Jordan in Okarito

by Kiwi

Chapter 17 - Lorne and Tyler - 1

Tyler went inside and closed the door. It'd been a good day, fine and clear, but it was going to be a cold night. Sometimes it seemed that a blanket of cloud across the sky helped to hold the heat in. It didn't really, but it seemed like it.

He put a couple of chunks of wood on the fire to keep it going and opened the doors to his room out at the back to let the warm air flow through there.

He checked the cupboard in the kitchen to see what he was going to have for his dinner – it was not going to be much. His stock of food was getting low. It was about time he went shopping for more. So, what could he have?

There were plenty of noodles, a whole unopened 12 pack of individual servings. He could do a couple of them with a packet of mixed veges and a can of tuna. There was still plenty of tuna too, mostly because he didn't like it much.

When he was on the road, food he bought had to (a) be cheap, (b) be high in energy and (c) it had to keep and travel well. Whether he liked it or not was the last thing he considered. Now he could and he had a fridge. He could buy what he liked, as long as it wasn't too rubbishy, it didn't have to travel anywhere. Also, he didn't have to worry too much about the price. But he probably would – old habits die hard.

He put some water on to boil and reached for the noodles. Bits of noodle-cake scattered everywhere. 'What the? Oh.'

The back of the pack was half gone and individual packets had been eaten into. Mice! The little sods had been into his noodles. They'd even been eating tunnels through the packs. He hoped it was mice and not rats. He hated rats. No, it was mice – they'd left their calling cards. Rat-crap was bigger than that. 'Dirty little shits!'

No noodles for dinner then. He didn't fancy just tuna and vegetables – no thanks. What then?

Oh yes! He still had the vouchers from the new pizza place. That'd do nicely. Pizza would be great for a change.

He tipped the water out and put the pot away. It wasn't dirty. He found the vouchers and walked outside. Did he need a jacket? Nah, not that cold. It was going to be but not yet.

A car was going passed when he walked out to the road; he stopped and waited. The track into the bush was directly opposite. Should he have a look in there? Lorne was probably fine, if he was still there, but would it hurt to make sure?

Or, should he go and get his pizza first? He was a bit hungry now.

Lorne was bent over the fire, placing chunks of wood on it, when a weight landed on his back and something wrapped around his neck. He was dragged upright and the arm clamped around his neck tightened. He fought to get free but whoever it was, was too strong for him. He couldn't breathe. He got weaker and giddy and saw lights before his eyes. Suddenly, everything went black and he collapsed.

That was easy! Charlie looked at the long, blond boy he'd lowered to the ground and he grinned. A nice juicy boy – just what he wanted! Of course, once he'd had his fun with him he'd have to get the hell out of here, but that was okay, he was going anyway. This'd just be like his parting gift.

What was he going to do with him now? The kid'd blacked out real easy, but he wouldn't be out for long and, by the look of him, he wouldn't be that easy to take without a surprise.

"Lucky we've still got the duct tape in my bag, isn't it? Pretty much my lucky day all around, but not yours, Blondie."

He got the tape out and, working quickly, wrapped the kid up, tying his hands and his legs together. He wrapped it around his head a couple of times to gag him and, for good measure, put some over his eyes as well. He hadn't been seen so far and that was a good way to keep it.

Okay, so he'd secured him and he wasn't going anywhere. What now? He looked around and, yes! There were three small trees growing at the end of the clearing, the perfect shape and size for his purposes.

Some days just click and everything went smooth and right. He had some lengths of nylon cord in his bag too – damm, he'd make a good boy scout – always prepared.

He got them and dragged the kid over to the trees and laid him down, face-up, in between them. He tied one cord around the kid's wrists and tied them, above his head, to the first tree. So far, so good.

Now he'd have to cut the tape off his legs, pull them wide-apart and tie them to the other two trees. Then he'd have him exactly where he wanted him. Piece of cake!

He sliced through the tape with his knife – carefully. He didn't want to hurt the kid any more than he had to. Not yet anyway. He tied the left leg to the left-hand tree, and then there was a problem. The kid woke up and started thrashing around, fighting getting to get free.

Whatever. He'd soon put a stop to that! He slapped him, hard, around the head a couple of times, just to get his attention, then he put his knifeblade, flat, against the boy's slender neck.

"Feel that, Sweetheart? That's a knife and it's sharp. Behave yourself and I won't have to hurt you. Fight it and I'll cut you. You'll bleed and you might die. You wouldn't want that now, would you? Nod if you're going to lie still and be good. Try to kick me if you're not and I'll stick you – your choice. So?"

He waited. The kid flopped. He was probably terrified and the fight was gone out of him. He nodded.

"There's a good boy. Be nice for me and I'll be nice to you."

He pulled the legs wide apart and tied the right ankle to the other tree. The kid was trying to say something, but couldn't with the tape wrapped across his mouth. He slapped him a couple more times, so he wouldn't forget who was boss. It wasn't his conversation he was interested in.

"Now we've got a little problem. There was no time to take your pants off, so I guess we're just going to have to cut them off, aren't we? Lucky they're just school shorts. Looks like it's time you had some new ones anyway, these are getting a bit tight. Keep very still now."

He started slicing up the outside of one leg, cutting both shorts and boxers.

"Like I said, this is a sharp knife. One little slip and there could be a nasty accident. You don't want to go home a girl, do you? Thought not."

He cut one side, and then the other and threw the tattered remains into the fire. Not a good move – they should've flared up but they didn't and the smoke stunk!

"Now then, Nature Boy. What have we got here? Oh yes. This is nice. Very nice."

He pressed the flat of the blade on his stomach, slid it across, back and down around his dick.

"Relax, Sweet Thing. Just relax, lie still and no-one's going to hurt you. I'm not into that shit – not unless I have to.

I could shave your dick and balls, this knife would be sharp enough to do that, but it looks like you've already been doing it. Or, did someone do it for you? Bloody kids today! No-one grows a decent pubic bush anymore because they all want to look like the shaved porn stars.

Still, you're so blond and fine, you probably wouldn't grow much anyway."

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