Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 3

"What in the name of Christ is wrong with you two idiots?" the coach bellowed

Billy and Lance cringed up against the shower wall.

"I don't give a flying shit what you morons do on your own time but I'll be damned if I'm going to put up with this crap in my locker room!" he continued

"We're sorry, coach, we kinda of got carried away."

"You almost got carried away by the police."

"Are you going to have us arrested?" Billy asked with a quavering voice.

"Not me, you imbeciles, Vice Principal Melbrook. She was walking back from the meeting with me to discuss a new weight room for the locker room. She realized she didn't have time today and said she'd come down tomorrow. You remember Miss Melbrook, don't you Lance?"

Billy looked at Lance wondering what the history was between them.

"Why would she have us arrested, coach?" Billy asked

"She and Lance's father had a major blowout when Lance was in first grade. She was Principal of his elementary school. Lance's father used his influence to have her demoted and transferred to teach kindergarten at the other elementary school in town. Her career was seriously tarnished. She managed to work her way back up to Vice Principal here but that's as far as she'll ever go in this town. She is looking to even the score so you better keep your nose clean for the next four years, Lance."

Lance and Billy looked at each other, their hands trying to cover their privates. Lance looked at Billy and grinned. Billy shook his head no and looked stone faced. He didn't see anything funny about their situation. Lance nodded his head towards the coach, wanting Billy to look at him. The coach had turned his head to look at the shirts hung on the towel rack.

"At least you got the shirts clean before you decided to goof off."

While the coach was looking away from them, Lance whispered to Billy,

"Look at the tent in this shorts."

Sure enough, the coach had a major tent in his athletic shorts, boning up from watching the boys play evidently. Both Billy and Lance snickered, unfortunately, loud enough for the coach to hear them.

"I'm glad you two idiots think this is funny. Well this might wipe those smirks off your faces. The two of you are going to stay after school all next week for in-house detention. You'll report to me right after your last class each day. The new weight room is going to built in the 'Pit" so it will be your job to get it cleaned out. Now you two get dressed and get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and send you to see Miss Melbrook!"

The boys scrambled to dry off, get dressed and high tail it out of the building.

"Every time, Lance, every fucking time!"

"What do you mean, Billy?"

"Every time we are naked and near water we get busted for screwing around. First your mother and now the coach. Who will it be next time? The priest down at the church?"

"We better stay away from Holy Water then, huh?" Lance joked.

"Not funny! What is the "Pit" anyway?

Lance explained as they walked home from school.

"The 'Pit" is a storage room where the athletic department throws all their useless junk and broken equipment. No one has dared to go in there for years. They just open the door and threw stuff in and slam the door shut again. I wouldn't be surprised if we found a dead body in there."

"So because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself, now we have to be the ones stuck cleaning it out?"

"It could be worse."

"Oh yeah, how?" Billy asked.

"The coach could have caught us before we shot our load.," Lance laughed and ran off ahead of Billy.

Billy ran after him, catching him just as they got to the corner where they turned to head to their respective houses.

"I don't know why I hang around with you," Billy said grinning.

"Cause you love me and you know it."

"You better give me a better reason than that."

Changing the subject, Billy mentioned the tent in the coach's shorts.

"Do you think the coach got a hardon watching us? We don't know how long he was standing there. Do you think he is gay?"

"No way. There would have been rumors and he would've tried something with someone by now. He's been the coach for years."

"Maybe, but nobody thought you were gay. None of your friends and certainly not your parents."

"My useless parents wouldn't know if I had wings instead of arms and would fly myself to school."

"I'd notice. The feathers would feel weird on my cock when you jerk me off," Billy laughed.

"Weird, but you'd still enjoy it," making both boys laugh. See you tomorrow morning. I'll stop by and get you on my way to the skateboard park. Be ready at 9:00."

The boys gave each other a friendly punch on the shoulder and went their separate ways.

Billy was ready and waiting the next morning but Lance hadn't shown up. Finally at 10:00 Lance came boarding down the street.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to wait until my father went to work before I could leave."

"No problem. Did he have chores for you to do?"

"No, he grounded me for the weekend. He ran into Coach at the men's club they both go to on Friday and Coach told my father about our mud fight."

"Shit! Did he tell him about catching us in the shower?"

"No, he just told him we got detention next week because of the mud fight."

"Won't you get in trouble when your father finds out your not at home?"

"No way. He went to the other office so he'll be screwing his bimbo all day. As long as I'm home for supper he'll never know the difference."

"Man, you're taking a hell of a chance. If you get caught you'll really be screwed."

"It will be worth it so I'm willing to chance it."

"Just to go to the park?"

"No idiot, to spend the day with you. Let's go before we waste any more time."

Billy looked at Lance and worried that this was risky. Wait! He said it would be worth it because he got to spend the day with him? They spend all week together at school, and now after school as well. 'Am I worth it to him?' Billy wondered to himself. 'I guess I am because he is here'

The boys headed to the park where their friends had already gathered.

"Hey, you two been spending the morning in bed together?" Fred started in on them.

Lance looked around and saw everyone else shaking their heads with disgusted looks on their faces. Lance knew he had to give Fred some shit and could get away with it.

"Why, you jealous?" Lance snickered.

The crew all laughed while Fred's face puffed up and got bright red.

"Fuck you faggots. Oh, I forgot, you fuck yourselves," Fred came back.

"Give it a rest, Fred," Mike told him. "Lance is just busting your balls."

Fred mounted his board and took off towards one of the bigger jumps. He sailed through the air, did a 360 and swooped back down to stop right in front of Billy.

"Try that one, runt."

"He's already done way better. Remember the washout jump?" Mike reminded Fred.

Fred didn't need any reminder. He had been fuming ever since Billy made that jump and he failed. He'd find a way to show everyone that he was as good as Billy if not better. Then he would be back at Lance's side instead of Billy. Fred grabbed his board and stomped off. He had tried being nice to Billy, hoping Lance would notice, but he was too busy fawning all over Billy. Time for something drastic.

"Okay, now that he is out of the way, let's have some fun," Lance proclaimed.

The boys skated until mid afternoon when Lance and Billy got hungry and headed to Billy's house for some food. Billy's mother was home and served them sandwiches and some of her home made cookies.

"You must be the best cook in town, Mrs. Murdock," Lance complimented her.

"I'm sure you must have some delicious meals at your house."

"Oh we do. Monday nights we have "Uncle Tony's Italian Lasagna", Tuesday we have steak tips from "The Grill", Wednesday we have barbecue from "The Rib House", and Ffriday night we have fish and chips from "The Clam Shack"," Lance rattled off their meals from last week.

"That's all take out. Doesn't your mother cook at all?" Billy asked.

"She doesn't even pick it up, she has it delivered." Lance said out loud then whispered to Billy, "she's usually too drunk to drive by supper time."

Lance offered to help clean up and wash the dirty dished but Billy's Mom told them to go and play. The boys went up to Billy's bedroom to talk until Lance decided that he should get home.

"I had fun today but you shouldn't have disobeyed your father."

"Can I have a glass of water?" Lance asked.

Billy started to go get Lance some water when Lance reached out and grabbed Billy's crotch.

"If we have some water handy we can have some more fun before I leave."

Billy smiled and pushed Lance's hand away.

"Now you want my mother to be the one to catch us? You're incorrigible."

The boys laughed. Lance left to go home and see if he was going to be in any more trouble for skipping out. His father wasn't home, his mother was too drunk to hear him come in and life went on as usual in the Habershaw household.

Sunday morning Lance woke up and made some breakfast. His smother was still in bed sleeping off the drunk she tied on last night. His father wasn't home and Lance assumed he had stayed over night with his girlfriend. Lance went out in the back yard and got in the hot tub. Wishing Billy was in there with him and remembering the last time brought a rise in his bathing suit. He slid it down to his ankles and stroked his swelling cock until it was rock hard. He closed his eyes and imagined Billy was with him, bringing him to an orgasm very quickly sending streams of white floaters loose in the hot tub. He closed his eyes and lay back to come down of his sexual high. He heard the back door opened and his mother call out to him.

"Lance, you better be alone in that hot tub!"

"I am, Mother. Would you care to join me? We can chat and have some quality mother and son time together."

Lance had a plan and this was the first part of it.

"Not on your life. I want peace and quiet. Now get out of there and leave me alone."

Lance furtively pulled his suit back up and climbed out of the tub.

"Have you had breakfast yet, mother? I can make you some scrambled eggs with either bacon or sausage? I could even fry up some taters in the bacon grease, southern style."

"Oh god, I'm going to be sick. Stop talking about food. Why don't you go to the skateboard park. Or some place other than here and leave me alone."

"I can't, mother. Dad has grounded me and I can't leave the house. So I guess I'll just have to stay here with you." Lance smirked on the inside.

"Your father isn't here but I am and I told you to leave. So go!"

"Yes, mother, as you wish."

Lance bolted up stairs to change and get out of the house before she changed her mind. He went over to Billy's house to see if he wanted to go to the park.

:"Hi Lance. You sneak out again? The shit is really going to hit the fan if your dad catches you."

"No problem. My mother wanted the house to herself so she told me to go play. So here I am. Want to play?" Lance asked with a wink and a smile.

"We were just about to leave for church. You want to come along?" Billy asked, knowing that Lance would say no.

"Really? Can I?"

"You want to go to church? I never figured you for the religious type."

"I haven't been in years. Going with my dad is nothing more than a goodwill tour, glad handing everyone in church and lying about being glad to see them again. Might be fun to go to church just for the sake of being in church for once."

"I'll ask my parents. Wait here."

Billy went inside to ask his parents who were as surprised as Billy at Lance wanting to accompany them. Billy and his parents came out the front door to greet Lance.

"This is a pleasant surprise. Lance, we'd love to have you come to church with us. Do you usually go with your parents?"

Not wanting to explain anything about his parents, he just answered semi honestly.

"They can't make it this morning so I thought I see if I could tag along with you."

The four of them headed off to church.

"Isn't the church the other way?" Lance asked.

"We attend the First Protestant Church. Where do you worship?"

"We attend the Bible Baptist Church out on Rte 9," Lance told Billy's mom.

"Oh my, will it be a problem to attend out church?"

"No, Baptist, Protestant, or Catholic, we're all going to end up in the same place in the end."

"What an enlightened outlook."

Billy looked at Lance and whispered,

"Not with what we're doing."

They went in and found their seats. The choir started to sing and the service had begun. Lance looked around at all the families worshiping together and the beautiful music coming from the huge pipe organ and the choir's melodic rendition of the traditional hymns.

Lance's eyes begin to water. Billy and his family were actually the perfect family and his family is a train wreck. Billy's family is sharing this with him while his mother is home and hung over, throwing him out of the house so she can sleep off her drunken night. His father is off fucking his slut he keeps in the next town. And him, a gay boy out lusting after his friend.

Billy's mom saw the tears welling up so she leaned over and gave Lance a sideways hug.

After the service, they all went out to eat lunch, followed by the boys heading to the park.

"You are one lucky son of a bitch, Billy Murdock."

"What makes you say that?"

"Your family. Your life. Your home. And your awesome hot body."

"Hot? You think I'm the hot one in this relationship?"

Lance just winked and pushed off on his board towards the park.

Monday was a typical day, classes and lunch with the crew all at the same table. Fred was joking and kidding around with everyone one minute then moody and scowling the next.

Then the after school detention for Lance and Billy. Coach had told them to bring some work clothes so they didn't get their school clothes dirty. After the regular gym class the boys didn't shower and changed into their work clothes and headed to the Pit.

"Here you go, boys. All this crap has to get taken out of here and put in the dumpster outside the back door," the coach told them.

"Everything? Even the good stuff?" Billy asked.

"There is no good stuff. That's why it's in here. Now get to work. And no screwing around! I'll be in my office and will come by and check on you."

The boys gingerly picked up the junk, smelly, dirty and heavy. They dragged, carried and pushed as much as they could in the hour they had to stay after school. The coach came back every ten minutes to check on them, looking in the room, sometimes staying longer than others, just watching them then going back to his office.

"You notice how coach will just lean against the door jam and stare at us?" Billy asked.

"It's your hot body. Everyone wants it," Lance giggled.

"Eat shit, asshole. I'm serious. I really do think he is gay. I hope he doesn't try anything."

"I'm the only one you have to worry about trying something with you."

Billy shoved Lance, landing on the floor.

"I said no screwing around!" the voice of the coach boomed through the doorway.

"Sorry, coach, I just slipped when I grabbed a big piece of junk."

"Just make sure you're grabbing the junk you're supposed to be grabbing and no one else's."

"Damn it, Lance, you're going to get us in trouble again."

"Me? You're the one who pushed me."

The boys laughed and got back to cleaning. At the end of their hour detention the coach told them to take a shower and wash off the grime. The boys got undressed and headed for the showers.

"Behave yourselves in there. Lance, you take the shower-head in the far left corner and Billy, you take the shower head up here on the right. Now go to your corners and wash up."

Even at opposing corners of the shower room, the boys looked at each other's naked bodies and nature took its course. Lance grabbed his cock and started swinging it in a circle.

"Coach told us to go to our corners. Should we come out fighting? Sword fighting?" Lance laughed.

Billy responded in kind, swinging his cock.

"You two are incorrigible. Get finished up before I have to keep you around for another week," coach grumbled, catching the boys.

Walking home, Billy started in again on coach.

"How come he is always watching us in the shower. I think he really is queer."

"So what if he is? It's his issue, not ours."

The week dragged on the same way every day. Classes, the crew sharing lunch together, cleaning junk out of the Pit. By Friday afternoon all they had to do was sweep the room and they were finished

"You boys did a better job than I would have thought. Hit the showers and I'll give you a ride home. I have a special surprise for you."

That sounded ominous to Billy. He wasn't sure what kind of special surprise was in store for them. Turns out, the coach was taking them for ice cream for working so hard all week. Coach was then giving them a ride home.

"Ok, Billy, he'll drop one of us off first, then the one of us will be left alone with him. That will be the one he wants," Lance said quietly to Billy.

"I'll bet your right! Damn, what do we do now? I don't want to be the last one, but I don't want you to be the last one either."

"Just have to wait and see. I think I can see a bulge in his pants again," Lance teased.

The coach drove towards the boys neighborhood and stopped midway between their houses.

"I hope you boys don't mind walking the rest of the way. I have to go meet someone and I don't ant to be late," he explained as he pulled to the curb.

Both boys bailed out of the car, relieved that they were together.

"You want to come over tomorrow? My mom is going to Houston with some of her lady friends to shop and with her gone, my dad will be with his whore all day. We'll have the whole house to ourselves," Lance told Billy.

Billy thought about the prospects of being alone with Lance at his house again. He started to chub up and agreed to meet Lance.

"Great. We deserve a relaxed morning after all the work we did his week. See you in the morning."

Fred had found out about Lance and Billy having detention and having to clean out the Pit. Billy would have Lance all to himself for an hour each day. Fred tried to volunteer to help so he could hang with Lance, but the coach told him they didn't need any help. Fred decided he was going to stop by Lance's house Saturday morning to see if he could meet up with him without Billy around. He felt Billy was monopolizing too much of Lance's time. Fred had one more chance to get back by Lance's side. The Homecoming Weekend and the Fall Dance were coming up in two weeks. None of the crew had talked about getting dates and they were all planning on going by themselves and meet up inside the dance, going stag as it were. Fred knew Billy wasn't the dancing type so he was unlikely to show up so he would have Lance all to himself for the night. He didn't know that Lance's girlfriend, Rachel had other ideas.

Rachel, Lance's casual girlfriend approached Lance in the hallway at school on Monday.

"Are you going to the Fall Dance?" she asked Lance.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it. Are you?"

"I figured as much," she laughed. "I'm definitely going too. Do you have a date?"

"Hadn't given it any thought but I think you have," giggling back to her.

"Well, here's my problem. My cousin is in town that weekend and my parents don't want me to leave her alone. I was thinking, hoping actually, that you and I could go together and your friend Billy could take my cousin Kate."

"I'd go with you for sure but I'm not so sure about Billy."

"Is he gay?"

"Hell no! He's just not a dance kind of guy. He's shy and I really don't think he'd be up for a blind date."

"Will you at least ask him? I'll make it worth you're effort if he accepts," Rachel said as she cuddled up to Lance right there in the hallway.

"Whoa girl, I can't go ask a friend for a favor sporting a boner. He might get the wrong idea," Lance laughed.

"Then you better set him straight."

'No way I want to set him straight, I like him the way he is' Lance thought to himself.

Rachel gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and skipped down the hall to meet up with her friends.

Thinking back to the last date he and Rachel had did cause him to chub up. He walked to his locker to get his books. Billy and Mike came up behind him, Mike slapping him on the shoulder.

"A little good morning hallway sex?" Mike teased.

"Just an appreciation kiss."

"For what?"

"For being the most awesome guy ever. That and I asked her to the Fall Dance."

"You dog. I thought we were all going stag?"

"Going to the dance with a bunch of goons like you guys or going with a hot chick who wants my body? Which do you honestly think I'd pick?"

Lance was hoping to get a chance to talk to Billy privately but the rest of the crew caught up with them as they walked to class. When math class was over, Lance took his time gathering up his papers and books. Billy waited for him wondering why he took so long. When the room was empty, Lance looked around and then spoke to Billy.

"Rachel and I are going to the dance together and she asked me for a favor."

"And of course you couldn't resist a hot girl," Billy snickered.

"Of course not. I hope you can't either."

"Me? Does she want a three some?"

"No, a foursome. She wants you to take her cousin to the dance so she can go with me.:

"Thanks, but I wasn't even planning on going to the dance at all. Not my thing."

"It would look good for the two of us to have dates for the dance."

"What do you mean, look good?"

"I don't want anyone thinking you and I are a couple, not yet anyway."

"I don't want that either, because we're not!"

Seeing the hurt on Lance's face, Billy quietly added,

"Not yet."

"Just think about it, okay?

Lance, Billy and the crew all sat at the usual table at lunch. Fred moved quickly to take the chair next to Lance, trying not to be so obvious about it. No one else really cared where they sat at the table. The conversation quickly turned to the dance.

"We're all going stag to the dance so where should we meet up? At someone's house or at the school?" Fred asked no one in particular.

"We can just meet at the school, it will be easier," Mike replied to him. Everyone around the table nodded in agreement.

Rachel came by with some of her friends and asked Lance if Billy had given him an answer.

"An answer to what?" Fred demanded to know.

"Lance and I are going to double date with Billy and my cousin, that's what! As if it's any of your business," she replied indignantly to Fred.

"All of us are going stag, Rachel. You must have gotten the wrong information," Fred insisted.

"No, Fred. I'm going with Rachel and Billy is going with . . . what is her name?" Lance asserted.

"Kate. I can't wait for you to meet her," she directed her comment to Billy.

"Yeah, me too. Kinda." Billy responded unsure of he did want to meet her or not.

"Oh, this is going to be a great time. The four of you making goo-goo eyes at each other while we stand around with our dicks in our hands," Fred bitched as he got up to storm off.

"Guess that would be normal for you, wouldn't it Fred?" Rachel quipped as she smiled at Lance and walked off.

Lance looked at his friends and apologized for making things awkward for everyone.

"Not your fault Fred is being a dick. I don't know what's gotten into him but he's been that way for a few months now," Mike pointed out. "I think it started with the big jump. Fred never really got over the fact that Billy made it but he couldn't."

"That's his problem, not ours," Lance pointed out. "Let's just go and have a good time no matter what."

Lance spent the morning of the dance with Billy at the park still trying to reassure him that he was going to have a good time at the dance. Billy set two conditions that Lance had to agree to if Billy took the cousin to the dance.

"Number one, when I meet her if we hate each other, I can leave and go home. Number two, if I'm having a horrible time at the dance I can leave early and you and Rachel will leave as well. Deal?"

"Sure, that's easy because you and Kate are going to have a great time together. I know you'll like her so much you might even want to have sex with her tonight instead of me," Lance joked.

"She's really that hot, huh?" Billy gave to back to Lance.

"My dad hired a driver so I'll pick you up at 6:00 and then we can go pick up the girls. We need to chat with Rachel's parents for a little while before we leave. Protocol, you know."

Promptly at 6:00 a big long black limo pulled up in front of Billy's house. Lance jumped out the back door and jogged up to the front door. Billy came out wearing his brand new suit his father insisted on buying for Billy's first official date. Billy's Mom had to take pictures and his Dad gave him some last minute instructions on dating and being a gentleman. Then they were off to pick up the girls. They pinned on the flowers Lance had bought for the girls, spent twenty minutes chatting with the parents, more pictures then off to the dance.

Lance did most of the talking as they rode to the dance. When they got there, Billy told Lance and Rachel to go ahead in and he and Kate would be along shortly. He wanted to talk to Kate alone for a minute then they would be right in.

Kate looked apprehensive as the door closed.

"I just wanted to tell you something before we went inside. This is my first date with a girl and I'm as nervous as can be. So if I say something stupid or dumb, it's probably just my nerves talking."

"My first date too. When Rachel told me she had fixed me up I almost shit a brick. Oh hell, ah, I mean, ah, fuck!" Kate said and looked away from Billy. "When I get really nervous I swear to relax. I'm sorry, you probably don't want to go in with me now."

Billy started to laugh a deep belly laugh.

"Kate, I think we are going to get along just fine."

"You mean you don't mind me swearing?"

"It's not really that. It just shows me you're not a stuck up "my shit doesn't stink" kind of girl. You're a real down to earth person."

"You're sure?"

"I told Lance there were two conditions for me to come along tonight. I wanted the option to leave when I met you if I thought you were a horrible person and I wanted to the option to leave early if I wasn't having a good time. I have a feeling it's going to be a late night."

The two of them got out of the limo laughing and joking.

"Come on you two, we're going to be late," Billy hollered to Lance and Rachel as he took Kate's hand and ran to the school.

In spite of Fred being a drag on the festivities, everyone had a great time. The four of them left in the limo at the end of the night and dropped the girls at home. Then off to drop off Billy.

"Lance, I'm glad you made me come tonight. I had a really good time."

"I'm glad you came as well. It was a super night being with my best girl and my best friend. I really owe you for helping me out."

Lance leaned over and hugged Billy. Grabbing his head and turning it towards him, Lance's lips made contact with Billy's lips. A quick thank you kiss. But then they came in for a second kiss, much longer and more passionate than the first. Breaking the kiss, Lance looked at Billy.

:"You didn't get lucky with Kate, wanna try sex in a limo?"

"You're such a fucking horn dog. We can't, there is no water for us to get in trouble with." Billy snickered.

Lance opened a compartment in the back of the seat and pulled out a bottled water.

"Got you covered!"

"Nope, not enough water," Billy called him out.

"Enough for this," as Lance unzipped Billy's pant s in one quick motion and put his hand in side to squeeze Billy's cock.

The limo pulled up to Billy's house. Lance leaned in for one more kiss and a cock squeeze.

"Until later when we have more time."

Billy just smiled, zipped up and got out of the limo. The night had been a success in more ways than one.

Billy's parents were waiting up for him and wanted to hear all about his date. He had a snack as he told them all about the evening and how wonderful Kate was. He finally went up stairs to get some sleep.

He lay in bed thinking about Kate and chubbed up. He reached down to stroke his cock as it grew harder and harder. He was thinking about how nice she was, how soft her skin felt when he had his hand on her shoulder while dancing. The more he stroked, the harder he got. Then his mind shifted from Kate to Lance, to the kiss in the back seat of the limo and the groping. Lance had effectively pushed Kate right out of his mind as Billy shot his load. He suddenly wished he had more time together tonight with Lance.

Lance stopped at Billy's house on Sunday after church.

"Hey, I thought I'd see if you want to go to the skateboard park."

"Yeah, let me get my board."

"Or, . . . " Lance paused, "We could go to my house if you want."

"No thanks, your parents will be there and I don't need that hassle."

"They're off all day for the alumni celebrations. Of course they are both on the committee for the adult festivities today. Can't miss a chance at some good exposure. So, maybe we could hang out?"

Billy had an idea of what Lance wanted to hang out, their cocks. That must not have sounded so bad to Billy as he chubbed up thinking about the kiss from last night. But he was conflicted. As good as it sounded he was also thinking back to the good time he had with Kate last night at the dance. Although when he jerked off it was Lance who showed up in his mind at the crucial moment.

"Ok, if you're sure they won't be around."

"If I thought they would, do you think I'd invite you over to get naked in the hot tub again?" Lance giggled.

The boys went to Lance's house instead of the park. Billy made Lance check the house to make sure no one was at home.


"How about we go up to your room and talk until my nerves calm down."

"Sure. No pressure."

Lance bolted across the house and up the stairs to his room with Billy not far behind.

Billy was nervous but also excited about being alone with Lance again. They went in his room and closed the door. Lance jumped on his bed and lay down.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

Billy looked around and hesitantly came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I don't know, just talk I guess."

"I want to talk about us. I really love you and I think you love me back. Am I right?" Lance questioned.

"How can you love me? You don't really know me all that well."

"I know I'm happy when I'm with you and depressed when I'm not. I don't feel that way about any of the other guys in the crew, only you."

"What about Rachel?"

"Rachel and I are friends, very good friends, but not in that way you and I are."

"Oh, so you don't get her naked and play with her cock?" Billy teased.

Lance gave Billy a shove and knocked him over on his side.

"How many of the other guys have you jerked off with? Or kissed? Or told them that you are gay?"

"None of course."

"So maybe you don't love me, you just love the idea of being yourself with me, telling me your secrets to and screwing around?"

"That's part of what loving someone is about, being truthful and honest. I want you to be honest with me. Do you enjoy being with me?"

"Yeah, of course I do."

"And do you enjoy when we get intimate, you know, kissing and playing with each other?"

Billy had to stop and think. If he was to be honest with himself and Lance he had to answer yes. He was quiet and looked over at Lance. Lance sat up and kissed Billy on the lips.

"Did you like that?"


Lance kissed him again, more passionately this time.

"And that as well?"

"Yes. But I don't know if what I feel is love or just horniness?"

"For now, I'll take either one," Lance laughed and kissed him again.

Lance's hand went to Billy crotch and discovered a boner hiding between his legs.

"It's definitely horniness right now so we can go from there."

Billy opened his legs wider to give Lance better access. Lance unbuttoned Billy's pants and slid down his zipper. He pulled back the elastic on his underwear and moved his hand down inside. When he made skin on skin contact, Billy let out a moan and put his hand in Lance's crotch. He began to rub Lance's bulge while Lance moved his hand up and down Billy's cock as best he could in the confines of his underwear.

"Let's say we loose the clothes," Lance suggested.

Billy's cock was leaking, his hormones were raging and Lance didn't have to ask twice. They lay side by side on the bed, hugging then kissing then hugging some more. Their hard cocks were smushed between them when they hugged so they squirmed their bodies back and forth to rub each other cock against each other. Cock rubbing felt good but they wanted more. They rolled on their backs and reached out for the other one's cock, taking it in hand and stroking it.

Billy was enjoying Lance's hand on him and rationalized what they were doing as just two buddies having fun, nothing really gay about it. Lance might be gay, but Billy was pretty sure he wasn't. Maybe not even bi, just horny.

"I have to change hands, this arm is getting tired," Lance said softly as he rolled on his side facing Billy. Billy adjusted his grip to Lance's new position and they kept on stroking. Lance moved closer and leaned over to kiss Billy, a passionate wet kiss. Billy tightened his grip on Lance's cock as Lance's tongue delved deeper into Billy mouth, exchanging saliva and emotions as they continued. Lance broke the kiss and put his head on Billy's shoulder, kissing his neck. Billy put his hand on the back of Lance's head and rubbed his hair, holding his body to him. Lance. dropped further and put his lips on Billy's left nipple. Billy inhaled sharply as Lance to began to swirl his tongue around, making the sensitive nipple as hard as Billy's cock. Lance moved over and did the same on the right nipple with the same results. Billy's eyes were closed and his breathing had gotten deeper and more pronounced. An image flashed in his mind of what it would feel like to be licking and kissing Kate's nipples. The image quickly faded when Lance said he was getting a cramp in his side and had to move.

Billy kept his eyes closed and waited for Lance to get comfortable again. He wasn't laying as close as he had been and had moved further down the bed. Lance still had a hand wrapped around Billy's cock so he wasn't complaining. Lance smeared the precum leaking from Billy's cock all up and down the shaft. Then Billy felt something wet touch the tip of his cock. Before he could pick up his head to see what Lance was going on, Lance opened his mouth and took Billy's cock in with one smooth motion.

"What the fuck? What the hell are you doing?" Billy yelled out.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm enjoying sucking your cock."

Billy was going to stop this right now. But he couldn't. The sensation of Lance's warm wet mouth on the most private part of his body had him paralyzed. He didn't know what to do. It felt so awesome but yet it was so wrong. This definitely was gay, no two ways about it. Ever since he could shoot cum he had envisioned the day he would get a blowjob. But his fantasy was always getting sucked by a girl, not a guy, certainly not the most popular stud in the freshman class. Not the best looking guy that could have any girl in school sucking his cock.

His inhibitions quickly faded as Lance worked his magic. He moved up and down, applying pressure then releasing. Bottoming out with his nose pressed tightly into Billy's pubes. Backing off and swirling his tongue around massage his cock. Saliva was running out of Lance's mouth and dribbling down on Billy's balls. Lance pulled his mouth off the cock and lowered it to lick Billy's ball sack, cleaning up the saliva as best he could. Then back to the cock and suck it some more.

Billy knew this was wrong but how could something this wrong feel so fucking good? He tried to compare it to fucking a girl but he really didn't have any experiences to compare it with other than his own hand. It might feel as warm and wet and most likely as tight in a girl's pussy but they wouldn't be any tongue motion involved. So this was definitely better. He didn't know if he liked Lance, loved Lance or it was just horniness as he had said. Was he gay, bi or straight? He couldn't say right now and didn't care. He was just enjoying the ecstasy of his first blow job.

As he was getting more comfortable in his mind with Lance sucking his cock, Lance took his hand off of Billy's cock and moved it to his ass. He wet a finger from the saliva still dripping from Billy's ball and rubbed the finger across Billy's pucker. Billy bucked his hips up to get away from the intrusive finger and in doing so, jammed his cock deep in Lance's throat, causing him to gag.

"Shit dude, you trying to choke me?" Lance mumbled with a mouthful of cock.

"What do you think you're doing with my asshole?"

"I just didn't want it to feel left out," Lance giggled

"Well it doesn't feel left out so keep away!"

Lance went back to sucking but still kept his had on Billy's ass. Slowly and furtively he moved his finger back to Billy's hole. Billy squirmed from side to side a little but didn't move his hips to get away from the finger. Lance knew he had to push the envelope and applied some pressure to the tight hole. When it entered ever so slightly, Billy let out a gasp.

"Son of a bitch! You don't listen, do you?" Billy said.

"I listen, I just don't do as I'm told."

Lance pressed a little further and felt Billy relax his sphincter. Now Billy was pressing down on Lance's finger, not only getting used to the invader but enjoying it as well.

It didn't take much more simulation n Billy's ass and sucking on his cock before he reached the point of no return.

"Lance, I'm going to cum. Pull off!"

No way Lance was going to do all this work and not enjoy the fruits of his labor. He stayed steadfast and let Billy's cum shoot into his mouth as his ass muscle tightened around his finger. When Billy had stopped unloading, he just lay still trying to catch his breath.

"Thank you," Lance said as he moved up beside Billy.

"Thank me? What are you nuts? I should be thanking you."

"I've been wanting that cock in my mouth since the first time I saw you naked in the gym showers at the beginning of the year. I never thought it would happen but now you've made my dream come true. How about you?"

"My dream would have come to fruition if you had tits and a pussy but I'll take what I get," Billy laughed.

"Ain't got no tits to speak of but I got a pussy of sorts," as Lance slapped his ass cheek.

"No way! We're never going there. Absolutely not!" Billy said with conviction.

"We'll see," Lance smirked.

They cuddled and exchanged some soft after sex kisses. Billy was very quiet and pensive.

"Are you okay? Something bothering you?" Lance asked.

"Well, I really liked what you did. I mean, I didn't ask you to but I'm glad you did."

"My pleasure."

"Yeah but it's only fair if I do the same to you."

"Not if you don't want to. I did it because I wanted to, not to make you do it to me."

"I feel like I've cheated you if I don't but I don't think I can. I like you and all but I'm not ready to suck your cock and not sure if I ever will be."

"That's fine. I'm happy to have pleased you."

"Let me at least jerk you off."

"I'm content to just be here beside you."

Lance hugged Billy and gave him a loving kiss. They cuddled together, naked and content, until they decided it was time for them to get dressed and Billy to head home

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