Boys on Cam

by Larkin

Treg's Mother had the habit of barging into his room unannounced. He didn't like being caught in his underwear or worse or having to quickly minimize whatever he was looking at on the computer.It was annoying to have to keep the cursor in place or a finger on a hot key, ready to drop the screen in the event of an intrusion.

Things became increasing difficult when he met Xjustin99 on his cam site. Well according to him, his real name was Justin and he lived 1000 miles away.

He was about the same age as Treg and they took to chatting and exchanging pics. They both preferred yaoi pics instead of real photographic porno. The photographic porno of hairy guys with big ugly dicks and big tittied women were unsettling if not a bit scary. Justin mentioned that they looked like uncooked meat. On the other hand, the yaoi cartoons were cute and fun. Treg, being 14, found it much easier to identify with cute boys tumbling around naked in a cartoon than to have anything in common with a hairy naked man in a cowboy hat. Both he and Justin agreed. Maybe the yaoi manga was safer because it represented an idea instead of some unknown individual in photographic porno.It was on this basis Treg and Justin's friendship evolved.

Treg's Mom

Treg was an only kid. His Mom devoted herself to his well being. It really wasn't too difficult because he was good in school and had very good grades. He never really got into any trouble nor did he present any strife at home.

Self doubt and worry caused his Mom to feel like she was overlooking things. Because of this, she began to micro manage Treg's life. She met with teachers about his classes, dictated what clothes he should wear and even how he organized his room were ways that didn't bother him in the past, but now it was beginning to make Treg's life uncomfortable.

Then one day a black box with a monitor and keyboard appeared on his desk. His parents thought that this was exactly what Treg needed to excel. His Mom was thrilled that now her son had the tools he needed for the world of tomorrow. Of course she hadn't slightest idea how it worked and strangely, no curiosity about it either. Her feet were firmly rooted in the real world of family and emotion.

However, Treg did understand its potential.

He used computers everyday in school so it only took a day for him to customize his new box to suit his personality. Friends at school filled him in on what sites to join and what sites to avoid. He subscribed to Minecraft and met with new friends online.

This was how he came to meet Xjustin99. Once they met, it was the end of going to bed early. Not being able to sleep became the perfect excuse to get up in the night and turn "it" on. Xjustin99 was there. He was a perfect counterpart for Treg. Each of them became alter-egos to the other.

It is not to say that either one of them was gay but at this stage of their lives it was a time for self discovery. They had a great fascination for gay male manga. They sent their accumulations of cartoons back and forth to each other and read fanfic about the recurring characters.

Xjustin99: "I liked Naruto the best." He claimed that he was more real, like a boy should be.

They shared pics late into the night. Treg's relationship with Justin became a small manageable and complete little world. He was no threat, he was a 1000 miles away and so was Treg to him. They were ghostly realities to each other almost as if they were imaginary friends.

Late at night, Treg's room was warm and dark lit by the glow of the monitor.Dressed in only in his underwear, Treg98 and Xjustin99 faced each other.

For the moment, they had run out of things to say.

Xjustin99: "Hey, Look at this!"

Treg watched the screen. Justin's room was also dark and also only lit by his monitor.He stood up and pulled his underpants down exposing a stiff cock and taut set of balls. He quickly sat down, shielded his face and gave out a laugh.

Xjustin99: "Ok, your turn."

This is common place today but for them, this was a revolutionary act.

Treg stood up and exposed himself to the image on the screen. His penis was hanging down and little.

Xjustin99: "Treg, crank it up."

He did and it immediately sprung to life with exquisite intensity. This encounter became an every night thing. Here are two boys, communicating over a social networking site, teaching each other the world's oldest preoccupation.

It was a remarkable event that in truth was natural and where disease was concerned, completely safe.Each of them became obsessed and their nightly encounters that sometimes became animalistic rituals all in the safety of their own rooms.

The door to Treg's room flew open and his Mother came right up behind him. Treg quickly concealed his cock.

His Mother said, "Treg, who is that boy? Why doesn't he have a shirt on?"

Treg quickly collapsed the screen just in time to miss Justin in the act of exposing himself.

His heart was pounding, he said, "Oh, it was just a FaceBook e-mail."

She interrogated him. "What were you doing? You know it's past twelve? We've talked about this. There are dangerous child molesters on the internet. I don't want you to be going to places where they will try to get you.

The next morning

Treg's Father was trying to drink his coffee.

She was standing over him. "I want you to do something about it. Suppose he gave his name or our address over the internet. They might come in the middle of the night and kidnap him. Or they might ask him to go somewhere and if anything would happen to him I would go out of my mind!! Do you have any idea what kinds of things might happen to him. They might kill him or worse. "

He took a gulp of his coffee. She continued, "Are you listening to me!?"

He snapped back, "Ok, ok, I'll talk to Lloyd about some sort of child protection devices."

It didn't quiet her. She went into Treg's room and finding him not there, stirred up dust by making his bed and collecting his dirty clothes. She picked a pair of his cotton briefs from the floor and looked at them as if she was deep in thought, then tossed them into the hamper. She continued to storm around the house carrying on a loud conversation with herself.

She blurted out. "Now where's he gone?

She stood over his Father again. "Where is he!?"

Treg's father coughed and dough nut crumbs went into his lap. He answered, "I don't know! I guess he went out."

Some time later, Treg returned carrying some bags and went upstairs to his room. His mother was still in a state bordering on hysteria. She held back thinking it would best to continue to sort things out before she approached him. She decided to go out for a drive around the lake to clear her thoughts. The lurid visions that she conjured up only made matters worse. Being contemplative was not one of his mother's strong suits. She was maneuvering the car much too fast for the neighborhood streets.

She thought to herself, "His Father is worthless so I am just going have to handle this myself."

Upon her return and armed with a verbal attack, she went to open Treg's door. It surprised her to find it locked.

Immediately she saw red and yelled. "Treg! Open this door!"

She looked and a bit higher than the door knob and to the side of the door, she saw a button.

She thought, "Where did that come from?"

When she pressed it, it went, "DING DONG."

The door opened and Treg appeared.

Standing before her, he said politely, "May I help you?"

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