Exit Wounds

by London Lampy

Chapter 25

"Did you get sacked?" Topher asks from the couch the second I walk through the door.


"Did he get sacked?" Jack asks Topher, emerging from the kitchen with a tea towel slung over his shoulder.

"No," Topher replies. "Why not, what happened?" he then quizzes me.

"Um..." I think about Vin and everything I've learned today. Neither of them like him very much and wouldn't have any sympathy with him over either Toni leaving or him needing to find someone to take the blame for the shooting. I suppose I'll need to tell Topher about that at some point because it does involve him. I'm not sure if I'm going to go for the official story or what Vio and me discovered to be the truth about about Wendell Browning yet, because we're still not sure if we're going to sit on it or blow the whistle. I don't like the idea of keeping it from Topher, but if he did know that Wendell wasn't the shooter I don't know if he'd be able to keep it to himself. "I got shouted at a bit." It's not a lie, Vio did shout at me. "Got told not to do it again, then things kind of went back to normal." Kind of.

I sit down next to Topher, it still feels very odd both him and Jack being in the same room together and not fighting with one another. "What have you two been doing?" I ask, resisting the temptation to look at the bed, although I'm sure they haven't been doing that again. Well, I'm almost sure, yesterday I was sure that they would never get along.

"We went for a walk, I took Jack to the shop to see Mr Lustrum," Topher says as Jack sits down in the chair.

"Yeah," Jack adds. "Turns out I met Mr Lustrum before, a few years back. We were talking about his job," he gestures to Topher. "And he was saying how he worked in a book shop with a whole load of cats in it, and I remembered going there before. It was when I was in the orphanage, you know how they used to hire the older kids out to do odd jobs?"

I nod, they hardly ever used to hire me out, I think they were embarrassed of me.

"I went to Mr Lustrum's shop to help with a stock check, to carry stuff around for him mostly, and I'll never forget the cats everywhere."

"And I thought Mr Lustrum would like to see Jack again," Topher puts in. "You know how much he enjoys having visitors."

"We stayed there for quite a while, he wanted to know all about what I'd been doing since I last saw him," Jack picks up the story again. "Then we came back here and Effie came up with a cake she'd made and we had tea."

"And talked about you," Topher says. I notice Jack shooting him a look. "And if you want some cake the leftovers are in the kitchen."

"What sort of cake?" I ask.

"Fruit," Topher replies. Better than ginger, but not as good as chocolate.

"But don't eat it now because I'm cooking dinner," Jack says. "Which I'd better get back to."

As he returns to the kitchen I glance at Topher, who's watching him go, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "You and him seem to be getting on well, especially considering you disliked one another until very recently."

"We got off to a bad start, that is all," Topher shrugs, turning to look at me. "But now we like one other."

"Yeah...I can see that."

"You cannot be jealous," he laughs.

"I'm not," I retort. "It's just...you look like you've been having fun without me."

"And you want us to have fun with you?" he raises his eyebrows suggestively as he says this.


"He told me what you suggested to him."

"What do you think?"

"I think you should have asked me first," he's right. "But I do not have any problem with the idea, it was always good when we did it with Captain Quint."

"It was, wasn't it?" I agree. "Do you remember the first time, the night of the admiral's party?"

"I will never forget that night, it was the night of our first kiss too." Topher puts out a hand and rests it on my thigh, his thumb stroking my leg through the fabric of my trousers.

"We did a lot more than that," I remind him. "Even before Quint caught up with us and decided to join in." I move closer to him, casting my mind back to a moonlit Nightport night that feels a million miles and a million years from here. We kiss, and it's still as sweet as the first time, his full lips opening under mine to admit my tongue, his tongue exploring my mouth, his hand burying itself in my hair.

I hear a sound from across the room and open my eyes to see Jack standing in the kitchen doorway staring at us. "Damn," he says softly when he catches my eye, then clears his throat and blinks. "Dinner's ready," he says, a husky tone to his voice.

After dinner I shower while Jack and Topher clean up the kitchen, the scratches on my arms are looking a little better than they did last night, and my bruises have gone from purple to yellowy brown. I don't want to get dressed again after so I put on Topher's robe that he likes to lie around the place in and go into the kitchen. I find Jack up to his elbows in washing up water while Topher leans against the ice box talking to him. I go and stand beside Topher, resting my head on his shoulder. I wonder if he's been any help at all?

"Do you really have to go back tomorrow?" I ask Jack.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so. If I don't I might not have a job to go back to, I would be considered absent without leave."

"You should send them a telegram and say that your grand-mama died or something," Topher says. "Then you can stay a bit longer."

"He can't do that!" I protest. "Can you?" I look at Jack.

"No. Seeing as they know I don't have any grandparents they might get suspicious," he laughs, putting the final plate on the draining board and wiping his hands dry. "We'll just have to make the most of tonight."

"Do you think he's going to be much longer?" Jack says against my mouth as we lie together on the bed. He attempts to put a hand between my legs, but I push it away with my tail.

"Hasn't been that long, sometimes he's in there for hours," I reply as Jack unties the belt of the robe. "We need to wait for him or he'll be really pissed off."

"Tough shit. If he doesn't get out of the bath soon we're doing it without him."

Jack rolls off me and removes his clothes as if to prove the point, throwing each garment off the side of the bed as he goes.

"Then you won't get to see him and me together," I say. "And I got the feeling you were enjoying watching us kiss before dinner."

"Yeah," he agrees, "I was."

"And I want to see you with him too," I add, stroking a now naked Jack's chest, but avoiding going any further down, no matter how tempting it is.

"Last night, he was really bossy and demanding. Is he like that with you or was it just for me?" Jack asks, putting an arm around me to rub the crease of my tail.

"No, he's always like that if he thinks he can get away with it. The trick is not to let him have what he wants right away, tease him a bit. He'll tell you he hates it but he doesn't really, he loves being tied up too, and he likes a bit of pain, he likes to be spanked or bitten or have his...what?" Jack is giving me a very strange look.

"I don't think I know this Exit," he comments dryly.

"That's because you wouldn't like it if I did those kinds of things to you, you like to be in charge."

"So do you, apparently."

"Sometimes," I shrug, "sometimes not. Sometimes Topher ties me up and...and here he is." The bathroom door has opened and Topher is coming out, completely naked and damp haired.

"About bloody time too," Jack mutters, but he's looking at Topher like he wants to eat him.

"You were not meant to start without me," Topher grumbles, crossing over to the bed.

"We haven't, look, I'm not even fully undressed yet," I indicate his robe that I'm still just about wearing.

"Hmm," Topher climbs onto the end of the bed, which creaks under his added weight. "I might believe that if you were not both hard."

He kneels between us and takes Jack cock in one hand and mine in the other. I watch him looking at what he's doing, the pink tip of his tongue tracing a path over his lips as he strokes us. Jack turns slightly and kisses me and I feel his tongue slipping into my mouth at the same time as I feel Topher's licking the head of my cock. He seems to be alternating between the two of us and I glance down to see him putting a fair bit of Jack's large erection in his mouth. "Last night, did Topher show you what he can do?" I break the kiss to ask.

"Mmm..." Jack is clearly enjoying what's being done to him. "You mean the swallowing thing? Yes he did."

"Yeah, I mean that." Although Topher has got his mouth on Jack he's still got his hand on me. This whole situation, being with the two of them like this, is such a turn on that I'm in danger of loosing it far too soon so I reach down and move his hand away. I go back to kissing Jack while removing the robe and dropping it onto the floor. Once I'm fully naked I roll onto my side and press my body against both of them. I use my tail to stroke Topher's ass and my hand to play with Jack's nipples. I can feel rather than hear Jack making a low growling sound and I look down again to see that Topher is changing the angle of his body so that he can more easily swallow Jack. It's an extraordinary sight seeing Jack's large member disappear into Topher's pretty mouth and I stop kissing Jack to watch, and Jack seems just as fascinated by the sight as I am.

"Gods," I mutter, rubbing myself against Jack's hip.

"Mmm," Jack groans again, putting his hand up to his mouth he sucks on his middle finger, making it wet then reaches down and pushes it into my ass. It's exactly what I want.

"Topher," I hear Jack say. "You need to stop doing that."

I laugh softly. "I can never last when he does that to me."

Topher slowly releases Jack from his mouth. Jack's erection is slick and wet and I really want to play with it, to suck on it myself so I change places with Topher. This means I have to stop being finger fucked by Jack, but it's worth it as I lick his shaft all over while Jack and Topher now kiss. I play with Jack with both my mouth and my hands, but try to be careful not to stimulate him too much. I gently fondle his balls, and he parts his legs so that I can stroke his crack and push the tip of my finger inside of him the way I know he sometimes likes me to do.

I continue doing this until Jack tells me to stop and come and show him what Topher and me look like naked together. I oblige, and end up with Topher lying beneath me, his legs wrapped around my body while I lay a trail of bites across his shoulders and chest until I reach his nipples where I use my teeth to turn them into small pebbles. From his breathing I can tell that Jack is enjoying watching this very much; he moves around behind me, I feel him using his hands to part my ass cheeks, and he licks me from tail crease to thigh, then back again slowly. I must have made a noise because Topher, who from where he is can't really see what Jack's doing to me, asks me what's going on.

"He's eating my ass," I reply with a groan as I feel the tip of his tongue enter me.

"Lucky monkey," Topher replies. "I want that too."

"You need to turn over then," I tell him. Once again we reposition ourselves, with Topher now on all fours in the middle of the bed and me behind him. Jack is beside me and instead of licking me he's found some lube, not hard in our bed, has two large fingers inside and is fucking me with them while watching the two of us.

I lick Topher, slowly and thoroughly, feeling his body squirm with pleasure as I do to him what Jack just did to me, putting the tip of my tongue inside him while using a hand to play with his balls. He makes small noises that tell me how much he's enjoying it, and between that and Jack now internally massaging me I'm getting close to coming again.

"Too much?" I hear Jack ask, he must have guessed how I'm feeling.

"Uh huh," I reply, still teasing Topher with my tongue.

"Somebody fuck me," Topher suddenly says, making Jack laugh as he takes his fingers out of me.

"What do you say to being the filling in a sandwich?" Jack asks me, kissing my shoulder.

"Yum, monkey sandwich," Topher giggles before I can reply, so I bite him on the ass cheek. While he's protesting I tell Jack that I like the sound of that very much indeed. It takes us a couple of minutes to work out how to do it without someone falling off the bed or getting squashed, but in the end I enter Topher kneeling behind him with him still on all fours in the middle of the bed while Jack stands on the floor at the end of the bed.

"I thought I was meant to be the filling," I say to Jack, prodding him with my tail. He's doing nothing more than watching us. I'm trying hard not to move yet, I want to fuck Topher very much, but not until Jack is inside of me. Topher is hot and tight around me and keeps wriggling, trying to get me to move, in other words he's being as impatient as ever.

"Gods...you two look good together," Jack breaths in reply. "People would pay to see that."

"No they would not, not if he is just going to stay like that doing nothing," Topher grumbles, taking it upon himself to flex his hips and thrust back against me.

"Jack," I say desperately. "If you want to do this, you have to get involved now."

"Sorry." As he apologises I can feel him starting to push into me and my body stretches deliciously to accommodate his girth. Jack presses his torso against my back and I wrap my tail around his waist as he kisses my neck and ear. This is almost too much, being with both of them at once. It's something I've fantasised about, but I didn't ever think that it would come true.

Making sure that I have a hand on Topher's erection I tell Jack to start to moving and I almost come right then as the mixture of sensations is so intense. Topher doesn't help, he's fucking me as much as I'm fucking him, and vocally telling me that he wants it harder. I try to give him him what he wants, making Jack go harder and faster too, and he's making that low growling sound he makes when he's really enjoying something.

Topher wriggling underneath me and Jack's cock pounding into me turn into one body wide ache of pleasure until I hardly know where I end and they start. I think Topher and me climax at almost exactly the same moment, my hand grows wet as he spasms around me, while I feel like I'm filling him with a gallon of come. Jack is only a few seconds behind us, I hear him mutter "oh fuck" then his fingers grip me tightly and my ass gets much wetter.

I came so hard that I'm dizzy and as soon as Jack pulls out of me I disengage from Topher and flop onto the bed, landing half on Topher who's just let his legs go from under him and collapsed down on his front. I kiss him sloppily on the mouth and very quietly whisper "thank you" into his ear.

"You are welcome monkey," he mutters back.

Jack joins us, lying on his side on the narrow strip of mattress next to me. "You're going to need to get a bigger bed," he says, stroking my hair.

"I'll go downstairs now and tell Mr Costa that he needs to buy a bigger bed for my flat because I want to have both you and Topher in it at the same time," I reply against Topher's arm.

"I will tell him," Topher sleepily offers. I'm not sure that he's joking.

"Best not," Jack laughs. "I think I can put up with the bed for now."

I move off Topher and squeeze into the small gap between him and Jack. It's far from unpleasant being squashed in the middle of the two of them like this, in fact at this moment I can think of no other place I'd rather be, and no two other people I'd rather be with. I love both of them, for the first time since Topher came back into my life I don't feel torn between them, and that's a wonderful thing.

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