A Kind of Alchemy

by London Lampy

Chapter 30

Everything was illuminated by a dull silver glow that sucked out the colour to nothing but shades of grey and black. The cow barn was still and empty as Sam walked through it dressed in only a white robe, his feet bare on the hay strewn floor. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to look, behind him were three figures dressed like him but also wearing blank faced masks with empty, cut out eye holes. The trio walked toward him, stepping in time with one another, and even though their faces were covered he knew exactly who they were. The smallest one who occupied the centre of the three was Ava, and she was flanked on one side by the bulky form of Mother, and on the other by his own father.

"There he is." Ava said, pointing a pale finger at him. "We've found him."

Sam wanted to run, but he found he could hardly move, all that he could do was creep very slowly backward as they descended on him.

"Do it now lass, before he can run away again." His father's voice was shocking to hear after so long. "He's not my son."

"Yes Ava my dear." Mother breathed. "Cut the boy."

Ava reached her arm up and the roof of the barn was gone and when Sam looked around he could see that they were now standing on a grassy plain that stretched away to the horizon on all sides. Shining above them was a tiny new moon and Ava plucked it out of the sky, and in her hands it became a glowing silver knife with a curved, serrated blade.

Without knowing how it happened Sam was suddenly lying on his back on the stage at The Empress, an audience of silent, white masked onlookers seated in the auditorium. His father and the vile man Mother were holding him down on either side as Ava stooped and swung the moon blade in a wide arc, it connected with his throat in a spray of blood that fountained over the three white white clad figurers who were holding silver cups out to collect it, and he began to scream...

"Sam...Sam wake up, you're having another nightmare." He swum his way back through the dream, knowing that air and safety and the surface were near by, and all he had to do was find them. Somehow he managed to force his eyes open and he lay panting as the dark bedroom came into focus around him.

"Do you want me to put the light on?..or some water, I can get you some water."

"It's all right." His heart was trying to break out of his chest. "I'll be fine in a minute."

"Are you sure, do you want me to go and get Fran?"

"No, please don't, I don't want to disturb him again."

He had spent most of his first night back in the city in the hospital having his cut wrist sewn up and recovering from whatever he had been drugged with. Mulligan and Fran had come up with some kind of half way plausible story for the state he was in that they fed the doctor who saw to him, and he had been discharged in the morning. He had then slept for the best part of the next twenty four hours, periodically waking screaming from nightmares of blood and moon shaped knives, much to the concern of everyone else in the house. This was now his second full night back at Fran's house, his home, and just as he had been ever since he got back Ed was in the bed next to him.

"I'm sorry." Sam apologised. "Why don't you go back to your place? You'll get more sleep there." The last thing he wanted was to be left alone in the dark, but he also knew that Ed had to go back to work in the morning. Having had two unscheduled days off had not made him popular with his boss.

"I don't want to." Ed rolled onto his back and and wrapped an arm around Sam's shoulders, pulling him close. "I want to stay with you."

Sam decided that he wasn't going to attempt to persuade Ed further and instead he shifted carefully so as not to put any weight on his left wrist and kissed Ed on the mouth.

"Go back to sleep." Ed said against his cheek. "The doctor said you needed to rest."

"But I'm really awake now." Sam replied, then nipped Ed's jaw gently with his teeth. Despite having spent most of the last two days in bed together they had done nothing more than exchange a few soft kisses, and Sam suddenly felt that now was the time to change all that.

"I could get you some warm milk." Ed suggested.

"No thank you, I want to kiss you." Sam then made good on this, this time with the addition of his tongue, and for a short while Ed kissed him back, then he pulled away again.

"I'm not sure we should be doing this, you're still not well."

"I'm injured, not ill." Sam slid his good hand inside Ed's pyjama top to stroke his stomach, it was the first time he'd ever touched him beneath his clothes and he let his fingertips travel over the smooth warm skin. As he moved his hand down he discovered that Ed was hard when he felt the top of his erect cock bump against the back of his hand through the fabric of his pyjama trousers. Sam risked moving his hand lower to rub this, which made Ed let out a small sigh.

"Ed, would you like to have sex?" He questioned.

"Do...do you want to?"

"Yes." Right then he couldn't think of anything he wanted to do more than consummate their relationship. "Very much." He burrowed his hand inside Ed's pyjamas and wrapped it around his erection, which filled his palm nicely.

"I might be crappy, I've only ever done it one time before and that was with a girl. I don't really know what to do."

"But I do, and I'll teach you." He kissed Ed again while rubbing him. "First we need to take our clothes off."

"I know that." Ed laughed. They wriggled out of their pyjamas and when they were naked Sam manoeuvred himself so that he was lying on top of Ed, his legs either side of Ed's thighs, their hard cocks touching.

"That feels nice." Ed said as Sam rubbed himself against him. Ed's hand tentatively caressed his back and Sam moved one of Ed's hands down onto his ass.

"I like being touched there." He whisper into one of Ed's ears. "A lot."

Ed squeezed him gently as if he were afraid of hurting him, although under the circumstances that was understandable and Sam felt that they had plenty of time in the future to experiment with the rougher stuff, he was quite happy for tonight to be slow and gentle.

They kissed again and this time Ed didn't pull away, but sucked Sam's tongue into his mouth and retuned the kiss with passion. Sam found that the darkness of the room heightened his senses in the same way as when Victor had blindfolded him, and he was very aware of every inch of Ed's bare skin that was pressed against his, of the sound of their wet mouths meeting one another and even of the subtle scent of Ed's body. The kiss lasted for a long time, neither of them were in any sort of hurry, but eventually Sam decided to move things along and sat up. Still straddling Ed's body he reached over to his bedside cabinet, opened one of the drawers and rummaged around by touch until he found a tin of lube.

"What are you doing?" Ed asked curiously.

"Getting out the lube."

"The what?"

"Lube, lubrication, you know..." He suddenly realised that Ed didn't know and that he was going to have to explain. "It's so you can kind of get inside me easily, if you don't use lube it hurts." He'd only had sex once without any kind of lubrication and it wasn't something he ever wanted to do again. "You need to put some on your finger then put your finger inside me...or if you don't want to I'll do it."

"You mean put my finger in your ass don't you?"

"Yeah." Sam replied, wondering where else Ed could possibly think he meant. "But as I said, if you don't like the idea I can do it for you."

"No...if that's how we do it then I want to do it, I was just making sure, I want to get this right." He sounded very serious and Sam was glad that in the dark Ed couldn't see his amused smile.

"This isn't going to the only time we have sex, just the first, it doesn't matter if it's not perfect."

"I guess...but because it's our first time I want it to be special."

"It is." Sam assured him. "Because it's our first time together, nothing else really matters." He pressed the tin into Ed's hand. "I'm going to lie on my front, it'll make it easier for you." He climbed off Ed, who rolled onto his side to let Sam lie in the middle of the bed, kicking the covers off them as he went. Sam spread his legs, folded his arms on the pillows with his bandaged arm uppermost and rested his chin on his shoulder as Ed knelt between his thighs. He heard the sound of the tin being opened and a few seconds later Ed's now slicked finger was gingerly resting against his entrance.

"I just push it in?" Ed asked cautiously.

"Mmm, good and slow." Ed took him at his word and slid his finger in a fraction of an inch at a time, but eventually he got down to the knuckle.

"Wow, it's really hot and tight in there." Ed said, wriggling his finger a bit.

"Imagine how good it's going to feel when it's your cock not your finger." Sam didn't need to imagine how good it was going to feel having Ed inside him, he knew.

"Oh gods." Ed breathed. "I almost forgot it was going in there...this is kind of really wrong but in a good way isn't it?"

"Yeah." Sam agreed. "I don't think it's wrong, but it is kind of..." He searched for the right word. "Naughty, but a lot of people do it."

"Do they?" Ed moved his finger in and out a little, Sam squirmed with pleasure at the sensation.

"Uh huh." He pushed against Ed's hand, making him move faster. "We're not even the only people in this house doing it."

Ed went silent for a moment, thinking this piece of information through. "You mean Fran and Mulligan? Then they are together, I wasn't really sure and I didn't want to ask...and actually I'm not really sure I want to think about them doing this, they're sort of like your parents."

Sam laughed. "Try putting another finger in." He suggested. Ed followed his suggestion and Sam gasped as he felt his body stretching to accommodate the extra digit.

"Sorry...did that hurt?"

"No...it feels really good." He groaned. "Move your fingers in and out again."

"Like this?" Ed questioned, thrusting slowly.

"A bit faster please...oh yes...like that." After a while of this Sam came to the conclusion that although he was thoroughly enjoying being finger fucked it was time for the real thing. The easiest position for Ed would probably be for him to go on all fours and for Ed to kneel behind him, but his wrist wasn't going to allow that so Sam had to think of something else. "I want you to fuck me now, I'm going to lie on my side, can you kind of tuck yourself in behind me, put some more lube on your cock and put it in?" Sam was finding a bit strange to be the one giving out the orders, the first time he'd done it with Jack he'd had to explain the mechanics, but Jack had always had an instinct for sex and he quickly took over, where as Ed was keen but clearly scared of doing the wrong thing.

They repositioned themselves with Ed spooning Sam, and Sam reaching his own arm around his body to help Ed enter him. Ed's hard cock was slippery with lube, he'd obviously not wanted to take any chances and seemed to have put most of the tin on there, but Sam reasoned better too much than too little and anyway they'd need to clean themselves up after, a bit more mess wasn't going to make much difference.

Sam assumed that Ed had intended to enter him slowly, just as he had with his finger, but with all the lubrication he simply slipped straight inside as soon as he pushed forward. "Bloody hell!" Ed exclaimed loudly when this happened, and it was Sam's turn to ask him if he was all right.

"Yeah." His breathing was heavy and his voice husky now. "I didn't expect it to feel so..amazing." He made a small, experimental thrust. "Gods Sam, you feel so tight...and I love you." He blurted the last part out quickly.

Sam turned his head awkwardly to kiss Ed on the mouth. "Love you too." He said against his lips.

Ed began to gently fuck him, and good though it was Sam realised that there was one thing he forgotten to tell Ed to do. "Put your hand here." He took Ed's hand and wrapped it around his own erection. "Stroke me while you fuck me."

"Oh yeah...sorry, I should have thought of that." He moved his palm over Sam's shaft in time with the movements of his hips. "I wasn't sure if I'd like touching another boy here, I was kind of worried about it to be honest, but I do like it. It just feels like mine, but it's not mine."

"No, because yours is in my ass." Sam pushed back against him encouraging him to move faster. Ed took the hint and sped up, placing kisses on Sam's shoulder with each jerk of his hips.

"Is it all right if I...er...you know...do it inside you?" Ed asked after a while of this.

"Yeah, of course." Sam was puzzled that he'd even asked, why wouldn't he want him to?

"Good, 'cos it's going to happen very soon."

"Let's try to do it at the same time." Sam said, knowing that he was getting close himself.

"I'm almost there...gods Sam..." Ed thrust in deep, hitting Sam right in the small special place inside him, and that was all that he needed to send him over the edge. His muscles tightened, his hips bucked entirely outside of his control and he spilled a long, wet stream of come over Sam's hand and the bed, letting out a noise that was half moan and half sigh. As the final spasms echoed through his body he felt more than just the release of orgasm, he felt much of the fear and horror of the last few days drop away from him. He was home, he was safe, and he was loved, and there was little else he wanted from life than that.

"That was..." Ed kissed his shoulder again, his breathing still rapid.

"Yeah, it was." Sam agreed, understanding exactly what he meant.

Ed eased out of him, and as neither of them wanted to get out of bed they used Sam's pyjama trousers to clean themselves, and the bed, as best they could. When they were done Ed pulled the covers back up around them then lay on his back while Sam rested his head on Ed's shoulder and wrapped an arm and a leg around him.

"Was I all right?" Ed yawned.

"You were great." Sam replied. "But can I ask you something?"


"Why did you ask if you could come inside me?"

"Because the last time I did it, actually the only other time I did it, the girl I was with told me not to, and I ended up...you know..."

"Spunking." Sam supplied.

"Yeah...that...all over her legs."

Sam started to laugh. "You know why she got you to do that don't you?"

"Um...I suppose it was because she didn't want to risk getting pregnant." He said after a pause. "Oh." Ed started to laugh too. "That's not going to happen with you is it?"

"No." He giggled. "It's not."

Sam closed his eyes as a wave of tiredness swept over him, and without another word he fell into a deep dreamless sleep completely untroubled by faceless masks and moon shaped knives, and he stayed that way until the morning sun slanted in through his window and the new day began.

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