A Kind of Alchemy

by London Lampy

Victor & Ed & Sam

This is the "missing" chapter from my story "A Kind of Alchemy". If you've read it you may remember that at the end it was implied that Victor, Ed and Sam had enjoyed a threesome. However it didn't appear in the story because it would have destroyed the rather sweet tone of the final two chapters if I'd shoehorned it in between them so I chose to write it as a separate ficlet instead.

Sam was having trouble concealing his excitement as Ed and him turned into the small side street where Victor had his combined studio and flat. His body was responding to being back there, and this time it was going to be even better because he had his boyfriend Ed with him.

"I'm hard already," he said quietly to Ed as they approached the doorway that led up to the studio. He knew that Victor would make them sit so he could sketch them for their portrait before allowing anything sexual to happen, as had been the case with his solo portrait of Sam, and Sam was well aware that he was going to be more of less coming on the spot by the time Victor or Ed touched him.

"I'm kind of nervous," Ed confessed as they stopped in front of the door.

"We don't have to do it," Sam replied, praying that Ed wouldn't back out now. Being with both Victor and him at the same time had become a favourite fantasy ever since Victor had suggested it, but even so he knew that he would never try to pressurise Ed into doing anything he didn't want to do. If his boyfriend wanted to call it off then that would be that, he wouldn't argue.

"No, I want to do it, I'm kind of hard too." Ed took Sam's hand and placed it between his legs where Sam could feel that indeed Ed was starting to stiffen. "But I'm still nervous, what if Victor doesn't find me attractive? I'm not as good looking as you."

"For the god's sake, yes you are. If Victor didn't want to do it with you he wouldn't have suggested this in the first place. He told me he was looking forward to seeing you naked, to finding out where your freckles stop."

"Oh," Ed said, and Sam, whose hand was still on Ed cock, felt him harden all the way. He gave him a quick squeeze then moved his hand up to ring the bell.

"You absolutely sure?" He asked Ed as his finger hovered over the button.

"Absolutely." Came the reply.

Sam hadn't been to the painter's studio for a while but it was just as he remembered it. The long ribbon of windows along one wall and the skylights up above let in plenty of early afternoon spring sunshine, flooding the room with light. The floor was still paint splattered bare boards except for the small living corner where Victor's bed and a few pieces of furniture sat on a rug. Leaning up against the walls were canvasses in every state from blank to covered in charcoal sketching to almost finished. The majority of the pictures were of naked young men, but there were a few clothed portraits as well. Sam knew that those were the things Victor painted to earn money, the nudes were his real passion, but he rarely managed to sell them.

Once Ed and him had followed Victor up the stairs and into the flat Victor had told them to take their clothes off for the sitting. Sam had quickly stripped naked, these days he found himself far less inclined to blush and get embarrassed as he used to, he didn't even care that he was still hard and that Victor would see how excited he was. In fact he loved the way that the painters very blue eyes went straight to his crotch as soon as his underpants were off. He even put a hand between his legs and stroked himself a little, making a bit of a show for Victor.

"Sam, behave, not yet." Victor said, sounding amused. Sam couldn't help noticing that he now too had a growing bulge in his trousers.

Sam turned to look at Ed, he had removed his shoes, socks and shirt, but was now standing in the middle of the floor looking awkward. "Ed, I need you naked," Victor waved his hands, indicating that Ed's trousers had to come off.

"Let me help." Sam said, standing behind Ed and reaching round to unbutton his trousers, making sure to give his cock the occasional rub as he went. He kissed Ed's freckled shoulder too and licked his neck as he pushed first Ed trousers then his underpants down to the floor.

"Sam, put Ed down." Victor laughed as Sam closed a hand around Ed's reappearing erection. "Gods, I can see I'm going to have trouble keeping you under control today. Now, can both of you go and lie on the bed, and Sam, keep your hands away from your cock, and Ed's too, or neither of you are going to be able to stay still. I'd be inclined to say if you don't leave yourself and him alone I'll punish you, but I have a feeling it would just make you worse if I threatened to spank you."

They got onto the bed together, Sam's head now filled with thoughts of being spanked by Victor. "Perhaps Ed could spank me if I misbehave." Sam said as he wriggled into the middle of the mattress with Ed, it was something they'd recently started experimenting with.

"Or perhaps you could just stay still and let me sketch the pair of you," Victor replied, raising his dark eyebrows. "And we can save the spanking for later."

Victor positioned them with Ed lying propped up on the pillows and Sam lying half on top of him, his back turned to Victor but his head looking back over his shoulder at the painter.

"That's good," Victor sounded a little husky. "Sam, I think your ass is going to be the star of this particular painting."

"I like his ass." Ed rather unexpectedly said, then apologised.

"Don't say sorry for that," Victor chided him. "Of course you like it. Firstly, it's a very nice ass, and secondly, it's yours to play with, which I would imagine you do quite a lot. I would."

"He does," Sam confirmed, grinding his erection into Ed's hip, "and he's very good." The first time they'd made love Ed had been terrified of doing something wrong, or simply not performing very well. He'd been a bit hesitant that time, but he'd made Sam come and it had been a wonderful first time between them. Since then Ed had spent plenty of time perfecting his technique and he was now a very good lover who knew exactly what Sam liked.

"Sam, I can see what you're doing, stop trying to rub yourself off on Ed."

"How am I meant not to when you put us like this?" Sam grumbled.

"That is your problem, you wanted to come here and sit today, and as you well know part of sitting is staying very still."

And the other part of sitting for Victor was having sex with him after. Although Sam really wanted a painting of him and Ed together right now he wanted sex more, but he knew that he was going to have to be patient so he gritted his teeth and tried to think about the most boring things he could.

"That's enough for now." Victor said, after what felt to Sam like several hours of not moving and thinking about cows, which in his opinion were very dull.

Sam rolled off Ed and stretched, getting the kinks out of his muscles. He looked at Ed, who was doing much the same thing. Ed might not think much of his looks but Sam couldn't agree, he thought Ed was very attractive. Ed rode his bicycle several miles to work each day instead of taking the tram, and at weekends he liked to take himself off and cycle out into the countryside around the city while Sam was at work in the theatre. All this exercise had left him with a well toned body that Sam found it hard to keep his hands off, at least in public, in private he could see no reason to keep his hands off Ed at all. Ed had hair that was mid way between red and brown, both on his head and between his legs, and that was where Sam headed now. Ed had softened while they were being sketched by Victor and Sam wanted to reverse this, so he put the entirety of Ed's member into his moth and began to suck him back to hardness.

"Now that's a pretty sight." Sam heard Victor say from somewhere behind him, then he felt Victor's hand on his bottom and the bed dip as the painter joined them.

"Ed, do you mind me touching him like this?" Victor asked as a finger began to probe Sam's entrance.

"No," Came the reply. Ed was rigid again now and Sam started to give him head as Victor pushed a finger inside him.

"Would you like me to do this to you too?" Victor enquired of Ed.

"Yes." Ed's voice was slightly shaky. At first he'd been quite unsure about having anything inside him, but after a while he'd seen just how much Sam enjoyed it and had consented to having Sam's finger in there from time to time, but he still had a virgin ass. Sam rather suspected that this wasn't going to be the case for very much longer, and he almost envied Ed loosing it to Victor.

Sam stopped sucking his boyfriend to allow him to move into a position where Victor could finger him as well. They both ended up lying on their fronts on the bed looking at one another. Victor dipped his head down and kissed Sam quickly on the mouth, then he moved over to Ed who he kissed deeply and for much longer. Sam was surprised at just how arousing he found watching this was, the two of them clearly had their tongues pushed far into one another's mouths. The painter was naked too now and Sam admired his long, lean pale body, he even reached awkwardly behind Ed to hold Victor's shaft in his hand. It had been quite some while since he'd last had sex with Victor and touching him like this now was a reminder of all the erotic things they'd done together in the past.

The two of them stopped kissing, Victor moved Sam's hand off his cock and retrieved a tin of lube from a drawer beside the bed. Sam watched Ed as he enjoyed the deliciously familiar sensation of fingers entering him, stretching him and caressing his sweet spot. He could tell when Victor had hit Ed's sweet spot from the way his brown eyes widened in his freckled face and the small noise he made.

"Would you like him to go all the way with you?" Sam quizzed Ed.

"I think so," Ed replied, his voice catching a little.

"Have you ever been fucked?" Victor asked Ed.

"No, Sam uses his fingers sometimes, but never more than that."

"Then I'd be honoured to take your virginity, if that's want you want." Victor sounded surprisingly serious.

"I do want." Came the reply.

Victor repositioned them on the bed, with Ed on his hands and knees he was concentrating solely on playing with his ass now, making sure he was very ready for when he entered him. Sam kissed Victor, wanting the sort of kiss Ed had had earlier, and the painter didn't disappoint, kissing Sam deeply, exploring his mouth with his tongue.

"I've just had an idea." Sam said when Victor had gone back to giving Ed his full attention, with Sam now rubbing his body against Victor's side and kissing his shoulders. "Why don't you fuck Ed while he fucks me?" Sam thought that this was a rather brilliant idea, and he wondered if he was the first person to ever think of doing that.

"While I think that an Ed sandwich sounds like a very tasty thing indeed," Victor replied, pushing his fingers deeply into Ed's asshole, making Ed gasp. "I think it might be a bit much for the poor boy's first time. It's not really fair on him to make him have to think about pleasing you at the same time as loosing his virginity."

"I don't mind," Ed said, then groaned loudly as Victor added a third finger.

"No Ed, this is about you," Victor said firmly. "I think Sam should use his considerable oral skills on you while I'm inside you, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, that sounds good." Ed agreed.

While Sam understood why Victor had turned down his idea he wasn't entirely happy, he really wanted someone inside him too, and he voiced this to the pair of them.

"Hold on," Victor said, opening the drawer beside the bed again without ever stopping his finger fucking of Ed. "Try this."

Sam was handed a long, thick, black rubber cock. He looked at it with interest, the tip was slightly bent, it looked perfect for touching himself internally with. "Lube it up and put it inside you," Victor told him. Sam didn't need asking twice.

He lay on his front on the bed with one leg hanging off the side as with the other two taking up most of the space there wasn't room to stretch out across the bed. He then spread a good layer of lubricant over the dildo and slowly slid it into his ass. "Oh gods," he breathed, moving it in and out a little. "I want one of these, that feels so good."

"Careful, you'll make Ed jealous." Victor laughed.

"Sam, you look..." Ed tailed off, now watching Sam fucking himself with interest.

"Yes, he does, doesn't he?" Victor agreed. "He really fits the part of a wanton little slut at times. It's the blond hair, makes him look like a dirty fallen angel."

"Mmm," was all Sam could manage in reply. While a rubber cock could never replace having Ed or Victor inside him, it was a pretty damn good substitute, and it was fun being able to control the pace himself.

"Sam, move yourself under Ed and suck him, you can leave that in," Victor ordered. "I think Ed is more than ready now."

Sam wriggled under Ed's body, his feet resting on the wall by Ed's hands, his head ending up level with Ed's enticing erection. He'd managed to keep the dildo inside him, although on his back he couldn't thrust it in and out it still felt good just having it there. He eased Ed into his mouth, the angle was slightly awkward and he couldn't get as much of Ed in as he would have if he was in a more normal blow job position, but he was able to suck on the head and he concentrated on using his tongue to stimulate the small triangle of skin that he knew was extremely sensitive. He could taste a little of Ed's pre come dribbling onto his tongue and he sucked at the small hole, drawing as much of the liquid out as he could.

Sam could hear Victor talking to Ed, telling him to relax and breath and he guessed that Victor was entering Ed from behind. He kept up his licking and sucking and also brought a hand up between Ed's to play with his balls. Sam discovered that he could touch Victor's balls too as he fucked Ed, he fondled each of them in turn and he even reached all the way around to feel where Victor's cock was fitted snugly into Ed's tight ass.

"Oh...gods...yes, fuck me." He could hear Ed saying, and from where he was Sam could actually hear Victor thrusting into his boyfriend. Sam knew that Ed was about to come when he felt his balls tighten in his hand and soon Sam's mouth was being filled by warm liquid as Ed unloaded inside it. Sam tried to swallow without choking, not easy from underneath, and he sucked every last drop of seed out of Ed as he heard the unmistakable sound of Victor groaning in the throes of his own orgasm.

All this along with the rubber cock still being in his ass was getting too much for Sam, he needed to come too. He considered simply using his hand to get himself off, it would be easy enough from where he was, but with both Victor and Ed there that seemed a bit of a waste. He slid out from under a now spent Ed who promptly collapsed onto his front.

"Would one of you help me with this?" He asked, pointing at his very hard erection with one hand while holding the dildo in with the other.

Victor was standing at the end of the bed wiping himself clean with a slightly paint stained cloth and he smiled lazily at Sam, then looked down at Ed.

"Ed, how do you fancy letting Sam have you too?" he asked. "It seems only fair."

"I'd like that," Ed mumbled.

"And perhaps I can help you from behind." Victor suggested.

Sam felt delightfully bad fucking Ed with Victor's come still inside him. He was very wet and Sam's cock slid inside of him with no resistance at all. It had been an extremely long time since he'd been inside anyone and he'd almost forgotten what it was like. It was made all the better by Victor starting to pump the rubber cock in and out of his ass, the mixture of sensations was amazing. He was lying on top of Ed and he could feel Ed's whole body, still hot and slightly damp with sweat beneath his own flesh. Sam had been aroused pretty much from the moment they'd left for Victor's studio and because of this own orgasm came quickly, rushing through him like a train as he squirted four long streams of spunk into Ed with a wordless shout. After a few seconds he rolled off Ed and kissed him sloppily on his mouth, then asked him if he was all right.

"Yeah," Ed grinned. "Now I get why you like that so much."

"Ow...mmm," Sam said as Victor's hand came down sharply onto his bare bottom again. He was lying across Victor's lap being thoroughly spanked by both Victor and Ed, who were alternating between smacking him and kissing one another deeply.

He could feel Victor's erection digging into his stomach and he was really hoping that the painter would do to him what he had already done to Ed and give him a good, hard fuck. He was assuming that this was Victor's intention as a few minutes ago he had inserted a large butt plug into Sam's ass. It was even larger than the one Victor had made him wear the time they'd gone out to eat, and that had nearly caused Sam to come in his pants in the café where they were having supper. Victor seemed to have a limitless supply of toys and things to use during sex, but Sam had requested that the painter not tie him up or restrain him in any way. Restraint now had too many bad memories attached for him to enjoy it, however large things in his ass were another matter entirely. He squirmed with pleasure as Ed spanked him, squeezing his internal muscles around the plug for extra stimulation.

"Look at how red his ass has gone," he heard Victor say to Ed. "Doesn't look like a gorgeous little slut with hand prints on his bottom and that inside him?" Sam felt the painter toy with the plug.

"He looks very sexy," Ed agreed, his voice thick with lust.

Sam then heard Victor whisper something to Ed, he strained to catch what it was, but he failed. However he did hear Ed's reply. "Is that possible?" His boyfriend asked.

"Absolutely," Victor confirmed. "It's just a question of getting into the right position, that's all."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked, intrigued.

"You'll find out," Victor said smugly. "Come here."

Victor pulled Sam upright until he was sitting in his lap, then he stroked one hand through Sam's hair and sucked and bit Sam's shoulders while Ed kissed Sam on the mouth and played with his nipples, pinching them firmly the way Sam enjoyed.

Sam was rock hard again and while he loved all this attention, particularly what Ed was doing to his nipples, he really wanted to be fucked so when Victor told him to kneel on the bed with his ass in the air he readily did it, holding onto the bedstead for support.

"Ed, come in as close to me here as you can." Victor said from behind Sam.

Sam wondered if Victor intended for a reversal of what they'd done earlier, with Ed lying underneath him giving him head as Victor fucked him. He certainly wouldn't mind if that was the plan. He felt someone remove the butt plug then slippery fingers rubbed over his entrance, adding more lube.

"Make sure you put plenty on yourself," Victor said to Ed. "The last thing we want to do is hurt him doing this."

"Doing what?" Sam asked, wishing that someone would replace the plug with their flesh, he was aching to be fucked now.

"All right Ed, let's go, but take it slowly."

Suddenly Sam knew what they were doing when he felt himself being filled beyond anything he'd ever known before. "Oh gods," he breathed, gripping the bedstead tightly. "You're both in me aren't you?"

"Yes." Victor replied. "Do you like it?"

"Yes...it feels wonderful." It wasn't just the physical sensation, it was having Ed, who he loved more than anyone else except maybe his mother, and Victor who he liked and cared about very much both together like that in his most intimate place.

"You won't be able to move as much as normal," Victor instructed Ed. "But if you're anything like as fucking turned on as me right now you shouldn't need to."

"To be honest I'm about ready to come." Ed confessed.

Sam felt a hand wrap itself around his erection, Victor's he guessed, then the two of them began to move inside him. It was a completely new sensation to feel two cocks thrust into him at once, he was aware of his body stretching around them and of them rubbing against one another. He groaned loudly, unable to stop himself from vocalising his extreme pleasure at what was being done to him by Victor and Ed.

"Victor..." He heard Ed say.

"I know...I'm about to come too," Victor replied. "Can you hold off for a few seconds? Let's see if we can get Sam off at the same time too."

The hand that was wrapped around him rubbed him faster and he felt his body start to to tense in preparation for orgasm. He knew that he was going to come hard, but he tried to hold out as long as he could because of how good this felt.

"Vic..." Ed groaned, and Sam knew that Ed was about to spill so he just let go, pure pleasure flooding through him as the two people inside him filled his passage with their spunk simultaneously.

"How do you feel?" Ed asked as they walked back through the city in the growing dusk, they had been in Victor's studio all afternoon and by now the sun was setting.

"A bit sore, but it's a good kind of sore, and a bit damp. I've still got your and Victor's stuff coming out of me." He adjusted his underwear.

"There'll be a lot of lube too, he used about half a tin." Ed added.

"How do you feel?" Sam said.

"My legs are actually kind of shaky," Ed replied. "That second time, I swear I came for about five minutes, and I'm a bit damp as well from the first time."

"How do you feel about not being an ass virgin any more?"

"Fine, I don't know why I waited so long really."

"Because I never suggested it to you I guess." Sam said after a moments thought.

"Shit, what would my Gran do if she knew what we'd just been up to?" Ed laughed. "I think her head would explode, the gods rest her soul."

"So would you like to do that again? Victor will need us back for another sitting once he's put his sketch onto a canvass."

"I'd love to, as long as it's at least as good as that next time."

"It will be." Sam assured him.

Four days later Sam was sitting in Fran's kitchen in his pyjamas having a breakfast of tea and toast with Ed when the doorbell rang. He knew that Fudge was upstairs in the living room ironing her uncle a shirt for the day so he left her to answer it. A short while later he heard the door shutting and her bare footsteps hurrying down the stairs as she came to join them.

"The postman bought this for you." She said excitedly, waiving a long box wrapped in brown paper with his name and their address written on the front of an envelope that was glued to the box.

"Thanks." He said, taking the box off her and looking at it curiously. It was far too early for his seventeenth birthday, that was still a few weeks away, and anyway the only person he could imagine sending him a present was his mother, and this package had a Parnell postmark so it couldn't be from her.

"Who's it from?" Ed asked curiously as Sam turned it over in his hands.

"I have no idea," he replied puzzled.

"Open the card." Fudge urged him, bouncing on her toes.

Sam slit the envelope open with the butter knife and pulled out a single piece of cream coloured card. On it, written in curvy black ink, was a message.

Sam, here is a small present for you because you said you wanted one. Whatever you do, do not open it in front of anyone other than Ed, unless you want to spend the rest of day the blushing. I look forward to the two of you coming back for your next sitting,

V. xxx

"So, who's it from?" Fudge asked impatiently, trying to look at the card as Sam flipped it over to the blank side and put it on the table.

"Um...Victor," he said, feeling the beginnings of a blush. From the shape of the box and the identity of the sender he now had an idea what the present might be.

"Victor? Why is he sending you gifts?" Fudge sounded confused.

Ed picked up the card and read it then took the box off Sam and gave it a small shake, it made a slight thudding noise.

"For the god's sake, open it!" Fudge exclaimed.

"Maybe later," Sam replied, giving Ed a significant look. Ed looked like he was trying not to laugh and Sam would put money on him having guessed the nature of the present too.

Ed handed Sam back the box and Sam took it next door to Ed and his room, with both Ed and Fudge following him.

"Fudge," Sam said looking at her. "I'm about to get dressed, could you perhaps go away?"

"You are no fun," she grumbled. "How can you have a present and not want to open it?"

Once she was gone Sam sat on the bed, Ed joined him and Sam ripped the brown paper off to find a simple cardboard box underneath. It had no pictures or writing on it, but he supposed that was just as well, some things were better kept discrete. He opened the box and tipped the contents onto the bed, his heart beating a little faster when he saw that he was right. It was a long, thick, black rubber dildo just like the one that he had very much enjoyed having inside him at Victor's studio.

"Hmm," Ed picked it up, weighing it in his hand. "Now I wish I didn't have to go to work quite so soon."

"Yeah," Sam agreed, taking it off him. Just holding it was making him hard as he remembered how good Victor's one had felt.

"You're going to stay in here and play with it by yourself until you have to go to work aren't you?" Ed grinned at him.

"I was thinking about it," Sam admitted. There really wasn't much chance that the new toy wasn't going to get used sooner rather than later.

"Do you know, I think my bicycle might have a flat tyre, and maybe a broken chain too." Ed mused.

"What?" Sam frowned at him.

"Yeah, I think a combination of those two things might make me, say, an hour late for work?"

"Oh," Sam grinned back at him, getting his meaning. "An hour should be enough."

He lent over and kissed Ed, knowing that the next hour was going to be very pleasurable indeed.

The End

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