Exit Strategy

by London Lampy

Chapter 42

"Heads or tails?" Topher asks, pulling a dollar coin out of his pocket.

"Um...tails I guess. I really don't think we should be in here." I look around the bedroom area of the Captain's cabin with concern.

"You lose, it's heads." He shows me the coin. "Stop being such a fucking chicken, he'll like this."

"I hope so, or it'll just be one more thing to get punished for. Does losing the toss mean you or me are the one?"

"It'll be me." He confirms. "Help me find all the stuff we need."

It feels wrong to be poking about in here, but eventually we find everything and pile it up on the bed. Topher starts to remove his clothes and I step forward to help him unbutton his trousers, burrowing my hand inside and stroking him until he starts to swell at my touch. I can't resist leaning in to kiss him and his full lips are just parting against mine when he pulls away.

"Stop it." He says, his warm breath tickling my cheek. "This is for the Captain, not us."

"Yes sir." I sigh, removing my hand and getting out of his way. He removes his trousers then glares at me. "Quit looking at me like that." He orders.

"Like what?" I reply, admiring the way he looks naked and aroused.

"Like you want to jump me."

"I do, get on the bed and lie on your front." I trail fingers across his chest, pinching one of his nipples until it pebbles.

"I will, but only because it's part of the plan." He scrambles up onto the high bed and I join him, resisting the temptation to remove my own clothes, despite the fact that I'm very hard. I pick up the ropes that we found earlier and make short work of securing him to the bed with his arms and legs spread, knot tying is second nature to me now. I sit back and admire my work, he looks ridiculously sexy like that so I lie down beside him and cover his neck and shoulders with kisses and small bites.

"Exit...please." He groans as I squeeze his ass while sucking on his ear lobe.

"So this is what it takes to get you to say please." I murmur into his ear.

"For fuck's sake stop teasing me!" He sounds a little desperate.

"All right." I laugh. "I'll just move on to the next part of your plan shall I?"

"Just get on with it."

I locate the lube on the bed and unscrew the lid. "You ready?" I ask.

"Of course I bloody am." He wriggles against his bonds. "You made these too tight, I can't fucking move."

"Isn't that the point, the Captain likes us restrained and at his mercy." I slap him on the bottom to emphasise this. "Although you are now also at my mercy."

"What part of the plan involves you taking advantage of me?" I'd feel guilty if he didn't look so turned on.

"My part." I spank him again, a few more times, and the noise he makes is more enjoyment than irritation.

"Please..." He gasps.

"Is that please stop, or more please?"

"I hate you."

"No you don't." I lie down again and kiss him, he sucks my bottom lip then bites down on it none too gently.

"Ow!" I pull away, I think I can taste blood.

"Serves you right." He say gloating.

"Have you forgotten you're the one tied up?"

"No, for fuck's sake just do it monkey." He says in frustration, and I suddenly have a very evil idea. I jump off the bed and start searching through the draws in the bedside cabinet. "What are you doing now?" He asks.

"Looking for something, I'm sure he must have one somewhere." I say rummaging.

"One what?" He sounds worried.

I find something, it's not what I want but it may come in useful so I throw it on the bed. "Oh, a butt plug." He sounds relived.

"Nah, one of these." I pull a silver ring out triumphantly and show it to him, his eyes go very wide.

"Don't you fucking dare monkey."

"You know, calling me monkey really isn't going to help." I get back up beside him and try to work out the easiest way to do this. I put the cock ring in my hand and slide it between his body and the mattress, it's a tight fit but not impossible, the difficult part is going to be getting it on him one handed. Fortunately my hunting for it provided enough of a distraction for him to soften a bit otherwise it would be all but impossible to do. It takes a bit of manipulation, and a lot of protesting from him but I manage to get it on eventually. I then proceed to stroke him back to full hardness again.

"You complete evil fucking monkey bastard!" He says as I finally pull my hand out and start kissing his neck and shoulders again. His back is a smooth expanse of dark skin and I run a finger slowly down his spine as he squirms under my touch.

"That tickles." He say through gritted teeth.

"What about if I do this?" I repeat my actions, this time using my tongue in place of my finger. When I reach his ass I keep going, licking all the way to his balls. The moan of pleasure he gives out at this goes straight to my already uncomfortably hard groin and I realise that while I might be teasing him horribly I'm doing almost exactly the same to myself, but it still doesn't stop me. I kiss the inside of his thighs and trail my hands over the outsides then back up onto his firm ass. I've never really spent any time playing with him like this, he's normally far too intent on giving me head, or visa versa and I'm enjoying myself so much I'm in danger of forgetting what we are actually suppose to be doing in here. I reluctantly sit up and find the tin of lube that I opened earlier, after coating my finger with the slippery substance I start to gently push inside him, I might be deliberately frustrating him at the moment but I have no intention of hurting him. Once my finger is as deep inside of him as it will go I curl it slightly and I know I've found what I'm searching for when he shudders.

"That is so fucking unfair." He breaths, so I do it again. I pull my finger out and he makes a disappointed noise until I replace one with two and continue to massage him internally. Without stopping I move beside him and risk kissing him again. This time he doesn't bite but thrusts his tongue into my mouth moaning in need. I soon feel his body tensing up, his muscles tightening around my fingers and knowing he's not about to get the release his body craves I move my mouth away in case he decides to take his annoyance out on me with his teeth.

"You shit, take the fucking thing off me now!" He pants, looking at me with very wide eyes, a sheen of sweat across his skin.

"Sorry, if I do that you'll come all over the bed, and I don't think the captain would be very happy about that." I do sympathise with him though, I'm tempted to get naked and fuck him right now I might not have a cock ring on but I'm getting very frustrated too and he looks so inviting spread out like that.

"I'll go and get him now." I say, feeling a bit guilty for teasing him quite so much, but if the situation were reversed I'm guessing he'd do the same, or worse.

"You'd fucking well better be back soon." He grumbles as I lean over and kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll be as fast as I can." I'm about to go when I remember something. I spread some of the lube over the butt plug and ease it inside of him. He makes a small noise at the intrusion but doesn't complain, as he knows it will leave his nicely stretched for Quint, and thinking about this makes me rather regret losing the coin toss.

I leave the cabin untucking my shirt to hide the bulge in my trousers and start looking for Quint, I find him talking with Jasper and Zizi by the damaged mast.

"It could have been so much worse." Zizi says, looking back at the gunboat that's still sailing behind us.

"Crazy fucker would have killed us all if it weren't for Rufus." Jasper adds in his hoarse voice, and I realise I have no idea how I'm going to interrupt them, or how I'm going to persuade the Captain to go to his cabin with me. This is the problem with all of Topher's plans, he never really thinks them through to the end, but then on this occasion neither did I. Jasper notices me standing behind Quint and glares at me, narrowing his single eye.

"This." He points at the damage. "Is all your fucking fault."

That's a bit much considering I'm almost certain he was behind Tobias kidnapping us.

"Jasper." Quint says harshly when he looks round to see who he's talking about. "It's neither his nor Topher's fault that my brother finally lost what little sanity he ever had, and I don't want to hear you blaming them again, or encouraging the rest of the crew to think that way, go and take the wheel."

Well at least I know he doesn't blame us for the damage to the ship, but that still doesn't solve the problem of how to get him to his cabin though. Jasper stalks away, giving me a dirty look as he goes.

"Captain." Zizi says. "Should we start writing up our account of events while it's still fresh?"

"Good idea." He replies, then looks at me. "Exit, did you want something?"

"Are you and Zizi going to your cabin?"

"Yes, of course. The log isn't out here is it?"

Oh shit, I need him in the cabin, but not Zizi as well.

"Um...can I come too?" I ask.

"Are you on watch?"


"I suppose so, at least it will keep you out of Jasper's way."

When we enter the cabin I pray that Topher won't call out, and fortunately he doesn't. Quint and Zizi take ages finding pens and ink, then they discuss the order of events and the best way to explain them. I keep glancing at the bedroom door, and in the end he notices.

"What's wrong? If you need to use the bathroom in there just ask." He sighs.

"It's not that." I mutter awkwardly.

"Well...what is it then?"

I glance at Zizi, then back at him. "There's something in there you should see." I eventually say quietly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He sounds annoyed, this is not good.

"Just...it seemed a good idea at the time...just look."

He sighs again but stands and goes over to the door, while Zizi jumps up and peers interestedly over his shoulder.

"Zizi, um, it might be better..." I try to say quickly, but it's too late, he's pulled the door open.

"Ah." He says levelly, while Zizi puts her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my...I'm not sure I should be seeing that." She says, the corners of her mouth crinkling in the closest visk ever get to a smile.

Quint quickly pulls the door to frowning at me, and I tense up waiting for his response.

"First mate Zizi, would you mind going to check we're still on course, we can do this later." He clears his throat.

"Yes Captain." She leaves rapidly, saying something about the strangeness of mammals and giggling, and I wait to find out just how much trouble I'm in. I glance up at Quint and he gives me an unreadable look. "How did you get Topher to agree to letting you do that to him?" He quizzes me after a moment.

"It was his idea really, we tossed a coin for who would do what though."

"I see." Is he angry or not? I can't tell.

"We thought it might cheer you up after what happened to the ship."

"And it didn't occur to either of you that I'm rather busy at the moment, or that I would come in here with someone else? It's a good job that Zizi is not the gossiping type."

"Sorry." I say quietly.

A ghost of a smile appears on his face. "I really don't know which one of you is worse, Topher for coming up with stupid ideas, or you for going along with them. Although if I'm truthful I doubt I had any more sense when I was your age, as I'm sure my father would happily attest to."

"So you're not angry then?" I ask relieved.

"No, he looks pretty good like that doesn't he? It would be a shame to just untie him and send him away, I'd like you to join me too."

"Hmm...I don't think he's very happy with me at the moment." I say sheepishly.


I explain what I did, feeling more than a little embarrassed.

"Good gods, I didn't know you had it in you to do something like that, you're normally too nice for your own good." He laughs as he says this, and I start to blush.

"Come on, I won't let him bite you again, and I'd quite like to see a repeat performance." He grins heading for the door.

I've got two fingers deep inside Topher, doing what I did before but this time I'm naked and so is Quint, who's watching.

I can tell Topher's getting near to climax again, but as the Captain hasn't let me remove the cock ring he's going to end up a shuddering wreck again.

"Exit, stop." Quint commands. "Untie him, I think he's endured enough."

"About fucking time." Topher pants. A bead of sweat runs down his neck and onto his back, I lean forward and lick it, then set about unbinding him. Once he's free he rolls onto his back and immediately goes to try to remove the ring.

"Did I say you could do that?" Quint asks.

"Please Captain." He begs desperately.

"Exit, you put it on him, you remove it."

I don't want to hurt him by just attempting to pull it straight off so I bring my mouth down and to the base of his cock and lick all the way around the metal until I've created enough slickness to ease it off gently. He groans with relief and I feel I should make it up to him for putting it on in the first place. I run my tongue over the beautifully smooth dark head of his erection, glancing up at Quint to make sure it's fine for me to be doing this, he gives me a small nod and I carry on, taking him deep inside my mouth and sucking. I still can't copy his swallowing trick but from the noises he's making I know he's enjoying what I'm doing. I cup his balls loving the feel and weight of them in my hand, and out of the corner of my eye I see the captain kissing him on the mouth. I know that he's not going to last very long and soon I feel his balls tighten and my mouth is filled with warm liquid.

I swallow then sit back on my heels and look at he two of them, they've stopped kissing now and Topher has his eyes closed while Quint strokes his hair. The feeling I get inside from watching them owes nothing to lust and I try to push it away, some day soon I'm going to be taken home and I should be trying to detach myself, not become deeper involved.

The Captain looks up and smiles at me. "Come here." He indicates his lap, and I can only do as he asks.

We've rearranged ourselves, I'm not just sat on the Captain's lap, but sat with him inside of me. He's stroking my tail and I'm trying very hard not to bounce to much on top of him, despite the fact that I really want to because Topher currently has my cock halfway down his throat. He was all for Quint putting the ring on me, and while he agreed that I probably deserved it he decided that it would have to wait for another time because he couldn't be absent from the ship for much longer.

Instead of riding him hard I rotate my hips, which makes Quint growl and bite down on my shoulder, which he has already done several times. Topher may not have bitten me again but Quint certainly has, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have bite marks and bruises for days.

Topher's amazing oral skills mean that I'm soon close to coming, I can feel the pressure mounting inside me and I grind myself back against the Captain in an attempt to get him to hit me in just the right spot inside, and when he does I find myself calling out his name. He repeats the movement again, rubs the base of my tail, bites my shoulder and I'm gone, pleasure floods through me as I ejaculate straight down Topher's throat. He swallows then slowly lets me fall out of his mouth, and once he moves away Quint grabs me by the hips lifting me up and letting me know that he wants me to ride him hard.

"You are so fucking good at that." He gasps as I give him what he wants. When he comes he pants "Oh Exit yes." Into my ear, gripping my thighs tightly with his fingers and thrusting into me. He breaths against my shoulder softening his grip on me as his orgasm plays out, and when he's done he kisses me on the back of the neck and wraps his arms around me, and I have to try very hard not to want to stay like this forever.

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