Jordan in Okarito

by Kiwi

Chapter 10 - Jordan and Gene - 1

Jordan Houston – Granny Panties!!!

Jordan Houston – Granny Panties!!!

Ashton Morris - New style, Jordie?

Jordan Houston – No! I saw them when walking home from school.

Gene Crestani - And you thought ud like some?

Jordan Houston – Not really. I just posted the pic so you guys'd have something to Fap to.

Lucas Breene – Oh Yes! Fap O'Clock!

Jordan Houston – Lol!

The Cat – That's disgusting. Pull your pants up. You're all totally gross! Don't you ever think of anything else?

Ashton Morris – Not at Fap O'Clock.

Lucas Breene – Show us your panties, Cat!

The Cat – In your dreams, Little Boy.

Ashton Morris – You're always in my dreams, Cat.

Gene Crestani – Nightmares, more likely.

The Cat – Watch it, Genie – I know where you live!

Gene Crestani - *is scared now*

Jordan Houston – Love you, Cat

The Cat - Love you too, Jordie.

Jordan settled in to his new life in his new town, kind of. It was not where he'd rather be, but it was where he was, for now. He tried to make the most of it.

His new school was okay and he made some friends there. They were all right, especially Bonnie, she was a good guy, but they were not the Tight Five. He missed those guys so much! He even missed Mr. E, no teachers in Okarito were as classy as him.

He was on-line, every chance he got, talking to his friends on Skype and on Facebook. Which was good, but not as good as being there would.

He'd even found someone to make music with. Kim Harrison was an amazing muso and a good guy too, but he was a bit of a kid. He was only year 9. Jordan was in year 10 and Bonnie in year 11 – there's kudos in hanging out with older kids, but not with year 9's.

Anyway, lately, every time he saw Kim he was with Jethro, the Dog Boy. They were as thick as thieves, but Jethro was not much into music. Kim was trying to teach him guitar, but he was hopeless. He was so bad he made Jordan look good, and that's bad!

His mum said that, given time, he'd learn to like Okarito and he'd forget all about Brownsville. Like that was going to happen? Brownsville was home and that's where he wanted to be. ("Know why Okarito starts and finishes with an 'o'? It's like a picture of what it is – a shithole!")

Bonnie growled every time he said that. It was her hometown he was talking about! Well, it wasn't his and he'd be outta there and back where he should be, just as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, his mother wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.Amazingly enough, she liked it there. Also, even more amazingly, she liked that bloody Steve too. It wasn't all beer and skittles, they had their moments, but mostly they were getting on like a house on fire.

Sometimes they were all lovey-dovey, like a couple of love-struck teenagers. That was gross! Jordan almost preferred it when they were fighting, as long as that bloody Steve stayed away from him. Which he did, mostly.

He didn't know what his mother saw in the creep – he must have a big dick or something. 'Eww, Eww, Eww!! Think about something else – right now!'

The best thing about that bloody Steve was that he was not always there. He was a truck driver and he had to work long hours because his basic pay rate was stink. So, he was away a lot and that was good.

There was no WiFi in the house and they weren't getting it because, apparently, they weren't rich. He had to use the PC in the living room for his computer time, which was a pain. It could be worse, at least they weren't on dial-up. Bonnie was and that was primitive. He didn't know how she lived with that, but she had to so she did.

So, he'd been there, in Oka - bloody- rito, and he'd survived for two long months when, finally, he got some news and it was excellent! Gene was coming to see him and he'd be staying for almost a whole weekend. Choice!

Jordan hadn't been this excited since, well, since the last time. But it was way good – he couldn't wait!

Gene's message said that his mum and her sister were going down to Haast and they could drop him off on the way through, about 6pm on Friday, and pick him up again late Sunday afternoon. Was that all right with Jordie and could he stay at his? He couldn't afford a hotel or anything.

Jordan replied, of course it was all right with him. It'd be great! His mum said that Gene was welcome to stay, they'd fit him in somewhere. How did he feel about sleeping in the bathtub?

Gene said, "What??"

Jordan said, "Joking."

They were late. It was nearer to 7 than 6 o'clock by the time Gene's mother's car appeared. Jordan was standing, waiting, at the corner of Victoria and Wharf Streets, near where the kayaks could be hired for going out on the lagoon. One day, he was going to do that, when he could afford it. They weren't cheap, but people said they were well worth it.

It was getting dark and he was getting worried by the time they arrived – well, woman drivers! But it was okay, this time.

Gene poured out of the back seat and grinned at him. "Hey, Jordie." He was nearly knocked over when Jordan flew at him and hugged him.

"Whoah, Jordie! Settle." He laughed, lifted him off his feet and swung him around as he bear-hugged him back.

"Genie! Oh, Gene, it's so great to see you!"

"Good to see you too. Say hello to Mum while I get my bag out of the back."

They said hello and goodbye and the car turned around and left with a 'toot' – they were in a hurry now.

"So here I am. Is your house far away?"

"It's not. Nothing's far around here, but I thought we could go and eat first. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Haven't you got any food at home?

"Course we have. We've always got heaps. Mum works the morning shift at the Diner and she brings the leftovers home. But I thought I'd buy dinner to celebrate."

"A party for two, is it?"

"Something like that, yeah. There's a new pizza place just opened in a pub down the main street and I've got vouchers for their opening specials."

They started walking.

"Good old, Jordan – as cheap as ever."

"That's me!" Jordan grinned. "I've got extra vouchers too because the owners are friends of mine. Well,. Their son is, so that's the same thing, nearly."

"The son of owners of pizzas and a pub? I thought you had no friends around here."

"I've got a couple. Not as good as my old ones though."

"Yeah! What can I say? We're the best!"

"You are – the best ever. Love you, Genie."

"Love you too. What's that smell?"


"Yeah. Can I smell the sea?"

"Probably. It's just over there. Most of the older buildings on the main street are on the left of the road because they were right by the beach when the town first started. The land has built up since then, but it's still not far away."

"Oh. Funny though – I thought it'd smell like something else."

"Oh? Like what?"

"Like poos – you did say it's a shithole."

"It is, but it doesn't smell that bad. That's the Diner there – 'Dinah's Diner', where Mum works."

"How come we're not eating there then?"

"No vouchers – cheap, remember?"

"I remember. You're nice though."

"To my best mates I'm nice, if they're nice to me."

"Always nice to you, Jordie."

"As you should be. Here's the pub. Told you it wasn't far."

"You didn't lie."

"I never do."



"You wish."

Jordan did wish, actually. Gene was a great guy, one of his best-ever friends and easily the best-looking boy he'd ever known. The kid was as gorgeous as they get, but not gay, unfortunately. They'd fooled around a bit when they were younger, but Gene had decided that that was not for him. Shame!

They pushed into the brightly-lit and busy cafe. There was a crowd in there, eating at tables and waiting for take-aways. They went up to the counter and Jordan greeted the lady there.

"Hey, Mrs H. Got room for a little one?"

"Hello, Jordan. We've always got room for you," she smiled.

"That's cool. And Gene too, of course. Are these vouchers still good?"

"For you, they are. Have a seat and someone will come and see you soon."

"Cheers, Mrs H. C'mon Genie – over there."

They got seats in a booth by the front window – the previous group were just leaving. There wasn't a lot to see outside, it was dark already, but there were a few cars and people going past. A waitress come over to take their order.

Jordan looked up. "Sally! I didn't know you work here, I thought you worked with Mum, at Dinah's Diner?"

"I do, but that's in the mornings. I work here in the evenings, sometimes."

And you do a mail-delivery run, and clean at the pre-school. How'm I ever going to get a job when you've got them all?"

"I haven't got all of them. You could get work at the retirement home, washing old people's bums."

"Eww! Not likely."

"Stop moaning then. What're you having?"

"What's good?"

"Everything's good."

"We'll have some of that then."

"Come on Jordan. Stop mucking around, I'm busy here."

"Yeah, you are. Okay, I'll have a meat-lovers' pizza, small fries and a large coke. No dessert. How about you, Genie?"

"Sounds good. I'll have the same, thanks. No ice in the coke."

"Why no ice," Jordan pondered. "Oh yeah – no ice means more coke. I'll have no ice too, Sall."

"Right then. A couple of big spenders here."

"That's us," Jordan grinned. "Real big."

"Cute too," she said, with a second look at Gene. She left.

Jordan said, "I suppose you get that a lot?"

"Get what a lot?"

"Waitresses admiring you."

"No. I don't see a lot of waitresses."

"Guess not. But I bet the ones who do see you like what they see!"

"Why would they?"

"Oh, Come on, Gene. Look in a mirror sometime. You're bloody gorgeous, y'know. You were a good-looking kid and just keep getting better and better."

"You think? You're not too bad yourself, you know."

"Me? Had your eyes checked lately?"

"Don't need them checked, I can see just fine."

"So you think. Thanks for coming, Genie – it's so good to have you here. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too and it's good to be here, Jordie me mate. Ah – pizzas! That was quick."

Sally laid the food down and took Jordan's handful of vouchers as payment. "Keep the change," he said loftily.

"What change?" she laughed. "You might still owe us something. I'll let you know."

"They don't owe anything," said a voice behind her.

"Says who?" She looked around. "Oh. Says you. Okay, Kim, but you clear it with your mum."

"I already did, she said it's okay – this once. Hey, Jordan. Good pizza?"

"Excellent pizza, Kimbo. Sit down."

"Just for a minute. I'm a bit busy."

Kim sat down and Jordan said, "Gene Crestani, this is my friend, Kim Harrison. He lives here because his parents own the pub. Kim, this is my old friend, Gene, and he's a very cool kid but a crap musician."

"You'd know what that sounds like. Hey Gene, I've heard lots about you."

"Not too bad, I hope. Hello, Kimbo,. Want some pizza?"

"No, I do not. Thanks, but I'm sick of the sight of it already! This place is Mum's dream come true, not mine."

Jordan said, "And what is your dream, Young Kimbo?"

"Well . . I do wish that you'd stop calling me that. My name is Kim."

"I thought it was actually Kimberley?"

"No, not that either – just Kim."

"Oh well, Kimbo. It may never happen, but it's good to have a dream."

"Shut up, Jordo."

"Oh," Gene grinned. "I could tell you a name he hates worse than that!"

"You bloody better not or we're not mates!"

"Touchy! Don't worry, I won't do that to you."

"You'd better not or you'll be sleeping out on the lawn."

"You wouldn't do that to me."

"No, of course not. I love you, Genie."

"Well good! Love you too."

"Of course. What're you up to, Kim?"

"I'm waiting for Miss Clayton so we can do the music practice. Mum told me that you were here and that I should say hello to you."

"Do it then."

"Hello to you."

"Hello to you too. See why I like this boy, Gene - he's mad."

"A good match for you then."

"Ooooh. I'm thinking about that lawn again."

"Zip it, Jordie."

They finished there, then strolled down the main street. There was a lot of dark areas where businesses were closed down and boarded up. The brightest area was around the newly-restored Majestic Theater where hundreds of small bulbs on the marquee lit up the night.

They turned off at the end and went back up Palmerston Street to Jordan's house.

"Here it is – nothing special, it's just a house. It keeps the weather out."

"Looks okay to me. Very tidy."

"Yeah, it's tidy. Mum never stops tidying and guess who mows the lawns."

"Surely not you, Wee Jordie?"

"Wrong! I get paid for it though. I wouldn't do it if I didn't."

"Yeah? You should be doing it for love."

"Not likely! They are that bloody Steve's lawns and I definitely do not love him! Funny isn't it – how doing something for love means doing it for nothing, zilch, zip and zero? Come on in."

They went inside and Gene was welcomed by Jordan's mother and sister. That bloody Steve wasn't at home, so that was good. Jordan led the way to his bedroom, out at the back.

"Here's my room – the smallest one in the house, but I've got the biggest bed – go figure. We're sleeping in here."

"This is good." Gene dropped his bag on the single mattress on the floor. "So I'll be sleeping down here then."

The mattress and the queen-size bed filled most of the floor area in the room.

"What? No, I'm sleeping there. You can have the bed."

"I can not. I'm not putting you out of your bed, Jordie."

"You're not putting me out. I choose the mattress. You're not sleeping down there, you're the guest here. Besides, the bed's bigger and you need more room than I do."

"This is insane. All right, there's more than enough room, we'll both sleep in the bed."

"Together? I don't think so!"

"Why not?" Gene said. "I don't smell, do I? Not much anyway."

"Why not? I'll show you why not." Jordan took hold of Gene's arm and pulled him in front of the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door. "Have a good look. That is why we're not sharing the bed."

Gene shrugged, as he looked at his own reflection. "I don't get it. Something wrong with me?"

"No, there's not and that's the problem. You're gorgeous, Gene, and you've got a perfect body. Dammit, you're just perfect all over." He tapped his own chest. "Gayboy here, remember? I'd get no sleep, I'd be lying there struggling to keep my hands off you."

"Why is that such a problem?"

"Because, Gene Genie, you're not gay. I know that and you wouldn't like it. You're not just a major hottie, you're my mate, my very good friend and I don't want to stuff that up."

"Oh, I see. I think. Well, Midge – Jordan, you are stressing about nothing. We've been there before and it didn't mess up the friendship, did it?"

"No, but it could have. That was ages ago . . . and . . wait a minute! Are you saying that it'd be okay?"

"It would be okay, I think. Seeing as it's you. We could do what feels good – cuddles and shit, but no anal. Okay?"

"Okay?" Jordan beamed. "Hell yes! Cuddles and shit is good! Way good."

"Well Jordan, we'll see how that goes. Don't you dare tell anyone about this or that will stuff up the friendship. Understood?"

"Jawohl, Mein Fuhreur!" Jordan threw a mock salute, but he couldn't stop grinning. "Want to go to bed now?"

"No, I don't want to go to bed now – it's way too early. Have you got any new games – Playstation games, I mean."

"No, not new ones," he shook his dark mop of hair. "But I've got something better."

"Oh? What's better than new games?"

"Old games! I found my old Playstation 1 and all the games – spiro, crash bandicoot and all that. Fun stuff from way back."

"Playstation One? The classics! Let's crank that up then."

They played for a couple of hours, then showered, separately of course, got a drink and a sandwich and went to bed - together!

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