Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 36

"You're funny when you're drunk," Jack says, steering me out of the way of a lamppost.

"I'm no' that drunk," I reply.

"You are," he laughs, taking my hand and leading me into an alleyway between a row of shops and a long wall that marks the edge of a small park.

The others are still in the restaurant having after dinner drinks, but we decided to go back to the hotel together. Over dinner Jack kept telling me, very quietly, what he wanted to do to me when we got back, which was distracting, but kind of hot too. It was getting difficult to stay sitting at the table listening to Sampson's ramblings when my body was far more interested in Jack.

Before we left Shelly someone, Vin I think, finally explained to Sampson about Jack and me and exactly why he was coming to Kipp with us, and ever since then Sampson has been attempting to get his head around the idea. I think his time in the forest really did do something to him because he's trying very hard to accept the idea of us being a couple, but he did look kind of shocked when Jack, who doesn't seem to have any issues with public displays of affection, decided to try to kiss me at the table.

Jack backs me up against the wall, looks down at me then picks me up and kisses me. Normally I'd protest about being picked up, I don't like it when men do that to me. I might be short but I'm not a girl, however Jack is over a foot taller than me so kissing standing up is sort of awkward, and I loose any desire I have to complain when he slides his tongue into my mouth. Winding my legs and tail around him for support I kiss him back, he then licks and bites my jaw and the side of my neck.

"So you'll let me do this out here but not give you one tiny kiss in the restaurant?" he says into my ear.

"Mmm...'veryone I work with isn't out here." I push myself against him and feel his hardness touch mine. "Wan' you inside me."

"Here?" Jack questions..

"Yeah, wan' you to try an' fuck me through a wall again...but we don't got lube," I say, joking.

"Actually," he holds me up with one hand while using the other to pull a tin of Dr Lumen's out of his pocket.

"Why you got that?" I ask as he shows it to me.

"Why do you think? For moments like this."

"I wer...wasn't being serious." I look around, the alleyway is empty but that doesn't mean it's going to stay that way, Kipp isn't the kind of place that shuts down at nightfall.

"Scared of getting caught?" he starts to unbutton my trousers.


"Do you really not want to?"

"Mmm..." He now has his hand inside my trousers and is stroking my cock, I want sex, and I want it now. "Wha' the hell...les' do it."

It's not quite as easily said as done, but a few minutes later I'm naked from the waist down with my legs once again wrapped around Jack, but this time he's all the way inside me. I come to the conclusion that he must be right about me being drunk, because I can't imagine I'd be happy to get fucked in public sober.

Jack kisses me so hard that his teeth end up in my lip and I taste blood, then pulls back and looks at me very intensely. "I need both arms to hold you up so you're going to have to do yourself. Oh gods, I love you."

"Um...alright." I'm not quite sure which of those two things I'm saying "alright" to, but I put a hand between my legs and stroke myself, deciding to think about the love bit later.

"How's that feel?" he asks, starting to move.

"Good," I reply. Jack lifts me slightly and changes his angle, then thrusts hard. "Ah...fuck yeah...there!" He's suddenly hitting me in exactly the right place.

"Knew I could do better than just good," he says huskily.

Jack and I kiss as we fuck, deep wet kisses that follow the rhythm of our bodies. Knowing that we shouldn't be doing this here, that any moment someone could walk past makes the whole thing very intense and quickly I find myself at the brink of climax. Jack obviously is having the same experience because he breaks our kiss, rests his cheek against mine and tells me hotly in my ear that he's about to come, then unloads noisily inside me. I join him seconds later, coming long and hard into my hand.

When the final waves of our orgasms have died away Jack pulls out and lowers me back to the ground. I hadn't noticed while we were fucking, but now I can feel a sharp pain in my back where my spine was pressed against the bricks.

"Can't believe we did tha'," I say while Jack licks my spunk covered hand clean.

"Mmm...I must be a bad influence on you," he mumbles in reply.

"Think we're a bad influ...influence on each other," I laugh, trying not to overbalance as I pull my trousers back on, then realising that the rest of the walk back to the hotel is going to be a rather damp and sticky one.

Once I've finished dressing and Jack has everything tucked back into his underwear he slips his hand into mine and we go to leave the ally when I notice something moving. It's a man standing a few feet away, and he also looks like his doing up his fly buttons. I stare at him in surprise, he grins back and gives me wink.

"That was the damn prettiest thing I've seen in years." The strange man says, leaning against the wall and lighting up a cigarette. "A big solider and a pretty little monkey boy, I'm keeping that up here," he taps his head. I'm half expecting Jack to be annoyed at the man, but instead he just laughs and nods to him as we walk past.

"You think he saw the whole thing?" I say, glancing back at the alleyway once we get out onto the street.

"Yeah, I guess he did, probably made his year," he sounds very amused.

Jack leads me along by the hand until we find the hotel again, just outside the front doors Vio is standing enjoying a cheroot. "Where the fuck have you two been? You left ages ago," she frowns as we approach.

"We went the back way," Jack tells her. From the tone of his voice I can tell exactly what he means by this and I find myself bursting in giggles.

"Oh gods, I don't want to know," she rolls her eyes at me, getting his meaning too.

"It were his fault," I point up at Jack. "He led me 'stray."

"That I don't believe, " she blows out a stream of blue smoke. "And you're very drunk."

"Actually I kind of did," Jack says, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around me.

"An' I'm not that drunk," I lean back against him, then giggle again, kind of ruining my protest.

"You are," she then looks at Jack. "And you might not be quite as drunk as him but you're as both as bad as each other."

"Everyone else back?" I ask before she gives us some sort of lecture.

"Yeah, I left Tippit upstairs having a shower." They're sharing a room, Sampson agreed to pay for one extra room only, he hasn't changed that much, and Vin wasn't going to share with Tippit so he's in with Vio. "He got some good news, your ex offered him a job."

"Hu?" I frown.

"Ry," she sighs. "Who else did you think I meant?" I feel Jack's arms tighten around me at the mention of Ry's name. "He was having dinner in the same restaurant as us, remember?"

"Oh...yeah." He was there, and ended up joining our table.

"Well, he got talking to Tippit and found out that he had a lot of service experience." As a slave, but then Tippit doesn't quite see it that way. "And apparently his butler is really old and needs some help."

"Tha's nice for Tippit." Dawkins might be really old, but I can't see him being happy that Ry thinks he needs help, I wonder how he'll take to Tippit?.

"Yes, it is," she agrees. "He deserves some good luck. Huh, Tippit got a job, you and Jack got each other, Sampson got a conscience and all I got was a whole load of fucking insect bites."

"Vin got a bollocking off Zale 'cos he lose Sampson," I point out. "I'd take bites over that."

"True," she laughs. "Perhaps I should count my fucking blessings."

"An' you got Caddy watin' at home."

"Yeah," she smiles. "And the sooner we get out of this stinking shit hole city and head home the better."

Jack is lying on the bed naked when I come out of the bathroom, it's a sight I'll never get bored of seeing. "Goin' to miss you," I say, jumping onto the bed next to him.

"We've got a couple of weeks left, then I'll come and visit you as soon as I can." His fingers graze my tail.

I put my hand between his legs and stroke him there, his cock starts to harden again. "How soon tha's goin' to be?"

"Don't know, a month maybe."

"A month without this?" I squeeze his erection.

"Yeah, we'll both have to do a lot of this." He mimes masturbating.

"S'not the same though."

"Better fuck as much as we can now then." He pulls me on top of him and kisses me, running his hands down my back to my tail and ass, exploring them with his fingertips. I sit up with my legs either side of his thighs and look down at him.

"Ya know wha' you said...did you mean it?" I ask.

"Yes, I'm going to make the most of the next to weeks." He strokes my legs.

"Wha...?" I frown. "No...I don' mean that...I mean when we were doing it in that ally you said you loved me."

"Of course I fucking love you, I always have." I touch his face, I'm in no doubt that he's telling the truth. Jack stares at me as if he's waiting for something. "Well?" he says after a few seconds.

"Well?" I repeat puzzled. "Well wha'?"

"I just told you I loved you, again." I blink at him, then finally get it.

"You wan' me to tell you what you said back?"

"Only if you mean it." He draws his eyebrows down in a frown, looking serious and a little unhappy.

Leaning forward I kiss him very softly, then say "I love you Jack," into his ear, because I do, but it's not an easy thing to say out loud.

He says nothing in reply, but instead wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly for a long long time. When he finally loosens his embrace he kisses me, kissing along my neck and jaw until he reaches my mouth where I meet his lips with my tongue. I wriggle against him, rubbing our erections together, then sit up straddling him again.

"I wan' go on top," I tell him. "Goin' ride you 'til you come hard."

"You read my mind," he grins at me.

I lube up, then ease him inside me slowly, sitting down on him a tiny bit at a time. "Ah...fuck," he groans. "Never met anyone who could do that quite like you."

"Tha' cos it takes strong legs and a tail to keep balance," I reply as the last inch slides in.

I move my hips, grinding into him as he wraps his hand around my cock and massages me, lifting my body then pushing back down makes him growl deep in his throat. I watch his face as I do it again and again, he's biting his bottom lip and has his eyes half closed. I might not be inside of him but I'm still fucking him, still in charge, and it feels so good to see how my every move makes his muscles tighten and shift beneath his tanned skin. Speeding up and slowing down I change pace, pushing not only Jack but also myself to the very edge of orgasm, then stop dead and don't move again until I know that the moment has passed, then start the whole thing all over again. I use my hands too, rubbing his nipples until they're hard little bumps, even reaching around behind me to play with his tight balls and wriggle my finger between his ass cheeks to touch his hole.

"I've got to come," he pants as I'm attempting to push my fingertip into him. He squeezes my thighs to set a rhythm, making me carry out my promise of riding him hard.

The friction from his hand and the rubbing of his huge cock so far inside me is wonderful, and almost without warning I come, arching my back and shooting strings of white liquid over Jack's chest and stomach. He's not far behind me and as I'm ejaculating all over him I can feel my internal muscles spasm around his shaft, and soon he's shouting out my name and pushing his hips off the bed as he climaxes, filling me.

Panting I let myself fall onto him and he holds me close, and this time neither of us needs to say it. I love Jack, and Jack loves me, and if the world stopped right at this moment I would be happy.

Of course the world never does stop. The summit went on for another two days, there were details to be finalised and agreements to be reached but in the end all the companies signed the forest treaty, agreeing to end slavery once and for all, even if, as Jack put it, most of them were more of less blackmailed into it.

With everything wrapped up in Kipp we boarded the ship back home to the Twin Islands. Sampson's paying for Jack's passage, or as he said to me, "your paramour's journey back to his homeland". I wasn't sure what "paramour" meant, and I thought it might be something insulting, but Vio assured me it was nothing more than an old fashioned word for boyfriend. Vio paid for Tippit's ticket, on the understanding that he pays her back once he's started his new job. The two of them are sharing a cabin, although I keep finding Tippit napping in deckchairs because her snoring is keeping him awake at night, I think he'll be glad when we reach the city.

The pictures that the man from the newspaper took came out really well, and as promised he let us have two copies for free, when I get home I'm going to get mine framed and put it on my mantelpiece. By the time we get to Parnell Jack will have a little over a week before he's due to start his new posting, although he plans to leave a day early so he can visit his sister Jane on the way.

At the end of our second day at sea Jack and I are standing at the rail watching the sun set over the water, with me telling him how much I miss sailing.

"Yeah, but if you were a sailor then we'd never see each other. At least with you doing whatever the hell it is you do in Parnell I know where you're going to be most of the time."

"I guess, and I've told you before, I'm an investigator."

"It seems more like you and the others are Sampson's private police force."

"That's about right, but I'm not very good at it really, they only employ me because I can climb things and see in the dark."

"Bullshit!" Jack retorts. "From everything you've told me they're lucky to have you working for them."

I lean my head against his arm, I don't think he's right but I'm glad he thinks like that. I'm going to miss him far too much when he leaves. "I'm sorry I have to work when we get back, but Vin wouldn't let me have the week off," I sigh.

"That's hardly surprising, stupid bastard."

"He's not that bad. We do all need to get back to the office, we've been gone a long time, and he's jealous of you."

"Good," Jack kisses the top of my head. "He doesn't deserve you."

"And you do?" I ask teasingly.

"Probably not, I've done far too many bad things," he laughs. "But I've got you, and I love you."

"Love you too," I reply. I'm getting much better at saying it. In response he winds his arm around me and we stay like that together until the sun has disappeared below the horizon and the first of the night's starts have come out.

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