Jordan in Okarito

by Kiwi

Chapter 12 - Jordan and Gene - 3

They walked into the kitchen and Mrs Springer beamed, "Jordan! You're just in time, we're about to eat lunch. Sit down there."

"Okay," he grinned. "Thanks, Mrs Springer. This is my mate, Gene, he's staying the weekend with me."

"Hello Gene. You sit down there too. I've never met a teenager yet who wasn't hungry."

"Umm. Thanks, Mrs Springer."

They sat down and Miss Clayton stood there, looking thoughtful – and grim! "Hmm. You are here now. Don't make a habit of it!" She left the room.

Jordan looked across the table at Kim. "Whoah. Doesn't miss much, does she?"

"Miss Clayton doesn't miss anything. But she's nice really, on the inside."

"She hides it well. Where's Jethro?"

"Don't know. He's busy with his mum, I think,. He'll be around later."

"Good. I hope we see him. Gene has GOT to meet Jethro."

Gene looked. "Oh? Why's that?"

"Not telling you. When you see him you'll know."

After lunch, they went up to Kim's room. It was still a huge effort for him to get up and down the stairs but he said it was well worth it. "A body needs some privacy and I get none down there."

Jordan grinned. "Privacy for what, Young Kimbo?"

"Privacy to mind my own business!"

"Not saying then. Oh – kay."

"Jordan!" He lifted his guitar down and strummed. "Do you play, Gene

"I play guitar sometimes."

"Are you any good?"

"About as good as Jordie."

"Not much then."

Jordan said, "Can't all be virtuousos, or whatever it is. But you've gotta meet Ashton! He's great. He only plays guitar really, but on that he's better than all of us put together."

"He's good?"

"Very good," said Gene."He doesn't sing though, he's useless at that."

Jordan said, "Not like Young Kimbo here – he's a legend!"

"So, you're good at guitar and vocals too. Do you play anything else?"

Jordan said, "Pretty much everything, and he's good at everything too."

"I'm okay," Kim deflected the effusive praise. "Everone's got their talents. Mine is music, nothing else."

"That's more than enough, I think," said Jordan.

They stayed for an hour. Bonnie arrived before they left and she walked back to Jordan's with him and Gene. Kim had his music practice with Miss Clayton and he said he'd ring them when Jethro arrived.

Bonnie didn't stay long. She liked the look of Gene, but was not into Playstation gaming. "That's a boy thing really."

They played the old games, then switched over to the PS3, so they could go on-line. The Cat was on, Ashton and Lucas weren't. She said that Ashton would be in later but Lucas wouldn't – he was out courting.

Jordan was pleased to hear that Lucas was tracking Trina Harcourt. "He's had his eye on her for ages. He didn't tell me he's going out with her. Kept that quiet, the Swine!"

"Last night was the first time," said the Cat. "They went to the movies, and then they got into the Black Knight Club."

"They went clubbing?? Lucky Beggars! I'd have no show of getting in there."

"You wouldn't, Jordie. You'll be lucky if they let you in when you're 30."

"Zip it, Genie!"

They had dinner with Jordan's family, and that bloody Steve, but at least he didn't say much. They'd just settled back in the bedroom when Jordan's phone rang. It was Kim, he said that Jethro had arrived, he couldn't stay long and they had to come around and see this. "Ohmigod, so funny!"

"What!? What's funny?" Jordan demanded. Kim wasn't telling him, they had to come and see.

"But, we . . you there, Cat? Tell Ashton we'll be back soon, okay? We're coming, Kimbo. Don't go away."

He turned the phone and Playstation off. "It's all go around here, Genie. Come on, the sooner we get there the sooner we can come back."

They hurried around to the hotel and up to Kim's room. Jordan knocked, went in and burst out laughing. "Oh no. Too funny!" He gasped.

"Yeah, yeah – bloody hysterical!" Jethro replied. He was sitting on the bed next to Kim and his right leg, the same leg as Kim's broken one, was swaddled in an enormous bandage. "The doctor thought it was funny too. That's why he put such a big bandage on it, it's only a cut – I had 5 stitches!"

"Ouch! But it is funny," Jordan grinned. "Gene, this is Jethro. Remind you of anyone?"

"Just a bit, yeah." Gene looked from one face to the other. "Are you guys twins?"

"No," said Kim. "As far as we know, we're not even related. Jethro just looks like me."

"Wrong!" said Jethro. "You look like me."

"Or, you both look like each other," Jordan said. "Amazing isn't it, Gene?"

"Surely is. You're not identical, but look a lot alike."

"Only on the outside," said Kim.

Jethro disagreed. "I wouldn't be too sure about that."

"And that," said Gene, "whatever it is, is private. What're you doing now, People?"

"Not much," Kim shrugged. "We're both a bit laid-up and we're not going far. We'll just hang around, make some music and Jethro might teach our old dog some new tricks. It's incredible what he can make her do."

"I don't make her do anything. I just suggest things and she does them if she wants to."

"If?" said Jordan. "She's a grumpy old baggage, but she'd do anything for you. I think she's in love."

Jordan looked at the pair of them. He said nothing but he thought, 'I think maybe she's not the only one.'

Out loud, he said, "We'll leave you to it, I think. We'll have a look at the school, and then we're going home. My mind wasn't on it last night and Gene took advantage of me. Today I'm getting my revenge!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Playstation," said Gene. "He'll try, but he'll lose again. What're we going to the school for? Don't you get enough of it Monday to Friday?"

"Sure I do, but people hang around there in the weekends. It's the best place in town for skating and there's touch-rugby games sometimes."

"Can't see you playing that."

"I don't, but it's fun to watch. Okay, J and K, we're gone. Might see you later."

"Okay," they said. "Later."

There were a couple of people – girls! - skating, but no-one playing touch. They didn't hang around long.

"What was that funny building with the dome thing on the roof?"

"That, my uninformed friend, was the observatory. There's a big-mother telescope in there for looking at the moon and planets and stuff."

"That's cool. I hope they don't let you use it."

"I haven't had a go yet . . . Hey! Why wouldn't they let me? I'm nice."

"Where do we start? Jordie, my Friend, you break things. You break everything you touch. How are you going to pay for a telescope?"

"I don't break everything! You're not broken, are you?"

"Not yet!"

"Give me time."

They left the school and wandered around a couple of streets.

"The town actually looks in better shape when you get away from the main street."

"It does. Still a shithole though."


They made their way back to Jordan's house and back to the Playstation. The Cat was online. She said, "Genie, did you give Jordie my message?"

"Oh, yeah, no. Sorry, Cat, I forgot."

"Do it now then."

"Right. Wait." He switched the Playstation to off-line. "Jordan, My Friend, this is from the Cat." He kissed him on the cheek. "She still loves you and she misses you."

"Very cool. Thank the Cat for me and take this back to her." He kissed him back.

Gene patted his own cheek, like he was drying it. He said, "Will do. There was a message from Ashton too. You want it now or later?"

"Now, of course. You might forget again."

"Okay. This was it." He kissed him on the other cheek. "Ashton says, 'Me too'. You want Lucas' message now?"

"Well, yes!"

"Lucas says, 'Go screw yourself, you Little Shit and when are you coming back where you belong?' "

"Isn't he nice? Tell him, 'Up yours and I'll be back as soon as I can.'"

"Will do."

"No more messages? Right then – now I'll give you a hiding!"

Jordan was not so distracted this time and, true to his word, Gene got thrashed. They broke again for dinner – Silverside, (corned beef), with mustard sauce, cabbage, carrots and mashed potatoes. Dessert followed – Apple Crumble, swimming in fresh cream straight from the cow.

Bonnie called and asked if they wanted to go to the movies?"

Jordan said,"Who with?"

"Just me. I'm not letting any other girls anywhere near him."

"You keep your hands off too. Gene's going home tomorrow and while he's here, he's mine!"

"Thought you said he's not gay?"

"He's not. I meant his time is mine and I ain't sharing."

"So, are you coming? Do you want to know what movie's on?"

"Not really. We'll find out when we get there. Watch out though, when I get bored I throw popcorn and stuff."

"Why doesn't that surprise me? You're on my way to the theater, I'll call around for yous, about seven thirty, okay?"

"Yep. See you then. Bye, bye."

"I am not!"

"You am not what?"


"Yeah? Laters, Bonnie."

"Later, Jordo."

So they went to the movies. Gene paid for Jordan, Bonnie paid for herself and Jordan bought ice-creams. It wasn't much of a movie, but Jordan behaved himself.

The new/old theater was most impressive. They built them grand, way back then, and whoever designed it must've had shares in a light-bulb company. There were thousands of lights, even 'stars' scattered across the ceilings.

"Power bill must be interesting." Bonnie was known for her thrifty ways. Some called it cheap - if they dared.

They wandered home after the movie, along with a small group of chattering hangers-on. Bonnie didn't want to come in and no-one else was invited. "Playstation? I don't think so. Boy's toys are boring."

"Some of them, maybe. You just go home and play with your Barbies."

"Cheek! I killed my Barbies, years ago – they're all buried in the backyard somewhere. See you, Guys."

"You might! 'Bye Bonnie."

Bonnie left and Gene grinned, "Got a big backyard, has she?"

"Reasonably, I suppose. It's not huge. Why do you want to know?"

"Just in case you disappear. If she's got a habit of burying dolls she gets tired of, well . ."

"Watch it, Gene Genie! I'm not a doll."

"Some people might think that you are."

"But not you."

"No, not me. What now, Playstation or bed?"

"It's still early, bed can wait."

"Oh yah!"

They played for a while, but not too long – Gene didn't want to stay up all night, they couldn't sleep all day tomorrow. About 2am, they turned everything off, slid into bed and cuddled-up together to go to sleep.

Jordan's sister, Sharron, woke them at 10 in the morning, with toast and coffees. Jordan sat up and scowled at her. "Go away, Sharron. Go boil your head."

"That's nice, isn't it? You do something nice and this is the thanks you get?"

"You think this is nice? We were sleeping here!"

"Yeah, you were and Mum says it's time you were awake. You wouldn't be happy if you slept until Gene's mum came to get him."

"That's right, we wouldn't." Gene sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Thanks, Sharron. What's the weather like out there?"

"Bloody awful! It's cold, wet and horrible."

"Oh, joy," said Jordan. "Another inside day today."

"For some, yeah." Gene reached for his coffee.

Sharron left them to it and they sat in bed, talking, until lunchtime. Sunday lunch was a wedge of pie each and left-over cakes from the diner.

Then they showered, finally!, and Gene dressed to go home.

Jordan watched him cramming everything back into his bag. "You should've brought a bigger bag – a much bigger one."

"So you could stowaway in it? Just as well I didn't then."

"Is not! Wish you didn't have to go."

"So do I, but I do. You can come up to Brownsville and see us. That Steve drives a truck up and down. Why don't you come up with him?"

"With that bloody Steve? I dunno. I'd like to but I hate to ask him for any favours. He doesn't like me and I don't like him."

"He might think it's worth it to get rid of you sometimes. Try it anyway."

"I'll think about it."

"You? Think? That'll be a first, Jordie."

"Zip it, Genie!"

Time passed all too quickly and Gene was texting back and forth with his mum, telling her how to find the house. They weren't going out to meet her again – it was wet out there. Cold too.

When the car pulled up outside, he said goodbye and thanks to Mrs Houston and to that bloody Steve, and then he left. Jordan went out to the car with him, they hugged and said goodbye and Gene told him to get back inside out of the rain.

He didn't. He stood and waved until they'd gone, and then he went inside. It was a choice weekend, but now it was over it was not so good.

Well, there'd be other weekends – meantime, computertime!

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