Exit Wounds

by London Lampy

Chapter 22

The night air held no chill when Jack finally stepped out of the restaurant and into a puddle of light shed by a street lamp. He felt a bit drunk, he had no idea how much wine he had consumed as Topher had continually refilled his glass, but he did know that according to the bill they had gone through four bottles. Being as big as he was Jack could consume a lot of alcohol without really feeling the effects, but the best part of four bottles of wine would do it. Although Topher, who was very much smaller, seemed sober but Jack was unsure how much, or how little, he'd drunk.

Topher was just behind him and for a few seconds they stood and looked at one another, as if neither of them knew what they were meant to do next. After a slightly shaky start Jack had enjoyed being out with with Topher, and he was considering suggesting that they went on somewhere else when Topher turned and begin walking in the direction of the flat. Jack caught up with him and he was strongly tempted to put his arm around Topher's shoulders the way he would if he was walking home with Exit in these circumstances, but he didn't.

"Do you like living in Parnell?" Jack asked, to break the silence and distract his thoughts from going where they shouldn't.

"Not really. There is no place to swim except for the public pool, and it is not nice. The weather is often cold, the food is really bland and sometimes people are rude to me because the colour of my skin marks me out as Surosian."

"It's not cold here," Jack could only disagree with this part of Topher's complaints, he either knew the rest to be true or suspected it to be. When he had visited Surosa he had occasionally been on the end of subtle hostility or outright abuse because he was from the Twin Islands, the war was still very fresh in people's minds in both places it would seem. "Where I come from, that's cold, in the winter anyway. Some years it would snow so much nothing could get in or out of the village for months at a time, it never really snows in Parnell."

"It is cold," Topher insisted.

"It's not, it just seems that way to you. Have you ever seen snow?"

"No, and I never want to."

"It's fun, you can go sledging, and skating on frozen ponds, and have snowball fights." Topher looked up at him doubtfully. "It is," Jack laughed.

"If you say so."

Jack though about the swimming comment. "Do you miss the sea?" he asked.


"I like the sea too. It's not that far from here to the coast, maybe an hour on the train."

"I know, but Exit said it was a cold and grey sea, that there were stones on the beach instead of sand and it was always windy."

"That is true," Jack conceded. "It's not like the sea where you come from."

"Nothing here is like where I come from."

When they reached the Costa's shop Jack let Topher go up the stairs first so that he could unlock the door. He tried very hard not to look at Topher's ass ahead of him, and when Topher stopped to unlock the door Jack stuck his hands into his pockets to avoid the temptation of squeezing it, which was exactly what he'd be doing right now if this was Exit not Topher.

Jack found that the inside of the flat had changed quite a lot since Exit had lived there alone. The last time he was here Jack had been arguing with Topher so hadn't really taken it in, but now he dropped his bag onto the floor and had a good look around. A battered bookcase filled with books to the point where the smaller ones were jammed into the gaps above and around the larger ones was pushed against one wall, even the top was stacked high, almost to the ceiling, with yet more books. Jack assumed that the books had to belong to Topher as he'd never seem Exit read anything more than the Parnell daily newspaper, and then only occasionally. Besides the books there were a lot more objects scattered around the place too. There was an eclectic mix of ornaments, everyday things such as candle lamps or tea pots and things the use of he could only guess at, all balanced on any surface large enough to hold them. Again all this stuff had to belong to Topher, as Exit had never shown any interest in collecting or owning objects that had no direct use to him. The cumulative effect of all this was to make the already small flat feel even smaller, and Jack wondered what Exit thought about his home starting to resemble a junk shop.

Jack found his wash stuff in his bag and headed into the bathroom. As he cleaned his teeth he was amused to see that even the smallest room had suffered the same fate. Not only did it now contain considerably more bathing products than it had before, but the small windowsill was stacked with books, as was the space on either side of the toilet. Jack knew that some people kept a book or two in their bathroom, but Exit's bathroom now seemed to contain its own library.

"Do you want to sleep in the bed or on the couch?" Topher asked him once he had finished and had emerged back into the main room.

The polite thing to do would be to say the couch and not to make Topher give up his bed. However while Jack knew from previous experience that the bed was a bit shorter than him the couch was a lot shorter and because of the arms he couldn't even stick his feet off the end, whereas Topher would easily fit.

"Thanks, I'll take the bed if you don't mind."

"I would not have offered if I did," Topher replied as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Jack quickly got undressed as far as his underwear. It much too much of a warm night to sleep clothed, but he felt for modesty's sake he should at least keep his underwear on. He then switched on the bedside lamp, switched off the room's main light and climbed into the bed. It creaked a little under his weight just as he remembered it doing from before. Jack was suddenly struck by the strangeness of the situation, of the strangeness of being in Exit's bed without Exit there, and the strangeness of the person who now normally slept in it with Exit being across the room on the couch.

He picked up a book that was on the small bedside table and began to flick through it. It was a book of photographs of the great cities of the world and he was counting off how many of them he had visited when Topher came out of the bathroom. He was wearing the short, white cotton robe that he'd had on when Jack had first arrived at the flat, only this time it was hanging loose and Jack could clearly see that he was completely naked underneath it. He quickly looked back down at the book, keeping his eyes firmly on the page and staring at a picture of Angel Square in Kipp as Topher busied himself doing what Jack assumed was making himself up a bed on the couch.

"Tell me when you want me to switch the light off," Jack said, turning the page to find a picture of the fountain that he had been waiting for Exit beside hours earlier.

"When I am in bed, which by the way you are on my side of," a voice came from next to him, "move over." This was followed by a nudge on his shoulder to get his to move. Caught off guard Jack did move and it took a few seconds for what was happing to sink in, by which time a naked Topher was in the bed beside him.

"I..." Jack swallowed, trying hard to ignore the tightening sensation between his legs that the naked Topher was causing. "I thought you were going to sleep on the couch."


"Because I took the bed."

"I asked you if you wanted to sleep on the couch, I did not say I was going to."

"I guess you didn't." Jack considered if he should now move to the couch, and he might have done if it wasn't for the now growing erection that he was hiding under the book and the bed covers.

"Have you finished reading my book?" Topher asked.

"Um...yeah," Jack drew his knees up as he passed Topher the book back, the situation in his underpants not getting any better. Topher then turned out the light and as they both settled down into the bed Topher's naked body brushed against his side. Jack knew that he was going to find it very difficult to sleep under these circumstances, and that once he was sure Topher had fallen asleep a trip to the bathroom may be in order.

For a while the only sounds Jack could hear in the room in the room were of breathing and the every present city noise from beyond the window. Topher moved in the bed next to him making it creak slightly as he rolled onto his side to face Jack. Jack could now actually feel Topher's body heat and his breath on his arm and he knew that only a fraction of an inch separated their two bodies now.

"You are an awful lot bigger than Exit," Topher commented matter of factly. "You take up a lot more of the bed."

"Yes, I am," Jack agreed, not knowing what else to say.

"But you do not have a tail, that always seems to end up on my side of the bed."

"I know what you mean," he replied, thinking fondly of sleeping with it wrapped around his middle.

"It is nice to stroke though, and I like to turn him on by playing with the crease. That almost makes me wish I had a tail."

"Yeah, you ever..." Jack stopped, wondering if this conversation was inappropriate.

"What?" Topher asked, moving a tiny bit closer.

"Have you ever licked him there?"

"I have," came the quiet reply.

They lapsed into silence again, by now Jack was so hard it was almost painful and his head was full of thoughts of Exit mixed in with the naked person beside him. He tried to picture them together and he found that he could quite easily, and he knew that they'd look very pretty tangled around one another. He was starting to find the situation almost unbearable when a warm hand came to rest on his stomach, the fingertips moving slightly over his skin. He sighed at the touch he needed so badly and he willed the hand to move lower. Very slowly it did until it reached the place he ached for it to be, and it burrowed into his underwear, exploring his length.

"Fuck," Topher exclaimed, his lips now resting against Jack's shoulder so that Jack could feel him forming the word. "I thought he was exaggerating, he was not." Topher moved his body until its length was pressed against his side. Jack could now tell that he was hard as well, and Topher ground his erection against Jack's hip to prove it.

"I don't know if we should do this," Jack said, trying to hold onto his last shred of self control even though his shoulder was now being licked while his cock was being squeezed.

"It cannot possibly be cheating," Topher replied against his skin. "And we will tell him that we fucked."

"Yeah...it'll be fine if we do that...I think." Thinking wasn't coming that easily to Jack now, and he gave up any pretence that this wasn't going to happen by lifting Topher on top of him and setting about kissing him hard. He found that he was right about Topher's mouth, it was very nice to kiss, his full lips were soft and giving under his, and he sucked Topher's bottom lip into his mouth and bit it gently.

The body on top of Jack was slim and smooth. He stroked a hand up and down Topher's back, luxuriating in the sensation of silky skin beneath his fingers, pushing away any doubts he had about them being together like this. Topher moved his mouth away and half rolled off him, and for a second Jack thought he might have changed his mind but then the bedside light snapped back on again.

"I want to be able to see you," Toper said by way of an explanation, sitting himself upright on top of Jack with his legs either side of Jack's stomach, the bedclothes pooled around his feet. Jack took a good look at him, he was slighter than Exit, his ribs were visible beneath his dark skin and his stomach was concave. The two of them had something in common though, just like Exit Topher had a small silver ring threaded through the ridge above his navel. Jack traced a path around it with his finger, it had almost certainly been put there by the same person who had put its twin in Exit, and while Jack very much appreciated the aesthetic of the thing he did not like the fact that it was a symbol of another man's ownership of his boyfriend.

Moving his hand lower Jack touched Topher's stiff cock, there was a small trail of moisture leaking out of the slit that if Jack had been able to reach with his mouth he would have loved to have licked up.

"You need to take your underwear off, I want to see yours," Topher said, pushing himself into Jack's hand.

"You need to get off me then," Jack replied. Topher did as he suggested and Jack swiftly removed his underwear then threw the garment off the bottom of the bed.

"That really is very big," Topher said, running his hand over Jack's shaft almost as if he were stroking a pet.

"Too big for you?" Jack kept his tone light, but it was a serious question. He'd got to this point before and had his partner back out, at least from full sex anyway.

"No fucking way, I can take that easily," Topher almost sounded offended by the suggestion. He wriggled down the bed until his head was lying on Jack's stomach then he began to lick the head of his shaft, his pink tongue coating Jack's sensitive skin liberally with saliva. Jack rested a hand on the back of Topher's head, not quite pushing but using a little pressure to encourage him to go further. Back in the restaurant he'd had a mental image of Topher's pretty mouth filled by his erection, and he very much wanted to see this made into a reality.

Jack assumed that Topher had taken the hint as he did just this. Jack groaned quietly when Toper took him inside his mouth as deeply as anyone had ever done before, and then a little further.

"That's good," he whispered, receiving a pat on the leg in reply. Topher now altered the angle of his body so he was lying parallel to Jack with his feet resting on the pillows. Jack closed his eyes, enjoying the warm, smooth, wet sensation of the inside of Topher's mouth coupled with being gently sucked, then something happened that made him open his eyes wide in surprise, Topher swallowed him.

Jack made a noise that was halfway between shock and lust and was rewarded with another pat on the leg. This was something he'd never experienced before, being taken this deeply inside someone's throat and he wondered if Topher ever did this to Exit. If he did it was no surprise that Exit was so keen on him.

"Oh gods..." Jack muttered as Topher began to move, giving him a blow job that was right out of his wildest fantasies. It was rare for him to ever need to worry about things getting out of hand and shooting his load too early, but that was turning into a possibility now. He was tempted to just go with it, Topher must know that it was likely to happen if he kept doing what he was doing, but Jack really wanted to fuck Topher, so he told him to stop.

"Did you like that?" Topher asked unnecessarily once he'd disengaged himself from Jack and had turned back around to lie on the bed facing Jack. He was using one arm to prop himself up, his free hand lazily stroking Jack's damp cock.

"That was..." Jack shook his head to indicate that he couldn't find the words.

"See, if I can take you like that then I can take you up my ass," Topher grinned.

"You were proving something?"

"Mmm," Topher kissed him lightly on the lips. "Now fuck me solider, and you do not have to be gentle, in fact I would prefer it if you were not."

"Turn over then. It might be big but I can't get it into you from here," Jack said, sticking his hand under the pillows and feeling around in the knowledge that Exit always kept at least one tin of lube under there.

Topher rolled onto his front and spread his legs, and Jack stopped to admire how good he looked. Jack liked dirty, pretty boys and Topher was a perfect example, spread out across the bed for him, looking at him over his shoulder with his big black eyes filled with want. Jack caressed Topher's back, following the hollow of his spine with his fingers all the way to the cleft of his buttocks then between, touching the place he was going to enter him with the tip of a finger.

"Do not tease me," Topher grumbled. "I said I wanted you to fuck me, not play with me."

"Sorry," Jack laughed. "But I am going to use my fingers first or I'll hurt you." He still slightly regretted doing that to Exit, even though he'd been the one to insist that Jack fuck him with no preparation.

"It will not not take long, I am very good at relaxing my body," Topher assured him.

Jack found that he was right, Topher's body quickly opened up for him, soon he had three fingers as deep inside as he could go, and in return Topher was making some very appealing sounds. He wasn't nearly as loud as Exit, which was no bad thing, but there was something about the small sounds that went straight to the core of Jack's desire.

With his free arm he lifted Topher's hips off the bed and repositioned him so that he was on his knees with his ass in the air and his chest pressed into the mattress. Jack was in no doubt that Topher was ready for him and he eased his fingers out then guided his cock in in almost one movement. He was immediately encased in hot, tight flesh and when he took Topher's erection in his hand and squeezed Topher returned the squeeze with and internal one of his own. Jack tried to savour the moment but Topher pushed back insistently, making him move.

"Fuck me solider," Topher ordered, grinding his ass against Jack. Jack flexed his hips, letting out a groan of his own, both wanting to take this slowly and fuck Topher through the wall simultaneously.

"Come on!" came the demand from below him, so he opted for the latter, not bothering with any restraint. If Topher wanted it hard he was going to get it hard. Jack thrust into him, hearing the bed creaking alarmingly with every thrust he made.

"Oh...yes...yes...yes..." Jack could hear Topher saying before with no real warning Topher suddenly came into his hand. The tension between Jack's legs had been growing steadily and with Topher finished he could see no point in trying to hold back his own orgasm. He came quickly too, feeling his liquid pumping deeply inside Topher's body as he climaxed long and hard.

When he was finally done coming Jack moved to lie back onto the bed, pulling Topher with him so that he was half on top of him, then Jack licked his hand clean of Topher's spunk.

"You are a very dirty solider," Topher commented, watching him doing this from half closed eyes.

"Yep," Jack agreed, "I am." He buried his face in Topher's thick, soft, black hair and kissed the top of his head, wondering how the hell this had happened.

Jack dreams that he's back in the orphanage, it's a dream he often has, that he's running through the endless dark corridors looking for something that he's lost. The lost thing is something that he knows is very important, but he can't remember exactly what it is, only that he desperately needs to find it.

He knows that there must be cat somewhere nearby too because he can hear it yowling, making a loud off-key noise that he's afraid will wake one of the sisters before he can find what he has lost. A door shuts, he turns around to see who's there but he sees no one, everything is still and shadowy, but he has the sense that someone is nearby.

"Jack." His name is spoken to him from a thousand miles away. He tries to reply, to tell the person to be quiet or they'll wake the nuns, but he can't get the words out. "Jack." The voice is closer now and he feels a hand touch his naked shoulder, making him jump. He forces his eyes open to see who is touching him, shaking him awake. He blinks, taking in the dark room and the pair of eyes that are looking down at him. They are almost entirely black, but despite the gloom he can see a tiny border of gold around the pupils. He know instantly who they belong to, and he opens his mouth to form a single questioning word.


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