Exit Strategy

by London Lampy

Chapter 22

I'm restrained far too securely to do anything much more than move my head. My arms are stretched out above me and my legs are spread wide and tied to the bedstead with ropes, not the hemp we use on the ship thankfully, but something much thinner and softer. I can't see a lot other than the pillows as I'm face down, I'm also naked.

Quint is playing with my tail again, rubbing the sweet spot underneath and making me groan.

"Don't start enjoy that too much again." He says, knowing full well the effect he's having on me. He pushes a finger inside of me and I strain against the ropes, my muscles tensing as he teases me both inside and out.

"Please." I say in a strained voice.

"You want me to take it off?" He questions.

"Yes." I plead.

"And let you add to the puddle you're already lying in? I don't think so."

He tied one of his black hair ribbons around the base of my cock after I came across the bed from a combination of him fingering me and the friction between me and the mattress. He also tightened my bonds after that so I couldn't move at all.

"What happens if I lick you here?" He says, running his tongue across the crease between my tail and my back. It makes me whimper embarrassingly loudly.

"How about here?" He then licks me slowly from the base of my tail to my balls, paying particular attention to my hole. I buck against the ropes again at the feeling of of his tongue exploring me there. He bites my ass cheek then speaks again.

"You're going to hurt yourself if you don't stop doing that."

"I can't help it." I pant. "Not if you're going to eat my ass."

What I really want is for him to take the damn ribbon off me and fuck my brains out.

"I'm going to untie you before you do any damage, but I want you to keep your hands above your head, no touching the ribbon." He must have read my mind.

He frees me but I don't move from where I'm laying until he tell me to.

"Turn over." He commands, and lays down beside me, catching my mouth in a deep kiss. He breaks the kiss to bite and suck a trail down my neck, and I wrap my leg around him as he does so, feeling his hardness rubbing up against my body.

"Captain, I want to taste you." I manage to say as he nips the junction of my neck. It would distract me from how badly I want to come, and I really do want him in my mouth.

"All right." He says. "But I'm going to come inside your ass not your mouth."

That's more than fine with me. He lays back and I look at his body, his caramel skin is so inviting I find myself licking a path from his nipples to his cock, I lap up a bead of pre come then run my tongue around the smoothness of the head. I hear a sharp intake of breath and I take as much of him as I can into my mouth, reaching my hand down to gently squeeze his balls as well. I'm very pleased to hear him groan in pleasure as I establish a rhythm, slicking him with my saliva I alternate between sucking and massaging with my tongue, until he grabs me by the hair.

"Enough." He pants, I look up at him without moving my mouth away and feel a spike of pleasure run through me at just how sexy he looks seconds away from orgasm.

"On your back." He orders as he moves to accommodate me in that position. He takes my ankles and lifts them up to his shoulders, then grabs my ass and pulls it toward him. He spent so long earlier finger fucking me with lube that he slides inside easily, and all I can do is moan in appreciation.

He reaches down and to my relief unties the ribbon before he starts to thrust. It feels so good I reach down to touch myself but he stops me.

"Not until I say so." He says huskily.

He moves slowly at first, just flexing his hips, I look up at him, he looks amazing, his hair is loose and hanging round his face, his chocolate eyes fix on mine and he smiles and strokes a hand along my thigh.

"You want it harder?" He asks, and I nod in reply.

He speeds up and moves his hand to my cock at the same time. "How long can you hold off?" He questions me.

"Not long." I pant. With my ass full of him and his hand caressing my erection I'm about a heart beat away from ejaculating.

"Come." He commands, jerking me firmly, and I do, shooting over my stomach and chest in an all consuming wave of pleasure.

"You go so fucking tight when you do that." Quint groans, pushing into me hard, and a few seconds later he's coming himself, gripping my legs strongly enough to leave bruises as he fills me up.

Once he's finished I untangle myself from him, freeing my tail from where it was trapped under my body I roll onto my side, feeling his spunk running out of me and my own trailing across my middle.

"Are you making another wet patch on my bed?" Quint asks, looking down at me.

"Yep." I reply, and roll onto my front, yawning. I lie like that for a few moments, starting to fall asleep until I'm aware of his fingers slipping inside me once more.

"You can't sleep here." He says. "You either need to go back to your own bed or let me fuck you again."

I choose the latter.

The next morning I'm woken up by Topher kicking my leg. "Get that fucking thing back onto your side of the bed." He grumbles.

"Huh?" I grunt, trying to work out what he means, then I realise my tail is lying across his back. Instead of pulling it away I poke him in the ass with the tip, until he rolls on his side and grabs it.

"Let go." I protest.

"Well keep it to your fucking self."

"You could just get out of bed then you wouldn't be anywhere near it." I point out, rubbing my hand across my tail where he grabbed.

"It's my bed, you get out." He replies.

"No, I'm tired. I was asleep until you decided to kick me." I turn on my side to face him, keeping my tail well away from his hands.

"Then maybe you should have come to bed earlier." He says, knowing full well where I was last night. I am tired, and I ache. Quint kept me tied up tight for well over an hour and my muscles are reminding me of it now. Not to mention the dull throb in my lower back. If I can't go back to sleep I'd quite like to lie in the bath, I wonder if the maid has heated up any water this morning? I don't even care if Topher has been in it first.

Topher did get the bath water first, mostly because as soon as he got out of bed I fell back asleep. I've just finished dressing and I can hear raised voices coming from downstairs, one is the Captain's, but the other I don't recognise so I go down to investigate.

In the hallway I'm faced with a strange sight, two young girls are both knelt side by side with their heads bowed. One has dark brown hair, the other is blond but both are wearing it identically in two braids either side of their heads. Their dresses remind me of the one worn by the girls in the orphanage, cheap plain grey cotton that's seen better days, although from what I can see these are a lot shorter than the nuns would have ever allowed. They also have thick ugly iron cuffs on both their wrists and ankles, nothing like the almost delicate silver ones Topher wears, and around their necks they have collars to match that look horribly uncomfortable.

I stand in front of them staring, but neither acknowledge me, although they must know I'm here.

"Hello." I say curiously, the blond one looks up for a moment, her eyes wide, then quickly looks down again. Her face is older than I expected, from her clothes and hair I would have put her at around ten, but I realise that's she probably closer to fifteen. I peer at what I can see of the other one and she seems to be about the same age.

I try again. "Hello, I'm Exit." This time neither of them moves and I'm confused as to if I should just ignore them or not.

At that moment the front door opens, Topher ambles in with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist, I guess he's been swimming. He notices the two girls straight away, then looks at me wide eyed. "Oh crap." He says. "Where is he?"

"The Captain is in the living room I think, it sounded like he was arguing with someone in there a few minutes ago, I came down to see what was going on and found them." I point at the girls.

"No, I don't mean Captain Quint, if they're here." He gestures to the girls. "Then Tobias must be as well."

"Oh, are they his pets?" I ask, remembering a few things I've been told.

"Yeah, he calls them Alpha and Beta, I don't know what their real names are, he's had two Alphas since I've lived here. You won't get them to talk to you, they're not allowed to even piss without his permission."

"That's horrible, why does he treat them like that?" I ask.

"As I've said before, he's a cunt." I notice the girls both seem to flinch at this. "I'm off before he gets anywhere near me, you'd be a stupid monkey to be around when he comes out that door." Topher says pointing to the living room.

Stupid or not, I've heard too many things about Quint's brother not to want to meet even if it's just the once. I sit on a small table that's pushed up against the wall and wait, nothing happens and I start to feel a bit odd with the two of them still kneeling there.

"If you want to move I won't tell him, that can't be comfortable." I say to them. The blond one stretches her back but doesn't look up or speak, the dark one stays completely still.

A few minutes later the door to the living room opens and Quint comes out with another man who must be Tobias. I suddenly realise I've seen him before, that first night I was here and broke into the town hall he was one of the men I saw from my hiding place in the shadows. He's shorter then Quint and stockier too. While they share the same colouring and you can tell that they are related there's much more of the Admiral about Tobias features. He also looks almost ill kept next to his brother, his hair is short but in need of a cut, he has a few days growth of stubble and his clothes look like he slept in them. He stares down at the two girls, who still haven't moved an inch, then notices me sat on the hallway table. He walks over to me and stands close enough for me to smell him, he doesn't smell too good.

"Quint, I always knew you were a pervert, but one of them? Next thing you'll be sticking up dogs, as long as they're boy dogs of course."

"If you haven't got anything else to discuss please get out of my house." The Captain says evenly.

His brother ignores him and speaks directly to me. "I hope you haven't been interfering with my girls, I'd imagine living with my brother would leave you gagging for a taste of gash. If I find out you've laid so much as one dirty monkey paw on them I'll see you docked."

I look at Quint, unsure what to do. He gives me a tiny shake of the head as if to say don't respond.

"Tobias, please go." Quint says this quietly, but it's clear it's an order.

"All right little brother, I'll stop bothering your animal. By the way, what have you done with the Surosian faggot, did you throw him overboard when you got this thing?" He points at me and laughs.

"Go." Quint says in little more than a whisper.

"Come on." Tobias addresses the girls, kicking the dark one in the ribs with the toe of his boot. "We're not wanted here."

She sags to one side but quickly rights herself, and stands up, as does the blond one. Stood I can see them better, they are both painfully thin, with dark bruises on their knees and shins, most likely caused by being constantly forced to kneel on the floor. Their dresses barely cover their asses, and despite being stood they keep their faces downcast. Tobias leads them out of the door and once it's closed Quint slumps against the wall.

"Sorry about him." He says. "Next time you know he's around just get out of the way fast."

"Is he always like that?" I ask.

"No, most of the time he's worse. In the morning he's almost sober, you never want to meet him at night. The only person he respects is our father, and even then he pushes it."

"How do you put up with him?"

"I learnt to my cost many years ago it's best to try and ignore him. I only once ever really tried to challenge him, where do you think I got that knife scar on my chest from?"

"He tried to kill you?" I ask shocked.

"Pretty much, the Admiral pulled us apart, I was fourteen and he was twenty six, if the old man hadn't been there I doubt he would have stopped until I was dead."

"Why is he like that?"

"Fuck knows, he's always resented that our father took me to sea with him and gave me The Firebrat, but I think he would hate me whatever. I'm sure you've heard Topher's word for him?"

"Yes, several times." I reply.

"Well, I wouldn't disagree."

"I feel sorry for those girls." I say after a moments pause, and Quint sighs.

"I wish I could do something about that, but it's his prerogative to do what he wants with them. They only last a year or so before he replaces them. I don't know what happens to the old ones..." He tails off, and I try not to think about what he means. I wonder if Quint had any pets before us? I decide to ask Topher later.

"He did actually come over here for something other than to annoy me, we've had a message from Kipp, we need to sail up there so I can meet with Petrovar, he's the closest thing the cartel have to a leader, to talk about future jobs they have for us. We sail tomorrow."

At that moment Topher comes down the stairs, looking cautiously around.

"He gone?" He asks.

"Yes." We both say.

"Cunt." He mutters, the Captain catches my eye and smiles.

"What?" Topher says. "He is."

After lunch Quint's gone out to inspect the ship and I find Topher lying on the couch with his nose in a book.

"Don't you get bored of reading all the time?" I interrupt.

"No, because unlike you I'm intelligent and well educated. Only stupid people think books are boring."

I sit down in the arm chair as he re finds his place. "Did the captain have pets before us?" I ask him.

He sighs and gives me a dirty look. "You're not going to give me any peace are you?" I could point out he normally does this when I'm trying to sleep, which is far more important than reading.

"Well, were there?" I persist.

"Hmm, the twins came before me." He finally answers.

"What happened to them?"

"I think they went back to their father, they were sort of on loan as collateral for a debt he owed to the Admiral."

"And before that?"

"I don't know, some other boys. Can I go back to my book now?" He asks irritably, and opens it without waiting for an answer.

I don't know why I care. Vio should be home by now, if we are going to Kipp there's a small chance I may be able to send a wire, all I need is some money, to get away from the ship by myself and find a telegraph office. Easy.

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