Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 1

Billy Murdock lived in Pittsburg, Texas with his mother and father. Billy's father, Paul, work at the local grain mill. He had started right out of high school and had worked his way up to foreman, making a decent wage. Paul married his highs school sweetheart and together they bought a house, a small two bedroom house, but a home they were proud of. Paul and his wife came from poor families and they were the first ones in either of their families to own their own home.

In the late '70's the Pilgrim's Pride gain mill burned, killing six and injuring many more. Paul, suffered burns over thirty per cent of his body saving ten of his co-workers from the flames. The town proclaimed him a hero but he said he was just doing what he hoped anyone else would do. With the grain mill gone, the largest employer for miles around, the town fell into a deep financial depression. Paul had some savings but he needed a new job to keep paying the bills. He landed a job emptying dumpsters for a trash company. It was glamorous but after taking a shower at the end of the day to wash off the smell of garbage, he felt proud to be taking care of his wife and their home. A year later they decided they would start a family. Billy was born a month premature and stayed in the hospital for an extra week. He was healthy but small, something he never grew out of. Paul was a proud father, spending every minute he could with Billy, teaching him how to be he best person he could be. Paul didn't have much education so he made sure Billy studied as he entered school. He had hopes of Billy attending college so he could have a better life than he and his mother had,

Billy was an introverted boy, reading and studying with very little time left for friends or play. His one passion that he discovered in fourth grade was skateboarding. The town had been making a comeback and more affluent people were moving in to grab up the cheap real estate. A skateboard park was built in hopes of attracting more young families. It worked. Soon the east side of town was filling up with new house where older dilapidated houses had stood.

One of the prime movers of the revitalization was Jack Habershaw, a real estate salesman and self promoted. He and his wife were the toast of the town. Their son Lance was just like his father; good looking, smart and very personable. He would walk into a room and everyone would want to be his friend. Inside of ten minutes, most of them were.

Our story picks up with Billy and Lance starting their freshman year of high school.

It's four o'clock in the morning on the first day of school for high school freshman in Pittsburg, Texas. Billy Murdock throws back the covers and get out of bed, heading to the bathroom for a morning piss. Billy gets up every morning at four o'clock to eat breakfast with his father, Paul. Paul drives a recycling truck, having been promoted from emptying dumpsters.

"You know son, you don't have to get up this early every morning to have breakfast with me," Paul says as Billy comes into he kitchen.

"I know Dad, but I enjoy our quiet time together, just you and me to discuss guy stuff."

"Okay, so what guy stuff do you want to discuss this morning," Paul inquires.

"Are you going to eat that second piece of toast?"

Paul laughs and gives Billy the extra slice of toast.

"Anything else?"

"No, I'm good thanks," Billy replies with a chuckle and takes a bite out of the toast.

"Today is your first day of high school? Are you nervous?"

"Not really. There might be a few new faces but mostly the same as last year. I am looking forward to some new courses, though."

"That's my boy, always a sponge for knowledge," Paul smiles.

The two finished their breakfast, cleared their dishes and Paul kissed his son goodbye on the forehead.

"Have a great first day. And be safe at the skate board park. Don't forget your helmet and pads"

"I always skate safe Dad, no worries," Billy replied, grabbing his skate board and his back pack.

Billy has been boarding for several years now. It's the main activity of most of the boys his age in town. He doesn't have any friends so Billy likes to head to the park at first light right after his father leaves for work. No one else is there and he can enjoy the solitude as he practices his aerials, kick flips, ollies and his latest feat, the McTwist, a 540 degree off the ramps. As he practices, the sun rises higher in the sky with Billy pretending it's a spotlight shining on his performance. After an hour or so he heads back home to take shower and have a second breakfast with his mother. He eats often but still maintains his slim build. He gets on the school bus and heads off to his first day as a freshman.

He is looking around as he enters the building, not watching where he is going. He bumps into someone and his books scatter all over the hallway.

"Geez, I'm sorry dude, I didn't see you. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Let me help."

The voice came from none other than Lance Habershaw, the coolest kid in town. Everyone fawned over him, sucking up to him to be in his close circle of friends. Billy was embarrassed, having everyone looking at him and snickering.

"No, it was my fault, I'm sorry. I've got this, thanks," Billy stammered.

"Fucking A it's your fault, you little shrimp. Watch where the hell you're going next time!" Fred bellowed. Fred was one of Lance's inner circle and considered himself to be Lance'' self proclaimed body guard.

"Lighten up Fred, it was just an accident," Lance yelled over his shoulder to Fred. Looking back to Billy, he continued, "Hell of a way to start the new year, right? My name is Lance, by the way," he said extending his hand

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know," Billy rudely mumbled under his breath.

"Your name?"

Billy looked up and saw that infectious million dollar smile staring at him.

"Billy, Billy Murdock," he said meekly.

Lance grabbed his hand and shook it several times.

"Glad to meet you Billy Murdock. I hope the next time we meet it will be smoother,"

he predicted as he stood up and walked down the hall with his following.

Billy finished picking up his books and scurried down the hallway to find his homeroom assignment. He walked in the room and took a seat at the back of the class. The bell rang and the teacher started to take attendance. When he called out Billy's name, Billy answered softly.

"Here, sir"

Not hearing the reply, the teacher called out his name again.

"Here, sir!" Billy yelled so he would be heard.

Everyone in the room turned and looked at him. His face turned red with embarrassment.

"That's the jerk that ran right into Lance this morning. Can you imagine not seeing Lance coming?" a girl that was two rows over loudly whispered to her friend.

"Jeez, what an asshole, huh?"

"You said it. Lance passed it off as no big thing but that kid has been marked from now on." the first girl stated.

'Great,' Billy thought to himself, not ten minutes into the first day of school and already he was a marked man, whatever the hell that meant. No wonder he didn't like people.

Billy studies his class schedule and the map of the school to find he shortest and most inconspicuous route from class to class. The next bell rang and he was off to his first class, advanced chemistry. He had the highest grade point average in middle school so he was placed in all the advanced classes in high school. He entered the room and considered whether he wanted to sit in the front of the room so he wouldn't have to look at anyone or whether to sit in the back of the room and try to not be noticed. He opted for the back of the room. The bell rang for class to begin and the room was still no where's near full. A crowd of students came through the door all at once, in the center was Lance Habershaw in the flesh.

"This is our first day but from now on, I want you all in your seats by the time the bell has rung," the teacher scolded the late comers in a serious tone.

"Sorry Mr. Peckham, we'll be on time tomorrow," Lance said with a wave to the teacher.

"Oh, Lance, I didn't see you there. Yes, thank you, that would be appreciated," the teacher replied with a friendly tone in his voice.

"Hey, Billy, I told the next time we met it would be better," Lance said as he waved to Billy.

Billy just smiled and gave a little wave in reply. The other students turned and saw who Lance was talking to and scowled, shaking their heads in disapproval.

So this is the way it's going to be, Billy thought to himself. Hopefully Lance won't be in any more of his classes. But that was not the case. Lance was in his math class, his biology class, his history class and his gym class. When Billy got home he was going to ask his Dad if he could be home schooled, even though he knew that was never going to happen. His Dad worked all day and his mother cleaned houses for some of the rich people in town. It wasn't the greatest of jobs but it did bring enough cash to afford some of the extras that wouldn't be possible on Paul's paycheck alone.

Billy scooted out of chemistry class as soon as the bell rang and headed to his next class, history. Again taking a seat in the rear of the class, which didn't work any better this time.

"Dude, we're in another class together!" Lance yelled as he came in and saw Billy. He went over to where Billy was sitting and shook his shoulder. "Man, this is going to be an awesome year. Let me see your schedule and see what other classes we have together."

Billy grudgingly showed Lance his schedule and Lance slapped Billy on the back.

"We've got every class together! It just doesn't get any better than this," he proclaimed.

Billy looked and saw Fred giving him the stink eye. Fred was not happy at all. If Fred was not happy, surely Billy wouldn't be happy. Lance gave Billy back his schedule and went to sit in the middle of the class as usual. Billy couldn't understand why Lance was so jacked that they were in all the same classes. Lance didn't even know Billy existing before their collision this morning. And Lance had the attention lavished on him from every other student in the school.

So it went. Every time they walked into class, Lance would holler over to Billy and wave to him. Billy noticed that he was the only person that Lance called by name other than his inner circle. Three weeks into the school year, Billy was eating his lunch at the back of the cafeteria when Lance got up from his table and came over and sat down next to Billy.

"Hey, Billy, I've got the feeling you don't like me. What's up?" Lance asked.

"I don't know you well enough to say if I like you or not. But why do you give me so much attention when you have every other student at your beck and call?"

"That's just it, Billy. They are all a bunch of phonies. They suck up to me to hang with me thinking it will make them popular. I mean, they're okay, but I like you because you're honest. Like you said, you don't know me so you could give a shit about me."

"You make it sound like I'm a challenge for you to get me to like you. Okay, I like you. Good enough?" as Billy took another bite of his sandwich.

"No, man, you're too honest for me to believe that. We have to get to know one another. What do you say?"

"What ever. Can I finish eating my lunch in peace before your mob of fans storm my table?" Billy asked Lance.

:"You're a tough nut to crack but once you loosen up I have a feeling we are going to be best friends, better than any of those ghouls," Lance said waving to the friends at his table.

And so it went for the next few weeks at school. Billy's only respite from Lance was his early morning skate boarding. After school Lance and his crew would invade the park and it would be too crowded for Billy to practice any of his advance tricks. He was getting bored and looking for some new tricks to try. He poured through his skateboard magazines to find something challenging, but to no avail

Thursday and Friday a rainstorm moved over Pittsburg that dropped seven inches of rain. The run off ditch that ran through the bottom of Sullivan's Gorge couldn't handle all the water and washed out the road at the bottom of the gorge. The road was the only way to get to the other side of Pittsburg so the Army Corp of Engineers was called in to put up a temporary bridge. They brought in a prefab bridge deck and set it next to the original road, then built an access ramp to get over the new decking. Speed limit and caution signs were erected to make drivers aware of the dangerous approach. When you came down the hill towards the washout, you have to veer to the left and up the ramp to cross and then veer to the right to get back on the original road. Being a small town, population just over four thousand inhabitants, this was a big deal. The Army came in with bulldozers, dump trucks, a huge crane and a one hundred foot long bridge deck. Lance's father saw this as an opportunity to really publicize the town and how quickly it could get things done in an emergency. He had the schools closed so he could have a large crowd on site when the work was being done. It was like the summer carnival had come to town again.

Billy was there, along with everyone else in town. But his interest was not solely in the work being done but more in the finished product. He looked at the angle of the access ramp and the height of it, giving him an idea. He went back to the bridge that weekend and walked down the hill, then onto the ramp and looked across to the other bank. He walked back up the hill and back down several times. Then he lay down on the ramp and looked across, making mental notes as he did. This was going to be his next big skateboard challenge. He was going to skate down the hill, gaining enough speed and then veer up onto the ramp but then veer to the right just before the top of the ramp, propelling him through the air to the other bank. He would practice at the park getting the maximum speed from his old skateboard. He had replaced the trucks a few times but it was still just a cheap old board his parents had bought for him for Christmas years ago.

Billy's whole demeanor had changed. He would sit with his Dad for breakfast and hardly say a word as he rehearsed his jump over and over again in his mind.

"Something bothering you, son?" his Dad asked him.

"No, Dad, just thinking about a project I'm working on. I want to make sure I get it right."

"I'm sure you will, you always do," his dad said as he tussled his hair.

At school he would wave to Lance and say hello whenever they ran into one another. He smirked at Lance when he wasn't looking, thinking how cool he was going to be when he made the jump. Of course, no one would know because he was going to make the jump without an audience. He just wanted to do it for his own satisfaction.

Fred's dog was barking in the middle of the night that he had to go out and pee. It wasn't really the middle of the night but it seemed like it to Fred who always slept in until the last possible minute. It was five o'clock when Fred went outside with his dog and saw Billy peddling his bicycle down the street with his skateboard on this back. Fred put his dog back inside and grabbed his bike to follow Billy. He kept his distance so he wouldn't be seen. He hid in the bushes and saw Billy at the park practicing his speed drills.

"So that's why we never see that little fucker at the park in the afternoon," Fred mumbled. "Wait until I tell Lance!"

Not that Lance might give two dimes but Fred had to report everything he saw or heard to Lance no matter what. Fred conceived a plan for he and Lance and the guys to follow Billy on Saturday morning and see what he was up to.

It just so happened that the following Saturday was D-Day for Billy's big jump. Instead of going to the park, he headed for the hill. He walked it one more time then strapped on his helmet, his elbow pads and his knee pads. He took a deep breath and pushed off.

Lance and his crew had followed Billy and wondered why he wasn't going to the park. They arrived at the top of the hill just as Billy has started his run. Lance took a look down the hill and froze. He knew what Billy was going to try.

"That crazy fucker is going to try and jump the washout!" Lance yelled. "Billy, stop, don't do it!" shouting as loud as he could.

"Maybe he'll die trying and then we won't have to put up with the pain in the ass any more," Fred commented. Lance turned and gave him a look that could have killed him on the spot.

Billy didn't hear Lance shout and had no idea anyone was watching him. The wind was whistling through his helmet as he crouched down to reduce his wind resistance and gain more speed. The wheels on his board were humming as they were turning so much faster than ever before. Billy had his arms outstretched for maximum balance. He hit the smoothest part of the access ramp that he had checked out in his preliminary check. Just as he was coming to the top of the ramp he veered to the right, standing upright at his wheels left the pavement. He went sailing off the ramp headed into mid air.

"Fly, Billy, fly!" Lance shouted at the top of his lungs.

For the first few seconds, Billy was scared he hadn't calculated his approach correctly. But then he looked over at the other side and felt he was going to make with room to spare. Now his mood changed as he was feeling the exhilaration of flying through mid air. Time seemed to stand still as he was breathing fast and deep. He saw the other side coming and was perfectly lined up to land on the pavement right after the washout. He bent his knees to brace for the impact and aced the landing. Cheers went up from the top of the hill behind him. He turned to see everyone waving and clapping and cheering for him. As he landed he heard an ominous cracking noise under his feet. He looked down and saw a fracture in the top of his board. He was still moving pretty fast so he started to weave from side to side to slow down. The crack in his board grew until the board split in half, throwing Billy flying to the side of the road. This flight was not so pleasant as the one he just enjoyed. He landed hard on the ground, rolling over and over on his side until he finally came to rest on his back.

"Billy, are you all right? Say something! Are you alive?" Lance shouted as he ran down the hill as fast as he could to get to Billy. Halfway down, Billy raised one arm and waved to Lance. When Lance got to Billy, he fell to his knees beside the fallen skater.

Billy broke out in uncontrollable laughter.

"Holy mother of Hell!! Did you see that jump! That was fucking major awesome!!" Billy was yelling to Lance.

"Are you alright? Anything broken?" Lance asked still concerned about Billy's condition.

"How the hell do I know? Or even care. I made the jump! It was epic!" Billy screamed, adrenaline pumping through his body.

Billy sat up and twisted his body from side to side. He outstretched his arms and then raised one leg at a time.

"Nope, nothing broken. But I'm going to be one sore son of a bitch tomorrow," Billy announced.

"You're one crazy bastard, you know that Billy Murdock. I'm proud to call you my friend," Lance said as he pulled Billy to him and hugged him.

Just then the rest of Lance's followers got to Billy.

"Here, let us help you get him up," Mike said, another of Lance's inner circle, thinking Lance was trying to lift Billy up, not hugging him.

"I've got him. I'll carry him all the way home if he wants, a hero's reward," Lance offered.

"Fuck him, that ain't no big deal," Fred chimed in. "Anyone who can board can make that jump. I can make that all day long."

"Only if you want to land in the creek," Lance came back.

Lance helped Billy to his feet while Mike picked up the broken pieces of Billy's board.

"You made that jump with this piece of shit?" Mike asked. "You must walk bow legged your balls are so big."

"It's not the board, it's the man on the board. And Billy had proved he's the Man!" Lance professed.

They walked back up the hill to their bikes. As they were getting ready to ride home, no one had noticed that Fred had taken his board off his bike and walked to the crest of the hill.

"I'll show you who is the man. Eat my dust, fuckers."

With that, Fred pushed off and started down the hill to make the same jump.

"Lance, stop him. He'll never clear the washout. He's going to get seriously hurt!" Billy yelled as he winced with pain.

Everyone yelled and tried to stop Fred but he just raise his hand over his head to wave them off and kept going.

Fred was much bigger and heavier than Billy. Fred stood 5'9 and weighed 160 pounds to Billy's 5'4" and 130 pounds. Fred was much bigger than the rest of the crew because he had stayed back a year in school and was a year older.

Fred didn't stoop down to help build up speed and went off the ramp without near enough momentum to make the other side. He crashed into the side of the washout near the bottom, landing in the creek. Everyone had already started running down the hill knowing he wouldn't make the jump. Lance and Mike slid down the embankment and into the creek. They grabbed Fred to pull him up but stopped when he yelled out in agony.

"Lance, look at his ankle. It's going in two different directions at the same time,:" mike pointed out.

"Yup, it's broken, you dumb shit. You just had to go and try and prove something didn't you. Guess all you proved was that you not very bright. Let's get you up to the road." Lance said as they carefully helped him up.

Now they had to figure out what to do with him. Fred insisted they not call an ambulance or his parents. He'd be grounded for life if they found out what he did. Billy took one of the guys back down the hill and ripped three boards off the barricade at the washed out road.

"What are we going to do with these. Beat the stupidity out of him?" the boy laughed.

"It would take a lot bigger boards than this."

Billy took two of the bikes that were about the same height and put them five feet apart. Then he laid the boards across the bar between the handlebars and the seat, making a stretcher of sorts. They helped Fred up on it and pushed the biked home. Fred's father came out of the house and ran over to Fred.

"What the hell happened?"

"We were out on an early morning bike ride to the park when a car came racing down the road and almost hit us. Fred swerved his bike to get between the car and us but lost his balance and fell over. He was going pretty fast and his foot hit the curb when he landed and we think it's broken," Billy shouted out before anyone could say anything.

All the boys looked at each other and nodded their head in agreement. His father helped him off the make shift stretcher and got him to the family car to take him to the hospital.

"Thanks boy, I'll take it from here," Fred father said and roared out of the driveway.

It was mid morning by now but everyone decided they had enough excitement for one day and were headed home.

"How about you, Billy, are you headed home too?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, I'm starting to get sore so I think I'm going home and take a hot bath."

"We've got a Jacuzzi hot tub at our house. The hot water and the bubbles will do more than just a hot bath at home. Do you want to come over?" Lance asked.

Billy wasn't sure if he should or not. He thought back to the hug that Lance had given him at the gorge earlier. It was unexpected and lasted a little longer than he was comfortable with. Yet he did feel something when he was embraced in Lance's arms.

"Thanks, but I'm going to head home. Maybe another time."

"Okay, but if you change your mind, he's my number. My folks are out today and I'll be home all alone if you want to join me in the hot tub," Lance reiterated his invitation.

Pushing his bike home, Billy was still confused by Lance's interest in him. He had plenty of friends but yet he kept trying to push himself on Billy. Billy didn't dislike Lance and he did have to admit that Lance had a certain something about him that made a person comfortable in his presence. He wasn't pushing or obnoxious about his popularity or his family's obvious money and stature in town. He had a radiant smile, pretty blue eyes and wavy brown hair, all set atop a very fit body. Not muscular like a body builder, but a body that shows it is well cared for. Like everything else about Lance and his family, everything in it's place, always looking it's best.

Billy had to pull himself up. What had he just said to himself? A radiant smile, pretty blue eyes? That's not the way a guy talks about another guy.

Billy's father was out working in the front yard when he got home.

"You're home early for a Saturday. Everything okay?" his father asked noticing Billy's limp.

"Yes and no, Dad. My skateboard broke and I crashed. I'm just a little sore but my board is a total loss."

"Things are a little tight this month but I'll see if I can scrape up some money for a new board. Or maybe a used one if I can find one."

"That's okay, Dad, I'll get by without one for a while. Mid term exams will be coming up soon and I need to put in some extra time studying."

Billy went in the house and drew a hot bath. He settled in and soaked until the water started to cool off. He got out and dried off, feeling a little better. He went to his room and lay on his bed before he was going to start studying. Again his thoughts went back to Lance. Lance was so out of his league. Maybe Lance was just looking for something to amuse him. He was bored with all this other friends and needed a change. Billy dozed off and was awoken several hours later by his father.

"Billy, there is someone here to see you."

Billy came down stairs and found Lance at the front door, an unfamiliar skateboard in his hands.

"Hey Billy, I thought you might need a new board. This is mine from last year. My dad buys me a new one every time a new model comes out," Lance explained as he held the board out to Billy.

Billy was still sore and having just woken up, not in a particularly good mood.

"I don't need your fucking charity! I'll get my own board when I'm damn good and ready," Billy growled at Lance.

"Um, okay, no problem. Just trying to help out a friend, that's all. The invite for the hot tub is still open if you want to come over."

"I'm good. And who the hell says we're friends anyway?" Billy ripped into Lance.

"I just thought . . ."

"Well don't think. Just take your board and leave," Billy's anger building.

Lance backed away from the front door and walked back down the steps to leave. Billy's father overheard the conversation and stopped Billy as he was headed back up stairs.

"That was very rude. He was just trying to be nice and offer you his board."

"Dad, don't you know who that is? That's Lance Habershaw, you know, the Habershaw's that think they own this town. You've dealt with his father before when he wanted to buy our house."

"Yes, I did. I didn't want to sell our home and I told him so but I wasn't rude. He tried hard to convince me but I just told him I wasn't interested and we parted ways amicably. If you don't like what someone is offering, just politely say no and leave it at that. I raised you better than to act like that," his father admonished him.

"Sorry, Dad. I'm hurting and tired and just wasn't in the mood for Mr. Perfect and his sympathy. I'll apologize the next time I see him."

Billy went back up stairs and lay back on his bed but couldn't sleep.

'What the hell is with this guy and why has he gotten under my skin so bad. He's been nothing but nice and I've been nothing but shitty to him. He wanted to give me his old board that is better than most of the boards everyone had today. So I tell him to fuck off and I'll go without? That doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense.'

Billy woke up the next morning with his usual morning wood. He had no where to go and nothing to do so he was going to enjoy a nice unhurried wank. He had been so consumed with the preparations for this big jump that he hadn't jerked off all week. For a fourteen year old healthy horny teenager to go that long was unnatural. He reached down and took a hold of his stiff cock and slowly began to massage it. As his desire increased, he began to slowly stroke it until his sore body told him to stop. He hadn't cum but the sore muscles just weren't going to get the job done. Maybe later.

Billy spent the day helping his Mom and Dad around the house. A couple of times he noticed someone riding a bike down the street in front of their house. It was Lance. Billy wanted to go out and put a stick in his spokes but he remembered what his father had said so he just ignored him. He had been extremely rude yesterday so maybe he'd go out the next time Lance pedaled by and apologize to him like he promised his father he would do. But Lance didn't come by again.

Monday Billy made it a point to find Lance before class and apologize to him for the way he acted yesterday.

"No apology necessary, after what you did yesterday I can understand how you'd be sore and not want to have anything to do with me. When I was up on top, I was afraid you were going to be hurt but I knew you wanted to go through with it anyway. Just glad I was with you," Lance explained.

What Lance didn't realize was that someone was standing behind him and overheard the conversation. Like a typical teenager who reads sex into everything, he put two and two together and came up with ten. 'you'd be sore', 'I was on top', you'd be hurt but wanted to go through with it anyway', 'glad I was with you'. Mother fucker, Lance was fucking Billy!

The rumor started to spread slowly, no one wanting to believe that Lance and Billy were lovers. But Jamie heard it with his own ears. Or so he thought. In every class for the rest of the day, Lance would do his usual and greet Billy with a wave and a smile, further adding fuel to the sex rumor.

When Billy's dad came home that evening, he told Billy he had something for him.

"I was on my route today and look what I found. Someone had thrown this in the trash."

He handed Billy a like new skateboard. Billy instantly recognized it as Lance's old board.

He snatched it out of his father's hands and screamed at him.

"You got this over on Bellvue Street, didn't you?"

"Yes, but how did you know?"

"Because this is Lance's board he tried to give me yesterday so today he put it in the trash so you'd find it and bring it home."

"But it wasn't in front of their house. I know where they live, it was further down the street," Paul told his son.

"Of course it was. He's smart enough to not make it that obvious."

Billy took the board and ran out of the house. He was too sore to ride his bike so he walked over to Lance's house and rang the bell. Lance answered the door.

"Come to sit in the hot tub with me?" Lance cordially asked with a smirk.

Billy jammed the board into Lance's stomach.

"I told you I don't want you god damn charity," Billy hollered.

"Oh that. I figured if your dad found it you would accept it that way," Lance explained.

"Oh, so now instead of a charity case, we're a family of trash pickers? Well fuck you Lance Habershaw. I've had it with you once and for all!"

Billy turned to storm off but Lance stepped out on the front steps and grabbed his arm, closing the door behind him.

"Let me go!" Billy growled in a low and menacing voice.

"Look, I've got a proposition for you. I've got something you need and you've got something I need. I know how much you love boarding and how it hurts to have something you love taken away from you. So here's my deal. Midterms are coming up and I'm not doing very good in math. I know you're the top of the class right now so maybe you could tutor me in exchange for my board. I really have to get a good grade or my father will kill me. We both get something out of the deal. Interested?"

"I don't know, I'll have to think about it. I'll let you know tomorrow."

With that Billy walked back home.

The next morning Billy went looking for Lance to tell him he accepted the deal.

"Okay, good. But you don't get what you want until I get what I want. Agreed?" Lance told Billy

"Sounds fair. We will do it at my house Tuesdays and Thursdays," Billy replied not realizing this conversation was being overheard as well. It also sounded very incriminating.

Tuesday Billy went home as usual and Lance came over an hour later. Billy invited him in and had everything set up in the living room. They studied for two hours until Lance said he was getting brain fried.

"I really appreciate this, Billy. You don't know how much this means to me."

"Just a business deal, that's all," Billy replied with no emotion.

"Still, I'm glad we can work together like this."

Lance leaned over and gave Billy a hug then stood up to leave.

'What the hell is with the hugs?' Billy thought. He had never seen Lance hug any guys, not even any girls. This was his second hug. Without the adrenaline rush he had after his jump, Billy was able to think about the thrill he was getting from Lance' hug. He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't deny that he did enjoy it.

Wednesday found Fred back in school, getting around on crutches with his ankle in a cast. Everyone gathered around him to welcome him back to school. As Billy was trying to get past the group, Lance saw him and hollered over to him.

"Hey Billy, look who is back. Come over and give him some pointers on how to make the big jumps," Lance joked.

Everyone laughed except Fred. He didn't find it funny at all.

"Keep that little faggot away from me." Fred pointed to his ankle, "This is all you fault!"

"No, it's your fault for thinking you could try and do something that only Billy pull off," Lance shot back.

"Oh, that's right, stick up for little queer boyfriend," Fred taunted Lance.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, moron," Lance replied.

"I know you two are hooking up and having sex together. It's all over school."

"Then everyone is wrong. I'm not having sex with anyone, let alone Billy."

"I know you go over to his house twice a week so you can fuck him in his ass." Fred claimed.

"We're not fucking, jerk, he's . . ." but Lance stopped himself. He didn't want to let on that he needed help with his math. If it got out that Lance Habershaw wasn't the smartest kid in school, his father would crucify him.

"Oh, then he is sucking your cock, isn't he?" Fred continued.

Lance flipped Fred the middle finger and started o walk away. He knew there was no use arguing with Fred.

"About tomorrow, we can't meet at my house. My mother is spraying for fleas from our dog. We'll have to wait until next week," Billy told Lance, but not before they had gotten out of earshot of Fred.

"What a shame, little baby Billy won't get to suck a cock this week. Guess he'll have to be content with suckling his mother's teats like the baby he is," Fred shouted out.

That was too much for Lance. He spun around and swung his fist at Fred's head, connecting with his jaw. He hit him so hard, Fred went sprawling on the floor, his crutches flying everywhere.

"You can shit talk about me and even my friends but don't you ever shit talk someone's mother again or I'll bust your jaw right off your lying ugly face. Got it!" Lance yelled. "You're just jealous because you couldn't make the jump that Billy did. He's got more skill and balls in his little finger than you'll ever have!"

"Yeah, you should have seen Fred try the jump. When he took off the ramp he looked like a wounded mongoose, trying to fly with one wing, flapping and fumbling his way to the ground," Mike shared with everyone. Everyone asked what jump and Billy's secret was out.

Just at that moment the principle walked around the corner and saw what had happened. He walked over to Fred and looked down at him.

"Those crutches take a little getting used to. Try not to fall again." Turning to Lance, "Good morning Mr. Habershaw, having a good morning I trust?"

Lance just smiled then jogged to catch up to Billy.

"Hey, I'm sorry about all that. I don't know what got into Fred."

"I've been hearing rumors about us so maybe we shouldn't hang out anymore. Maybe you can find someone else to tutor you and I'll just wait until I can get another board," Billy said.

"No way! I'm sticking to our deal. You keep tutoring me and you get my board. No backing out now."

"But everyone is talking about us behind our backs," Billy lamented.

"So let them. Nobody else in this school means diddly squat to me and I don't give a fuck what they think. Do you?"

"I've never been popular so I guess I don't really care. I know what our deal is so we can just ignore them. I hope."

"Good. My parents won't be home this Thursday so we can meet at my house," Lance offered.

"Sure why not, we've got nothing to loose now" Billy sighed.

Billy's father picked him up after school on Wednesday. Billy as surprised when he saw his Dad at school and immediately thought something was wrong.

"I have to go to Winnsboro this afternoon and pick up some repair parts for one of the trucks at work. I was wondering if you want to come with me. We'll pick up the parts, go for supper there and just spend some father and son time together. Take your mind off your skateboard issues."

"That would be awesome, Dad. Thanks."

Billy got in his Dad's truck and off they went. They picked up the parts and were sitting in traffic at a stop light. Billy was looking out the window and noticed the local motel. One of the doors opened and a middle-aged man started to walk out but was stopped by a hot blonde, much younger than him. She grabbed him and they kissed, his tongue so far down her throat Billy was expecting it to come out her asshole. She groped his crotch a few times before he pushed her back and turned to leave. When he turned, Billy recognized the face.

"Holy shit Dad, is that Mr, Habershaw?" Billy asked pointing to the motel.

"Well I'll be damned, so it is. And that's certainly not his wife."

The light had changed and the car behind us honked his horn for us to move on. Mr. Habershaw looked over at the sound of the horn. His face turned ghost white when he saw Billy and his father looking at him. He had been busted. Paul drove on and found a local restaurant to stop for supper. When they were seated, Billy asked for his Dad's advice.

"Dad, do you think I should say anything to Lance about his father cheating on his mother?"

"None of our business, son. What happens in their house is their business."

"But it wasn't happening in their house, it was in the motel."

"Small distinction. Still, better to keep you nose out of it," Paul said trying not to laugh at Billy's comment.

"I suppose you're right. Lance would hate me if I told him."

They ordered supper and made small talk about school, work and projects around the house Paul wanted to get done before the holidays.

Thursday Billy left school with Lance and went to his house to study. He was still troubled by seeing Lance's father at the motel but knew he couldn't say anything. They went to the back door and had to leave their shoes outside on the steps.

"My parents don't want anyone tracking dirt into the house', Lance explained

When they went inside, Billy was awestruck. The house was immaculate, nothing out of place, no clutter, no even a dirty glass in the sink. Lance offered Billy a glass of soda and then washed the glasses and put them back in the cupboard. They walked through the living room headed to Lance's room. Billy noticed two books on the coffee table.

"Both of these just came out on the best seller list. Do you read these?" Billy asked.

"No, those belong to my Mom. She goes to a ladies book club a few times a week. I don't know if they actually discuss any books or if it's just an excuse for bored housewives to sit around and drink wine and gossip," Lance laughed.

They went to Lance's room, just as spotless and clean as the rest of the house. They studied for two hours and decided they had enough. Billy stood up and stretched, complaining his back was hurting him, still sore from his crash.

"You're here so lets go sit in the hot tub for a while. You'll feel better, I guarantee."

"Sounds good but I don't have a bathing suit with me, dummy."

"You don't need one. My parents aren't coming home until later and I always go naked when they're not home," Lance said with a grin.

"I don't think so, I'd be too nervous that they might come home early."

"Okay chicken, I'll let you use one of mine."

Lance went to his closet and got out two bathing suits, Speedos actually. He handed one to Billy who looked at it and then at Lance.

"You call this a bathing suit? It's not much better than being naked."

"Suit yourself. That's all I have," Lance lied.

Billy shrugged his shoulders and grudgingly agreed to wear one. Lance started to undress right in front of Billy, not even turning around when he dropped his underwear. Lance was totally naked, his perfect body standing right in front of Billy. Billy just stared at him for what seemed like ten minutes but was actually only a minute or so. He felt his cock tingle as he looked up and down Lance, gazing at his limp cock and big balls. Lance grinned and then pulled on his Speedos, breaking Billy's trance like stare.

"Well, are you going to get changed or what?" Lance asked him.

"Oh , um, yeah, I ahh . . ." lost for words at the moment realizing he had been caught staring.

"By the time you get changed the hot tub will have cooled off. We need to hurry up and get in and keep it hot."

Billy turned around so Lance wouldn't see that he had chubbed up while looking at Lance's nakedness.

"Are you shy? We've seen each other in the locker room during gym class. I ain't got nothing now that I didn't then," Lance teased Billy.

But Billy did. He had never had a boner in gym class and he really didn't understand why he did now. He finished changing, having a difficult time stuffing his hard cock into such a skimpy bathing suit. He turned around and Lance had folded all his clothes and put them in the closet. He picked up Billy's clothes and did the same. Billy gave him a quizzical look.

"My mother likes me to keep my room neat. In case we have visitors, which we never do. And why they'd be in my bedroom, I have no idea but those are the rules. The fucking stupid rules. Let's go."

Then rushed down the stairs and out to the back yard to the hot tub, slowly climbing in as they got used to the hot water.

"This feels fantastic!" Billy told Lance, his head resting back as he stretched out.

"I told you you'd feel better, didn't I?"

"Yeah, I should have listened to you."

Lance reached over and moved Billy over so he was sitting directly in front of one of the jets.

"Oh fuck, that feel so great. If I feel any better, I'm going to cum in your hot tub," Billy proclaimed before realizing what he said.

Lance moved closer to Billy so their bodies were touching, sharing the same jet.

"Not without me, you're not," Lance laughed.

Billy felt uncomfortable but not enough to move. He was actually liking the contact with Lance and his cock was once again chubbing up. At least the water and the bubbles from the jet were concealing his issue. Lance giggled and reached over and put his hand on Billy boner.

"Guess you weren't kidding."

Billy jumped and moved away from Lance.

"Sorry, didn't meant to spook you. Just fooling around. It very seldom I have company here so I guess I have to watch my manners."

"With everyone wanting to be around you? I thought you'd have friends over all the time."

"No allowed. If my parents knew you were here, they'd have a fit. Visitors mess up our picture perfect house."

"I suppose you can't blame them They must work hard to keep the house so nice."

"It's all just a front, a total fake! Dad thinks we have to look like the perfect family to preserve his position in town. 'Everyone looks up to us, son, we have an image to maintain' he always says. It's sickening. That's why I can't let on that you're tutoring me."

"He just wants what's best for you, that's all"

"Like hell! He wants what's best for him and his business and the real estate king. You know those books you saw? My mother has never even opened them. Every couple of weeks she buys the latest best sellers and puts them on display. She just joined the book club because it's expected of her. So she goes and gets drunk and comes home to this fake house. When I was four years old, she was pregnant. My Dad wanted the perfect family, one boy and one girl. The baby was a girl but it was still born. They never really got over the loss. That was when he became so obsessed with presenting the image of the perfect family."

"Damn, I never knew. I'm sorry."

"Yeah me too. I so envy you and your family. There is nothing phony about you. You are who you are and if people don't like it tough shit. But not me, I have to be perfect in every way and am not allowed to be who I really am."

"So who are you really, then?" Billy asked.

"Certainly not the teenage stud that everyone thinks I am. Mr Perfect wouldn't want me to be anything other than that. And him, that bastard! He's cheating on my mother!" Lance said as he broke down in tears.

"You know about that?" Billy said without thinking. "How do you know?

"How do you know?" Lance stopped and looked directly into Billy's eyes.

"My Dad and I were in Winnsboro yesterday to pick up some parts for his job and saw your Dad coming out of a motel. I'm so sorry, Lance. I didn't want to tell you. But how did you find out?"

The tears started again. Billy reached over and took Lance in his arms and held him. Lance put his head on Billy's shoulder and continued.

"My Dad called me and said he was sending someone over to pick up a proposal he was working on. It was on his desk. When I went looking for it, I accidentally moved an envelope and some Polaroid pictures slid out. They were a totally naked girl with a note saying she was waiting for him the next time he was coming to Winnsboro."

"Damn. Did you say anything to him?"

"No. I'm waiting for the right time to ruin his life."

"And your mother's?" Billy asked.

"She'll just drink more and won't give a damn."

"Did you keep the pictures?"

"No, I have an even better way to ruin his perfect life. I'm in love."

"That shouldn't upset him, unless you got her pregnant."

Lance picked his head off Billy's shoulders and looked into his eyes.

"No, I'm in love with a boy. With you, Billy. I'm gay and I'm totally in love with you!" Lance dropped his bombshell

Billy didn't know what to say. He was ironically frozen in a tub of hot water.

"But I don't understand. We've only just becomes friends. How can you say you love me?"

"I've loved you for a long time, for several years. I just never had to chance to meet you. That first day of school when we bumped into each other? I planned that so we could say hello. Then when I saw you on the ground and not moving after your jump, my heart stopped until I saw you raise you hand and wave. I was horrified that I had waited so long to approach you and now you might be dead."

Lance brought his face to Billy's. They were mere inches away from each other when Lance leaned in and kissed Billy. A quick, light kiss on the lips then he pulled back. Billy was blown away but recovered in a second and smiled at Lance. Lance came back for a more passionate kiss at the sign of Billy's approval.

Billy had always felt that something was missing in his life. He had loving parents and a comfortable home. He did good in school and although he didn't have friends like the other kids, that wasn't what was missing. This was what was missing!

He embraced Lance and pulled their bodies together tightly.

"You stupid ass, why didn't you say something sooner. I think I love you too!" Billy acknowledged.

"You do? Oh damn, this is perfect. Where do we go from here?" Lance asked.

"Well, normally two people in love would go to the bedroom, but we can't."

"Why, what's wrong?" Lance asked nervously.

"Your Mom and Dad would freak out if we got cum all over your bedroom," Billy said laughing.

"Then let's play here," as Lance pulled Billy's Speedo off and grabbed his stiff cock. Billy did the same to Lance.

They didn't make a mess in Lance's bedroom but there sure were a lot of slimy white floaters in the hot tub before they got out.

That was the beginning of a love affair that lasted for years.

Billy's parents were fine with his new found orientation.

Everyone at school had heard about Billy's jump and weren't surprised when Lance and Billy became boy friends. They all knew Lance would want nothing but the best for his lover.

Lance's Dad's affair soon came to light when his girl friend got pregnant. Lance's Mom sued for divorce and got the house, most of his money and joined another book club so she could respectably drink every day of the week.

Thank you reading my submission for the writer's challenge. I hope you enjoyed spending time with Billy and Lance as they found each other.

Comments and feedback are always welcome to Jonathan Perkins by clicking my name at the top of the page


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