Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 5

By the time I get back to the cabin Vin has gone, I suppose he got bored of waiting for me. I'm a little disappointed, I can think of worse ways to spent the morning, and if I'm honest the further we get from home the less concerned I feel about Toni. I mean, if she doesn't find out there's no harm done, it's not like I want him to leave her or anything like that. I don't want a full time boyfriend, let alone one who's my boss, I just want to have sex with him sometimes. That's not too wrong. Is it?

I decide to take a nap, I did not sleep well last night and the bed looks very inviting. I strip off , climb in and am almost instantly asleep. I'm not sure exactly how long I've been sleeping for but I wake up to the strange sensation of warm air being blown into my ear, I open my eyes to find Vin kneeling beside the bed.

"You woke me up," I mumble at him, my voice not quite working yet.

"You disappeared earlier," he gives me a small sexy smile. "We still have unfinished business."

"Hmm," I roll onto my side and run my fingers through his short red hair. "We do, don't we."

He leans in, gives me a quick kiss on the mouth then stands up and starts to get undressed. "What are you grinning at?" he asks once he's naked.

"I like the way the carpets and curtains match." I reply, wriggling over and making room for him in the small bed.

"Could say the same about you." He pulls back the covers and gets in beside me, then trails a hand down my body, stopping at my naval where he lightly touches the silver ring in it with his fingertip. "Why don't you take that out?" he says, tracing a circle around it.

"Because I don't want to," I reply quietly.

"It's a symbol of ownership from a man who kidnapped you, why would you want to keep it?"

I pretty much had this same conversation with Ry a couple of months back, I wouldn't take it out for him and I'm not about to do it for Vin either.

"I just do." Because I miss Quint, because I miss being a pirate, because it's all I have left. "At least I could get rid of it if I wanted to, not like this," I point to the scar on my right leg where I got shot, but smile at the same time to show him I'm joking, mostly.

He sighs theatrically and rolls his eyes. "I put one bullet in you and you never let me forget it."

"You never kissed it better either," I point out.

"I suppose I ought to remedy that."

He moves down the bed kisses my scar, I thread my fingers into his hair again and guide him away from my leg and over to where I'd really like his mouth to be.

"What makes you think I'm prepared to give a subordinate junior agent head?" he asks removing my hand.

"Because I'll let you do anything you to me if you do." I reply. Hell, I'd let him do anything he wanted to anyway, and I'm pretty sure he knows that too.

"Anything or everything?" his mouth is tantalisingly close to my cock, I feel the vibrations of his speech there.

"Both," I manage. He runs the very tip of his tongue along my length and flicks it into the small slit at the top. I whimper.

"If I were to do everything I wanted to do to you we wouldn't be leaving this cabin until we reached Kipp at the very least." He licks me again, this time swirling his tongue around the whole head then very briefly covering it with his mouth and sucking. I make a small frustrated noise when he moves away.

"If I suck you you're not to come," he says, looking up at me.

"Mmm," he's licking me again. "What happens if I do?"

"I'll punish you."

"How?" this is sounding interesting.

"I'll make you do an extra shift guarding Sampson." Oh, maybe not so interesting after all.

"You were hoping I'd suggest something a little more personal, weren't you?" he laughs.

"Mmm..yes." Now he's using his hand and sucking me at the same time, the wetness of his saliva making the movements of his hand feel really good.

"I think we should definitely explore that idea another time," he says between sucks. "Right now I want you to ride me."

"Yes...Sir." Vin stops what he's doing, taking his hand away then gently blows on my cock. The cool sensation of the moisture drying is strange but not unpleasant.

He slips off the bed and goes over to the chest of draws, giving me a very good view of his tight toned body and neat backside, removes a tin of lube from one of the draws and passes it to me. I'm not in the least bit surprised he brought this with him.

"Fresh tin of Dr Lumen's," I say, unscrewing the lid and feeling the small paper seal breaking.

"Just for you," he grins. "I want to see you use it, I want to watch you prepare yourself for me."

I scoop some out and put my hand down between my legs, drawing my knees up so he can see what I'm doing as I push a finger into myself. He's standing beside the bed and I look up at him to see him slowly moving his fist over his erection, his green eyes trained on me.

"That's it, fuck yourself with your fingers." His voice is low and husky, and I have no problem doing what he asks. I find it easy to relax when I'm doing it to myself and soon I've got three fingers in me and I'm very ready for him.

We swap places; he lies on his back on the bed and I straddle him, sitting across his thighs I lean down and kiss him before starting to ease him into my ass. My legs are very strong so it's quite easy for me to slowly lower myself down onto him, using my hands to guide him in. Once I'm finished and sitting on him again I tense and relax my internal muscles, enjoying the sensation of fullness.

"Gods, you are insanely sexy," Vin breaths as I start to move. "I remember the very first time I saw you at the power station, I thought you were one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen."

He starts to stroke my cock and I move faster, pushing myself both down onto him and into his hand at the same time, groaning as I do so. "Feels good," I manage, picking up the pace further still. I know it's not going to be much longer until I come, I can never last that long when I'm being stimulated both inside and outside.

"Let it happen," Vin's thrusting hard into me. "Come over me."

I close my eyes, tip my head back and ride him, letting the sensations build until I can't stand it any more and my climax surges through me as I shoot warm liquid over his chest and stomach.

"Ah...yes," I hear him exclaim as he grips my thighs and pumps into me, and I can suddenly feel everything getting a lot wetter.

I lie on top of him for a few moments after, listening to his racing heart beat that echoes my own, until his cock slides out of me and I roll off him and head to the bathroom to clean up.

Vin's still on my bed when I come out. His arms are folded behind his head and he watches me walk over to him and kiss him lightly.

"You need to go and relieve Vio soon," he says, pulling me back onto the bed.

"Will do." I lie down next to him, draping my tail over his middle and yawning. He puts his hand down and strokes the tip of my tail, letting it run through his fingertips.

"When you were away last time did you encounter any tailless echobacks?" he asks.

"No, just ones with tails."

"I've seen some, I spent quite a lot of time on the Northern Continent when I was in the army. I saw slave gangs working in the plantations then, it wasn't a pretty sight."

"When I was in the orphanage they considered doing it to me, I even got taken to a doctor to see what he thought." I remember lying face down on the examination couch in the doctor's room with him poking at my tail. He was talking over me to Sister Oakley like I wasn't even there.

"Did the doctor refuse?" Vin asks, frowning at me.

"No, he said they ought to wait until I was fully grown as doing it then might stunt my growth. Fortunately the old priest who's idea it was died not long after that and it sort of go forgotten about." Especially with everything that happened after.

"Thank the gods for that," he strokes my hair. "Was that the priest who brought you to the city?"

"No, he was a different one. I never met him again after he bought me to Parnell and I was too young then to remember him," I yawn again. "I don't even know his name."

"Was the orphanage as shitty as I imagine it to be?" Vin stretches, gets off the bed and starts to retrieve his clothes.

"Yeah, it was shitty, mostly." I think back, a lot of it's just a blur of bad food, ill fitting clothes and forced prayers. My memories hardly seem to have any colour in them, everything was grey or brown, except for the nuns who wore nothing but black.

"Mostly, what part wasn't shitty?"

Only one thing really stands out as being good amongst all the crap. "There was this boy, Jack." It feels strange talking to Vin about Jack.

"Aha," he laughs as he buckles his belt. "I should have known."

I want to tell him it's not funny, that Jack mattered, but it would sound stupid, and I don't want him to start asking too many questions either.

"Where is he now?" Vin quizzes me, sitting on his bed to put his boots back on.

"I don't know," I reply, for once wishing I wasn't telling the truth.

Time passes slowly on a ship when you don't have anything to do, I can't help thinking of Topher spending his days lying around in our cabin. I'm surprised he didn't go mad from the boredom, although he did use to read a lot. The problem is on this ship I'm either bored or stuck guarding Sampson, and I think I actually prefer the boredom, although it's a close call. He hasn't managed to annoy any more of the crew members so badly that they decide to attack him, but I doubt they like him very much either. I overheard him telling one of the chambermaids that she'd be "quite pretty if she didn't have so many spots", I think he thought that he was paying her a compliment, but the poor girl burst into tears.

As we get closer to the continent I can feel not only the weather but the air changing, and on the morning of the fourth day, the day we're due to arrive in Kipp, I decide to change into my new trousers. Vin is with Sampson so I go to look for Vio to see what she thinks, I find her leaning on the rail smoking and looking out to sea so I go and stand beside her.

"Hello monkey boy," she says, not looking away from the water. "I think I can see land."

I squint at the horizon, she's right. To get her attention I poke her in the side with the tip of my tail.

"Hey," She glances at me, and I hold my hands up to show her I didn't touch her with them. She takes a step back and stares at me, her head tilted to one side, a critical expression on her face. "You know, I'm really not too fucking sure about that," She takes a deep drag on her cheroot then blows out a stream of smoke. "You kind of look, I don't know, indecent."

I laugh. "It's not like I've got my cock out, it's only my tail."

"Yeah...but..." she shrugs, coming back to the rail. "There's a lot of it."

"You'll get used to it."

"Hmm...maybe, she throws her cheroot butt over the side then sniffs the air. "What the fuck's that smell?" she asks, looking around to try and find the source of it.

"Kipp," I say with a grin.

"Monkey boy, I know that's Kipp," she points at the strip of land growing bigger on the horizon. "What I want to know is what that bloody awful smell is."

"That smell is Kipp. Noisome isn't it?" I remember reacting very much the same way the first time I smelt the city.

"Firstly, don't use words you learnt off Sampson, you really don't want to start sounding like him, and secondly, how the fuck can a city smell like that?"

"Because they don't have proper drains and sewers and stuff, everything just goes straight into the river Reah and we're nearly at the river. It's worse at the start because that's where the slums are and they really stink, it gets a bit better further upriver, and you kind of stop noticing it once you've been in the city for a bit."

"Ugh, and we have to spend the night there?" she unbuttons her cuffs and rolls her shirt sleeves up. "It's starting to get hot."

"It's hotter inland, out here you've at least got the breeze off the sea." Which feels very good on my tail.

"Are you now a walking guidebook to Kipp?" she grumbles.

"Yep. I'll take you on a tour of the city, we can go to Angel Square, I'll introduce you to some of the local delicacies."

"You know monkey boy, I think I might pass on that."

"I can't believe you're turning the down the chance to eat fried crickets and worms."

She frowns at me. "I fucking well hope you're joking."

We're sailing up the river now; a large crowd of people are on deck watching the city pass by on either side with Vin, Vio, Sampson and myself amongst them. I wasn't quite sure what Vin's, or Sampson's reactions would be to me having my tail out, fortunately Sampson declared that he thought I looked "splendid", then started talking about a dog he once owned that never wagged its tail. Vin just gave me a look that made me want to drag him off to our cabin.

I'd kind of like to stay with them watch as we enter the docks, but I have something I want to do, and hopefully with so many people around no one will notice I've gone.

I quickly head back to the cabin, our bags are packed and sitting on the beds, although to be truthful I never really unpacked. I rummage in the side compartment of mine until I find what I'm looking for, then slip it into my trouser pocket. Leaving the cabin I go down the hallway until I reach the ship's ladder that leads to the crew's quarters. I descend and glance around, I can't see anyone and I assume that the crew will all be up top preparing to dock right now. It doesn't take me long to find the brig again, and when I do I take my lock pick out of my pocket and set to work. It's not a complicated lock, fortunately there's only the one and it takes me less than two minutes to get it open. I enter the room cautiously, pushing the door shut behind me in case anyone should happen to pass by. Demas is lying on one of the beds staring at the ceiling, he looks up at me and scowls.

"It is you again," he mutters.

"Yes..." I start, he interrupts me.

"I assume you have come to have a final attempt to persuade me to apologise to that man." He says "that man" in a tone of voice that suggests he thinks of Sampson as something unpleasant stuck to the sole of his shoe.

"No, I know better than to try to get a Surosian to something they don't want to do. I've come to let you out, if you want."

"They are letting me go?" he asks, sounding surprised.

"No, I picked the lock. If you're careful you should be able to get away while everyone is busy and the ship's crowded.

"Why would you risk doing this?" he sits up, staring at me.

"I told you before, someone I care about is Surosian. I know how badly the war affected you, I understand why you lost your temper at Sampson, and I don't think you should end up going to gaol for it."

"Thank you," he says, standing and putting out his hand for me to shake. I guess lack of manners is a Topher thing rather than a Surosian thing.

"I'm going to go now, give it a few minutes, then let yourself out."

He nods. "I will do that. Before you go, what is your name?"

"It's Exit," I say, adding, "really," when I see a doubtful look cross his face.

"Thank you again, Exit. Your friend is very lucky, you are a good person."

I slip out of the brig and head back to where I'm meant to be, hoping that Demas doesn't get caught as he escapes. Back on deck I make my way through the crowds until I find the others again, they don't seem to have noticed my short absence. We're into the docks now and I look at the other ships as we pass them by. Most are steamers but a handful are sailing ships and I stare at each one in turn, but none of them are The Firebrat. I suppose it would have been too much of a coincidence for it to have been berthed here at the same time as we arrived, and I can't honestly decide if I'm disappointed or relived at not seeing it.

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