection, but at Nanny's he had normally had a little time to either let it go away on its own naturally, or for preference use his hand to bring himself to orgasm, latterly while thinking about Sam.

He moved his hand to between his legs and rubbed himself through the thin fabric of his pyjamas, it wasn't enough, but equally he didn't feel that he could do more with nineteen other boys asleep around him, if one of them woke and realised what he was doing he would be extremely embarrassed, especially if that person happened to be the one in the bed to the left of his next to the wall. He decided that the only thing for it was to find somewhere a bit more private. He climbed out of bed as quietly as he could, trying not to gasp out loud as his feet came into contact with the cold floor, grabbed his towel to hold in front of him and hide the bulge in his pyjamas just in case anyone else was around and made his way as best he could in the dark to the wash room.

Safely locked inside of the cubical he removed his ill fitting pyjama trousers and sat himself down on the chill closed lid of the toilet. Despite the temperature and the short walk he was still very much erect and he wrapped his hand around himself with a suppressed groan. He imagined that instead of his hand it was another boy's mouth, at first he pictured Sam sucking him, remembering how good his hot wet mouth had felt, but the blond hair kept changing colour in his mind until it was blue black and Sam's milky skin became a beautiful shade of burnished gold. He didn't try to fight it, and as the movements of his hand became faster as his enjoyment grew the the image changed again. Instead of being inside someone's mouth he fantasised about being inside their body instead in the way he had been inside Sam, but again it wasn't Sam's body he saw but another, smaller one, and he felt that he could almost hear the golden eyed boy making moans of pleasure and encouragement as he thrust deep into him.

Jack was getting close now and he hardly registered that the morning bell was ringing as his body tensed and his balls tightened, and when he came it was so hard that his semen hit the back of the door.

As he came down from his orgasm he gradually became aware that there were now other people in the wash room and he sincerely hoped that none of them had heard what he had just done.

He cleaned himself, and the cubical up, empted his bladder then stepped out of the door and almost straight into Exit.

"Good morning." Jack managed, trying to banish from his mind the image of the echoback boy naked that he had created a few moments ago.

"Morning." He yawned in reply, and Jack couldn't help noticing that Exit looked sweetly sleep rumpled. As he left the room he quickly turned to look back and he saw Exit standing at the sink cleaning his teeth, but it wasn't the ablutions that caught Jack's eye but the strange way one of his pyjama legs was distorted, and he realised that he had left something out of his fantasy. He could clearly make out the line of the boy's tail through the cotton fabric, starting at his lower back and reaching to his ankle, and despite what he had just done he felt a small charge of sexual excitement at the thought of touching it.

He made his way to the dining room, and when he got there was slightly dismayed to discover that breakfast consisted of nothing more than two slices of bread and butter and a glass of milk each. He picked up his meagre plateful and walked through the room looking for the girls, finding them sat together at the back, Jane's eyes were red rimmed again while Dana was sporting what looked like a cut lip.

"What happened?" He asked, climbing into the bench seat beside them.

"Elodie and her friends." Dana replied darkly.

"They said I'd wet the bed, but I didn't!" Jane sniffled.

"While we were in the wash room someone poured water into her bed then told one of the nuns that she'd peed it." Dana elaborated.

"So now I'm in trouble and everyone thinks I'm a bed wetter." Tears were now streaming down Jane's face.

"And you decided to get revenge for her?" He questioned Dana.

"I tried, Elodie has lots of friends." She looked away, clearly not wanting to admit she had lost a fight.

"Jack, please stop them." Jane begged miserably.

"I'll try." He replied, not knowing what he could do, but not wanting to let them down either.

Chapel came after breakfast, they filed in in order of age with the boys seated on one side of the large gloomy room and the girls on the other. The high windows let in very little light and the few electric bulbs overhead seemed to do little to further the light levels. Around the walls set on plinths were stone representations of some of the many gods and goddesses, their eyes were all blank as if they were blind and their faces turned impassively toward the alter at the front. Jack found himself sitting near to the back on a hard wooded pew next to Fletcher.

"We meet again Shithouse." He greeted Jack with a cheery waggle of his eyebrows.

"My name's Jack." He replied tersely.

"Yeah yeah." Fletcher dismissed him with a waved hand. "I've got a question for you, can you fight?"

"Can I fight?" Jack repeated puzzled.

"Yeah, you know, box." He made a few jabbing motions with his fists to illustrate his point.

"Never tried, why?" At that moment Father Frederick stepped out in front of them and the assembled nuns and children fell silent.

"I'll tell you later." Fletcher whispered. "Father Freddy don't like it if we talk over him."

During the prayers Jack surreptitiously glanced around the room. He spotted Exit a couple of rows in front and watched the back of his head for a while fascinated by the way his hair flashed blue when the light hit it. A movement from the opposite side of the room then caught his eye and he turned to see Elodie making her way to the end of her row and leaving. Jack decided to follow her, if he was going to have any hope of persuading her to leave Jane and Dana alone he needed to catch her when she wasn't surrounded by her friends.

He stood up and clambered over several sets of legs to get to the aisle, at the very back of the chapel he was stopped from leaving by Sister Mackintosh.

"Sit back down." She hissed at him, flapping her hands.

"Please, Sister, I really need the toilet." He lied.

"Wait until after prayers, then you can go."

"Please, I'm desperate, I wanted to go after breakfast but I got lost trying to find it and then I didn't want to be late for prayers." He gave her his best wide eyed innocent look.

"All right, just this once as you're new here, but be quick."

Jack flashed her a grateful smile and hurried out, feeling that he was lucky that it was the young nun who had stopped him, he very much doubted that would have worked on any of the others, and he would most likely have aching knuckles if he had encountered Mother Hardigan.

He realised his mistake as soon as he was out in the yard, he had absolutely no idea where the blond girl had gone, looking around there was absolutely no sign of her and he decided that his best bet would be to head for the main building. He spent a few minutes fruitlessly searching for her in the brown corridors and was on the verge of giving up and returning to the chapel when he spotted her up ahead of him coming out of the girl's toilets, he called out her name and hurried to catch her up.

"What do you want?" She asked when he approached her. She was pale, almost grey, and strands of her hair were plastered to her face with sweat. He considered asking if she was feeling all right, she looked far from it, but he decided to get straight to the point instead.

"I want you to leave Jane and Dana alone, they haven't done anything to you, our guardian just died, we're new here and you picking on them is just not fair."

"What the fuck do you know about what's fair and not fair?" She replied, leaning against the wall and narrowing her eyes at him.

"I know it's not fair to bully people for no reason."

"Huh!" She snorted, glaring at him, then a thoughtful expression crossed her face. "All right, I'll stop, and I'll make sure no one else touches them either, if you do one thing for me."

"What?" He asked, wondering what she could possibly want from him.

"I need money, I need twenty pounds."

"Twenty pounds?" Jack said incredulously, that was an enormous sum of money to him. Nanny used to sell off her surplus produce in the village, he doubted she made that much in a year.

"Elodie, that's ridiculous." He protested.

"Get me the money and you get what you want." She said walking away. "But I need it soon or the deal is off."

Jack wasn't sure that they had actually made a deal, he hadn't agreed to anything, and he could see absolutely no way he could fulfil his part of it even if he had.

The morning's lessons seemed to mostly consist of copying religious texts out of an old battered book. The girls and boys had been shepherded off to a different classrooms straight after chapel and Jack had been handed a few sheets of paper, a leaky ink pen and a stained piece of blotting paper and told to find himself a desk. He had left school over a year ago and was unimpressed to find himself back in the classroom, especially doing something so pointless, however the fact that he was sharing a desk with Exit made the whole thing not quite as bad as it would have otherwise been.

Each desk was designed for two students to share with a narrow bench seat attached, when Jack had walked into the classroom he had been unsure of where to sit, but he had seen the echoback boy alone and decided to ask if he could sit with him. The only problem Jack had was that the seat was inevitably too small for him which meant that he was pushed right up against Exit, which in itself he liked, but he was bored and his mind kept wondering onto the subject of what he like to be doing with the person next to him, and despite his self ministrations of that morning he was hard again. He decided that he needed to do something to distract himself before the lesson ended and he found himself in a very embarrassing situation.

"What's the point of this?" He said into the boy's ear.

"To keep us busy." Came the whispered reply.

"Couldn't they at least teach us something?"

"Apparently this teaches us patience along with the words of the gods." Exit's voice had more than a hint of sarcasm about it.

"What a load of bullcrap."

"Be quiet over there." Sister Oakley who was supervising the class snapped at them.

"Sorry." Jack muttered. He looked down, his handwriting was far from neat and quite a large amount of ink had leaked out of the pen and spread itself over his fingers rather than the paper. Putting his hand under the desk he intended to try and wipe it on his trouser leg, but he misjudged and accidentally put his hand on Exit's leg instead. He yanked his hand back quickly as soon as he realised what he had done, at the same time Exit squeaked, jumped and dropped his pen on the floor, as he lent over to pick it up the nun glared at them again.

"One more noise out of the pair of you and you'll stay behind during lunch." She glared at them.

"Sorry." He muttered for a second time, and tried to concentrate on what he was suppose to be doing. This worked for a while until he realised that he was growing increasingly hungry, he glanced up at the clock beside the blackboard, it read eleven thirty, still half an hour to go until lunch. Suddenly his stomach growled loudly enough for half the class to hear, he tried to ignore it but it happened again, and this time Exit looked at him..

"Sorry, I'm really hungry." He said as quietly as he could while his stomach protested for the third time. The boy next to him started to giggle, holding his hand over his mouth to try to muffle the sound. The giggling proved infectious and soon Jack ended up with his hand over his own mouth unable to stop laughing.

Sister Oakley banged her ruler onto her desk. "SILENCE." She shouted at the two of them. "You will both spend lunch in here performing chores, and if I hear a single utterance out of either of you before then I'll be sending both of you to Mother Hardigan's office."

"sorry" Jack wrote on his piece of blotting paper, pushing it discreetly onto Exit's work while wondering what was worse, his inability to speak to the boy in coherent sentences last night, or getting him into trouble today.

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