Exit Strategy

by London Lampy

Chapter 32

The pathway back to the house is dim and shadowy. I can see fine but Topher is finding it hard going, so I grab his hand to try and stop him tripping over the tree roots.

"I'm not a baby." He complains, but doesn't remove his hand hand from mine.

"I know, but I can see in the dark and you can't, it makes sense."

The maid has left the lamps lit for us, and as I stand in the hallway kicking my shoes off I feel Topher's arms slip around my waist from behind and he bites the side of my neck while one of his hands finds it's way between my legs and massages me back to full hardness.

"Bedroom." I manage to say as he starts to try and undo my belt. I unwrap him from me and take his hand again, this time pulling him up the staircase.

In our room we both quickly undress, throwing our clothes to the floor. He's naked first as it takes me a little longer to get my tail out of my trousers, and by the time I do he's lying on the bed stroking his cock looking at me. I've seen him naked a hundred times before, and I can't say I haven't thought about us doing this, but to see him like that makes me want him completely.

"Are you just going to stand and watch?" He asks, and I realise I've been staring at him for the last minute. I scramble onto the bed next to him and he rolls toward me. We lie on our sides facing each other, I drape my tail over his leg and he strokes it with his free hand.

"I thought you thought it was weird." I say as his fingers explore me there.

"It is, but I never said it wasn't kind of hot as well."

"You are fucking impossible." I laugh, while I squeeze his ass again, this time there's no clothing in the way, and I find my way to his cleft.

"I know." He replies, his big dark eyes looking directly into mine.

We kiss again, tongues easily slipping into each others mouths, bodies pressed together, skin against skin, cock to cock.

I push gently against him to indicate for him to move onto his back, and he does so, wriggling until I'm lying on top of him. I kiss his mouth softly then trail down his jaw and neck, grazing over them with my teeth, flicking my tongue into the hollow of his throat and progressing downwards to his dark nipples. I tease one to hardness with my lips at the same time use my fingers on the other one. He lets out a long shuddering breath that tells me just how much he's enjoying what I'm doing. I move down further still, licking around the ring in his navel, running my hands over his lean stomach and sharp hip bones.

My mouth finally reaches his cock and I lap up a trickle of pre come that's formed on the smooth head. This close I can smell his arousal and it reminds me of the sea, and it seems very appropriate for him. I cup his balls in my hand, squeezing them gently, while I lick his shaft from top to bottom and back again. He's making soft moaning noises that get louder when I take as much of him inside my mouth as I can and suck. As I establish a rhythm I edge a finger between his ass cheeks rubbing his entrance, then push inside a little way. At this angle, and without lube I can't get in very far, and not nearly enough to find his sweet spot, but it still makes him cry out and push back against me.

I pick up the pace, stimulating the sensitive area at the back of his cock with my tongue as I do so, and pushing my finger as far inside him as I can. I know he's getting close when I feel his body tense and his asshole tighten around my finger.

"Ah...Exit!" He calls out my name as he comes deep inside my mouth, filling it with warm salty liquid. I swallow it down and release his now softening cock from my mouth, giving it one last lick to clean him completely. I make my way back up the bed to kiss him deeply and let him taste himself. As we're kissing his hand finds my erection and he starts to jerk me off. It feels good but I want more. I break the kiss and whisper. "Blow me." Into his ear, it's only fair, seeing as I just did it to him.

"All right, but if I give you head I'm going to ruin you for anyone else."

"What do you mean?" I ask as he lets go of me and pushes me over onto my back.

"I'm very very good."

He lays down along side me and runs his finger tips over my body, kissing my ear and cheek as he does so. He then turns himself around until his ass is by my head, and I can't resist biting it.

"Hey!" He complains, so I do it again.

"If you don't stop doing that I won't suck your cock, and then you'll never know what you missed out on."

His mouth suddenly envelopes me, and I groan as he takes as much of me as he can into the wet heat of his mouth, and then he just keeps going. I feel his throat contracting around my shaft as he actually swallows the tip, I let out a surprised noise and he pats my leg as if to say "told you so". I've heard of people being able to do that but I always thought it was a myth, I guess I was wrong.

The sensation of being so deep inside his mouth is not quite like anything I've ever experienced before, and when he breaths in I can feel the onrush of cool air playing over me. He moves his head back almost to the point where my tip is resting on his teeth, then slides back and and swallows me again, the muscles of his throat massaging me.

"Fucking hell." I hear myself swearing, as he starts to do this faster. I reach down and stroke his thick soft hair, not guiding him but just letting my hand follow his movements. I'm trying to hold off from coming but I know I'm not going to last much longer, I can feel my balls tightening, and my whole body tenses.

"I'm going to come." I warn him in case he doesn't want me to do it in his mouth, but he continues. Soon I'm lost in panting pleasure and I unload straight down his throat, my hips arching off our bed as I thrust deep into him and my orgasm consumes me.

I sink back, my breathing rapid and my heart pounding in my chest as he slowly slides his mouth off me.

"He's very good at that isn't he?" A voice from the other side of the room says, and we both scrabble to sit up, Topher wiping his mouth on the back of his hand as he goes.

Quint is leaning in the doorway watching us. "Stop looking so guilty the pair of you." He laughs softly. "You're allowed to do that, I'll even forgive you for leaving the party without telling me because that was just about the most erotic thing I've seen in a very long time."

He walks over to the bed and sits down beside Topher, who he kisses deeply.

"Mmm, you taste of Exit." He says breaking away. "Have you ever had anyone swallow your cock before?" He addresses me.

"No, I felt amazing." I reply.

"Told you I was good." Topher says smugly stroking my tail, which is now lying across his legs.

"Arrogant brat." I say, kissing his shoulder.

"Just out of interest, why did you leave the party?" Quint asks, standing up and starting to remove his clothing.

"To do this." Topher replies, his hand finding it's way between my legs again.

"No, that's why we left the beach, well that and the naked old pirates." I add, moving slightly to give him better access to my rapidly returning erection.

"Naked old pirates? That's not something I ever want to see." The Captain says, taking off the last of his clothing and returning to the bed. We move apart to make room for him between us.

"It wasn't something I wanted to see." Topher says, wriggling into his lap.

"We left to get away from Tobias." I add, before leaning over and kissing Topher again. I love the way his full lips feel against mine and as our tongues meet the captains hand runs down my back and his fingers move under the base of my tail to stroke the crease. I break the kiss and groan, lifting my tail so he can touch more of me.

"What are you doing he likes so much?" I hear Topher ask.

"Just under the base of his tail is very sensitive. Exit, lie on your front and let Topher touch you there." He commands, and I happily obey.

I feel Topher's smaller fingers exploring me, swiftly followed by his mouth, he sucks and nips his way across my sweet spot until I'm moaning with every breath I take, and when he licks his finger and then pushes it inside my ass I nearly come.

"Have you got any lube in here?" The captain asks, and Topher stops what he's doing long enough to tell him to look in the dressing table.

He finds it then hands it to Topher. "Use your fingers inside him while touching him there." He tells him. I feel him pull his finger out and move his mouth away, and I groan in frustration, but soon one finger is replaced by two, both slicker and deeper, and his mouth returns.

Quint's next order is for us both to move forward, and I end up with my chest on the end of the bed and my ass in the air, still with Topher's fingers inside me. The reason for this becomes clear when I hear Topher call out "Oh Captain yes." and I realise Quint's just shoved his cock deep inside him. Topher's hand keeps time with the captains' thrusts, his fingers occasionally grazing across that place inside me that sends jolts pleasure through my body when touched. He has stopped using his mouth now and I can feel his erection hitting the back of my legs whenever Quint thrusts into him. I have an idea, I find his cock with the tip of my tail and then wrap it around him tight enough to give him a good amount of friction.

"Oh...I'm fucking Exit's tail." He groans, telling the Captain what's happening.

I can hear Quint grunting as he pounds into Topher faster, and to match him Topher speeds up finger fucking me, and at some point he's added another finger or two, I'm pretty sure he's got half his hand inside me now. I put my own hand between my legs and stroke myself. I'm wet with pre come, and when I suddenly feel warm liquid hitting the back of my legs and ass from Topher ejaculating over me it pushes me over the edge and I come into my own hand in a long drawn out orgasm that leaves me panting and shaking, and somewhere behind me comes the sound of Quint shouting as he fills Topher's ass with his semen.

A few minutes later Topher and I are lying together, with me on my back and him with an arm and leg wrapped around me, and his head on my shoulder. I'm stroking his hair, watching the Captain retrieve his clothes from the floor and start to get dressed again.

"Are you going back to the party?" I ask yawning.

"Yes, someone needs to keep an eye on my father, and I would think that by now I'm the only sober responsible adult on Nightport."

"Do we have to come?" Topher says, his voice muffled by my shoulder.

"No, I can't see how you'd be any help. Besides you both look far too pretty cuddled up together like that for me to make you get out of bed." He tucks his shirt back into his trousers and refastens his cumber band all the while looking at us. "I was certain if I didn't push it and just left the pair of you alone to work it out for yourselves you would realise that you could have far more fun as friends than enemies." He says, pulling his jacket back on.

"Why would I want to be friends with a monkey?" Topher murmurs against my skin.

"Because I just let you fuck my tail, you ungrateful little brat." I pinch his ass hard.

"Ow!" He protests. "Don't forget before that I gave you the best blow job you've ever had, I think that puts us at even, don't you?" He props himself up on his elbows and gives me a long deep kiss.

"I'm going before I get too tempted to strip off and join you again."Quint interrupts. "See you tomorrow boys."

"Goodnight captain." We chorus as he walks out of the door.

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