The Au Pair Boy

by Jolyon Lewes

Chapter 5


Nick awoke early, knowing that this was to be an important day. His heart sank when he remembered he'd have to finish packing his cases in preparation for his journey to Durham University the next day and then sank further at the prospect of leaving his family - and Jens. But at least he had one final full day in the company of the scrumptious young German. Then with a thrill of excitement he remembered Jens had put out for today his very shortest pair of shorts. But would he wear them?

Nick heard Jens go into the bathroom so stayed in bed a little longer until he knew he just had to use the loo. He put on a clean pair of boxers and entered the bathroom, having heard the shower turn off and therefore expecting Jens to be wrapped in a towel. But Jens was standing naked in the shower cubicle, his hands working on his rigid dick, which was pumping a prodigious quantity of semen into the shower. Hoping he hadn't been spotted, Nick retreated back to his bedroom and heard the shower start again. He imagined Jens washing himself clean.

Five minutes passed before Nick re-entered the bathroom, to find Jens, now with a towel round his waist, vigorously cleaning his teeth.

"Good morning, Nick," said Jens turning round to greet Nick.

When Nick had finished in the bathroom he went to get dressed. The guest room door was closed but Nick could hear Jens in there, closing the wardrobe door.

Nick dressed and went down to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. First to join him was his father, who drank some coffee, ate some toast and dashed off to work. Next was Andrew.

"You won't believe it but Jens is showing even more of his bum today!"

"Don't be silly," said Nick, feeling the stirrings again.

But when Jens entered the kitchen Andrew went up to Nick and said "Told you so!"

Nick pulled Andrew aside and whispered "Yeah, I see what you mean but for heaven's sake don't mention it to him, he probably doesn't realise."

"So why does he keep pulling at his shorts? He's always doing it."

Nick had no answer to that so said nothing and got on with making the tea, trying not to look at the extraordinary little gunmetal grey shorts Jens was wearing.

It was raining that morning so all four boys wore their Berghaus waterproofs on the walk to school, with the hoods up. Only Nick, in his jeans, looked as though he had any legwear because the shorts worn by Jens, Andrew and Joe were completely hidden by their jackets. Jens hadn't brought Nick's jogging pants so walked home bare-legged with Nick but didn't attract too many stares.

Back at home Nick had to take off his jeans which were soaking wet from mid-thigh downwards and put dry ones on. When he came down again Jens was still in his tiny shorts.

"Bare legs dry quicker than jeans," he said, smiling at Nick.

"Very true," said Nick. "Aren't you going to put on your jeans?"

"Not today," said Jens. "Hilda won't be here and we're not going out in the rain and there are only the two of us here. I hope you don't mind if I stay like this." He drew his fingers all the way up his thighs and a bit higher and plucked pointlessly at his hems.

'Oh God!' thought Nick. 'I won't be able to control myself!' As nonchalantly as he could, he said "Be my guest."

And then "How about some coffee?"

"I've got to pack my stuff for Durham today," said Nick, sitting next to Jens on the settle after he'd poured the coffee. "I wish I didn't have to go. It would be much nicer staying here with you."

"But if you stayed here there would be no need for an au pair boy so I wouldn't be here and we would never have met," said Jens, moving a bit closer to Nick, who was beginning to rub his groin.

"Very true," said Nick, turning to look Jens in the eye. "And meeting you has been so good!"

"Is that why you rub your groin when we are close?" Jens took Nick's hand and placed it on his thigh. "For three days you have been looking at my bare legs. Now you can feel them. I know you want to do it."

Nick was tingling all over, partly because the sensation of touching Jens's bare thigh was so wonderful and partly because he was blushing at the knowledge that Jens had correctly guessed why he'd been doing so much groin-rubbing.

"This is really embarrassing, Jens," said Nick, removing his hand from Jens's thigh and looking at the floor.

"I 'm not embarrassed, Nick. If you like looking at me I am pleased and if you like me as a person I am even more pleased."

"Oh yes, I like you as a person! We all like you as a person and I think Andrew and Joe are growing to love you!"

"And you like my legs, Nick?"

"Well, yes I do! They are superb legs. I'm jealous!"

"You said they were pretty normal legs."

"Nothing normal about them, Jens. They're fantastic legs but I could hardly say that in front of my father!"

Jens stood up and placed himself in front of Nick, facing him. He asked him to give him his hands. Nick then had the most sensual experience of his life so far. His wrists in Jens's grip, the palms of his hands were placed on the back of Jens's legs just above the knee and gently drawn upwards, his fingers sliding over the smooth, firm flesh of Jens's thighs all the way to the top, until his thumbs were pressing lightly on the lowest two inches of Jens's bottom. A little bit higher and Nick was touching the hems of the tiny gunmetal grey shorts.

Jens released his grip and after a few more seconds of pure magic, Nick let go of Jen's bottom and let his hands descend to his lap to perform the inevitable bout of groin-rubbing.

"Oh Jens ..." sighed Nick, feeling the inevitable damp patch on his boxers.

"You liked that?" asked Jens.

"Wonderful, fantastic!"

"I liked it too," said Jens, a glorious smile on his beautiful face.

Nick looked at the front of Jens's little shorts and realised he and Jens were each highly aroused.

Jens sat down beside Nick and did some groin-rubbing of his own. The coffee was getting cold.

"Some people say I have legs like a girl," said Jens. "Do you think my legs are like a girl's legs?"

"Not at all," said Nick. "They are very much the legs of a boy!"

"Not the legs of a young man?"

"Well, yes," said a smiling Nick, "the legs of a very nice young man but I must admit, I have no experience of other young men's legs."

"I like you, Nick. You are so polite and I like your sense of humour. We'd better drink the coffee."

You might think, dear reader, that the next thing to happen would be two young men racing upstairs for sex in all its glory - and messiness - but that's not at all what happened. Jens did go upstairs but only to fetch his camera and tripod. The rain had stopped, the sun was shining and it was time for photographs.

"When you're away I want to take photos of the sea and the sky," said Jens, "and probably the groynes. But today we can go in the garden and photograph our own groins!" He burst into laughter and was quickly joined in his mirth by Nick.

The leaves on the trees were turning to autumnal shades and the sun was shining in a blue sky. A cold wind was blowing and it was decidedly chilly in the garden but Jens was keen to be photographed in his 'uniform' so he could show his parents.

Nick was charged with photographing Jens sitting demurely on a teak bench, smiling as he practised on the garden swing, looking thoughtful as he leant on the gate and one Nick very much enjoyed composing, a side view of Jens bending forward to study a late-flowering fuchsia.

"Now we'll use the tripod and you can sit beside me on the bench," said Jens, setting up the timer on his camera."Don't forget to smile."

Nick sat on the bench, Jens triggered the camera and dashed to sit next to Nick, putting his arm round his shoulder.

"And now one just for us two," said Jens. "This time I want you to rest your hand on my leg."

Nick's stirrings had barely subsided since the legs incident in the kitchen and now they grew even stronger as he placed his hand on Jens's bare thigh for what would surely be a very intimate photograph. Jens wanted a second shot, this time with the boys looking at each other instead of at the camera.

"There's just one problem," said Jens, after the third shot.

"What's that? Has all the film been used?"

"No, Nick, I have two more films. The problem is that I'm the only one in shorts."

"Oh, so you are! I'm afraid my shorts are in my suitcase."

"But mine are not. I don't have my Lederhose yet but you could wear my uniform shorts. Come on, let's go upstairs!"

Looking at Jens's delectable bottom protruding from the tiny gunmetal-grey shorts, Nick said "I couldn't possibly wear anything like that!"

"But I am obliged to wear them so please, just for a few minutes. You could have the longest ones!"

Nick saw he couldn't get out of this so upstairs he went, with Jens close behind. He went to his bedroom, took off his jeans and swapped his damp boxers for a clean pair and went to the guest room where Jens had taken out the longest pair of black shorts, the thick, hairy ones he'd found really uncomfortable.


"Red boxers, Nick, " said Jens. "You had blue ones on this morning."

Nick blushed, wondering if Jens knew he made him so wildly aroused he had to change his boxers several times a day. The situation was defused when Jens began to laugh as he held up the black shorts.

"You can't wear boxers under these shorts," said Jens. "They are much longer and would be easily seen. Take off the boxers, please."

"But you'll see me naked," said Nick, rather pathetically.

"You saw me naked this morning, when I was in the shower, enjoying myself!"

"Oh God, I didn't realise you'd seen me."

Nick, blushing more than ever, faced away from Jens, took off his boxers and put on the black shorts.

"Oh God, they're horrible! This material is burning my skin!"

"So, you want the shorter ones then," said Jens teasingly.

"No, these will do - but only for the photos."

Back in the garden more photos were taken, this time with both boys in shorts and with much clasping of each other's thighs. The discomfort Nick felt in those prickly shorts dampened his stirrings somewhat.

"I'll send you copies of the best photos," said Jens, "and now you know why I don't want to wear those shorts."

"I want to take 'em off."

"Yes, that's a good idea. Let's go to your bedroom."

Nick raced upstairs, two steps at a time and swapped Jens's black shorts for his red boxers as quickly as he could. Jens took the shorts and put them away then returned to Nick's bedroom.

"Now you can see why I don't want to wear those shorts."

"Yeah, I can't think why my father got them for you. They're diabolical! But 'm sure he didn't want to torture you."

"He may want me to wear them if I make a mistake or break something," said Jens looking at Nick with a look of mock fear.

Inside Nick's boxers the stirrings were getting into gear as he looked at the gorgeous young German, who was patting his cheeks with his fingertips as if he was crying. Nick had to sit on his bed and engage in some groin-rubbing.

Jens moved closer and put his hands on Nick's knees. As Nick didn't seem to object Jens moved his hands up Nick's thighs until he was touching the hems of the red boxers.

"Nice legs, Nick. Only two or three hairs. That makes me glad. I can see you're getting excited so I'd better let you calm down."

He took his hands off Nick's legs and moved back a couple of paces. Nick continued his groin-rubbing and wondered what was going to happen next, apart from the inevitable emission of pre-cum. He was completely under Jens's spell.

"These little shorts," said Jens, "I will wear only when you are here. Until you come home in December I will wear the other shorts, the black ones. This morning you saw me enjoying myself in the shower. Do you know what I was thinking about?"

"No, do tell me, Jens."

"I was thinking of you, Nick."

"Oh God! But I'm ugly and have two or three hairs on my legs!"

"I wasn't thinking of your nice legs, I was thinking of you. I was wondering what you would think when you saw me in these little shorts."

Jens turned away from Nick, tucked his fingers in his waistband and tugged the tiny shorts as high as he could. Nick watched enthralled as even more of Jens's bare bottom became exposed. Then Jens turned back to face Nick and smiled when he saw that Nick was no longer merely rubbing his groin but blatantly massaging his rigid dick that was tenting his boxers.

"I have never worn shorts as short as this, not even as a little boy. Please have a feel, I would like that."

Nick obliged Jens by putting his hands on the sizeable portions of the German boy's bottom bared by his tiny shorts and gently squeezing and in so doing obliged himself by having a spontaneous ejaculation into those nice red boxers. In the seconds before that happened he saw Jens's shorts pushed almost unfeasibly bigger at the front by a sturdy erection within that gunmetal grey material.

"Quick - onto the bed!" gasped Nick, lying back and clutching the front of his boxers.

He was joined almost at once by the beautiful Jens, who put his arms round Nick's neck and pulled him close and only moments later came his own ecstatic climax.

Let's leave the heavily-breathing boys writhing together on Nick's bed, moaning in rapture. Nick had never done anything like this and whether Jens had we'll never know. Realising they had only three hours alone together before they'd have to clean up, get dressed and fetch Andrew and Joe from school and ominously aware that early next morning Nick would have to depart for ten weeks in Durham, they knew they had to make the best of those three short hours.

And make the best of it they did.

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