Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 32

I wash every part of me at least three times until the tiny cake of soap that the hotel has provided dissolves away into nothing, then reluctantly turn off the shower and wrap myself in a scratchy towel to dry and let myself out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I can only assume that the visk on the front desk gave us this room as an act of revenge, to get into the room from the bathroom I have to climb over the bed as it blocks the doorway and the bed itself take up almost the whole of the room. Jack's pack occupies all of the available floor space and the room's single window is jammed open, letting in all the noise from the street below, but I don't give a damn. I'm clean and I'm going to sleep in a real bed tonight.

Jack's not in the room, he went out to get some food and hasn't come back yet. Once I'm dry I'm left with the problem of what to wear, I feel a bit strange about the idea of being naked or only wearing a towel in front of Jack, but I really really don't want to put my shorts back on either, they're filthy. The only solution seems to be Jack's shirt again, I feel ridiculous in it but it's better than nothing.

"Why are you wearing that?" Jack laughs, looking at me sitting on the bed as he lets himself back in, his hands full of paper wrapped packages.

"Because I don't have anything else."

"Then don't wear anything, I don't mind," he grins.

"What did you get?" I ask to change the subject.

"I'm not too sure, I just asked the man on the stall for one of everything, I got you this too," he dumps the packages on the bed, pulls another, longer package out of his pocket and passes it to me. Inside is some sort of long, thin cake covered in sugar.

"What is it?"

"Fried dough I think, looked like the sort of thing you like."

I take a bite, it's still warm and has cinnamon mixed in with the sugar. It is the sort of thing I like.

"That's meant to be for after," he frowns at me. I shrug and carry on eating.

"Got these too," he produces a couple of bottles of beer from his other pocket. "Want one?"

"Mumph," I say through a mouthful of fried dough.

The rest of the food turns out to be flat bread stuffed with meat and vegetables, I eat one and Jack eats the rest. It's alright but not as good as the fried dough thing and I wish he'd bought more of them. Once we've finished Jack showers while I kneel on the bed, stick my head out of the window to watch the goings on below. I'd think that this was the bad part of town if the whole place hadn't looked like this, and while Jack's washing I see three separate fights break out, one of them between two women.

"Interesting?" I hear him ask from behind me as the bathroom door opens.

"Yep," I reply. "A woman with red hair just hit a Surosian looking woman with her shoe." He laughs and I hear the bed creak loudly as he comes to look too.

"Fights between women are the worst. If you try and break them up they'll hit you, but you can't hit them back."

"I wouldn't even try," I say, wincing as the Surosian woman bites the other one on the wrist. I feel Jack move his hand under the shirt I'm wearing and wrap his arm around my waist.

"Don't," I say.

"Why?" he asks, ducking back into the room. "You're not with anyone, neither am I, it feels kind of right."

I follow him back inside. "Because I'm going home," I look at him, he's completely naked.

"I know," he agrees. "But not yet."

"That's not the..." I stare up at the cracked ceiling, fixing my gaze on a cobweb. "Please put some clothes on, I can't talk about this while you're in the nude." I continue to look at the cobweb while he shuffles around, the bedsprings squeaking with his every move.

"Better?" he asks. I look round, he's wearing underpants, and nothing else.

"Not much." I have to try very very hard to keep focused on his face and not to get distracted by the freckles on his shoulders, or the line of dark hair running down from his navel. "Look, in a few days time I'll be on the boat back to the Twin Islands, and you'll still be here. I don't want...I don't want to loose you again so it would be easier not to have you," he grins. "Alright, bad choice of phrase, but do you understand?"

"I do understand."

"Good." I know it makes sense, but my body is not happy.

"But," Jack says, touching my hair. "What about if I come home with you?"

"Come home with me?" I repeat, frowning.

"Yes, it's something I've been thinking about doing for a while. I've been out here over three years now so I could easily ask to be transferred back home. I'd like to see Dana and Jane again, particularly Jane, I always felt bad about leaving her after...what happened to her. I know she wants to see me too, she writes to me every month and tells me how much she misses me."

"Would you live in Parnell?" I ask him.

"No, we don't have a base there, but we have one a few hours train journey away, I'd come and visit you when I could."

Do I want that? Jack sometimes, Jack in the army, Jack who might disappear back up here again.

"But what about all the stuff you ran away from in the first place?"

"Some of that's changed, and some hasn't, but I can't run forever."

I look into his hazel eyes, he's not the sort of person who can keep his emotions off his face, and I can see he means every word he says. "How do I know you're not going to leave again?" I ask.

"You don't, and neither do I, but how do I know you'll want to keep seeing me if I come back? From everything you've told me you're not exactly the shy little boy I knew in the orphanage any more."

What does he mean by that? "What do you mean by that?"

"Um..." he runs his hand over his cropped hair. "Just that you've had quite a few...boyfriends from the sounds of it."

"So fucking what? Was I meant to to take some sort of vow of celibacy like the nuns just in case you ever decided to come home? You can't tell me that you've not had sex with anyone else since me."


"Oh gods, haven't you?" I can't believe he hasn't.

"Didn't you know, soldiers take vows of celibacy too?" If he'd managed to say this with a straight face I might have believed him, at least for a few seconds. He then completely ruins it by laughing.

"You shit!" I punch him in the arm, he hardly notices.

"Sorry," he laughs even harder, making the bed shake and squeak. "You should have seen your face, I wasn't trying to make out that you're some sort of slut." I get a sudden image of Vio raising her pale eyebrows at me. "What I was trying to say was you might get bored of me and find someone else."

"Oh," I frown at him. "So have you had sex with a lot of men since me?"

"Have you?" he throws back.

We look at each other for a few awkward seconds. "Perhaps we should change the subject?" he suggests.

"Yeah," I agree, relieved.

"Take my shirt off."


"Because I want to see you naked."

"Do you promise you're going to come home?"

"Yes," he nods. So I pull the shirt off over my head and throw it off the end of the bed.

Jack simply stares at me for a long time. "Gods you're lovely," he breaths eventually.

We lie back on the bed together and Jack runs his hand slowly over my body. Starting at my face his fingers travel across my chest, make a diversion to caress my arm then head across my stomach and down between my legs where they make a stop to touch my hardening flesh, stroking me until I gasp.

"When I first saw you back in the orphanage I thought that you were the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen," he looks into my eyes, "and I still do."

"I'm not a boy any more," I say as his hand changes direction and travels back up my torso.

"Sorry," touches my face again. "You're right, you're not, but you are still beautiful."

He leans forward and kisses me, a single soft, short kiss on my mouth that reminds me of the very first time he kissed me. I liked him so much but was afraid to tell him, assuming that he wouldn't feel the same, that he would be horrified at finding out another boy had a crush on him. Then he managed to get me out of the orphanage for the night, and I was so grateful for that, and for the fact I was getting to spend time with him that I hadn't even considered that he might want to kiss me, then he did, and it was the very best moment of my life up to that point.

I take his hand in mine, the skin on his palm is rough, the way mine was when I was sailing, and when I run my thumb over his knuckles I can feel how badly scarred he is there. I bring his hand up to my mouth to kiss it, sliding my tongue over his scars and between his fingers.

"I really want to be inside you, is that alright?" he asks.

"You can say fuck, I don't mind," I smile. "And the answer is yes."

Before he can say anything else I kiss him on the mouth, rolling onto him until he's lying on his back and I'm on top. He wraps his arms around me and strokes along my back with his calloused hands as we kiss deeply. It feels so good to be kissing Jack again, his body is warm and solidly muscled under mine, just the way I remember. He's still wearing his underpants but he's much too large to be contained in them and most of his cock is sticking out, just asking to be played with. I put my hand between us to touch him and find that I can barely get my fingers to meet when I wrap my hand around him, which is also just the way I remember..

The slightest move we make causes the bed to creak loudly, and as I help Jack out of his underpants it makes a noise like a screaming cat that sets us both off laughing.

"You think it's going to hold up?" I ask, jumping back on top of him and feeling the mattress dip under our combined weight.

"Possibly not," he grins. "Want to find out?"


"Turn over and lie on your front."

I do as he asks, and he kisses my shoulders and back while playing with the crease of my tail and my ass. It feels so good, even better than normal because it's Jack doing it. He moves his mouth along the length of my spine until he reaches my tail, then kisses that while letting the tip run between his fingers.

"Missed this," he says, lifting it to caress the underside. "I love your tail."

"Mmm..." I wriggle under his touch. "You've been living up here for a long time, didn't you ever do it with any other echobacks?"

"One time," he admits, tickling the sensitive base. "It was...not that great."

"Why, wasn't he very good?"

"He was fine, he just wasn't you, and I kept wanting him to be."

"Oh...mmm." He licks and sucks the crease of my tail, then does the same to my ass, making me squirm with pleasure, which in turn makes the bed creak in protest.

Using nothing more than saliva he then pushes a finger all the way inside me, finding my internal sweet spot and touching me there, thrusting his finger in and out.

"I'd forgotten how noisy you were," he chuckles. "You're almost as bad as the bed."

"Don't want me to make noise stop doing that." I breath as he rubs me inside until my vision flickers.

"You want me to stop?"

"" Did I just start speaking echoback?

"You're about to come, aren't you?"


With his free hand he massages the crease of my tail again and I move my hips, getting friction from the sheets against my cock too. My internal muscles contract around his finger as every sensation I'm feeling builds to a peak and I unload over the bed and my stomach with a loud shout, pushing back against him to feel him as deeply inside me as possible.

"That was beautiful," Jack says quietly when the last spasms have died away and he has taken his finger out of me.

I roll onto my back, looking down at the sticky white patch I've made on my body. I'm about to wipe myself on the sheet but before I can Jack dips his head down and licks me clean, even taking my now softened cock in his mouth to suck me gently, and despite having just come I feel things stirring again. Once he's finished he kisses me, easing his tongue into my mouth and I taste my spunk on him. I'd forgotten that he liked to do that.

As we kiss I push him onto his back, then break the kiss to sit up and straddle him, feeling his huge erection beneath me. I look at his face and his body, I didn't think I'd ever see him again and it still feels slightly unreal that we're here together like this. Stroking my hand across his chest I squeeze his nipples between my thumb and forefinger until they harden, I lick him in the same place then move on to his muscled stomach, wriggling down his torso until I'm able to flick my tongue over the damp head of his shaft. Using both hands and my mouth I kiss and stroke his balls and cock, he's so large I doubt even Topher could swallow him and I don't even try, I just enjoy the feeling of his velvety skin against my tongue and the weight of him in my hands. I can hear him panting with pleasure, even over the squeaky bed.

"Uh...want to fuck you now," he groans as I suck on him.

"Do you have lube?" I ask against his stomach."

"Yeah, in my pack."

I move out of his way as he hangs off the side of the bed to search his bag, sitting back to admire his legs and bottom. He has a very nice ass, I wonder if he'd like me to fuck him one day? Thinking about this I touch myself, I'm rock hard again and an ready to come for a second time.

Once Jack has found the lube he has me kneel up at the wall end of the bed, I hold onto the headboard, part my legs and wrap my tail around my body to keep it out of the way. He has no trouble pushing one lubed up finger inside me so he soon adds another. Jack's hands being as large as the rest of him two of his fingers are the equivalent to three of most men's, certainly mine, and are enough to make me feel deliciously filled. Once again he finds the sensitive place inside me, but this time he only grazes his fingertips over it. When he adds a third finger I can feel my body stretching, which I'm going to need to do to accommodate his girth.

"Ready?" Jack asks.

"As I'll ever be."

He takes entering me very slowly, a tiny bit at a time until after a few minutes he's fully encased in my body. "Oh gods...oh Exit," he whispers. "Want you so much."

I place my palms flat against the wall to support myself as he wraps an arm around my body and takes hold of my cock in his hand, which he's even thought to fill with lube. Jack strokes me and moves his hips at the same time, the bed sounds like it's going to collapse at any second, but I'm way past caring. He feels amazing, he completely fills me and with every snap of his hips he stimulates me both inside and out. The headboard thumps against the wall in time with our movements, I can feel his chest slick with sweat against my back and he bites my shoulder as he pushes into me with a loud groan.

I can feel my orgasm starting to build, my muscles tighten as I thrust into his slick hand as hard as he's thrusting into me. "Jack...Jack..." I can hear myself saying his name over and over.

"Oh...gods!" He shouts, almost slamming me through the wall, he's coming hard deep inside me, filling me with hot liquid and I let go, shouting out his name as my own climax rips through me.

"We didn't break it," Jack says as I lie curled around him, falling asleep in the darkness.


"The bed, we didn't break the bed."

"I guess not." I think of something. "This will be the first time we've ever slept together in a bed."

"I know. When we were in the orphanage I always wanted to push our beds together, it used to really piss me off you being a couple of feet away, I wanted you close to me."

"Me too," I yawn. "But not any more."

"No, not any more," he agrees, kissing my shoulder. "We can do things our way now."

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