Exit Strategy

by London Lampy

Chapter 8

Ry hails a cab and we get in the back, the only light inside comes from a small oil lantern fixed above one window that flickers with the cabs movement. As soon as he shuts the door Ry puts his arm around me and pulls me close for a kiss, I don't protest. His tongue quickly slips into my mouth and I'm happy letting him take the lead, enjoying the sensation of him exploring the inside of my mouth. I swing my legs over his lap to give him better access and he moves from my mouth ghosting kisses over my jaw and neck while I begin to unbutton his shirt, sliding my hand inside to stroke his chest, finding a nipple and teasing it to hardness. He nips at my collar bone, makes me gasp and I put my lips next to his ear and murmur. "I want you inside me."

He suddenly stops what he's doing, bites his bottom lip and stares straight ahead for a few seconds.

"Ah, shit Exit, don't do that."

"What?" I ask, acting as innocent as I can.

"Say things like that, you nearly made me come."

"Mmm, sorry, but I do." I lean in and lick his ear.

"You're going to end up getting fucked in the back this cab if you don't stop."

Ry is staring very intensely at me, his grey eyes darkened with want, he pushes me back until I'm lying across the seat, then positions himself on top. I bring my hips up to meet his and thrust against him, loving the feeling his erection against mine. He starts to kiss me again, harder this time, and at the same time he's pushing back against me, making me moan. I move my hands down his body and find his ass, squeezing the firm muscle, and he speeds his thrusting up, just as I'm attempting to undo his belt I become aware of a tapping sound. I stop to try and work out what it is, Ry notices and asks if I'm all right.

"I'm fine, but what's that?"

He cocks his head and listens, then laughs. "I think the driver is trying to tell us we've arrived."

"Oh...yes." I'd almost forgotten we're in a taxi.

We untangle ourselves and climb out, Ry pays the cabbie, who tips his hat then touches a crop to his horse and they trot away.

"Do you think he knew what we were doing?" I ask.

"I would think so, you look like you've just been ravished." He's right, my shirt is untucked and half open, but Ry's not looking that much better himself.

"Don't worry about it, cab drivers see all sorts, and I gave him a good tip."

I'm not worried, but I do wonder what would have happened if the journey had been any longer.

Ry takes me straight to the bedroom and we carry on where we left off, kissing on the bed with my legs wrapped around his waist. I break the kiss to speak. "Still want you inside me."

He looks at me, groans softly and traces his thumb over my lips, so I draw it inside my mouth and suck, swirling my tongue over the pad.

"I think we both very much need to be naked right." He breathes.

Agreeing we part to remove our clothes, I hang my suit over the back of a chair, then turn around to see Ry lying back on the bed, staring at me and stroking himself. I stop and watch, doing the same to myself, enjoying the sight of him playing with himself and feeling the first few drops of pre come leaking onto my fingers.

"Come here." He commands, and I do. Jumping onto the bed, straddling his thighs and wrapping my tail around my body. I can just reach his cock with the tip of it, and I run it over his length.

"Oh gods!" He exclaims, gripping my legs hard enough to leave red marks.

"I'll give you a proper tail job one day, but not tonight."

"Yes, that sounds good." He whispers, his eyes are starting to glaze and his body is covered in a sheen of sweat. He looks like he's about to come completely undone and I think that I ought to leave him alone for a bit if I want to get fucked tonight. I remember from last time where he keeps his lube, so I reach over and find it in the drawer.

"Do you want me to do it?" I ask, showing him the jar so he gets what I mean.

"Yes, I think that would be for the best right now, but I do want to watch."

So I kneel with my back to him, scoop some lube up and work it inside my ass with my finger.

"Oh yes." I hear Ry say from behind me, and he reaches over and strokes the sweet spot under my tail.

I add another digit, and he groans, I don't think watching me fingering myself is helping him calm down any. It's also having the same effect on me, both the sensation and knowing how much he's enjoying it.

"All right, I'm good to go." I say, I can't wait any longer. "Would you like me on top?"

It's not really a question as I'm climbing onto him as I say it, I want to do it this way round, I want to watch his face.

I guide him inside me slowly, letting my body adjust until I'm sitting on him again. I stay completely still for a few seconds while he reaches down and gives my cock long firm strokes that make me gasp and realise that I getting close to coming. I look at him and he smiles at me. "You going to sit there all night? I thought you had to get up early."

I don't reply, instead I lift myself until just his tip is still inside, then slam back down hard.

"Keep doing that." He says thickly, and I have no problem with obeying.

I keep going, his breathing getting faster with every move I make, and when I change my angle slightly he hits me in just the right spot, and I see stars.

"Ah fuck!" I shout, grinding my self onto him, his hand on me moving faster until I feel my balls tighten and I'm coming over him in thick spurts. He's not far behind and I'm just coming down when I hear him give a wordless shout and feel his body jerk under mine, spilling himself deep inside me.

When he relaxes again I fall forward and kiss him deeply, not caring that I'm getting covered in my own spunk.

I break the kiss and rest my head on his shoulder, and as he wraps his arms around me I can feel his now softened length sliding out of me.

"I think you left bruises." He says quietly into my ear.

"Sorry." I'm not. "My legs are very strong, I can really go for it."

He laughs. "I'm not saying I mind, it's a very good talent to have."

We lie for a while like that, and I feel myself starting to fall asleep. Ry shakes me back awake. "I hate to say this but you should go home, I don't want to get you into trouble."

"Yeah." I mutter, but don't move. He strokes the length of my back and tail, kisses my shoulder then tips me off him onto my back on the bed.

"Hey!" I complain.

"Go and get cleaned up, I'll get Dawkins to find you a cab."

I head off to the bathroom grumbling to myself.

We wait in the hallway for the elderly butler to return, it doesn't take long and soon we're saying goodbye.

"Let me know when you get back." Ry says.

"Of course, I still owe you a tail job."

He laughs, but the look in his grey eyes is more lust than humour. He puts his hands on my waist and kisses me. "Look after yourself please."

"I will."

"Remember just because you're young you're not indestructible."

He hugs me and we kiss again. "Go on, before the cabbie gets board and leaves, and I have to send Dawkins out all over again."

I step out into the night, climb into the cab and head home.

The alarm clock cut through my sleep and I fumble around to find it and shut it off. It's far too early, the sun is not even up yet and I haven't had nearly enough sleep, but I have no choice and I roll out of bed. The shower wakes me a little, I should really have done it last night but I was too tired, and despite having cleaned myself up at Ry's I still find dried come over my stomach and between my legs.

Once I'm washed and dressed in my new sailors uniform I hurriedly eat a couple of bananas for breakfast, washed down with half a pint of milk. I'm due to meet Vin and Vio at the docks in half an hour so I grab my duffel bag with my spare clothes and wash things in it and head out.

The trams have only just started running and I join the line for the first one of the day, surprised at how many people are up at this hour. By the time it arrives the sky has lightened to a murky blue and the street lamps are starting to go out. The tram is crowded but quiet, only the occasional cough or rustle of newspapers break the silence, I suppose it's too early for chatter, even the clippy seems half asleep as she rings up the fares.

I get off a short walk from the river and follow it toward the docks as the sun rises, a breeze from the water ruffles my my hair and seagulls overhead call to each other. I can tell by the smell when I get close, smoke from the ship's chimneys, rotten fish and something almost salty that I guess is the sea, mixed with other scents that I can't work out, spicy and sweet and bad all at the same time.

Even at dawn the docks themselves are a mass of people, mostly men and a few visks, all of who seem to know where they are going and rushing to get there. I get lost almost instantly, and sworn at more than once for getting in the way. Eventually I see the two of them in the distance, Vio's height and blond crop giving them away, and I hurry over to where they are.

"There he is!" I hear her say as I approach. "Got lost did you?" She asks, putting out a smoke.

"I'm not late am I?" I ask.

"Not really." Says Vin. "But you're not early either, late night last night?"

Vio gives him a puzzled look, but fortunately he doesn't explain.

"Not too bad." I mumble.

"Come on, lets go and find the Captain and get the two of you settled on board." He says, then turns and climbs up the ramp onto the ship. We follow and he leads us up several small, steep flights of steps until we come to a room with large windows all around at what seems to be the top of the ship. He knocks on the door and a middle aged man with grey balding hair and a a close trimmed moustache answers.

"Captain Hyde, this is Violet and Exit." Vin introduces us.

"Vio." She quickly states sticking out her hand to him. "Good to meet you."

He then turns to me. "Ah, I was told you were an echoback, your kind make excellent sailors you know." First I've heard of it, and I shake his hand without saying anything.

"The crew have all been briefed as to your presence on the ship. I'll find someone to show you to your quarters, I'm afraid you will be sharing with two others, not much spare space on board you see."

When we get to our cabin I can tell he wasn't joking, the room is tiny, with two sets of bunk beds on either side of a strip of floor about a foot and a half wide. The whole thing seems to be made of grey painted metal with huge rivets holding the walls and bunks together and the only storage space is a couple of draws under the bottom bunk, which bed Vio quickly claims as her own.

"You're the fucking climbing expert, you can sleep up top."

I don't care but I have to stifle a giggle when she discovers that the bed is shorter than she is, sometimes being small has it's uses.

"Shit! Are all sailors fucking midgets." She complains.

I stick my head over the side if my bed and look down at her squashed uncomfortably into the small space.

"What are you grinning at monkey boy?"

It's going to be a long two weeks.

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