Okarito - The Great Beynon

by Kiwi

Chapter 7

In a car, stopped in the middle of the bridge, three faces looked down at them and the look was not good. Seniors from school, Graeme Stokes, Liam Hawkins and Ben Rodden were staring down at them and Lorne knew exactly what they were thinking.

That was confirmed when one yelled, "Fucking Faggotts! Get a room!" and the car drove away.

Logan missed that exchange and he looked up when it was too late. "Who? What was that about?"

"Just some idiot tough-guys looking for trouble. Don't worry, they've gone. It's time we went in and dried off."

"It is. I'm friggin' freezing now!"

"Come on then, this way."

They splashed along, downstream to the house. Logan hadn't noticed it before but there was a wooden ladder fixed below the deck and they climbed up there.

Standing on the deck, they toed their sneakers off, and then peeled their wet clothes off. Both thought the other looked cute standing there in nothing but boxers and goosebumps.

Inside, the fire was roaring in the open fireplace, behind the screen, and it was deliciously warm in there. Lorne picked up a note from the table and read it.

"Dad's gone to town, he may not be back tonight, tomorrow he's taking us fishing, and we are to behave ourselves."

"Are we going to?" Logan grinned.

"Not really," Lorne grinned back.

"Good! Let's start with a shower."

"A shower? That doesn't sound very wicked."

"Could be if we're both in there at the same time."

"Oh, yah! Let's do that then."

The shower was great, one of the best times either of them had ever known, maybe even the best time. It was the first time that the sex went all the way, they actually entered each other and they both did it.

Logan was first and it was by accident, mostly. There was not a lot of room with both of them in the small shower cubicle and they were pressed close together. They soaped each other up, logan stood behind Lorne, reaching around to hold his dick in one hand, rubbing his chest with the other and humping him from behind, his dick sliding in the crack between his soapy butt-cheeks.

Both of them were excited and jerking around, especially Lorne who was close to coming in Logan's hand. Then, somehow it happened – the head of Logan's stiff dick slid into Lorne's hole and they both froze, eyes opened wide.

"Whoah! Sorry about that." Logan started to pull out but Lorne reached back and held him there.

"Don't, Logan," he gasped. "Don't go. Push it in, all the way. Do it, Logan. Make love to me."

"I do love you, Lorne. You know I do!" Holding Lorne's hips he pushed forward, easily slid all the way in and held it there. "All right?" he whispered.

"Yeah. All right," Lorne gasped.

"Does it hurt? I'll pull out if it does."

"No, don't do that. It doesn't hurt. I thought that it was meant to, but it doesn't. It just feels . . I dunno . . . funny. How is it for you?"

"Good, actually – real good. It's all warm and, y'know – good! It feels right. Lorne,I'm in you, right inside you!"

"I know! Do it, Logan – fuck me."

"Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure. Do it."

Lorne tried pulling his butt forward and thrusting back again, not very successfully – they just rocked together. Logan held him still, one hand around his hips and the other on his chest. He pulled back and almost out, and then slid in again. And again, and again, faster, harder and faster.

He slammed into him over and over again. Lorne spread his hands on the wall in front of him and pushed back meeting Logan's thrusts. Logan came, his pulsing dick shooting his seed inside him and Lorne came as well, shooting pearly-white streaks on the shower wall.

He pulled out, with a 'plop', Lorne turned to face him. They kissed and stood holding each other while the warm water cascaded over them. "All right, Lorne?"

"Oh yes! Very all right. That was great – thanks."

"Thanks? Thank you! I love you. Now you have to finish it."

"Finish it?"

"Yeah. You have to do it to me now. I want you in me too."

"Oh, yeah! Let's do that, but not here. We'll clean up and go and do it in the bed."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

"We will then."

They did. They didn't even stop to eat first! Amazingly, both of them forgot that they hadn't eaten since breakfast. They were far too busy for eating.

They remembered later though and came out, in boxers and t-shirts to make hot drinks and sandwiches to eat in front of the fire. They sat with arms around each other, Lorne's head on Logan's shoulder and quietly watching the flames dancing.

"This is nice," Lorne sighed.

"It's nice. Wish we could stay like this forever."

"Yeah. Me too."

"Your parents must've sat here like this on the night you were conceived."

"Probably. I don't remember."

"You wouldn't, would you? Twit!" Logan laughed. "Shame that we can't make a baby too."

"You think? It might be just as well that we can't."

"Yeah, might be – not yet anyway."

"Not yet? It's impossible, Logan."

"No it's not, there are ways." "So," Logan stood and stretched. "Do we turn the computer on or go back to bed?"

"Bed, definitely!" Lorne stressed. "The computer can wait, I'd rather be with you."

"Me too. Come on then."

They straightened the bed covers before they stripped off and got in. That was a waste of time, the bed was soon wrecked again. After, they covered up and settled down to go to sleep.

Logan drifted off quickly, but Lorne didn't. He lay looking up at the ceiling and thinking about the faces looking down at them from the bridge – Stokes, Hawkins and Rodden. They were all in the 1st 15 Rugby Team, as well as Logan. They wouldn't give him a hard time, would they? He was the best player they had.

He rolled onto his side and lay looking at Logan's sleeping face. He looked so innocent lying there – not a care in the world. Was his being with Lorne going to bring him trouble? That was not going to happen! He kissed him gently, just touching their lips together, rolled back and, eventually, went to sleep.

In the morning, they were up early – very early. Logan moaned and protested, "It's Sunday!"

"Sure is," Lorne pulled the covers off him. "It's going to be a beautiful day and we're going fishing with Dad. First we've got to feed the livestock, feed ourselves and pack a picnic lunch. C'mon, Logan, out of bed!"

"Yeah, all right." He sat up, stretched and grumbled. "It's cold in here!"

"Put some clothes on then. I'll go and start the coffee."

"Real coffee?"

"Yeah, real coffee to wake you up."

"Good then. I'm coming." Logan started getting his clothes together and Lorne went out to the other room.

"Oh. Hello Dad. You're up early."

"I am. There's coffee in the perc. You boys feed the animals and I'll get a lunch ready."

"Cool." He got the mugs and poured two coffees. "Have we got time for breakfast?"

"Of course. There's some rashers of bacon that need to be eaten. Bring back some eggs and we'll scramble them."

"We, meaning me?"

"You've got it."

Logan came out, still frowning, and took a mug from Lorne.

"Not used to early mornings, Logan?" Dan smiled.

"I'm not. Especially on a Sunday."

"You'll survive," said the heartless Lorne. "Drink up and we'll get going."

They fed the pig, the goats, the chooks, ducks and geese, then collected a basket of hen and duck eggs and headed back to the house.

"Duck eggs are much bigger," Logan commented. "Do you eat them too?"

"Sometimes, not often. They're a bit strong, but they're great for baking. Dad usually gives them to the bakery in town and they give us some of their leftovers."

"A bit of bartering?"

"Yeah. He's really into bartering because there's no tax to pay."

"Makes sense."

"It does."

"There's eels in here. We didn't feed them." Logan stopped and looked at the eels writhing in the old cast-iron bath with wire-mesh on top of it.

"We're not going to either. They don't get fed. Dad keeps them in fresh water for a few days to clean them out, and then they die!"

"That's a bit mean."

"They'd eat you if they got a chance. They taste better once they're cleaned out. Dad has got traps set around the lake. Most of the catch is sold, but sometimes we keep some to eat 'em. These are them."

"How do you eat eels?"

"Lots of ways, but usually as steaks. They make great paste too. That's what we had in sandwiches yesterday."

"Oh, right. I thought that was fish-pate."

"It was. Eel paste is fish pate, and good too!"

"Yeah, it's good."

Lorne chopped some chives and stirred them into the eggs in the bowl before cooking. Logan fried the bacon in one pan while Lorne did scrambled eggs in the other. Dan left three thick slices of bread from the picnic lunch he'd packed, and they sat at the small table to eat.

"Lucky you've got three chairs," Logan commented when he sat down. (The fourth side of the table was up against the wall, under a window.)

"Yeah, lucky," Dan replied. "Maybe Lorne's been keeping that chair just for you."

"Or maybe not," Lorne said. "That was Granddad's chair. He liked us to eat at the table because it's more civilised or something."

"He did try to civilise you," Dan nodded. "That was a wasted effort."

"It was not! Granddad taught me lots."

"I know he did. He was quite a man, your granddad. Live your life to make him proud, Lorne."

"I'll try to."

They finished breakfast and left the dishes in the sink. "No time to clean up now, we'll take care of them tonight."

"Yeah?" Logan was impressed. "That would never happen in our house. Mum would go right off! Mind you, we have got a dishwasher."

"So have I. My dishwasher's name is Lorne."

"Thanks, Dad. Glad I'm some use around here."

"Some, but not a lot. Come on then – time we weren't here."

The three of them fitted easily on the bench seat in the old ute. The lap-belt in the centre hadn't been used in ages so they had to fish it out from behind the seat. Dan drove out to the highway, north to Whataroa, through there and on to the Whataroa River. He stopped the truck on the bridge to have a look at the river.

"Not bad, but it's running a bit fast here. We'll go on down nearer to the mouth, where it spreads out and slows down."

The truck was left on the side of the road. ("No-one's going to steal it anyway.") and they had to walk a fair distance down and across the gravel fans to get to the water. They spent the morning fishing on the river-beach.

Dan had brought extra rods for both boys, but he was the only one who caught any fish. They sat under a big old tree and ate lunch – egg sandwiches, salad, fruit and biscuits washed down with 'real' blackcurrant juice.

Logan said, "That was better than the bought stuff, just like you said it was. Not as sweet and much fruitier."

"Is that a word?" Dan smiled.

"It is now," Lorne replied.

Dan packed the remains of their lunch back into the basket, stood and stretched. "Okay. One more catch, and then we'll go home."

They cast their lines and Logan caught a fish right away. It wasn't very big. "Should I throw it back?"

"No, it's big enough," Dan said. "Just, but enough. Time for home then."

Lorne said, "We don't mind staying a bit longer if you want to."

"No. I said one fish, and that's it. There's work I should be doing anyway."

"Right. We're not complaining, are we, Logan."

"Definitely not. Let's go back."

Back at the house, Dan stopped and ordered them out. "Take the basket off the back and the fish. Wrap them in old newspaper, I'm taking them with me – I've got a date tonight."

"Taking fish for your Date?" Logan grinned. "Most guys would take flowers not fish."

"I'm not most guys."

"No arguments there – you're not."

"Anyway," Lorne said, "a parcel of fish is much more practical, you can't eat flowers."

"True," Logan nodded. "But the ladies like flowers, they're much more romantic."

Dan said, "So you know a lot about the ladies, Logan? Have you got a girlfriend?"

"No, not now, but I used to."

"You should've given her some fish," Lorne grinned.

"Okay, Boys. Before you settle down at the computer, fill up another box of fruit and veges. Put in plenty of the mandarins, they're ready now. I'm going to do an oil-change on the ute. It should've been done weeks ago."

"It's a wonder there's any left, the way it burns it," Lorne grinned as he scrambled out.

"Don't you be cheeky about my truck! It gets us where we want to go."


"Most times."

They carried the stuff inside and Dan moved the ute into the big old shed.

"So your dad's got a date."

"Yeah, it happens sometimes – well he's not old."

"I know that, but Mum never does. I wish she would, she's not old either. I don't think she's been out with anyone since my father left."

"Maybe she's too busy with her boys."

"That's what she says, but she should have some time for herself."

They were sitting side-by-side at the computer when Dan came in, showered, shaved and dressed in smart casual clothes. He came back to say goodbye. "I might be a bit late, but I'll be back tonight. Don't stay up too late, you've got school tomorrow."

"What? Aren't you even going to feed us?" Lorne protested.

"I'm not. You're quite capable of getting your own, that's how I've raised you. I'll be eating in town tonight."

"Lucky you," Logan said. "You're looking good, Dan. Who's the hot date with?"

"Thanks, and mind your own business. It's no big deal, I'm just having dinner at a friend's, and then we're going to a movie."

"Have a nice night, Dad."

"I will. Behave yourselves and I'll see you in the morning. G'nite, Boys."

"'Bye Dad."

Dan put the parcel on the box and carried them out to the ute. He drove away with a 'toot' and a bang – it was still trailing blue smoke.

Left alone, Logan said, "Are you sure it's a lady he's going out with? He didn't actually say that."

"It's a lady. It wouldn't even occur to him that he could go out with a guy. Dad's not like that."

"Well, I'm glad the son is!"

"And I'm glad that you're glad." He kissed him.

"Right then, Mr. Beynon. The first and most important thing is – what are we eating?"

"Pie and chips sound all right?"

"Sounds good. Is that a home-made pie?"

"No, from the bakery. There's heaps of them in the freezer."

Lorne microwaved four pies, (well, they were little!), and put them in the oven. He carefully carried the small deep-fryer out on to the deck outside and plugged it in to an extension cord.

"Why did you put it out there?"

"Because, if you use it inside it stinks the whole house out. It's a quick and easy way to cook chips, and they taste great, but it pongs. I think it's overdue for an oil change as well. Now we've just got to make some chips and we're done."

"Make the chips? Haven't you got any in the freezer? We've always got plenty, Mum buys them by the sack-full."

"Well we don't. It only takes a minute to chop a potato up. I don't see why anyone would buy them ready-made."

While their banquet was heating, they checked on the computer. Logan had a couple of messages, he'd answer them later. There were none for Lorne, so Logan sent him one. They ate, showered and went to bed – but not to sleep.

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