The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 5

Neither JR nor Steve knew that they were going to be paired for the tutoring sessions the coach and the math teacher had set up.

"No way, I'm not sitting here and working with this bastard!" Steve said loudly.

"Young man, if you don't quiet down this instant I'm going to ask you to leave," the librarian warned Steve.

"Sit down and shut up if you want to stay on the team," JR whispered, getting a scowl from the librarian. "I'm not particularly happy about this myself but here we are so lets make the best of it if we can."

"The best of it would be if I just got up and left," Steve whispered loudly.

"Fine suit yourself. It's no matter to me. I showed up so I've done my part."

JR pushed his chair back to stand up and leave when a lunch room worker showed up with their lunches.

"Fuck, we might as well eat. But then I'm gone," Steve declared.

JR was thinking to himself, 'Why, do you have to go blow one of your teammates?' but knew better to say that out loud. The coach wanted this to work and his math teacher was depending on him to make it happen. He didn't much like having to work with Steve but he didn't want to disappoint the coach or his teacher.

They ate in silence, occasionally looking at one another, Steve scowling and JR with a blank expression on his face. Considering the horrible family life JR had experienced, he wondered what Steve's childhood was like. What was it that what turned him into such a bully? Or was he bullied before he became the big man around school? He figured he'd cut him some slack and see if they could work together.

"Do you have your home work with you?" JR asked. "That would be a good place to start"

"Yeah I got it. But it ain't going to do any good. I don't understand any of it."

"That's what we're here for so take it out and let's see what you don't understand."

"Here it is," pushing a sheet of paper towards JR. "I don't understand it at all."

JR scanned the paper, filled with geometry questions. He thought about how he could explain it to Steve in a way he could grasp the concept. The first problem was about two people standing on the sidewalk a distance apart and a flagpole directly across the street from one of the people. The problem asked how far the second person had to walk to get to the flagpole.

"This one seems fairly straightforward," JR began.

"Yeah, like the dumb ass had to walk across the street and he's at the flagpole. Who cares how long he has to walk." Steve stated belligerently.

JR thought for a minute. This was going to be harder than he imagined.

"Ok, let's look at this a different way. Suppose this person directly across from the flagpole is the quarterback and the flagpole is where he wants you to catch the call. You're the person further down the street. How far do you have to run to time it so you get to where the ball is thrown in time to catch it?"

JR figured is he staged the question in football terms, Steve might catch on. He was right. Steve's face lite up and he grabbed his pencil and started writing. He used the wrong formula and got the wrong answer but it was a start. The rest of the session went slowly but they made some progress, JR coming up with as many football references as he could. Their time was up and they picked up their papers to leave.

"You know al lot about football. You ever play?" Steve asked as they walked to the door.

"No, too small. I did play lacrosse at my last school," JR told him.

"Lacrosse? Isn't that where they swing sticks with little nets at the ball?"

"At the ball and sometimes at another player," JR laughed.

"You ever hit another player?" Steve asked, looking as JR with a different perspective.

"Only the ones that deserved it," again with a snicker.

"Shit, you're a scrappy little bastard, aren't you?"

"When I have to be," JR replied giving Steve a serious look.

"Look, I don't want to sound like a jerk or anything and I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I appreciate the help your giving me but if we see each other outside of this room we can't say hi or anything. I don't want my friends getting any ideas. Okay?" Steve asked timidly.

JR laughed out loud and then agreed to Steve's wishes.

"What's so funny?" Steve demanded.

"I hope YOU don't take this the wrong way but that what two gay guys would say after hooking up in the men's room," JR told him, laughing loudly.

Steve's face turned red and he glared back at JR.

"See! That's exactly what I'm talking about. I don't want no fucking rumors spreading around. And you better not start any!" Steve's voice was growing angrier.

"I'm just doing this because my teacher asked me. I'm not doing this to start shit. If anyone asks me why I was in the library with you I'll just tell them it was a coincidence."

"Uh, ok. See you next time," and Steve scurried down the hallway.

JR ran into Drew in the hallway heading to their next class.

"Hey JR, I didn't see you at lunch today. Where were you?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. My math teacher signed me up to tutor someone at lunch period, twice a week in the library," JR answered trying to avoid telling Drew whom he was with.

"Shit. So you don't get lunch twice a week? You're small enough without skipping meals," Drew laughed.

"I may be small in stature but I'm big in the pants and that's what really matters," JR snapped back.

"Yeah, you can say that again. I would know," Drew said quietly so no one would hear.

"I may be small in stature but I'm big in the pants and that's what really matters," JR repeated. :"You told me to say it again." JR smirked and got a punch on the shoulder from Drew.

When they got home after school they went straight to the bedroom to change their clothes for work. As soon as they were inside the door, Drew pulled JR to him and kissed him passionately.

"Damn, I didn't realize how close we had become. I missed the hell out of you at lunch. Did you miss me?"

Kissing back just as passionately, JR responded,

"Yeah I did but I was pretty busy trying to figure out how to make that thick headed football played understand basic math."

"Football player? Who are you tutoring?" Drew wanted to know.

JR hadn't intended to tell Drew just yet but he opened his mouth so now he had to come clean. Not that there should be anything wrong with it. It was just the optics of the situation.

"It was Steve. You know, the ringleader of the five guys."

"I know who the hell he is but I don't know why you're working with that dirtbag. They almost beat the shit out of us and now you're getting cozy with him?" Drew's voice getting louder and angrier.

"I'm not getting cozy with him. Just doing my teacher and the coach a favor so he won't flunk off the team. Period!" JR answered defensively.

"Well, I still don't like it. How long will this last?"

"I'm not exactly thrilled but it is what it is. I'll be done when he passes his next exam."

"With that moron that might not be until graduation!" Drew lamented.

"You don't have any faith in me as a tutor?" JR asked

"Sure I do. I juts don't like you spending lunch breaks, our time in the middle of the day, with him. Maybe I'll come join you," Drew offered.

"It almost sounds like you're jealous."

"Of that piece of shit? No way. I just don't want him trying anything with you. Remember Brett?"

"Brett caught me by surprise I'll never let my guard down again. Or are you afraid he's going to make a move on me," JR said, raising his eyebrows up and down teasing Drew.

Drew got pissed and stormed down stairs and over to the station. So much for a romantic quickie before work.

Things were cool between the boys the rest of the afternoon with little being said between them that wasn't work related. When they turned in that night, there was no kiss, no cuddle, just a curt goodnight from Drew and a similar response from JR.

Things were a little better the next morning, far from normal however. By the time the boys got to the cafeteria for lunch, they sat at their usual table. There were six sitting there and Drew and JR joined in the conversations and eventually at least acknowledging one another. JR got up to go get another carton of milk and passed the table Steve was sitting at with his friends.

"Hey Steve, here comes you secret lunch date," the guy sitting next to Steve said out loud.

Steve looked and saw JR walking by the table. He blew up and swung his elbow hard to his left and hit his friend right in the face, knocking hi off his chair. Coach heard the commotion and came running over anticipating having to break up a fight. He grabbed Steve's shoulder and spun him around.

"I could have figured you'd be in the middle of this. What's going on?" Coach demanded.

Before Steve or his friend could open their mouths, JR spoke up.

"Steve was turning around to give me high five and when he turned his elbow caught Frank in the side of his head. Purely an accident, Coach," JR covered for Steve.

"If you say so. I guess you wouldn't bullshit me," Coach replied and walked away.

Drew saw JR sticking up for Steve and his temper went off again. He jumped up and walked out of the cafeteria, leaving his tray on the table.

"Sampson!" Coach yelled. "Get back here and take your tray. You know better than to leave it on the table."

Drew turned, his temper still in high gear,

"You want it moved, move it yourself!" and kept walking.

The entire cafeteria went quiet. No one ever talked back to Coach. Not and lived to tell about it. Coach stood there with his mouth open staring in disbelief. Drew had never been disrespectful to any of the teachers or any adults at school.

"Sampson! You get your ass down to my office right after school. You hear me?" he yelled and broke the silence.

Drew just raised his hand and flipped the Coach the middle finger as he went out the door. Everyone inhaled so deeply that it would have sucked all the oxygen out of the room if the doors weren't open.

Steve looked at JR and just gave him a little smile and nodded his head to let him know he appreciated what he had done.

Drew avoided JR the rest of the day. After his last class he headed down to Coach's office, not knowing what was going to happen but he knew it wouldn't be good.

"Sampson, sit down. I'll be right back," as he went to yell at the football team. "You guys get full gear on and get out there and run laps until I get there. Anyone dogging it will be running for the rest of the day!"

Coach came back into his office and sat in his chair. He looked at Drew for a minute before he spoke.

"What's bothering you, son? Is you mother sick again?" he asked with compassion.

"No sir, she is fine. She beat the cancer. Thank you for asking."

"Well then what it is? You've never acted like this before."

"I don't know, sir. I just haven't been myself lately," Drew said, lowering his head.

"When I asked JR to tutor Steve I thought I might have trouble with him. I know there is bad blood between Steve and you two. But I didn't think you'd be the one giving me trouble."

"Yes sir, I mean no sir. I'm so sorry. I won't do it again, I promise," Drew tried to appease Coach.

"If there is nothing going on at home then get your head out of your ass and straighten up! I'm going to let this slide but the next time you pull a stunt like this you'll be wishing you never left that bus station of yours!" Coach warned Drew in a subdued but stern voice.

"Yes sir, I promise."

"Now get the hell out of here!"

Drew's shoulders were drooping as he left the gym area. He had missed his bus home but he didn't care. If he caught his bus he'd have to put up with JR all the way home. He was actually glad he had to walk. It was only two miles and it would give him time to think. Tomorrow was Thursday and JR would be tutoring Steve in the library again so he wouldn't see him at lunch. That gave him some solace as he trudged home.

When he finally got home his mother asked him why he was late.

"I kind of lost my temper at lunch and yelled at the Coach. He made me come to his office after school so he could yell at me."

"That's not like you. Is everything all right?" she asked with concern.

"Just peachy!" Drew snapped. His mother jerked her head back in surprise. "I'm sorry mom, just a couple of rough days. I'll be fine."

"JR and Mildred are at the station. You better get changed out of your school clothes and go relieve her."

"Yes, mom."

JR and Mildred were chatting when Drew came up to the counter.

"I'm here to relieve you, Aunt Mildred. Thanks for covering for me."

"Glad to help. See you boys for supper," and of she went.

"What did the coach have to say?" JR asked.

"Nothing," Drew mumbled.

"Why did you flip out like that?" JR continued.

"Because I fucking felt like it, okay?" Drew yelled. "If you have a problem with that, too damn bad!"

JR just shrugged his shoulders and walked off to help people with their bags.

Drew watched him walk away and wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say. He felt bad for yelling at him but if he wasn't screwing around with Steve none of this would have ever happened. He couldn't be sure if JR and Stave were exchanging blowjobs but they seemed to be real good friends very quickly.

Thursday was quiet at lunch. Drew sat with his usual friends but nobody dared ask him what was wrong. On Friday Drew got his lunch and started walking towards the door with it.

"Mr. Sampson, you know you can't leave the cafeteria with food," the Coach stopped him.

"I know Coach. I just figured it would be safer this way and not cause any more trouble," looking in JR's direction.

"Maybe you're right. I don't know what's going on with you two but you better get it resolved quickly."

The librarian stopped him ad told him he couldn't eat lunch in the library.

"I'm supposed to met that math tutor kid here. I was told to bring my lunch and eat here," Drew lied.

"Well okay then. That young man is becoming very popular. Such a nice boy to help his fellow classmates," she cooed.

"Yeah, a real god damn saint," he mumbled quietly.

Bedtime was the toughest. They both got into their sides of the bed and faced away from each other, a quick good night said by both of them and that was it. Drew was longing to connect with JR so badly he was tempted to roll over and grab him and kiss him and try to show him he belonged with Drew, not asshole Steve. He just couldn't summon the courage to lower his defenses and take a chance on being rejected.

Saturday the football game was a night game under the lights. It was an annual ritual that was the highlight of the fall season. The team played their longtime rival and spirits were high on both sides.

"Drew, are you going to the big game tonight?" JR asked him at breakfast.

"Don't see why I would. Makes no difference to me who wins," he said while chewing his food.

"Drew honey, you always look forward to that game. Probably the only one you got to all year. Are you sure you don't want to go tonight?" his mother asked him.

"I said I'm not interested!" pushing his chair back and leaving his breakfast half eaten.

Elaine, Mildred and JR all looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

"JR. do you know what's eating Drew?" Elaine asked.

"No idea. I've tried to talk to him but he just walks away," JR responded.

Drew did his job at the counter all day in a very perfunctory manner, not interacting with his customers any more than necessary. JR came by the counter at 3:00 to let Drew know he was leaving.

"Hey, are you sure you don't want to go to the game? I'm getting a ride and will be leaving soon. I wish you'd change your mind and come along," JR pleaded.

"No chance. I've got things to do here," and turned his back to JR.

"I don't know what's bugging you but I wish you tell me. I want to help, really I do,"

"You've already done enough so just leave!" Drew snapped.

"Me? What the hell did I do?" JR asked incredulously.

Just then some classmates came running over.

"Come guys, we want to get to the field and get a good spot in the bleachers."

JR shook his head and left with his friends. Drew's heart sank, realizing he had missed an opportunity to get everything out in the open with JR.

Drew finished up for the day and headed back to the house for supper. He picked at his food and ate very little. After the dishes were cleared his mother convinced him to stay with her and play some cards at the kitchen table. They had been playing for a while when JR came through the door.

"You're back early." Elaine commented.

"I forgot my wallet and I needed my money to buy some food," as he rushed through the kitchen and upstairs.

Once again Drew hopes were dashed that JR had come back because of him and not the wallet. JR came downstairs and headed for the back door.

"Are you sure you don't want to come to the game, Drew?" JR asked one final time without stopping to wait for an answer. Drew just looked up and then looked back down at his cards. JR opened the back door and stopped. He turned back to look at Drew. JR suddenly realized how much he missed being spending time with Drew. He was about to come back and say something to Drew when his friends honked their horn to hurry him along.

His mother beat him at every hand of cards they played. Drew finally gave up and went up stairs to lay on his bed. He put his head down, closed his eyes and slammed his fist into his mattress. He began to whimper softly,

"Why, why, why? Why did JR have to come into my life? Everything was so easy, so routine before he showed up. I was happy. Now I'm fucking miserable and don't know how to fix it."

He let out a loud sigh and kept wallowing in self-pity, the tears and the whimpers coming and going. He looked at the clock and it was almost 9:00. He decided he would go clean the bathroom and check the station then lock it up for the night. It was common practice to leave a few lights on and the lobby unlocked for any late buses that might come through. He usually cleaned on Sunday morning but doing it tonight might take his mind off his troubles.

He checked the lobby and then went to the men's room where there was a janitorial closet at the back for all his cleaning supplies. As he walked towards the closet he could hear noise coming from one of the stalls. He approached it quietly and looked through the space on the side of the door. His eyes got wide and he covered his mouth so he didn't say anything out loud. Through the crack he could see the bare ass of an Army guy humping back and forth. He could make out a naked body bent over in front of him but couldn't see the face. The guy bent over looked completely naked while the Army guy just had his pants down around his ankles.

"Oh yeah, you've got a nice tight hole. This is the best fuck I've had on a long time," the Army guy was saying as he thrust back and forth. "You enjoying this as much as I am, aren't you?"

"Sure am. Fuck me hard and deep!" the person bent over said.

Drew jumped back in shock! He recognized that voice. It was Bernie! He was getting someone's cock up his ass and do so willingly. More than willingly, he was enjoying it. He leaned in again to keep watching.

"Man, you're so much better than the other jerk I used to fuck in here. I hope he's gone for good."

"It will be me from now on, every Saturday evening until 9:00," Bernie assured him.

"Same price, right? $5 for a blow job and $10 to fuck?"

Bernie hesitated. He wasn't planning on charging anyone but evidently Brett was.

"Of course. 5 and 10, just like the store downtown," Bernie laughed.

"I plan on getting my money's worth so hang on kid."

"Give me everything you've got," Bernie replied as the guy behind him sped up.

It had been so long since Drew had gotten off that the sight before him made his cock spring to life like never before. He subconsciously began to rub his boner through his pants. He could feel he was making a wet spot in his pants so he took his cock out and began to stroke it. He ran his finger across the tip to wipe away the precum and brought his finger to his mouth. As he licked it he imagined it was JR's. He was afraid he was going to cum too quickly and he wanted it to last so he slowed down his pace. Seeing the bare ass and hearing the moaning from Bernie had Drew wondering just what was so special about being butt fucked anyway. He did know it got him excited watching it but was wondering how it would feel to be doing it. The Army guy had a nice smooth ass, sweat droplets starting to form on it. Drew was thinking he'd like to try sticking his cock in that crack. Well, not this guy's crack . He probably wouldn't like it. Or how would it feel to have someone's cock up his ass. He knew he enjoyed JR's finger up there, but a cock was so much bigger. He thought it would be painful as hell. But Bernie seemed to be enjoying it. So didn't Brett the night they caught him with the carnival guy.

His stroking was getting him so close he knew he'd cum any second when he heard the door to the men's room open.

"Hey Frank, you finished yet? I'm ready for my turn," the voice said.

Drew stuffed his cock back in his pants and scooted into the janitor's closet, leaving the door open just a little to peek out.

"This kid is so tight. I'm surprised I have lasted this long."

"Tight? Brett's hole is so loose I could park my jeep up there," the second man said.

"No, this is a new kid. Younger and tighter and definitely worth $10."

So Brett had been fucking guys and charging them. But how did Bernie get to be doing this? He must have known what Brett was doing and showed up here after Brett left to take his place.

Drew heard the guy in the stall yell out, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

"Yeah, Frankie, fill his ass with your hot cum. Then get the hell out of there and let me at him," the second man shouted.

"Hey mister, how much cum have you got?" Bernie asked

"None now, it's all up inside you, whore. He's all yours, Phil."

The stall door opened and the first guy came out, pulling up his pants with his cock still sticking straight out in front of him. It was huge! Drew hadn't seen many hard cocks, only two to be exact but this guy was packing some serious length. Drew knew it must have hurt Bernie to have all of that deep inside him. The second guy had already taken his cock out and was stroking it. It was semi hard so he told Bernie he was going to have to suck it hard then turn around. The first guy threw a $10 bill in the stall and ran out. As soon as the stall door was closed, Drew came out and went back to his spot to look in and watch.

Bernie was sitting naked on the toilet, his hands gripping the guy's ass as he pulled him towards him. Drew couldn't see the actual blowjob but he heard the slurping and gagging as Bernie sucked him.

"Okay, kid, that's enough. Turn around and bend over before I cum in your mouth and have to pay for a blowjob and a fucking."

As Bernie turned around, Drew got a look at him sideways and saw Bernie cock was as hard as his own was. Getting fucked must feel good if it gave him a boner.

As the guy pressed his cock against Bernie's hole, he said in a loud voice, "Hey Frankie, where ever you are, thanks for lubing him up for me. I love sloppy seconds kid, so much easier to get in."

Drew was envious and wanted to try fucking, from both sides. He and JR were going to do that sometimes but neither one was ready yet. That brought JR back into focus. Were JR and Steve fucking? Did JR give his virginity to Steve when he said he wanted to give it to Drew? The green monster of jealousy came alive in Drew's mind again as his imagination went wild and boner withered in his hand. Just then he heard the guy yelling as he shot his load up into Bernie.

"I don't know if you've got another guy coming to fuck you but if you do he's got two loads to slide around in now," as he laughed and stepped out of the stall as Drew snuck back to the closet.

Drew thought for a minute. If Bernie didn't have another guy coming, maybe he should be next. Maybe this is his chance to see how it feels to stick his ass in a tight hole. Then he had seconds thoughts. He wanted JR to be his first, even if he may not be JR's first. The thought of sticking his cock into Bernie with two loads of cum from two other guys really grossed him out. He waited until Bernie had come out of the stall, look around so see if anyone else was waiting then grabbed his clothes and went to the sink. He took some paper towels and tried to clean the cum leaking from his ass. Every time he thought he was good, another clump dribbled out. He finally gave up and put his pants on and left.

Drew went over to the stall and looked in. He saw several puddles of cum on the floor. He wondered if their cum tasted any different than JR's but he wasn't about to pick any up off the floor. Instead he just shut off the lights, locked the doors and went back to the house.

It was Saturday night and every teenager in town was at the ball game and Drew was alone in his bedroom. Although not every teenager was at the game. Bernie was having fun and getting fucked right under Drew's nose. So Drew was the only one alone, no one to be with. He rolled over on his side of the bed and tried to sleep. Instead he just kept thinking about JR off with all his new friends, about Bernie getting fucked in the men's room and Brett some where off on an adventure with the carnival guy, enjoying all the sex his ass could handle.

Drew was still awake when he heard JR come home. JR stopped in the kitchen to chat with Elaine and Mildred, telling them what a good time he had, making Drew feel even worse, if that was possible. JR came up stairs, got undressed and got into bed. Drew was faking being asleep so JR would leave him alone. JR just whispered good night and rolled in his side on his side of the bed.

About midnight, JR's movements in bed woke Drew up. With his eyes closed he could see the dancing light from the fireplace and detect the distinct smell of the fire burning.

His eyes sprung wide open and he shot up in bed. There was no fireplace in his room! He scanned the room quickly from side to side and there was nothing burning in his room. The light was coming from the window. He threw the covers off and ran to look out the window. What he saw made his heart stop. The station was on fire.

"JR, get up! Go wake up mom and Aunt Mildred then call the fire department. The station is on fire! Hurry!" Drew screamed as he grabbed his pants and stumbled towards his door while trying to get his legs in his pants. He ran down the stairs three at a time, all the while hollering his head off for his mom to wake up. Drew was out the door and running full speed towards the station, not having any idea what he was going to do or what he could do. Just as he got to the corner of the building, a cop grabbed him.

"Whoa Drew, you can't go in there. The fire department is on their way," Officer Jenks told him.

Just then the first of several fire trucks pulled in and positioned themselves to fight the fire.

"No, no, no way this is happening!" Drew screamed as his eyes filled with tears, not from the smoke but from his emotions getting the better of him.

JR, Elaine and Aunt Mildred came jogging up to stand with Drew as they watched the family legacy in flames. They huddled together with their arms around each other, crying and shaking their heads in disbelief. Tragedies like this happen to other people but after Elaine's battle with cancer, the family didn't deserve another crisis.

The fire department was wining the battle against the fire. From where they stood, it looked like the major damage was done to the lobby area, including the newsstand. Drew felt his mother tighten her grip on his hand. She let out a yelp of pain and grabbed her chest, collapsing on the ground. Drew and Mildred immediately dropped to their knees beside her while JR ran to the ambulance on site and hollered for them to get over there fast.

"Oh god, mom, please don't die," Drew panicked.

"I'll be fine," she mouthed without being able to speak.

"I know you will. You have to. I can't bear to looe you," as he leaned over and tried to hug her.

The ambulance attendants knelt down and checked her pulse and heart rate then the rest of her vitals before going back to get the stretcher.

"We're going to take her right to the emergency room. She might have had a heart attack but she is awake and responsive. That's a good sign," as they hoisted her on the stretcher and whisked her away, Mildred going along and leaving Drew and JR standing by themselves.

The fire chief came over to Drew to tell him they had the worst of the fire out and were just wetting down hot spots. The managed to save most of the building.

"Thank you guys so much," Drew said as he reached out to shake his hand. "I don't believe how fast you guys got here. My mother had just finished calling when you pulled in the yard."

"It wasn't her call that brought us here. It was Officer Jenks. He was on patrol and noticed smoke coming out of the building and the fire inside. If he didn't get in touch with us, the extr…a time between then and your mom's call would have given the fire too much of a head start and we would never had a chance of saving the building," the chief informed them.

"Thank you so much, Officer Jenks," Drew said as he hugged the policeman. My mom… my mom… ," Drew tried to get out without choking up, "and I owe you everything."

Drew took one last look at the station and turned to walk back to the house. He was halfway there when he fell to his knees and starting crying like a baby.

"I've lost everything! I've lost our family business, I've lost my best friend, my only friend and now I'm going to lose my mother," his face buried in his hands.

JR stooped over and helped Drew to his feet.

"The business will be rebuilt, bigger and better than ever. Your mother is in the hospital and she is in good hands. She will be fine," JR stated emphatically.

Drew noticing he hadn't said anything about the loseing his good friend comment. So it was true then he thought to himself.

JR put his hand around Drew waist and steadied him as they walked the rest of the way to the house. JR helped him in bed and then climbed in with him. Drew was facing away from JR but JR moved up behind Drew and spooned him.

"Drew, I'm sorry I hurt you or gave you any doubts about our friendship and the way I feel about you. I realized tonight when I saw you playing cards with your mother that I was doing the same thing to you that my father did to me. He never had time for me and I wasn't making time for you. Growing up without any friends was lonely, something I swore I would never be again. When I met you I knew I had found the one person who meant everything to me. Then when we started school and I met so many other people our age, I was like a kid in a candy store. None of them wanted to be friends with me for what they could get from me or because they were being told to be my friend. They actually liked me. It was just so overwhelming I lost sight of how much spending time with you meant to me. I love you and you're the only one that means anything real to me. I'm sorry and hope you can forgive me. I betrayed our friendship and our feelings for one another. If you cant' forgive me, I'll understand."

JR placed his arm over Drew's side and gave him a sideways hug. Drew just lay there for a minute or two the lifted his elbow and locked JR's arm to his side, not saying anything before they both fell asleep in that position.

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