Exit Strategy

by London Lampy

Chapter 16

It's nothing more than a soft kiss, just his lips meshing with mine but it sends a jolt of lust through me that makes me pull harder up against him and I let my tongue push into his mouth. When he feels me do that he pulls back and gives me a serious look.

"Exit, you need to understand I alone set the pace, I'm in total control."

Something about his words send another jolt through me. "Yes Captain." I say quietly.

He leans in and kisses me again, and this time I let him do it his way, tracing the shape of my mouth with his tongue, then pushing inside with no resistance from me. He's a fair bit taller than me and I end up balanced on the balls of my feet holding onto his shirt front for support. He moves his mouth away from mine and to my neck, sucking hard at a point just below my ear, and then does the same thing to my collar bone, which makes me gasp.

He steps back and looks at me, trailing his thumb over the deep red bruise he's left. "I think Topher's skin is beautiful, but my one regret is that I can't mark him, or at least I can hardly see my marks."

His hand then moves between my legs and cups my erection through the thin fabric of my trousers.

"This really is what you want, isn't it?"

I nod, looking into his deep chocolate eyes. He fumbles at my waist and I realise that he's undoing my trousers, he pulls at them but they don't move and he looks puzzled. "Tail." I say by way of explanation. "Let me." I untangle my tail, let them fall to the floor and step out of them, I'm now completely naked. He pulls me in for a kiss again, his tongue all but fucking my mouth this time, his hands on my bare ass gripping me firmly. I struggle both for air and to stay upright and when he breaks the kiss I fall into him breathing hard.

"This might work better on the bed." He says leading me through to the other room. His bed is both large and sits high off the ground, it has a wooden frame carved with bare breasted mermaids and dolphins cavorting, which he sees me staring at. "A bit much isn't it? It belonged to my father, and he will not let me get rid of it."

I scramble up onto the bed and sit on the side facing him, my feet are no where near reaching the floor. He comes and stands between my legs, moving one of his hands down to stroke my cock which seems to harden further under his touch.

"Take my shirt off." He commands, and I willingly do so, unbuttoning it as fast as I can, I slid my hands inside and push it off his shoulders. I find myself tracing the knife scar under his ribs with my finger tips, looking up at him as I do so. I slide my hands up further feeling his smooth hard muscles under surprisingly soft caramel skin, my fingers move to his nipples which harden at my touch, and I see him swallow.

"That's enough." He says catching my wrists. He moves my hands to down to his waist. "Trousers." He says thickly, and I obey.

I push his trousers off and reach for his underwear, he's clearly very hard and a small wet spot has formed on the material. I carefully ease them down and stare at his cock, he's on the large side, both length and girth, and I immediately need to touch him, so I put my hand out and stroke him from root to tip.

"Did I say you could do that?" He questions me.

"Sorry, no." I take my hands away.

"On your back on the bed." He orders.

When I'm positioned how he wants Quint straddles me and sets to work marking a trail across my chest, I really want to touch him but am not sure it's allowed, when his mouth reaches my nipple he bites down and makes me cry out from the mixture of pleasure and pain.

He sits back and looks at me. "Do you like that?" He asks huskily.

"Yes." I whisper.

He does the same to the other side, drawing another gasp from me, and I find myself thrusting my hips towards him to try to gain some friction.

He laughs. "You're very keen aren't you, I don't suppose you're a virgin?"

"No." I manage to say as his teeth graze over my ribs.

"Shame, I would have enjoyed deflowering you, but them experience is no bad thing either."

He sits up again and puts a hand down between my legs, stroking me where I want it most. I can see pre come leaking out of the tip of my cock, and he swipes a finger over it and puts it to my mouth. I draw his finger inside and suck on it.

"How do you taste?" he asks.

"Not too bad, I've tasted worse."

"Hmm." He repeats the action, but this time putting his finger to his own mouth.

"You're quite sweet." He decides after a moment. He starts stroking my cock again with long firm strokes, and it feels too good.

"Captain, if you don't stop I'm going to come." I manage to get out.

"Good, I want you to. Come for me Exit."

His words push me over the edge and I do, exploding wetly over his hand, losing my self in pleasure.

"Very nice." He says, wiping his fingers on the sheets. "Coming on command is something I like to teach my pets, you're almost there already. What's harder is not coming when you want to, that may be more difficult for you to learn, but there are things I can use to help."

I guess he's talking about cock rings, not something I like.

He climbs off me and tells me to turn over and lie on my front, then takes up the same position again, but this time sat across the back of my legs. My tail is lifted up round my back and I can feel his hardness pressing against my ass, and he runs his palms over my tail slowly.

"I've been looking forward to playing with this, is it very sensitive?"

"Mmm." Even though I've just come his touch is making me harden again.

"And just here." His fingers explore under the base. "Tallis told me that feels almost like having your cock stroked. Is that true?"

"Um...yes." I swallow. "Tallis said that?"

"Well, in a rather more vague way, I had to drag it out of him."

He continues to tease my sweet spot with one hand, and begins to run the fingers of his other hand between my ass cheeks.

"I'm going to fuck you hard." He says matter of factly.

He stops what he's doing to grab a tin of lube from his bedside table and starts to prepare me. By the time he's got two fingers inside I'm close to coming again, as he's alternating between thrusting his fingers and rubbing the base of my tail. I'm losing the ability to think clearly and want him inside me before I explode again.

"Captain Quint, please." I manage, pushing back against his hand to try and make myself clear.

"Exit, have you forgotten, I am in control?"

"No Captain."

"But on this occasion what you want is also what I want."

With that he pushes his entire length inside me in one movement. I take a gulping breath, I didn't expect him to do that, and a flash of pain hits my ass.

He pulls out and slams into me again, this time it feels better, and by the time he's found a rhythm, I'm moving too, and he's hitting me in the right spot.

"Oh fuck, you're tight." He breaths, and starts up stroking my tail again, and I can't hold off much longer.

"I...I'm coming." I shout, and he speeds up as I feel a wave of pleasure hit me. My orgasm seems to go on forever, and I'm just about aware that he's coming too, biting down hard on my shoulder as he does so.

I lie on the bed trying to get my breathing under control, while Quint eases off me, pulling his now softened length out as he does so.

"You look sexy like that." He comments.

"Huh?" I question, still not quite able to speak.

"Thoroughly fucked, makes me want to do it again, but I think you need some rest."

I suddenly realise just how exhausted I am, hours of climbing around the rigging and sex with the captain have left me wanting nothing more than sleep.

"Use my bathroom to clean up." He points to what looks like a wardrobe. I manage to stand up, although my legs are shaky, and I enter the tiny room. There's no shower but a wash stand has clean water in it and I do the best I can. I catch sight of my reflection in the small mirror and see that he has left a good number of marks across my neck and chest.

When I come out Quint is fully dressed again and he holds out my clothes to me, I pull them on as he watches.

"I knew I'd made a good choice in you. I'd been thinking about getting another pet to go with Topher for a while, but no one else until you caught my eye."

I feel strangely pleased by him saying this, and I have to remind myself that I don't belong here, and somehow need to get home.

Coming out of the captain's cabin I bump into Zizi standing outside. "I assume Quint's finished?" She asks me.

"Finished?" I frown at her.

"Yeah, Topher's not in there as well is he? The captain gets very cross with me if I interrupt him having sex."

"Um, yes, he's free." I say slightly embarrassed. I know that all the crew know what a captain's pet is for, but I didn't expect Zizi to be so blunt.

"Stop blushing." She says. "I don't care, hell, I don't even understand. I'm just trying to avoid Quint shouting at me again."

My curiosity overcomes my embarrassment. "What don't you understand?"

"Sex!" She laughs. "In case you hadn't noticed I'm visk."

"Well, the scales kind of gave it away, but why does that mean you don't understand sex?"

"Because we don't do it. We breed, obviously, but we certainly don't do it for fun. I thought everyone knew that."

I didn't. I think about this. "Why not?"

"Because we don't find it fun. As far as we're concerned it's just a biological necessity to continue the species. A couple of times a year a female visk will come into season, if she's married and wants to raise a clutch then she'll request that her husband deposit his seed into her egg pouch. That's it."


"But don't you ever want to do it at other times?" I ask.

"No, see that's the difference between reptiles and mammals, well one of them anyway. It's also one of the reasons most visk consider themselves grossly superior to humans, we don't think with our genitals."

Until I left the orphanage I never had much contact with visks, the nuns certainly never taught us anything about them, to be honest I've come to realise they never taught us much of anything except the basics and lots of religion.

"So you never have sex except to have babies? That's weird."

She laughs. "No, what's weird is the idea of having sex other than to reproduce. In particular the idea of doing it with someone of your own gender. To the visk way of thinking that's entirely inexplicable."

"It seems to be to some humans as well." I say darkly.

"Yes, I've noticed that. Captain Tobias particularly takes that view, although I think it's mostly to annoy his brother, they don't get along. Quint tried to explain it all to me once, but I'm not sure I really understood."

"So." I persist. "Have you never had sex then?"

"Am I married?" She asks me.

I shrug. "I don't know."

"No, I'm obviously not, and I have no intention of ever being so. Not that I could even if I wanted to. I cut all ties with my family long ago, so I have no dowry, or genetic charts to give to any prospective husband's family, not to mention no one to make me a match. And the thought of raising a clutch makes me feel ill."

I'm about to question her further when the captain comes out of his rooms.

"There you are Zizi, I need to talk to you about our plan of attack when we reach the island. Exit, I thought I told you to go and get some rest...actually, wait there." He disappears back inside and comes out again with the bottle or green jelly. "You may want some more of this." He says handing it to me.

I'm a bit disappointed he's giving me the bottle, I'd rather go back to his cabin and have him put it on me again sometime.

I head back to my, well mine and Topher's cabin. It's starting to get dark and I see Artie and Badger going around the ship lighting the oil lamps, when I get back to the cabin Topher is doing the same thing. He looks round at me and takes in the marks on my neck, and the hurt expression on his face actually makes me feel bad, at least until he opens his mouth.

"You shit." He says.

I shake my head at him. "I'm not arguing with you about this, you knew it would happen sooner or later. I need to sleep."

With that I strip off, beyond caring about being naked, and climb into bed.

"What did he do to you?" Topher asks in a flat voice.

"None of your business, just leave me alone please."

"Did he tie you up?" He persists.

"Shut up."

"Did he fuck you hard?"

"Shut up."

"Did he..."

"SHUT UP!" I cut him off.

"You are one bad tempered monkey." He states, forgetting he's the one who started this.

I glare at him. "I am going to sleep now, and as far as I'm concerned you don't exist."

I turn over and face the cabin wall, sticking the pillow over my head. He continues to try and irritate me for a bit, but when he realises he's not going to get anywhere he gives up, and once he's silent I fall asleep quickly.

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